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If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked what the Lackadaisy cats would look like as dogs…I would be heavily over-encumbered with obsolete coin currency.

Well, I prompted my Patrons for questions they’d like answered, and someone asked the dog question, so there was no dodging it this time.  It ended up being a lot of fun, actually.  Most of this was done during a Patron livestream, with a lot of breed suggestions coming from the chat.

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Uruha (reading mail): “This isn’t related to the theme and it’s also kind of a boring question, but what’s a cool way to answer when your girlfriend asks you, ‘what’s more important, your job or me!?’” …….so guys what’s the answer?

Kai: Huhuhu! What’s a cool way to answer?

Uruha: But like is this something that ppl actually ask? 

Kai: “What’s more important, your job or me?” Well like I hear it in dramas but idk…that doesn’t mean anything (laughs) 

Uruha: But I mean if you said “my job” that would be bad, right? That would set them off?

Kai: No no no I don’t think so, at all! Rather if you said “you!” wouldn’t it seem…too much like a lie? (laughs) Well I mean I don’t know

Aoi: Hmmm- [Uruha: I wonder what the right answer is] -mmmmm……..you know….at that point….you should probably just break up with them no? 

Kai: (laughing) Like as soon as she asks you that? 

Uruha: This question is taboo, you know? As soon as this happens, it’s over. 

Reita: As soon as you say that, you’re not the most important thing anymore

Aoi and Uruha at same time: AWWWW! [not like aw thats cute but like AW SHIT FAM]

Reita: Cause u just asked that

Aoi: The shit-eating look u have on ur face rn istg


Uruha: So it’s like, you were the most important until you said that, you blew it now

Reita: Yes yes yes

Uruha: So that’s the right answer!

Reita: Well for me yeah

(Aoi and Uruha guffawing)

Uruha: What about you, Ruki-san?

Ruki: U-uhh, I don’t know..???! But like, u gotta work to make a living so…….

Uruha: So like, “it’s my job tf u thought”?

Ruki: Uh, like, if i don’t work…..I’m a NEET?? Like, I’d be unemployed, so….and then I wouldn’t be able to be with you anyway

Reita: What if she’s like “I don’t care if ur unemployed!”

Ruki: ….Oh yeah that’s okay then! 

Reita: You’d quit? 

Ruki: I’m cool with freeloading

Reita and Uruha: HUHUHUHU

Uruha: Ur ok with that

Ruki: But I mean that’s not the case [for the gf in the mail i guess] …she just wants attention

Aoi: But before it got to [the point where she would say that]…wouldn’t you have already ditched her?

Everyone: Ah mhm yes hmm maybe ur right ahh

Aoi: So maybe the guy is the bad one.

Everyone: Ahh I see so that’s your point of view ahh yes ok

Aoi: Thanks guys

(Everyone dies laughing)

Uruha: So Aoi-kun, if a girl asked you how would you answer? 

Aoi: “I’m sorry.”

(Everyone dies laughing again)

Uruha: “I’m sorry”….


Ruki: All u could do is cry. WAHH!!! WAHH!!!!!!!!

Reita: Man u just busted my ears

Everyone: HuhuhuHUHU

Uruha: Okay leader what about you?

Kai: Well I definitely wouldn’t say her. 

Uruha: Ahh, so it’s your job?

Kai: Yep. Anyone would say that, no? It’s your job. I mean, she’s a part of that!

Uruha: What?

Kai: Like, the fact that I’m working

Uruha: Ah that you’re making a living, it means you can take care of her

Kai: Yes yes 

Ruki: Yep, yep, yep

Uruha: Wow u really thought that through calml–


Uruha: Op

Kai: Huhuhu sorry sorry 

Sex as a Sugar Baby

Question: “And another thing with a lot of potentials. They’re asking for lots of sex…..I’m not comfortable with promising sex before we’ve even met or discussed and arrangement. I’d actually be more comfortable with platonic agreement, but just like any relationship it would have to come naturally. That turns a lot of them off and they kinda just leave….like should I just start putting my morals to the side or what??”

Answer: No! Great question!

But, you must show a SD what is valuable about you *besides* just your looks and body, just like you are asking him to demonstrate his value *besides* just his money in order to spend time with you.

A lot of people have money because they don’t know how else to get someone to like them. I feel sorry for those people.

Although a lot of POTs haven’t figured this out (esp online), SB’s are not ‘cheap escorts’. It’s up to you to show him by how you respond to him and see what *else* he is looking for besides sex (or what he is using sex to find)…what are his deeper needs?

If you are *only* a sex object, you are interchangeable.

But, if you:

1. Make him feel important, valuable, or lovable

2. Give him a sense of purpose in your presence

…or whatever else he *truly* needs, then you will be able to write your own checks and be irreplaceable.

Being sexy or looking good is the hook, but it can’t be the whole package.

SB relationships *are* relationships. When the sex is over: is there any reason to spend time together? If not, then it’s probably not going to be much fun or last a long time.

I always advise SB’s to follow their own intuition and truth about sex. Sex is never something you want to go into with doubt and regret after it’s over.


Joker x Reader ft. Parents

A/N: So I don’t really like this fanfic because I feel I made the Joker so out of character. I honestly don’t think anyone would let J meet their parents but since this was requested, I tried my best. XD

“So do you have anyone special in your life?” Y/N debated on answering her mom’s question. Chewing on her lip nervously, she figured what harm would it do to say yes?

“Umm.. Yes, actually I do.” Unlucky for her, her mom decided to ask a bunch of questions.

“Is he nice?” Y/N cringed. More or less…

“Uh… y-yes”

“Where does he work? What does he do?” Eh mostly he just goes to the strip clubs he owns and kills people. That and harassing B-man.

“Um, hey mom I have to go something came up.”

“Oh… ok. But hey! Your dad and I were wondering if we could come to town and visit you for a couple days. Maybe meet this new boyfriend of yours.” Y/N froze. Shit.

“Is that ok?” No. No it’s absolutely not ok.

“Umm.. I-I guess b-but he might be busy that weekend so you might not see him unfortunately.” Looks like I have to rent an apartment for a few days.

“Ok great! We’re coming tomorrow. See you soon.” Tomorrow? And they just tell me now? Suddenly a door slams, making her jump. Great. It doesn’t seem like he’s in a good mood either. He walks through the door and comes straight to her. Y/N is laying on the bed with her legs spread out. He lays sideways on the bed and puts his head in her lap.

“Bad day?” His reply was a grunt followed by a detailed response of how much he hated batsy. She decided to tell him she was going to be away for a few days.

“So J, my parents wanted to come visit so I was thinking-” His eyes lit up.

“Really? When?”

“Tomorrow. But I was thinking-” The way his smile grew unnerved her.

“I’ll tell Frost to get a room ready.” Y/N’s eyes widened.

“Well… J, I-”

“What are they like?”

“Uh, well they’re-” like any other parents I guess. Oh wait that’s right. He wouldn’t know.

“They are probably bringing my little sister too, and you know how kids are. She’s annoying so I was thinking about staying-”

“What’s her favorite color? I can tell Frost to paint the room she’ll be staying in.”  Double Shit. Y/N felt a wave of guilt flow through her. He’s really excited about this.

“Well, pink. But J-” He doesn’t listen, he’s already out the door planning how the whole day will go.

…That Night…

Y/N wakes up in the middle of the night, a string of semi-loud curses waking her. She notices her bathroom light on. Sneaking up to the door, she sees J talking to himself in the mirror. He’s dressed up in a suit, messing with his hair and trying to get his lipstick perfect.Y/N notices he has other outfits scattered on the floor, like he couldn’t decide what to wear. Stifling a giggle, she leaned against the door frame until he noticed her. He grinned at her.

“Hey baby, how do I look? Can you check the back of my hair?” Y/N shakes her head, smiling.

“J why are you up at two in the morning?”

“Your parents are coming today! I have to make a good impression.” At least he didn’t dress like a pimp. Just pray he doesn’t call himself ‘Daddy’ in front of mom and dad.

J made Y/N make sure everything was ok with the food he had prepared.

“Does it taste good? Are they allergic to anything? How’s my hair?

Then he made her check where they would be staying.

“Do they like that color? What kind of fabric do they like? Is my hair still good?”

Not to mention the times he asked about his appearance.

“Is my lipstick good? Anything stuck in my grill? The hair ok?”

Hours later, J and Y/N stay standing at the door. She looks through the peephole to see them approaching.

“Ok. They’re here!” Don’t be yourself.

“How’s my hair?” Y/N looks over to see a stray piece has fell off to one side. She tries to pet it down, only making it worse. Soon he’s trying to fix it too, their hands intertwining with each others. A knock at the door makes them both jump. Y/N goes to answer the door but J yanks her back.

“Fix my hair!”

“It looks fine. You’re fine.”

“Is it sticking up?”

“No, it’s fine.” She lied. Opening the door, she greets her parents. They give Y/N hugs and then they get to J. Their eyes widen as they take in his appearance. Dad gives a disapproving look before trying to cover it up with a smile. Mom gives him a smile and actually makes a move towards him.

“Welcome to the family!” She throws her arms around him. Him and Y/N look at each other in shock. When he doesn’t hug her back she lets go, looking a little uncomfortable. Y/N clears her throat and goes to stand beside J.

“Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend J.” Her dad extends his hand to J, who takes it robotically. Like he’s not used to shaking hands. Then her little sister walks up to him and takes his hand in her small one. He smiles at her, amused that she doesn’t seem afraid of him. 

As soon as the introductions are done, it’s time for dinner. Of course, it’s the most awkward dinner ever. And of course, my mom had to question his appearance.

“So, J. Is there a reason you’re so pale?” She sounds hesitant as she asks this, trying not to offend him.

“I fell into a vat of chemicals.” He responds without looking up from his food. Y/N’s parents laugh, thinking he’s joking. J looks at them with an offended look on his face. Before he can threaten them though, Y/N kicks him under the table. He glares at her before placing his hand on her thigh. Rolling her eyes, she picks up his hand and puts it back on his.

“Are you two getting married?” Y/N’s little sister asks, her wide eyes staring at J.

J responded “Yes” the same time Y/N said “No”. Sighing, Y/N thought this dinner couldn’t get any worse.

“Dad, can you pass the salt?” J extended his hand for the salt the same time her dad did. They stared at each other, hands hovering over the salt while Y/N  planned her funeral.

The Aging Soulmate AU

For the last couple of days we’ve been sort of collaboratively been working on this, so thought I’d compile it in one place that wasn’t so long.

With new stuff because duh.  (It was quiet at work today so of course I thought about how I’d reply to the last things.)

Tagging everyone who displayed interest at the end.

Based on this post:

AU where people age until they reach 18 and then stop aging until they meet their soul mate so they can grow old together.

Oh look at that.  I have stumbled upon a soulmate AU that I would actually write for Arrow.  Huh.

@felicity-said–yes said:
I will give all the money i have to write Arrow like this.

Could you imagine the centuries old protector Vigilante of Star City, who meets the barely 25 hacktivist? oh my god, i seriously wish i could write…





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First Impression: Clozemaster

I just heard about Clozemaster and I thought I’d give it a try. Clozemaster is “gamified language learning” based on filling in the blanks in sentences in your target language. I tried a little bit of N4 and N3, but I didn’t play for long so this is truly a first impression.

Here’s what the site looks like while you’re using it. The default is black text on a white background, but I like how you can switch to white text on a black background!

First of all, I really appreciate that this site has recordings of actual Japanese people saying every sentence. The recordings play automatically after you finish each question, but you can quickly skip ahead if you don’t feel like listening. 

I also like how the whole system is repetition-based, so sentences will keep coming up until you get them right.

My first criticism would be that the words are written in kanji, so you need to be able to read kanji in order to select the right answer. (Just knowing how to say the word won’t help you.) But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Just depends what you’re trying to achieve. 

Since this is a game, you get points each time you get a question right. Getting a question right in the multiple choice mode (pictured above) gets you 4 points, but getting a question right in text input mode (pictured below) gets you 8 points.

If you get stuck, you can click the question mark on the right to make choices appear.

The next issue I encountered was related to the words being written in kanji - you can’t just type the answer in hiragana if there’s a kanji for that word. As you can see below, I got the answer incorrect because I typed は instead of 葉.

There’s an option to take away the English translation, and at first I thought this made the game way too hard, but I realized it’s actually pretty cool. The whole idea behind a “cloze test” for languages is that you’re able to really process the sentence as a whole and think about which word would make the most sense, rather than just translating the one English word that’s missing from the sentence.

Finally, here’s a look at the dashboard that keeps track of your progress:

Overall, I think Clozemaster is great. It’s not a stand-alone tool for studying Japanese (or any other language), but I already feel like I strengthened my Japanese from the 30 minutes or so I spent playing around with it.

Ok, so…The Final Problem ended with this freeze frame:

I don’t know why, but this bothers me a bit. After reading here and there, I got a  thought: What if there is really a fourth episode and it would start with this freeze frame but then it start to gets backwards like someone pushed the rewind button on a video recorder. You would see everything speed up backwards till it stop on a point and you would hear something like “Surprise!” (maybe in Moriarty’s voice, because it would fit perfectly?) or see something you wouldn’t expect to see and THEN the actual / a different story will be shown.

Yeah I know, that sounds maybe crazy (me and my thoughts, ugh), but there are so many questions with no answers and even if I found season 4 after all ok, I don’t come away with the thought that it there is a fourth episode, especially if there are so many hints now. And I can’t take “Apple Tree Yard” serious, I mean: Everytime, when I see the launch trailer for it, I get Sherlock flashbacks? And also the other things people pointed out which are weird about this show? That’s not normal I guess?

…Who knows. It would be “groundbreaking” and “making history” if there is really a big surprise, something nobody would expect imo. Guess we will wait and see.

anonymous asked:

I think you might have answered a question like this before, but if the gang was in a modern day environment, what type do you think they'd want to go to college for (if they did)? And why?

Huh, I don’t think I actually have officially talked about this! Let’s go!

Hiccup: Computer Science.

Hiccup is an extraordinary inventor canonically. He creates technology that is well beyond his time. For this reason, I truly believe that a modern AU Hiccup would delve deep into the technology of this time, too. There are of course many different types of technologies in our contemporary society, but I feel as though computers are where Hiccup is going to be. 

First off, we know that Hiccup is someone who is talented with the physical sciences. His inventions require a lot of knowledge of physics. While Hiccup does have interest in biological sciences as well (his love of dragons!), I feel as though one of the fields in the physical sciences is where he can apply his love for invention the most. The things Hiccup creates - shields, saddles, weapons - fall more into a physical sciences category.

Computer technology is also where many incredible advancements are being made currently. Hiccup would be able to start playing around with computers at a young age (another reason why he’d be interested in this field specifically). Just as Hiccup started working at Gobber’s shop at a young age and that influenced how he invented things canonically, so Hiccup would at a young age begin to tamper around with computer technology. He would be able to learn how to program things in the middle school and high school. He could craft his own monumental ideas right from home with the resources he has.

It’s incredibly easy for me to see Hiccup as a techie. He could be that nerd who gets hired by his university’s IT department to help debug other student laptops or show teachers how to turn on their darned projector. He could work for some company like Google or HP or Apple or Android or who-knows-what. But since computer technology is changing so rapidly in this day and age with the latest creative inventiveness, it seems like this is exactly the place where Hiccup would go. So Computer Science major it is!

Fishlegs: Zoology –> Veterinarian Medicine.

Other life sciences like Botany, Ecology, or Biology would also work very well for Fishlegs. We know he likes plants and learning all sorts of things about how living things work. But being as we see Fishlegs’ greatest excitement focusing around dragons, I imagine that Zoology could be a good match for him in his undergraduate years. In this sort of degree, Fishlegs could specifically study non-human living creatures and all their wonderful adaptations.

I could see Fishlegs going along a Pre-Vet track. Various degrees could get him to his eventual goal of vet school. I know people who have entered vet school with degrees like Microbiology, for instance. But I feel like Fishlegs would get straight to the point - there are certain species of animals he loves, and he wants to learn about them now. It is to note that entering vet school is extremely competitive… but being as Fishlegs is a bit of a scholar, I imagine he’d still try and go for it. He has enough passion for animals and a lot of academic things going for him that he could successfully enter veterinarian medicine for his graduate studies.

I imagine Fishlegs would be best suited as a small animal vet as versus large animal or exotic. I’ve got several reasons for this… First, Meatlug acts rather dog-like. This could translate to Fishlegs adoring dogs in a modern AU. Second, large animal veterinarians have a different approach to treatment than small animal vets. Large animal has to take care of entire herds of livestock… small animal is about taking care of pets. Though it’s harder to get into small animal, Fishlegs is happiest when he’s around his companion Meatlug, so pets is where he’d be. I could maaaaybe see a variation where he goes into exotics and tries to work in a zoo setting, given as he does have interest in dragons in their natural habitats, but by and large I think small animal fits his personality and interests best.

So Fishlegs has a long academic road ahead of him! Let’s wish him luck. ^.^

One more thing: Fishlegs in his undergraduate years has the potential to double major or get a minor. Fishlegs is also someone who would have a strong appreciation for the arts and humanities. We know he tries to write poems for Meatlug. An English or Creative Writing minor? It’s a possibility. Even something like History wouldn’t be out of scope (though I imagine he probably just takes one or two electives on that topic for that one).

Heather: Chemistry.

This admittedly is mostly going after Heather’s characterization as she appears in School of Dragons. I know that it’s a bit divergent from her choices, experiences, and characteristics in DOB/RTTE, but putting her as a chemist still doesn’t seem that odd to me.

Heather doesn’t strike me as a life sciences, humanities, business, or arts individual. She doesn’t seem to have inclinations towards those sorts of interests. Physical sciences seem more up her alley to me.

I also suspect that “will I get a job” will factor into Heather’s choice of major. Heather’s had a tough canonical life and she wants to fight for something better. Though she gets emotionally wearied, we do see that she’s willing to even do things like steal from others to “donate” to the people who lost their homes. This suggests she could be willing to drive herself hard, and she is someone who doesn’t want her life to be terrible forever. Her solution would be to pick a degree that she thinks is “practical,” has some reputation, but also isn’t what she would consider “intimidating.” (Note: majors are not actually harder based upon society’s strange perceived notions of value and whether or not it’s science. Don’t get me STARTED on the rigor of my Music Composition degree!)

For an alternate, I could see Heather pursuing Journalism. Heather has first-hard experienced some terrible things about society. Maybe, with the right circumstances in a modern AU, she would want a job in journalism to expose the injustices she has seen and lived.

Eret: Accounting.

I don’t know exactly which business degree Eret would attain (Accounting sounds best to me right now), but I do feel as though business makes sense for him. Eret in HTTYD 2 works as a dragon trapper. He’s got a sense of negotiation and doing what needs to be done to get business continuing smoothly between himself and Drago. Eret is about doing the work at hand and translating that into the best possible resources and security for himself.

Business can of course be very cerebral, but one of the things that is attractive about it is practicality. It’s a degree with a set goal of going into business and doing work to directly translate practice into financial success. Eret would like to get straight to the point. Something like History would likely feel irrelevant to him - what would he do with it? But he’d know what he could do in the school of business and how to make that work out nicely for him.

Astrid: Anatomy and Physiology -or- Engineering.

I’m going to give two answers based upon two different lines of reason.

The one that people might be most comfortable with, and feel resonates most with her current character, is that Astrid gets a degree in Anatomy and Physiology or some other related Health degree. With this degree, Astrid can be a physical trainer, physical therapist, or some other related profession by which she helps people become stronger physically. As a trained athlete but someone also with the ability for empathy and compassion, this sort of field could work well with her. She can’t exactly fight people as a warrior in our modern society, but she can help other people fight to become in better shape. That’d work great for her.

So that one might be the most intuitive and comfortable response to give Astrid for a major. I’ll give one alternate suggestion along a different line of reasoning. I feel a little weirder saying “Engineering” for her, but I’ll explain why that’s the other possibility I’m suggesting. If you don’t like it, just chill with Anatomy and Physiology.

Now, Astrid is someone who fits in well within society’s current parameters. She can adjust to become successful based upon what society values. Both intelligent and smart, I feel like Astrid is someone who could succeed at whatever she wants to do. This means that I suspect that Astrid, in a modern world, would select a degree that she feels contributes greatly to the community and is widely respected by society.

I also suspect that family history could play into a role for what Astrid chooses degree-wise. Fearless Finn Hofferson probably was a big deal before the Flightmare. The Hoffersons could have been esteemed warriors for all we know - and in fact, maybe there are some hints that they are? Astrid takes pride in wielding her mother’s axe during Dragon Training, and she already seems to have been trained by the time she enters the ring. How could Astrid have already known how to handle an axe? It would probably be family teaching her and honing her abilities, training her well from a very young age. Astrid is aware her parents’ war is about to become hers, she takes a lot of time and effort training… one reason Astrid is so dedicated in Dragon Training could be because that’s how she was brought up.

Astrid’s family in a modern world would want to instill hardworking values on their daughter at a young age, just as they might have done with her axe training in canon. From the engineering families I know (and I guess I know a lot of them), they tend to take a lot of concern about their kids’ education. They want to train their kids to be successful in school, even if the kid doesn’t end up following the same occupational course they do. But since canon Astrid cares that “our parents’ war is about to become ours,” it could be the case that Astrid’s engineering occupation instills her with the interest to carry on that work, as well.

If you’re anything like me, you probably think this degree assignment feels weird. Maybe even very weird. I admit that even as I am giving reason for why Astrid would get a degree like this, I feel awkward saying so. It’s potentially because it’s so different from the Astrid we know on Berk. She’s a warrior on Berk. How could a warrior end up with a degree like this? For me, even though it feels odd, I’m still giving this answer because context, context, context is important. In a modern AU context, being a warrior isn’t what pays. Sure, Astrid probably really enjoys athletics, but I don’t think she would be comfortable with the idea of trying to become a professional athlete (while some people definitely laud young athletes, lots of other people would poo-poo the idea for this as a career, and Astrid wouldn’t like that). In a modern AU, where Astrid can do her best fighting and succeeding is in very different occupations. I’m not saying she’d like the degree, but her motivation for choosing it I think is solid enough, even if we feel a little odd associating her with “engineer.”

As far as what type of engineering? Take your pick. There are so many types of engineering out there, but I can see her going different routes, so if you want aerospace or civil or mechanical or whatever, sure! I think it’d fulfill Astrid’s desires of college whichever one you pick.

Snotlout: Open Option –> College Dropout.

Frankly, I imagine that the reason Snotlout would enter college at all is because of familial pressure. Snotlout does care what Daddy thinks, and while Spitelout isn’t some raging academic, he’s someone who cares about success and status. In our modern society, success has been oddly coupled with “your kids go to college.” Snotlout would have a better chance of getting a high-paying job, yada yada yada, aka, Snotlout should go to college. So because of the pressure, that’s what Snottykins does. He applies, gets accepted, starts college.

I don’t think that Snotlout would finish his degree. Snotlout might drop out of college before he even chooses what his degree will be. I could see Snotlout entering college as an open option, thinking that he’ll figure out his degree as he goes along and becomes “inspired.” He takes a disparate selection of classes, lots of random topics that fulfill general graduation requirements, everything from History of Hip Hop to Philosophy of Science Fiction. He avoids the hard classes (no Calculus II for this guy). While the hip hop class is sort of fun, nothing grabs him. He parties a bit too much, screws up his sleep schedule, slacks off, procrastinates, watches his grades drop. Eventually, Snotlout can’t care enough about college. He drops out within a few semesters.

Tuffnut: English Literature.

Tuffnut could be an individual who chooses not to college. I could certainly see him as someone who doesn’t enter the university. But, if he does, I think it would be in English Literature. Theatre is another option. Maybe a minor in Philosophy if he actually extended the effort, though I doubt he would.

Tuffnut is an individual with a notable amount of vocabulary. He’s actually very good with words - the more you study him throughout the franchise, the more you realize this is an area in which he is very strong, intelligent, and talented. A language-centric field is where he would find his (relative) interest and strengths. 

English Literature sounds like the best bet for Tuff. I don’t think Tuffnut would be as interested in doing something like Creative Writing where he has to do a lot of original writing himself, but reading up on others’ works and making opinionated comments about it could be his thing. I don’t find it that hard for Tuffnut to enjoy and start gallantly shouting Shakespeare. I think that English Literature makes sense over other types of literature… he’d stick with a field that’s in his own language and relatively close to home.

Whether or not Tuffnut finishes his degree is up in the air. I think he could finish it. He’ll never take his major extremely seriously, he’ll probably take minimal required classes, he’ll procrastinate and slack off, but he’ll get decent enough grades to pass. Tuff’s GPA won’t be spectacular, but it’d be enough to get him through the graduation ceremony. If Tuffnut decides that college is worth his time and actually enrolls, then I do think it’s possible for him to graduate.

Ruffnut: Finance.

Ruffnut would also be someone to go into a business school. I could imagine her wanting to get an Associates degree and then get out of college, but between the two twins, I imagine her more easily in a post-secondary setting. Ruffnut can be very glib and free, but she also is a little more practical minded than her brother. I could see her picking a degree that she thinks will get her a solid chance of a job, picking a degree that maybe she would think is “not objectionable” (as versus something like, say, Theoretical Mathematics… I don’t think she’d enjoy that one).

Let’s be frank. Putting her in the business school also gives us the chance in the modern AU for her to meet Eret and go gaga eyes over him. Can’t miss that storytelling chance, can we?

anonymous asked:

My memory is really fuzzy on past SPN eps, what exactly is the "sacred oath"? I personally don't see Cas ever caring about sex like dean does but other angels on the show sure were frisky lol.

Hey! So I wrote a post about it here and I have answered a couple of questions about it all in my tag “sacred oath breaking”. But the basics are that in 12x10 when Castiel reads out Akobel’s crimes he lists “laying with a human” as breaking their sacred oath. 

So we explored how if that were true, it would affect previous canon. You say the other angels were frisky, but actually you are literally referring to Gabriel and Balthazar only. Gabriel, who hated heaven so much he ran away to join the pagan gods. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that one of the many reasons Gabriel left were the ridiculous rules that the angels put in play when it came to humans. Balthazar actually supports the theory because of this conversation:

CASTIEL: What… is all this? What are you doing?

BALTHAZAR: Whatever I want. This morning I had a ménage à – what’s French for 12?

BALTHAZAR: You’re the one who made it possible. The footsteps I’m following – they’re yours. What you did, stopping the big plan, the prize fight? You did more than rebel. You tore up the whole script and burned the pages for all of us. [ Laughs. ] It’s a new era. No rules, no destiny. Just utter and complete freedom.

CASTIEL: And this is what you do with it?

BALTHAZAR: Hey, screw it, right? I mean, dad’s not coming back. You might as well blow coke and jump on the bed. You proved to me we could do anything, so I’m trying everything. What difference does it make?

This actually heavily implies that there WERE rules against sleeping with humans and after Cas rebelled Balthazar decided that he was gonna follow in Cas’s footsteps. But he had to fake his own death to do it, just like Gabriel. Which also supports the theory that if you do have sex with a human, you better hope the other angels think you are dead because otherwise they will come and kill you.

No other angels have been canonically shown having an interest in sex except for Anna, who explicitly stated that sex with humans was one of the reasons she chose to fall. Which is a huge fucking deal really. 

So sex is something that is forbidden for angels. Castiel hasn’t ever shown an interest in sex really, except when he was human when he probably felt the rules didn’t apply to him anymore. Castiel hasn’t shown interest in casual sex but he has been intrigued at least by the idea of sex with Meg, and took an interest in the Pizza man pornography. 

Its just my headcanon, but the way I see it, after the horrific thing that happened to him as a human, I reckon he associates casual sex with anyone he doesn’t trust as dangerous and distances himself from it. His complete lack of response to Dean’s teasing about the waitress in 12x12 is certainly evidence of his lack of interest in casual sex. Though I don’t think he would be opposed to the idea were it with someone he loved. The issue of course is the sacred oath, which even after all this time, is something that Castiel at least appears to want to uphold. Though I really don’t know why since all the other angels already think he’s boning Dean and want to punish him for it. 

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"Why me?" Marinette questioned as she looked up at a very smug looking Chat Noir.

“Why me?” Marinette questioned as she looked up at a very smug looking Chat Noir.

“Because you’re friends with Ladybug, aren’t you?” he answered from his perch on her balcony. When she continued staring, his smile fell, and he dropped to the rooftop. “She asked me to protect you when-”

“I remember.” She frowned, staring down at the envelope in his hand. “But, why can’t you just give it to Ladybug yourself?”

He looked down. “Well, I’m… It’s…” He held it out to her. “Can you just please give it to her?”

“But you see her all the time.” Then, she noticed the soft blush across his cheeks and the way he fidgeted in place, and she realized exactly why he was asking for her help. “You’re nervous, aren’t you?” When he didn’t answer, she gently took the envelope from him. “Okay, I’ll um… I’ll give it to her. But, you can’t just stop by here like this. What if my parents see you?”

He nodded. “I won’t. I promise. And…thanks, Marinette.”

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On Writing & Cultural Appropriation

Anonymous: A question about cultural appropriation. One hugely popular YA series shits all over my culture, twisting names and other things just for an exotic feel. I’ve started writing my own book partly to do it the right way but even though it’s my culture I’ve found it to be a very difficult task, since it’s a fantasy setting based on a culture not actually it. How much can I change, how much I can’t? Do you have any advice?

This is a great question and to be honest, I don’t really know the answer. When it comes to writing fantasy, there’s a really thin line between writing diverse characters and being accused of cultural misappropriation. 

First, I would like to clarify, cultural appropriation is not necessarily a bad thing. It is when one culture adopts elements of another culture. This happens naturally and in many cases, is harmless. Cultural misappropriation, however, is when that adoption is unwanted by the original culture and its result may come off as racist, disrespectful, and/or demeaning. I really will only be speaking about cultural misappropriation here. 

I always encourage writers to be adamant in their research, not only reading widely on the subject, but also engaging with it further, if possible - when writing about a culture, going to the place it is set in and talking to people who are experts or belong to the culture you plan on writing about. One of the most common reasons for cultural misappropriation, from my experience, comes from a lack of cultural knowledge and consequentially representing significant or meaningful symbols, ceremonies, gestures, and so on in a way that is not only inaccurate but often demeaning. This is ignorance more than intended harm, but wrong nonetheless. Religion, especially, above many other topics is where I see a significant amount of missteps made. Many are very unintentional but because of the topic, the values involved, and the significance of celebrations and ceremonies, if you are not versed in the traditions, I would proceed very cautiously in writing. 


So,,,,,, it’s time for me to take a big step back from this blog

It’s clear I’ve been on it less and less lately  (though holiday period was busy anyway) 

But I’ve been enjoying it less and it’s more of a worry and I’d rather worry about my phd. I might come on here once a week or so and queue up prompts and see if there’s anything I can quickly answer. 

If there’s anyone who actually wants to like make lists or answer asks feel free to message me

Otherwise if you still have fic questions you are always welcome to talk to me on twitter @ ivyandtwines

So yeah not completely the end but just a big slow down :) And I would never completely delete the blog or anything. The blog has consequently brought me my best friends and best experiences of my life so it will always be something very dear to me <3 <3

The signs as bad pick up lines

Aries: there is a party in my mouth and everyone is comming.

Taurus: did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me.

Gemini: do you live in a corn field, cause I’m stalking you.

Cancer: my doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U.

Leo: your body is 65% water and I’m thirsty.

Virgo: I was wondering if you had an extra heart mine seems to have been stolen

Libra: are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling

Scorpio: if I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

Sagittarius: if you were a booger I’d pick you first.

Capricorn: my love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in.

Aquarius: I’m not actually this tall. I’m sitting on my wallet.

Pisces: hey… Didn’t I see your name in the dictionary under “Shazaam!”

Guardian (Working Title) - Preview

There was a well-known incident throughout Hydra regarding the Winter Soldier: Once, during a mission, he disappeared. When he was found, almost a year later, he put up a fight that snuffed out the life of at least twelve Hydra agents. The Winter Solider was quickly returned to an undisclosed location in Siberia, where they quickly treated him. The strength of his treatment that day was increased by 50% to prevent any further mishaps.

However, questions remained: Why had the Winter Soldier gone AWOL and where had he been all that time? The answers were memories that he desperately clung to, but even they were eventually washed away.

Would anyone be interested in this as a possible fic? It is actually related to one of my other stories, but I’m undecided on whether to dive into starting another series. I’m also not sure whether or not I like the title.

I’m tagging my perma-tag list, because your opinions matter to me: @partypoison @hisredhenley @themcuhasruinedme @mellifluous-melodramas @buckyappreciationsociety

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Hello ^.^ I hope you're okay with answering questions about human flesh? One of my chars is a cannibal and I was wondering which parts exactly are safe to eat? Thank you!

Ahhh, I knew cannibalism asks would come around again! (Actually apparently the “again” part is a lie. Congrats on being the first!)

Human tissue is extremely dangerous to eat, because unless your cannibal character takes the time to screen the body for bloodborne diseases like hepatitis, HIV, TB, etc., they can wind up with some very devastating illnesses. (They may or may not already have one or more of these, and they may not care; it will depend on the cannibal.)

Beyond the potential for infection…. well, humans are mammals, and we’re made of meat. What parts do you eat on a cow? Muscles, livers, kidneys, heart, tongue, entrails (cleaned out and made into sausage casings), marrow, etc should all be edible. I would stay away from brains, because brains are how prion diseases like Creutzfeld-Jakob and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, or Mad Cow Disease) get transmitted.


By the way, it’s actually not uncommon for junior doctors and paramedics in training to get hungry during autopsies; it’s believed to be a genetic predisposition, and it really freaks some people out if they don’t know it’s possible or even relatively common.

Hope this helps your story! xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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So I have a project going on for school and I need some primary research, and that research is going to come from you guys!

Basically I’m writing a short story (this may change to the opening of a story, or even a novella, it all depends) about (fem)pirates, and it may include a ghost story and sea shanty.

I have a list of questions for anyone who is interested to answer.

This is going to count as an actual qualification so any help would be amazing! Also if you could refrain from swearing/using abbreviations (like ‘lmao’), that would be great, because I need to use your answers in the research section of my project folder/book.

Look for the qs under the cut!

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Two reasons why Girl Meets World should be continued

1. I obviously need some answers to a lot of burning questions that will not be answered in Girl Meets Goodbye.

2. I want Michael Jacobs to tell the story he actually wants to tell. Because I refuse to believe that this whole love triangle, Maya turning into Riley storyline was something that he actually liked and not something that Disney forced him into doing. You cannot tell me that the man who gave me my favorite show of all time would actually think that these storylines are good enough for the next generation of this show. Michael Jacobs loves these characters more than any of us and he deserves to set the record straight and tell the right story.

the inevitable analysis

seeing them like this is making my heart explode, like,

I love that youtube rewind people specifically assigned this to them. “who’s gonna be the big dumb British baby that gets bit while snuggling his brother?” there is only one answer to that question.

what the fuck i never thought i would be so lucky to actually witness this shit like this is the type of trashy fluff i draw wtf

it’s perfect because its cute and gay as fuck but also nerdy as shit like

also this is fully how i expect they watch tv together all the time. i mean probably without biting, who knows

Look how fucking comfortable they are that close. and with that many people watching they are so silly. They are so in love and they are getting so close to not giving a fuck about who knows it. And they clearly are in this sitting arrangement all the time, okay? 

but dan behind phil with his arm around him (always the big spoon c; )

and phil leaning on dan, head on his shoulder, hand on his leg etc. etc. for ultimate cuddles. you know what kills me most? 

A. look how easy it would be for dan to attack phil with kisses, vise versa. or make out

B. Dan’s hand behind phil could be doing ~anything~

C. it’s a fucking fact that, under that blanket, phil’s hand is on dans leg.

belsmomaus  asked:

Hi! So, if you're strangled (by hands) by someone who's really angry and vicious right to the point where you're about to blackout and then get saved, what is there to expect? Can you talk afterwards? How bad is the swelling, the pain? I know you're supposed to get checked by a doctor, but what exactly would they be able to do? And lets imagine you go to the hospital like that and won't tell what/who happened, then I guess the hospital is calling the police, right? Thank you!


Hey there! So your character’s been strangled… eep! That’s a really scary experience!

I’ll actually answer your last question first: at least here in the US, there are only a very few things that hospitals are mandated reporters of:

  • Gunshot wounds 
  • Stab wounds
  • Suspected child or elder abuse/neglect.

Everything else, to my knowledge, is between your characters and their healthcare providers. Rammed packets of cocaine down your gullet until you had a massive heart attack? Nope, not reported. Contracted a bird disease from an illegal cock fight? Totally on the DL as far as the hospital is concerned. So no, a little choking is not, in fact, automatically reported.

(You may want to verify this with @scriptlawyer though!)

That being said, most medical providers will encourage someone to press charges, whether they want to or not. Most strangulations are related to intimate partner violence, which is a situation that can rapidly turn lethal for the victim.

Now, on to the medicine. Mostly post-strangulations need to be evaluated by doctors for airway swelling. A lot will depend on the exact placement of the hands, amount of force, etc. But most chokes bad enough to make someone almost pass out will likely also produce bruising where the fingers were gripping.

The structures of the airway are both relatively well-defended, and also delicate. They’re pretty solid against direct injury, so a tracheal fracture (literally a broken windpipe) is unlikely (though possible; it’s something they’ll be evaluated for). However, swelling in the airway itself can rapidly become life-threatening if it occurs, and it’s a possible side effect of strangulation. It can occur up to 36 hours after the injury, too, so even after your character goes home, they may yet have serious issues that could even be life-threatening.

There’s a really good paper on strangulation trauma, although I HEREBY WARN YOU  that the description of the incident could be EXTREMELY TRIGGERING for some readers.

I’ll cut to the goodies, which are a list of possible injuries following strangulation:

  • Voice Changes—May occur in up to 50% of victims,may  be  as  minimal  as  simple  hoarseness  (dysphonia) or as severe as complete loss of voice (aphonia).
  • Swallowing  Changes—Due  to  injury  of  the  larynx and/or hyoid bone. Swallowing may be difficult but not painful (dysphagia) or painful (odynophagia).
  • Breathing  Changes—May  be  due  to  hyperventilation  or  may  be  secondary  to  underlying  neck  and airway injury. The victim may complain of dyspnea (shortness of breath) .Breathing changes may initially appear mild, but underlying injuries may kill the victim up to 36 hours later.
  • Mental  Status  Changes—Early  symptoms  may  in-clude restlessness and combativeness due to tempo-rary   brain   anoxia   and/or   severe   stress   reaction.Changes can also be long-term, resulting in amnesiaand psychosis
  • Involuntary Urination and Defecation
  • Miscarriage
  • Swelling of the Neck—Edema may be caused by any of the following: internal hemorrhage, injury of any of the underlying neck structures, or fracture of the larynx causing subcutaneous emphysema.•   Lung Injury—Aspiration pneumonitis may develop due  to  the  vomit  that  the  patient  inhaled  during strangulation.  Milder  cases  of  pneumonia  may  also occur  hours  or  days  later.  Pulmonary  edema  symptoms may also develop.
  • Visible  Injuries  to  the  Neck—These  may  include scratches, abrasions, and scrapes. These may be from the victim’s own fingernails as a defensive maneuver but  commonly  are  a  combination  of  lesions  caused by  both  the  victim  and  the  assailant’s  fingernails. Erythema  on  the  neck  may  be  fleeting,  but  may demonstrate  a  detectable  pattern.  Ecchymoses  may not appear for hours or even days. Fingertip bruises are circular and oval, and often faint. A single bruise on the victim’s neck is most frequently caused by the assailant’s thumb
  • Chin  abrasions—May  occur  as  the  victim  brings their chin down to their chest, to protect the neck.
  • Ligature  Marks—May  be  very  subtle,  resembling the natural folds of the neck. They may also be more apparent,   reflecting   the   type   of   ligature   used.Ligature  marks  are  a  clue  that  the  hyoid  bone  maybe fractured.
  • Petechiae—May be found under the eyelids, periorbital  region,  face,  scalp,  and  on  the  neck.  Petechiae may occur at and above the area of constriction.
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage—This may occur when there  is  a  particularly  vigorous  struggle  between  the victim and assailant.
  • Neurological  Findings—These  may  include  ptosis (droopy eyelid), facial droop, unilateral weakness, paralysis or loss of sensation. (This is an absolute worst case scenario wherein the choke has damaged the carotid artery or the person was choked long enough to cause brain damage – A.S.)
  • Psychiatric   Symptoms—including   memory   problems,  depression,  suicidal  ideation,  insomnia,  nightmares, and anxiety.
  • Other  Symptoms—Dizziness,  tinnitus (ringing in the ears)  and  acid  reflux.

That being said, in one study, 85% of strangulation victims had either no visible injuries or ones too small to photograph.

I hope this answer was useful! xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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