i added a noise filter thing


sorry again abt how slow i am at answering these – if you want a quicker reply, please send it off anon! *-*

i got a lot of questions about this piece (the TAZ balance tribute) – here are the characters in order, from left to right: paloma, cassidy, roswell, ren, june, klaarg, lucas, N03113, carey, killian, davenport, lucretia, merle, avi, mavis & mookie, angus, magnus, steven, kravitz, taako, garyl, lup, garfield, barry, sloane, hurley, joaquin, jess the beheader, and graham the juicy wizard!

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anonymous asked:

Can I just say that your art is absolutely gorgeous? The colors always go so well together, and that fuzzy(?), textured brush you use really completes the look! I was just wondering: How do you get photoshop to create a palette like the one in your stranger things piece? Whenever I work in photoshop, warm colors end up looking either dull or neon, but the coloring in a lot of your pieces looks like it could have been done in Paint Tool SAI.

Hey! Thank you, it means a lot that you like the colors, cause choosing the palette is the thing that i found more difficult, and i never like how it turns out.

Well, i started using photoshop this year, before i only used paint tool sai, so i still have a lot to learn of photoshop. I never do the same in every piece, i like to exeperiment and try new things but what i did for the stanger things fanart is really simple. 

Fisrt i did the lineart and flat color layer.

Then i added two layers in darken mode for the shadows, one with less opacity than the other.

And to blend it all together i made an overlay layer that i simply paint red with low opacity.

Maybe this explains it a little better, sorry its in spanish.

Sometimes after i finish i blend every layer in one, i duplicate it and add the noise filter to the duplicated layer. Thats what makes it look fuzzy, i think xD. Hope this helps you!! Feel free to ask me whatever you want, i will do my best to help :3