i actually would love it if this became canon

vilde and magnus’ relationship started out as vilde trying to prove to others, and most importantly herself, that she could enjoy having sex with a guy. they tried having sex that night but magnus got incredibly nervous and it just didn’t happen. even if she didn’t want to admit it, vilde was very relieved. since magnus had a huge crush on vilde he kept texting and calling her, and they started hanging out a lot. at first vilde’s reasons for hanging out with magnus was just to see if she could enjoy having a boyfriend, but she grew to really like him. magnus was, right from the start, very open about his problems with his mum and other issues he had. this made vilde slowly feel more comfortable about talking about her own troubles. she found she could open up to magnus like she couldn’t to anyone else. after a while, she told magnus that she thought she might be gay. magnus was surprised, but fully accepted it and was always there for her if she needed someone to talk to. his love for her extended past wanting to have a hot girlfriend, and so he was alright with not being romantically involved with her anymore, as long as that would make her happy. 

and that is how magnus became one of vilde’s very best friends and her beard until she felt ready to come out.

Why I think Klance is going to be canon.

No I’m not writing this because I’m a die hard fan, who wants this ship to become canon. I mean it would be awesome if the ship became reality don’t get me wrong. But I’m content if it never became canon, because that won’t stop me from loving it.

This was inspired by a post made by @farmlandtensions
heres the post==> http://farmlandtensions.tumblr.com/post/163815324371/i-cant-wait-for-season-6-episode-6
They look into the significance of the number 6 in Voltron Legendary defender. Where most Klance moments have appeared in the series.

The first part in this is going over the Klance moments of the series, then it will move onto the actual semblance of the number 6, and its relation to Keith and Lances relationship.

Season 1 Episode 6, happens after episodes 4 and 5. Where in episode 4, Lance saves Coran and takes the hit of the explosion, and in episode 5 takes place on the Balmera. In episode 4, we get that iconic moment between Lance and Keith. Skip to episode 6, it starts with Lance in the healing pod, and Keith becoming impatient, most likely ridden with worry for lance. Later we see him and Lance talk about their little “bonding moment” with the “I cradled you in my arms!” from Keith.

Again Later on the planet where we meet Rolo, Nyma, and Beezer, when Keith gets Lances Lion back, they have a cute teasing moment. farmlandtensions goes into more details with the scenery on the moon and lighting being a significance to Lance and Keith’s character.
In season 2 episode 6, the most significant Klance moment is when Keith and Allura are on their way to help the others, Lance asks Keith if Alluras with him, then proceeds to follow up with him asking, “ Like "with you” with you, or– “. Some may take it as him asking if Alluras still single, but it could also mean it’s him asking if Keith is still single.

Then move to Season 3, where the Klance part of the fandom practically exploded because of all the material the season provided us. The 6th episode of the season held the most significance to their relationship and character development. Where Lance opens up to Keith about his usefulness on the team. Though not delving into the issue that deeply, he still opened up, to Keith of all people on the ship. Again, Lance wasn’t seeking comfort initially, he wanted to actually talk to Keith about the whole Lion arrangement between him, Keith and Shiro. He is willing to step down so Keith can have Red back, and so Allura can stay with Blue, because he feels they are better for each other. The way he words that statement, actually adds more evidence to his low self confidence as a valuable member of the team. Keith immediately tells him, that don’t worry about who flies which lion, and to focus on the missions. This in a way is Keith telling him that it’s okay he’s piloting red now, and that he won’t need to worry about the whole "who’s gonna pilot Black now that Shiro’s back?” problem.
Lance turns to leave, not feeling all the way satisfied, but accepting it nonetheless. Keith then Tells Lance to “Leave the math to Pidge.” as a way of helping Lance feel better, Lance does smile at Keith’s attempt of comfort, and leaves. Later in the episode, when they are fighting Lotor’s Generals, we see moments where Keith and Lance are having eachothers back. The first being where Keith sprints to assist Lance who was just hit and knocked off his feet. Then the second being when Lance shoots a knife that was about to hit his head, and smiles softly at Lance, and gets distracted which never happens when he’s in action.
Now, to the importance of the number 6. In farmlandtensions post, they hypothesize that a lot of Klance importance is going to occur in season 6 episode 6. Ergo, they getting together. And it is plausible given the evidence present to us thus far. But I'ma add onto that, because the number 6, holds so much meaning that it’s scary how accurate it is.

According to Numerology.com, it says this about the number 6. “While the 6 is considered the most harmonious of all single-digit numbers, it is not without its flaws and upsets. The most important influence of the 6 is its loving and caring nature. Properly nicknamed the motherhood number, it is all about sacrificing, caring, healing, protecting and teaching others. No family or community can function without the power of the 6 to keep them together and safe. She is the glue that keeps a family or community together.”
Sounds a lot like Lance doesn’t it? Lance clearly has a Family-oriented trait, he loves his family and his friends, who he considers as his second family. The thing that tipped me off the most in this paragraph, is its mention in sacrifice. We have already seen a moment where Lance in a way sacrifices himself to save someone, that someone being Coran in season 1 episode 4. He almost died from the explosion, but luckily the team was able to get the castle up and running in time to get Lance in a pod. This quote also mentions how the number 6 is the glue that keeps the family or community together, in this case the team. Lance doesn’t realize how important he actually is to the team, they care about him, and he is the one that keeps an enthusiastic atmosphere in the castle.
It is shown throughout many moments in the series he is used as a comic relief to help with the tense themes of the show, but that’s just proof to who he is on the team. Imagine how it would be like if Lance were not there. Pretty tense right? Considering how Allura was/is when she pushing the paladins into forming Voltron on the beginning. She is still like that, but not as sharp. Keith doesn’t really know how to keep the atmosphere up without making it awkward, and it’s not in his character to do things in that manner. Pidge is too focused on finding Matt and her dad to care about the atmosphere. Hunk, though being an incredible cook, is too tense when it comes to things such as lightening the mood to a brighter perspective. and Shiro has his own demons he’s trying to live with, along with leading the team. So everyone but Lance doesn’t have the means of helping in tense surroundings. Lance proves his worth when he’s there to comfort Keith when he’s mourning over their loss of Shiro, and he’s a mediator of sorts to Keith when he’s being reckless, thus earning his spot as Voltrons right hand.
Theres also another form to the number 6 that deals with the negatives.
“There are, however, times when the 6 becomes too involved in the lives of those dear to her, to the point that she becomes intrusive and meddling. Other times, she takes her sacrificing nature too far and becomes a doormat to be abused and trampled on. Nonetheless, she is genuinely appreciated and adored in return. For this reason, the 6 is considered the only number harmonious with all other numbers. Creating an environment of peace and harmony is always her strongest impulse. In addition, she loves to teach and guide others, especially the young, old and less fortunate.”
The first thing mentioned here is how the number 6 can become to involved in those who are dear to it. Lance does this with Keith a lot, but he masks it as a ravelry. There are other instances where he is nosy throughout the series. Like in episode 1, when he and Hunk tail Pidge to the roof. And this is a stretch, but is season 2 episode 4, when Keith was asking Coran if any Galra had visited Earth before, trying to figure out his past. And Lance shows up from his room to confront Keith about why he was asking about Blue. It’s possible that Lance had been eavesdropping on Coran and Keith’s discussion then jumped in.
The quote mentions sacrifice again, though there haven’t been many moments showing how Lance is willing to sacrifice himself, it does add to his low self confidence and his belief that he is expendable, and replaceable. The quote says that 6 is appreciated and adored for their sacrifices, but the team don’t really do that much, and as a result Lance feels like he’s useless because he doesn’t realize what and who he really is to the team. Which brings me to the point I fear most, I’ve come across posts stating Jeremy Shada said that Lance is going to die, and given all the points I’ve stated, it appears to be true. But I don’t think he’ll actually die, I think we might get a scare like in the first season but it’s way more tense, or think he’s dead and he comes back. But I think in that moment where Lance “dies” It’s going to be the pinnacle in Keith and Lances relationship. I don’t think it’ll start a romantic relationship, but it’ll nudge them both on the path where they do eventually get to that stage.

The thought of Lance dying kills me so much, but it will be a very drastic moment for his character. Especially with all the foreshadowing and hints that he is going down that path. He willing to sacrifice himself for the others, and believes he is replaceable despite how horribly wrong he is.

What do you guys think. It’s scary how this number is literally telling us what may happen to Lance, and how it is significant to his and Keith’s relationship.

wow this is long o3o

I love us finnreys

Do you know why I love us finnreys? 

I love how us finnreys were super excited to hear that Kelly Marie Tran was playing the new lead in Star Wars 8.

I love how us finnreys were hyped to finally hear that her name was Rose, and came up with the ‘RebelRose’ tag.

I love how us finnreys are proudly making/sharing gifsets of John and Kelly, and artwork of Finn and Rose.

I love how us finnreys proudly incorporated her into our world with new ships like RoseRey, FinnRose and FinnRoseRey (and sometimes Poe will join the fray!).

I love how us finnreys (contrary to popular belief) actually wouldn’t start a riot if FinnRose became canon because it would be an interracial romance featuring two prominent leads of color in a Star Wars film.

I love how us finnreys, regardless of who Finn falls in love with the most, just want him and his future wife to be happy together and kick First Order ass (which we’ll get with both).

And last, but not least, I love how us finnreys proudly cheer for finnrey to be canon (it most likely will be) while still cheering for Rose, our first lead woman of color in a Star Wars film, to have a rich and fulfilling character arc regardless.

And you know why we do these things? Because finnreys are awesome. That’s why. Thanks for reading.


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Where does it say in the scripts that Clarke knows Bell loves her?? Oh my god how could I miss it

@loreley02 asked this as well. You didn’t actually /miss/ anything because this honestly isn’t news, BUT… (x):

we became your family” as in SHE’s a part of what bellamy considers his family… and that bellamy loves her deeply and would do anything to protect her, too. So yeah, clarke is quite aware that bellamy loves her. i think that has always been obvious, but here it’s spelled out.

(In what other ways he loves her, you can certainly argue… but the canon evidence of them acknowledging the love between them is right there.)

HMS Dofty

Okay, okay, so, Holby City fans reading, and peeps who follow me, hello! So, as an avid Holby fan and Dofty shipper, I have obviously been reading (and laughing) at some of the amazing posts from other Holby fans, honestly, it’s such a lovely experience being part of such a beautiful fandom and community. However, I have also seen a lot, and I mean a lot, of posts where people have been extremely worried and sometimes upset about how long this slow burn love story is taking.

I have been a fan of Holby City since the 24th of July 2012! The first episode I watched was From Here to Maternity and I have not skipped an episode since (sometimes I might miss one but then watch it on catch up but I’d always make sure I’d watch it at some point :D). I was, and still am, a Zollie shipper in 2015 when it was just starting. I was also a Berena shipper but that was a time when I wasn’t too obsessed with Holby and I was watching it casually. Anyway, my point is, when the producers and writers and cast and crew say it’s a slow burn love story, they mean it will literally take AGES! XD As in like maybe 9 or 10 months. But don’t let that make you leave this ship :D, make the most of every episode and every little scene with Lofty and Dom because trust me, the actual journey is the best part of love stories, it truly shows that love is delicate and does take time to develop.

The message of this really is to not give up and certainly don’t just wish that they would be together right now because I remember the episode after Zollie became canon and their story line basically ended. I was so upset that I couldn’t see this love develop anymore because it was already there. :D

SO just please please, in the nicest way, be patient and treasure it. :)

Thank youu and enjoy your day! <3 xxx

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Okay so, 2017 pennywise is much more rambunctious and all, but as it's kind of accepted that 90's penny is more calm, how do you think some of that relatively-domestic side shows through? I love how you incorporated him being interested in the Iliad and Hamlet, but what sparks his interest for those, if he has little to no concept of our unfathomable emotions, what /can/ he register? how would he delve into keeping a significant other? Aaa I could've made this less complicated, head canons?

youre fine!! i think i actually read someone else’s headcanon that 90s penny reads shakespeare and kinda adopted it lol

  • i think penny finds literature about the human existence kinda funny, considering he’s not human nor does he contemplate his own existence very often. still the writing is good and it just became a habit to always have a classical novel on hand. he loves shakespeare because he’s been around long enough to understand early modern english and finds the jokes to be hilarious
  • penny didnt used to get lonely, but it kinda happened like how you adopt a stray cat–didnt know you wanted it until it started showing you affection. now its difficult being without you
  • penny can’t feel human emotions very well, but he can understand them; humans smile when happy, cry when sad, yell when angry, etc. mostly he just feels hunger, anger, and schadenfreude, but after meeting you he starts feeling butterflies and an urge to protect you, which is probably love
  • when penny realizes that he loves this scrappy, weird human enough not to eat them, he ruminates on it very little, instead opting to just accept it for what it is
  • he covers you with a blanket if you nap in his chair, kisses you on the top of the head when he feels like it, comes up with new pet-names to try out and uses the ones that make you cringe the most
  • honestly penny is a little amused at the entire situation, but he wouldnt want you to leave him for anything
Speechless : Watch it

So, i don’t know if you have seen the tv show “Speechless”, but the first episode was amazing. It’s about a teenager, J.J, who has cerebral palsy, and his family and their day-to-day life and oh god, this show is awesome. It tackles ableism, inspiration porn, hypocrisy towards inclusivity and it’s also funny !

I really like J.J’s character and i just want to give a big “Thumbs up” to ABC for casting a disabled actor (seriously, it should be obvious and natural for any production involving a disabled character, it should not be something to celebrate). 

At the same time, while i relate to some stuff that J.J is experiencing (i’m not in a wheelchair, but i already experienced the “you’re inspirational” type of situation and it’s so cringy), i find myself relating a lot to Ray Dimeo, his little brother, a nerd who loves astronomy and is not so good about social stuff.

I tend to headcanon him as autistic and i wonder if it could become canon… It wouldn’t surprise me at all, coming from this show, and i would love it. But, regardless, Speechless is an amazing tv show and you should really watch it.

It’s so important for this show to be popular, to be watched. Can you imagine if the fact of casting an actually disabled actor for playing an actually disabled character became something ordinary ? Representation matters so much !

I just love that Dick’s bad puns are more than canon.  He is literally known for them in-universe.  Look at this!  I mean, he comes home and this is how he’s greeted:

He just can’t help himself!

Let’s face it, if Dick ever actually became a supervillain he would be “The Punster,” who would always be foiled by his compulsion to perform pun-based crime.

Dick No!

(all panels are from Batman No. 279.  Let’s face it, bad puns are why I identify with Dick Grayson)

Tbh? I think it wouldn’t be bad if Grimmons became canon and then the timemachine un-did it.

Here is why:

They didnt start their feelings this season. If anything we get an “I love you” (or anything like that) from either of them and then - if un-done - they can use the reset to work towards that again. Aka: Less forced and actually build it up.
But at this point we know how their feelings are and no fuckboy can ever yell “no homo!” or “they are like brothers” again.

As far as I see it: this would be a win-win situation.

(Ps: I dont think that will actually happen. But it would be nice)

I just want you guys to know that if destiel ever actually became canon, I would lose my goddamn mind. Like I would sit for hours and just think “they kissed holy shit it only took 8 years but they finally kissed”. I would live a happy and fulfilled life and I could die in peace because my sons love each other and that’s all I ask for on the godforsaken earth. Seriously, I’m begging. Writers, I will kill for you. I will give you my first born. I will take the ring to Mordor. Just, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF CHUCK, GIVE ME EXPLICITLY CANON DESTIEL!

You guys. I’m so happy. This is the first time that a ship I’ve (secretly) loved for such a long time actually became canon. Their moments together in the finale was beautiful. I wish we could have seen more. I would have enjoyed seeing their first kiss. But I’m still overjoyed with what we received. I will now turn to my fellow jonerys shippers who I know will bless me with fanfics and beautiful art. You guys. I’m just… so happy.

jan31 replied to your post: Hello, i’m here to tell you that in this scene, if…

@iuo1144. I think we all are concentrating on Kurts pain and hurt but you are right, Jane must have been so lonely and empty without the love of her life. At least they will be back together now even if they have to work on their relationship.


Jane spent so much of her life alone, or not sure of her place, or only sure that someone was using her for their own nefarious plan. She knows she played a part in it once before, but then Kurt came along.

“You never stop.”

“Trust your instincts.”

“You’re the only one I trust.”

“I know your heart.”

And probably, most importantly, the thing that Jane hasn’t felt since she stepped out of that bag: ”I love you.”

That’s why there’s no actual way I will ever or would ever buy if it became canon that Jane left Kurt for any reason other than pure fear about something extremely devastating happening. Not because of remembering who she was as Remi. If she left because she was afraid of herself then this:

Originally posted by kurtwellers

That entire scene is pointless. Meaningless. He told her he knows her heart for nothing if she didn’t believe him and ran. That’s a theory being floated that I absolutely can’t get behind. They’re past that. If Kurt loves her and married her, then he loves her for everything beyond who she was. He knows she was part of a terrorist organization that’s been watching him since college. He knows she was sent to him to manipulate him. But what he also knows is that when she was zipped, nothing else mattered. Remi became Jane, and Jane is innocent. Kurt has loved her despite so many things.

All of this to say - Jane leaving had to be the hardest thing she’s ever done. Convincing herself she can never go back? Even harder. I believe, firmly, that Kurt knew she was leaving. I don’t think there was a secret between them. We’ve come too far for that. What I do think is that something happened and they lost communication. That’s why Jane says she ‘can’t explain.’ If you listen, it’s like someone beginning to state “I can’t explain what happened, because_____”

Leaving Kurt, leaving her life, her marriage, her happiness. If you (general you, not one specific person) don’t think that would have broken Jane even in a small way, I’m not sure how closely you’ve been watching.

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I didn't start reading Tokyo Ghoul until yesterday and that was only because I learned that touken became canon, and I know I shouldn't base my enjoyment of a series on a ship but I'm so astounded that there was actually progress for a main couple because how many times does that happen without it being just implied at the end of the series? Anyways, I'm on chapter 12 and I already love Touka and I can't wait to see how her and Kaneki's relationship develops. :)

uhhh yes, it’s quite surprising, I honestly never saw this coming, I knew that at some point it would become canon? i really had hopes with this because the hints are there, but this was like a very graphic confirmation lmao, so i’m very happy. I’m glad that you decided to read tg!! :’D i hope you enjoy it 

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Okay but do you agree that Pipirika really does have more right to be upset than Spartos regarding mystras? She's obviously there when it happened, so she more or less had to watch her boyfriend die! Spartos is living in the lap of luxury in Sasan though so he can cry in his expensive handkerchiefs or whatever. Pipirika has more right! I hope you can agree, because it's true :3

Okay wow. Sorry but I actually don’t agree with this at all. (explanation below the cut because it’s longer but I think you’ll find it’s worth reading)

Keep reading

Rowan and Holtzmann (aka how I don’t think that Rowan was just a one-dimensional villain)

I’ve seen a post going round of how Rowan is a mirror of Erin. They both got mercilessly bullied when they were children, both were made out to be crazy (and my headcanon - both probably got sent to therapy) but how for Erin, she was somewhat legitimized when she met Abby, and then even more so when she became part of The Ghostbusters, but Rowan didn’t have any of that.

But I also think that he’s definitely (and even much more so) a reflection of Holtzmann.

I think she has a lot of the same qualities as Rowan and that without Dr Rebecca Gorin and, later on, Abby, I think she could have ended up a lot like him. They both have the same genius brain, the same gift with technology and creating and building and inventing, they both have the same mind and innate gift and talent when it comes to engineering. The fact that Holtz knew exactly how to turn his machine off, her statement that “it’s always the smart ones who go bad” (which had a lot more meaning to Holtzmann behind it than we saw in the movie) and the fact that Rowan possessed Abby, and immediately made her go to destroy Holtzmann’s creations, aswell as attempt to kill Holtzmann herself to get her out of the picture, was because he saw himself in her.

He saw that she was like him, just as smart and just as capable. The only difference was that she had a Dr Gorin and Abby in her life to keep her on the straight and narrow, while he never had that. They were both bullied mercilessly at school, but for Jillian Holtzmann it eventually stopped, she eventually got encouraged and praised for her work (Dr Gorin) and then legitimized and accepted by someone who thought exactly like her (Abby)

Whereas Rowan faced that constant barrage of abuse all his life, it never stopped for him. From his drunken, abusive parents to the horrible, mean kids who constantly taunted him with insults, to the teachers and professors who never understood him or put much stock in any of his “insane” theories, to the people around him in the present who whisper “freak” behind his back. It’s been happening all his life, and while I do believe, to a lot of extent, that people do have a choice as to how to deal with that and to how they turn out in life, facing that constantly, can have a long lasting and extremely damaging effect.

When you look at it deeper I don’t think that Rowan is this one-dimensional villain. I think he’s actually quite a sympathetic character. Take for instance when The Ghostbusters try to stop him from switching the machine on the first time. If he really were that inherently (and one-sided) evil, then he wouldn’t have let anything stop him from doing what he was doing. He would have been on a mission, a singularly minded goal of releasing those ghosts and bringing about the ‘Fourth Cataclysm’.

He would have continued on and ignored The Ghostbusters completely, BUT the fact that he stops, the fact that he actually takes a minute to hear them out is what convinces me that there was still a spark of light still left in him deep down. That he was desperately wanting someone to stop him, someone that understood him, understood his pain, understood what it was to be so smart, and yet never noticed or accepted or appreciated. 

The ironic thing is though, that The Ghostbusters are so socially inept themselves because of also being put through so much bullying in their lives too, that they don’t know what to say to talk him down, they don’t know how to convince him to stop what he’s doing and they don’t know how to give any examples of why the world is worth saving. But how much more tragic would it be if he was looking to Holtz to say something that would stop him?

Imagine that he and Holtz are both the same age, and they even went to the same college together, were doing the same degree together but they never really met (hence why she doesn’t recognise him in the movie).  Or they did meet, but Jillian was so far in her own head, so pre-occupied with all the thoughts running through her mind, dealing with all the things that had happened to her in her own childhood, separating herself from everybody because of all that she went through, that she doesn’t even remember meeting him at all.

Imagine if he was so hurt by this, that he retreated even further. He thought that he’d seen a kindred spirit in Holtzmann only to be, what he thought in his own mind, proven wrong. This led to him giving up on trying to create any social ties whatsoever. He gave up to on seeking validation from his peers but most of all from Dr Gorin too when he saw that she started to favour and nurture Holtzmann over him.

That was the final nail in the coffin and while under the tutelage of Dr Gorin, and the, later, friendship of Abby and then Erin and Patty, Jillian went one way and stayed on the path of good, while Rowan, with no-one to help him, no-one to confide in or pull him back from the edge, went the other and fell down the path of darkness.

So while I think Rowan is a villain to some extent, I don’t think he’s as one dimensional as the movie maybe portrayed him to be. I would love it if the sequel to the movie showed flashbacks of all 4 women showing how they got to where they are now. How even though they were bullied or made fun of or always underappreciated, that they overcame that diversity and became so strong because of it.

I want to see Abby and Erin meeting for the first time, writing the book and what cause them to fall out. I want to see Holtzmann meeting Dr Gorin and what their relationship was like (maybe even something with Rowan, cause I’d love that to actually be canon) I want to see Patty’s backstory, how she’s really smart and into history and geography but her parents always discourage her, always telling her that she’ll never get into college because of where she comes from. I want to see their origin stories so badly.

Even Thor’s…. wait, did I say Thor? I meant Kevin…. stupid autocorrect ;) 

Teenage Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha

Hohoho this is my new OTP!!! Boruto and Sarada would make a perfect couple combination in a shoujo manga :> Cool, loud & jerk type + Smart, serious & cold type = SUPER COMBO FINISH!!! HAHAHA I’ve already imagine tons of shoujo scenarios with these two actually :)))

Anyways, congratulations SasuSaku and NaruHina shippers! We made it! We became CANON <3 I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! EVERYTHING’S WORTH IT!!!


Naruto was a good ending???

The last was a good Movie ????

Please tell me how the ending was a good ending?? The majority of people who liked the ending are nh and ss shippers. And maybe some other non shippers who like the ending because from some that i heard, Naruto finally got a family, Naruto’s hokage, there’s peace?? Sasuke made another Uchiha???

The world is at peace???

Konoha is always peaceful and happy and shit the only time they werent was when pain attacked the village, Orochmaru and shit when other people attacked them. What about all the other villages, what about the village Nagato came from are they peaceful. The smaller villages the larger villages always shit on? Are they peaceful? Nobody knows because instead of fixing problems and showing what Naruto promise a fixed justified system we saw everyone had a fuck feast and had some weird looking ass kids. (Except Shikamaru and Asuma’s kid they were pretty. And Konohamaru grow up cute. Lol)


The only reason people like the ending is because there ship became canon. And that Hinata finally got the guy she was dedicated to (stalking him) for years. And Sasuke finally realizing his feelings for Sakura. (Complete bullshit)

They dont care about the real story or the unanswered question because they got what they wanted.

They dont care that naruto promised to fix the Hyuuga clan or Sasuke who never gets what he wanted and deserved. They dont care about the bonds anyone had just because its not romantic or that they are only brotherly/sisterly.

naruhina has little to no development. Only nh see the development in that ship. Hinata is a character who only cares about Naruto. That is her main focus. She didnt care for Kiba at the chunnin exams after he lost and only cared for Naruto kuns big hand when her cousin was lying on the floor dead.

Its all about canon with nh and ss and not the actual plot.

They get angry when people say that dont like the ending saying why not because you ship when that is the only reason they like the ending themselves. your ship didnt get canon stop being salty get over it, we won. Naruto loves Hinata or Sasuke love Sakura.

If sns, ns, or sk or even if ino and shikamaru, or any other pairing besides nh/ss became canon i wondered what they would say? Because to me its really not about canon its about the real story and development and ss is such a travesty there no explaining that. I wonder what kishimoto, no sp because he didnt even actually write the story, make up to fix that problem. Because it is a problem.

And the movie is a big problem it explains who nh got together but still it made her take the place of everyone in naruto’s life. How Hinata was always there for Naruto, how she was a true heroine or whatever. Its just complete bullshit, and its even funnier that you guys think she was the main heroine when she’s was barely shown. It made her look like a fucking goddess and Naruto a stupid retard who doesnt know how to differentiate his feeling for food as being in love with a girl. Naruto is dim witted but he not that fucking stupid ok.

I hate the ending partially because of the ships, because at the end of the day it does come down to the ship. If they didnt have the ships i would probably be more happy. But i doubt it because they would have still left unanswered question unanswered and unresolved. but its partially because of the ships and how they fucked up characters because of them and essentially fucked up the ending for me.

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How did you end up shipping Fleurmione ?

Well, it all started when I became exhausted with Twilight. I shipped Alice/Bella, and actually found some decent stories, but I bored quickly with it.

I revisited Harry Potter, fell in love with the story again, and decided to look for fanfiction from that fandom. I knew I loved Hermione, I idolized her for years, but I didn’t know who would make a good partner for her.

I was (am) strongly opposed to canon, and wanted something gay anyway, so the most popular option appeared to be Ginny. That didn’t sit well with me, the chemistry seemed off. So I thought “Maybe Luna?” That was a little better, but something still wasn’t right.

So then I rediscovered Fleur and sweet god nothing could have prepared me for the implosion of the entire actual universe. I believe the first Fleurmione fic I read was Unheard Music. It was lovely; it explored a lesser known character, gave her depth and texture and complexities I hadn’t imagined. It explored Veela culture and magic and painted Fleur as misunderstood rather than aloof and stoic. I was hooked.

It was hard to find really good stories at first. Some were just sexually fueled without plot or little one-shots or something else. In any case, it was (still kinda is) a small fandom; we don’t have an endless supply of material like Dramione or Romione or Harmione.

I read everything I could find, found Witnessed Here in Time and Blood and truly felt encompassed by blind adoration for the pairing in addition to overwhelming awe of just how artful the story itself was.

So I decided I wanted to try my hand, and like six years later, I’m still working on it 😂 and that’s how Fleurmione took over pretty much my whole existence.

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Hi, I really enjoy reading everything you write, be it fanfics or thoeries, they are really thought through and well written <3 If you don't mind answering, how do you think a reunion (if any happens anyway) between Shizuo and Izaya (canon-wise, y'know, with wheelchair and all) could go? (My personal headcannon is that Shizuo becomes a detective like he wants to and has to work with Izaya xD). I would love to read your thoughts :D

Aww, thanks! ^^ Reunion canon-wise, I actually have the same headcanon as you! I think Tom thinking about Izaya being Shizuo’s detective partner is foreshadowing! At first I was like ‘haha no way’ then I remembered Izaya is an information broker and it became ‘omg that’s actually possible’ xD

‘Cause if you think about it, it’s Izaya. He has connections, he would be able to make Shizuo a detective. And since he has admitted to himself Shizuo is human and sees him as human (yes finally!) he’s definitely interested in Shizuo’s human potential. If Shizuo told him he wanted to be a detective, he would be able to arrange that easily. Not to mention he’s been in (unrequited) love with Shizuo for so long and Shizuo is finally asking something of him, I don’t see any reason why he would reject Shizuo’s wish lol. Here the one human he’s in love with is asking something of him for the first time in like, what, a decade? He’ll do it in a flash~

Of course there’s the side of his love being his equal too. In the past Izaya became a villain (and maybe a monster) to stand on the same level as Shizuo, to be the one to stand up against his monstrous strength. I think it would be fitting if Shizuo tried to ‘grow as a human’ as he has expressed to Tom, to be on the same level as Izaya as a human – especially considering Izaya is a very intelligent man. Izaya too would want his lover to not be lacking intelligence, to be able to communicate on his level, so Shizuo becoming a detective has benefits for him as well.

Izaya always aims for what he wants, if he wants something to happen, he’ll do everything to get it, he’s assertive in that way so even if Shizuo can’t love him back, I don’t think he will be satisfied not being by the side of the human he’s in love with. And if he can help detective Shizuo and be his information broker, why not? That would mean Shizuo is reliant on him for information, that Shizuo is dependent on him and he has power over him that way. It’ll be exceeding his expectations.

And if Shizuo does become a villain and criminal in SH, it would be fitting. I think if that happens, he will most likely leave Ikebukuro, because how can he work in his debt collecting job after he himself became a criminal?

“Ah, yes - ‘a tiger dies and leaves its skin; a man dies and leaves his name’… Have you heard of it?”


“Shizuo-kun is exactly like the tiger. If he dies, the hide on his body… That superhuman strength will be revered as a legend that once lived; it’ll be exaggerated in rumours, and most likely it’ll become an urban legend.”

Shinra was as excited as an elementary schooler who had found an exotic bug, and in the same way, as if his elementary school friend was that exotic insect, he continued.

“Yes; not just rumours, but an urban legend that once lived! The human Heiwajima Shizuo might even, after death, be complete as an existence surpassing humanity.”

Remember in volume 13 Shinra said to Izaya Shizuo is like a tiger who will leave behind its skin when he dies, that if he dies, he will become a living legend. That could be foreshadowing as well – perhaps not actual death, but his departure from the city. If Shizuo leaves Ikebukuro, he is no longer in the city, his existence is gone especially if no one knows where he went like Izaya did. So in a way, he will finally ‘die’ as the Monster of Ikebukuro. Especially if he becomes a villain and shows his true strength as an ‘existence surpassing humanity’ (just like when he knocked the crane tower away with his shoulder alone) before he leaves. And then he really will become just an urban legend that once lived in Ikebukuro.

Shizuo will want to atone for his crimes as well, and what better way than becoming a detective and catching criminals? He’s going to need to build a new life, a new name, and it’s possible with information broker Orihara Izaya on his side because Izaya is in love with him. He may also want to ‘make it up’ to Izaya once he’s learnt Izaya’s loved him all throughout the years and was alone so he wouldn’t mind taking care of Izaya in his wheelchair, whether he returns Izaya’s feelings or not.

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