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Okay well for my first post rambling about Alex’s lyrics, I think I should elaborate on my recent post that highlighted how obvious it was that he wrote this bit in Alexandra Savior’s song, Vanishing Point:

Spectacular blacklight posting neon sky
To which the sun so quickly unsubscribes
Want to call it a night
But I think they might be onto us

‘To which the sun so quickly unsubscribes’ is such an Alex line. His voice is so distinct, he really shouldn’t co-pen songs if he doesn’t want us to know it’s actually something he wrote. Especially because he used an elaborate phrase, 'the sun so quickly unsubscribes’ (hello personification, a poetic device. but he’s not a poet, he says) immediately followed by a simple line of 'want to call it a night.’ He does this a lot, actually. Also within 1 line he will use multi syllable words followed by less complicated, more simple sounds. Whether or not that’s because he’s writing a song that has to fit into a certain count is debatable (like yeah that could be why he does it), but it is very much a dead giveaway. This line: “Spectacular blacklight posting neon sky.” Spectacular and backlight are lengthier, whereas the other three words are short. Spectacular is a word with 4 syllables, which makes it stand out among the others.’To which the sun so quickly unsubscribes’ - there, too. 

The song uses a lot of imagery Alex has also used in the past. “And I think they might be on to us” (“Make sure you’re not followed,” in Vertigo), slipping off the radar, hiding. He is always personifying objects, or things, or ideas. The line “Everybody else can eat my dust,” How him is that? (“I took the batteries out my mysticism and put them in my thinking cap” is what that reminded me of, just less lengthy.) He uses a lot of vernacular that the average person wouldn’t use. Like 'Shall we make believe they’re chasing us?’ It’s almost unfair to use this song as an example because I don’t know too much about Alexandra’s own personal writing style, but I know Alex’s well enough to spot it when I see it.

To move away from that, about two weeks ago I was talking to a few of you about my intense obsession with Dracula Teeth’s lyrics. I was wondering what triggered him to write this, since it is kind of a strange subject matter for Alex. We usually get romantic, half vague comparisons of the sky to a girl’s face or something. However, while doing so I overlooked a line in the song, literally in the first verse, the first three lines, that tells you exactly what the song is about. And what it is about is him drifting away, (falling asleep) with old films on his television. He’s just going… To sleep. With old films, resulting in having nightmares/dreams about vampires. So, in theory, this actually happened to Alex - he just fell asleep watching tv, woke up halfway through the night with wacky dreams. Instead of ignoring it, he wrote the experience into a song. And for that, I literally cannot stand him for being a brilliant asshole.

And with this post, someone please at NME hire me I am willing to relocate and be paid in circus peanuts.

is prince shi reincarnate as that phoenix bird? (edit : more looks like cendrawasih…what the english word for this bird? hehehe…)

spoiler a little bit  :

I am not watching all series yet so maybe I made a mistake to understand some parts,  just read it from fans’s post , but that scene was the ENDING scene of Ice Fantasy Destiny. Prince shi woke up on ice kingdom and met Phoenix!shi ….and then prince shi smile - feeling satisfy. I don’t know how to interpret this scene.

and….I just can’t stop laughing cause couple of china fans noticed some of shi’s clothes in IFD series are actually his own clothes (not belong to film’s properties) LOL ….. so tianyu wore some of IFD’s clothes in his daily Real Life hahahaha…. 

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Can you link all of the princess Betty fics/royalty fics? I can't seem to find them! So sorry to bother you

YES I CAN! (also - you are never a bother, Grayface. Ever!) 

I can only link to the ones I’ve seen already. I’m certain there will be more - but as of publishing this answer - these are the ones I’ve got:

Shattered Kingdom by @bugheadandjughead

No Sooner Met by @malmo722

Princess Betty Part 1 (and now Part 2) by @bughead4days

Crowns by annoe 

If you Love Me for Me by @itstenafterfour *

The Serpent and The Swan by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency *

For context to people who are new - there was this awesome post by @southsidevixens of Lili’s recent photoshoot mashed up with one of Cole’s from a while ago. They looked like a Prince and a Princess and the fandom erupted in a desperate need for fic. (I swear this wasn’t just ME demanding it!)

THEN @itstenafterfour made this amazing aesthetic and it only made the fandom MORE desperate for fic. So then I declared that I must have fic and other people figured - hey, we should listen to Jandy once and a while (lol this is not actually how it went down) - and I woke up the next day with Prince Elizabeth and Prince Forsythe fic! I didn’t even have to wait until my BIRTHDAY! 

Anyway - I hope there is lots and lots more fic in this AU going to be written… and if you know of a fic that isn’t posted here - please let me know and I’ll edit this original post. <3

* Edited after original posting.

Coming Out (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: So this was a requested fic, that I’m posting for the second time as I posted this accidentally on my main blog…can’t risk getting exposed like this lol Anyways, the fic is about the reader coming out as trans to Sam, I wrote this in a bullet point style so I hope that’s okay. Overall, I hope this is what you wanted, and that you will enjoy reading it. Thanks for requesting!

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A while ago you had an ask come in which basically said that anti-kin always use plenty of sources, but otherkin never do (and when they do, it's just links to tumblr blogs). But. I just can't find any sources at all. Do you have any good links that oppose otherkin? I've been trying to find them for a year by now...

Yeah man. If you actually give me a bit to process that I woke up today at a good time I can do a little hunting lol. I know at one point way before that specific ask, when we used to answer things intelligently and not shitpost, I had made an entire master post of sources. Some of you guys might remember it including squirrlygirrly

Thoughts (Suggestive)

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TV Show/Movie/Anime: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader

Word Count: 578

Request: This is told in the point of the story as Spence and he has to work obvi. So the reader and him are dating ya know just regularly but on this particular day he was sexually frustrated bevause of the reader. Like ya know what I mean. Like she is sweet and innocent to everybody and he is th only one to see her actually not so yeah dirty thoughts cross mind of the reader.- @spencer-gubler-reid

A/N: Sorry for not posting! School and personal stuff has been wrecking everything and kept me surprisingly busy, but I have this request done and also a very detailed dominate Spencer Reid fanfic I’m editing because I just need a way to stress out that doesn’t actually have to have me going up to other people (Extreme Introvert, lol)

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Anon: Hi, since you always write such nice analysis on the ships, I wanted to know your opinion on V/min at ISAC’s! They were just so extra and cute all the time, and Tae slapping Jimin’s butt, and Jimin backhugging Tae, and them being all heart eyes and lovey-dovey.. It made me happy, but also question Ji/kook a bit? Do you think that we overlook some of their interactions and make them bigger than what they are? I don’t know :(((((( I’m a bit torn and maybe sad. Thanks and sorry about anything.

I’m sorry you feel that way, Anon. But I want to remind you and other people that shipping is not a zero-sum game. That’s not how it works. Kook/min’s relationship does not deteriorate or become any less special whenever there’s an interaction between another couple. Don’t trust anybody who says otherwise. Take a breather. Nothing has changed. 

Anon: hey!! I just woke up now expecting lots of kook/min moments at ISAC but theres almost none lol i’m like tt. What do you think about it? Seems like jk hang out with his new friend yesterday and now are having more interactions at ISAC and v/min is sailing. Is jimin jealous? Are kook/min both jealous? lol btw, love your blog <3

There are quite a few, actually. But I’m hesitating to post some of the fan accounts until I get more confirmation. To answer your questions tho: Yes, V/min is sailing. When have they ever stopped??? And no, nobody is jealous. Kook/min are looking very happy today. They were joking, spending time talking together, following each other around, eating together, etc., etc. They’re good, my friends. They’re good.  

Anon: I knew v/min were close but holy shit today confirmed it even more for me like they are literally inseparable in isac even tho they see each other everyday! and it makes me think if they did all of that in public, then what do they do in private….

I saw them practicing MMA moves on each other.. That’s both the straightest and gayest thing I’ve ever seen. Which is V/min in a nutshell. So… that. 

witchy about me

tagged by: @ursalala (thanks pal!)

Name: J!
Sun/Moon/Rising: capricorn, scorpio, cancer
Aura Color: the last time i asked, i was told it was a rose gold color! the last time i asked for an energy reading, i got pink and yelloW
Deities: the abrahamic god
Witch Type: christian sun witch 
Element: earth or fire
Favorite tools: sage! 
Familiar: i don’t think i have one but Em might be one actually. not 100% sure lol
Favorite Flower: dallias
Favorite Herb: sage or my basil plant
Favorite Crystal: selenite!!!!!! omg
Describe Your Perfect Candle: i don’t have one but i would love one in the scent of gardenia jasmine mmm
Three Favorite Witchy Emojis: i don’t use emojis lol
Daily Witchy Ritual: existing and talking with my companions
Divination: energy readings which i guess could be considered visions/premonitions
Favorite Lunar Phase: the new moon for the rebirth that it brings
Favorite Weather: scorching hot and a tad bit humid so its not too dry
Favorite Sabbat: i don’t practice the sabbats
Favorite Magical Beast: if i say i have a favorite my companions will like fight me or something LOL
Favorite Tea: sleepy time tea or mint

i tag @shywitchiness and any other pals lol

Exo Reactions To You Singing Along To Kid’s Shows While Watching Them With Your Baby

I was in a super rush while making this & normally I’d wait to post it but I woke up late & I wanted you guys to have something to read, so hopefully it’s not too terrible. lol xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *acts like he’s judging you so hard but you can tell that he actually likes it when he can’t help but smile*

Chanyeol: *immediately runs over to sing with you, even if he doesn’t know the words, he pretends that he does*

Chen: *pretends like he’s going to start teasing you about it bu then he just bops along to the song cutely*

D.O.: *just smiles & doesn’t say anything because he thinks it’s cute & likes watching you enjoy yourself*

Kai: *starts dancing around like a dork & laughing at himself because he’s a big kid & enjoys acting like one*

Kris: *not impressed*

Lay: *totally entertained & having the best time ever watching/listening to you with a huge smile on his face*

Luhan:  *doesn’t want to admit that he knows the words too so quietly sings along but tries to hide it from you*

Sehun: *pouts because you’d made fun of him for knowing the words to a children’s song before*

Suho: *dances around shamelessly because he doesn’t care if he looks like a nerd, he’s having too much fun*

Tao: *doesn’t care because it’s normal for him to know words to children’s songs, he just wants some cake*

Xiumin: *sings & dances cutely along to the song because that’s what the three of you do together all the time*

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I just woke up and what happens to Larry 10 million house?

antis emailed that yolanda blog until she was forced to change her post about the $10m house and say that it’s actually liam’s, but then she changed it back because she asked her source again and they said they’re completely sure it was louis who bought it lol

When people on Tumblr say, “The black WOKE side of Tumblr” (Yadda Yadda Yadda)...

3 Points:
-Is it supposed to be an insult to be “Woke”“Awakened” or “Conscious”?
Bitch since when…? Oh Ok. Thought so. Now I am not talking about the highly patriarchal, homophobic, sexist, misogynoiristic fools out there.
They can shit bricks.
-So are you calling the “Other Half of Tumblr” like…asleep or some shit?
I was under the impression that when you sleep that means you are ignorant, a zombie or willfully delusional. But who am I? Right? Lol
-Also, what does this say about you if you don’t consider yourself “Conscious”?
Ya’ll really want people to be ashamed to defend blackness, huh?
It’s really lonely on that “asleep” side huh? Lol FOH
Ya’ll sound like divisive haters who are just mad that it isn’t “as cool” to be “mixed and light-skinned” as it used to be. 

Hahaha. Call it what the fuck you want… “Woke”, “Conscious”, “Awakened” -whatever the fuck. But I am happy black people are actually identifying with themselves and waking up. Suck lemons and kick rocks son. 

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I saw that you wrote that aragorn only was 10 years old in the Five armies. As i know, aragorn was 87-88 in the war of the ring, and the years between lotr and the hobbit is just 60 years, which makes him like 27, right?

When I woke up this morning to over a dozen messages on this topic in my inbox, I realized that I really should have added a link to my book vs movie timeline post… sorry for the confusion, and thanks to everyone who helped clear that up!

There’s actually a 17 year gap between Bilbo’s birthday party and Frodo actually going on the quest, which Peter Jackson basically chose to erase in the movies. Which (if you read the post I linked to) has it’s pros and cons… I just wish he’d stop rubbing our faces in it, lol. Let us believe the timeline’s intact!

Anyway, as you were, nothing to see here.

[ 6:10 pm // 9.9.15 ]

(late post, it’s actually 8:52 rn lol)

some history notes i took for whap, i’ll be adding bits of color sometime

i just rolled onto my bed and woke up from a nap (in this unusual 80-90 deg weather here) and i feel so refreshed now!

i will be productive this evening! i attended a girls who code club meeting after school and i’m on my way to my first piano class of the semester (excited!) so i haven’t gotten much done

also getting excited for halloween. and christmas. i love christmas.