i actually want this song to be my first dance song

mjonesy18 replied to your post “The first day of classes was great! I woke up at 5:30am. Worked out….”

How do you find the energy to wake up so early? What time do you go to bed as a college student lmao?

First of all, I want to put out the disclaimer that I don’t participate in a lot of what most other college students do. I don’t hang out with friends terribly often aside from meals and studying. And I don’t drink, do drugs, or party. So. That’s an important detail as far as time management, because that means I have more time to spend on meditation, exercise, extracurriculars, relaxing by myself, and—you guessed it—sleeping. Though not that much.

But to answer your actual questions…

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have the “energy” to wake up early. I press snooze like everyone else. But recently I changed my alarm to the Pokémon Theme Song. So I might press snooze once. The next time the song starts playing I listen to it while I gradually wake up. As silly as it sounds, I try to sorta half-awake dance to it. Then, where it gets to the ending where it’s like, “Gotta catch ‘em all… PO-KÉ-MON!” I try to force myself to jump outta bed and pump my fist. Silly, but hey, it works.

I think the Pokémon Theme Song is a great song choice because it starts out saying, “I want to be the very best,” which gives me a reason to wake up. And, practically speaking, I also use a light alarm clock (I set both, but I set the light alarm slightly earlier), which helps wake me up naturally, especially when it’s dark outside.

So, all-in-all, it’s discipline, not energy. I have issues with energy due to depression, so I had to find another way (it was definitely a process, but it can be done). I heard in a TED Talk that you have about 5 seconds to do something unpleasant before it actually requires significant energy on your part to decide to do that thing. So try to give yourself a time limit to start.

As for what time I go to bed, it’s generally between 9pm-12am. It varies day to day. If I get home around dinner time feeling tired, I force myself to work until 9pm so I can go to bed early and get the extra rest I need (sometimes I push through it once I start, though!).

I’m not gonna pretend I’ve never done all-nighters, but I avoid them like the plague because they’re miserable af. I’ve learned that sleep is very important to my success. So it’s up to me to be diligent enough in my work to where all-nighters don’t become necessary at all.

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I have a few playlists both on Spotify and Soundcloud, but I’m going with my Vaporwave playlist from Soundcloud

1. I’m Saying “I Love You”-ImCoPav

2. Stunning Vision- Lola Disco ☀

3. another morning-waterfront dining

4. Do It-Iacon 

5.  取得しました UP- ホノルル B L U E

6.  移動 Got Me Moving-Iacon

7. sunburnt-Thelonious Thieves 

8.  高速道路►►►- SPACE MAGIC スペース マジック


10.  Pink Dance ピンクのダンス- Future Girlfriend 音楽

I won’t tag anyone, but if you want to go ahead and do this-do it! :O

  • someone: How are you?
  • what I say: I’m fine
  • what I mean: Did anyone actually hear the song Fake You Out by twenty one pilots? because that song is the ultimate jam. It has the BEST melody, a SICK beat, MIND-BLOWING lyrics, and mashes genres SEAMLESSLY . how is it possible for Tyler Joseph to put all my fears and insecurities in one song AND still make me want to dance? did anyone else hear the same song I did? because if so then you wouldn’t have to ask me trivial questions like “how are you” when you know I haven’t been okay since I first head that song with Vessel’s debut. how dare you ask me such questions. 2 years later I am very clearly still not over that song and it blows my mind how under-appreciated I feel that it is. I even under-appreciate Fake You Out until I hear it after a while and freak out all over again because, like I stated previously, it’s the ultimate jam.
Dance With Me - CasxReader

Summary: After seemingly endless hunt all you want to do is just relax and dance to your favorite song. What makes everything even better is when your angelic boyfriend decides to join you. Requested by @nnoxygen

Words: 939

Warnings: Whiskey, kisses, touching, tbt to previous smut.


Other characters: Dean and Sam.

A/N: Lyrics used are from WALK THE MOON - Shut up and Dance. This is my favorite song <333 And oh, I was actually shocked that it came to 900+ words. This is my first time writing a fan fiction in english, for SPN fandom, so I didn’t expect it to get so lengthy. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think <3

“God, I hate vampires”

“You and me both Y/N” Said Dean as you, he and Sam finally entered the bunker after seemingly endless “milk run”.

You got quite used to rough hunts. This was not your first rodeo, but it was definitely one of the toughest. Not having Cas around also added to the frustration. Not only was it harder to find out who was your target, but having your boyfriend away from you for a week was devastating. You are used to him being away, he was an angel after all, but not for an entire week.

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“My best friend is getting married next year and she’s having ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as her first dance song. I’ve told her I love the idea but I actually don’t. The song is about a beast. I don’t think it’s fair to call her fiancé a beast multiple times while they dance as man and wife! That’s why when I get married, I want 'So This Is Love’ as my first dance song. It’s a truly romantic song! I hope she doesn’t change her mind and want So This Is Love because I want that song!”

OT12 Birthday surprise!

Hello anon! And happy belated birthday ^_^! I actually wanted to post this on the 18th, but I was too busy the whole weekend ;A; I hope you had a good day~

Here goes!

( I still have 16 asks left… ‘cries’ )


*Surprises you with a ‘sexy’ dance.*

‘’Only for you Jagi!’’


*He wrote a song just for you.*

‘’I hope you like it, I put all my love into this song!’’


*He’ll prank you first, pretending that he doesn’t know it’s your birthday. At the end of the day though he will make it up with dinner and presents~*

‘’I got’cha.~’’


*Bakes something for you, makes dinner… just everything. Though he will keep staring at you like that waiting for you to praise him.*

‘’Did I do alright? Are you happy? It’s the best birthday ever, no?’’


*Buys you a dog/puppy as a present not just because he wants one more and spends the whole day with you and the new pet~.*

‘’Happy Birthday, Jagiya~!’’


*Almost forgot about the secret birthday party he planned for you and now he has to run back from the SM Ent. building towards your house.*

‘’Damn it Yi Fan how could you forget?!’’ *Gets there 14 mins…still late tho xD*


*Prince Yixing is going to take you wherever you want, hoping that he can make your birthday a special day.*

‘’Whereever my baobei wants to go, we’ll go!~’’


*Like Kris he prepared a surprise party for you and is going to film the whole thing, only to show you the result the day after. You will most probably find EXO drunk, half-naked, weird and being crazy lol.*

‘’Pfft, this is going to be awesome.’’


Let’s pretend the banan is a slice of cake…ok..:D?

*He made you cake and when it comes down to the last one he teases you.*

‘’Wanna share the last piece?’’ *As you’re about to say yes, he eats it all on his own, but don’t worry he still has one left~*

‘’Happy Birthday, Jagi. Yehet!’’


*Spends the whole day shopping with you.*

‘’Whatever you want Jagi I will buy it for you, this is your day~’’


*He can’t come to your birthday party since he has a concert overseas. Tao will send you a cute happy birthday message with baekhyun in the background.. and sends you a present from his trip, something unique and special.*

‘’Happy Birthday, Jagiya, I’m sorry I cannot be there today but I hope you’ll have an awesome day, I miss you.’’


*Minseok also throws a surprise party for you. After he’s finished setting everything up with the quests he goes into hiding waiting for you.*

‘’When will she be here, I really want to show her!’’

Again happy birthday~ I hope this is sufficient as a birthday present haha xD Really hope you like it :)

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