i actually think this one is my fave

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that was honestly one of the softest liveshows and my fave so far :(((( what do you think tiff??

im actually now going to rewatch it a second time (cause i missed the first part) so i’ll liveblog down my feelings as i go (SPOILER ALERT; I THINK.. DAN AND PHIL ARE IN LOVE,, SOFT HUSBANDS)

- dan in the white hat and kaonashi sweater and holding his pillow is the cutest and softest thing please, he’s the softest most good boy, a soft looking angel; phil dressing in black (/ mostly black) is the best thing that’s ever happened to us as a human species and we must bow to him, phil invented the color black
- they’re talking about merch for the shop, and yet why does it feel like they’re discussing which flowers to choose for their wedding ceremony—
- “we are in the room that’s not the room” pretty sure, like 10000% sure, it’s their room with the double bed where they sleep together every night
- phil called him DANNY with a deep voice and for 3 full seconds you can see dan got affected by it and i think that’s just lovely
- they’re…..in Love…………..just my analysis
- phil looks like he wants to punch dan in the face but in the most fond way possible, if he tried to punch him rn tiny hearts would come out of it
- PHIL phiL Phil phil  P HIL   P H I    L phIL phill phill l lpHIOL   P   H   I    L
- dan: “i’m wearing a hat cause im fluffy” YES YOU ARE I CAN CONFIRM, THE FLUFFIEST BOYE :((((((
- something tells me dan likes phil but im not sure because he’s only said his name 18297234379597 times maybe i am mistaken……
- phil and dan smiling together? true love is real and alive
- “PHIL, BITE YOUR LIP AGAIN” you might think dan was reading the chat but i was actually there next to him and he just said that by himself (his face when phil did it though? he felt Something)
- sorry for being gross and cheesy but dan’s laugh can make flowers grow
- dan pretending not to know what the chapstick challenge is…. pls…. what a phake, im sure he’s filmed it with phil and the .mp4 is hidden somewhere in his computer, i dont believe this
- phil: “i’m not gonna put it in your mouth”…… i have things to say but im not gonna say them, i think dan’s face when he says that is self explanatory
- this guessing game shouldn’t be as cute as it is but since the 2 boyfriends are doing it then it looks like i just dipped my whole body in honey (the honey is a metaphor for Real Love)
- is it just me or dan got more comfortable in phil’s liveshows?? i remember he said he wasnt comfortable much in phil’s liveshows but he really does seem more comfortable to me now [cries softly]
F         O          N           D
- how phil said he’s going to reblog more fanart and “showcase” the posts we make and “boost the artists”, i love him so muchhch what a good man ;______;   [btw PLEASE @ PEOPLE, DONT POST EMBARRASSING THINGS IN THE TAG, THE MAN IS LURKIN]
- “💓💓💓💓💓SERIOUSLY💓💓💓💓💓💓WHAT IS WRONG💓💓💓💓💓💓💓WITH THIS GUY💓💓💓💓💓”
- update: dan and phil are in love
- “💖💖💖💖💖💖💖PHIL💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 WHAT A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖”
- when phil was scared of dan spraying him, that was……………..too cute
- “i got some quinoa” “are you going to give me some quinoa?” “do you want some quinoa?” “yeah, cook me some quinoa” i literally feel like the most third wheel person to have ever third wheeled, what is this
- “if you don’t know who this guy is it’s DAN💕💕💕💕 DANIEL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 LOOK HIM UP 💕💕💕💕💕 IT’S DANIEL HOWELL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕”
- last update of the day: dan and phil are in 100% Love

my conclusion: SOFT 10000000000000/10, IN LOVE 1000000000000000∞

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When I got into bts there was 1 particular moment that got me to think that jk actually liked jm & that ji/kook were close. It's the moment where jm is with v listening to music & jk tries to make v leave jm's side just to run & go sit next to him. I LOVE that moment (sorry tae) but the way he just stood behing them trying to get jm's attention & then used that soccer ball to get tae out of the way was so kdrama like lol

that’s one of my fave jikook moments purely because jungkook is so obvious that he wants to sit with jimin. and only him. and i saw v/kook shippers saying jungkook wanted to play with tae and that it wasn’t a jikook moment which ?? but whatever, onto the moment lmaooo. 

like, the way he watches them for a bit, and then does everything he can to have jimin notice him. like, picking up his water bottle and then throwing it back down. and dancing around behind jimin and tae. and then kicking the ball at tae’s back and sitting down the second he can. like. iconic. i love juungkook being a shy kid who doesn’t know how to properly show affection and does everything he can to get jimin to notice him. wow. 

things I think about when I’m on the train: 

  • which castes of children do I think I could do right by (answer: complicated) 
  • would Makel Alasi get less shit if he wasn’t crosscaste or am I just mad that people criticize my fave (answer: involves a hypothetical and cannot be answered) 
  • is it ethical for me to have children and is it ever going to be (answer: no and hopefully)
  • setting aside spring babycrazy, do I actually rationally want to have children (answer: yes but not enough to have one) 
  • would I be happier if I wasn’t half-yellow (answer: I would be such a different person that the question has no meaning) 
  • would I be happier if I were a yellow (answer: god I have no idea) 

Here are some LGBT movies I’ve watched !!

Top picks (in alphabetical order)

Big Eden (2000)
Gay artist Henry moves from NYC to small hometown to take care of sick grandfather. A really sweet, heartwarming story. Bonus points for no homophobia (!!) plot line & a gay native american man, Pike, who is adorable and crushes on Henry.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Who hasn’t seen this? Two shepherds and their tumultuous love story over the years. 

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)
Girl gets sent to a boot camp meant to alter her sexuality. Funny and aesthetic and really cheesy but worth the watch.

Carol (2015)
A young woman in her 20s, Therese Belivet is a clerk working in a Manhattan department store and dreaming of a more fulfilling life when she meets Carol, an alluring woman trapped in a loveless, convenient marriage. 

First Girl I Loved (2016)
Girl falls in love with the most popular girl from her school. Bonus points for a nuanced and realistic portrayal of teenagers.

The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho, 2014)
Brazilian coming-of-age drama about a blind boy who falls in love with his classmate. Based on a short film called “I don’t want to go back alone”, which you can find on youtube.

Holding The Man (2015)
In the 1970s, two teen boys in Australia fight all obstacles thrown their way and refuse to renounce the love they feel for each other. Based on Australia’s “most famous gay biography”.

I Killed My Mother (J’ai Tué Ma Mère, 2009) 
Biographical drama. Directorial debut of Quebecois actor Xavier Dolan, which he also wrote, produced and starred in. My favourite film by him.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)
Biographical drama/thriller. A murder in 1944 draws together the great poets of the beat generation. Peep Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan.

Laurence Anyways (2012)
A drama that charts ten years in the relationship of a transgender woman’s relationship with her lover. Directed by Xavier Dolan.

Maurice (1987)
The story of a gay man in the early 20th century. A really sweet film with bonus points for being a gay period drama that - spoilers - has a happy ending.

Moonlight (2016) (see title card)
A chronicle of the childhood, adolescence and burgeoning adulthood of a young black man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami. First lgbt film (and film with all-black cast) to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards 2017.

Pride (2014)
U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984. A truly feel-good movie every one should watch.

The Handmaiden (2016)
A woman is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but secretly she is involved in a plot to defraud her. It’s been called a “South Korean Gothic Lesbian Revenge Thriller”. Just watch it. Trust me. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
A cult-classic and must-watch. Need I say more?

Rest of movies in alphabetical order under cut, with some commentary by yrs truly (me. a gay.)

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Me Before Power Rangers (2017): I like the Power Rangers. You know, I used to catch a few episodes as a kid. It always looked real cheesy, but I enjoyed the few I watched. But I wasn’t ever like obsessed or anything. Hell, I didn’t even know their names. I just referred to them by the color of their suit. I didn’t even know they had names. 



i still think about boysbe a lot


( 0 8 . 0 6 . 1 7 ) 🎧 dancing in the moonlight - toploader

feeling really unfocused today because i didn’t get enough sleep. at least i got lithuanian candy in the mail from my parents, but i don’t think the sugar rush is helping tbh

june study challenge day 8: what’s your favourite thing to drink while studying? my own tears :’) jk jk i drink a LOT of water but my fave actually would be earl grey tea! this one is still from my boyfriend’s birthday gift to me, i’ve been saving it up but it’s the very last bag ; __ ;

parted, and never parted || kiribaku week 2017

kiribaku || 4,100 words || sfw || @kiribakuweek2k17

Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. 

space / fantasy au / nightmares

>> READ ON AO3 <<

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Mutsuki and the Tragic Irony of TG134

(Sorry not sorry for talking about Mutsuki again; he’s one of my faves so I’m probably always going to talk about him no matter what happens.)

It’s just so tragically ironic that in his desperate quest to maintain the family that he truly felt safe among–the only time he really felt safe in his life–and in his quest to get Sasaki–an illusion–back, he’s ignoring the family he still has (Urie and Saiko).

While he’s off chasing Sasaki under the delusion of loving him, the man who actually has feelings for/quite possibly loves him is dying. 

While I don’t think there’s even a remote chance Urie will die here, he’s probably going to frame out and then either be captured and scheduled for execution or be forced to flee and abandon Mutsuki. Either way, Mutsuki is the one who set this in motion (not that he’s in his right mind and is possibly not capable of understanding what he’s doing) by going after Yoriko to get at Touka and Kaneki, and now he’s facing consequences for it: he’s hurt Saiko, because Yoriko is her friend, his actions have led to Urie trying to talk to Furuta and now Urie’s being attacked, etc. If Urie is captured and scheduled for execution, Mutsuki will know he is partially responsible; hopefully Saiko will confront him about it like she confronted Urie and said she would do a few chapters ago. 

If Urie is forced to flee and leave them, it’s going to be tragically ironic that Mutsuki’s attempts to bring back Kaneki after he left them directly led to Urie–the one Mutsuki seems to trust most–being forced to leave him too. 

His attempts to save the family he desperately wants have only hastened its destruction. Whatever happens next, as Urie forewarned Mutsuki back in 126, there’s no going back to that house Mutsuki wants to return to. 

And whatever happens in the 24th ward, he’s going to return to the CCG and find that what he told himself he was fighting for has fallen apart. Hopefully then Mutsuki will be forced into a realization instead of sinking further into denial/an inability to face what he’s done like he did after the deaths of biological family.  

he y so… ive been thinking about stuff and i came to the conclusion that i have this really bad habit of Loving a thing very much & drawing lots of fanart for it but never actually posting it anywhere bc im embarrased or something like that

and i really really wanna break said habit, so i think im gonna start posting more diverse content on here from now on!!

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This may sound like a weird question .. but I am always fascinated by fans who say that a certain actor/actress is a good kisser .. I mean unless one is actually being kissed how can you tell? I've read fans say that about Hook(i.e Colin) .. & as someone who doesn't have much experience in that department I was wondering if you could explain how one comes to that conclusion .. if you need to add gifs/videos to your answering as a learning tool please do ;)

Hi nonny!!!

Well, I can’t speak for other fans, I can only give my personal interpretation and hopefully my wonderful shipmates will be able to chime in more.

Firstly, I just want to start by saying that i think its a common hope/assumption (in the name of fan bias) that your fave will be/is a good kisser. And there’s nothing wrong with that, we all hope for it (and it’s why we probably watch kissing scenes intensely to boot)

But in the case of one killian jones (and colin cos fuck it, it’s the same body) i’ll provide whatever evidence I can to back up my claims.

For me, it’s all about the mouth and lip movement. 

1. Those lips

Homie has a nice set of plump, soft looking lips. Perfect for cushioning and caressing said lucky female’s lips.

Originally posted by manoudaily

And that bottom lip looks perfect for nibbling/sucking on, let’s be real.

Originally posted by captainswan-hooked

(bless those soft, red, sticky lips- good lord)

2. Re-entry and mouth movement.

No one wants to kiss someone that’s imitating a fish gasping for oxygen. So movement is key for me.

Originally posted by onceuponakillianandemma

Originally posted by emmakillian

Head tilts, jaw stretches, not being afraid to open that mouth and get stuck in, lip tugging- all have been visible in the CS kisses at some point. 

Originally posted by margaeryqueen

Originally posted by swanspirate

3. Passion

The drive to want that kiss. “Imma claim your mouth with my mouth” kind of thing.

Originally posted by alejandrafree

Originally posted by saralou23

Originally posted by captainswan-hooked

If you want a good passionate kiss, you’re gonna want someone who’s dedicated and an enthusiastic participant. 

Originally posted by ceeyoutea

4. Additional bonuses

It’s not just about the mouth. Those hands and how he uses them, spark fire in the veins (and loins) too. And of course the forehead touches and talking against the lips. 

Originally posted by dailycsgifs

Originally posted by lenfaz

Face caressing, Hair grabbing, waist placement. 

Originally posted by falldown-getupagain

Originally posted by mademoiselleparticuliere

All additional bonuses to a great kiss.

So yeah. For me, just by watching captain swan kisses, it looks to me that he makes a hell of a good kisser. 

But reality and fantasy are usually worlds apart so I could be very very wrong. Who knows??


“What stood out to me about the book is the idea that the world is changing and we’re gonna have to figure out how to cope with that as a society. What stood out to me about the film… I actually got a different message from the film. I got more of like a life, like how to live your life and how to appreciate the fact that we have intense sadness in our life. We have these intense negative things happen to us, but it’s balanced out by intense passion and happiness and joy and you know, all these beautiful things that we have. So I think the way that you think about your life is what you come away with from the movie.” Taylor Swift on The Giver

Day 7:  Inspired by a Gorillaz song

Making me choose a song to be the “most fave” is cruel c’monnnnn so I just shuffle my playlist and El Manana came up

(Excuse me I’m gonna talk shit for a bit ahem) People usually think 2D is the one that has the unrequited love for Murdoc, I actually think it’s the opposite. Well that’s my headcanon anyway, since Murdoc did a lot of things that felt like he was jealous, obsessive, and even desperate to keep 2D around. I know that canonically he’s just do that for the sake of the band and money what an ass, but idk, I really think he’s the one with the unrequited love, not 2D.

But yea.

Also this is the end of 2doc week sobs, phew I actually finish a challenge for once áaaaaa. 

It was lots of fun! Thank you @lovino-drawz for creating this challenge!


I got quite a few asks about my eye color in my selfie today, mostly people going “wait what, I thought you had blue eyes not green!” so I’m bringing back these photos so you can get a better look.

Yes those are all me, no I haven’t photoshopped my eyes, they are indeed changing color from picture to picture. It is however, nothing to do with my ~emotions~, but a genetic mutation called heterochromia iridum. 

For some people that means one eye is one color, say, blue, and the other might be brown. If you punch heterochromia iridum into google image you’ll see lots of results. That’s a pretty rare form of it though, as most people seem to have only one eye affected, and it’ll usually be blue with brown markings in it, usually central (around the pupil) or sectoral (elsewhere in the iris like an outer corner)

And then there’s weird mutant bastards like me who have central and sectoral heterochromia iridum in both eyes. So while a lot of the time it looks like I have blue eyes, that’s usually because I wear a lot of blue and my eyes pick up the color.  Up until recently I used to put down “blue” for my eye color when asked but recently switched to “hazel” for my US immigration papers because their cameras kept picking up the two-tone color and didn’t match what was in the data base and the technician got fussy. What my eyes actually look from a distance is a sort of muddy hazel, until you get up close and then you are able to see the blue with shades of dark brown (central) radiating out from my pupil (again, in both eyes), with shades of lighter brown and green taking up sections of my iris like a pie chart in various different corners. I also have gold freckles somewhere in there too which eye doctors like to point out as being rather unique in someone with predominantly blue eyes, as opposed to wholly grey or brown and then make worried humming noises, but thankfully they are not cancerous so there’s that. 

So whatever I am wearing—or if my environment is particularly bright—will determine what dominant eye color stands out. So as you can see while my eyes looked green today (photo on the right) I was also in direct sunlight looking out the window, so my eyes look green. On the far left I am actually wearing black and in artificial light which means you can see the blue more clearly cause there’s nothing to interfere with it, but you can also see some of the green and light brown there too, I think. Mostly you just see my freckles :D

 The middle pic is probably my fave however cause it shows just how much whatever I am wearing can change the predominant color, cause I’m wearing purple and my eyes look almost violet, but you can also see the distinct different hues going on which is kinda neat. I’ve also only got one eyebrow penciled in cause I wanted to snap a pic before I lost the natural light but hey, worth it :)

I am indeed the main protagonist with changing eye color writing advice blogs warned you about.


Mary Lambert - Know Your Name

Loving this music video! One of my fave parts about this video is actually in the description box itself.

“My assistant, Nadia, actually came up with the concept for the video while we were at a barcade- she suggested the line “I probably should know your name” could be in reference to an arcade’s HIGH SCORE screen, and that’s when the music video baby was born. I really wanted the premise to be something sexy and quirky and fun, and I think Erix Arocha really knocked it out of the park. The main thing I kept circling back to when I started conceptualizing the video was that it needed to be trans-inclusive. I wanted to do a rib off of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, but nerdier and queer as hell. I have so many beautiful and talented friends and I knew casting would be a breeze. Jacob Tobia, Gabi Fresh, Firda Herryandhy, and Hazel Jade were brilliant and sexy and playful in each of their characters- I feel super lucky to know them. I met Sara Ramirez at a fundraiser for homeless LGBT youth this last year, and we immediately hit it off. When the concept for the video began developing, Sara was the first person I thought of. She was unbelievably generous with her time, energy, and enthusiasm for the video. As I was conceptualizing the video, I had just read Ready Player One, which is an amazing novel by Ernest Cline. It’s packed with 80s references and a ton of video game knowledge, so I knew I wanted the premise to be surrounding this idea that a bunch of killer babes were great at video games. Together, each character and I came up with a bunch of roller-derby-esque names, under the premise that each character had their own backstory and strength.”

haikyuu fic rec #1

i’ve read quite a bit of fanfic since joining the haikyuu fandom, so i’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorites so far. obviously i’m a shameless multishipper so these are gonna be all over the place. 

along dream paths by mysecretfanmoments (ukatake, 3.2k)

Ukai makes the mistake of looking in Takeda’s notebook after practice one day, expecting volleyball notes; what he finds is a love poem. 

just a really good ukatake 

azumane asahi’s big gay romance by jibrailis (asanoya, 13.6k)

The air-con gets cranky, Asahi gets a job, and Nishinoya gets his man.

kind of silly and a lot cute. 

jaywalkers by batman (kurotsukki and assorted pairings, 127k)

A collection of stories the morals of which all amount to: if something can go wrong, it will. Also, if something can go right, it also will.

Alternatively, that one college AU where everyone fucks all the shit up.

my dudes. the hype is real. i literally cannot recommend this series enough.

pieces by therabbitwhisperer (bokuaka and assorted pairings, wip)

The miraculous life of Akaashi Keiji, a tragedy in ten parts.

what’s funny is i started reading this thinking it was going to be a fluffy tattoo / florist au, then the end of the first part happened. really highly recommended but do heed the warnings, there’s a lot of potentially triggering / upsetting material in there. 

saffron and cayenne pepper by dontsaycrazy (kagehina, 30k)

Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you.

In which Hinata’s lack of cooking skills are a danger to him and others. Luckily (or not), Kageyama is willing to teach him, for the sake of avoiding any burned down apartments.

tooth-rotting kagehina fluff with a side of kiyoyachi, what more can you ask for

oh we play, in autumn days by aruariandance (kagehina, 7.6k)

“I think about your collarbones in Calculus,” he says, and then waits for death to be swift. 

all of aruariandance’s kagehinas are great but this one is my fave.  

impulse by metis_ink (semishira, 15k)

Second year Semi Eita faces the downward spiral that is his life following the arrival of some first year setter who’s way too cocky for his own good. 

tfw you actually find good fic in a rarepair tag

birkenstocks and other problems by dicaeopolis (asanoya, 2.5k)

Nishinoya Yuu has 99 problems, and Azumane Asahi is all of them.

Or, “tiny panicking bisexual meets tall panicking lesbian”.

rule 63 asanoya. nuff said

on stranger tides by theroyalsavage (kagehina and assorted pairings, 74k)

When Hinata Shouyou is 13 years old, his village is raided by pirates.

Most everything Hinata knows is destroyed in the attack, lost to the flames, but he and his sister are pulled from the wreckage by a boy with eyes the color of a storm. Their lives are saved, but irrevocably altered - their home is lost forever, and there is something strange about the pirates, something blurry and shadowed and wrong.

A darkness is rising out of the depths of the ocean. The sea itself is stirring, and nothing can stop it when it wakes.

pirates of the caribbean was, like, my childhood, so. this au is crazy good. 

he always starts something by codango (kurotsukki, 38.3k)

In his third year of high school, Kei is recruited by Kuroo’s university to play volleyball. A weekend on campus is plenty of time to check out the team, meet the coaches, see a game from the bench… and see if his two-year-old crush on Kuroo has any chance at all.

this is actually the fic that got me interested in kurotsukki. i had read the asanoya fic in the same ‘verse and continued with this one out of curiosity. suffice it to say this fic holds a special place in my heart lol. 

the dew of little things by poulerslashes (kagehina, 3.9k)

It wasn’t as though Kageyama needed the friends–kids who shared video games, who watched cartoons, who did this and that of no consequence–who would eat up all his time if he gave them any to start with. He had volleyball, and volleyball was more than enough.

10/10 would get slapped in the feels again. 

anyway that’s all for now, i might do more of this once i accumulate more recs. 

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How does one band have so many incredibly loveable members? How? I need to know. For science. Truly amazing. A gift.

I don’t know!!!  I don’t know!!!  I agree, it is truly amazing.  They are all so wonderful.  

A visual representation of the boyband One Direction:

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Hi we've never spoken before but I follow you and season 3 was just so good so I wanted your opinions on literally everything lmao,,, What did you think of all the various ship moments?? (there was so much Klance, Sheith, Kallura, Allurance EVEN FRICKIN SHLAV lmao) and also what do you think of the lion swaps?? What was your fave part of the whole season and did you think Alfor was kinda pretty or was that just me////

its time



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