i actually woke up an hour early today

Side Story: Betrothed (Stronger Together)

A/N: Country bumpkin ain’t a man who likes to wait. —–

I woke up this morning with a determination, and a strange hunch.

Zelda isn’t doin’ well today.

The mirror door was unmoved, so my head assumed she was fine, and proceeded with the usual drill: get up, early morning training with the soldiers, then breakfast, then specialized training, then paperwork, then lunch.

And after all that, whatever her sweet heart desires.

Actually, nope.

She dives daily into that darn pile of papers - shucks, I bet it’ll disappear the day hell freezes over - for a couple of hours.

These days have been the exception though.

‘Cause she is mine now.

Rembemberin’ any moment of the last four days makes me crazy happy. And to think I almost convinced myself I didn’t deserve any of it.

Now, despite my hunch, I’m headin’ to Auru’s studio, ‘cause I gotta ask him something concerning the relationship Zelda and I are havin’ from now on - and by that I’m meanin’ “what do I do to be with her for the rest of my life”.

I knocked​ the door and it immediately opened.

‘I was just thinking about you, son’, he cheerfully welcomed me, ‘Take a seat’.

Auru poured some tea before starting speaking.

‘The Princess’ behavior has been quite unusual these days’, he commented, very serious, ‘This morning she seemed quite upset, and the last weeks I had seen her quite downcast, sometimes even on the verge of tears’ - he sipped quietly his tea - ‘I wondered if you had any information on that, since you are very close to her’.

Well, I guess it wasn’t time to play dumb.

‘I dunno why she was upset this morning’ - my hunch was bullseye! - ‘but I do know the reason of her earlier demeanor’. I stayed silent for a moment, and took a deep breath. There’s no way back on this anymore.

‘It was I’. I breathed in again.

Auru just raised an eyebrow in not-so-much surprise.

‘I confessed my feelings for her on a letter while I was at Snowpeak’, I explained him, fidgeting a lil’ - why in the Goddesses’ green land was I actin’ like that?, ‘To my surprise, I found out she loved me back when I returned’.

‘So everyone’s suppositions were on point’, he affirmed, holding his chin. ‘Specially Lady Naima and Ashei’s’.

‘What were those two saying?’. I bet my soul almost left my body at those words! Them ol’ cheeky nosey rascals!

‘That sooner or later your friendship would turn into something more than that’.

I bet my arse it ain’t what they really said - or thought.

‘Anyway’, Auru continued, ‘since my doubts are partly cleared’ - he grinned - 'I have a glimpse on why you have come here’.

'You betcha!’, I chuckled, 'I wanna know the deets on all the protocol to court and marry her’.

He hummed affirmatively, musing for a second.

‘Well, it’s simple’, Auru started, 'just go and ask her’.



I should’ve looked really, really dumbfounded.

'You thought it was a near-impossible feat, full of treacherous, gossipy courtiers and suitors?’, he cackled, hitting the desk with his palms, 'This is not a dungeon or a temple, son!’

'You ain’t no kiddin’ me’. I couldn’t believe it.

‘Absolutely not’ - he was crystal clear like the waters of Lake Hylia - 'and even if you had any opposition, who would dare deny the hand of the Queen to the Hero of Light, bearer of the Triforce of Courage, and​ Commander of the Army? And most importantly​, she is her own woman, her choice shall prevail always ’.

And then it hit me like a mad goat: I’m not a mere country bumpkin anymore - at least for more formal purposes. Ordon born and raised, ‘till I cross into the Sacred Realm, y’all.

‘’You’re right’, I smiled, still struck by the sudden realization I had.

‘You should go with her’, Auru suggested, ‘The Queen is at the Library’.

She always goes there when she’s feeling down.

‘Sure thing. Thanks’. I got up, waving goodbye to Auru, and dashed to the Library.

She was hidden between piles of book, eyes rimmed in red, brows frowned. I’ve seen that expression before, when she read the Kingsrecord. Not good.

I sat in front of her and the barrier of books between us. She didn’t notice me, so I wrote a small note and threw it over the wall.

'Howdy, my sunshine? A lil’ birdie told me you weren’t fine’.

A bittersweet smile graced her lips. 'Link’, she whispered, her eyes meeting mine. A bit dull, but still shinin’, full of that gleam that stole my soul.

'Can we go to my chamber to talk?’, she asked, rubbing her temple, ‘ I would not like anyone to overhear us’.

We moved to the place quickly, taking some books with us. They were about the Sheikah.

Once the books were on the table and the door closed behind us, she threw her arms around me.

'I dreamt of the future’, she sighed, 'it does not look good’.

She told me of what she foresaw. It’s grim, and gritty and terrible. Those kids will have it hard. I know it might be strange, but I feel that despite the dark scenario, they’ll succeed.

'But it ain’t the immediate future, is it, love?’

‘No’. She sighs and swallows hard. 'But it makes me feel like we are trapped in an endless cycle of destruction, and no matter what we do, or how many times we defeat our enemy’ -she pauses- 'it always will happen again. It is like a curse’.

‘Oh, love’, I held her tight, 'you always carry the weight of the world on yer shoulders alone; don’t do that, please’.

She hummed, and clung tighter.

'Lemme share the burden with you’, I finished.

Zelda broke the embrace and looked me in the eye; her gaze was all “what the heck do you mean”.


'Your love is the real thing’.

'Dontcha steal my thunder, love’. I warned her, making her lips curl into a tiny smile.

I took a step back and cleared my throat.

'I told ya the other day I wanted to go all the way with you’, I remembered her, ‘No matter what happens now, or in a bajillion years from now on, or even in our next incarnation’.

I offered my hand to her, just like when it was the last battle against Ganondorf.

‘I never thought I’d be making you this question outside my imagination, so here it goes’ - I inhaled deeply, ignoring my face probably resemblin’ a crisp red apple- 'Zelda Nohansen, will you do me the honor of marrying me?’

She placed her hand over mine silently, holding it softly. Her cheeks were of a dusky pink, and her smile like a ray of light breaking through the clouds.

And from her lips, the most beautiful words were uttered.

'Yes. I will’.

The weight of the world will feel like a feather if I’m with her.

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Good morning, Craig! It looks super early outside. Did you have to get up early for something?

Craig: Naw, I actually got the day off today. Just been kinda stressed out, I guess. I went to bed at 4am and woke up at seven. Just couldn’t go back to sleep. So I spent an hour or so on the phone with Clyde til he left for work.
Craig:… I saw Tweek was talking to Kenny on here the other day. I don’t know. It didn’t upset me or anything. I just don’t really want them to fight over what I told Tweek. I’m scared that’s inevitable. And Kyle will be back tonight. A lot of crap to worry about.


1) Gaming and bad lighting. What a combo!

2) This dog kicks some major butt. His owner actually taught him to understand sign language. He’s deaf and a wonderful pup. Plus, THOSE GLASSES?!

3) After much wandering and just having fun, I have located the Master Sword! No more as it’s still too early to include spoilers! I mean c’mon, it’s Zelda. Master Sword. No surprise.

 So, work today was fine. Nothing too frustrating.

 The main part of my day though was last night. I woke up for no good reason just past 2 after going to bed at a reasonable hour of 11, and couldn’t get back to sleep until… well, the last time I looked at the clock it was past 4:30, and it still took a while beyond that. I get up at about 6. So, yeah, I’m pretty tired.

 I did have a brownie an hour before bed so… maybe? I doubt it, but I’m going to avoid having any sugar within a few hours of sleep. Water is where I’ll go for any refreshment.

 I’m thinking… no gaming tonight. When I’m short on sleep I’m also a bit short on temper, so I don’t want to take a chance on getting angry at anything. Not that I’ll actually do anything, but I’m taking no chances. Right now I’ll go out on a walk to get some energy out, the relax until bed.

 I do hope you have all had a great Wednesday!

 - Lana

necromancy-enthusiast replied to your post “I started writing a Simon-Klav friendship thing but then stopped…”

If you ever find the motivation to finish it, I know that I for one would love to read it. I need more angsty Klavier, because honestly there’s no way he walked away from all of the stuff he went through in Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies psychologically unscathed. Plus him and Simon being friends is great. But take your time, of course.

Ah, thank you!  I do wish to actually write and finish it (it wouldn’t be long or anything, just sort of a one-shot dealio) and maybe tomorrow I’ll actually not feel like writing something is super draining (maybe I’m just tired cause my dog and my roommate’s cat woke me up like 3 hours too early today)!  It is nice to know people would be interested in it :) 

Also yes angsty Klav is one of my fave Klavs because I also don’t think he’s nearly as okay as he acts (I mean, how could he be after everything, especially with Kris).  I attribute the stepford smiler trope to him hardcore and I really want to explore that more! 

{ outofmagic } Hey guys… So, I’ve been kind of busy today. I woke up super early and didn’t get much sleep. Then my dad and I went to look at a car, test drive it, and all that happy stuff. We actually bought the car and I’m super happy with it. I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow. Since I didn’t get much sleep last night, I took a nap after dinner, and I’ve been working on schoolwork for the last 4 hours or so. I’m completely drained, so I don’t think I’m going to get anything else done tonight. Tomorrow I’m taking the new car to get an oil change and all that fun stuff but, hopefully, I’ll be around!

Austin Carlile: Flawless


  • can I have an Austin Carlile imagine where he comes home from tour and I’m rocking out to Restoring Force and he gets turned on? Super smutty where we frick frack to the music? Then welcome home fluff after? I love your writing and thank you so much! Xoxo
  • Hi can you do an austin carlile where youre dating him, and he comes home from tour an misses you a lot so smutt? I really really love ur writing…

A/N:  ♡ S M U T  ♡ 

Sorry for the absence everyone, but I hope you enjoy this imagine❁!-H

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Random Bits
  • Just bought a ticket to see Minus the Bear and Beach Slang on Sunday night!  Getting cocktails and a sloppy burger with a friend beforehand.  Excited about Minus the Bear and ecstatic about Beach Slang (per usual).

  • Strawberry rhubarb is an underrated flavor.  In both wine and pie.

  • Made it to the last segment of The Last Guardian today.  It’s been roughly 15 years since I’ve played a long-form video game like this with an actual start/end to it.  I’m painfully close to completion, but after spending 6 hours with it today… And accidentally dying three times in a row after completing a puzzle that took 10 minutes to complete? I’m calling it quits for the day.

  • I woke up at 6:30am today, spent 45 minutes outside with the dog, and went back to bed for like 30 minutes.  I’m shocked I was up so early but also totally okay with it.  Vacation and what-not.

  • Not sure what I’m going to do with myself tomorrow, but if I can not leave the apartment at all?  I’ll call it a win.

George Harrison and John Lennon, Hamburg, 1962, photographed by Astrid Kirchherr

“December 9, 1980. The police and media have gathered in a tense vigil outside Friar Park. […]
A car approaches and is ushered through the gates. Inside is Dave Mattacks, ex-Fairport Convention drummer, who’s been booked for a George Harrison recording session. Most Harrison biographies state that he cancles this session, to grieve for Lennon in private. But that is not true. George wants musicians around him today; the session goes ahead.
Mattacks, uncertain what to expect, is struck by the fatalistic atmosphere inside the house and studio. George is pensive, saddened, like a man who’s had his worst suspicions confirmed. ‘It wasn’t doom and despondency, it was more like… very sad resignation,’ Mattacks reflects now. ‘We got to the end of the day, and we were talking about John, and I’ll never forget George’s phrase: “All I ever wanted to do was play guitar in a band. And this is the result…”’ - Uncut, August 2008

“[John] Lennon’s childhood friend Pete Shotton, who had worked for the Beatles in the late 1960s, ‘decided I wanted to be with someone who knew John as well as I did’. He arrived at [George] Harrison’s home [Friar Park] around midday [on 9 December 1980]. ‘[George] wrapped his arm around my shoulders and we went silently into his kitchen and had a cup of tea. We spoke quietly, just for a bit, not saying much, and George left the room to take a transatlantic call from Ringo.’ Then Starkey left for his early-morning flight to New York. ‘There’s nothing else we can do,’ Harrison told Shotton; ‘we just have to carry on.’ Al Kooper was taken into the kitchen, where he found Harrison ‘white as a sheet, all shook up. We all had breakfast. He took calls from Paul and Yoko, which actually seemed to help his spirit, and then we went into the studio and started the day’s work.’” - You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle for the Soul of The Beatles by Peter Doggett [x]

“[Al] Kooper, an insomniac, woke up in the early hours of December 8, 1980 when the news came over the radio that John Lennon had been shot and killed in New York. He called Ray [Cooper] at 8am.
'I told Ray, I think we should go to the studio today and maybe take [George] away from that. Just before you pick me up, go to a liquor store and buy a few bottles of wine. And that’s what we did.’ When they reached their destination [Friar Park] 'there was a coterie of reporters standing at his gate. They said, "Who are you?” I said, I’m just here to fix the telly. George was white as a ghost.’
'We were actually in the middle of recording a song George had written for John,’ remembers [Ray] Cooper. 'George hadn’t finished his vocal and we decided maybe that was one of the best things we could do. It was as cathartic as music can be. You play your heart out or sob your soul out. It was an awful, awful day. The Atlantic and other things separated them, but they were beginning to talk and George was looking forward to seeing John again.’“ - Mojo, November 2011

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Hi, I just wanted to ask how your day was and to remind you that you are doing great no matter what :)

today was actually a good day! I woke up early at a hotel, ate a waffle by myself, and then we drove home and I got to lay in the backseat for 5 hours (which is really nice because the car is all noisy but in a good way and also the feel of the uninterrupted bumpity bump on the highway is a good time it’s excellent stimming for 5 hours straight I loved it)

I’ve been dying to make a masterlist for forever now and seeing I didn’t get any requests I thought I’d share my amazing ability to make lengthy starters, with lenghty I just mean anything longer than a one liner seeing those are kind of a pet peeve of mine and coming up with them can be super hard. So under the cut you’ll find about 20 longer starters, please like or reblog if you’ve found them useful in any way.

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Once Again | Reincarnation!Michael

It’s her again, the girl from his dreams. Same place, same time but different clothes. He couldn’t speak, no matter how much he tried. He just listened to her laugh and stare at her beautiful smile. He didn’t know who she was or why she in his dreams once again but all he knew is that he felt at peace.

They at the rooftop, chasing each other with their heart’s desire. He finally caught her and stared at her eyes, taking in the view. It was always like this, him staring at her, not getting tired of her smile but this night was different. She frowned and looked down, tears starting to fall from her eyes. He wiped her eyes wanting to ask what happened but his voice empty. Finally, she looked up to him. “I’m sorry.” She kissed his lips and the she was gone.

Michael woke up again, his heart beating so loud and fast. The girl continue to intrigue him, wanting to find her more than ever but what could he do? He doesn’t know her name. No matter how much he tries to sketch her, it’s always as if there’s something missing. His words, no matter how specific, sounds so vague to any stranger.

Michael can’t help but wonder why she was frowning. It was the first time she ever did that in his dreams. He tried to sleep again but it was no help. All he could think about is this girl and why she’s in his dreams.

Michael decided to wake up instead and open up the shop early. It’s not like there would be customers at 6:30 am. He dressed up then went to the shop. I opened the shop and fixed everything from the needles to the ink. He looked at the schedule and he realized that he’s fully packed for today.

He spent the next 3 hours creating some designs and adding it to his portfolio. At 9:30, Calum arrived at the shop, surprised that Michael is actually awake so early and it seems like he’s been busy. “What are you doing here mate?” Michael looked up from his paper. “Woke up early. Couldn’t sleep ever since.” Calum nodded. “Did you dream about her again?” Michael sighed and placed his hands on his head.

“It’s been a year and a half Cal! She’s still in my dreams and I don’t even know who she is!” His friend chuckled at his frustration. “Well I don’t know how to help you so just shut up and prepare, your 1st appointment starts in 30 minutes.” Michael groaned but complied.

The whole afternoon, he spent his time doing tattoos and piercings. He couldn’t get his mind off the girl and what could the frown mean. A simple frown felt so heartbreaking for him. It felt like a goodbye and he wasn’t ready for that. What if he stopped dreaming about her then eventually he would forget her face? He still haven’t met her and he’s not yet ready to let her go, as weird as it sounds.

Later that night, what Michael fears the most actually happened. He was there, same place same time but this time she wasn’t there. He looked around to where he was always chasing her and she wasn’t there. He couldn’t find her anywhere. He tried to scream but he can’t. Heck, he didn’t even know her name.

He woke up again, sweat glistening his forehead and his heart beating fast. It felt like his breath was taken away from him. More thoughts filled his mind. He couldn’t sleep yet again, the girl is all he could think about.

The next morning, Calum opened the store and Michael was there again, this time with dark bags under his eyes. “Mate, I love you but you look like shit.” He chuckled as Michael groaned. “I didn’t dream of her mate. What could this mean?” Calum shrugged. “Maybe you’re just overreacting. Maybe you’ll dream of her this night.” Michael shook his head. “No you don’t understand Cal. The last time I did, she said sorry to me and she was sad. She wasn’t laughing. What’s that supposed to mean?” “Maybe you should get some rest later okay? Just be ready for your appointment.”

He started his first appointment then the next then the next. The busied himself the whole day, trying not to think of her but he couldn’t. It was his last appointment for the day and he’s excited for him to go home.

The bell rang signaling that a customer went inside. It must be his last appointment for the day. Calum entertained the customer as Michael fixed his supplies on the chair. “Michael your last appointment is here.” “Bring ‘em in.”

Calum pointed to the chair and when Michael turned to greet the customer, his breath stopped. You were standing there. The girl from his dreams is finally in front of him. She looked the same except her clothes are from today and doesn’t look like from the old times.

“Hi! I’m Y/N!” You smiled. “I’m Michael. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

a/n: sorry if I don’t post as much I’ve been really busy at school :( I hope you guys like this one, I’m planning to write this as a mini series so ask for part 2??? Also I’m still taking votes on my the maze runner series!! Which 5sos boy should I write it about and which character?? Leave it in my ask!! Also if u like civil war or just sebastian stan in general follow my side blog @seatupbucky



Rule 47

I know you sent this around Christmas Time and I’m only getting to it now, but we made it there eventually. Well done for finding something a little different and fun. This is the post in the message, in case you want to read it, although I only used parts of your prompt. I hope it is still alright. Shout out to hartbigguyz for reading this part like a champ.

  Part One - 


“Grace! Mail.”

Ever since her eighteenth birthday, Grace had been waiting. She’d watched her friends, brothers, and even her cousins grow up and leave. She’d watched each one of them wait nervously until the day that it came in the mail. Some cried, a fewlaughed, but most looked downright horrified. But sure enough, eventually eachone had their day, as much as they all tried to fight it. Most adults called it‘Contract Day’. She’d heard some kids joke around when she was younger, calling it ‘Judgement Day’ or sometimes ‘Abduction Party’. But most of the kids she grew up around would call it ‘Rule 47’, not that anyone could explain why.

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Incalescent - Chapter Eighteen

Before my break :) Enjoooooooy!

It turned out that Zendaya didn’t leave Val’s apartment up until her birthday. Not that he minded that much.

He loved having her so close everyday. They had their little routine in the morning.

When he was in the shower, the times when Zendaya wasn’t joining him, she was usually brushing her teeth or doing her make up and when Val finished he always joined her at the washbasins.

They looked very domesticated together and Val caught himself on the thoughts of wanting that for the rest of his life.

Today he woke up before her so when he found her in the bathroom with him like always he couldn’t help the smile on his face.

“Happy birthday.” He whispered softly after wrapping his hands around her waist.

Zendaya leaned against him and smiled. “Thank you.” She turned her face so he was able to kiss her quickly.

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A dream? A Joke? Something else?

Requested by dylanlover24 :  “Imagine being stuck in Supernatural” Can u make this a oneshot please?

Pairing: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Reader

Word Count: 1 123 words

Warnings: None !

Author’s note: This was fun to write ! I tried a first person oneshot this time. So tell me if you prefer like this ? I’m not English. If something sounds weird don’t  hesitate and tell me (I finished it when it was 10:00PM. So there is probably something wrong in because I’m tired xD)  I’ll correct it. ;) I hope you’ll like it! If you want a oneshot (or anything else) don’t hesitate and ask me ! =^_^=

Your name: submit What is this?


I woke up early this morning, even if it’s sunday. I wanted to do some jogging. A few years ago I did it every week with my dad but now.. I’m too busy. But today I take the time. I woke up at 6:00am to take a quick shower and go outside. I’ve ran an hour and I go back home. But something was weird.

I couldn’t find my way back home. It’s like everything changed around me. I’m not in my city anymore. Actually I have no idea where the hell I am! I don’t recognize anything. How did I get here ? I’m completely lost.. and scared. Maybe I should try to find someone and ask my way ? Yeah it’s the best thing to do.

I walked around the streets a while, maybe 20 minutes but it feel like an eternity. I tried to stop a car to ask my way but it was pointless, they ignored me. Finaly I found someone, two persons, on the opposite sidewalk. I can’t see their faces but I run to see them and ask my way. I was in shock when they turns to face me. I know them. I stood there staring at them for a few seconds before I could speak again. It’s Sam and Dean Winchester! Or at least Jared and Jensen. My face turned red. Is that a kind of a joke ? Where is the camera ?

Something’s wrong ?

I can’t keep look so surprised I have to answer, or they’ll think I’m weird or crazy, or both.

I.. Huh.. I-I’m lost. Can y-you tell me the w-way to (YourCity) ?“ I managed to mumble.

It’s for miles away from here.

They look surprised, but I’m more surprised..

It is a joke for the tv ? L-Like you pretends I-I’m in.. Supernatural ?

Supernatural?!“ They looked at each others before looking back at me. ”You’ve read Supernatural?

I looked behind, looking for the camera. But there were none.

No. I watched it, on CW like everyone does. More or less.

Now they looked more surprised than me. It’s part of the joke? Everything is really weird.

If Chuck sold the scenarios to make a tv show I’m gonna kill him.“ Dean said, it was barely audible.

Is Chuck asked you to make us a joke?“ Sam asked, he look really serious.

N-No. I thought Chuck was .. dead ?

Okay I wasn’t a prank for the tv. If it was it won’t be so long before they start laughing and show me where the camera is. So am I dreaming ? Or maybe a car hit me and I’m in coma or dead ?! I really start to panick right now. We keep talking a few minutes. They ask me some question about them, when they saw I know everything perfectly they asked me to explains how I get here. I told them everything and tried to not blush everytime they looked at me. After that they took me to the bunker, saying Castiel would know what to do to help me. I admit I’m nervous, I just met Sam and Dean Winchester and now I’ll meet Castiel. My best friend will not believe me when I’ll be back and explains this to her !

Seeing the bunker in real it’s really impressive. I can’t stop looking around and took pictures with my phone. I’m like a kid locked in Disney’s Store. Maybe I can stay a few days ? I mean if it’s real and if I’m not dead.

Sam and Dean asked me a lots of question about Supernatural the show and about Jared and Jensen. I could perfectly answer to the Supernatural’s question but I don’t know a lot about Jared and Jensen. I watch a lots of tv show so I can’t know everything about every actor I likes. And there is a long list. But I tried to do my best to answer and to not blush again.

Finaly Castiel show up. Dean and Sam explains the situation because I was too in shock again to speak. I took a few pictures of them without they noticed. I keep my phone in my hand, squeeze it. I should stop before I broke it, but I’m nervous and excited. Dean, Sam and Castiel are a few meters away from me, I’m surprised I didn’t passed out yet.

(Y/N).“ Dean called. I stepped forwards. ”We don’t know how you get here but Castiel will try to bring you home.

It.. Huh.. It will work. R-right ?

Yeah it should work ish.“ Sam said.

Ish ?! It would work for real  or ‘ish’ ?!“ I’m not very reassured, what will happen if it don’t work?

Just try we’ll see. If that don’t work we will find something else.“ Dean said.

Okay, it look too easy but let’s do this.

Castiel moved forward to me. I moved back, scared of what will happens. Not like I don’t trust them, I do. But it seems too easy to work. It felt like something’s wrong. Or maybe I watch the tv too much. Castiel was in front of me, proximity make me blush one more time. I closed my eyes, my body tight prepared for falling or something like this. I felt Castiel’s fingers on my forehead but after a minute, nothing happens. I opened one eyes. We were still in the bunker. I opened my two eyes and Castiel removed his hand.

I’m sorry (Y/N). Something keep you here.“ Castiel said. He looked confused.

She is stuck here ?“ Sam and Dean asked in the same time.

Yes she is.

How long ?“ I ask.

They shrugged, apparently as lost as me. I need to go home tonight. I promised I’ll watch over my little sister when my parents goes to see one of their friend. They’ll panic when they’ll realize I’m not home.

We all sit around a table in the bunker to find a solution. I didn’t speak much and Dean make a lots of jokes about that. They probably noticed I was worried but his joke didn’t make me laugh, just smile a couple of times. We’ve done research for hours, but we didn’t find a thing. We had to face the facts, I won’t go home today. Sam and Dean show me a bedroom who was free. They asked Castiel to go find some girl clothes for me. He came back 15 minutes later with many clothes but not really my style of clothing. That make me smile, they do their best to take care of me. A girl they don’t even know.

The good thing it’s I have a tv in my bedroom. And I was lucky I found a tvshow I like to watch, Arrow. I’ve looking for Grey’s Anatomy but it doesn’t exist in this "univers”.  Sam came quickly to see if everything is fine. I complain about Grey’s Anatomy “Everything fine except Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t exist in your world. That’s sad!” but actually it was more a joke. He left after saying “Good night (Y/N).” that make me blush. I did not count how many times I blushed today.
After Sam it’s Castiel who cames see me. I jumped of surprise when he appeared in the room. Clearly not accustomed to that.

I’m sorry (Y/N) I didn’t mean to scare you.

D-don’t worry it’s just s-surprising.

I know you are worried about not go back to your home. But don’t be (Y/N), we’ll find a way.

Castiel was trying to comfort me, that was cute. I smiled. But I can’t stop being worried about it. Being here it’s cool, really cool but I have a family and I have to go back home with them.

Castiel sit on the edge of the bed.

Y-You want to.. stay ? W-watch Arrow with me ?” My heart was racing again, like everytime I talk to him or Sam or Dean. I probably have a crush on them three ahah.. Castiel looked at me. He seems confused by my proposition.

I mean I know you like watch tv! So you can stay if you want. It’s not awkward or anything.

If you want I’ll be happy to stay.” He finally agrees.

Castiel didn’t talk after that, I didn’t either. We both watched Arrow until it was over after I put the next episode on Netflix. We watch 2 other and II fall asleep. I don’t know If he stayed or not after I fall asleep. Maybe I’ll woke up in my bed, at home.


1. In spite of the spoon under pillow, ice cubes flushed, and wishes all night, school was not called today. We woke to 17 degrees – a veritable heat wave – and even though the wind continues to gust up to 40 mph, and the freshly fallen powder is blowing around causing brief whiteouts, off the 6th grader went to catch the bus in the dark. She actually got up an hour early so she could crimp her hair, and then when I woke she treated me to my first real taste of what it will be like to live with a teenage girl and I would like to go back to bed please. Seventy thrillion questions about the hair, all of which I answered directly, specifically, and every time was met with that’s not what I meant, that’s not what I asked. Finally she shouted and stomped out of the room, I just want to know if I look good!

save me

2. My roots have really grown out and good gravy, there is so much more silver than six weeks ago. This whole process of separating and moving is aging me in so many ways, and that makes me both sad and angry. I reblobbed that gif set about honesty being the thing that can kill a relationship this morning and then sat here and cried. I still can’t quite fathom that my being honest ended us. I still can’t quite fathom that this man who has said always that if I ever left him he was going with me decided that he didn’t in fact want to be with me any more because I was honest. I can’t help but believe that if he did not have this other woman in his life he would have been willing to do the work with me, and he will not admit that and his lack of honesty with himself and with me is enraging. And then I look at that and realize that the other side of the story of that gif set is lack of honesty is also a relationship killer. I was too honest. He is not honest enough. I just hope that I can get to a place where I truly and fully wish him well without the anger and resentment. I think I will be able to, it’s just going to take some time. 

3. I dread the time in the future when I have to interact with that woman. If they manage to make their relationship work, it’s bound to happen because he and I have a child and will have to continue interacting ourselves. Eventually she will be on the scene at the same time I am on the scene. I’ve always felt so uncomfortable around her, and well, current circumstances certainly turn the volume on that discomfort up to eleventyseven. She’s manipulative. Deeply. But then, one of his personality traits that I’ve struggled with so much over the last decade is that he is deeply manipulative. He probably won’t see it that way, and I just have to add that to the long column of things we don’t agree on, but I’ve experienced him to be extremely manipulative. Saw it again just the other night when he told me a story about a work situation. I listened and kept my council and held this truth in my heart for the rest of the night: I don’t have to live with that any more. 

4. I seem to be doing an awful lot of therapeutic work on my own. It feels good. 

5. I love this house, cold kitchen and all. I really do. I am very grateful to Chris for helping me achieve this. I definitely could not have done it without him, and will not be able to maintain it without him. But, that’s the settlement, that’s the cost agreed upon for leaving our marriage, so there is that.

Still… so very thankful. 

I have no neighbors.

written by emptyhousenextdoor

Every morning for the past two weeks, I’ve been waking up at 5:30 am, sometimes earlier, to go out and sit on the front steps of my house with a notebook. I’ve been monitoring the neighbor’s house, logging every noise, every light I see in the window, and every package that sits on the doorstep. Nobody believes me that the house is empty, but I’m coming up on proof that it is.

No, it’s not ghosts or anything supernatural. But it is something extremely unnerving.

We moved here one year ago. I was a sophomore in college when my father died completely unexpectedly. He wasn’t sick or anything, he just passed away in his sleep at the age of 46. They never actually gave us a good explanation of what happened.

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