i added that in front of as a joke afterwards


Storytime: As soon as I knew that Bob Morley would be at Phoenix Con I knew I had to get his autograph for my sister’s, @grounderbellamy/@ghostprep, birthday. Not only is Bellamy her favorite character, but she’s done a ton of fanart for him. I remembered back in season one when Jason Rothenberg retweeted her fanart and Bob liked it. So I had that piece printed out (along with a smaller copy) for Bob to sign.

I was able to go to his booth Saturday morning. I tried to get Ariel to come but she stubbornly refused to attend. I was one of the last people in line but it wasn’t too long as it was first thing in the morning.  It took a while due to the fact Bob spent several minutes chatting with each person. Though lucky for me (and everyone in line, really) he took off his top shirt, leaving only his t-shirt.

When I finally got up to him I told him that I didn’t want an autograph for myself but rather I was here for my sister and that it was her birthday.  I pulled out the art and set it in front of him, telling him how she had drawn it and that Bellamy was her favorite character. I added that the smaller copy was for him, and he was super thrilled, saying how awesome this was. He asked me if he could sign Happy Birthday and I told him he could do whatever he wanted.  He spent a good two minutes trying to figure out what color marker to use and how to position it! It was very cute how seriously he took this.

Bob asked me about what I was doing next and I told him I was going to panels afterwards. He joked how sadly this (the picture) hadn’t happened yet. I replied telling him that she had drawn it back in season one and that her new favorite thing to do was draw Bellamy and Octavia. He asked if she had really drawn this and I told him yes. He said how incredible an artist she was and wondered why she wasn’t there. I told him he had a rule against meeting her celebrities. He laughed, replying that that was a very good rule and that she would be disappointed to meet him. Of course I assured him that that was in no way true. He asked if I could give her a message, which of course I agreed to:

“You’re an incredible artist. Always keep drawing.”

I had taken one of the photos of him (just ‘cause). And he signed it for me too! When I told him my name he then started repeating “Erin and Ariel”, “Erin and Ariel”, over and over again. The girl behind me started laughing to which he told her “Sorry, just like the way that sounded”.  I told him that there was also a Kalen. He (of course) had to repeat it with his name as well.

I asked for a hug to make Ariel jealous so she’d come with me next time, causing him to burst out laughing. But I got my hug with a, “let’s not make her too jealous though”.

I was feeling a little ambitious so I asked for a photo for Ariel. He told me he didn’t think he was allowed to take a photo with me but I assured him I did not want to be in the photo. He couldn’t believe that, saying “You’re dressed up so beautiful! How could you not want to be?” I was in my Sailor Pluto cosplay so I informed him that if I was to take a photo with him I was in the wrong fandom cosplay. He smiled really big and stood up, allowing me to take the photo   (pictured above).

He made me promise to deliver Ariel his message and to make sure she continued doing her art because she had “too much talent to waste”.