i actually think my blog's chang tag is

damn okay not that anyone’s accused me but i am not making Rebel Ruby up she’s just kinda lowkey about it because she’s shy but look:

-she was supposed to have a hime cut like Dia’s to fit tradition, but during middle school (which i think is around the same time she got into idols, not a coincidence) she “willfully quit everything” and changed it to her current spunky sidetails.

-i’m not sure what degree of ‘quit everything’ the translation meant (at most she stopped taking the extra lessons Dia was taking, too) but it does mean that changing her hairstyle wasn’t as simple as going to the hairdresser one day and showing them a picture

-idk but the fact that she likes idols (and it sounds like she liked them before dia did) probably went against what was expected of her too. pre-anime Dia, the picture of traditional japanese elegance, didnt seem to want anything to do with them, and You says in ep 1 that dia is probably against idols because she comes from that type of upbringing

-honestly putting expectations on a kid that doesn’t have it in them to fulfill them seems to be a reliable way to have them go contrary to those same expectations, and we know Ruby doesnt think she can measure up to Dia, who does everything her family wants of her and more, so there are probably feelings of ‘if i cant be that then i’ll be something else instead’

-she, unlike anyone else in aqours, wants to be one of yohane’s little demons? yohane, who embodies not giving a shit what people think? you saw her making heart-eyes at Datenshi Yohane’s introduction she was probably thinking ‘wow she’s so cool i want to do whatever i want like that’

-i mean there aren’t a lot of individual instances, it’s a character trait and not a habit

-just let her dab oh my god

I wrote a thing! Trying to experiment a little with this whole “present tense” style. It completely changes how I write, but it seemed to suit this particular story, which follows Hamilton from St. Croix to New York to Valley Forge.

Also, also, also– I actually bothered to figure out how to work tumblr! I’ve gathered all my fic together here and all my art here and there should now be links to both tags on my main blog page.

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In Regards To Those Who Feel Discomfort In Mark and/or Jack Changing

So, this is something that I’ve been recently seeing in the tags. Sometimes, these opinions, in @dork-iplier or @markiplierswhatifs cases, are entirely understandable. However, some (I know a few blogs who do this, but shall keep them unnamed) tend to paint these people in a bad light, by abusing this argument, and harassing the YTs they feel have changed, particularly @markiplier and/or @therealjacksepticeye.

I’ve wanted to get my side on this off of my chest. 

If you think I’m going to call the reasonable people selfish, no. Actually, I’m very accepting of those who think either or has changed for the worse.

Now, personally, I still enjoy Mark. I suppose I’m just one of those people who always have, I’m not sure. Of course, there are a few videos where nothing entirely stands out to me. But, I always have an optimistic side that tells me that he’s going to have his off days. He’ll make mistakes, he’s human, not everything he puts out is going to be perfect or as timeless as something before. He might not be able to appeal to everyone’s expectations. Usually, that optimistic side is proven right to me, as there comes another video that really does stand out, whether it’s the one right after, or if it just takes a while. Jack is on a similar note, except, sadly, my time to watch his videos is hit or miss, as in sometimes, getting to watch another video from him with enough time is complicated. But, as with Mark, I find him pretty amusing.

But, you know what? If that doesn’t sound like something you feel, it’s okay.

With my personal background aside, I will be addressing these people who feel they have changed, starting with the aforementioned reasonable ones. Those who feel discomfort in something, and have to take a break.

Your perspective is entirely valid. 

First off, if you feel this way, and are unsure of what to do, I’m happy to invite any of you all to come talk to me. I promise to treat you with the most absolute respect. I can provide my side, if I have something to add, but, I wouldn’t dare force you to agree with that. You can always give me feedback if you feel like I had said something that proved otherwise. 

So, here’s what I do have to say.

Generally speaking, for people on and off the Internet, change is inevitable. If it’s good? Then, we encourage it. If it’s bad? What you do will hopefully help yourself and/or the person.

Now, I can’t speak for Jack entirely, as those on both sides have reasons and patterns I have yet to reflect on.

However, whether or not it’s similar, I believe I can speak about Mark.

I personally believe he’s trying (possibly struggling?) to find that sort of ‘thing’ for him, which will hopefully make both himself and a majority of others happy.

We had established from the very beginning that video games and let’s plays were going to be a big part of his channel. From what he promises, he will still continue with that for a long time coming.

But, there are also other things he wants to branch out into. Case in point: sketch comedy, TV (maybe YouTube Red, is what he means?), movies, and the like. 

Now, it’s not going to be an easy change. Heck, it might not work out the greatest. 

But, does that mean he shouldn’t try? As far as I’m concerned, no. 

It really does sound like he’s not going to be leaving. He’s just trying to find a groove in how he connects with us, how he makes himself happy, and everything else that seems essential.

So, what should you have to say about this? Whatever you like!

You don’t have to like whatever Mark or Jack are doing. Not every step they take, not video they upload, is going to meet or even exceed your expectations.

I’d be shocked - hell, even a bit disappointed - if someone was the exact same person they were five years ago. Nothing new or exciting at all.

That said, those of you who aren’t harassing them? You’re not selfish. I am not saying that in any way.

Regardless of my points, it’s hard to accept some things they do. Sometimes, you’ll either need to take a break, perhaps try to contact them and express your concerns, or, for lack of a better phrase, say goodbye to them overtime.

Whatever you do? I’d like to thank you for being respectful. I promise, that will benefit both yourself and whichever people you feel have changed.

So, those people can ignore the message I am now going to present. It’s something hard to say, even though the only way you’ll know specific blogs I’m calling out are if you look inside my head. But, if you aren’t being respectful towards others, if you’re belittling Jack, Mark, and/or people who feel otherwise and still get a kick out of them, then you need to hear this.

You’re pretty much slapping yourself and others who could agree with you in the face. YOU are the selfish ones, and the ones who paint the ‘negative change’ argument in such a bad light.

If you make blogs just to gossip, slander, and nitpick at everything, to the point where Mark or Jack can barely breathe without you screaming at them, then THAT is when you fall in the wrong. THAT is the true selfishness of addressing change. 

Worse yet, some of these people will ignore the good things Mark and Jack do. Charity, happiness for others? Pfft, who gives a shit?! But, one little mistake involving a single video or something personal and private? Nope! Instead of being kind about it, they’re going to be absolutely merciless to anyone and anything.

So, for those people, who are struggling with the changes they see? Yeah, said selfish ones are slapping people like them in the face.

How about Mark and Jack, who are trying their very best? 

Well, these hate blogs are basically stabbing them with middle fingers. 

Admittedly, that does sound like comical imagery, but…in all seriousness, metaphorically, it is NOT.

I could ramble on and on about these people, but…I assume I’ve presented a clear message about them?

One last thing I will say about the negative side of the argument…

To the people like the tagged blogs, and many others who aren’t very happy about something, but are being polite, honest, and fair? I will be a big person, unlike these negative people, and tell you on behalf of them…I’m sorry. I’m VERY sorry these people have tainted your valid perspectives.

After writing all of that, it has come to my attention that I have sounded quite…angry when addressing the very rude ones. While this is not an excuse, I will say that this is coming from someone who likes Mark, but is passionate and always fascinated by others’ points of view. 

But, I’d like to focus on people like @dork-iplier and @markiplierswhatifs, and others who I talked to before that. 

Your views, your reasons, they’re valid.

Please, if you’d like, you can speak with me. Tell me what you do think.

To everyone out there, have a great day. 

Thank you for being here.