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Seventeen  School AU//Fluff + Angst {Woozi ft. Mingyu} The Green Eyed Monster

A/N: plz enjoy m8’s it’s kinda LONG

Summary: At first you thought he wasn’t the jealous type. He was always focused on his set goals. You never saw him get too distracted, he always self regulated and made sure he was on the right track. You knew him for so long, so why now?

You fiddled with the change in your pouch, biting your lip as you pushed the coins into the coin slot. The machine shook, alerting you that your drinks were ready. You felt a soft hand on your shoulder as Jihoon bent down to grab the two soda cans for the both of you. 

“Did you study for the math test last night?” he popped the can open and took a sip, eyes still on you.

You bit your lip and nodded. “Yeah, I studied with a friend.”

He rose a brow, “really? With who?”

“Uh…Mingyu, you know the really smart kid, top of the class.” You smirked as you spoke. 

“Oh, yeah sure I know him.” He took another sip of his drink, eyes glued to your shoes.

You popped open your soda can and mimicked his movements; sipping at the fizzy contents. The first gulp made you shiver, you could hear Jihoon snort under his breath at you. You rolled your eyes at him and playfully slapped his shoulder. Gathering your books and book bag off the floor, you motioned for him to start walking. 

You two made your way to your third period class. You sit in the front of the room while he sits off to the side, by the window. You part ways as you enter the classroom. Jihoon didn’t like it when you hung around him so often in front of the other students, especially the other female students. You weren’t really bothered by his requests but, sometimes you felt as if having you around him was more of a burden on his shoulders. Him being your only friend made it hard for you to make new ones. So, you were never really excepted around the other students, more or less, just there. Your relationship with Jihoon was one that you would read in a Japanese Shoujo Manga. You were a quite reserved person who had a lot of knowledge and humor to share. Jihoon was the uptight, know it all, handsome hardworking student. The one that the other boys admired and were jealous of and the one that the other girls were smitten with. Yes, Jihoon had it all; the looks, the brains, and the muscles. Yet, there was just one thing holding him back, it was you. You still went along with it though, knowing that having Jihoon by your side really did help you gain more confidence. Even if in the future you two end up hating one another, at least you know it was worth having the experience. On the contrary, there was another person, one you have been noticing and seeing much more than you used to. 

You took a seat in your respected spot, gathering your notes and pens for class to start. You felt a pair of eyes on you. You swiftly snapped your head around to expect to see Jihoon smirking. Your eyes slightly widened when the gazing belonged to another classmate. Kim Mingyu. You sheepishly smiled at his direction. His cheeks slightly flaring red. 

Flashback to the other day~

Kim Mingyu has been particularly nice to you lately. The other day, during study period, Jihoon went to the library leaving you alone in the classroom full of students who’d look past your head to see out the window. You were left with no one to rely on. Awkwardly sitting there flipping through your notes, you were just about to pop your earbuds in and drone out the giggles of peer chit chat until, a tall handsome boy shyly walked up to your desk. 

“Excuse me, um… Y/N right?” he tucked his text book close to his chest, to you it seemed so child like and adorable, for the first time you were actually making full on conversation with another student besides Jihoon. 

You nodded stupidly, slightly confused as to why he came up to you in the first place. “Yea-yeah.” 

“Oh, good…hi….” he giggles. “do you want to study together? I don’t have anyone else to study with, my friends went to the library and I saw you and thought…” His voice lowers and his eyes trail over to your hands which were fidgeting with your pencil. 

“Sure,” you say, sightly high pitched out of embarrassment. 

His head pops up and his eyes widen, much like of a small animal when the term food is mentioned. He flashes a pearly white smile, accented with cute dog like canines. His cheeks flush red and he pulls up a chair and opens his textbook, eagerly jotting notes down while starting basic school related conversation. He brings up a question half way through the period which slightly throws you off track. 

“Are you a friend of Jihoon? How do you know him so well?” He bites his lip as he flips through the pages. 

“Uh… honestly, when I first moved here, he was the first person who approached me and showed me around.” You smile to yourself, remember the day you and Jihoon first met. During spring when you first transferred, you walked into the class and introduced yourself. Looking over everyone in the classroom, trying to pick someone to make friends with first. Your eyes settled on a girl with short black hair. Her gaze directed over to the seat in front of her, she stared at the person with such aw. Your eyes then came into contact with the person equipping the seat. They were soft yet very reassuring, almost sweetly piercing you. You took your seat by the front of the class, knowing you work better there. Lunch rang around quite quickly, you didn’t know anyone so you found yourself sitting alone in the classroom eating your lunch and doodling in your sketch book. You heard that someone walked in and pull up a chair a couple of desks behind you. You felt a little awkward, the sensation of staring eyes made you uncomfortable. You heard the person shift and rise out of their seat. Taking footsteps towards you. Feeling their presents you put down your lunch and stared quietly down at your page praying that they’ll just walk away and leave you alone. 

“You’re pretty good at drawing.” you heard a calm and gentile voice from over your shoulder. “You’re that new student aren’t you. Y/N, right?” He then came into view, a small sweet smile on his lips. His hair at the time was of a peachy pink. It glowed in the sunlight filtering in from the windows. “I’m Lee Jihoon, you want me to show you around before lunch ends?” he asks. “It’s kind of my duty, as class president.” 

You hesitantly nodded a thank you. 

“Yah… Jihoon is a really good friend, I couldn’t imagine not having him around.” You say. 

Mingyu nodded as if he understood the level of your friendship. “You two must be awfully close then, I’m jealous.” 

This was the one thing that confused you the most that day; ‘I’m jealous.’ Jealous over what? Jihoon?

End of flashback~

Your attention was interrupted when your English teacher clicked her way into the classroom, hushing the students. You pulled out your notes from the previous class and whipped out your trusty pen. Her lecture began sweet and simple. She then handed out a partner worksheet. You sighed, you weren’t really much of a social creature. So finding a partner during group work was the most difficult aspect of school for you. You only really collaborate with Jihoon; him being your only friend that is. You turned around in your seat to catch is attention. You breathed a sigh of relief when his eyes gave you the signal. You started to gather your things to move to sit with him when, you were stopped by a tall figure. You had to look up in order to see who it was. Mingyu, had a broad smile on his face, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Y/N you want to work together?” 

“Uh,” your eyes darted towards Jihoon who had a questioning look on his face. You sighed and shook your head slightly. He wouldn’t mind for one day. Mingyu was a really nice guy and you did study with him the other day. It wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Mingyu rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, waiting for his reply. His smile never fading; and god damn wasn’t it convincing. 

“Uh well I was going to work with Jihoon but, he likes to work by himself sometimes,” you lied. “So sure… we can be partners.” You shrugged a little in defeat. 

Mingyu happily awed, and bounced over to his seat, he beckoned you to sit with him. You smiled rolling your eyes slightly. He didn’t really seem like the smart, straight A type. He was too… handsome too… cute? No, puppy-like, was the term. His hair was a fluffy dark chocolate brown, the way it bounced when he walked was just too much. His eyes, when he smiled they sparkled, when he pouted they gleamed innocently. His cute, crocked grin, the way his canines would show when he smiled a little too broadly. Whenever he would finish a question he would giggle and ruffle his hair. God the boy was fine, and smart! 

You finished your work and organized your papers. Mingyu bid you a bye, waving his huge hands and flashing you his best. 

The bell rings, signalling fourth period to begin.

You slung your bag over your shoulder and nodded to Jihoon, “okay, lets go!” You started walking, swinging your arms happily, “hey about music club-” you turned to your friend but, he was all the way by the gates of the school. You knitted your brows in confusion. “Yo, aren’t you coming?” You chuckled. 

“Y/N, we need to talk.” He started to fidget with the hem of his school vest. 

“Huh?” You were generally confused as to why he was acting so serious all of a sudden, especially when it came to Music Club. You jogged towards him, a look of concern pasted on your face. “What is it?” you laughed nervously. 

He ran a hand through his hair and turned to face the baseball field. His eyes squinted in the blinding sun. His golden, peachy blonde hair shimmered in the light. His pale. smooth porcelain skin glowed. You had to admit it, you were starting to get lost looking at his distant stance. His eyes shifted over to face you. 

“Y/N, I have something to tell you.” 

You blink a couple of times to clear your head. “Yeah, w-what is it?”

“I think I like yo-” His voice was drowned out by another. A very familiar one. 

“Y/N!” A shout came from behind you followed by heavy jogging. Your still fixed on Jihoon. 

His face was screwed into a look of irrational irritation. “Y/N, I-” 

“Y/N, you want to walk home together?” You snapped your head in surprise to see a sweaty, out of breath Mingyu. His hair tossed and disheveled. 

“Mingyu? Uh sure, you can walk with us but, hold on one second.” You turned to Jihoon and nodded for him to continue. “You were saying something about..?” 

Jihoon’s eyes turned cold as ice as they shifted over to meet the boy standing beside you. “Yah, Mingyu, I need to talk to her alone.” Jihoon grabbed your wrist and pulled your away from the tall boy. 

Your eyes scanned Jihoon’s face; it was full of something you never seen before. It was an emotion that you’d never suspect he was capable of feeling. Was it anger? No, wait… was it jealousy? 

Mingyu blinked in confusion, his eyes shifted over to yours. “Are you okay?” they were soft, and so full of concern. It made you squirm a little under his gaze. The fact that he was worried for you made your heart skip in your chest.

You nodded, “yes, I’m fine.” Your focus changed to Jihoon. His hand wrapped tightly yet gently around your wrist. He pulled you behind him and stepped towards Mingyu. This when you could truly see the difference in the two, physically and personality wise. The height difference didn’t seem to add up with their personalities. Neither did their facial features. Yet at the same time it was so strange to see your friend acting this way. He’s never this direct nor this aggressive. It was starting to scare you. 

“Jihoon,” you put a hand on his wrist which was gripping onto yours. “Hold on, I’m a little confused. Why are you acting like-”

“Y/N, let got of me.” The coldness in his voice sent shudders of fear up your spine. You winced under your breath and released him. The grip on your wrists becoming tighter with every word he spoke. 

Mingyu straightened his posture, eyeing you. “Are you sure… you’re okay?” He reached for you. 

Jihoon moved you out of the way. Stepping forward to further pull you behind him as if he was protecting you. “She’s fine, sorry Mingyu but we have to go now.” He pushed past Mingyu dragging you with him. 

The grip on your wrist unbarring, you try to twist your way out but his hold is too strong and determined for you. “Jihoon…aish…please can you let got of me! You’re hurting me!” It’s like what ever was possessing him left his body. He snaps out of his trance and spins around to face you, letting go of your swore wrist. Eyes full of regret, they fall to the ground.

“Sorry… I think I lost myself.” He straightens his book bag straps. 

“What’s wrong with you today, you’ve been acting strange…” you eye him. “You’re not usually like this.” You sigh out of distress. “Look if it’s something I did I’m sorry, just tell me what’s wrong.” Silence takes over the two of you. You notice Mingyu watching you body turned the opposite direction his eyes on you and Jihoon just in case something happens. Jihoon places both hands on your shoulders, He straightens his gaze and stares deep into your eyes. You feel your ears heat up from the contact. You feel a pull on your sides. Soon you find yourself set into Jihoon’s chest. You can hear his heart pounding as his arms wrap around you. 

You hear foot steps in the opposite direction, you suspect them to belong to Mingyu because they seem to fade away with the sounds of the birds, rustling trees, and distant city bustle. 

“Y/N, I have something to tell you,” his voice is deeper than usual. “I don’t like it when other guys look at you the way I look at you. I don’t like it when other guys talk to you the way I talk to you. I don’t want you to talk to other guys the way you talk to me.” He pushes you deeper into his chest. 

The wind blows, your hair rides the wind, blinding your already blurry tear full vision. 

“Y/N, promise me, that you wont look at other guys the way you look at me.” His voice drops a handful of octaves. 

Tears start to roll down your cheeks, you can feel your ears starting to burn hot red. You stand there, in his arms, silently crying. Not saying a single word, neither promising or refusing. 

“I’m sorry Y/N, I’m just a green eyed monster. Please forgive me.”