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Reasons to Love Zhang Yixing

He has the most beautiful voice

He gives the most inspirational and amazing speeches

He’s the most kindhearted person on this planet

But he can be quite the tease, too

He looks fantabulous in sunglasses 

He’s super friendly and lovable

He can play the piano

and the guitar

He actually reads the fan-letters that are given to him during his free time

But he doesn’t just read the fan-letters, no, he writes back to the fans as well

He can compose, write, arrange, and produce his own songs (and has done so with over 100 songs, 99 of which he lost cuz of a USB incident :( )

Which eventually led to the release of his very amazing solo album, “Lose Control”

He’s also a very wonderful

and loving son 

And he was the most adorable little kid

But now that he’s a little older, he’s even more adorable with kids

Seriously he’s great with kids

He also loves his members so much and never forgets to mention them

He’s also extremely charitable

And considerate towards his fans

And super thoughtful and respectful of everyone

He’s record-breakingly incredible even when the odds are against him

And his laugh is the most precious sound a person’s ears can be blessed with

He’s also very amusing and silly

And has the most interesting reactions

Apparently he also can’t control his face

Which makes him great variety show material

But it also brings out his strange butt-grabbing tendencies

And his questionable need to play the role of a t-rex

And his even more concerning infatuation with killers (and the need to play the role of one)

But overall he’s an amazing actor

He can also be slightly forgetful at times

But he never forgets to thank his fans

He always expresses how grateful he is

And all of that plus more is what makes Zhang Yixing the wonderful, amazing, incredible, loyal and precious person that he is

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That speech that Stefan gave to Caroline in 6x22 about him and Elena, some find it negative and say how can we still ship Stelena after it. What would be your response?

I have a lot of posts on this that I can’t find for some reason but I actually really love the speech about Elena in 6x22 because I get that while the intention may have been to dismantle SE and emphasize DE and SC, I think his speech actually reinforces one of the key elements that makes SE such a beautiful and profound ship: their selfless love.

The love Elena showed Stefan was so powerful and moved him so deeply that it reminded him of compassion and faith, it led him to open his heart again not just to Elena but to Damon too, their love story was so profound that it jumpstarted Stefan’s love story with his brother, which I mean as my followers know I think that Defan is awful but the point is that Elena awakened love itself in Stefan and not only did she awaken it, she sustained it and we haven’t seen him love anyone as passionately as he loved her so I embrace the scene.

Not to mention JP said this about it:

JP: Their journey in the finale is actually really nice in spite of Caroline’s resistance — and very rational resistance — to that relationship at this moment, because they’re sharing an experience of having to say goodbye to someone they care about [who] ultimately is Stefan’s true love.


So, I mean, I know not to take JP at her word because she’s so changeable depending on which fandom she wants to lead on but I think this is one of the most honest things she’s said.

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Have you watched how to train your dragon? I mean the whole franchise.


I saw it twice in theatres, I think, and the first one I actually saw in Imax (gorgeous experience). It just… it honestly hit me so hard in all the right ways. I laughed so incredibly hard and cried [spoilers] in Hiccup’s speech during Stoick’s funeral. 

The whole thing was just so fucking gorgeous! THE ANIMATION IS GROUND-BREAKING (they had to develop new technology for the second movie), and the music is spectacular.

That whole sequence set to Jonsi’s Where No One Goes… it’s so beautiful and fun, and just FREAKING LOOK

And the end-credits of the first movie, too. Wow. WOW. It’s so simple, but so captivating for some reason—and it even breaks into Icelandic (I think that’s the language) halfway through.

The first movie is nothing to sneeze at, either, I just feel like this is one of those rare instances where the sequel really did step it up from the original. The movie series so far has been about taking a simple, honestly cliche family story and executing on it extremely well, which is why the second movie, despite technically having some cliched plot elements of its own, really does soar higher —it goes above and beyond to deliver on everything it promises. You want an emotional Pixar-esque heartbreak? You got it. You want an exciting climax? It’s yours.

They’re both such stellar movies, and I’m dying with the rest of you who are in dire need of the third one (translation: PLEASE STOP PUSHING IT BACK, I CAN ONLY WAIT SO LONG BEFORE I EXPLODE).

Hey, everyone! I wrote a speech for my AP American Literature class this year and I was really proud of it, and I would be really thankful if you guys (especially @thegeekyblonde because I quote her) would take a look at it and tell me what you think. Thanks!

     Edgar Allan Poe said “The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world”. While to many this sounds like an odd, yet charming, artistic statement, in actuality it was made out of fear and self defense. Like most men in the 19th century, Poe held sexist views and often mocked successful, professional women, especially female authors claiming their writing was mediocre at best, because he felt threatened by their work. Poe had very few lasting female figures in his life; his mother died when he was two, and his wife died at the age of twenty-five. This resulted in Poe becoming increasingly violent in his poems, often killing off female characters, if they can be called characters; they’re more of symbols than anything else. However, I have to say, if Annabelle Lee was written by Virginia Clemm, Poe’s wife whom the poem was written about, she would not be the one dying, as she was often troubled by Poe’s alcoholism and frequent affairs. This literary sexism isn’t exclusively confined to the 19th century; it seeps its way into our time like a poison or a plague slaughtering the female characters in our books, poems, and sonnets claiming that women always represent “innocence” or “purity” and their deaths represent the loss thereof, and while I appreciate the deep thought, sometimes it’s nice to have a character survive long enough to become developed, or better yet, relatable. Of course she cant be too relatable; God forbid she have character flaws, because we all know a bossy woman is a brat while a bossy man is assertive and knows how to take charge. As said by poet, Rhiannon McGavin “the violence of creative men is more of a burning library than a closed book”. Yet again, this literary sexism isn’t detained inside our books; it leaks out infecting our female authors.

     I have seen the argument time and time again, “if female writers want to be recognized like their male counterparts, then they should write about something important”. But have we not already? Was Maya Angelou (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings) or Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) not good enough? Did Laura Hillenbrand (Unbroken), Zora Neale Hurston (Their Eyes Were Watching God), or J.K. Rowling (the Harry Potter series) not prove themselves to you? And on top of all of this, there are scores and scores of women we’ve never even heard of that so rightfully deserve our acknowledgement: Maxine Hong Kingston, Natalia Ginzburg, Ruthann Robson. After reading these women’s essays and poems, I am sure the world is missing out on a great deal of unbridled wisdom by choosing to turn its eyes from these authors. Few women have been able to resist being thrown from the spotlight of recognition, one of those women is Jane Austen.

     When most people hear the name Jane Austen, they automatically think girly romance novels. However, if you harbor this opinion, are you prepared to think the same thing about F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose most renowned novel, The Great Gatsby, is about the build up and eventual downfall of a romantic affair? The reason Jane Austen’s writing is so unique is because she wrote about men the way men write about women. By this I mean, her male characters are written for the sole purpose of romantic interest and really have no other role, while her female characters are allowed to experience different emotions and be flawed. For example, in Austen’s most well known novel, Pride and Prejudice, Charles Bingley, the single man in possession of a large fortune mentioned in the iconic first line of the book, is a static character, meaning he doesn’t change; he stays as happy and oblivious on page 442 as he is on page 1. The eldest Bennet sister, Jane, on the other hand, is a dynamic character; she goes from joy to heartbreak to newly found strength, growing perhaps as the reader grows, allowing for a sense of relation and empathy

     In conclusion, it is clear that literary sexism is not dead. In no way am I attempting to condemn male authors, I think Poe was a fantastic writer, I just think some of his ideology should have died with him. According to Princeton University, women spend more time reading than men and read a greater variety of genres. Yet, if this poisonous line of thinking continues, more and more women will be turned away from literature, actively killing it. The only antidote for this calamity is to read. Educate yourself. Read new genres, read essays, read poems, and most importantly read without prejudice, without the notion that a female author’s work will be too emotional or romantic for you. Refuse to carry the weight of the death of literature on your shoulders.

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This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you.
Better than any speech. Any photograph. This is absolutely… perfectly beautiful.
She was… beautiful.


Ok, sooo…I’ve been having this speech since August, but due to the changed circumstances, I think I’ll put it away and try something else.

*grabs a mic, nervously*

So…Happy Birthday @pc-doodle , you wonderful and angsty person! Man, I can still remember when I used to admire you from afar, that wonderful unachievable Senpai that I couldn’t talk to without putting the Anon Mode on. Still do, actually :D

You’re a great inspiration, an amazing artist, and your AU is just…it’s beauty, my favourite! (and I recommend to all of those UT Fan followers I have to check out @monofell-au if you haven’t already; but…read the FAQ before you ask questions, will you?)

So, so, so, so…about the drawing…I had this saved in my files since August, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it due to school (and I was sadly right ;w;); I wanted to speed-paint it, but the program somehow crashed one day, and the only thing I have is the first step of the drawing, so eh…

Also, I have this crappy-hurriedly-drawn bonus I came up within November. This was also pre-Discord, back when I was the smol shy potato…but anyway, it’s right here under the cut~

Ps: I know most of it is off, but it was crappily drawn on purpose, because I got lazy, whoops…warning for some language.


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Fav moments of Poe Party Episode 3
  • Am I allowed to start with the previously on section because it’s so well edited? Brisk, concise, great moments, overlapping speech and clips that don’t actually overlap in the original ep, it’s nice.
  • Emily Dickinson gets half her face in the credit sequence now!!
  • “I’m just really good at eulogies!”
  • “I’m not going to jail, none of us are going to jail!! *looks at dead body* …okay, one of you is probably going to jail.”
  • The smile Oscar Wilde makes after saying “I’d probably say that if it were mine too” (GOOD LORD THE FACES HE MAKES)
  • “i think we can all agree that the most innocent person here is the beautiful and innocent Annabelle Lee and also she is the most beautiful.”
  • “Seems like that whole innocent thing might be an act! (love that dress!)” “How could you?! (Thank you!)”
  • *George Eliot slowly slides to hide behind the tallest person in the room*
  • “I may be going out on a limb here, but perhaps you have a vault space in your cellar amenable to storing dead bodies in?” “Naturally.” “AHA!” “Come on, everybody does.” “Mine’s in my attic.”
  • *Hemingway flirts by eating an apple aggressively*
  • “We are dealing with a madman…” *George Eliot appears from shadows* “Or woman… just saying…” *George Eliot slowly slinks back into shadows*
  • “I was half expecting to find some dead bodies already down here” “That’s absurd, at this temperature?”
  • Lenore’s face anytime anyone is rambling
  • “Okay, so… hella motive.”
  • Ashley’s delivery of “Okay. So?”
  • The fight over Edgar vs Edward
  • Lenore literally walking away from Poe
  • Is Emily Dickinson even there?
  • “Who do you think we are, the Austens?!”
  • “I was worried that he was going to reveal my true identity tonight as a woman…. izer. A womanizer.”
  • *George panics about ended this topic* “Hey it’s a real shame about those dead people, huh?”
  • HG Well’s conspiracy charting skills
  • “Where did you get those pictures?”
  • “Who had the most to gain from his untimely demise?” *everyone looks at Poe*
  • “Oscar, come on! (I knew I shouldn’t have invited you..)”
  • “IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!! is something I would say if she *was* alive. She’s not.”
  • Everyone’s face while Hemingway flirts with Annabelle

You may be thinking to yourself “Erin, you just quoted the entire episode!” but I’m not sure you understand that literally ALL OF THESE ARE MY FAV MOMENTS OKAY DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST GO WATCH THIS DAMN FUNNY SHOW >>>>WATCH IT I SAID<<<<