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7.5 mile run, new BNHA, you know the drill:

  • Deku receiving enthusiastic support from normal citizens to pursue his dreams is one of my favorite tiny details of BNHA because a lot of shows love to do the whole “society is against them” thing but no people love and support Deku.
  • my aesthetic: Iida sprinting through the rain in a neon green poncho yelling at people that they’re Late for Being Early
  • Don’t worry about it
  • Young Mic and Young-zawa give me life
  • Like I’m positive Present Mic takes credit for naming Eraserhead like he brags about it in public and to news crews like “you know that hero that never ever agrees to interview with you and you know nothing about well hes a great friend of mine and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII named him!”
  • What am I talking about he brags about this on the radio.
  • ^^^^^This screenshot gave me about 8 distinct flashbacks to public school’s “take one pass it back”
  • Listening to the kids read their Englished names is like 1000x better than reading the manga because you can hear them saying the English words instead of just wondering if the names were translated or not and its adorable
  • Retto Riotto
  • Deku, “Gosh, I think Kirishima’s so cool.”
    Me, “Bitch me too.”
  • MAMA MIDORIYA BEING EXCITED AND SUPPORTIVE OF TINY DEKU’S TERRIBLE ALL MIGHT RIP-OFF NAMES HAS ADDED 4 YEARS TO MY LIFE. Because me too all my creative efforts when i was young were just terrible rip offs of the things i loved and godbless mrs midoriya for playing along
  • its here. King Explosion Murder
  • Kirishima, “You should be Explosion Boy!”
    Bakugou, “SHUT UP”
    Let me explain this is actually a running gag im like 85% sure. (I noticed only because i love and value and remember everything Kirishima says) All throughout the tournament arc, Bakugou was calling people by their quirks because he didnt remember their names. During the Kiri vs Bakugou fight, Kirishima called Bakugou “Explosion Boy” (despite clearly knowing his name) as a jab AT the fact that Bakugou kept doing that. Now he suggests Explosion Boy AGAIN because Kiri’s just being a little shit now and i value him.
  • If I ever drop into a sudden coma just play the sound bite of Ururaka saying “Uravity” and I promise I will instantly wake up.
  • Katsuki “Angry Squeaky Whiteboard Marker Noises” Bakugou
  • Iida….my son…..youre gonna go through some hell
  • Deku voice: “That’s right, I’ve decided to name myself Dumbass. Because Bakugou is always calling me Dumbass and I hated it so now I’m reclaiming it! Fuck you! I’m Dumbass!”
  • Bakugou voice: “……….Dumbass.”
  • Most Mangaka: “Even though these characters are 15, they will have all the maturity, rationality, and responsibility of adults as a sort of wish fulfillment to the audience”
    Horikoshi: “This is Bakugou he’s 15 and an idiot so he names himself Lord Explosion Murder”
  • Every time we get a scene reminding us that All Might is a clueless dork I fall a little more in love with this series.
  • Stain. Arc. Stain. Arc. Stain. Arc.
  • Deku, horrified: “HE’S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gran Torino:
    “I’m alive.”
    Deku, more horrified than before: 

“OHH HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Operation Cobra-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x reader
Description: reader is in love with Jughead. Jughead is with Betty.
Warnings: SAD SAD SAD ANGST I’m on my way to the hospital to take my mom and I was feeling this after seeing a spoiler from 1x06 sigh

I watched it happen from the very beginning. I noticed the very first time Jughead looked at her differently, the very first time he blushed when she complimented him, the very first time Jughead showed signs of jealousy when Trevor had asked her out. I watched it all unfold from the very beginning.
When Jughead told me he and Betty kissed, I did my best to be the extremely supportive best friend, convincing him to show the pretty blonde he was interested in her. When he did, I helped him plan the entire date out, from where to when, to picking his outfit out for him since he was absolutely helpless when it came to dating. I smoothed out the shoulders of his shirt, fixed his beanie, and sent him on his way.

That night, when he came back to my house to replay all the highlights of his date, he had a smile on his face almost the entire time. It was something I had only seen a handful of times, so even though my heart was breaking, I was still happy that something made him smile this big, even if it wasn’t with me.
When Jughead and Betty started dating, I began to slowly lose my best friend. He and Betty were always going together on the “super sleuth” cases, and I was hardly ever invited despite being the graphic designer and editor for The Blue and Gold. It didn’t bother me though, because I figured I would just see Jughead at Pop’s. I was wrong.

Jughead and Betty liked their alone time. They hardly ever invited us to hang out with them, and when we did, the rest of us felt like we were intruding. If I did have any alone time with Jug, his nose was in his phone, texting Betty the whole time. As supportive as I tried to be for the both of them, I was tired of pretending. All I ever did was pretend.

I walked in to the blue and gold after school, the room vacant. Jughead had probably waited for Betty outside of her history class so they could walk together to the newsroom; he used to do that with me all the time.
I sighed, sitting down at one of the seats in the room and pulling out my laptop. I set it on the desk and began designing the cover for this week’s newspaper.

Eventually, Jughead and Betty showed up, not even noticing I had been in the room. They were chatting about something, both blushing and bumping each other playfully. I mentally rolled my eyes and kept my nose in my laptop, not wanting to watch them be all lovey-dovey or whatever. A minute passed, which turned in to five, and then ten, and then fifteen, and by this time I was beyond upset. Neither had said a word to me at all.

I finished the designs for the paper and quietly closed my laptop, zipping open my bag and stuffing it in before lifting it over my shoulder. I stood up, my chair emitting a sharp noise as the heel of the object scraped against the old tile floor. Jughead and Betty’s heads turned at the sound, watching me push my chair back in.

“Oh my gosh, y/n! When did you come in?” Betty asked. I know she didn’t mean it in a rude way whatsoever, she was one of my best friends, but it angered me. Deciding to keep my anger bottled in, I acted like I didn’t hear her, making my way towards the door of the classroom. I walked out, making my way down the hall.

“Y/n! Wait!” Jughead called my name, and a hand grabbed my shoulder, turning me around.

“What’s wrong?” Jughead inquired, his hand sliding down my arm to go to my wrist. I yanked my body back lightly, looking at him in surprise and disgust.

What’s wrong?” I repeated, my tone of voice obviously showing signs of outrage at this point. “Jughead, if you don’t know what’s wrong right now, then I guess we aren’t as close as I thought we were.” I turned away from him, walking down the hallway again.

Jughead grabbed my shoulder again, turning me and grabbing my hand.
“Don’t say that.” Jughead spoke softly, his jaw clenching.

Really? Jughead, you did not notice I was in the room for fifteen minutes! You did not become aware of my presence in the slightest! And that isn’t even the first time!” I screamed, shoving him away from me harshly. Jughead stumbled back, frozen in shock by what I had just done.

“You don’t even care about me anymore! I don’t even exist to you!” My fingers dug in to my palms as I yelled at him.

“So yeah, we aren’t as close as I thought we were. In fact, I’ve never been farther apart from you.” I turned, walking away again.

“y/n!“ Jughead called my name and I stopped.

"Don’t, Jughead.” I cut him off, turning to face him one more time. “For somebody who claims to be an amazing observer, you sure are pretty damn oblivious.” I walked down the hallway of the empty school, turning a corner and making my way home.


It was 5:39 when my phone rang, interrupting me from my moping over Jughead and Betty. I had stayed home from school the past few days, blaming it on how “sick” I had been feeling, which was bullshit, but only I knew it was bullshit. Or so I thought.

“Hey Ronnie.” I answered the phone.” Now’s not a good time- “

“Too fucking bad, princess. Get your ass up, I’m here.” I heard a knock at my door downstairs and Veronica hung up. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me, rubbing at my nose a bit to make it look red and grabbed a box of tissues. I wadded a couple up and threw them in the trash so my fake sick story would still be believable.

I padded downstairs slowly, hearing the incessant knocking and ringing of my doorbell. I took a deep breath before answering the door. There stood one of my best friends, hands on her hips and an irritated look on her face.

“Alright, time to stop moping and start moving on.” The black-haired girl stepped in to my house, closing the door and pointing upstairs.

“Who said I was moping?” I fired back, dragging myself up the stairs.

“Oh, come on y/n! You may be able to fool Archie, Betty, Jughead, and the rest of the entire world, but you can’t fool me. I know you aren’t sick, I know you and Jughead fought, I know you like Jughead. Its written all over you!” Veronica flung open the door to my room and marched to my closet, digging through it like a wild dog.” It’s kinda sick, actually. You look at him with literal heart eyes.Honestly, I would have gone for somebody a little more chiseled, but hey, we all got our own kinks- “

“Ronnie.” I cut off her incessant rambling, “Why are you knee-deep in my clothes?”

“Because, sweetheart.” Ronnie stuck her head out of my closet.” There’s a party tonight, and Jughead and my future wife are going, and we are going to show those two idiots who they really belong with.” Ronnie went back in to my closet, holding up numerous amounts of dresses, skirts, and eye-catching tops.

“Jughead is going to a party?” I queried, unconvinced.

“Yeah, it’s a thing with the cheerleaders at Cheryl’s, an Jughead is going to be the ‘supportive boyfriend’ or whatever.” Veronica scoffed at her own words, adding mocking quotations with her fingers before going back to digging in my closet.

“They’re probably going for more clues about Jason.” I mumbled, my mind drifting away a bit.

“For someone who only wears like, 4 outfits, you sure do have a lot of clothes.” Ronnie commented, pulling out a dress and examining it before hanging it back up.

“My mom tries.” I sighed, flopping back down on the bed.

“Oh, no you don’t. Get your happy ass up and get in the shower. You look terrible, which is weird for me, because you usually look incredibly fuckable.”

“Wow, thanks Ronnie.” I spat back, sarcasm laced in my tone. I got up and grabbed a towel from my drawer, walking in to my bathroom and taking a quick shower. I shaved my legs, as demanded instructed by my friend, and Ronnie did my makeup and hair, curling it and putting it up in a pretty half-do. I admired Ronnie’s work, hardly even being able to connect this me with the person that sat in my bed this morning, dark circles under her eyes and her hair in a knotty bun. She had also found a long sleeved black dress that came down to my knees, tucked away in my closet somewhere

Ronnie had brought over a dress for herself to change in to, and slipped on her shoes. She looked up and our eyes met in the mirror, a distressed look on my face.

“Listen, tonight is for us, okay?” Ronnie rested her hand on my shoulders, turning my chair so I faced her.” I’ve been sitting around and moping too, trust me, but we shouldn’t mope. We deserve so much better, alright? So, let’s just go out and have fun. We deserve that much, alright?” Ronnie held out her hand and I took it, pulling myself up and letting my arms go around her neck to embrace her. We both grabbed our purses and linked arms before walking down the stairs of my house and out my door.
“Ronnie, I don’t think I can do this.” I stood at the front door of the house, my heart racing.” I really can’t do this.” I turned away from the building, wringing my hands out in front of me.” I’ve been doing it for so long, and I don’t think I can pretend any more, and- “

“Y/n!” Ronnie grabbed my hands, holing them in between hers.” You can do this, ok? You’re y/n freaking l/n!! You are one of the strongest women I know, and you are fierce! You can’t let Jughead, or Betty, or anyone get to you! Don’t let them ruin your moment, ok? Because you are looking hot as hell- “Ronnie lifted one of my hands, twirling me in front of her, and I giggled- “And I’ll be damned if I let you let them mess with that.” I hugged Ronnie tightly before she linked my arm with hers and we walked in to the Blossom mansion.

The music wasn’t too loud, which was a kind gesture for my sensitive ears. Cheryl had already roped together some kids for a game of spin the bottle, and I had spotted Archie, Betty, and Jughead near a corner of the room. Ronnie had already gotten me away from the sight, pulling me to the kitchen. I only grabbed a bottle of sweet tea, ignoring the alcohol that lined the counter. Veronica did as well, unsurprisingly. Veronica was a very old-school classy person. If she did drink, it was usually only one glass, and something very light, as I had found out one night that I had slept over at her house.

“There’s my girls!” Kevin wrapped each arm around Veronica and I’s shoulders. “Operation ‘avoid Jughead and Betty because they’re little whores who have been ignoring us to suck each other’s faces’ has commenced!” I laughed at Kevin, giving him a weird look for the name he had chosen.

“Lets just call it Operation Cobra, you know, for short.” Veronica suggested.The three of us made our way to the middle of the dance floor ignoring our other friends. It was obvious Veronica was laughing and talking at a bit of a higher volume, as well as being extra touchy and flirty to get the attention of our friends. I didn’t so much as glance at Jughead, because I knew that once I did, it was game over, and I would be running home and hiding under my covers.
After a little while, I went to find a quiet place in the house, wanting to be alone. Parties weren’t really my thing, so I didn’t understand why I even agreed to go, but to be fair I was having a nice time

I sat on Cheryl’s back porch, my legs swinging off the edge as I looked out at her backyard. The graveyard with all her relatives didn’t really help boost my happiness, but at least I had gotten away from the incessant bass drops the music was giving off.

“Thought you were sick.” I turned my head to see Jughead leaning against the wall, legs and arms both crossed. My heart started beating wildly and I felt a lump in my throat.

“Thought you didn’t like parties.” I retorted, turning my head back around to face away from him.

“Touché.” I felt Jughead’s presence as he sat down next to me, our thighs brushing together. For a couple minutes, I didn’t say anything, scared that if I did I would burst in to tears.

“You look really, uh, nice tonight.” Jughead looked me up and down and I raised an eyebrow.

“I mean, not that you don’t look nice all the time, because you do.” Jughead scratched the back of his neck.” Because you know, you’re really beautiful, but you already know that I think that, because you know, you’re my best friend, and uh… yeah.” Jughead looked away

“You know, I’m not a mind reader.” Jughead chuckled lightly. I could see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I did my best to ignore him, crossing my arms and keeping my gaze away from his.

“Look- “Jughead gulped audibly, hesitating before lifting his hand and resting it on my shoulder.” I don’t know what’s going through your head right now, or what you’re dealing with, but I’m here for you- “

Really? Are you really “here for me?” I shrugged his hand off my shoulder, moving to stand up. I was furious at this point.” Jughead, I have talked to you maybe a handful of times since you and Betty started dating! You have cancelled every single one of our plans since then! Every time we’re together working on the blue and gold, you and Betty hardly even notice I’m in the room! – “

My hands went to my temples as I slowly paced back and forth on the deck of the porch. Jughead now stood in front of me, one hand shoved in the pocket of his jeans and the other running his hand down his face in a frustrated motion.

“And maybe I wouldn’t have been so angry about it, if you would have at least showed any sort of remorse, but you don’t! You don’t apologize, you don’t even text me in advance to let me know, you keep me sitting at Pop’s for hours, and you never even show up! I don’t even know why I still do it? What’s the point?” I began to walk past him but jughead held his arm out, stopping me from leaving. His hand grabbed my hip, turning me to face him.

“I’m sorry, y/n, I really am- “

“No you aren’t, Jughead! You aren’t sorry!” I pushed him away from me.” You aren’t sorry! If you were really ‘sorry’, you would have been there for me! You wouldn’t have skipped out on our plans! You wouldn’t have left me waiting all the time! Or you would have at least texted me to tell me you wouldn’t make it! Or even apologize!” I shoved my index finger against his chest, pushing him away from me once more.” But you don’t! You don’t apologize, or even feel any remorse about it, because all you care about is yourself! You don’t care about the consequences of the choices you make, because it doesn’t hurt you!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face as I ended my rant. Jughead had a shocked face on his look, as if he was surprised that I had just stood up for myself. I couldn’t blame him. All I ever did was let people use me as their personal door mat. I didn’t want to be that person anymore.

“Y/n, I’m sorry, I do care about you, it’s just, I- “

“Save it, Jughead!” I shoved past him, running back in to the house and out the front door. I heard calls from my best friend and turned around to see Veronica and Kevin.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Veronica stood in front of me, blocking me from walking down the path towards the gate to leave Cheryl’s home. Her hands wrapped around my arms, stopping me from moving.” What’s wrong, what happened?”

“What do you think happened, Ronnie?” I spoke loudly, my hands moving wildly in front of me.” Jughead is an idiot! That’s what happened!” Kevin now stood beside Ronnie, and her hands went to my face, wiping away the tears. “I’m in love with a fucking idiot! That’s what happened!”

“I know sweetheart, I know.” Veronica hugged me tightly.

“He doesn’t care, Ronnie. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that he hurt me, or anything. It doesn’t matter.” I moved to look at her again.” Why do I have to be in love with him? It could have been anybody else! Why him?”

“I don’t know, honey, he’s a jerk, I don’t know why he- “Ronnie cut herself off, staring off behind me. I turned around to see Jughead standing ten feet away, arms at his sides and his lips parted slightly.

“Did you say you’re in love with me?” Jughead looked at me with wide eyes, waiting for an answer. I shook my head, diving between Ronnie and Kevin and running towards the gate. Jughead began to follow me, but Kevin and Ronnie held him back, letting me slip away.
I was halfway down the trek to my house when I passed by the Riverdale park. I sighed, steering off the sidewalk and towards the big dome-shaped jungle gym. I was just going to mope at home anyways, so I wasn’t in a hurry to get there.

I dropped my heels to the ground next to me, swinging my purse over my shoulder and climbing up to the top. I sat down in the middle, the solid platform cold against my skin. I didn’t care though. I pulled out my phone, ignoring any notifications I had. I checked Instagram, scrolling through Jughead’s account. I switched over to Betty’s, seeing multiple photos of her and Jughead. I didn’t exactly know why I was forcing myself to look at these, but I was.

I shut my phone off, wrapping my arms around my body. I hadn’t brought a jacket, another thing to beat myself up over. I looked around the park, my eyes eventually catching someone else’s. Jughead.

“What are you doing up there?” Jughead looked up at me, his hands in his pockets.

“I like it up here.” I defended.

“Can you come down?” Jughead asked me.

“No.” I protested.

“Then I’m coming up.” Jughead sighed, beginning to climb the structure. I scrambled to grab my purse, trying to get off as fast as I could, but it was too late. Jughead had climbed up, grabbing the bars on each side of my body and hovering so my lower body was trapped under his. He looked up at me, his chest heaving from climbing up as fast as he could, mixed with the sting of the cold weather. Our breaths could be seen in the winter air, mixing with each other and disappearing. I stared at Jughead, waiting for him to say something.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Oh yeah, hold on. Let me ruin my closest friendship real quick by telling him I have super hardcore feelings for him when he’s dating someone else!” I spat sarcastically.

“Ok, that’s fair.”

“Whatever, Jughead, just let me out.” I started to shuffle under his body, planning to duck under his arm, but he blocked me, climbing farther up. We were now eye level, his face only inches from mine. Jughead stared at me, not saying anything.

“Are you gonna say something?” I asked him, my eyes flickering between his.

“I don’t know what to say.” Jughead admitted. I rolled my eyes, pushing him so I could get out from under him. Apparently, I had pushed too hard, because next thing I knew, the boy lost his balance, stumbling off the bars and falling in to the grass on his back. I gasped, shouting his name before climbing down quickly and jumping off the last few bars.

“Jughead! Are you ok!” Jughead groaned in response, sitting up and rubbing his head. I dropped on to my knees beside him, my shoulders on his hands.

“Peachy.” He answered sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, standing up and brushing the dirt off my dress.

“Whatever, I’m going home- “

“Did you know Veronica liked Betty?” I spun around, looking at Jughead.


“Well, I didn’t.” Jughead sighed, standing up. “And Veronica told her. Turns out, a big part of the reason Betty was dating me was to try and get over her, and convince herself she wasn’t gay. When Ronnie told her, she broke it off with me.” Jughead chuckled half-heartedly.

“Jug, I’m sorry.” Sympathy was laced in my voice. I stepped back toward him, patting his shoulder with my hand.

“It’s ok, really. I was dating her for kind of the same reason as well.” Jughead looked up at me, his eyes locking with mine.” You see, there’s this girl that I really like, and she’s been my best friend for quite a while.” My breath hitched in my throat, my hand leaving Jughead’s shoulder.” I’ve been kind of a shit friend to her, and I haven’t really been hanging out with her, more like avoiding her. It’s a really shitty thing to do, and I feel, like, really, really shitty about it.”

“Jughead, I, I can’t…” I turned back towards the dome jungle gym, walking towards my shoes. I felt Jughead’s hand on my shoulder and then my back was against the monkey bars, my body trapped by Jughead’s.

“I didn’t want to lose you.” Jughead admitted.” You’re everything to me, and I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. When I started dating Betty, I thought it would help me get over you, and then I could stop feeling the way I felt.” Jughead looked me in the eyes, his face no more than a few inches away from mine once again.” I watched what happened to my parents, and yours. They were just like us. They were best friends, and…” Jughead hung his head, cutting off his own words.

“Jughead.” I reached my hands up to cup his face, lifting his head to look at me.” We aren’t our parents, ok?” My thumb brushed against his cheek, wiping away the tear that had fallen down his face. Jughead smiled, his eyes flickering down to my lips, and mine doing the same.

“I’m in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you too.” I laughed lightly, my arms wrapping around his neck. Jughead’s arms went to my waist, pulling me flush in to his body before he pressed his lips to mine. I sighed in to the kiss, feeling relief that Jughead felt the same way about me as I did him.

Jughead bit gently at my bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth as he broke the kiss. I giggled, burying my face in to the crook of Jughead’s neck.
“I see my work did some justice.” I heard Ronnie call out. Jughead and I turned around on the sidewalk we had been on to see our friends.

“We have been looking everywhere for you guys! Where were you!” Archie called out, jogging towards us.

“Oh, you know, climbing jungle gyms, pushing Jughead off them, the usual.” I joked, looking up at Jughead. He smiled, rolling his eyes.
Ronnie and Betty walked up to us, hands held together.

“Hey, nothings gonna be… awkward, right?” Betty asked, looking at Jughead and I.

“No, Betts, everything’s good.” Jughead looked down at me, squeezing my hand.

“Ok, good.” Betty rested her hand on Jughead’s shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze before dropping it.

“Wait, so, you two?” Archie asked, looking at Ronnie and Betty, who nodded.

“And you two?” Archie looked at Jughead and I. Jughead nodded and I blushed, hiding in his side. Jughead wrapped an arm around my waist, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of my head.

“Honestly, I’m not surprised.” Kevin shrugged, walking towards us.

“Hey, we’re all heading to Pop’s, you coming?” Archie asked Jug and I.

“Archibald Andrews, do you ever think I would turn down a burger and fries from our ever so famous chock-lit shoppe?” I put a hand over my chest in mock offense.

“Of course you and Jughead are together, why was I even surprised.” Archie rolled his eyes, walking away from us.

“That obvious, huh?” Jughead spoke aloud, looking down at me.


Plagiarism Alert

Alrighty, I am going to try and write this as eloquently as possible, but this is clearly what happens when I deal with things nicely. Some of you may remember that last year, user RugiRugi on asianfanfics stole my oneshot “Bad Girl” verbatim, simply changing the idol and posting it as her own. After being confronted, she claimed she shared the account with another writer who copied it. She removed the fic and issued me an apology, which I accepted. I decided to check her other fics and found she had also copied my oneshot “Lucky,” changed the idol again, and posted it word for word. She took that one down as well, after I confronted her, again claiming it was the person she shared the account with who had posted it.

Now, it has come to my attention that a oneshot of hers (link) posted this year is very similar to my Jaebum drabble (link). After reading it, it’s obvious she stepped up her game and copied my drabble, switched it to Namjoon and added an extra intro (which may be copied too - who knows), and then changed a couple words around. Not only am I infuriated with myself for not blocking this thief last year, now I’m agitated because when people do this, our usual Google searches to check for copied fics are shot to hell. Literally, our main source of spending potential writing time scouring the web for our stolen material has been taken away when a few words are changed.

I was going to handle this quietly, but I’m angry. This person literally stole from me a third time (posting her story a whopping 4 days after I posted the original) and chose to be sneaky by changing words around in an attempt to not get caught. This shows she has no remorse for stealing and that whole speech of another writer sharing the account and was the only one who plagiarized is complete and utter horse shit. To my fellow writers, please check this user’s other fics to make sure you haven’t been stolen from as well.

Thank you again to the user who brought this to my attention. Readers, if you ever feel like you’re reading a fic that seems too familiar, please contact the authors. In many cases, you are our only means of finding plagiarized material and you will never know how much we rely on you and what it means to writers when you look out for us. This shit hurts, it crushes our morale, and literally makes us reconsider posting any writing at the thought of anyone hitting copy and paste then slapping their own name on it for credit and recognition.

Listen, if you can’t write, don’t fucking write. Take up knitting or try to learn an instrument. Changing a few words doesn’t make it yours. Stealing phrases or paragraphs isn’t harmless, it’s still stealing! And if you’re copying entire fics, you’re lazy and/or desperate for attention. Get a pet. If you legitimately want to write and aren’t happy with the quality of your own work, practice until it gets better. That’s what the rest of us do. There is no cheat sheet or short cut; writing is hard work. Don’t EVER steal someone else’s creation.

If I were on mobile, this would be where I place a middle finger emoji. I’m so fucking sick of this shit.

| AP Rhetorical Devices |

5.8.2017 // Master list of the rhetorical devices you may need some touch-up with~


Set Up
1. Rhetorical Device: Definition

Good luck!

1. Ad Hominem: Attacking the opponent themselves rather than their argument. 
 “I find your argument invalid because it is backed up with false information.”
 “Your face is invalid!”

2. Allegory: Symbolic story with a second meaning beneath the literal content.
“Animal Farm” written by George Orwell is an allegory of the Russian Revolution.

3. Alliteration: repetition of initial consonant sounds in words.
“I love a lilting line of lyrical alliteration!”

4. Allusion: An indirect reference to a famous event in history, literature, or mythology.
“I don’t understand why she grounded me so harshly. It’s not like I bit into the Forbidden Apple or anything.” (allusion to biblical story).

5. Assonance: repetition of similar vowel sounds.
“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain”

6. Asyndeton: series of words separated by commas without conjugations.
“…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” - Oscar Wilde.

7. Chiasmus: arrangement of repeated thoughts in the patters XY-YX
“Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.“

8. Connotation: emotion associated with a word
House vs. Home (house is more related to the actual building, whereas home gives the feeling of comfort)

9. Consonance: repetition of consonant sounds; not limited to the first letter of words.
Some mammals are clammy

10. Denotation: dictionary definition of a word
(it’s self-explanatory)

11. Enthymeme: syllogism (logical argument) in which the major premise is unsated but meant to be understood.
- Argument: Pugs are mammals because they are dogs.
- Unstated argument: All dogs are mammals.

12. Euphemism: mild word used to substitute an unpleasant or offensive.
Instead of…"You’re FIRED!”
It’s…“I’m going to let you go.”

13. Juxtaposition: placement of two things side by side for the purposes of contrast.
“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

14. Oxymoron: paradox that combines terms normally seen as opposites.
Jumbo shrimp.

15. Parallelism: similarity of structure in a pair or series of related words, phrases, or clauses.
“The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep, not eat too much, do some warm-up exercises before the game.”

Next list coming up soon!

Until It’s Gone - Ch.7

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, bar fight

Word Count: 1,973

A/N: This is the seventh chapter in my newest ongoing series. As always, thank you @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for affirming me in my writing. You both mean the world to me. Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

Read (Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5) (Ch.6)

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)


“Look man,” the guy started, “I’m not sure who you are, but if I want to talk to Y/N I have every right to –”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence, because Dean’s fist connecting with his jaw knocked the words right out of his mouth and simultaneously ignited a wild pandemonium that quickly spread throughout the entire bar.


Before you could process what was happening, Sam had lifted you up and over the bar top. “Stay down,” he said, noticing the fire growing in your eyes, “Please.” Then he turned to grab one of three guys who were unsuccessfully trying to hold Dean down. The shattering of a beer bottle joined the yells and screams resounding throughout the bar.

Your earlier state of shock was quickly replaced with a growing anger. You stood just as a beer bottle whizzed towards you, and you had to sharply dodge to the left to avoid the shattering glass as it struck the wall. A few droplets of liquid hit your face, and you quickly wiped them off while surveying the chaos around you.

The bartender had joined in the efforts to break up the fight while several other slightly drunken men decided to wander over and swing a few punches of their own. You watched with satisfaction as Sam’s fist firmly connected with one of their jaws; the guy crumbled to the ground like paper. Your blonde haired nightmare was wiping blood from his nose and watching Dean as he broke free from a burly man’s grip and effectively knocked him to the ground with a solid, forward kick to the gut. Dean turned to his main target then, calm and poised as he advanced.

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kawaiistarlett  asked:

Senpaiiii Teach me how to do hair, for I cannot, for the life of me, colour hair XD I know that I already said tis before, but YOUR ART IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE IT AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA >////<

Aaah I never did a tutorial before … w-well, this is not a coloring tutorial but here is how I usually draw hair (quickly) ! …Sorry, this is really messy and not well drawn - (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Step 1: 

…The… head, right ? //// 

Step 2: 

I usually start with the bangs because it is easier for me … ? But I think that is normal… 

Step 3: 

Then… I do the.. side bangs …? I do not know the word but - yeah, this !

Step 4: 

Uhhh … the back ~ it is easier for me ! (not much to do)

Step 5: 

Connecting the lines ~ !>< (i always end up adding more hair because i notice it was not enough) its hard …

Step 6: 

An ahoge is cute sometimes !! I always forget it though !

Step 7: 

I add some random lines to make the hair look like it is messy ~ ><//// 

I think this is it ~ I hope I made it clear enough !! > ₃ <

And here it is finished ~ 

I hope it can help someone ! 

The way I draw hair is not the best though /////// (´;д;)

The Bahamas Incident

Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5


Words: 7350

Chapter Summary: It’s the day after the wedding, and the boys are relaxing with the Lester family before Martyn and Cornelia head off on their honeymoon. The boys are feeling playful, and there some delightfully awkward conversation about their kinks. 

Tags: fluff, light smut/foreplay, post wedding relaxing, talking about kinks, awkwardness, martyn is interrupting again, relaxing

Warnings: None

 "Ah there you two are. I’ve ordered lunch already so I hope you like lasagna, and if not tough shit because you were late.“ Martyn added with a smug look. "Lasagna is fine, thanks. Stop being a shit,” Phil laughed, punching Martyn’s arm. Martyn laughed before pulling his brother forward and playfully trapping him in a headlock.

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Undeniably Important - Chapter 11: The Truth’s Demise

Yay!! I got it written! This took awhile. I have to leave shortly, so I hope you enjoy. The only thing I’ll say is I am writing Anxiety’s name reveal into the story because it was started before AA Parts 1 and 2. All chapters are below and taglist will be added soon. Enjoy!

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9 – Chapter 10

Words: 2,724

Ships: Eventual Logicality and Prinxiety


Everyone groaned. This was going to be a long night.

“This was a bad idea. I’m going back to the mind palace.” Just as Anxiety was about to dematerialize, Roman stopped him by unsheathing his sword and putting the flat of it across his chest.

“Not so fast! I have a solution. It’s just a door, right? And what do you do with doors? You push them open!” Roman began to stride up to the door.

“Roman! Don’t!” Logan and Thomas both tried to stop him, but because Anxiety stood closer to the royal-clad trait, he lunged managing to topple him over and prevent him from advancing on the doors further.

“Roman! No! You don’t push open automatic doors! The alarm could go off!”

“Ugh. This is the second time today we’ve been in this position. And what alarm? We aren’t even in the real world’s plane of existence. And what harm could it possibly do?” Roman managed to stand up lifting a flailing Anxiety off of himself and onto the ground, resuming his charge towards the door.

“Roman! Stop! You don’t-”

“Just let him be stupid.” Logan rubbed his forehead, the rest of the aspects and the humans watching Roman running up to the door and tried pushing it open. Contrary to popular belief though, nothing else happened. Roman’s smirk widened into a teasing smile. “Haha! See Anxiety? Nothing happened.” Anxiety’s surprised expression evolved itself into a smirk as he watched Roman trying to move the door in an attempt to get it open. “It. Won’t. BUDGE.”

Patton had been watching the whole thing silently, before getting an idea and bounding up to Roman.

“Patton?” Logan watched the moral aspect concerned.

“Hey Roman! Remember Toy story 2? How they jumped in front of the door to open it up?” And that’s just what Patton began to do.

“Patton.” Anxiety turned to look at the logical aspect and did his best to hold back a laugh at how irritated he looked.

“Patton, that won’t…well…obviously this isn’t working.” Roman motioned to his current position and abandoned his fruitless effort at the door, joining Patton in his jumping escapades.

On the other side of the sliding doors, Thomas was doing his best not to bust a gut at how stupid his fanciful and moral sides looked. “No seriously Thomas. What’s so funny?” Joan was quite worried for his friend, because he was laughing at something he wasn’t sure he believed was there.

Anxiety walked past the jumping pair and towards the door, a smile playing on his lips. “Of course only you would believe a disney reference.“ He placed a hand on the door, curiously resuming Roman’s earlier job. Unfortunately, it was then that fate decided to make Anxiety’s prediction come true.

The alarm sounded throughout the restaurant. Anxiety sprung backwards. Joan and Thomas groaned. “Welp we are screwed.”

Patton and Roman immediately stopped jumping and looked accusingly at their fellow aspect. “What did you do!?”

“I pushed it! Just like you had!”

“Roman already showed us, that pushing doesn’t work.”

“Guys! Shhh.” Thomas silenced his aspects as he assessed the situation inside the restaurant.

The sight was quite pitiful. Joan and Thomas weren’t even in the vicinity of the automated doors when the alarm sounded. So, to the waitress who had seated Thomas’s friends five minutes earlier, it looked as if the door had only malfunctioned.

The waitress rolled her eyes, left her station, and walked up to the two adults.

“Ugh. I’m sorry. It does this all the time.” After retrieving a key from her pocket, she walked to a control panel and used it to turn off the alarm in the restaurant. Luckily for the four aspects outside, she walked through the sensor causing the door to open. Almost immediately, they all filed inside, not wanting to waste another minute in the parking lot.

“I guess that’s one way to open the door.” Logan straightened his necktie, obviously quite peeved at Prince. “I was going to suggest we find a different version of the door that was open, so we wouldn’t have to go through this…mess.”

They all turned their attention to the main eating area inside the restaurant, that had flown into a panic as soon as the alarm went off. A manager quickly passed them and rushed in to notify the now standing customers that it was only a faulty alarm. The waitress to the right of them only chuckled nervously before grabbing them their menus.

“I’m assuming you are with the party that just walked in the door? This way please.” Joan and Thomas followed hurriedly, with the four sides trailing behind.

It wasn’t too hard to find their destination in the midst of the busy restaurant. The rest of their friends had found a table that sat six at the back of the restaurant. The sides huddled closely behind Thomas, taking care to avoid the people shuffling around to get food. Anxiety shuddered as he followed his crowd, thinking back to the incident with the alarm and how he so easily triggered it. He stared down at his hands as they twitched in uneasiness. He had a theory as to why it happened, but he would need to talk to Logan.

Logan…oh god…no he couldn’t. Not after the notepad incident.

Once they reached the back table, Thomas and Joan took their seats.

“Sorry guys.” Joan jokingly apologized as he sat down. “I thought I locked the keys in the car.” He lifted up his left hand holding said keys for them to see.

“It’s no problem.” Talyn said taking a sip of water.

“Thank goodness you didn’t! Or else we wouldn’t have a ride.” Terrance laughed, leaving Valerie the last to speak.

“Perfect timing! We were just about to order!”

The waitress came walking up to the table at that exact moment, with table commodities in hand. As she began to take order on the other side of the table, the four aspects watched Thomas expectantly, whom had accidently forgot why they were staring at him like that. “Oh! Umm…There’s a table for four over there and it’s kind of out of the way.” Thomas pointed to a table down and out of the way of the rest of the crowd. Logan nodded and lead the way, with Anxiety bringing up the rear.

“Thomas who are you talking to?”

“Oh his imaginary friends.” Joan joked earning a playful nudge from Thomas.

“Hey!” This earned a chuckle from everyone at the table including the waitress who had moved to the other side of the table, collecting menus from everyone as they ordered. Unfortunately for Anxiety, she had entered into the same area he was trying to escape from, clipping him from the side. The waitress stumbled and Anxiety fell to the ground, along with one of the menus he had knocked out of her hands on his way down.

“AH!” She cried out and looked down at exactly where Anxiety had fallen.

“Anxiety!” Thomas shouted quickly rising from his chair in shock. This gained the attention of some other people around the area as well as the rest of the sides, looking back at their fallen fellow facet. Anxiety’s breath began to quicken as he saw the people staring at Thomas from his sudden outburst.

“Thomas sit down!” At his command,Thomas felt the embarrassment of shouting out the name of his ‘imaginary friend’ and sat down quicker than he had stood up; A feeling of shame creeping up onto his face.

Valerie gave Thomas an odd look then acted upon the situation. Unable to see the darker aspect on the ground, Valerie got out of her seat and held out her hand to help the only person she could. “Are you okay? Ma’am?”

“Oh I am fine dearie. I appreciate your concern. I must have just…bumped into something…” Anxiety knew that she couldn’t see him, but the way the waitress stared down in his general area while she picked up the menu before returning to take orders just unnerved him to no end. Thankfully the moment had passed and others stopped staring to go back to what they were doing before. He barely had enough time to regain his breathing pattern, when he felt a sharp tug on his hoodie. Roman had raised him off the ground, set him on his feet, and turned his body so he was facing him.

“Anxiety. Is there something you aren’t telling us?” Roman looked his shaken frenemy over, but was immediately pulled away by Patton complaining about being hungry and wanting food. The fanciful aspect was ushered out into the open before Anxiety even had a chance to answer his question. Logan however stayed behind.

“Anxiety. Come here please.” The darker aspect whipped around and slowly walked towards the logical facet, a stone of guilt forming at the bottom of his stomach. Logan pulled out a chair at the table and motioned for him to sit down. Anxiety grimaced as he did, not bothering to look Logic in his eyes.

“What sushi would you like?” The question took Anxiety by surprise. He was sure Logan was going to have something to say about the situation. No questions about what just happened? No suspicions?

“Uhhh…crab please?” Logan acknowledged his answer and walked off silently without another word. Secretly, Anxiety was thankful, because now he had a moment to recover from his fall. He had never bumped into another human being before besides Thomas. Sure he had his ‘what if’ moments in the past if he could, but he didn’t think it was actually possible. But what had just occurred solidified his deepest worries. He was not like the other sides out in public. Why would people phaze into them without a care, but when it came to him he was a brick wall?

Speaking of phazing, a shriek of laughter turned his attention to Patton in the distance who was standing in the way of many people that were coming and going. Apparently he was giggling about how it tickled each time a person passed through him, almost as if he were a ghost. Expectantly after the noise, came Logan’s rebukes about ‘messing with their brain waves’.

The anxious aspect chuckled as he thought back to Logan’s drawings of Patton. “You like him and you know it, Logan.” He mumbled to himself smiling ever so slightly, but it was quickly replaced by a grimace as a pang of guilt washed over his body. It seemed every thought he had lead back to the painful truth of the note book hiding in his jacket pocket. He tried to push it aside, but deep down he knew, that if he wanted to have an honest talk with Logan about the incident with the alarm and the waitress, he’d have to tell him the truth.

A couple minutes passed before the three sides returned to the table with their self-made food. Logan casually set Anxiety’s plate of the food he requested in front of him with a set of chopsticks before sitting down to eat his own.

The table became unusually quiet and only subtle chewing could be heard. Logan suspected it was because no one else had anything to say unless it was about Anxiety’s incident. But he could tell the darker aspect was thankful for Patton’s change of subject when the moral aspect found a topic to break the ice.

“Ssoooo…did anybody get anything productive done today?” An odd topic choice for Patton, but he was not displeased with it.

“I went on a quick quest today.” Roman said triumphantly. “It was a spectacular outlet! …especially after losing a bet….” Roman managed to whisper the last part, but not out of earshot.

“Someone salty?” Anxiety teased while Roman shot him a glare in response.

“Be nice Anxiety.” Patton warned, still keeping the same soft smile on his face. “What did you do that was productive today?”

The darker aspect shrugged. “I listened to a whole album in one sitting, if you can call that productive.”

“Not exactly.”

“Hey!” Patton gave the logical aspect a playful nudge before turning the same question over to him. “What did you do today?”

“Well. If we are talking about productivity, my work has been somewhat hindered by a mysterious happening with my notebook.” Anxiety almost choked on his sushi, as his guilt resurfaced. God, if it wasn’t one thing it was another. Luckily, he was able to minimize his coughing fit to not bring attention to himself.

“Hindered? How?” Patton’s smile turned into a worried frown.

“It appears to have been tampered with. There is some unseen barrier preventing me from adding or removing writing and disfiguring it in someway.”

Anxiety’s stomach dropped, the pit of guilt only growing with his shame.

“I-I didn’t open it. I swear!” Patton looked at the logical aspect worried, but suddenly clasped a hand over his mouth, forgetting that he was supposed to be covering for his dark, strange son. Anxiety’s eyes widened as the truth came out of Patton’s mouth. He should have known that Patton was going to have trouble with keeping a lie.

Logan raised an eyebrow, surprised that Patton would ever even think about lying. Especially to him. “You say that, and yet earlier you told me you had seen my drawings.” By analyzing Patton’s body posture, he could tell the moral aspect was at war with himself over withholding information pertaining to his notepad. “Your claims are not coherent.”

“I’m sorry what is happening here?” Roman butt in. He’d been too busy checking out his Instagram feed to really notice what was happening between the three other sides. So when he did decide to listen in, he was completely lost.

Anxiety and Logan both rolled their eyes at the fanciful aspect. “Fine. Since all four of us are here I may as well explain the entire situation. Once I am finished though, I expect a proper explanation. Hopefully then you will find it in you to tell me the truth.” The words stung Patton like a knife to the heart. If it was said to any other side, it wouldn’t have had a big effect, but because Logan was directly challenging Patton’s role as a side, it about drove him to tears.

That was when Anxiety should have spoken up, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was silence, leaving Logan to continue explaining the happenings with his notepad.

Choices. The word ghosted his mind like a haunted memory. With as much strength as he could muster through his shame, he glanced up at Patton. The tears streaming down the moral aspects face were enough to break him. He silently hoped Logan’s incessant rambling would end itself, but Roman became bored with the conversation and had stopped listening again to go back to his phone, not even trying to care that their fellow aspect was hurting. Then he looked at himself.

Was he doing anything to stop this madness? Heck he had caused the problem in the first place. And it was his fault for taking Logan’s notepad. Granted, it was Patton’s choice to cover for him, but even then Morality didn’t deserve to be treated like this. Especially by the side he had a crush on.

Anxiety began to shake as he took a metaphorical step back, finally noticing the grave situation. Logan’s theory was becoming true. They were all very distant, even if they were sitting in the general vicinity of one another. Distant as in there wasn’t much of a bond, let alone a friendship between them. If this continued, he determined they would tear Thomas apart from the inside. Choices. The word intruded his thoughts once again bringing him to the edge of a choice he knew he had to make. If he had to be the one to fix the broken friendship, then he would, regardless of the consequences. It was worth it, he decided. Not just for the other sides, but also for Thomas.

Anxiety jumped out of his seat, knocking over his chair in the process, and slammed the real version of the note pad in front of him on the table, startling the other three sides in the process. Logan stopped talking as soon as he saw his notepad and looked up into the darker aspect’s eyes, shocked to find small tears begin to form.

“It was me, Logan. I stole your notepad.”

Until It’s Gone - Ch.9

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: mild language, lots of angst, beginnings of a panic attack, violence with a coffee mug, general torn feelings

Word Count: 1,883

A/N: This is the ninth chapter in my second spn fanfic series. Only one chapter is left after this one… it makes my heart hurt. Thanks goes out to my betas, fangirls, and constant supports for this fic: @wheresthekillswitch & @hannahindie

Feedback is always loved and appreciated! (yes, even yelling, Athina ;)

Read (Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5) (Ch.6) (Ch.7) (Ch.8)

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)


Dean finally broke the silence, “Why do you want to talk to me, Y/N?”

You took a deep breath and searched for the strength you used to carry. “Because it took me awhile to find the right words,” you said, proud that your voice didn’t waver, “and now that I have them, I want you to hear them.”

Dean nodded and walked all of the way into the kitchen, leaning back against the counter across from you, “The floor is yours, sweetheart.”


All the words that you’d wanted to say for the past few months seemed to disappear as you looked at Dean. After you’d left, you’d avoided him at all costs; spending time with Sam at your place instead of the bunker, avoiding the bars Dean frequented, not texting, not talking, not seeing.

The first time you’d actually seen him since everything happened was in that alcove across from the coffee shop, and the sight of him standing in the pouring rain, trying to hide his concern and failing at repressing his anger… It was like the breath was knocked out of you.  And in the time you’d spent with him since, you still found yourself struggling to fill your lungs, almost as if Dean was sucking the oxygen straight from them. He had destroyed you the day you left the bunker, the day you left him, and with each passing moment in his presence you had to relive that pain. The wounds had never healed, and the scabs that had formed were immediately scraped off the second you’d laid eyes on him.

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For when you get in that slump

The dreadful slump. I feel like this happens with everything, reading, writing, playing video games and especially studying. Even though this may not apply to everyone (lucky you honestly) I hope that this list can help someone get inspired to get out of that language studying slump because this is what I usually do!

So for #1: Start small

  • And I mean don’t try and make yourself sit down and study for 2 hours straight (unless that works for you then wow). But if you do that you’re going to just burn yourself out even quicker and looking at a language book or however you study will probably just put you off of studying even more. So I say study in bursts of around 10-20 min and then just increase that time. This goes into my second point..

#2: Listen to music in your target language

  • This makes studying more low-key because it’s more passive studying. Even though you might be doing something else, you’re at least hearing the words being sung and thats better than not hearing the words at all. Hopefully this will kickstart you belting into song and BAM you’re actively studying now by actually singing the words too.

#3: Watch some movies/tv shows

  • This is more active studying because you can either put on subtitles so you’re reading it while you’re watching your favorite movie or change the actual language spoken. Usually I think it’s more beneficial to put on a movie/tv show that you know and then change the language with no subtitles so you’re actively working your brain and you get to watch something fun!

#4: Go back to the basics

  • And sometimes this is just an added step and can be skipped over. But I have a bad habit of trying to start up where I left off and then I get discouraged because I forgot more words than I thought or some simple grammar rules. So I just swallow my pride a bit and then look over the simple stuff.

#5: Study what you like

  • This one might be a bit odd but it works for me, so I hope it works for you too. By this i mean don’t force yourself to study all the different ways to say “to work” or something like that. (At least not yet, remember this is to just get out of the slump). Study things like different holiday names, or types of pastries, song lyrics, quotes, etc. I mean if you like studying the conjugations for “to work” then go ahead if that gets you out of your slump!

So these are some of the things that I do to get back in the groove. Also feel free to add on to this too if you want. I hope this helps! And here’s a gif because I honestly can’t help myself. 

Bonne chance et amusez-vous bien! 

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Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 6

Everything comes undone. Secrets are finally revealed. 

A/N: I thought this was going to be the final part to RS, but it turns out I wanted to pull a classic Hollywood move and split the last chapter into two hahaha. This is also because the story developed in ways I hadn’t anticipated and the surprise was totally awesome for me as a writer! So I went along with it, which inevitably ended up adding to the wordcount, hence the splitting of the chapter in two (and sparing everyone from scrolling past a 3k+ words long post) haha Thanks for sticking with the story so far! Please let me know if you would like to be added to the tags list! 

Parts [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


@teacoffeeandstudies @rosaetum @totallynotkaibiased @ffangirlingsince2001 @thequeerishere555 @feeling-straange

After the mugging, you’d entirely forgotten that the only reason you were in the alley in the first place was to go rent a costume with Aunt May.

When you arrived at the shop, she gave you and Peter a suspicious look, but didn’t ask what happened. Peter didn’t say a thing, and neither did you. In fact, you didn’t open your mouth once. Now that adrenaline slowly left your system, you felt dazed.

The experience with Aunt May went by in a blur. The whole time you were stuck on autopilot; you felt your hands go through the motion of feeling the costume’s fabric, checking for sizes, even felt your lips move to thank Aunt May for the company and opportunity. But your mind was elsewhere.

You could still feel the impact of the glass cracking on the crazy man’s head. Your brain replayed the scene overland over again.

“We’re here!”

Apparently you had walked back to Peter’s place with them.

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hridi  asked:

could you recommend me some Evanstan fics ? like what to start with ^_^

Indeed I can! You can always check my AO3 bookmarks for the pairing, but I’ll list a few favorites here too - you didn’t specify rating or genre, so I’ll try to offer up a representative range! Not including my own stuff, of course. :-)

mainly fluff (various ratings, but all mostly more about the comfort and fluff and emotions and such):

The Time and Place by @flylittlekoala. G, 2808 words. Set after filming, a wonderfully adorable pining-and-getting-together little fic that will make your heart feel all the feels.

[End Scene] by our lovely resident Anonymous. T, 2159 words. Sebastian has a hard time filming a (fake: it’s a red herring) death of Captain America scene. So much gentle love and comfort and care. Yes.

when the words hit (my heart stopped), also by our lovely Anon. T, 2971 words. Misunderstood texts, minor car accidents, hurt!Seb with minor injuries, worried Chris, everything precious and fluffy.

At the Bottom of Everything, also also by our lovely Anon. T, 12389 words. It’s like the best soap-opera melodrama ever, and I mean that in a GOOD way. The plane Seb’s supposed to be on crashes, while unbeknownst to Chris, Seb switched flights. ALL the emotions. ALL the emotional hurt/comfort. The thought-you-were-dead-but-you’re-here trope. YES.

Fine Until You’re Not by @seasless. E, 8932 words. Pining, misunderstandings, boys being boys, first kisses, general adorableness all around.

bundles of love wrapped in fur by @thebestpersonherelovesbucky. E, 2945 words, neighbors with pets AU, fluff and humor and porn and light Dom/sub tendencies all rolled up together, and this one always makes me smile.

things with porn, containing sub!Seb because that is my personal preference, so that’s what I’ve got bookmarked:

You Once Said If We Were Careful by @callmejude. E, 65813 words. Gorgeous, lush, beautiful BDSM-with-emotions. One of those fics that makes me sigh and smile because I wish I could write like that.

Ceramic by @bearceptionus. E, 27612 words (WIP, technically, 3 of 4 chapters, but you can read as is). Sweet sub!Seb, gentle!Dom Chris, caretaking, so much tenderness it’ll melt you from the inside out.

There are more recs in my bookmarks, but - followers, any other good Evanstan recs as starting-places? Fics you’d suggest?

EDITED BECAUSE I am a terrible person and accidentally combined two fics (two of our Anon’s fics) while adding links BUT THEY ARE BOTH LOVELY AND I HAVE NOW RECTIFIED THAT ERROR AND ADDED PROPER LINKS <333

Bite Me (Part 10)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, minor OC’s (…a pairing is in the distant horizon… who do you think it’ll be?)

Warnings: mild language

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,862

A/N: This is the tenth installment in my first ever fanfic. Part 9 and 10 were originally one chapter, but I split them because this one is longer, hence the close together posting schedule. I’m adding a few more logs to the fire… These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9)

“Oh come on, Elana, you can’t be serious!” My friend, Mallory, was shaking her head in blatant disbelief.

We had just gotten out of dance class for the evening and had made our way to my workplace, settling into a corner table with a chai tea latte for me and something heavily flavored with pumpkin for her.  I shrugged at her and took a sip of my drink.

“But, I mean, come on! You’re twenty-six! You can’t still be…there’s no way you’re…” She was spluttering over her words.

“A virgin?” I finished for her, raising an eyebrow. “You act like the word is poisonous.”

She huffed and took a small sip from her mug before continuing, “I still don’t believe you. You’re a badass chick. Beautiful, confident,” she pointed a finger at me, “and sometimes even funny.”

I chuckled, “Wow, I didn’t realize those things directly correlated to sex.”

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Jay Park short Story (rewritten)

This is not new, but I have rewritten it, because I just didn’t like the “you” point of view. I added a couple of things and tried to get rid of all the mistakes :D 

Hope you guys like this, I might rewrite a couple of the older ones.  The old Scenarios are still up in all their parts so if you want you can read them. 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 


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Word count: 10k

It was my first day at work in a foreign country and I don’t even know the language… Amazing. “Y/N aren’t you happy? I mean you’re working with a really good company. The CEO knows how to speak English, don’t worry too much about that.” Yeah.. I don’t even know what the CEO looks like. Perfect. “Who the F is the CEO, can you tell me that too?”  “WHAT? You don’t know what the CEO of the company looks like? Hun, you’re going to be his assistant?”  “Well, no. MY chef just told me that he speaks English that’s all. But I have to leave now okay? I’ll call you later. Bye.” 

Huuh, where did I have to go to again? Even though this was my second time in Seoul I still had a hard time. Well, the first time I came was just for parties and spending time with friends. How should I have known that I’ve been accepted into the label? “Gosh, I can’t even read this plan.” The Minutes passed by and I had to hurry, but eventually I gave up and called a taxi, I showed the driver the address and tried to think about what I had to say at the entrance. 

“Thank you.” you said to the driver, handing him the money. The building was huge; the design was kept simple, not too much. The front door was locked, you had to ring the door and wait for someone to answer.

The voice coming from the speaker spoke Korean, and there my first problem started, I didn’t know how to speak Korean. “Excuse me.. I can’t speak Korean. Can you speak English please?”  “Sure, but what’s the matter?” “Well I’m Y/N, the CEOs new assistant. I’m sorry, I’m late I had to take a taxi.” But nothing, it was quite for a couple of seconds, and then the man bursted out in laughter. “WHAT? You’re like the 5th person to say that.” Hm? “I’m sorry but I don’t get it.” “What don’t you get huh? Someone spread that Jays CEO would come today, and came over saying the same things like you did. Now leave, please.”  “But Sir, you can look up my name, I am me…” I am me? Really Y/N “urgh,.. Sir I’m late for work please open the door.” “You should go to your working place then, please leave. We’re going to call the real assistant anyways.”  “Sir that won’t work.” “Why shouldn’t it?” “Sir,… well. The assistant is from another country right? That means her phone won’t work here.” The man sighed. “You’re a freaking stalker aren’t you, who told you that.– Or wait, I don’t care. Please go, I’m asking you nicely.” I chose to not make it worse, and just leave it as it is. “I’m gonna be late for fucks sake but okay.” 

It was already 1 Pm now, I had to be there at 12.30 pm. “How are they going to call me? My phone blocks foreign numbers..” Another 30 Minutes had passed when my phone rang. “Hello?” “Y/N, I’m Samuel. The label called me? Why are you so late? You can’t do that on your first day!”  “Sir, I didn’t do anything. I was here at 12.20, but they just won’t let me in, the security guy doesn’t believe me, and I even told him that he can’t call me because I can’t answer foreign calls. He just called me a stalker and told me to leave several times.”  “Just go back and tell them my name also. They’ll let you in then, and no matter what, excuse yourself even if it’s not your fault.” Sure.

Another try it is. “Hello?” “Hello, I’m Y/N, my boss’ name is Samuel.” “Oh, I’m sorry for making you wait. Get in.” Finally. The door opened with a buzz, and I walked in rather angry, the security let me pass without using the detectors because they knew I was late already… because of them. So I ran up the stairs, not even waiting for an elevator, sweating like crazy, almost fainting because I can’t really focus on breathing now, but - I made it up to the 5th floor. The cafeteria had to be here to - yeah I thought about eating now - the smell of coffee was strong here. Stronger than I wanted it to be actually. 

OUCH, are you blind?!” I yelled at the stranger in front of me. “I’m so so sorry. I didn’t see you coming.”  “I can tell!”  My shirt, it was ruined. “What am I supposed to do now? This is my first day here, I can’t walk around like this in front of the CEO!” I angrily pointed at my shirt, “Wait what? The CEO?” the boy asked. He was kinda tall, had a lot of tattoos, one on his chest, which was revealed by his wide shirt. “YEA. I have to work for him, but because of your stupidity I look like I haven’t washed myself in 10 years!” “Well, I think I can help you out-” he said with a smirk, “-my name is–” but before he could talk I yelled again. “I don’t care, I don’t need your help. Just get the fuck out of my way, I’m late already.” I said, before running off again.

“Hello, I’m Y/N. I’m the CEOs new assistant. I’m late, sorry.”  “Ahh that’s you? He already knows why you’re late so it’s fine don’t worry, he left a couple minutes ago, he should be back in no time.. But what happened to your shirt?” The secretary looked at me like I was an alien, but yeah, showing up like that on the first day wasn’t a good Idea. “Oh.. That’s… well on my way here someone spilled his coffee on me..” “Oh.. okay. I’ll guide you into his room, wait there okay?” She walked me to his room, and left immediately after. I felt stupid like that, but I was glad she knew how to speak English as well. 

Around ten minutes passed, before the rooms door opened. I stood up and faced the door just to see him. The guy with the Coffee. “Hello Y/N, I’m Jay Park. AOMGs CEO, I’m sorry for what happened earlier, but I got you one of our shirts, I think that’s better smelling for the rest of the day.” He said, while giving me a wide smile. 


His secretary told me where the restroom was, so I could change my shirt. “I fucked up. He’s going to fire me. FUCK.” I spoke to yourself. Why didn’t I think about it, why? After I changed I walked back to his office, on my way back I actually thought about going back home without saying a word, but maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t that pissed about my choice of words. “Does it fit?” he asked as soon as he saw me. “Yea, thank you.” “Don’t need to, after all it was my fault.”  “About that.. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have talked that way.” “It was my fault, you really don’t have to be sorry. I had to be careful.” “No no, I was just hurrying, I should watch my steps the next time.”

“I see this is going to go back and forth, so we should leave it. Anyways, I’m glad you’re here, and I heard about what happened, I know why you’re late. Just sit down, we’ll talk about your work okay. Let’s start from the beginning.” I nodded and then sat down on the chair in front of his desk. He seemed to be nice now, but he had a bad boy vibe going on. But no matter how he was as a human, he was my boss now. “Did your old boss tell you what you have to do here?” Old boss, what? “Well, he just said that you needed someone here.”  “Nothing more? He just said that I needed something and you didn’t even blink an eye and came over? Isn’t that dangerous?”  “Well, Sir. That’s my job. I’m an assistant, for people like you, rapper, singer, actors. And even if it’s a different country, the work I have to do is always the same thing. Nothing changes.”  “See, I don’t know how good you are, but I don’t want someone to work with me who doesn’t know how to do things, you have to know your job and be good at it, in order to stay here.” At this point he was just being a salty bitch. “I take my job seriously, and you have to do so too, okay?” 

“Sir, my job is important for me. I didn’t leave my home, just to be lazy and do nothing. Just show me what my workplace is, and I’ll do my job without getting in your way.”  “You better do so. And don’t call me Sir okay? We have a family like atmosphere here, you can call me Jay. Don’t be so formal.”  “I’ll do that of course.” “You can go home now actually, we don’t have so much to do today. And since this is your first day, we’ll have a small “welcome party” later on, just show up on time, and don’t dress formal, like i said. We’re close here.” “Hm, thank you.” “Oh yeah wait. This is yours now, At least as long as you work here, you can use it for personal stuff as well. We can’t call your number so don’t bother to buy anything new, just take this. I have the number; I’ll send you the address and time later on.” He handed me a phone, which looked pretty new, it was local so I wouldn’t have problems with calling people. After that I thanked him again and left, it wasn’t late and I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to go grocery shopping, since I didn’t really have stuff at home. The time passed by and I was still walking around, I had to be at the karaoke bar at 8 PM, I still had three hours. 

I wanted to call my friends and family, but since it was too late were I came from I couldn’t do that either. It was 6.30 when I got home, so I just took a quick shower and got ready. I decided to wear Jeans, white Vans, and a loose white shirt, it was comfy, it looked classy though. It was half past 7 when I was done, and because I still didn’t know Seoul I called a taxi again. “This is going to be expensive; I should get to know this town as fast as I can.” The venue was close to my house, it didn’t take long to get there. It took about 15 Minutes and that even with traffic going on. 

“Hey, you’re here already.” Jay walked into my direction, greeted me with a big smile. “Yea, Thanks for having me.” He nodded and told me to get in. So many people were here, and it looked like the place was closed for others… And I were right, Jay walked up to the stage, and almost yelled out my name, “This is Y/N guys, she’s my new assistant, be nice to her, she can’t speak Korean.” He said, leaving me with a blank expression, because I didn’t see that coming. “Oh,.. hey. Nice to meet all of you.” 


Everything happened pretty quickly. Some of them hugged me, the others just greeted me, even if I wasn’t able to learn their names yet. They were nice over all. Some of them were drinking, others just talked, a girl called Jinwha talked to me a lot, so I didn’t actually feel left out. I drank a bit too, not too much since I decided to walk home, but not drinking wouldn’t be nice either. “Y/N, don’t you want to sing too?” another tattooed boy, called me over but I kindly refused. I didn’t like to sing or rap in front of people. “Ah come on over here. That’s a tradition.” Sure.. So I got up, and made them chose a song. The alcohol in my body slowly started to show its effect, I was so damn ready for every song even if it was Korean. 

A random rap started, it was English, and I was able to follow the lyrics. I had fun, I liked it, and my confidence was over the top. “WOW, that was so good, are you sure you don’t want to be a rapper instead?” Someone else said, and everyone was looking at me with a shocked expression, “Nah man, I’m good like that.” Yea, Jay was right, the atmosphere was perfect, I met nice people and all of them knew how to speak English. Jay was having his fun too, and not like today in the office, he was nice to me and really cute actually. His image was weird though, at some points he was an ass, a bad boy, but now all of a sudden he’s nice. But the day got to an end, it was 2 AM now and it was hard to believe that I’ve been in a karaoke bar for so long. 

Some of my new friends were too drunk to drive, so others brought them home. “Thanks for everything guys, it was a great night.” I said, before saying Goodbye to everyone. Actually, since it was so late, and no one was on the street I was kinda scared to walk alone, but I didn’t have enough money with me to get a taxi again. “Why are you walking home?” “WHAT THE-” “NO SWEARWORDS.” “Oh god,you scared me..” “Oh you’re already calling me a god huh, we didn’t even know each other.” It was jay, he had a smirk in his face, but he looked hella tired. “What even are you?” “Anyways, why are you alone here, it’s late.”  “Well,.. I don’t want to spend so much money on taxis every single day.”  “Let me walk you home then, it’s dangerous to be alone so late… especially for girls like you.” Like me? “What?” “Nothing.. So tell me something about you.” Weirdo much? “Uhmm.. I’m 25 years old. I’m Eurpean…” “That’s all? What about your life? Do you have a boyfriend?” “Huh?… No never really had time for that.” “Never?”  “Well maybe as a teenager but not now.” 

He didn’t talk for the rest of the way, and right in front of my door, he started again. “I’m glad to have you here. I hope we can work well together. Good night.” “Good night.” I said and turned around, trying to avoid any other type of weirdness. 

Wait.” he said, he spinned me around, pulling me extremely close to his body, you felt his abs being pressed against you. “You are slow at getting things I guess.” What,what, what. “Excuse me?” “I like you, I think.” “We just met.”  “But you were so cute today, when you cussed me out, how you rapped my song just now, everything.” “I think you drank a little bit too much, jay.”  His grip loosened, ”Sorry, I didn’t want to scare you, I don’t want to do anything bad, that’s just how I feel.” You felt his breath in your face, and you could tell that he was drinking too much.

You made my mind turn in no second. All I thought about was you today.” His face got closer to yours, his eyes fixed on your lips, and I could tell what he was going for. “Jay, no. You’re drunk. Stop.” I said, while lightly pushing him back. He almost fell over, and I was actually scared to send him back home like that. “You know what, stay here for tonight, it’s not safe as a drunk person.” 

So you want to spend the night with me? You can’t say no to me either, huh?” “You can thank god now, because if you weren’t my boss, I would’ve killed you already.” “I don’t think so..” he said while tumbling around. How does that even work, he was “normal” just seconds ago. Jay was now leaning against my shoulder, walking up the stairs. It wasn’t that difficult actually, he was able to hold his body up, and kinda walk on his own. 

“I don’t have anything here to give you. You have to sleep in your clothes. I’ll wake you up tomorrow, or if you should wake up before I do, just leave, you don’t need to do anything. I’ll clean up before going to work.” “But sleeping like that isn’t comfy Y/N, why can’t you be here too… ” He pouted acted like a child, which was quite cute actually. “I’m sorry but I never thought about having drunken guests here, during my first weeks.”  "Oh wait.“ What is he trying to do again? Try and fit into my stuff?

“I’ll just sleep without my clothes.” Before I could say anything he took off his shirt, revealing all of his Tattoos, and his abs. Leaving me rather speechless. “Why are you staring?” He looked at me with a weird look in his face; he was probably too drunk to smirk. “Do whatever you want to do, there’s the couch, and it should be big enough. I’ll get you a pillow and a blanket.”  I turned around as fast as I could, to hide that blush in my face. “Where did I put them?…. Ah here.”

“I’m sorry about the colour, but you can live with that I gue-” The Image I saw, put a huge smile on my face. When I entered the living room, I saw jay, fully asleep, crouched on the couch.  The same thought from before, appeared again. How can someone who’s that badass, be so cute just seconds later. As I walked over to him, I still had a smiling face, I tried to lift his head up lightly, to put the pillow under it, and then covered the rest of his body with the blanket. So I walked back to my own room, “Is this even safe? Should I lock the door?”, but I decided not to. It couldn’t be that dangerous; I brushed my teeth, and put on my PJs. 

“Why on earth are you still awake? Isn’t it like 2 AM???” It was my friend; she sent me a message… And I had to admit, she was right. It was pretty late, and considering that I had to work in 7 hours,.. I should be asleep now. 
“I just came back home. I’m in bed now. hehe” 
“Chill. My boss had a party, to kinda say welcome. With all the other employees. ” 
“Oh. That’s nice. How was it? Call me, tell me about your company.” 
“… Hun. I can’t call you now… Someone is sleeping in the living room.”
“Oh come on. I’m not that stupid… It’s Jay. I know who he is, he’s drunk, he walked me home.” 
“….. I Can’t believe you Y/N. You’re acting like that’s a Good thing. LET ME REPEAT. HE WAS DRUNK AND WALKED YOU HOME.”
“Well… he wasn’t that drunk when we were walking… IDK everything is so weird. Like uurgh.” 
“What happened, wanna talk about it?”
“Yeah I guess. I need your opinion on this. Look, first of all I fucked up just when the day started. They didn’t want to let me in because they thought I was a weird stalker right. So then when I was allowed to enter the company, I was running late already. So I ran upstairs, just to be greeted by a guy and his coffee. He spilled it all over me, and you know me, I cursed him out, but like I didn’t care in that minute I just had to run to his office. And when I was there he wasn’t in his office, so I had to wait.” 

“Fuck Y/N :D But then?” 
“Well… the guy from before came into the room and I was close to swearing again,… But “Thank god” he stopped me by saying that he was Jay Park, the companies CEO. Fuck right?“ 
"Nooo way, really? But he knew you were in a rush right? He knew you had to hurry? And that you were stressed? Please for gods sake Y/N.” 
“He knew, and he apologized several times, and of course so did I. He gave me a new shirt and stuff…”
“So he’s a nice guy? Y/N come one tell me the rest in one go.”
I don’t know. FUCK. Look his tattoos make him look Badass af. But when he talked to me the first time he was really really nice. But then, when he told me what my job was he was like really,… how can I say? He wasn’t really mean but he acted like I wasn’t taking the situation as serious as I should. But trust me I did. And then he was like nice again, telling me that I don’t have to be formal, and that he organized something for the night. Sounds kinda normal right? So later when I arrived at the location, he was nice again, smiling and stuff, he introduced me to everyone and had fun (we were at a karaoke bar). But from time to time when his friends talked to him about me, or generally to him, he was kinda cold. But it wasn’t something he continued doing, he was nice, then mean, nice again, and then mean. LIKE TF IS WRONG.” 
Tf? Maybe,.. just maybe, he’s on his ladys days? I would freak out Y/N, I’m proud of you. Let’s hope he’s not like that every time.” 
“No wait that’s not all. When everyone was leaving I walked back home okay. Because taking the taxi every time would be tooo expensive. Soo I walked, and he came up to me saying that it would be too dangerous. He walked with me and we talked and stuff. I could tell that he was drunk but he didn’t really act like someone who’s drunk. But right in front of the door he hugged me extremely tightly, and told me he had feelings for me LIKE WHAT. He tried to kiss me, and that’s when I got that he was drunk, and I walked him up, now he’s here sleeping.” 
“Yea, He’s snoring here. I swear, and promise, I’m safe don’t worry, It’s just really weird.” 
“…. I’ll let go okay. Just tell me that you’re fine tomorrow okay? Don’t make me worry.” 
“Okay, I’ll sleep now. Goodnight.” 
“Night sweety." 


My eyelids felt heavy, I just wanted to sleep at this point, but my brain didn’t want to shut up, I thought about everything that happened. ”Does he really have feelings for me? Because that makes no sense, I mean, he met me this morning, I yelled at him. How can he fall in love… But he was drunk wasn’t he, so it could be his imagination. But they also say drunken people tell the truth also… Arghh.“ Everything was so confusing, but I chose to sleep, and not think about it. 

When I woke up the next morning I hoped for him to be gone, but when I looked at the clock, I saw that I had to wake up. ”Oh FUCK. I’m late again.“ Is he still here? I thought, but lucky me, he was gone already, and he folded the blanket. ”Hmm what’s this smell?“ Without thinking about him being still there, I walked into the kitchen, just to see a plate with breakfast on it, and a Mug of coffee too. "Don’t come before eating this. I don’t care if you’re late.” he even wrote a note.

“He’s the boss, if he says so, I should do it.” I ate the food, almost chugged the coffee and then left for work, I was 15 Minutes late, but he said that it was fine, though I still tried to hurry. “Good Morning.” I said to the secretary, “Good Morning, Y/N. Jay is already waiting for you.” “Oh okay, is everything alright?” “I don’t know really.

"Good morning. Sorry, I’m late again.” He looked at me, almost piercing with his look. “It’s your second day, and you’re late again. Do you want to get fired?” What? “Don’t be like that to her. Things happen.” Who’s that now? Sorry, I’m the co-CEO and don’t worry, even if you’re his assistant, he can’t fire you, if he does, I’ll make sure to find work for you. So you’re not just a visitor in Korea.

Oh….” I stood there, not knowing what to do. What is that supposed to mean, am I getting fired? “Anyways, I need you in two hours, I have nothing for you to do now. Someone is going to send a shit load of emails, and you have to answer them, they are for an interview or something, I knew the questions and wrote down the answers beforehand, just find the right answers to the questions and talk a little bit more formal than I did. Until then…. I don’t know, do whatever you want, maybe walk around and look at the building.” What? Isn’t he supposed to do that as my boss? “Okaaay,.. I’ll be back in two hours then? I guess? And again, I’m sorry for being late..” “Whatever.” He moved his hands around, to show me that it’s fine, I looked at the co-CEO, who was smiling at me, and then slightly bowed down.

After I left the room, I had to wait a couple of seconds, to just understand what just happened. “Is everything okay, Y/N?” The secretary, whose name I still didn’t know, was staring at me. “You’re paler than before? Did something happen?” “What? No no, I’m fine.” I bowed down again and started walking towards the elevator. “Didn’t he write down that I was allowed to be late? The F is wrong with him? And what am I supposed to do now? Alone.

Hey Y/N. Wait.“ Hm? "Oh, hello sir.” It was the co-CEO, he was catching up his breath. “Wait, you can’t just walk around alone, can you? My name is Simon by the way, you don’t have to call me sir.” “Ohh, okay. I’ll keep that in mind.” “I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to say hello yesterday, but I had work to do.” “It’s okay…” Yes. It was awkward, I didn’t like to walk around next to him, I thought that he was just like Jay. So with him by my side, I just walked. I didn’t know where I should go, but I had to do something. “Let me show you around Y/N-“  Oh fuck. -The entrance area and the first two floors are not important for our employees. We mostly have our interviews there..- hmmm - I think the most important thing should be the rooftop.” Simon headed towards the elevator and pressed the buttons for it to come down. 

“I know that this is awkward for you but, I promise I’m not like jay. I know he can be mean sometimes, I’m not gonna scold you because of something that isn’t your fault.” When he said that the tension loosened a bit, it wasn’t weird at this point. But even if, my problem was something else. “Do you want something to drink? Tea, Coffee, Water? Anything?” “Cold water would be great?” Simon turned around, and walked towards the isle, the floor looked like a kitchen, there was an oven, a microwave, a fridge, a snackbar, everything. I just watched Simon while he was walking, he was kinda tall, his hair was dark brown, and his eyes were too, as you could see from here, his eyes were full of life and over all, he looked mature.

Here. It should be cold enough.” He gave me a bottle of cold water and made his way to the glass door, and then I was there, at the rooftop. “Let’s sit down for a bit. Tell me something about you, you’re also my employee after all.” Not again.. “Well you probably know the basic things,… but to be honest, there isn’t that much to tell about me. I have a boring life.” He laughed a bit about my comment. “Ah don’t say that. The others said you were quite funny, but they also mentioned that you didn’t even drink that much.”  "Oh yea, I don’t really like to drink too much when I know I have to work or I have to walk alone.“ I tried to make sense but I didn’t. I was walked home, and I also managed to get late to work. "Ahh,… I wouldn’t necessarily say that that’s boring, you’re just thinking about your safety. Drinking and going back home late at night isn’t safe so you did the right thing.” I just nodded, and didn’t say anything else. 

You’re a really shy person aren’t you?”   “No no actually, I’m not. It’s just..-”  “Is everyting alright Y/N, did something happen yesterday? Did they say something?” He sat straight in his chair, with a worried expression, but how could I tell him that the CEO was hitting on me? “It’s nothing important. Everyone was nice really, you don’t need to worry about that.”  “Ohhh, I know what’s wrong. Yah, I really hoped that, that wouldn’t be a problem. It’s Jay right? He called me this morning and told me what happened.” He did what? “What did he say?..”  ”He called me at 5 AM I think, and he said something like ‘Hyung I messed up, and to be honest at first I thought he did something bad, but then he was like, ‘There is a girl I like and I confessed, but I was drunk, I didn’t want to confess already’. He was really scared that you would come over and cause a ruckus. He thought that you would literally kill him, after he scolded you. But you didn’t say anything and I do respect you for that. So he knows? “Let me be honest, I didn’t believe him, and I still don’t, here at work he is kinda mean, I can’t really say anything about that, since it’s been like one and a half days, but at the party and later on he was so nice and cute too, but then again today at work-”  ”he’s always like that when he respects and likes someone. He’s not that good when it comes to showing affection.“  "So you really think he likes me?” WHAT, WHY DID I SAY THAT? You blushed like crazy and tried to look away from Simon. What is he thinking now? He probably thinks I’m a weirdo or something. 

Ah yea, actually I think he does. Drunken people mostly say the truth, but the way he talked to me today… I could really feel that he was sad; he doesn’t call me hyung that often. Hyung is something he says when he’s more serious. And the reason why he acts so cold here is because one: he doesn’t want to show his weak side, and two: I was there, he didn’t want me to see how he would act around you if you were alone, he said that right after you left. It’s not good for his image you know?” Simon smiled at me, he was genuine, didn’t lie. He didn’t talk about that topic again; he clearly saw how uncomfortable I was. It was great to talk about that, to just get it out of my head. We continued talking for a while, and then he showed the rest of the building. It was a nice place with some resting areas, which was good for me actually. And after 2 hours were over, he guided me back to the office. “Good luck at your first real Job, Y/N.“ 

"Hey, I’m back.” I walked in slowly, he just sat on his desk and pointed at the table on the other side of the room. He built up a computer, and a comfy looking chair, and from what I could see, everything was already opened and I was able to start. So I sat down without saying anything else, and started with my work, but I felt his gaze on you… Jay was staring, and he didn’t even bother to look away. 
“Y/N…” Hm? “Yeah?" 

"I’m sorry…” 

What?”  "Yesterday, I’m sorry for the things I’ve said. Even if they were meant to be nice,… It’s just.. I shouldn’t have done that as your boss, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I still hope you enjoy working here, with us.“ I smiled at him, he was sincere, and as long as he keeps his thoughts for himself, I should be fine. "It’s okay, I’ll be comfortable. Just try and.. don’t do something like that again please. But actually, there is something that bothers me a little.-” Jay looked at me with wide eyes now, “What is it?”.  "Oh well. I’ll tell you later I guess. The first Emails are already coming in, and like I said yesterday, I’m not joking around when it comes to work.“ A smiled formed on my lips, and he-.. well, he was freaking out on the inside, and that was quite funny to watch.

The work I had to do was easier than I thought it would be, re-writing his answers, and writing normal business emails, wasn’t really a challenge, so I was never stressed, even if the emails came in like crazy. The day was long, and after awhile my back was aching, sitting like that for hours wasn’t something my back would thank you for. But the noise of the door caught me off guard and I jumped a little, ”Jay, almost everyone left now, I have to go to, don’t forget to lock the studio okay?“  "Yea, I’ll do that.” They left? It’s not even late?“ 

Most of our employees go home early, but they start like at 6 AM, some of them even come back at Midnight, and practice or write stuff, the major rooms are always locked, but the resting area is mostly open. Just secretaries and assistants have shifts.“ Jay said, knowing what I was thinking, answering my unspoken question. ”And you should take a break too now, it’s been a couple of hours and I don’t want you to overwork yourself. Your break is actually one and a half hours, but it’s up to you how you want to use it during the day.“ 

"Okay, I guess I won’t be gone for too long.”  ”Why, there are really nice places around here.“  "I’m still new here, I have to walk around a bit after work, or else I’ll get lost.” “Oh,.. I understand.” I left the office, and directly headed to the rooftop, I’ve been here earlier with Simon. The smell of coffee was still really strong here, but I was hungry. “Hmmm… Ramyun is good enough for now I guess.” I made myself ramyun and got a cold drink.

As always, I put my earphones in and started to listen to music while eating. It was something I did out of a habit now, but it was relaxing. 

This is all so weird; I left everything and everyone back home, without knowing what I’d be doing here. It was stupid. And dangerous, like jay said earlier. How was I stupid enough to do something like that, I came here without even knowing who my boss was, what type of a company it is. Nothing. But I did it. Do I regret it? I’m not sure. It was definitely nice here, even if it was in the middle of a city. The people were nice; everyone tried to help, if it was outside, or at home. Do I like my job? Well yea, it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, it’s fun for me. My colleagues are also really nice, funny, and open minded. So everything was fine,… but why am I feeling so bad all of a sudden? 

Was it really jay? I thought about it already, every time I could. Why were his actions making me feel so bad? It’s not the fact that he kept saying that he had feelings for me. Not at all. But something in Simons words made me think about him.  'He’s not that good when it comes to showing affection’ but why did he say all of that yesterday? After all that’s also showing affection to someone. Why would he love me? After all he just met me right? But if it wasn’t serious, why would Simon react like that? One question after another…

The time passed by and I slowly ate my food, my back felt better and the clean air kinda woke me up again. But by the time I finished my ramyun, the air got colder, and it looked like it would rain soon. I threw away the leftovers, and got another drink for work. As I walked down I realized that almost all of the doors were closed, no one was here at this point… well not no one, but it wasn’t as crowded like normally. “You’re back? Not even a second too late. Impressive.”  "I told you, didn’t I?“ ”But what’s the thing in your hand? Water? I’m sorry, you can’t drink that here.“  "But it’s hot and I’m going to stay here for a while.”  "Fine… step back and then drink, please. The computer could get wet.”


My shift was over after a couple of hours, it wasn’t that hard and I left the building as a happy person. Since the weather was nice, I chose to walk back home, it wasn’t dark and the weather cooled down more, and luckily there was no rain. The streets were nice, clean, and even if it was the main street it wasn’t loud. My way was pretty long like that, but I enjoyed the walk, it took away the stress from the past two days. The sound of my phone broke the silence though, I got a message, from an unknown number. 

“Hey, it’s me jay. I just want to say sorry again. It was stupid, and I swear I won’t ever do it again. It’s just I really have feelings for you… But anyways, let’s forget it okay? Just act like nothing happened. It’ll be the best for both of us. And please don’t answer this message." 

What is that now? No let’s forget, that’s a good Idea. Perfect, I can work like always now, without a weird atmosphere. The rest of the way was even more relaxing now that I knew he was over it. Ah thank god. 

When I arrived at home it was late, not too late, but I was tired now, and all I could think of was sleeping. Since I didn’t really sleep yesterday. At home I talked to my family, and friends, ate and then just watched some TV. I felt so free, now that he was willing to stop. At 10 PM I decided to sleep, my eyelids felt heavy, and my body was exhausted too. But every time I closed my eyes I saw him. His face, the message, everything.


Why do I have to think about him? Why am I seeing his face over and over again? His message, his words, why? His smile… oh his smile. When he greeted me in front of the bar,.. his smile was so bright… WAIT WHAT NO. DO NOT FALL FOR HIM. FOR FUCKS SAKE NO Y/N-

No that’s probably just a crush… I mean I really like it when people smile a lot and bright… Yeah, yeah, thats it. No falling in love, no nothing. I’m just stressed, my mind is confused. 

I tried to calm down, in order to sleep, but the more I thought about it, the less sleepy I got. When I came to Korea I didn’t think about being confronted with these types of things. No one would. “I need to sleep now; I can’t go to work too late again…” I somehow managed to fall asleep, but I felt tired, even when I woke up. Half heartedly, I started to make breakfast, just one scrambled egg, and coffee. I didn’t want to eat, but starving was not an option either. 

I slowly got ready and then walked down to call a taxi again, today I was at work by the time I had to, not too late, not too early. “Good Morning Y/N.” “Good morning.” I said before walking into jays office, I could feel my heartbeat, it was going crazy now. But being in love with him, was not an option. Good morning Y/N.” Huh? “Good morning Simon…” He smiled at me and then waved me over to my working place, “Jay is not going to be here for this week. We totally forgot to tell you, he has a concert over in America. I was supposed to be there too, but I have things to do over here, so I stayed.”  "Oh. So I’m gonna be working with you this week?“  ”Hmm. Yea looks like you have too, that’s fine for you right? Because since I’m not your boss you don’t have too. Normally you have to be with Jay, he thought it would be too sudden, that’s why he told me to take care of you.“  "Yea, that’s alright for me.” Maybe even perfect… I had enough time to relax and get a clear mind. 

It’s your third day here right Y/N? Do you like it so far?”  ”Well, I didn’t really have something to do, but I know what I have to do, and everyone here is really nice.“  ”Yea, we’re really family-like. I’m glad you like it here, our employees well-being is really important for us. Talk to us when you have problems okay?“  "Yea Sir, I’ll do that.”  "What did I say about you calling me sir again?“  "Sorry, Simon.” I said with a smile. It was nice being with him, I had enough time to forget about Jay, and he was a generally nice person, no mood swings, no nothing. Simon gave me some work to do, like going over his interviews or reports, just to make sure everything was right, then going over the lyrics of some rappers, because of the same reasons. I also had to answer some phone calls, emails etc. Throughout the day I met some other employees and found out that Simon called the Secretary by “Yuna”, she often came over and brought coffee for the two of us, and also some snacks, because today it was really hot. Unlike Jay he had no problems with eating in the office, he just made sure that everything was clean afterwards. 

Simon, on that day, asked if I wanted to be his company because he had to run so errands. “Thanks for coming with me, I’d die doing all of this alone. And I need your help too.” “Ah, it’s fine really. I wanted to go out anyways since the weather is so nice.” We walked around town for a while, he bought some groceries and showed a side of his, I never thought he had. Simon was just so nice and happy all the time and now, what he said really sat in. He was able to be himself everywhere, Jay on the other hand would have a difficult time. Elderly People came up to him, asking what his job was, since a lot of young girls and boys where asking for autographs and pictures. They asked if he was a celebrity and Simon was just so humble and showed a lot of respect. I don’t think that Jay wouldn’t do that but Simon was just so outgoing and full of life.

“You’re hungry? There’s a bar down here, they should open soon and they have really really good food.” “Yeah, sure. Let’s go.” We weren’t really talking much now, since we were tired but it was great to just spend a day with a friend. “So. Did anything change between Jay and you?” Simon was smirking, somehow knowing how I feel, but then he had this warm smile on his face again and put a hand on my shoulder. “You fell for him right?” “… well. I guess.” “Let’s sit down and talk okay?” I felt like my steps got faster and faster, honestly I just wanted to talk. “I’ll get Soju and Lamb skewers. And you?” The waiter looked quite interested, probably because I looked quite funny reading the menu. Jesus… I still don’t know how to read Korean… “Yeah, I’ll get the same.” Simon just chuckled, again knowing what my problem was. “How do you even do this? How do you always know what I’m thinking?” “I don’t know actually. It’s pretty easy. But that’s not the thing. Tell me. What made you fall for him?” “Urgh… I wish I knew. Is it just the way he is… or his smile… the way his eyes look when he’s laughing…-“ What… “Oh fuck, this is so embarrassing…” I blushed like crazy but tried to brush it off. Simon, again, was having none of that. “You fell from head to toe.-“ he had a big smile on his face but continued talking. “-I could tell. But did he say anything else? I mean he should at least talk to you about what he did.” “Well he texted me but he didn’t want me to answer… so I didn’t. I mean I don’t know him too well, neither does he. Isn’t that just weird?” “No. Honestly no. The vibe going on between the both of you is just… you guys are made for each other. But as I told you. He has a hard time expressing his feelings. When he’s happy he’s either really bubbly and shy about it. Or he acts really cold. And let me tell you, when he’s the happiest, he’s the coldest.” “So you really think that… you know…-“ “Yeah, I really think he loves you. Let’s just give him time, I really want him to make the first real sober step okay?” “Okay… thank you.” Simon continued talking, really showing that he’s a great friend. And actually being one of your closest friends after that day.


The days passed by, and all I did was working and going home. Not because it was too tiring, I just didn’t know anyone or any place to go after work, my new friends at worked asked if I wanted to hang out with them, but no… They were always drinking or going to bars which weren’t my cup of tea. But it was still a good first week of work, not to difficult to get used to, the people were nice and so were the CEOs. 

I was at home today, it was Sunday, and I didn’t have to work. The television was on, and while the music program - the only show I somewhat understood - was on, I made breakfast. This time more than just bread. I bought Kimchi the other day, and some Ramen. Made that for breakfast, and some Tea also. As I walked over to my phone, I saw that the light was going on and off. Someone has sent a message. 

“Hey, I’m back. Sorry for leaving without a word. I hope you were able to work well with Simon. I’ll be there from tomorrow on. - J.P”   He’s back... But did my feelings change yet? I didn’t think about him for the past days, and even now nothing was changing. I knew I wasn’t in love’ I told myself. And… I didn’t think about him, not even for a second the rest of the day. 

Good morning Y/N, I’m sorry again, but from now on I won’t be leaving without telling you.” Jay sat on his chair, giving me a wide smile. ’Focus Y/N’, I told myself again, ‘Don’t mix your feelings’. “Good morning, don’t worry. Simon did a great job.” I said while laughing, Simon and I got along well. He was my friend now, like a real friend.  “Simon already told me that he was really happy with the way you work, he said you were always fully concentrated on your work. But he warned me too, the drinking thing.. I’m not a friend of it, but as long as everything is clean.. you can eat and drink here too.”  "It’s not a problem for me really, I can eat somewhere else. But yeah,.. It’s hot now, so drinking here would be nice.“ Jay nodded and then continued doing his job. 

Like that the days, weeks and even months passed. Working here was nice, and I met new people, made friends, learned the language. I enjoyed being here, I was thankful for everything. I’ve spend most of my time with Simon though. He really looked after me. Today was my last day at work, not forever, but it was time for vacation now, I had to admit, staying here without my family was hard, so I chose to visit them after a couple of months. 

Have a safe flight Y/N. Enjoy your time, and call me when you landed, I’ll pick you up.“  "Thank you Yuna, I’ll make sure to call you, Enjoy your time here too.” I hugged Yuna, and said Goodbye a last time, she was now a really close friend of mine, she showed the place and helped me out with everything since I was here.“ 

Before I had to be in the plane, I bought some souvenirs, and a drink, I sat on a bench and waited for the gate to open. One last time I checked all your Messages and texted back, since I wouldn’t be able to answer until I was at home. 

HAVE FUN Y/N! DON’T FORGET TO BRING US STUFF :D"  "YAH! Stop thinking about yourself every time. Have Fun Y/N, spent some time with your family.“ “Bye Y/N. Make sure to tell us when you landed. Don’t make us worry. :)” Aw, they’re all so cute. “Thanks guys, I’ll text you when I’m home, since this number won’t be working there. And don’t worry, I’ll bring you some souvenirs. :D" 

While I was typing my message, I got two notifications from other chats, one was from Simon, the other one from Jay. 

Hey Y/N. Enjoy your time and have a safe flight. I know how much you missed your family, and seeing them now is going to be great for you. You don’t need to stay in contact with us, I know that’s what the others want but you should focus on your family, okay? Tell us if you want to stay longer, we’ll find a way. :D - Simon“   "Thaaaank you, I think 1.5 month should be enough, I promise I will enjoy my time there, don’t overwork yourself too!~" 

Hey, Y/N. I hope you have fun over there, take care and don’t do stupid things! :D But I know you, you wouldn’t do that. Anyways, text us if anything happens, we’re willing to help. See ya, when you’re back. - Jay“   "ahah thank you, yea I’ll do that. Same goes for you tho. Take care! :)" 

Both, Jay and Simon were so nice, and like every other employee they were my friends and I was happy because of that. My feelings for Jay changed during that time. I met him from time to time, and went either shopping, or eating. He was my friend, and… I had to admit. I couldn’t hate him. It was nearly Impossible. 

"Gate 3 is open. Please get in your lines.” With that announcement, I made my way over to my line and turned off my Phone. Finally, after months I was able to go back home, and I was happier than ever now…

***1.5 Months later***

“Y/N. I’m sooo sooo sorry, an emergency happened and I have to go home to my parents house. Your phone is probably turned off now, I can’t come and pick you up, but don’t worry, by the time you landed someone is already waiting for you. I messaged someone else. You don’t need to take a cab in the middle of the night. I’m so sorry again, I owe you something." 

Whaat? Urgh, let’s see — Exit. There. I walked out of the airport, breathing in Seouls Air again after 1,5 Months. The time at home was nice, but I missed Seoul too. It was dark outside now, and taking a cab wasn’t what I wanted to do, since I was tired. 

Y/N!! Where, What… Who? I turned around, trying to see who called me, and then I saw Jay, standing by his car. He waved, but quickly made his way over to me. ”Heee-“ I started, but I got cut off by him. He hugged me a little too tight, and twirled me around, while turning. "I missed you..” he said while burying his face in my neck. “I missed you too jay, but please.. I want to go home as a breathing person.” Jay gave me a wide smile, before taking my luggage and running back to the car. 

How was the flight?” He asked, opening the passenger seats door. “It was alright. I’m just tired now.” “Then sleep. We’ll be driving for a while.” “No I’m fine. I can sleep at home." 

As he started to drive, I didn’t feel like talking, it was way too tiring, and Jay seemed to understand. The radio was on and some songs were playing. Mainly slow songs, which wasn’t really helpful, but I tried to stay awake anyways. The way, felt like ages… And even if I knew that only 15 Minutes have passed, I thought that it’s been more than three hours. By the time my eyelids got heavy, and my head slowly moved from left to right, I was awake, but all of the energy left my body. But I gave in, and fell asleep shortly after..

I woke up because of slow Movements, I felt that I was going up something,.. but my legs weren’t moving. I lifted my head upwards, slowly opened my eyes, still really tired, and saw the neck and chin of jay. It took a while until I got what happened, but he didn’t understand that I was awake. Jay was carrying me up, we were almost in front of my flats door, but right when I wanted to speak up,.. I felt too tired again, and nuzzled into Jays chest, before sleeping again.


It was dark, and quiet here, “Where am ?” I thought. But then I remembered, I was at home now, I fell asleep after a long flight. But how did I get home? “Hyung, She’s safe back now…. Oh, she fell asleep in the car I carried her home, I wouldn’t answer her phone normally, but since it’s you. I did… Yea, she’s sleeping now. I’ll leave now too." 

Jay? Right, he brought me home… Am I asleep now? Probably, I can’t answer him, but I can hear everything. I can’t move either. ”Yah… How am I supposed to life while you’re here. How can I breathe… I know I was an asshole.. I still am. I missed you so much. Y/N….“  Jay moved his body, the shadows on my eyelids moved. Am I dreaming this? He sat right next to the bed, his head leaned against the free space. A loud sigh left his mouth. ”You know when you first started, when I first saw you I didn’t think I would fall in love. I thought we would be good friends after a while. Even if you cursed me out for ruining your shirt. The first two days I tried to be normal around you, a little bit more strict just you know that even if we are a close company, we work serious too. When I left for a week.. I didn’t think about you really,.. I know I techincally confessed to you on your first day here. But I.. I think I really fully understood my feelings for you after a couple of weeks. Your personality, the way you deal with problems.. You changed me a lot.. Even hyung said that.. Ahh Y/N.

Why didn’t he ever tell me that he thought that way?  But without saying anything else, he left. And I finally fell asleep, not knowing if I was dreaming or not.  The next morning I woke up late, still really confused. ”Did I dream all of this? / Should I ask him?  / What if I dreamt all of this?“ I had thousand questions but no answers. The noises coming out of the kitchen brought me back to reality, someone is here? ”Y/N are you awake? Breakfast is ready.“ 

Jay? Didn’t he leave yesterday? I got up, changed my clothes, washed my face, and then left the room. ”Good morning?“ I said, almost questioning, ”Good morning. It was late yesterday, and I was tired. It wasn’t safe to drive back home. I hope that’s not a problem.“ Jay looked really nervous, he talked pretty fast. "The breakfast looks nice, you woke up early right?” “Yeah kinda, I didn’t really sleep to be honest.” “Why?” “Y/N… Can we talk for a bit?

I sat on a chair, and so did he. "Sure, but can I eat? It smells so good and I didn’t eat since yesterday?” I filled my mouth with bread and cheese, which made Jay laugh, he calmed down minute by minute. “What did you want to talk about?”  ”Y/N… Yesterday, when you were sleeping. No no wait - while you were on vacation..“ So he really confessed yesterday? "I didn’t dream yesterday right? You confessed and thought that I was sleeping?” Ups.. His face showed how embarrassed he was, he turned red instantly, and I blushed too. “You heard all of that?” “Yea, and it was cute to be honest..” “Y/N. now that you know, what do you think?” “I don’t know… I think.. I need time Jay. I know myself, I really have to think.” When I looked at him again, he was sad. His eyes were still sparkling, but the hope he had was gone. 

Oh.. That’s alright. I can totally understand you. I mean it’s totally normal, I can’t expect you to say yes right away.” He laughed, but I knew it was fake, he was hurt, and the whole situation was awkward for him. “I’ll leave then.. Have to work.” He got up, wanted to leave, but something didn’t feel right about that. “Jay please… I know that all of this is really weird- Look, I also have feelings for you, but this is too fast for me, I’m not used to that. Please give me some time.” Jay looked at me, his eyes - again - full of hope and other emotions, he turned bright red. “Y/N?” He moved his body, leaning down to be face to face. “What a-” But without giving me enough time to speak, he gave my lips a light peck and slowly backed up again. And now that I could see his face up close, I think I fell for him even more. “Think about it, I can wait for an eternity.” Jay left. And I sat there, burning and almost melting into my chair. What did just happen? 

You got up immediately, “Jess what am I supposed to do?” “What? Y/N it’s literally the middle of the night? The fuck is your problem?” In all of the chaos you called your friends, totally ignoring the fact that she should be sleeping now. “Jess he kissed me, HE KISSED ME.” “So? Congrats you have a boyfriend now, let me sleep.” “We’re not together; I said that I had to think about all of that.” “What? So how come you kissed then?” “Well, I didn’t do anything; he kissed me and told me to think about it. JESS HE WAS SO CUTE.” But then, you got no answer. “Jess? Hello?” Sure.. She hung up

The hours passed by,.. at least I thought so. An hour passed and I needed to see jay, not really because of my answer, but I just wanted to see him. I grabbed my stuff and made my way to my room; I unplugged my phone and saw that I had a new message. 

Y/N. You need to come to the office now.” Simon never wrote so serious. But without further or do, I left, just to be greeted by Simon in front of the office. “Y/N, I’m glad you came over. Your boss called, go and see Jay for a minute. He seems to be really upset about it.” What? My ‘old’ boss, didn’t talk to me for months. After I said ‘thank you’ to Simon, I walked up, thinking about what could have happened, or what he would say after this morning. 

“Jay? What’s the matter?” “Y/N, did you think about what happened today?” I had to laugh, but not because it was funny, more because he was driving me insane. “Yah! I was really scared that something happend. Did you really call me over just for this?” “Just for this? Y/N I’m being serious, you’re boss really called me.” Jays eyes were sad, he looked like he cried for hours. “What did he say?” 

Y/N.. he wants you back. You were his best worker. He told me to ask you if you want to stay… or go back.” What? Where did this come from all of a sudden? “Y/N, you have to make a decision now.”

When We Were Young (Pt. 3)

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Pairing: Dean x Reader (ft. Sam and Cas)

Content/Warnings: ANGST; violence

Words: 2241

A/N: Well, all this peace and love has been nice, but it’s time for crap to hit the fan in what I think is the second-to-last part in this mini-series. I’ve been neglecting this - not on purpose, of course - but I’ve finally been able to sit down and write this 3rd part, so I hope you enjoy! Links to the first and second parts are below, and make sure to let me know if you would like to be added to the tag list.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

“Please, Blake, just give me a chance,” Dean said, desperation clear in his eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I’m sorry I missed all your birthdays, and Christmases, and everything else. I am so, so, sorry. But I want to make it up to you. At least let me try, Blake, please.”

You were startled by the intensity of Dean’s words. The older Winchester’s face was earnest and you could see he was almost crying. Perhaps you had misjudged him.

Blake saw it too, it seemed, because he slowly nodded. “Alright.”

It had been a few weeks since you had (reluctantly) agreed to let Blake get to know Dean. Said Winchester had been skipping out on hunts to get to know his son, leaving you and Sam to deal with whatever the supernatural world had to throw your way. You hadn’t actually minded getting to know Sam - he was smart, kind, and a good shot, not to mention someone you now trusted to watch your back during a hunt. The four of you had even swung by Bobby’s, allowing the older hunter to meet Blake for the first time. It had went pretty smoothly, you thought, all things considered. There was still the whole apocalypse going on, but at the very least things for you and Blake had gotten somewhat better.

Or, at least, it had been, until you and Sam had returned from a routine werewolf hunt to find Dean and Blake gone. The Impala was still in the parking lot, but your son and Dean were nowhere to be found. “Do you think they just went out?” You asked worriedly, looking around the motel room. There didn’t seem to be any sign of foul play.

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “Dean’s not answering his cell phone. And his gun is still here.”

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According to You (part 4)

Words: 1.9k

Summary: Paul is gone for a couple weeks allowing you to spend some time with Misha.

Warnings: Hinted cheating, very brief angst, tooth rotting fluff

A/N: I’m so sorry this part took so long, I was having issues with the flow–so I hope you like it. Feedback motivates my writing muse, so an extra thank you to everyone that leaves some. If you’d like to be added to my tag list, just shoot me an ask or DM because Tumblr doesn’t always notify me of comments and reblogs.

Misha is single in this series and, as always, no hate or disrespect towards Vicki or their family.


The next morning you debated skipping your morning chat with Misha; but you worried it would look suspicious and it was actually the best part of your day.

You made your way out to your deck as usual, but Misha wasn’t out on his. It wasn’t completely unusual as he was often in Vancouver filming for the show; but he usually would tell you ahead of time.

You sulked back into the house and plopped down on the couch with a huff. Paranoid thoughts started clouding your mind making you worry that your life story had scared Misha off. Had you over shared? Maybe the interest he had shown was just him being polite.

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Kitchen Kisses

14: “I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”

44: “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten please.”

Emily Prentiss x Female Reader

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Requested by @emilyfuckingprentiss! I’m sorry this a bit short, but  hope you like it!

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I’m taking 4 more requests from this prompt list! Please no NSFW

You watched as Emily added yet another spice to the soup on the stove. You used the word “soup” lightly because by the consistency was questionable. You had already tasted it four times and it kept getting worse. Emily and you had only been dating for a month and she had this thing about cooking meals for you. Little did you know she was just trying to impress you because when she was by herself she would just order out or let herself have popcorn for dinner so she made it a point to make your dinner’s together special. But bless her heart, cooking was not her strong suit. Most things ended up burnt, or sticky, and more often then not it took forever.

“Em?” Your voice came out a soft whine as you wrapped your arms around her waist, resting her chin on her shoulder. The smell of her shampoo made your heart race and you nestled your face into her neck. She hummed in response and leaned back into you causing you to giggle.

“You know, I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner….you suck.” Emily stopped stirring the soup and turned to face you, her arms circling around your waist, before she started laughing. You could feel her chest rumbling against yours.

“Oh thank god! You’re okay with take out Emily pulled you closer and rested her forehead against yours taking the opportunity to pepper kisses across your face as you smiled. "It’s not that bad is it?” She asked between kisses.  You’re nose crinkled up and you just shook your head. “It’s pretty bad.” You replied. She pouted out her lower lip and scowled playfully down at you. “Well, I know I’ve kissed you like ten times, but like another ten please. And I promise, no more cooking.”

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Can you please spread out people who submit stuff?weasleyismyking540 has submitted a tonne of posts in a row and it get's kind of annoying just seeing the same person over and over. Not that I have anything against them I just like to see lot's of different opinions on this blog. Sorry.

two things here: 1) she’s been helping me with the confessions, so i’ve added “(confessed by anon, graphic made by @weasleyismyking540!)“ to these posts, because 2) she has a lot to say! and she makes a lot of her own confessions! and she submitted like, twenty or 25 of them in a row. and i’m showing like, 4-5 at a time. so they ARE spread out! she’s smart… she’s learned how to hack the system by making her own graphics and sending them in, instead of just sending the words and letting them get lost in the shuffle. if only everyone made their own, my job would be so much easier :-D ~Taiga

6 Au Pair Misconceptions

1) We are always working:

The first question a lot of people ask me when I tell them I work as an au pair is “So, do you get any free time? Do you get to go out at night?” My answer to this is a big fat YES! Legally speaking, the maximum number of hours an au pair can work (in France) is 30. For me this means taking the kids to school in the morning at 8:45 (done by 9:15), and then I have the ENTIRE afternoon to myself. I have to be home by 5 to let in my oldest host child, who carpools with another family from his school, then I proceed to pick up the other two from the school/nanny around 5:30, bringing us home by about 6. Then I make dinner, assist with evening and bedtime activities, and the kids are in bed by 8. Occasionally I have some extra babysitting, but my host parents always graciously ask me first or plan way in advance. My weekends are almost always completely free; I would say I’ve had to babysit maybe 4 times on the weekend within 6 months of being here. Of course, this is not the case for everyone..but these types of arrangements should be clearly outlined before you accept any job.

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The Final Experiment Chapter 21: Bug Boy

A/N: Hello there! I managed to whip this up somehow, and I’m really pretty proud of this part. My next goal is to get another part written for MM&M, but I should also spend some time on my random fandoms blog @ouat-in-spare-oom-of-rivendell because I have totally (accidentally) abandoned my LOTR series over there… Oops. Anyway, now that we’re finally getting into the plot 21 chapters later, here we go! I added the cover, and please excuse me trying a new formatting style.

Pairing: Peter Parker x OC

Word Count: 3,090

Previous parts: 1234567891011121314151617181920

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        “So, you gonna go back or what?”

        “I don’t know what you mean, Scott…” I muttered, my tone dangerous as I sat beside him.

        By the small inclination of his head and the ever-so-slight downward twitch of his mouth, I deduced that he rolled his eyes. Funny, how often he seemed to do that when I dodged a subject.

        “Kaitlynn, it’s been a year… They need to know you’re okay.”

        “Scott, I’m sure the Professor is very thorough in his progress reports. The know all they need to. Besides, I have stuff I can’t leave here…”

        “Nobody said you had to stay there. Come on, just a visit. It’s end of term, not like you’d be missing any school stuff when it’s summer. Besides… you know where we’ve been headed lately.”

        I sighed. I knew exactly what he meant… We had been trying to make a relationship work for almost as long as I had been here, but the truth about the nature of it was becoming harder and harder to deny.

        “Yeah… You’re one of the closest people to me, Scott.”

        “But not in that way,” he finished.

        I nodded. “Best friends then?”

        He chuckled and nodded. “Best friends.”

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