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Lockscreen’s from this twitter called bittersweet I think? But I can’t seem to find it anymore (╥_╥) My home screen is from the twitter kookiechimm - her art is amazing and I love how cute this one is!! Okay and last song is (not bts but it’s) something I’d totally recommend even though it isn’t a title track ( ^ ~ ^ )/ 

AND okay so there’s a story: I went to school for a project meeting yesterday (28th), and my friend took one look at my shirt and then checked her phone and was like “WRONG DAY! You should wear that tomorrow!!” Bc yeah March 29… So here’s my selfie for 29th March even though it’s not any special day bc shirt calls for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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11 things about me

I was tagged by @theweirdgirlthatlikesmetal :)

1. My face is actually a pop tart

2. Music is one of my fave things, particularly metal which i think everyone knows

3. Art is my other fave thing…sometimes

4. I wanna be a tattoo artist and have my own shop

5. I love tea, it’s pretty much the only beverage i drink

6. I can’t stand alcohol for numerous reasons, mostly to do with a cheating shitbag of an ex

7. Beaches are my favourite places to be

8. Because im secretly a mermaid

9. Gaming is also my fave thing to do

10. I can play instruments of the guitar kind but not so much any more

11. I love animals

I tag everyone who wants to do this

the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots


i actually have quite a few fave t-shirts (makes sense because i love them in real life) check them out!!

  1. servobride’s crop tshirts - unfortunately unavailable but you can download a recolour with the mesh included at the link :-)
  2. marvinsims’ boat neck tees
  3. mylssimblr’s sim pop culture tshirts
  4. bratsims’ snack tees - so cute i die
  5. my rose tits tshirt - sorry LOL but i love having my sims wear this as pjs tbh :’-)

other lists I’ve done can be found here, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’-) (quick reminder i am on hiatus!)

  • Martha: Veronica, I think it’s a ruse. A set-up. And I even think JD might be trying to kill Heather Duke!
  • Veronica: Jason Dean is one of the kindest, bravest, gentlest, sexiest men I have ever met! JD is trying to kill Heather Duke just about as much he’s trying to kill me!
  • JD, who is literally holding a bomb sandwich: Why, Veronica! I just happened to be in the kitchen and I made you this delicious sandwich!
  • Veronica: See, Martha? How thoughtful!

So I’ve been in a huge slump, and an even bigger art block the past few weeks, so I decided to do an exercise where I redraw a comic page in my own style. The Scott Pilgrim series is one of my faves, and I haven’t read it in a while, so I selected a random page and just went with it :P it actually took longer than I thought it would, and I KNOW the proportions/colours are weird,but I think it looks alright despite all that?? haha

Characters are © to Bryan Lee O’Malley


“the first reason was because if you had a rehearsal for a school band you could leave a lesson, that was the first reason we started this band.” 

anonymous asked:

Ive been thinking about the moving castle au all day dude. Have you thought about the other characters at all?? cus Maru could totally fit dave and like, caliborn as the witch of the waste or something?? i am so for this you have no idea

every shitty AU i have thrown onto my garbage dump of a blog, i have thought a lot about, dear anon

the most important one is obvs hal full name halcifer. that’s the idea that kinda started this whole thing actually because he’s this demon tied to dirk/howl but he’s trapped by him in one location so all he can do is sass and eat egg shells and something something soul splinters

but in brief:

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Also, yall asking for advice and stuff, I don’t know if I mentioned it but!! Listing to motivational talks is great!!! FOR EVERYTHING!!! It gets you excited about life and hobbies and in general!! You accomplish stuff!! My personal fave speaker is Jim Rohn, I think I listened to all the podcasts, you can find them on youtube! They are kinda long but if you play them instead of music is2g a wave of reflections will hit you like a ton of bricks and theres hope youll actually change or do something!!

I’m leaving you with one of my fave lectures

my fave dialogues from s8 so far:

- “now i feel it BEFORE you hit me” “woah really?”
- then this guy started talking smack!
- why are you dressed like me? get a life dude
- i think ive heard enough… to know that i need to hear it all again
- look at my eyes when im angry! hey! hey!

- im not actually a doctor, i just came here one day for my xray result and my first name is doctor and one thing lead to the other
- A SWORD? thats not how you practice medicine!

- (monotone voice) woohoo.
- “youre not gonna ban your granddaughter from her own skatepark are you?” “man i hope so”
- i still think this is a terrible idea

- “the only prison is this planet” “welcome to the club”
- what? WHAT? WHAAAAT?!

- what if i do something stupid and hes like dang this guy is so stupid
- stab him with a giant srynge of respect
- games bookstore
- not dialogue but the volcano of beach balls is amazing



Y/N: I don’t understand why I have to stay behind, I am more than capable of handling myself out there! I should go out and help them!

K-2SO: That is a bad idea. I think so and so does Cassian.

Y/N: Wha-?!

K-2SO: But Cassian told me not to tell you that. 

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Marauders Era Preference- Bugs

rivenmoiety said:
An enormous bug just flew into my room and came at me. I’m not too proud to admit I screamed a little. So could I request a preference of how different characters would react to a gigantic bug flying at you? (And one of them be Sirius ‘cause he’s my fave?) Thanks!

A/N: so sorry for the wait! I hope the bug isn’t still in your room lmao

James would play the protective boyfriend. He’d save you from the bug by whacking it with a fat book or a shoe or something. Afterwards he’d definitely playfully tease you about it though. “Watch out Y/N! The bug’s back for revenge!”
“Shut it, James. It’s just a leaf.” *rolls eyes and laughs*

Sirius would ever-so-heroically carry you out of the room or something. He’s kiss you and claim he was just “taking your mind of the bug”. He’d claim that he carried you from the room because he’s “saving you” but he’s still wary when the time comes to re-enter the room.

When you squealed, his head would’ve snapped up and he’d’ve been ready to fight & protect, but when he found out it was just a bug he’d laugh, trap it in a jar and let it go outside. After that he’d come and cuddle you and offer you some chocolate.

You’d both be out of that room like lightning. You’d both sprint down the corridor and come to a stop at the other end and laugh your heads off at your reactions. You two would just find something else to do that doesn’t involve that room in any way for a while.

Like Remus, Lily would trap it and let it go outside. But first, you two would have a good look at the bug and probably name it. You’d have a running joke about “Henry the Cicada” or something from that point onwards.

Tim Drake with dimples.

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Mythology | Egyptian Goddesses

In the Egyptian predynastic period, Neith was known as the goddess of hunting, though her realm of influence also encompassed war and weaving of fine cloths. She is one of the earliest worshiped Egyptian deities and was hailed as the wise Mother of gods. She was often depicted carrying a crossed bow and arrow and wearing the blood red crown representing lower Egypt. 

Nephthys was a night goddess and protector of the dead, also representing decay and invisibility. She offered spirits safe passage through multiple realms of the afterlife and provided comfort to mourning families. She was symbolized as a woman with a basket set atop her head (an emblem often inscribed upon coffins), and her alternate form was a hawk with outstretched, protective wings. 

Hathor was the sky goddess of love, beauty, music, and dance, with additional influence upon the sun and moon. It is thought that all Egyptian goddesses were initially some form of her. Her symbol is the sistrum (a percussive instrument), and she often materialized as a woman with a starry cow’s head, or a full woman with a moon-shaped headdress. 

The solar Sekhmet was a warrior goddess of fire, vengeance, and war. She protected the pharaohs of her land and guided them into fierce battles, striking enemies down with arrows dipped in fire. She was referred to as the Scarlet Lady because of her nearly unquenchable bloodlust. She appears as a woman with a wild, powerful lion’s head, and many believed that her breath created the desert.