i actually used textures

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Maybe Alya in 157?

I was so excited when I saw this request because I love Alya so much.

Thank you for the request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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ok, now this difference is much bigger than a year-and-a-bit. i think it’s more like four years or so’s difference now. the main difference of course is it being ink+sharpie vs digital, but also, when i was sixteen i was like, allergic to curved lines and like insisted on using straight lines wherever possible…i was definitely trying to emulate someone’s style, i just can’t remember which!

my problem with monster high was that i had convinced myself i knew more about fashion than they did (i didn’t) so i was forever drawing fairly crappy outfits for them ‘cause i thought ‘this is what real teens wear!’ they don’t. i mean, monster high kids don’t dress like real teens either, but i’ve gotten over myself now. and the MH kids are fashion GOALS. so in the updated version, i drew them with the outfits they actually wore in the animated movie scaris: city of frights. not super different, but still…

anyway, there was a bigger journey between these than my last re-draw, but i’m super happy to see the difference. i think (i hope) 16-year-old me might be pleased to know how her style develops…???

sketchy, sketchy


love & letter repackaged - new tracks

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Hi! So i came across your blog quite recenly and your 3D works are amazing!! May I ask how you do your textures and UV mapping? I'm currently working on a project and I've been having a hard time with that! It's super overwhelming and some tips would really help! Thanks anyway and sorry if I'm bothering you

Awh, thank you! It’s no bother at all~

Unfortunately, I don’t actually use textures or UV mapping on my models. I color the faces directly with various materials, following the method from this tutorial. This way definitely has some limitations, and adding smaller details can Really up the polycount, but I personally prefer it!

Back when I DID do textures, though, I pretty much just followed the method from this tutorial.

I hope that helps a bit! Sorry I don’t have many tips of my own to share– I’m entirely self-taught, so all I really have is other people’s tutorials ;w; (they explain things better than I could, at least, lmao)

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I just want to say that I think that your toddler hairs are adorable and I don't want you to think that i'm ungrateful for your gifts, but I was wondering if maybe you could put a curly like texture to it or a easy tutorial on how to do it ourselves.

I actually have no clue how to retexture hair :) I only use the textures the hair comes with, but if you find someone who knows how they are free to retexture them!


after almost a year I’ve finally made my canon inquisitor Cerys Trevelyan [will smith pose] I have pretty much her entire playthrough planned out I just have to actually play it lmao !!!

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@loverofpiggies‘ comic Aftertale is so far a personal favorite of mine and this weekend this glitchy, smiley trashbag found his way into my doodles. 

looking at it now, I may have gone a little overboard with the glitches but what the hey this was just a little something to draw and keep me sane during midterms

Adrienette inspired by Heartstrings by @taylordraws because that fic is so perfect and so is she. I am trash for this show.

In an effort to make myself feel somewhat better about the state of my art these days, I did one of those ‘through the years’ things.

2011: I overuse textures and photoshop filters to (poorly) mask how horrendous I am at drawing.

2012: I actually start using references. (And kick the texture addiction.)

2013: I take over the TF2 fandom with blinding colours and lots of very static drawings of characters looking at each other.

2014: I attempt to draw backgrounds for once in my life and forget how to use lineart.

2015: For the first half of the year I draw something every single day, and then I don’t pick up my pen for six months.

I don’t know if I’ve improved much in terms of the diversity of my subject matter, but hopefully my technique has seen some improvement! High hopes for 2016.