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lmao muslim women only wear hijab because koran says that women body is dirty and you can only show your body to your father or man. koran control women. i'm happy that i'm human who independently and made independently decisions. not follow some misogyny book writen by man god who thinks men are better than women. religons are shit. believe in yourself not in some god man.

first of all, thank you for hiding behind the anonymous icon and judging me for a small piece of cloth i put on my head, it just proves how ignorant you are <3 

now let me tell you a few things about the quran (yes, quran not Koran),  all too often, people read the quran selectively, taking phrases out of context,  use it for whatever point they want to make and i think you’re one of those people. unlike what you believe, islam is not a religion where women sit and take orders, actually I do not know of another religious tradition in which women were so central, so present, so active in its formative history, from the first years of islam women scholars taught judges and imams, issued fatwas, and traveled to distant cities. Some made lecture tours across the Middle East. the real question here is “Are Men and Women Equal Before Allah?” and any person with a brain, who read the quran knows that the answere to this question is YES  just one example is the verse 4:43 from sourat a’nissa’ ( the women), it starts by saying men and women are created “from one soul.” So the Koran starts from the assumption of absolute equality in creation.

“what do you think about all violent thing in writen in koran? murder, rape, violence, about men controlling everything women do? “ wow what kind of quran did you read??? bc the quran i read wasn’t like this, it was quite the opposit actually, the principle reason of fighting in Islam is self-defensive  “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid…If God did not defend one set of people by means of another, then monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of God is commemorated in abundant measure, would surely have been destroyed…” (22:39-40)

Further, Muslims are commanded not to be aggressive: “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors” (2:190) In addition, when the enemy inclines toward peace, Muslims are commanded to cease hostilities: “But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace” (8:61). The guiding principle of Islam with respect to non-Muslims is one of tolerance and mutual respect, plain and simple: “God does not forbid you from dealing kindly and justly with those who do not fight you for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes: for God loveth those who are just.” (60:8)
now let’s talk about hijab. Muslim society prizes female modesty.  Hijab frees women from being thought of as sexual objects of desire or from being valued for their looks, or body shape rather then their minds and intellect.  No longer slaves to consumerism, hijab liberates women from the need to conform to unrealistic stereotypes and images dictated by the media.  Women wearing hijab have expressed that dressing modestly and covering their hair, minimises sexual harassment in the workplace. The aura of privacy created by hijab is indicative of the great value Islam places upon women. Hijab can be a symbol of piety and it can be a sign of great inner strength and fortitude.  A woman wearing hijab becomes a very visible sign of Islam that’s why,  in the last 30 years hijab has emerged as a sign of Islamic consciousness.  Many women see wearing the hijab as indicative of their desire to be part of an Islamic revival, especially in countries where the practice of Islam is discouraged or even forbidden.

whew that was long, sorry if i made many mistakes english isn’t my first language (not even 2nd), thank you.

Hey guys! I decided to make some smaller, cheaper commissions to go along side my bigger stuff. This is especially for people who want to help support me going to school but dont have like, 70$ to drop on a comm.

These are great for things like wanting a picture of a big group (the icons are actually from a set I made for my dnd group!) or wanting something to decorate your blog ( @rose-ebottles​ has privately commissioned sprites from me before and their blog is just fully tricked out with my sprites?? its very good) or if you just want some good cheap pixel art!

This is how big the pixels are for reference, most of my own sprites are Small to Large but I can go bigger or smaller!

More references are here: Sprites - Eggbabies

Contact me at kmsmith@cjsmithesq.com if you’re interested in any of these or have any questions!

listen okay just LISTEN I know homestuck is illegal but I wanted to draw some fanart for @official-spec ’s descendants au bc I fell real in love with Simaha Leijon /and I threw some headcanons on there too

Edit: woah are people actually reblogging this? Just wanted to pop in and make sure everyone knows that this is my personal blog, and if you wanna see my art/ homestuck content follow over on my sideblog @sunroxy !

Mellow | Hong Jisoo icon pack

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  • Feel free to ask for a recolor according to your liking!

good afternoon i made some yukako pride icons bc im gay and i love her

if ur flag isnt here (or if u want another character) lmk and ill make it!!!! 



some of my actual faves i love them all so much! i wanted to get a group shot in but i was just too lazy to find a good picture, so i hope you enjoy these (◕‿◕✿)

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— request me idols i should make icons of! i can also make lock screens.

yk a scene which the fandom has slept on? a section of a scene basically which we don’t shout about enough.

the ssw aftermath scene where aaron literally wakes up robert and calls him rob and we die, and then robert gives aaron a forehead kiss and we die and then aaron mentions the ring on his finger. HE MENTIONS THE SHINY EXPENSIVE RING ON HIS FINGER in the most causal AARON way possible and it is iconic.

like … honestly. the whole thing is just so bloody amazing because it just makes me thinks about the fact that aaron must have woken up at some point, and looked down at the ring and just LOST HIS SHIT. because a) does this mean that ‘scared of commitment and feelings’ robert sugden wants to actually #SETTLE DOWN 4EVER with me??? and b) DID I ACTUALLY MISS IT????

it’s just the way that it’s almost canon that a groggy aaron was a confused mess and for a second thought he was going mad because he has woken up with this BEAUTIFUL RING ON THE CORRECT FINGER and so what does he do? spend a little too long looking at his giant giraffe boyfriend who has proposed to him and GIVEN HIM A RING before deciding he can’t handle the uncertainty for a second longer and decides to wake him up and find out what happened and yeah … it’s the most beautiful thing.

and aaron asks why he has the ring in the most AARON way possible,, he waits until robert has finished giving him the low down about all the dramaz and then he’s like … babe … what’s all this about me wearing a shiny ring on my finger? and it’s not because he’s genuinely confused (not like when he was in the car and said “what’s that for?” when robert waved the box in front of his face) NO. this is because he wants the D E T A I L S. he wants to know what’s happened because he’s engaged and he needs robert to be all gooey and soft and let him now how it happened and what was said and because he genuinely feels guilty and looks CRUSHED about not knowing himself.

and then robert tells him and he replies in the most AARON way possible and blames the morphine for his INSTANT YES of a reply because he is aaron and he cannot possibly be too gooey and soft about anything. and also because he STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT IT IS REAL. because yeah he was high in the sky when he said yes and he meant it but in his mind it was almost like he was in some fantasy dream and everything was soft and good in the world and rob was standing there and he was WAKING UP AND SEEING HIS FACE AND HE WANTED NOTHING MORE THAN TO SEE THE SAME GORGEOUS FACE FOR THE REST OF HIS BLOODY LIFE SO OF COURSE HE SAID YES STRAIGHT AWAY AND THEN CONFIRMED HIS YES.

but anyways like the whole 'babe explain why i have a ring on my finger so i know it wasn’t all a dream’ is the cutest shit in the world and i cry.

thoughts on younger now

Younger Now: why the frogs? thats it. why the frogs, miley? 

Malibu: i said it once i’ll say it again, malibu saved the music industry and thems the facts 

Rainbowland ft Dolly Parton: dolly is adorable and anything she touches is immediately gold 

Week Without You: this is cute jam like chilling with your girls just having fun typa jam 

Miss You So Much: lol do yall remember when we got that shitty low quality ass video of her singing this at some friends wedding, this still goes off tho 

I would die for you: i’ve actually got shivers. This has me shook to my very CORE #iwoulddieforthissong

Thinkin: a BOP a JAM i’m OBSESSED this makes me want to break up with my nonexistent boyfriend 

Bad Mood: catchy as hell, miley humming in the background is more iconic than anything i’ve done in my entire life 

Love someone: “i’m starting to think you have no heart. you have no soul” “it’s time for this queen to go and run another throne” “it’d be a cold day in hell before I’d ever be your wife” SHE REALLY DID THAT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK ON HER EX I THINK HES DEAD 

She’s not him: mileys songs about her ex boyfriend- ur a piece of shit go to hell douchebag. mileys songs about her ex girlfriend- ur a beautiful perfect angel who has never done a single thing wrong in her life ever

Inspired: v nice a genuinely good pure song 


are you guys reaaaady?? owo

all credit goes to the original artist of Underswap BUT BY GOD IF I GET YELLED AT FOR THIS, you will be blocked END OF DISCUSSION…ok?

i am SUPER NERVOUS ABOUT THIS…please don’t be the asshole that makes me shame myself for doing the different aus idea like everybody been wanting me to do ok??….ok…

here are my lovely boys as a random Anonymous requested….hope you guys like them….qwq

Here’s swap! Hybridus and Swap! Hybrid<3!, i’ve had these babies for awhile now…i have been so scared to post them but since you guys really like them…i’m willing to push through my comfort zone and uncover my kids….hope you guys e-enjoy…and if ya do…w-well i’m working on some icons for swap Hybrid r-right now actually h-heh<3


I finished the whole gang in perler beads! I made the Layton a while ago, but now that I got some beads of my own and some free time, I decided to make the rest to match! I used patterns based on the in-game pixels, with a few minor changes (mostly to Flora), and I’m really happy with how they all turned out!

These are all based on the little current-party icons, and the patterns were made by the same person, but Layton ended up being shorter than everyone, and I find that really funny for some reason?

Subject Edit | Choi Seungcheol

how to: admin a twitter rp

alright, let’s start off by saying: there is no wrong or right way to admin a twitter rp ! follow ya heart, baby. however, there are a few tips and tricks that can help your rp become more successful. what makes me qualified ? i’ve had to admin my fair share of rps, some that were crazy successful and some that were absolute FLOPS ! so, i think i know what i’m talkin’ ‘bout. let’s get started !

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As promised, I made some icons out of mangacaps I colored! It’s the 5 icons above but with different background colors.

There are 20 icons of 100x100!

Since it’s only 20 icons, I decided to upload them directly on this post. But if you want to download them all at once, hit me up and I’ll post a download link!

If you want me to make icons of a particular character, just tell me.

Please reblog/like if you (plan to) use! Credit is not necessary but appreciated! c:

The icons are under the cut:

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349 kotoko utsugi icons

character name: kotoko utsugi
series: dangan ronpa: another episode
amount: 349
icon type: formatted


i made these for my rp blog and i still use them kind of but? sharing is caring. if you plan on using these make sure to like/reblog this. pleeease don’t tell people you made these yourself… i will find you.

i made only one artpiece in this that’s used as an icon, so if you’re an artist and see your work here and don’t want it here, contact me and i’ll take it down!

MAAAJOR TW FOR SEXUAL ABUSE, although for the most part it’s just her looking absolutely horrified, know that… that’s a thing.


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matching icons for you and the person that makes you feel at home