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[crying] LEAVE KAZUNAO  A L O N E! ! ! !

ok anyway 

Kazunao and Mutsumi are two people who witnessed a group of 19 children suffer from an experiment that they participated in. It was claimed it felt like they gained 19 little brothers and sisters. They had to watch Noriko suffer so much pain then feel NOTHING at all? And then KEEP FIVE chilDrEN!? That were left in such a state that they couldn’t be returned to their home? 

There’s literally no doubt that those two feel guilt over it. I mean a lot of guilt. Their behavior is proof of it. Mutsumi deals with it by obsessing over Noriko and doing whatever she can to keep her safe/help her with the experiment. And it’s obvious she can be quite pushy with it too. (please remember she pulled a gun out in public)
Kazunao on the other hand, detaches himself. Acting like an asshole to the current kiznaivers to likely avoid any emotional attachment as well as get hate directed at him. (Sometimes those experiencing guilt may feel like they deserve that) And then there’s his obsession with keeping this experiment going. If the current project fails, then what those children went through was for nothing. He grew to love a group of kids that he watched suffer. The possibility of the experiment succeeding means that wouldn’t have been in vain and could bring him peace of mind. 
Kazunao isn’t being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. He’s trying to cope with his own guilt (admittedly not in the best way). Don’t mistake me for passing off /some/ of his behavior as ‘ok’/’fine’. This is just an explanation to it. 
The main proof I have to this is his behavior back in ep 8. I already wrote a lot about that so I’m not going to repeat myself.
But for the love of god, go ahead and acknowledge that how he acted this episode wasn’t right, but don’t smear him to be a blandly written asshole please.