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Klangst Week: Day 3 - Hurt/Comfort

Summary: They both knew that their first time would be wild. Morning after au.


A blinding light shone through Keith’s eyelashes as he slowly comes back into consciousness. He scrunched his face tight as to stop the light from getting through. He rolled over under the warm covers in his otherwise dark room; to avoid the sun coming through the gap in between the curtain and the window sill, only to find something blocking him in his way.

Keith sits up slowly, trying his best to keep his eyes open; rubbing them and stretching out all of his muscles in the process.

‘Oh yeah, now it’s all coming back…’ he thought as a smug grin crept up onto his face as the memories of last night returned to him. Him and Lance had waited purposefully until they were back safe on earth to go to this level in their relationship. They wanted to see if they could maintain it here as well as they did in space.

Their theory proved successful and they made the jump. A warm feeling took over Keith’s stomach and he ignored the weird feeling of being 100% naked in bed, he always had at least warm boxers. It was a good, exciting feeling. Then there was the actual sex. That was even better.

Their first time was perfect, a little awkward and they had no idea what they were doing, but perfect.
Keith’s sleepy grin widened.

Now that his eyes were properly adjusted to the room he turned to face the sleeping boy next to him; the love already evident in his eyes at the thought of how his precious boyfriend would look while sleeping.

But as his eyes focused on the peaceful boy next to him all the colour was drained from his face. The warm feeling from moments ago was long gone and his eyes held the most astounding look of terror.

The perfect flawless face he expected to see was no where to be found underneath the bruises and scratches that littered Lance’s face.

He wanted to scream. Wake Lance up. But at the same time he didn’t want to see the rest of Lances body if just his face was so badly damaged.

What had he done! Had he really been that wild? How do you even bruise someone there? He knew he would transform into his Galra state last night; but he never thought that this would happen. What had he done!

Finally the shock and horror and anger towards himself built up and Keith exploded in a massive cry. The Cuban boy resting next to him jumped awake from his slumber, ready to attack.

Lance stopped mid sentenced and hissed in pain, holding his bruised ribs and shoulders.

This only made Keith panic even more, spluttering out apologies and cursing himself.

Upon realising his boyfriends distress, Lance let go of himself and stopped examining the damage; engulfing Keith in a massive hug, shushing him and telling him that it’s all okay.


“Hey, hey baby it’s fine. I’m okay. Please calm down.” He soothed as he wiggled closer to Keith.

Keith pushed him off and manically clambered over to the other corner of the queen sized mattress; concealing his lower half with the blanket, scared to let himself anywhere near Lance.

“No… no… don’t come near me.” He struggled to catch his breath. Just as he would begin to calm down, one look at Lance would send sobs wracking through his body and he would be back to square one.

He wanted to look away but he couldn’t. Scratches, bite marks and bruises marked every inch of lances chest, arms and neck.

“I’m so sorry Lance. I’ll, I’ll never do it again, I’m so sorry.” He whimpered.

“No Keith please. Last night was so much fun. I wouldn’t have let you do anything if I wasn’t okay with it. I knew you would turn Galra. That’s what excited me. Please Keith, come here.” He told his boyfriend, stretching out his long, injured arms.

“No I can’t. I’ll hurt you. I’ll never forgive myself. I, I hate what I am.” His voice was barely a whisper as he spoke. His throat was sore from crying, mixed with just waking up, it was raspy and so hoarse.

Lance didn’t know what to say after that. He took a proper look at himself for the first time since being woken up. There wasn’t a visible spot on him that was mark free. It was a lot to take in, but to be honest he was proud to bare every single one of them. He was Keith’s and he wouldn’t mind if everyone knew. Last night had been the best night of his life. He would 100% do it again.

But Lance looked back over to Keith to see him resorted to laying his head between his knees, shaking and cursing himself, over and over, telling himself that he was a monster.

Lance never wanted Keith to feel like this. He tried to get to his knees, but any movement sent waves of pain shooting from his lower half to every other part of his body. Man they were rough.

He wanted to wince, cry out, hold his injuries to dull the pain. But nothing he was going through could be nearly as bad as how Keith was feeling about himself. And that was the priority to Lance.

He moved slowly over to where Keith was and carefully wrapped him in another bare hug. Keith was to upset to protest.

“I love you.” He whispered in Keith’s ear before kissing the side of his head. Keith didn’t budge and continued to tremble. Lance slowly moved down to kiss behind his ear then down under his jaw before Keith pulled away.

He looked at Lance in the eyes and sighed exhaustedly. Lance’s heart broke at the sight of red and puffy eyed Keith; out of breath and cheeks streaked from crying.

Lance never broke eye contact as he rested there foreheads together.

They breathed together in sync for a few seconds before Lance couldn’t help but smile. They had really just done that, IT!

Soon Keith bore a smile to match and they found themselves exchanging small chuckles to each other.

“Well, we better find the big sweaters and turtle necks.” Joked Lance, which made Keith feel really guilty and tear up a little again but he sniffed it all up and just nodded his head in response.

“I wonder if anyone heard us.” Lance added.
This only made Keith’s eyes grow to the size of some of the hickeys on Lances chest. And that’s saying something.