i actually suffer from this

i have a love/hate relationship with how louis’ team is actually keeping things under wraps and not telling us anything?? like it’s refreshing that it’s not leaking but also i am suffering™️ from the suspense and the wait might actually kill me

Things that only SPN fandom can understand:
  • “Oh my Chuck!”
  • “Carry on my wayward soOOOOOon” means “somebody’s gonna die”
  • “Adam? Who the fuck is Ad- Ooooh, right!”
  • “It’s just a car!”: fandom screaming
  • “Why does everyone have to die!?”
  • Lucifer and Death are good guys
  • Metatron is not.
  • Don’t get stuck on tuesday
  • “How can Sam get wifi everywhere?”
  • “It’s funnier in enochian”
  • Dean is the pizzaman
  • There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”
  • Twist and Shout
  • “How can this cast be so fucking attractive!?”
  • God is bisexual
  • Thinking “I kinda miss the apocalypse”
  • “I can dig Elvis”: fandom heartbreak
  • “Bitch”, “Jerk”, “Idiot”, “Assbutt”.
  • Your social life ended with “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days”
  • “I usually suffer from insomnia” actually means “I usually spend the night reading Destiel fanfictions”
  • “Why do I still watch this show?”

“Another great issue of RHATO that builds on the previous issues but also Jason’s overall history in the DC universe. Jason’s time in Arkham and the skills he learned there to cope with his trauma come into play in a major way while his relationships with everyone are tainted by his experiences with Bruce. One of my favorite things about the issue is how it shows that Jason is very much the heart of RHATO, and not just because his name comes first. He cares for his team, even if they don’t realize that they are a team yet. It’s astounding when you think about Jason’s background and all the truly awful things that have happened to him and it’s what makes this book stand out. Yes, almost every hero in the DC universe has had some epically bad trauma but few have been through the brutality that Jason has endured on both a physical and emotional level and still find it in themselves to give a damn about the world around them. That he does is pretty phenomenal and makes the character, and the book, one of the more complex and truly heroic ones out there.”

-Reviewer, Belleburr

repressed crushes 

~ Make A Wish ~

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Request: Insomnia fluff with Bones -  @bkwrm523

Words: 2347

Warnings: //

Beta’d: No and I’m terribly sorry for that, but it took me so long to write this fic (I had way to many ideas and like three different stories I had to put into one) and I just finally wanted to upload it for you. I hope that there aren’t too many (or at least not really bad) mistakes.

A/N: I hope you enjoy! I never actually suffered from insomnia, so I don’t not if the methods I mention here would work for someone who does suffer from it, but it works for me when I’m not tired enough to go to bed.

Tags: //

Annoyed you huffed out as you turned onto your back again and stared at the ceiling. You’ve been laying there for a long time, trying to fall asleep but weren’t able to do so. You weren’t even able to close your eyes. You thought that they would’ve grown accustomed to the darkness by now, but you still couldn’t see your hands in front of your eyes. Even if they were, the table and the vase you thought you saw weren’t actually there. They couldn’t be.

The table and the vase belonged to the interior decor of your quarters on the Enterprise, but you were at home right now, on Earth, which was probably the reason for your insomnia. You missed the constant humming of the machinery on the Enterprise, the hushed voices that sometimes passed your quarters and you missed being able to open up your eyes and look out of the windows to see the stars so close and beautiful.

Something you didn’t miss, because you weren’t lacking it at that moment, was his warmth. On the Enterprise he had to sleep near the med bay in case of an emergency and you, as a bridge crew member, were stationed a few floors above him, so you rarely got to sleep together. Right then though, you were almost ready to kill him. You weren’t really sure as to why you never noticed it, but boy, that man snored! Pinching his nose or shaking him a little only caused him to scrunch up his face or move a little bit, but he stayed asleep and snored on.

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photo op! (saeran x mc/reader)

summary: all you wanted was a cute couple selfie for your lock screen.

rating: 10+ (super mild sexual situations?)

notes: once upon a time, there was a niku who was working on another fic, but she got a small case of writer’s block and decided to write something else for a bit in hopes it would help. what i actually wrote was this as well as a little bit for the continuation for the halloween fic. but then one thing led to another and here we are. i hope it’s not too incoherent and you guys enjoy. 

ps. i s2g i’ll write pure fluff for saeran one day but that day is not today.also i still blame @fabicchi

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I am a very, very anxious person. I suffer from it, actually. And, sometimes, I get really hung up on stuff like… well, like BUGHEAD. Can’t help it. They’re the best.

That being said, I have ZERO worry about Thursday! Like, are you guys actually worried? Betty and Jughead are so heading for Epic Smoochville, Population: 2! 

All I’m worried about is how much on-screen smooch / I love you time they’re going to give the two.

The tweets, etc. are purposely NOT showing you what you (well, what many of you) want because they LOVE that you’re so invested in this relationship they’ve been working so hard on. They eat that up! They want your reactions in the tweets (as long as you keep them respectful, of course).

I ain’t worried! I’m actually REALLY excited!  

look into your eyes

Summary: Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first. (word count: 2303)

1. and the sky’s the limit

He did not have the natural talent, nor did he have a lot of resources. Compared to the others, the ones with so much more, he was nothing. It felt easy to just give up, leave Russia, and forget about his dream of becoming an ice skater and making his country proud.

And honestly, he was about to do exactly that. Not only was he stuck with students 2-3 years younger than he was, he still keeps getting scolded for not being able to do what they could.

All those thoughts were erased from him when he looks up and sees a boy - probably ten or eleven, at most - do the exercise perfectly, lifting his leg and pointing his toes exactly as the instructor had told. But it wasn’t that that had captivated him.

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Beautiful Nightmares

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 5.100+

Summary: Since they turned 18, Ashton and Y/N met each other in their dreams every single night. But when Ashton moves and their sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares, Y/N’s best friend decides to drag her into a sleeping clinic to make her realize that Ashton isn’t more than simply an imaginary friend.

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Requested By: @mjnisanairdot


With one last desperate arc of your blade, the vampire’s head rolled off and fell to the ground along with its collapsing body. Sam clapped you on the back with a broad smile and his congratulation on the tip of his tongue, but all excitement dropped from his face when he met your eyes.

The air had been sucked from your lungs. You clutched onto his arm for support, an iron grip, but that did nothing to help your struggling lungs. An invisible force seemed to have wrapped itself around your chest and all you could only manage to gasp in little spurts of air.

“Where’s your inhaler?” Sam asked, worry laced in his voice.

“Impala,” you wheezed after another short gasp. Sam turned to give directions to Dean, but he had already taken off running. 

You slid into Sam, your legs feeling weak and you head spinning. He had a grip on both your arms and helped you sink to the ground. His form crouched in front of you, an urgency in his voice, “Focus on me, alright? Breathe with me.”

He took long, deep breaths, and you tried to match them but your lungs seemed to spasm, struggling to stop gasping for air. You were drowning. The dozens of monsters you’ve hunted couldn’t kill you but your own damn asthma could cripple you at any moment.

“Hold in there, just a little longer,” Sam reassured you. You kept your eyes on his lips, struggling to mimic the pace of his exhale.

Dean burst into the room, tossing your inhaler to Sam, who then pressed it into your palm and against your lips.

tumblr has completely ruined the concept of “intrusive thoughts” which is incredibly dangerous to people such as myself that actually suffer from OCD and honestly i’ll never forgive you all for taking away that phrase and the irreparable damage doing so has done to the way people like me talk about our experiences. 

intrusive thoughts have completely ruined my life and when you all make dumb posts about having the urge to eat leaves or having a song or phrase stuck in your head or etc etc etc (all of which are not intrusive thoughts), you are not only being incredibly disrespectful but are actively harming us and pushing us toward suicide. stop taking away our language, stop trivializing our experiences. fuck off.

Dorm Disorder (Chapter 1) 🌙

A/N: I’m going to put a trigger warning on this entire story because this series isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. It’s about mental illnesses, abusive parents, cigarettes and alcohol, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! x

Character Appearance: OCs, Kris, Kai, Chanyeol, Luhan, Baekhyun, Amber

Warnings: Mentions of bipolar disorder, cigarettes, alcohol, self-harm

Word Count: 10,215

Soundtrack: Let Me Stay By Your Side // Luhan


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Illnesses aren’t a joke. Mental illnesses, especially. Take it from someone who is actually suffering from it. I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t ask for my dad to leave us, I didn’t ask for my mum to be an ex-junkie, I didn’t ask to be claustrophobic and I especially didn’t ask to suffer from bipolar disorder.

My name is Ciara and I’m nineteen years old. To be blunt, I’m a fuck-up. Period. I was never a perfect little ass-licker like every goddamn girl out there in the world. Instead, I’m the exact opposite; I have cuts on my wrists, I smoke, my family is in a mess and my head is spinning round the globe with so many thoughts. Oh, and my best friends are my violin and my mum. I was a floater for the longest time, always spending time with my mum who is an ex-junkie like I said. Now don’t point fingers and start calling her a bad influence and shit. Sure, she’s the woman who went through so much and turned to drugs when it got so rough that she just wanted to kill herself. But, she’s also the woman who raised me up from nothing and kicked her drug addiction just for me and taught me how to live without anyone, a lesson learnt after my father left. My life was pretty messed-up for a long time…until one day, I walked into my therapist’s office and saw him sitting in the waiting room.

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My predictions for Digimon Adventure Tri Movie 5 - Symbiosis/Kyōsei This Post is super long

The following are my predictions for Digimon Adventure Tri Movie 5, as it stands.

Okay so we know that Hikari is going to go through some kind of Dark Evolution to cause Ophanimon Fall Down Mode. In another post I commented on what I think will cause this but I’d like to reiterate it as well as expand upon it.

Okay so many people have already pointed out Ophanimon Fall Down Mode’s biography but in case you don’t know here it is, taken from digimon wikia:

“Ophanimon Falldown mode is a Fallen Angel Digimon. It is a form of Ophanimon that was so angry that it suppressed its own emotions and fell into madness. It swelled with anger at the world, where atrocious sins keep mounting no matter how many times they are purged, and it closed off its heart. In order to nip evil in the bud, it hunts whichever opponents it has judged to have become a barrier to justice, and tried to establish a world of what it recognizes as justice.”

Okay so this is great because I think it plays very well into who Hikari has been established to be as a character. Hikari has a very strong sense of justice. She gets upset at any violence and will do anything she can to stop it, like being kidnapped and taken to Vamdemon/Myotismon. In the Machinedramon arc when she sees the numemon being enslaved you see her very upset and she wishes for more power to stop it, which is granted. What I find particularly interesting about this whole episode is the facial expressions they gave Hikari when she is protecting the numemon, she looks like she is full of righteous anger and determination. Her desire to protect people gives her the power to make her digimon evolve and allows others to evolve. Now in this case she was right to attack the way she did but imagine if this was applied while what she was doing wasn’t truly righteous or she  perceived someone to be evil who wasn’t truly evil.

I’m predicting that the next movie is going to have some strong call backs to that episode, Digimon Adventure ep 49, the crest of light. So, it makes sense that Hikari will see something that upsets her, that she feels is truly evil and tries to stop it, but perhaps her feelings are clouded by anger and Tailmon evolves in the wrong way.

For example, Meicrackmon has now reappeared and it looks like she is going to be fucking some people up next movie, it’s obvious that Gennai is going to try to use her against the Chosen Children. So maybe Meicrackmon severely injures Taichi, a sin Hikari will not be able to forgive, and even if Meicoomon returns to normal Hikari still sees her as a threat and decides she needs to be eliminated.

I feel it’s a good time to bring up my Mei and Meicoomon predictions. I actually think that Meiko and Meicoomon will be the heroes of this next movie while Hikari will be a Villain/Anti-hero. Someone has already pointed out that with Meicoomon’s ultimate/mega on the poster her eyes are green instead of red. It’s been established through the past couple movies that when Meicoomon goes evil, such as when she kills Leomon or evolves into Meicrackmon, her eyes turn a shade of red, but when she is good her eyes are green. So, the fact that her eyes are green on the poster implies this is a positive evolution. In addition, take a look at Meiko’s stance in the poster, it is a stance often applied to heroes, standing tall with her hand against her chest as if holding onto hope and a look of determination on her face. I find this stance most often applied to heroes when they are facing a great challenge against a villain and must learn to believe in themselves in order to win. This does go along with Meiko’s development as she is obviously not a confident character and in the last movie she finally learned to confront what was wrong with her digimon, showing that she is gaining strength and learning to not be afraid or sit on the sidelines.

Compare this to Hikari in the poster. First off, we know that her digimon is definitely a negative evolution. Furthermore, look at her stance. She is turned away from us and her face is covered. I don’t think I need to argue that this is ominous.

So, going back to meicrackmon, I think there is a very strong possibility that Meicrackmon will do some harm during the fight with the chosen children at the beginning of the movie, possibly severely injure Taichi (I’m hoping for this like you have no idea) and then Hikari just loses it and even when Meicoomon is successfully turned back to normal (I’m going to throw it out there that Doctor Jyou restores Meiko to health cause that would be awesome, doctor jyou to the rescue!) Hikari is still going after her because she sees her as a threat that needs to be brought back to justice. There will be some kind of clash between Meiko and Hikari and Meiko will have to positively evolve to Mega in order to compete.

Going back to Ophanimon Falldown Mode’s bio, it says that she closed off her heart”, I feel like Hikari is kind of forcing Tailmon to close off hers. We know that Hikari thinks that Tailmon is better off without her memories but by eliminating the sad memories she also eliminates the good memories, she has closed off Tailmon’s heart to her friendship with Wizardmon and all the good that came from it. Hikari herself seems to have difficulty with this, she often sidelines her own emotions for that of others, she doesn’t complain or voice how she’s feeling because she cares more about others as showcased through Adventure 01 (this is something her and Sora share in common so I actually think it makes a ton of sense for Hikari’s storyline to follow Sora’s). I actually think Taichi also suffers from this complex a little but that’s a post for another day. I think this will also contribute to Tailmon’s Negative evolution.

Hikari has been shown to be very powerful, more powerful than any other of the Chosen Children, and she also has a strong connection on a spiritual level to the events going on since she is directly tied to Homeostasis. So imagine if she suddenly decided that she knew what was best for everyone and acted on her own, imagine the damage she could do, absolute power corrupts absolutely and Hikari has got a lot of power. I think Ophanimon falldown Mode will be a representation of what we will see from Hikari, a powerful character who believes with all their heart they know what is truly best and moves forward with little resistance.

Okay so on to Wizardmon. I definitely think he will appear and play a part in the next movie. Tri has been full of fanservice and it would be very weird if they didn’t bring back a fan favourite character like Wizardmon. Now recently I have subscribed to Miss-Doodle’s theory on how this might go down. You can read it here:


To summarize, she thinks that because Wizardmon does not originate from the digital world, he will not be reborn but instead appear as a ghost the same way he appeared in Adventure 02. This makes sense since to get rid of both Wizardmon and Tailmon’s memories of each other defeats the purpose of his return, what would then be the purpose of them interacting. She also believes that Daigo and Wizardmon should team up considering they both have close bonds to two female characters who have a lot in common. Anyway, read it, it’s really interesting.

I also think that Wizardmon is going to be the one to save Hikari and Tailmon and trigger a positive evolution. Many people think he will be brought back only to die again in order to trigger Falldown Mode but I think that would be such a waste and we’ve already seen that happen in Tri with Leomon. If they go that route I will be very disappointed, missed opportunity. I think we will get both a positive and negative evolution from Hikari in this upcoming film.

Ophanimon vs Holydramon. Okay I think what is going to happen is that when Tailmon is defeated or turned back to normal after her dark evolution I think she will lose her Holy ring as penance for her sins. Because of this she will evolve positively into Holydramon instead of Ophanimon. I believe this because it makes sense that Tri would want to give service to both the fans of Holydramon and Ophanimon, also it’s likely there are fans of both on the writing staff. In addition, I think this because we have seen a lot of Holydramon in the merchandise and that can’t be random.

Okay so going back to Taichi for a second. Like I said before I think he is definitely going to play a part in Hikari’s downfall. I believe this because Tri has often foreshadowed what will happen in the next movie in the movie prior. In this past movie, there was a lot of Hikari calling to her brother, I think this is hinting at their relationship playing a huge part in the next movie. We have seen in the past that she is very dependent on her brother. So, I already mentioned that I theorize that he may be injured to cause her downfall but I have a completely different theory as well, although it doesn’t perfectly line up with some of my other theories.

Taichi has been doubting himself a lot in Tri. In loss alone he doubts their ability to save Meicoomon (and although he says “will we”, I would argue he really means “can I”), he is upset that he can’t evolve Agumon to protect everyone, and then there are plenty of examples from past movies. I think there is a chance they may do a throwback to episode 48 of adventure when Taichi talks about how he fails to take care of Hikari and how he almost got her killed. Although I’m not sure of the details I would argue it is more likely that Taichi will trigger Hikari’s downfall by failing to protect her, or someone she cares about, in the following movie. Again, I’m not sure about the details but I just think it makes sense based on Hikari’s co-dependent relationship with him, his strong need to protect her, and the doubt he has shown in Tri.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and let me know what your predictions are 😊

It is getting increasingly annoying and weird to gender myself as female when I speak (the verb endings - Russian has those). Like it’s not even dysphoria I just feel ridiculous, almost like I’m making fun of myself or something. So, what if I randomly started gendering myself as male? At least in Russian? I don’t even care what my parents will call me, I don’t wanna misgender myself.

Also yesterday I was watching Eurovision with my mum and I started pointing at people who I find attractive and I said about one guy “hmmm not sure if I wanna marry him or look like him” and my mum said “well you gotta choose one” and I replied “why? can’t I do both?”. And it sorta turned into a conversation about transitioning.

So apparently my mum thinks I should not come out to any of my relatives. I told her “you do realize I will look and sound different on testosterone?” and she said “I’ll tell them you have a hormonal misbalance or something”. I added that I’m gonna change my name as well, and eventually, when Russian laws change, the gender marker too. And she just brushed it off.

Like yeah mum, I’m gonna have a deep voice and stubble and a new name and none of the relatives will notice that. Of course…

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I have to wonder how many times you've blushed since you started the blog Zig.-Riku Reimei(it's a legit question, he must have high bloo- wait, they don't have that, high magic pressure then.)

Oh, actually - 

I do suffer from a bit of ‘magic overload’ - 

See my soul is kinda…well, it produces alot. But I don’t use much either…my ability is pretty specific and not needed much, so the effects…show a bit more. 

Now that the Koe no Katachi movie’s getting ever so closer to being release, we’re seeing more people getting into the series, and quite a few people reading the synopsis and nope’ing out of there because the Synopsis is quite bad at getting people into the series. Let’s clear some things up for those you’ve seen some art, but the Synopsis of the series turned you off

  1. Yes, the series does follow a character who bullied a deaf girl until she changed schools. What the synopsis leaves out is that the bullying takes place when they were 12. The main part of the series takes place when they are 18. This is not to excuse the bullying, the series never makes it looks like Shoya, or anybody else in the class was right for bullying Shoko. This is to justify the redemption. People change, and a mistake you made when you were a child should not completely destroy your life.
  2. You will want to backhand a 12 year old, maybe 3, in the first few chapters. This is less of a “fix a misunderstanding” and more of a heads up. 
  3. You hate little Shoya, I hate little Shoya, Shoya himself hates little Shoya. Odds are he hates himself more than you hate him.
  4. It should be noted that Shoya was not the only one to bully Shoko. He took it too far, but the rest of the class also took part in the bullying. 
  5. The series is by no means ableist. yes, a small deaf girl is bullied by the main character, but this is never presented in a positive light. Shoya’s life is literally ruined because of his actions and the story never pretends that anybody who bullied Shoko was ever in the right doing so.

I hope that this clears a few things up for those of you who were turned off of the series by reading the synopsis. Trust me, it’s actually a beautiful series, the synopsis just does a horrid job of getting new people into the series

It’s currently available in the manga section of Crunchyroll if you have a premium account and you can find it at Barnes and Noble, if you’re in the US at least.

The Signs as the SS drama


Taurus: oh no sweetie :) :) i didnt go out of my way to name YOUR hatchling TUNAPIEFODDERLORD to spite you i actually love tuna pies :* :* :*

Gemini: ugh i suffer from neverending bullshiteria and my ENTIRE FAMILY was MURDERED by a hamster when i was four u cant use your problems as excuses ugh these people

Cancer: SS H1 N RB and R all combined together to summon EXODIA THE FORDIBBEN ONE


Virgo: actual dramarising staff whose eyes cannot roll further into their skull from accepting yet another SS drama post zzzzzzzz

Libra: I’m an Adult Player™ and you guys need to stop picking on people, specially younger ones t̷ḩ͚͙̬̻͓̙ḭ͚̙̰̪̮̯n̪̺̝͍̯͔k͏̳̭̙̦̟͈͙ ͉̤̪o̪̱̬̦f͇̗̙͓̦̩ ͓̳̘̝͈̥̀t͔͓͎̜̗̠̥h̛̻͔̲͙̙e̘̙͚̦͟ ̧͍̬̜͔̮͕̺C̬͍̝̠͜H͟I̵̩̹̪̖L̜̭͙Ḓ͎̼̫̜͖́Ŗ̲̠̞͍̲E͞N̗̦͖

Scorpio: ok so I’ve been stalking SS for soooo long because i had nothing better to do like and i just KNOW they had a board where they hated on oatmeal and were like super rude??? to people they are SO entitled i just know deleted the oatmeal board

Sagittarius: casual dramarising user who wishes we’d bring earth is the new light or vegan dragons or any other drama back because they cant handle this one boring ass drama anymore

Capricorn: i dont give a single flying care if you appologised because I THE ANONYMOUS USER OF DRAMARISING havent forgiven u because i will smite all wicked ones and bring back the spanish inquisition

Aquarius: :( why has the FR community become so toxic targetting a single person this isnt the type of salt i signed up for i want to see drama but not specifically like this??? :( we weretn this horrible

Pisces: im just posting this screenshot of my conversation with SS to teach people to be polite because people absolutely CANNOT EVER insult others nuh-nuh never!!!! im not trying to expose them to ridicule at all :) :) im a good samaritan and this is just MY OPINION being sincere :) :)