i added a noise filter thing

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Can I just say that your art is absolutely gorgeous? The colors always go so well together, and that fuzzy(?), textured brush you use really completes the look! I was just wondering: How do you get photoshop to create a palette like the one in your stranger things piece? Whenever I work in photoshop, warm colors end up looking either dull or neon, but the coloring in a lot of your pieces looks like it could have been done in Paint Tool SAI.

Hey! Thank you, it means a lot that you like the colors, cause choosing the palette is the thing that i found more difficult, and i never like how it turns out.

Well, i started using photoshop this year, before i only used paint tool sai, so i still have a lot to learn of photoshop. I never do the same in every piece, i like to exeperiment and try new things but what i did for the stanger things fanart is really simple. 

Fisrt i did the lineart and flat color layer.

Then i added two layers in darken mode for the shadows, one with less opacity than the other.

And to blend it all together i made an overlay layer that i simply paint red with low opacity.

Maybe this explains it a little better, sorry its in spanish.

Sometimes after i finish i blend every layer in one, i duplicate it and add the noise filter to the duplicated layer. Thats what makes it look fuzzy, i think xD. Hope this helps you!! Feel free to ask me whatever you want, i will do my best to help :3

So, I have Asperger’s Syndrome.  I find it near impossible to filter out noise.  That’s probably why I prefer doing things at night and my sleep patterns are all over the place.  Anyway, I am entitled to receive benefits for it and indeed next week I’ve been asked to go to another health assessment thing.  It’s gotten me all kind of stressed and worried and now I can’t concentrate on anything which is adding to that more.  At times like this, I might try to relax by playing a video game, but then I’ll get absorbed into that and get nothing else done for the next week, which will also upset me in the long run.