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Ame no Uzume [天鈿女命] is the goddess of dawn, mirth and revelry in the Shinto religion of Japan. She famously relates to the tale of the missing sun deity, Amaterasu.

Amaterasu’s brother, the storm god Susanoo, had vandalized her rice fields, threw a flayed horse at her loom, and brutally killed one of her maidens due to a quarrel between them. In turn, Amaterasu became furious with him and retreated into the Heavenly Rock Cave, Amano-Iwato. The world, without the illumination of the sun, became dark and the gods could not lure Amaterasu out of her hiding place.

It was then that the clever Uzume overturned a tub near the cave entrance and began a dance on it, tearing off her clothing in front of the other deities. They considered this so comical that they laughed heartily at the sight. Amaterasu heard them, and peered out to see what all the fuss was about. When she opened the cave, she saw her glorious reflection in a mirror which Uzume had placed on a tree, and slowly emerged from her hiding spot. At that moment, the god Ame no Tajikarawo dashed forth and closed the cave behind her, refusing to budge so that she could no longer retreat. Another god tied a magic straw rope across the entrance. Other deities then asked Amaterasu to rejoin the divine. She agreed, and light was restored to the earth.

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How do you make such great space background? (*my tablet isn't with me and my Laptop is ancient so I can't practice...but I'd like to learn how you do it, sensei)

My SAI came with a really cool wide variety of brush textures. I use this one!

I actually do not remember my process from here, so you may experiment if you wish, these are just a few pointers i guess?!


Moonrise Kingdom Colour Posters Series

… I love you too.

Slightly reluctant to post this here because I’m just starting out and there’s so many talented artists on tumblr that I can’t really compare to them, but we all gotta start somewhere. Here is Vex'ahlia, probably my favourite half-elven ranger ever.

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how would gwyn and augus feel about body paint i read a fic where it had it in and it was so sensual i was amazed cause i'd never thought of body paint being sensual or used in a BDSM scene or anything like that, and i'm just curious on your thoughts? i can imagine gwyn painting a map on augus back of ethalls forest or his lake or something like that, what about ash and gulvi as well

I’ve read some good body paint fics before (though I know more about it irl since it’s an easy thing to do and doesn’t have to have anything to do with BDSM - a lot of artist friends means inevitably knowing people who do this for fun and pleasure lol), but I’m not sure Augus or Gwyn would ever do it? (Though I’d be so happy if someone else wrote it, lol).

I just personally feel that for me, Gwyn is too rigid to think of painting on someone’s body, and I think he would not find it remotely sexual in the process. And Augus…would probably be like: ‘what’s in those inks? How did you make them? Are you sure they’re safe? You never made them to go on skin did you? Do you know what sort of skin permeability they have? Are they permanent? They last a long time on parchment. I don’t want this to stain.’

But I’ve wanted to write other characters who would be up for that. I have a sculptor character in the Perth Shifter series (Leo) who would very much be up for this I think, and has probably done it before. And his love interest (Aodhan) would be up for it too, especially because it’s gentle and sensual.

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this is a bit of an odd question, but! your bakes are extremely high quality, from what i've seen of the luxurious bedding one you released a while back, and i was just wondering if you could please tell me how you do them? - more specifically, what are your settings in blender for them? if you don't mind me asking, i mean! thank you :)

I actually don’t use the default baking option in blender to create the base for my textures. I actually use EZ Bake plugin, part of a set of TS3 tools which I find gives much better results for what I am after. It basically uses the blender baking system, but uses presets which I find works a lot better then meddling with numerous settings. I just use the dropdowns to select the size of the texture I want, then Raytrace method, and it does the rest. You can find it here:


Another handy tip is placing a plane underneath your mesh to cast a shadow when you bake. This acts much like the ground would as you don’t have light emanating from this direction. I usually make it about 25% bigger then the objects area from looking at it above, and about 0.25 units below, but experiment to get the look you are after. 

Most of what you see outside of that is what I accomplish in Photoshop as it can’t be achieved just by baking. That really comes down to practice. Hopefully that answers your question :)

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