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Alright people, let’s get something straight:

Now, I’ve both made and reblogged posts of this nature before, but earlier today I was scrolling through the ‘Recent’ tab of my Billdip search, yknow, just checking out what’s new in one of my favorite ships, and I kept coming across anti-ship posts and people complaining about incest and pedophilia and all that shit.
*Inhales* Now there are just a FEW things I’d like to add to the ‘arguments’ these posts and bloggers were making:

  1. “It’s supporting pedophilia/incest!”
    Actually no, it isn’t. Unless the author of the said ‘fan-work’ themselves DIRECTLY STATED that pedophilia or incest was fun/good, it is highly unlikely that they support it. Depicting something in a creative medium does not mean in any way that you condone it; for example, just because I joke about killing myself after a bad fanfic or maiming one of the characters in said badfic DOES NOT mean that I would do it in real life, or encourage others to do it in real life. I’ve said this line in my previous post, but I’ll say it again: LIKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP HAS ABOUT AS MUCH IMPACT ON SOMEONE’S PERSONAL/POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS VIEWS AS SOMEONE ELSE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DOES ON THE REAL WORLD.

  2. “It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, it can still be used to groom kids into thinking that pedophilia/incest is okay or erotic.”
    Believe it or not, I agree with this one. BUT, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not OUR JOB to teach naive children what is right or wrong in the world. IT’S A PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S. If a child is young or impressionable enough to think that just because there are pictures and other such media depicting pedophilia/incest it means it’s okay, then they SHOULDN’T BE ON THE INTERNET. Or their parent/guardian should monitor their child’s activity more closely. Moreover, if a child IS naive enough to think such things, then it’s not fucking Fandoms and Tumblr and Fanfiction I’m worried about, I’d be more worried about them stumbling across an ACTUAL PEDOPHILIA OR INCEST FETISH SITE! What then, people? You gonna make accounts on those forums and bitch about morality there? Good luck.

  3. “Well, I dislike it and think it’s disgusting, and I have a right to post my opinion about it on someone else’s blog.”
    Yeah, yes, absolutely, you DO have a right to an opinion! Do you have a right to whine on someone’s blog other than yours, though? NO. Do you really think that you posting a comment in the tags about how disgusting someone or something is will really change anything? It won’t. Now it’s one thing if someone said ‘I don’t support this, I personally think it’s awful, but you’re your own person and are allowed to like whatever you want.’ But even then, I STILL don’t understand why you’d say that on someone’s post. You don’t know this person, that person doesn’t know you, you clearly just implied that you want nothing to do with them or their interests, why the hell can’t you just blacklist their blog and be on your merry way? Know why ladies and gents? Because people are insecure and they need to wave their ‘opinions’ everywhere and at everything until they get recognized. If it’s not constructive criticism and is just someone who’s ‘politely’ stating that they dislike a piece of media and nothing else, they’re not worth your time.

  4. “But it’s encouraging real life pedophilia/incest.”
    *sighs* Yknow, it sucks that I’m the one who has to come out and shatter the Tumblr illusion by saying this, but halting media depictions of something dark or taboo won’t stop horrible things from happening. People, real-life pedophiles are laughing and real-life survivors are scoffing at you for thinking that censoring or filtering TUMBLR media will change ANYTHING. That’s like saying if we cease mass production and marketing of weapons, then worldwide WAR will stop! It’s stupid to think like that. Sadly it doesn’t fucking matter what people do or don’t ship, or write, or draw about, there will always be bad people in the world, and I can assure you that attempting to police stupid fandoms will not change that fact. You want to help fix the world? Go DONATE or VOLUNTEER instead of spending your time whining about what someone is doing with their blog.

  5. “If you ship <Ship Name>, then ur disgusting.”
    That’s close enough to a direct quote I saw from a post, and honestly, I can’t find much merit from someone who can’t even spell ‘YOU’RE’ correctly. And neither should any other sensible person.

And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Sorry for the long post, but Black Cat is known for her rants lol. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with your time, and don’t tell anyone that they’re a bad person because they ship this or that.

Like seriously people, it’s just stupid pairings n’ shit.

“She does miss the blog, and she is planning on coming back. She will tell the story she began telling, too, just not in a ‘comic’ format, as it is clearly not enjoyable to her.”

“Generally, she will try to update the blog in a way that works best for her. Hopefully, she will have figured it out by April. She is planning to be mostly active during Spring break and Summer– so, if you can, please be patient for a little while longer.”

((Aaah, I’ve been receiving a few questions about whether or not the blog is still alive, and here is your answer! Basically, I can never be consistent with anything I do, please bear with me here :’D

I’m definitely planning to be more active here, though! There’s still lots of stuff I could do with the blog, and besides, I do miss being on here– it’s just a matter of not being lazy for once and actually drawing replies. Now that Spring break is near, I’m thinking of changing the theme, writing out some pages, and generally sorting out the mess that is this blog. Then I’ll get to answering stuff again! This is my last year of freedom, and I wanna spend some more time here before having to put most of my time and energy into studying ;v;

Again, thank you for being patient, and I’ll see you soon!))

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awww i'm sad the the tattoo au ended but IT IS SO GOOD AND PURE!! i love it so much ♡

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO GLAD you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  but what did kala say!!!

!!!!! Kouda can’t actually talk to animals, he can only control them! But Baku is Baku and as usual his knowledge of his classmates’… everything is approximative at best haha

Anon said: omg that bakugou with cat is so cute!!! (fun fact tho! kala mean fish in finnish so its a cute name for a cat)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s actually adorable!!!! *O* thank you for telling me!!!!

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i like your blog but i'm on #teamanti so i can't rightfully follow it because your tagline makes me feel guilty

Omg no so am I?? lol I’m all for Anti, but the story behind my tag line is that when I was prepping quotes for this blog for the first time (I got quite a few before I actually started posting) I just realized that I don’t even think of Anti as a scary demon anymore (hardly) - I just think of him as a meme?? And going from a demon to a meme is a downgrade - so maybe that’s the word I was looking for. Downgrade instead of degrade; I think I’ll change that :p

finally did it!  changed all of my blogs, outside usernames, and (hopefully) links to say “michaela” instead of alice now!  the tags may still be messy for a little bit, but frankly i’m not feeling great and i don’t wanna spend more time on the actual computer than i need to rn

but yeah, i’d appreciate it if y’all called me michaela instead of alice from now on, or some other nickname.  i’m flexible, i just really didn’t like having a “fake internet name” that i was known by.  made me feel weird.


I was inspired to draw this based on:

so here’s my spin on a neko Marv.

I think he looks pretty cute :)

[I decided to block his face because he probably wants to keep a mask on lol]


I’m sorry if I’m bothering ya’ll by constantly tagging your blog >(^+^)<

edit: lol I changed my the drawing slightly to include a tail and whiten the ears and I actually remembered to remove the sketch I had drawn in the back because you can see it in the original and it was bothering me so yeah carry on with your day now


01. It depends on the person, honestly. But for me, my top 3 favourite stuff packs are Cool Kitchen Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff and Backyard Stuff. The worst ones for me personally are probably Luxury Party Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff. Everything else is just kind of mediocre or average. But don’t take my word for it! Everyone likes different things in their games, and it all depends on how you like to play your game. For example, I’m not a huge fan of Get Together, mostly because I don’t play with clubs and my sims rarely go to parties, but some people love it! It’s all about perspective and play-styles.

02. I have one but don’t use it.

03. I don’t currently, but I was thinking about repurposing BOXOFPIXELS to be a cc finds blog.

04. The blushes I use are on my RESOURCE PAGE.

05. HIGH WAISTED SKIRT by CRAZYCUPCAKEFR (this is one of my favourite skirts!)


07. When I edit screenshots, I have a layer of selective colour that makes the reds in a photo more vibrant. Usually that affects the blushes I use.



Changed my URL

Hey everyone! I’ve changed my URL from @for-those-liberal-woman to @feminism-for-change. I realized my old URL was a really bad representation of what this blog is about, and I wanted it to actually fit the things I stand for. Just wanted to let you guys know. 

@feminismandmedia @informative-feminist @were-all-queer-here @a-spec-safespace @sleepy-hylian @punk-rock-pidgey

If you think anyone else should know feel free to tag them

It’s 3:30am and I should be sleeping but my fingers were itching to draw, so here’s a sketch of Pidge in all their space birb nerdiness. I’m satisfied so far, but it took me like 3 redraws to get them right. Gotta do them justice!
Also I think my style changed… Again.

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At JIB5, did someone really send Misha on stage during Jensen's panel when J seemed about ready to flip his shit, or is that just an unfounded rumor? Because I'm watching the clip when M goes on there, and J's whole demeanor just totally changes, like a flick of a switch, and it is amazing. So, I'm wondering if it was Misha seeing Jensen getting fed up and went to be by his side, or if someone actually sicced him there. Either way, M's calming effect is seriously astonishing.

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dude i looked at the art in your art tag and it's amazing?? like holy crap????

Wow, thank you so much anon! You don’t know how much that means to me! I try to draw every day but I don’t really like my own art so I don’t post it online. I’m trying to change that though…So I’m trying to pump myself up though to actually post art again…

Here’s my new art blog if you want to follow my work! 
I need a few followers first so that my post show up in the tag so I’ll be posting mainly my watercolors there I think. I have a few scanned and ready to go once the blogs certified.

I also have a twitter 
(made a day ago….lol) 

Here’s my old art blog (If you just want to look at my other stuff) I don’t think I’m going to post anything in it anymore though….

Any follows are greatly appreciated! 

Tag 10 blogs you wanna know more about

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Name: Pia

Nick names: none

Star sign: Cancer

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff!!

Favourite animal: probably birds

Hours of sleep: Around 8 to 10 im very tired

Current time: 1pm

Blankets I sleep with: 2 atm but will change to 5 in winter

Dream trip: everywhere tbh, but if I had to choose it’d be sweden

When I made my blog: oh boy… I think 3 years ago as a band blog but  I changed my url and pretty much everything else about this blog about 4 weeks ago

Number of followers: 276 (but again most of them from my “old blog”, maybe 50 actual followers)

reason for url: really just wanted a newsies related url and this was the only good one I could come up with that wasn’t taken

I tag: (I’m pretty sure everyone I’m about to tag is aleady tagged idk,if you are, im sorry) @bandgeeknewsie @littlemissfangirl22 @–maybe— @bikevinprice @racetrack-and-jojo @crunchie-morris @transdavey @lovethyfanperson @itsforeating @speakwithwhom (you know what it was really hard finding 10 people bc all of my mutuals have sideblogs and idk who you are)

tagged by: @kcgane

rules: share 10 songs you’ve been listening to lately and tag 10 mutuals

  1. Whisper Something by Aaron Sprinkle
  2. Redemption by Skrizzly Adams, ft. Lissie
  3. Stomp Me Out by Bryce Fox
  4. Teardrop by José González
  5. Woodwork by Sleeping At Last
  6. Headphones by WALK THE MOON
  7. Ghost White Dress by TYSM
  8. Rox In The Box by The Decemberists
  9. Sound of Change by Dirty Heads
  10. Renegades by X Ambassadors

tagging (no pressure): @platonicharmonics @andriseup @wellingtonvevo @glitter-lisp @lycanthropire @spiritypowers @possiblyelven @macklemoreover @kousea @skyguyed (I think some of you are only mutuals on my Voltron or SW blogs and idk if all of you like these things but CLOSE ENOUGH I actually tagged the correct number of ppl aren’t you proud of me??)

Lowkey K-Pop Q&A

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So I was tagged by @butterflysuki77 (thank you, I actually like doing these)

Ultimate Bia? Jung Hoseok

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AKA my sunshine 💕💕

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? …..

Originally posted by mvssmedia

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……nope, can’t think of any…. *cOUGH*

Favorite K-Pop song? Oh lord…. well, It changes often, but currently it is Go Go by BTS

First K-Pop song? Gangnam Style by PSY (yikes, my actual first K-Pop song was Wolf by EXO)

Favorite K-Pop album/single?

Album: Love Yourself.

Single: Go Go by BTS

Favorite K-Pop ship? YOONSEOK

Hard Stan or Soft Stan? At this point, I’m a landfill of K-Pop (mainly BTS of course), bUT if I had to choose it would probably be Hard Stan…

Favorite K-Pop company? SM ENTERTAINMENT (just kidding, I hate SM with a passion) BigHit Entertainment

Backstory of how you got into K-Pop?

Yikes, where do I start… uh

So basically I didn’t get into the actual fandom until late 2015, but I had been listening to it since late 2012. Then in 2015, I started to get curious….and I learned all the names of all the members of EXO, BTS, GOT7, etc. I started getting biases, I watched Kdramas, and getting merchandise. Now here I am in 2017 and I’m still a huge K-Pop fan.

I tag the lovely @guccijhs (Love you boo)

I wrote a thing! Trying to experiment a little with this whole “present tense” style. It completely changes how I write, but it seemed to suit this particular story, which follows Hamilton from St. Croix to New York to Valley Forge.

Also, also, also– I actually bothered to figure out how to work tumblr! I’ve gathered all my fic together here and all my art here and there should now be links to both tags on my main blog page.

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Hey, guys. This is my first ever follow forever. ;; i have never thought that i’d be making one of these tbh. But yeah, I recently reached a certain number of followers and i’m just like  "aldsfjalsdkjf???“ seriously.  Plus, I’ve met new people through tumblr. I’ve been here on tumblr for 4 years ( since october 2010 ) but, it’s only this year where i actually started talking to people and continued making edits/gifs/graphics lmfao. I’ve been a quiet blogger ever since..and i still am (kind of lol).  So, i’m taking this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. ^^ I’ve been quite inactive the past few days because i was busy making a video for you guys. Here’s the video: {x} please do read the description first before watching. <3 I apologize since, the video is out of sync. I’ve been trying to figure it out on how to sync the video with the audio but i just can’t. So, i’m just going to show it to you guys first before publicly posting it. ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed it even if the video’s out of sync. T_T Oh, it’s a chanyeol edit btw lmao. i might open up a request for videos or smthing but idk ^^; 

anyways, thank you  everyone.. for making my dash beautiful. The edits/graphics/pictures.gifs that i see on my dash everyday can literally make my frown into a smile. <3 plus, the tags can also make my day, too. I read tags okay. I enjoy reading them. HAHA. ok ok, i’m going to end my message here. /showers you all with love/ <3

( i’m actually thinking of changing my url. ;; what do u guys think? </3 )

 ♥ : friends
BOLD : mutuals  
italics: senpais/blogs/people who i really admire ; - ; <3 

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i follow a total of 400+ blogs i might follow new blogs again soon.and i think i missed out so many of u ;A; 
once again, thank you ALL so much. <3 xoxo 

edt: i def. missed out some of u guys omfg; 


TayTay, @taylorswift I know I see you in about 2 weeks and this is a short notice but here is my outfit! At the back of my robe it says “Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating with Taylor Swift, I’m covered”. Because on the first night of your Singapore tour I happen to turn 19 in a 1989 concert 😁 I will be flying from home on November 6th to go see you on November 7th. This is making me emotional to just think that the day is actually coming.. I’ve waited and been through so much to get to this place but everything is worth the wait! My birthday wish is to get to hug you but even if that does not come true it’s okay! Being in the same arena as you and breathing the same air with you already seems magical. I will be sitting in CAT1 , Section209, row 15 seat 11 (if no changes) so please do come say Hi if you see this crazy birthday girl in a robe xx [please help me re blog and tag miss taylor if you don’t mind] Oh! And the lil outfit is a gift for Mere and Dibbs!

PS: thank you to every single one of you who have reblog my story leading up to the tour date, many of you have messaged me and wished for me to meet Taylor which makes me tear up. I am honored to have found this Swiftie community. I love you and I appreciate it all. @1989costumes ❤️❤️❤️

In Regards To Those Who Feel Discomfort In Mark and/or Jack Changing

So, this is something that I’ve been recently seeing in the tags. Sometimes, these opinions, in @dork-iplier or @markiplierswhatifs cases, are entirely understandable. However, some (I know a few blogs who do this, but shall keep them unnamed) tend to paint these people in a bad light, by abusing this argument, and harassing the YTs they feel have changed, particularly @markiplier and/or @therealjacksepticeye.

I’ve wanted to get my side on this off of my chest. 

If you think I’m going to call the reasonable people selfish, no. Actually, I’m very accepting of those who think either or has changed for the worse.

Now, personally, I still enjoy Mark. I suppose I’m just one of those people who always have, I’m not sure. Of course, there are a few videos where nothing entirely stands out to me. But, I always have an optimistic side that tells me that he’s going to have his off days. He’ll make mistakes, he’s human, not everything he puts out is going to be perfect or as timeless as something before. He might not be able to appeal to everyone’s expectations. Usually, that optimistic side is proven right to me, as there comes another video that really does stand out, whether it’s the one right after, or if it just takes a while. Jack is on a similar note, except, sadly, my time to watch his videos is hit or miss, as in sometimes, getting to watch another video from him with enough time is complicated. But, as with Mark, I find him pretty amusing.

But, you know what? If that doesn’t sound like something you feel, it’s okay.

With my personal background aside, I will be addressing these people who feel they have changed, starting with the aforementioned reasonable ones. Those who feel discomfort in something, and have to take a break.

Your perspective is entirely valid. 

First off, if you feel this way, and are unsure of what to do, I’m happy to invite any of you all to come talk to me. I promise to treat you with the most absolute respect. I can provide my side, if I have something to add, but, I wouldn’t dare force you to agree with that. You can always give me feedback if you feel like I had said something that proved otherwise. 

So, here’s what I do have to say.

Generally speaking, for people on and off the Internet, change is inevitable. If it’s good? Then, we encourage it. If it’s bad? What you do will hopefully help yourself and/or the person.

Now, I can’t speak for Jack entirely, as those on both sides have reasons and patterns I have yet to reflect on.

However, whether or not it’s similar, I believe I can speak about Mark.

I personally believe he’s trying (possibly struggling?) to find that sort of ‘thing’ for him, which will hopefully make both himself and a majority of others happy.

We had established from the very beginning that video games and let’s plays were going to be a big part of his channel. From what he promises, he will still continue with that for a long time coming.

But, there are also other things he wants to branch out into. Case in point: sketch comedy, TV (maybe YouTube Red, is what he means?), movies, and the like. 

Now, it’s not going to be an easy change. Heck, it might not work out the greatest. 

But, does that mean he shouldn’t try? As far as I’m concerned, no. 

It really does sound like he’s not going to be leaving. He’s just trying to find a groove in how he connects with us, how he makes himself happy, and everything else that seems essential.

So, what should you have to say about this? Whatever you like!

You don’t have to like whatever Mark or Jack are doing. Not every step they take, not video they upload, is going to meet or even exceed your expectations.

I’d be shocked - hell, even a bit disappointed - if someone was the exact same person they were five years ago. Nothing new or exciting at all.

That said, those of you who aren’t harassing them? You’re not selfish. I am not saying that in any way.

Regardless of my points, it’s hard to accept some things they do. Sometimes, you’ll either need to take a break, perhaps try to contact them and express your concerns, or, for lack of a better phrase, say goodbye to them overtime.

Whatever you do? I’d like to thank you for being respectful. I promise, that will benefit both yourself and whichever people you feel have changed.

So, those people can ignore the message I am now going to present. It’s something hard to say, even though the only way you’ll know specific blogs I’m calling out are if you look inside my head. But, if you aren’t being respectful towards others, if you’re belittling Jack, Mark, and/or people who feel otherwise and still get a kick out of them, then you need to hear this.

You’re pretty much slapping yourself and others who could agree with you in the face. YOU are the selfish ones, and the ones who paint the ‘negative change’ argument in such a bad light.

If you make blogs just to gossip, slander, and nitpick at everything, to the point where Mark or Jack can barely breathe without you screaming at them, then THAT is when you fall in the wrong. THAT is the true selfishness of addressing change. 

Worse yet, some of these people will ignore the good things Mark and Jack do. Charity, happiness for others? Pfft, who gives a shit?! But, one little mistake involving a single video or something personal and private? Nope! Instead of being kind about it, they’re going to be absolutely merciless to anyone and anything.

So, for those people, who are struggling with the changes they see? Yeah, said selfish ones are slapping people like them in the face.

How about Mark and Jack, who are trying their very best? 

Well, these hate blogs are basically stabbing them with middle fingers. 

Admittedly, that does sound like comical imagery, but…in all seriousness, metaphorically, it is NOT.

I could ramble on and on about these people, but…I assume I’ve presented a clear message about them?

One last thing I will say about the negative side of the argument…

To the people like the tagged blogs, and many others who aren’t very happy about something, but are being polite, honest, and fair? I will be a big person, unlike these negative people, and tell you on behalf of them…I’m sorry. I’m VERY sorry these people have tainted your valid perspectives.

After writing all of that, it has come to my attention that I have sounded quite…angry when addressing the very rude ones. While this is not an excuse, I will say that this is coming from someone who likes Mark, but is passionate and always fascinated by others’ points of view. 

But, I’d like to focus on people like @dork-iplier and @markiplierswhatifs, and others who I talked to before that. 

Your views, your reasons, they’re valid.

Please, if you’d like, you can speak with me. Tell me what you do think.

To everyone out there, have a great day. 

Thank you for being here.

I AM BACK I think his is the most inactive this blog has been since I started it wow. I see a lot of you sent me fanfiction recommendations like WOW THANKS. And now I have to explain my rough idea of what I’m doing here now.

With liveblogging, I’m still gonna do it and all posts that are liveblogging will be tagged wtfop. I’ll still post what I think of chapters and stuff as they come out, and I’ve still got the movies to do, so there’s that. Also I’m not changing my url.

For the rest of the week I’ll still be active, I’ll just do stuff like…I dunno write short silly fanfiction (and possibly fanfiction that isn’t silly) ask to play games, that sort of stuff. Posts probably won’t be as frequent and there won’t be as many. Actually when I started this blog I was pretty new to tumblr already and then I avoided looking for blogs for months because I was too busy running my own and now I’ve got to learn to use tumblr like a normal person. Thanks for bearing with me :3