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So you’re leaving the dealer in your new car. The “new car smell” is overpowering, as is the existential weight of your new debt. But at least the hard part’s over – aside from the radio and seat adjustments, there’s no real learning curve to a new car. The vertical pedal on the right makes it go, the horizontal pedal on the left makes it stop, and you don’t have a clutch because you’re a filthy fucking coward. What else is there?

Everything, my friend. Absolutely everything.

See, gauges change. Symbols change. Because … I’m not sure why, actually. Automakers want to kill you?

“We are really running into issues with new instrument clusters,” Ryan says. “Since they are slowly transitioning to LED/LCD displays instead of the traditional gauges and bulbs, some of the icons have changed. On all the BMW’s over the last five years, there is no coolant temperature gauge. They just replaced it with a yellow pop-up message in the LCD display that shows a symbol implying the engine is hot.”

Too hot, that is. If your engine isn’t hot at all, then you’re from the future. But the symbols aren’t the only thing that people are getting wrong – some people don’t understand the basics of their car.

5 Little-Known Ways You Suck At Owning A Car

If you’re an professional/student/beginning/aspiring animator

I’m writing a mini-thesis on animation, not only the basics of actually animating (Illusion of Life) but also how animation brings people together from everywhere of all ages. How our interpersonal relationships can develop and how our morality can develop from themes from these creations (Avatar: the Last Airbender). How it creates communities and lets people share in mutual thought.

Basically, if you could do me a huge favor and reblog with the reasons why you love animation/anime/any animated media. If you feel comfortable enough for a mini-interview please message me. I swear I’m not a spam bot.

Please and thank you!!!


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some of my actual faves i love them all so much! i wanted to get a group shot in but i was just too lazy to find a good picture, so i hope you enjoy these (◕‿◕✿)

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I finished the whole gang in perler beads! I made the Layton a while ago, but now that I got some beads of my own and some free time, I decided to make the rest to match! I used patterns based on the in-game pixels, with a few minor changes (mostly to Flora), and I’m really happy with how they all turned out!

These are all based on the little current-party icons, and the patterns were made by the same person, but Layton ended up being shorter than everyone, and I find that really funny for some reason?

French songs

So this has probably definitely been done before, but I thought I might be able to bring something new to the table, so without further ado, here are some French songs and artists you can listen to!

Mika (Elle me dit is pretty much my jam)

Celine Dion y’all know her from Titanic. This Canadian has a ton of songs in French

Jean-Jaques Goldman remains mega popular in France. He’s been making music since, like, the 80s. If you go to France for an extended period of time at some point you will hear his songs

Stromae! What can I even say, if you don’t know him yet you should, my fave Belgian (I don’t know anyone from Belgium)

Johnny Hallyday an icon in France for bringing rock n roll to them or something. Actually wants to be Belgian. I’m not sure if he’s gotten his citizenship yet.

Coeur de pirate only from making this list did I find out she was a) one singular person and b) canadian. Kind of a Christina Perry-esque figure for francophones, from what I can tell.

Indochine Everyone in France knows their songs. Bob O’Malley?

Daniel Balavoine the only song I know of his is “tous les cris les SOS” which is not at all similar to the smash hit anthem by the Jonas Brothers “SOS”

Grégoire I only know his song “Toi + moi” but it’s a banger

Indila apparently also has a song called “SOS” which still bears no resemblance to the Jonas Brothers’ version :,( Anyway her song “dernière danse” got super popular, even making the German top 100 in 2014

Carla Bruni is married to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Zaz the name sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t really know any of her songs. anyway she seems cool

Les Enfoirés–I couldn’t find a mix or a channel for them so you’re just going to have to get yourself over to Youtube and search it yourself. These guys are a bunch of French musicians and singers who raise money for the poor or something. I don’t remember. It’s a good cause

Les Choristes soundtrack I believe the movie is on Netflix if you want to see it

Ella Elle L’a–a French song that everybody knows and apparently everybody also sings. I’m not sure who wrote it or who sang it first but yeah

N’oubliez pas les paroles–French game show where contestants win if they sing songs correctly. I know we have something like that here in the US but I don’t watch game shows very often so I don’t know what it’s called or how similar it is to this truly award worthy game show. It’s hosted by Nagui (sp?) who hosts at least half of all French game shows, I reckon.

Now that I did this I’ve reminded myself of all the kickass French songs out there so I’m gonna go listen to some now. Please add any song or artist I’ve missed!!

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Hello! I want to ask you and your followers a huge favor! My boyfriend is Romanian (but living in Sweden since 2004) and I want to make him a nice playlist with songs in Romanian. I don't want to pick mainstream or necessarily iconic songs, but just random ones that people actually like, even though it has been years since they were released. I really hope I am not bothering you!

I can only think of lame songs right now, but I will edit this post later and add some.

If my followers have some free time to add a couple of titles, it would be nice.

I mean, for the moment I have to deal with bipeoplearentyourpawns harassing me on 2 platforms and possibly getting me into legal trouble by doing so on one of them, but at least I know they’re going to be unbelievably embarrassed about this in 8 years or so.

(When I was a teenager, I got into a flamewar with some dude over him having a vaguely dick-shaped icon. This was on the forums of a music site. I’m still embarrassed about that. And it’s not nearly as cringeworthy as deliberately looking up tentacle fic written by an adult who wants nothing to do with you and then bringing politics there and devoting multiple posts to making fun of their kinks. Yes, I reported them on tumblr. No, they weren’t logged in on AO3, which is a pity, because AO3 would actually be likely to do something about it.)

me, providing your icon needs lmao.
some kh 2.8 icons from the new trailer

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  • feel free to change stuff about them (make them black & white etc)

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matching icons for you and the person that makes you feel at home

i really wanted to actually make myself an icon instead of just using something from my random drawings so yea

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Okay so I noticed that you said in your tag thingies at the bottom on the most recent (and utterly stupid) anon hate that you were 'so done with this site'. If you actually genuinely want to leave, then that's your choice and we 100% support you no matter what. But if it's these dumb fuck anons who can't keep their stupid, baseless comments to themselves that are making you feel this way then PLEASE DON'T! Your writing is amazing and you are one of the kindest souls on here. We love you so much❤

I’m tired of all of the crap that goes on in this site. It’s at the point where I am terrified to click that little envelop icon in fear that it’s going to be some more harsh words directed towards me. Right now I do have some stuff going on, stuff that I will share in the form a fic either tonight or tomorrow. But unfortunately I’m at the point where I’m considering turning off my anon, which sucks because there are people like you who are sweet and I love hearing from. 


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Hey! I was wondering if it was possible to know what psd and texture you used on your Halston Sage gif icons? I adore them and I'd love to make some more for my own personal use but I'm wanting to keep them in the same feel of yours! If it's not possible, that's alright, either way, thank you so much

sure thing, ‘non!! it’s actually a mixture of this, this and this psd, and you can find a link to the actual set up I have for them HERE. super glad to know you like them!!


So naturally I always go Icon hunting for myself cause I can never find the right one for me, and in the process I snatched up a few of these gems. It’s legit all of them with their eyes closed or they are squinting. I just, idk how I did it but it was easier than capturing the things I actually wanted like, wtf.

Besides that, I have way too many captures to keep track of and they are all meant to be Icons, so if you would love a new icon from any one of the MSA’s I will hook you up fam. I went through the whole entirety of Freaking out and captured a lot that I thought were funny, something someone really might want, or just something randomly captured. Here are some examples:

They’re meant to be icons and they are usaully small, so yess Tumblr has to make them big and make the quality go down.

^^^^Now this one, pissed me the fuck off. It took me 10 WHOLE MINUTES to capture this moment. And I’m so happy it turned out well. 

So again, if you would like a certain Icon from a certain moment in either of the MSA’s then just message me and I will hook you up! I’ve got anything from the back of people’s heads to hands, flowers, and Deadbeats. Oh and also the moon, cause who doesn’t like the moon.. 

hey so this is a blog to support people with “gross” stims, like nail biting, skin picking, nose picking, dandruff eating, etc…

I just made this blog so it doesn’t have an icon, theme, or pages yet but I’ll be working on it throughout the day, maybe into tomorrow some.

askbox isn’t open yet because I forgot to open it and i want to at least make an about page before leaving the customize thing. thanks!

God, I loved iconing these shots. 

But, yeah, maybe I could use these as icons for Walter’s hunting gear post-war? Or during his RWBY verse? Or both? Because, it occurred to me. Since Walter is out hunting, wouldn’t he have a need to cover his face in his Post-War verse? He’s certainly a wanted man by some organizations and even in the world, so why not cover his face while he’s out hunting? And the Hellsing organization isn’t actually a group that’s well known, even amongst the Atlesian military in his RWBY verse, but only by a few high-ranking, need-to-know members. They’re like a Black Ops group for the Atlas Military, essentially. 

Besides, it gives me a decent excuse to make more icons of Oliver as Al Sah-Him, tbh.

But, yeah, I just wanted to bring this up, because I’ve been stewing over this idea for weeks now, like Walter having this sort of gear/costume for going Hunting out at night. And I finally found the one resource I could use that isn’t too gimmicky but isn’t too impractical for his verses.