i actually think i ship them more than i do forwood

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Why do people have a tendency to ship Bonnie with villains? Kai, Kol (similar names lol), Damon.. Not gonna lie I see the chemistry but sheesh, Kai is especially terrible. So is Damon. Kol wasn't around much.. Like I think she deserved a more exciting and prominent relationship than beremy (I feel like Caroline's relationships are more prominent) but she deserves someone as good and kind and wonderful as her. A great epic romance. Like forwood for instance!

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this, but I needed time to think about my answer and I haven’t had much time lately, lol. I think they ship Bonnie with villains because those kinds of relationships are dark and intriguing. There’s just something about it, about what it can bring to the screen, if it’s written well of course *cough Dullena cough*. I sure as hell don’t ship Bonkai (or Kennett, for that matter) as romantic endgame or even as “romantic” overall – only as a sexual relationship. I just think it would be interesting to watch Bonnie struggle with being the good girl versus wanting to jump Kai’s bones, like in the fanfictions zalrb writes. There’s a story there, you know? A journey for Bonnie, more of a journey than six fucking seasons of TVD gave her. She’d discover things about herself, she’d discover that she doesn’t always have to be the perfect girl and can still be a good person anyway. I have to say I think that’s what draws people in.

And I have another reason, but I can only speak for myself now. I don’t know how Bonkai or Kennett or other Bamon shippers think about this, so I could be the only one, but I certainly think there have been a few opportunities for Bonnie to go dark, too – the most recent one was after she came back from 1994, suffering from PTSD. Not because I wish that upon her, of course I don’t, ultimately I want her to be happy. But it would add some much needed dark and serious drama, character driven drama instead of “omg there’s a bad guy trying to kill us all” plot driven drama. Imagine Bonnie going after her so-called friends with Kai cheering her on from the sideline.  Wouldn’t you be intrigued by that? I sure as hell would be, and hell, she deserves to tell her friends to fuck off. Why not give them a brain aneurysm while she’s at it? I feel like Kai or Kol could’ve brought that out her and I would’ve liked to see it happen. Plus, some decent sex scenes would be nice to distract us from the disgusting no-chemistry mess that is Dullena, lol. xD

Anyway, Bamon is still a little bit different to me, I actually do ship it as romantic endgame, because that’d be more about bringing Damon home, away from the darkness, instead of pulling Bonnie into the darkness. Simply because a) we’ve already seen Damon do that to Elena and b) Bonnie has the goddamn power. She’s the only one who can get through to Damon, the only one who believes in him for who he is, not for who she wants him to be, and she’s the only one he respects. There’s definitely a love story there and I want to see it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want Bonnie to be the reason why Damon changes. But I sure as hell would want Bonnie to be the reason why Damon understand he can change for himself. And in the end, Damon could be good and kind and wonderful for her, because I do think he wouldn’t make her dark, but he’d make her a little bit more selfish – and she can use that. Sacrificing herself like that every other episode just isn’t healthy and I think Damon could help her understand that her life is just as valuable and Elena’s or Jeremy’s.

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Why do you think it's OOC for Caroline? I find it to be very in character for her considering what we saw with Forwood. She had very human realtionship goals when she was with Tyler and expected to do all the normal relationship stuff, and she's the same way with Stefan. Stefan has also always sort of wanted a more normal/human realtionship and that was evident from his pursuit of Elena and high school early on.

Because Tyler was Caroline’s first love. The teenage emotion that is meant to be a transition from the teenage dreams to eventually growing up.

Caroline is also a vampire. And in comparison with Stefan that being a vampire is something that he does not want and brings him guilt and anguish Caroline actually excels at being a vampire. She cherishes the power and the person she is becoming due to her vampirism. In S4 Stefan’s goal was to take the cure to be with Elena but also if he could he would take the cure for himself because he wants to become human again. Caroline would never take the cure. She likes being…let me see…oh yes! Strong, ageless, fearless.

Literally speaking in TVD Damon, Klaus, Katherine Kol, Caroline were born to become Vampires. And this is why they got to get such a devoted following from the fans. Because they served the specific genre perfectly well. Initially so was Rebekah but they had to ruin her progress with the idiotic I want to become human plot of S4.

Caroline is also 18. Her relationship with Tyler was meant to be a transition to adulthood. A coming to age sort of relationship. One that every person must experience at a young age. One that is full of naive hope and childishness and sweet dreams and cute adorable moments. One were you dream to conquer the world inside a Romeo-Juliet babble that is meant to show you that the world is conquered by mature individuals and not high school relationships. Forwood was a necessary step in Caroline Forbes’s progress and characterization and in Tyler Lockwood’s also. They grew up through their bond and heartache. They became more grounded and eventually learned valuable lessons from being together and from breaking up. It was a transitional phase. Not a life purpose. No matter how much the naivety of youth made it seem that way at that time.

Caroline is smart. She is a vampire. She will never grow old. She will never have children. She is an immortal and she has literally an eternity in front of her. One that should become a magic journey and not a simple research for finding a ball in chain that will halt her evolution and personal growth.

Caroline Forbes needs to appreciate Caroline Forbes. She needs to become her own person. To learn how to survive in the world in her own terms. To become her own woman. To become independent. Not to lock herself in a small corner of the world. She is a vampire. She is meant to travel. To learn new languages. To experience art, music, architecture, wonders. To meet new people. To have a lot of sex. Many flings. To even take advantage of people and situations. To learn to manipulate better and to learn to balance her humanity with her immortality. To get to know new cultures, religions, food, colors. She will be here when new cultures will be born, when new eras will prevail, when old societies will break down. She needs to feel the world devour it and get devoured by it for a long time as a free independent woman. And for a Vampire the time has a whole new meaning. Caroline literally has decades and centuries and even more time ahead of her before the time to settle down even comes close. Because this (no matter how many times I get to sound like a broken record) is a VAMPIRE SHOW. It has other rules all together. It is not meant to show us One tree hill and Dawson’s Creek esque ships but Dracula and Queen of the Damned kind of characters. Relationships bigger than life and death and not one that you and I can have in real life anyway. This is not the point of a show that is meant to have fantasy creatures that are reborn in death and walk in shadows and in the dark.

Stefan has lived that life I mention above (much to his dismay) and it is his time in his mind to finally slow down and find peace. Caroline is just beginning and what seemed to Stefan like a nightmare for Caroline can be a dream coming true.

She is still so very young and Stefan wants to feed from her spirit in order to finally find what he was looking for almost two centuries. It is about what he needs. What he wants. The very same pattern he used when he first found Elena and in his relationship with Damon. His needs come first. His “nobility” and “humanity” make him to be always right. It is not intentional but he is emotionally abusing and creating guilt to those around him in order for them to stay with him and fill his loneliness. He is not a bad guy but he is a broken one that needs a crutch. is about him being tired of roaming around on his own and of him finally understanding that his bond with the doppelgangers was unhealthy and it is him having a deeply rooted hatred for his nature. Someone has to take the fall in order to serve his personal needs and desires and that is Caroline right now. And sure it would not be a bad thing if Caroline could fully acknowledge that and had some decades in her back and knew what she actually wanted and was at the middle or the end of her journey. But she is not. Her relationships with Matt and Tyler were actually things Caroline Forbes wanted with the mind of a human teenager. Now that her mother is dead and now that soon she won’t be able to live in Mystic Falls any longer she will start seeing the world through more adult glasses. More so through Vampire glasses so the motivations change. High school, cheerleading, college, a sweet boyfriend, a white fence are not going to be enough. She will drown in them if she gets stalled by them for a long period of time. Small town life, small town boy are simply not good enough of simply enough for her. This is why Stefan Salvatore is not enough. This is why Klaus as he ended up being in TO is also not enough.

Caroline is meant to be energy. Wild, violent, temperamental, passionate. She is not a second Elena Gilbert no matter how much Plec wants to present her as one because that is literally the one female trope she knows how to write. She is her own person. She is not meant to wipe away all the male tears that are going to come up her way. She is a woman not a kleenex.

At some point Caroline Forbes will need to explore her vampirism too. Without anything holding her back. To engage in her nature. To feel the darkness and grasp the world. She will need to travel, to gather experiences while she will be able to play with compulsion and her vampire skills and her fangs and her veins underneath her eyes. To eat people, to jump from tall buildings, to run as fast as the wind blows.

Stefan right now is a vampire that wants to settle down. Even with Klaus’s case (and I am a Klaroline fan and I am even talking about TVD Klaus and not that horrific TO OOC mess he became to be) I always said that their relationship was epic due to their potential and the promise of their eventual eternity (last love not current or present one, however long it times in time not in now) where Caroline will first needed to grow up before being ready for a relationship with Klaus or any other vampire that would be good enough for her; and if a relationship between her and Klaus was to occur in S3/S4 I expected it to end eventually n tragedy with Klaus probably dying or with an open ending that would point us to the very ends of time and into a long distant future with some meetings in the between.

The point here is for Caroline to grow. To become the best version of herself. To put herself and her needs first. If she was an older vampire I would not object to her relationship with Stefan. But right now in human comparisons it seems as if Stefan is a 40 plus widower that suddenly wants the sweet naive 20 year old to keep him company and make him feel alive again while having a peaceful life by his rules.

Sorry but eventually a caterpillar is meant to break the cocoon and become a butterfly. Exchanging one web for another without breaking free from it it will simply kill her and not allow her to transform and become what is meant to become.

Anyway all that is moot because we are still talking about Plec’s shows were it is all about ships and babies and human aspirations that are bound by soap opera standards. But this is in general my opinion over this.

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Just curious, because your meta is seriously awesome and you seem to have a great grasp on the way TVD is being written (even though I've never shipped Steroline I'm pretty much with you on the cues and hints being given) who do you then think, as well as Steroline being an endgame pairing, will also be an endgame pairing between Delena & Bamon? I feel like DE has been foreshadowed quite strongly as being the most likely endgame pairing on the show even though, at this point, I'd prefer Bamon

Thank you for the compliment! I try to take my shippingglasses off and view things from an objective literary perspective when I writemeta. I’m primarily interested in critical discussion of the charactersnot shipping wars. Also, I appreciate that you took  the time to read my meta even though you’re not a Steroline shipper.

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JP admitted that she dropped her plan for Steroline for a couple of years because Klaroline had instant chemistry.

She is lying. Plain and simple.

She is trying to pander both fanbases. The Klaroline fans by baiting them with some compliments and trying to diffuse the tension after dropping KC now that she got the renewals for her shows and after the latest hateful shenanigans from some other writers of TO, and the St*roline fans by lying about how SC was in her plans for years. Both sides of what she says are lies and empty words.

Let me just remind you that long before Klaroline entered the picture in S3 (3x11) Stefan and Caroline had not interacted ever since S2. In episodes even before the S2 finale. S3 had not even basic interaction between Stefan and Caroline. Like at all. It was ridiculous and underwhelming because Caroline’s massive support from the fans began with her transition to vampirism and Stefan was a big part of that arc and then his connection with Caroline was practically erased for almost one season and a half. They restarted their scenes in S4 while Caroline remained a Stelena Groupie and once Delena was established and Stefan had no story left since from the beginning of the show he was meant to be the one part of the S/E/D triangle Plec decided to kill two birds with a stone and connect Caroline (that her story was on air too since for JP she is meant to be the perpetual love object) with Stefan’s. Simple as that.

Even Plec herself has admitted that she has no plans for her shows. She brainstorms at the spot. This is why the continuity of TVD is so inconsistent. She simply gets flashes of half assessed ideas and then forces them in the last moment without having any understanding of how genre works. She pays no attention to characterization, mythology, the timeline, consistency, plotholes, logic. If she cannot plan ahead for more than 5 episodes what makes you think that she planned ahead in the span of years in an age and time where TVD was successful and based on the foundation of Stelena and Delena? And while her whole attention back then was with Forwood? Stefan original was Caroline’s mentor but after the first half of the second season they dropped most of the SC scenes (brotp back then) all together. The writers are incompetent when it comes to maintaining a balance between the interactions of their characters by providing a good characterization for them. They only care for their plots. Moonstone on repeat. Klaus is coming, Klaus has to die on repeat. The ritual. The cure. Silas. Blah blah blah. That along with ships. So they never create relationships that do not fit into that narrow perspective because they really do not see their characters as characters. Just as pawns to advance the occassional plot and ship wars and that without any idea of how that will work out in the long run. And I say that because back then I really like the St*roline brotp and I was really bummed that they dropped in favor of everything else they had going on back then. And in S3 it became much worse.

And mind you this does not count only for SC. It counts for Klaroline too and for everything else really. Klaroline was introduced as a fluke that JP never expected to stick. And it did. And then they brainstormed on the spot too (mostly for the sweeps) because they planned to kill Klaus on the finale of S3. If anything Klaroline was one of the major reasons (maybe the most important) that had the network intervene and save Klaus. Because of the massive fan support that character got. It happened in the very last minute and the spin off was introduced as an idea in that summer before S4 was even planned. I mean no one blamed JP back then for saving Klaus the way she did because of the love of the fandom towards Klaus but come onnnnnnnn now! He was staked with a white oak stake and somehow his body survived. Plec pulled an excuse for that out of her ass and that was it. It didn’t matter if it made sense or not. Whatever. It would not be the first of the last plothole anyhow. Now of course a white oak stake supposedly still can kill Klaus but in the past he survived it. He got flambeed on screen but Plec then screwed her mythology again because the network intervened and then for a whole season she did not even know what to do with Klaus or any of the originals or even Klaroline because she planned the spin off for which she decided that a baby would be a good idea to have as a basic premise. Plec and planning simply do not go together. Like ever.

Like we are talking about ridiculous on top of ridiculous here. There is no plan guys. Never was. Never will be. Not with Plec. Kevin WIlliamson probably had some long term ideas but he left the show before those could flourish even though he had planted the seeds. But JP took over and we all saw how that worked out.

Everything else Plec says is just some silly crap in order to appease and assure the fanbases she needs in order to string them along. That’s it. And she makes no exceptions here. Every fandom will get Plec’d and she will lie for everything. As long as she keeps baiting the fans and as long as the fans keep on falling for the same tricks over and over again.

Obviously the ratings show how this is not working as effectively as before but now more than ever Plec will keep lying and even more aggressively. Because she is desperate. She hates that she does not have the control she had before. She hates that people do not fall for her shitty ideas. The whole thing is toxic. People do not care. People are critical. These writers (the TO ones actually because at least the TVD ones still have some restraint) will keep on attacking because that is what they do and Plec will start detaching herself and try to make it seem as if she is the good cop while the rest of her team that has no self control and self awareness will be the bad cop. But in reality there is not such thing as a good or bad cop. They are all disrespectful towards the fans. JP cultivated all this toxicity and she is the one that created it to begin with. The writing is trash. The shows are horrific. The fans gets either bullied or offended or lied at with false promises and blatant lies. And they keep using twitter as their way of using the fans as scapegoats, of throwing the blame and rage on in hysterics and also as a way to bait the fans when it is convenient. It is what it is and it is not going to change.

steroline - 6x14

I’ve never been more glad to be wrong in my entire life and I am so happy they kissed :)

You can ship whatever you want, forwood, klaroline, stelena or whatever but you can’t say that they don’t have any development or chemistry. Julie herself said they’ve been planning to do something with steroline since 2x02! So it is not sudden, or forced by fans. And there been multiple scenes hinting for a romantic future for them (4x16, 4x19, 4x22, 5x04, 5x12, 5x17 and I can go on…)

Through most of season 6 Caroline ‘hated’ Stefan, not because he left ,but because she has feeling for him. It easier for her to be mad at him for leaving than to deal with the fact he might not feel the same way. She already forgave him in 6x08, but she still didn’t want to be his friend cause it was too hard for her.

When Liz got sick she needed someone to be there for her, to help her. Stefan was there because despite everything they are still best friends. Friends fight, and they also make up. Friends are there for you in hard times.

In 6x11 he told her his secret about Sarah, one which he never told anyone about, because he trusts her. And she wanted him to support her theory on vampire blood because she values his opinion. That was the first step to rebuild their friendship. And yes they are best friends, sorry to break it to you but best friends do fall in love. (Chandler and Monica, Ron and Hermione, Cory and Topanga, Percy and Annabeth…) Sure a lot of the times it’s one sided, but we’ll have to see where they take it…

And the fact that Caroline was 'too busy’ kissing Stefan instead of being with her mom is not her fault. The doctors told her her mom had more time live, so how was she supposed to know she would die that day? The fact that Caroline didn’t get to say good bye to her mom is realistic, it happens every day to most people. Somehow I’m glad they chose to go in that direction. The last words Liz heard from her daughter were 'I love you’, remember that not everyone gets to have that.

Liz know she was dying, that’s way she send Damon to get her drink she didn’t want him to see her weak and scared, it was actually heartbreaking. Damon may not be the best person (but really who is on that show?) and what he did to Caroline was wrong (I’m still mad they didn’t have Damon apologizing to caroline) but he was Liz’s friend and he cared about her. Liz got to die at some sort of peace, surrounded by people who love her which is a good thing.(I must of used an entire box of tissues during that scene)

The kiss was amazing and totally worth the waiting. I’m so glad Stefan intended it, it shows he does have feelings for her.I honestly don’t think Liz dying is a way to push steroline I think it’s more of a storyline for Caroline or maybe the actress leaving, I don’t know. But there’s really nothing wrong with finding love in times like that. What was Coraline supposed to do? Cry or be depressed all the time? That’s not who she is, and she found a moment of happiness in all she’s been going through, you should be happy for her. If you have someone you love by your side it helps you to move on with your life. Like Caroline said 'I don’t know if I will be able to get through this on my own’ and she’s not alone, she has Stefan, Elena, Matt and Tyler. A lot of people who lose family have their…significant other help pull them through. What’s different in this case?

Don’t you think Liz would be happy for Caroline? That she would have wanted this for her? She asked Stefan to make Caroline smile and he did. Liz wouldn’t want Caroline to stop living because she died.

It will probably take a while for them to get together and that’s okay, there’s no need to rush it, Caroline needs time to grieve. The writers did a good job with them and I really hope they won’t screw it up.