i actually started crying from laughing so hard at this

The Interview

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hii, could u write a tom Holland x reader fic with prompts 5, 53 and 57? I’m in love with your tumblr btw🌸

Based off a prompt list linked here

#5 “I made my baby cry!”, #53 “Sit in my lap”, and #57 “You don’t understand, you never do!”

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: While Tom was away shooting for Spider-Man Homecoming, he did a few interviews. One where they asked about a funny moment between you and him. He decided to tell them the one time you played a prank on him when you two were training.

Warnings: Just cuteness, it’s super dorky aw

Word Count: 1,654

A/N: Yayyyy! First Tom Holland imagine, I think it’s super cute and dorky omg. I think this imagine turned out really well and idk I just love it ahaha. But fr, I could so see him accidently letting a secret like this slip out bc we all know he can’t keep secrets.

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“Well look who it is! It’s Mr. Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland! Welcome!” The interviewer grinned at Tom, making him smile and give a few waves.

“It’s crazy man, to be here surrounded by all these wonderful people.” Tom gushed, looking around in pure bliss.

You were sitting at home, watching his live interview on TV, laughing at how dorky he was.

You and Tom had been dating for about a year now, you were thrilled when you found out he got the role of Spider-Man for Captain America Civil War, and even more ecstatic when you found out he actually became Spider-Man.

Tom had told you many times how he wished he could be that character, and then his dream came true and you couldn’t have been more proud.

He had been gone for a few months now, filming for his new movie Spider-Man Homecoming, which you were going to drag him to, to watch in the theatres together, whether he wanted to or not.

You were unbelievably proud of Tom, he looked so happy, and that’s all that mattered to you, even if you did miss him a ton.

Your head snapped back to the TV, hearing the interviewer mention your name, a smile creeping its way onto your lips.

This had to be good.

“So, how are you and Y/N doing? Is she at home now watching this?” The interviewer asked, making Tom blush lightly and smile bashfully.

“She’s doing great actually, I love her a lot. It means a lot to me that she’s so supportive and happy for me. She’s the best girlfriend you could have honestly. And yes, she is at home right now,” Tom waves into the camera, making you laugh, “I’m pretty positive she’s watching this, mainly because I told her to.” Tom chuckled, making the interviewer laugh.

“I’m glad you guys are still together and that everything is going well between the two of you.” The interviewer added on, making Tom smile and nod along.

“Yeah it’s great, she’s great, everything is just.. great.” He laughed, motioning to the area around him.

“Speaking of Y/N, I know you two have been together for quite the time now.” The interviewer stated, making Tom grow serious for a moment.

“Yeah, Y/N and I have been together for about a year now, she was there with me when I actually got casted as Spider-Man for Cap Civil War.” Tom smiled, making a heart into the camera, which obviously made your heart melt even more.

Tom was that guy, that even if he was miles away, he could still make your heart flutter, even through a television screen.

“She’s super supportive like I said before, and I just couldn’t be happier.” Tom grinned, running his fingers through his hair messily.

“That’s great, I’m happy for you both. Speaking of Y/N, are there any funny moments you to have together that you’re willing to share?” The interviewer gave Tom a smile, making him laugh.

“Man, this is tough, Y/N always makes me laugh.” Tom smiled, placing his fingers on his chin as he thought about all the moments you two have had.

His eyes lit up, as he grinned at the interviewer.

“There was actually this one moment, Y/N and I were training, it was after we found out I was casted as Spider-Man for my new movie, and I wanted to get a head start on training for it.” Tom explained, already laughing as he thought of the memory.

You on the other hand, were dying of laughter already, you remember this day like it happened yesterday.

“So, Y/N and I were training one day, we were doing an exercise where we were practicing punching, since you know Spider-Man does stunts like that.” Tom laughed, crossing his arms as he swayed back and forth.

“So we were doing punching exercises and I went to you know.. ‘punch her’ and when I did she screamed and held her face.” Tom explained, making the interviewer gasp.

“So of course I stopped and was like ’oh shit! are you okay? oh my god, I made my baby cry!and I quickly took off the equipment to make sure she wasn’t really injured.” Tom explained, covering his mouth with his hands before laughing, as he glared into the camera playfully, making you laugh even harder.

“After I removed the gloves, I told her you know.. come here sit in my lap, and so she did, she was still holding her face, she felt like she was crying and I was really worried I had actually hurt her you know?” Tom laughed, licking his bottom lip as he continued on.

“And then, as I was trying to get her to remove her hands from her face, I felt her start to laugh, and I was so confused.” Tom smiled, shaking his head, as the interviewer laughed.

“I eventually pried her hands away to see she was totally fine, and had gotten me worked up over nothing! I was so frustrated, but she found it hysterical, she was laughing so hard. I remember telling her ’you don’t understand,'  I was so scared I actually had hurt her.” Tom laughed, shaking his head as he looked into the camera.

“But she didn’t care, she claimed that I never do, and by that I mean that I never get her pranks until after she’s done them. You see Y/N is that good of a prankster that she really fools you.” Tom explained, biting his lip slightly.

You were sitting on the couch, laughing at the memory, it was all true, Tom had gotten so frustrated with you, but you couldn’t take him seriously.

You were too proud and full of laughter that he fell for another one of your crazy pranks.

“And the thing is, I always fall for them, I never realize I’d been pranked till after it happens.” Tom laughed, making the interviewer laugh with him.

“You two are definitely a match, the fact that she pranks you that well and you still fall for them shows you two have something special.” The interviewer smiled, making Tom blush lightly. 

“Oh don’t worry, I got her back just as good.” Tom grinned, winking into the camera, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“I don’t blame you,” The interviewer laughed, before looking into the camera then at Tom. “Well, that’s about all the time we have for today, congratulations on your new movie, Spider-Man Homecoming.” The interviewer smiled, shaking Tom’s hand who was smiling back at him.

“Thanks! And thanks for having me, it was a blast.” Tom smiled, waving goodbye into the camera before the interview was over.

You laughed, shaking your head at your TV screen, Tom was such a dork.

Within a few minutes, you felt your phone buzz, only to see you had a text message from him already.

SpiderTom: hey baby did u see my interview? ;)

You: u mean the one where u talked about my epic pranking skills? then yes, yes i did, & I’m ngl i was laughing the entire time

SpiderTom: ur evil you know that? but i love u anyways <3

You: yes, yes i do know >:) & i love u too boo <3

You laughed as you read the next text, a smirk creeping up onto your lips as you replied back.

SpiderTom: you’re going to prank me again aren’t you? :o

You: oh 100%, see u soon babe. ;)

And with that, you shut your phone off, and went to bed, the smirk never once leaving your face.

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Hiya~I just was scrolling through your account, your head canons and scenerios are really funny and well written⭐keep it up~ Could you do a scenerio where the MC and the boys(and Jaehee) end up accedetally having a really awkward kiss. Thx!

Fun fact, the Seven one is based off a true story from about last year with me and my now ex girlfriend. Yes, I was the one who did it to her. And it was awful, but funny after a while. Thank you for the request ~~~~ Jumin:
•Honestly, you didn’t know what you were expecting..but it wasn’t..That.
•It’s not that he was a bad kisser, but the way he went about it was just unlike him.
• You two were dating, of course, and around your 3rd date, this cat mom decides it was time to “make a move.”
• You had no idea he was even at the restaurant yet. He thought it would be cute to surprise you, so he kept it this way.
• While you sit on your phone, unaware of the business man’s presence, he quickly wraps his arms around the side of your waist, and kisses the corner of your lips.
• yOu litTerally pUnCh Him?!?
•But only because you had no idea it was him!! So, he easily can forgive you.
•Won’t admit/show it, but he’s pretty embarrassed.
•Lil shit thinks he’s a smooth fukr.
• He goes up to ask you on a date, when all of a sudden he trips. He fricken trips. Yes, beautiful gods trip to, I guess.
• he ends up falling on top of you. And since you weigh a good amount less than him..you’re on the ground.
• His body is squishing your chest, his hair is tickling your skin..and his lips are on your lips.
• “I’M SO SORRY (Y/N)!!”
•yeah you best be sorry motherfu-
• “Uh..it’s okay, Zen,” *I kind oF LiKEd iT BUT yOU wOnT knOw…
• He’ll just ask you on that date tomorrow.
•Precious baby fell for another one of seven’s pranks. Jfc.
• “There’s a curse castes upon you Yoosung! If you don’t kiss (Y/N), I’m afraid the two of you will..well, you won’t be around much longer.”
• “I need you to come over, (Y/N) T_T”
• This text was mildly terrifying.
• You get up to his front porch, and knock on the door.
• A red faced yoosung awkwardly greets you. He opens up the door and..
• WhAt YoOSUNG whAt
• That’s it. He does it, and slams the door in your face.
• And seven saw the whole thing.
• It all started when you stole one of his chips.
• He began to tickle you, making you get all red, and crying with laughter.
• yeh no
• You look so cute though?
• He can’t help but start to lean down into a kiss..
• forgetting that he’s actually still tickling you.
• you’re laughing so hard, and he finally..presses his lips on yours..
• and that’s when you snort.
• In his mouth.
• Eventually you shake it off, and sometimes when you two kiss, you fake a little snort to tease him. It becomes an inside joke, really.
• Bless her soUL
• She was working so hard for that gay ass trustfund boi, and you had enough.
• You were going to distract her.
• You had many attempts. Most of which that failed. Such as, throwing wadded up balls of paper at her back.
• You even turned on a zen dvd. nothING.
• “Jaehee~ I’m going to skype Zen~ because he will pay attention to meeee. Unlike soME PEOPLE.”
• “that’s nice pumpkin.”
• ok if that’s how we’re gonna play it. No choice then..I guess you’ll just have to make this your first kiss. That will HAVE to get her attention.
• You slowly walk up behind her, heart racing.
• You put your hand on her desk, and slam your lips on hers.
• Sadly, you didn’t notice the cup of coffee sitting on the edge of her desk..
• It spills on your pants, making it look like you pissed yourself or something.
• “I should have just spilt coffee on my crotch hours ago.”
• “Awh, (Y/N), pumpkin come here. I can take a break for a few I suppose..”
I have no idea’s for V and Saeran right now. It’s late as hellll though. I haven’t written a Headcanon in about a month, and I’m just getting in the swing of it again. I’ve missed you all. I will try and update with v and saebae soonn!

The purest thing in my life is my love for Sebastian Stan

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I’ve come to this realization in the last few weeks of my life, let me explain how:

For those of you who don’t know, I moved into university at the beginning of September. I’m a stressed person on your average day, but for the entire summer after graduating high school, I was an utter mess. I cried almost every night in the month before moving. I was going to be four hours away from home, at a school that none of my friends were going to, without my boyfriend whom I’d been with or two and a half years to help me channel myself socially, and was going to a prestigious school and was going to be doing work that was probably a billion times harder than anything I’d done before.

To be frank: I was scared shitless and had no idea how the hell I was going to make it out alive.

During orientation week, I cried myself to sleep every single night. I was terrified of the people on my floor who had seemingly already become fast friends whilst I just sat back and didn’t talk. Not to mention the constant need to introduce myself to about fifty people every day and the impending fear that perhaps I just wasn’t cut out for university after all.

I remember very clearly, the night before classes officially began, I sat on my bed, crying my heart out alone in my dorm at some ungodly hour in the morning (so I suppose it was technically the day classes began). I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t call Jack (my wonderful boyfriend who loves me to death) because, even though I knew he’d pick up, I couldn’t bear to wake him so early on a school night. I’d made a few connections with people on my floor and in my frosh group, but I was terrified that I wasn’t good enough for them because I wasn’t outgoing enough, wasn’t confident enough in myself to properly fit in.

Then I glanced over at the pillow sitting next to me, one with Seb’s face on it (which was actually a very joking anniversary gift from Jack, which he gave me with a smug smile and a cocky ‘I know what my girl likes’ that now holds copious amounts of sentimental value) and I thought about all the times I was stressed in high school and would watch videos of Seb being a complete goofball. After a while of debating, I unlocked my phone and ventured into the realm of YouTube, praying that this would work the same way it did for me before.

So I searched for as many ‘funny moment compilation’ videos as I could - and was intrigued and slightly shocked to find that I’d actually already seen most of them - and began my marathon. Within minutes of the first video, I felt a huge smile pull all the way up to my ears, seemingly out of no where. There were still huge tears stains on my cheeks from earlier, and yet here I was, sitting on my bed grinning like an idiot as I watched Seb mention for what must’ve been the hundredth time that he had to lube his way into the fake metal arm. But here’s the real kicker, then I started to laugh out loud so hard that I began to cry again - this time for much more joyous reasons. For the first time in months I felt carefree, and more importantly, I felt like myself again.

I felt like I could do anything, and I was able to fall asleep feeling more at peace than I had in longer than I could remember. When I got up that morning, I went to my lectures scared out of my mind, but with a reassuring little voice in the back of my head reciting a comment he left on a fan’s instagram saying, “Go forth. Go forward. Take a few breaths and onwards we go. There’s nothing more heroic in the world then that.” And I believed every word.

That night after I reluctantly did all of my readings, I decided to message in my floor group chat to see where everyone was. I found out they were all hanging out in someone’s room, and I willed myself to open my door, even though every bone in my body was telling me to shut it closed again and stay in the safety of my dorm. I walked down the hallways slowly, but it felt like too much so I turned back into my room. Then I tried again, but did the same thing. This went on another two or three times before I finally whispered to myself “Go forth. Go forward. Go forth. Go forward. Go forth. Go forward…” Over and over again. I think this worked both literally and emotionally, because the next thing I knew I was standing at my floormate’s open door. A chorus of ‘Gracey!’s was all it took to affirm my decision to push through.

Since that day, I’ve been to every one of my lectures, done every reading, found my passion in my drama lectures, interviewed with a local divised theatre company (and was recently offered a job!), and made some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had on my floor. 

Sebastian Stan, without even knowing it, has completely and utterly changed my view on the next four years of my life.

And here’s the thing; he may never know it, and that’s okay. This is just one story out of the thousands of lives that he’s touched with his wise, and resoundingly beautiful personality. 

So here’s my advice to anyone struggling; find your person.

Mine is Sebastian (and Jack, of course), and yours might be too, but maybe not. Find someone who puts a smile on your face when you think you’re incapable of even grinning, someone who makes your heart jump a little bit whenever they do something new, someone who you think is probably the sweetest person in the world. Find them and hold on to them, even if it’s from a distance.

All you have to do is pick someone that you know in your heart would be just as happy reading something like this about them as I know Sebastian would be reading it about him. 

Go forth. Go forward.

Never give up, you can do it, sometimes you might just need a little support from your sunshine to keep going when you’re at your lowest. And that it exactly what Sebastian Stan does for me. So thank you, Sebs, you’re my hero.

Enter Ship

A/N. so @goodluckcharley requested (a long time ago my b) If you could do like a tony stark imagine about the reader being an amazing engineer where on her stark scholarship thing she falls in love with tony but she’s like his student type thing? – ye

Warnings– None really, mild and I mean MILD swearing and sexual innuendo from Tony. But hey, it’s Tony.

Here I am. Standing outside Stark Tower with nothing to my name but the scholarship and the boxes in my car. Hopefully an apartment soon. Hopefully.

I was selected for the Stark scholarship for my advancements in the hovercraft field. Honestly if I hadn’t been chosen for this scholarship, I wasn’t going anywhere. My parents had no clue with this kind of stuff, they wanted me to inherit the family business, too bad.

Squaring my shoulders one last time, I walked into Stark Tower. Stepping through the glass doors, I made my way over to the desk.

“Hello, Y/N Y/L/N here for check in for the Stark Internship.” The receptionist looked me over clinically. Giving me a forced smile, she started tapping on her computer.

“Ah yes Mrs. Y/L/N, right on time. Mr. Stark is eager to discuss your technology.” She handed me a badge over the counter and signalled to her left. “Sub-level C. The glass walls should be a dead give away.” Forcing another grimace, she immediately lost interest in me and went back to her computer.

Rolling my eyes, I stepped into the elevator. Mashing the button that read “SC” I rested my head back on the side of the elevator as I descended. Please let Mr. Stark not be like his receptionist I begged in my head. A soft chime let me know that I had reached my floor. Opening the eyes I didn’t remember closing, I steeled myself for what I might meet on the other side of the glass doors I was staring at.

Pushing the door open, I was greeted with the smell of grease, oil, metal, and possibly takeout food. Huh. Who knew billionaires enjoyed cheap takeout.

“And you must be the lovely Y/N.” A voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Uh Yes. Yes. Y/N is me. I am Y/N.” Smooth like butter.

“I sure would hope so, otherwise I need better security.” Tony Stark sassed, finally coming into my vision. He was wearing a dark t-shirt and cargo pants. Not exactly designer, but hey, we were here to work.

“You sure would Mr. Stark.” I said, still standing frozen in the middle of the floor, clutching the strap of my bag for dear life.

Mr. Stark scoffed, “Mr. Stark was for my father and reporters, if we’re going to be working together, you’re going to have to call me Tony.” He was arranging tools on a metal work table. “Also you can just throw your bag down on the couch, just don’t forget it when you leave.” He made a vague gesture with his hand, indicating the worn down couch that was pushed to the side of the room and covered in empty coffee cups.

“Yes Mr. - ah - I mean Tony.” Great Scott what was wrong with me?

Tony spun to face me. “Damn honey, would it kill you to relax? We’re working together, as partners, not like a weird kinky Master thing. Unless that’s what you’re into.” He winked.

The flirty comment seemed to speed my mind back up, “You’re confusing your dreams with reality there Tony.”

He broke out laughing, “Okay, you can stay. You can stay.” he trailed off at the end, looking at me with more interest than he had before. I was about to comment on it, when he snapped himself out of it. “Alright enough chatting, we have work to do!”

The weeks passed much of the same. I came in, flashed my badge at security, rode the elevator to Sub-level C, and worked on my tech with Tony. I usually spent 3 or 4 hours working with him, all alone, so it really wasn’t a surprise that I developed a tiny crush on him. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that he was my mentor. My gateway to the world of tech, my fricken teacher. It was like having a crush on a hot young teacher in highschool. You couldn’t do anything about it. It was wrong. But we were both adults! My brain tried to say. And he’s not really your teacher.

Bull. He would always see me as the awkward girl who couldn’t handle meeting him for the first time. Add me to the laundry list.

Feeling particularly down, I went through the motions of my day. Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Clean up. Get dressed. Go to class. Go strait to Stark Tower. Flash badge. Ride elevator. Walk into the garage. Sit down and look over blueprints. I was so absorbed in the blueprints that I failed to notice Tony walk up right behind me until we were practically plastered together from the waist up. That is, until he cleared his throat.

“Jumping Jehoshaphat!” I screamed, whirling around clutching my chest.

Tony was too busy crying laughing to notice my hyperventilating. His eyes actually started to brim with tears, that total jerk.

“It isn’t funny.” I pouted.

“You’re right, you’re right, I’m sorry.” He was still chuckling, wiping tears from his eyes. On the plus side he wasn’t doubled over clutching his stomach anymore. “I haven’t laughed that hard in forever.” He mused.

“Yeah well I’m glad that I could be the source of your enjoyment.” I huffed, still a little bitter.

“Aw, come on Y/N, don’t be mad at me, I can’t help it that you’re adorable when you get scared.”

I froze in my seat. Tony had dispensed with the flirting after our initial meeting. He never called me sweetie or hun. And definitely never adorable. Tony seemed to pick up on his mistake, quickly backpedalling.

“What I mean is, um, well, you really are adorable when you get scared. But you’re also super hot when you get focussed on something. Oh crap, no wait I um.”

“Tony stop talking.” I commanded. He instantly shut up, looking relieved that I had finally stopped his word vomit. “I want to ask you something. Don’t say anything until I’m done. Do you actually mean that stuff or do you just want to get in my pants?” Crossing my arms I stared at him, hoping against hope that I wasn’t going to get rejected.

“Of course that stuff is true Y/N. I enjoy you. So much. I was scared to act on it because you’re my student, and I shouldn’t have feelings for students. That was until I realized that you weren’t really my student, because you were teaching me things I had never dreamed of learning.”

“That’s great.” I said, cutting him off. “That’s great because I really want to kiss you right now.” a little smirk had grown on my face.

“Oh heck yes.” He fist pumped before he leaned down, cupping my cheeks with his hands.

One heck of an internship.

(Kill me for the bad bad title. It was on purpose. get it? Internship Enter SHIP! CAUSE YA KNOW *dies*)

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IM LITERALLY CRYING FROM LAUGHING SO HARD. I da just found ur blog about 6 seconds ago bc of the whole TOP thing and I'm wheezing at the memes. "black hearts and golden blood" will be my senior quote without any context. I'm so sry tht u r getting all this hate but as far as I can see ur handling it beautifully AND I saw u said to not threat the TOP fan base so ty for actually being a sensible person. When did all this start and can u please make a link for this or something so I can read it all

TYSM anon. If you actually make it your senior quote I will cry. Do something better like peppermint tea or smth. 

The OG Post

The Sequel

The trilogy 


When we made it into copypasta:

The entire ask

Animations and Suckin Dick

we don’t say the ø word here

and yadda yadda yadda. its been weird. i didnt mean to piss anyone off

Non-Spoilery List of Things I Love about Hiveswap

  • The flavor text from combining the diary key with literally anything in Joey’s room, but special mentions for: the wizard globe, the easy bake oven, and the Hot Steppin’ poster
  • The fact that the creators took that “Only 90s Kids Remember This” meme and fucking ran with it (there is no escape from the memes <3 )
  • So. Many. Puns. Especially the ones from the fighting moves, I can’t.
  • THE PIGEONS, I laughed so hard I almost started crying
  • Also pretty much everything about Jude
  • The guardian lore/backstory
  • All of the lore/backstory, actually
  • Snake (the game)
  • Snake (the monster)
  • Snake (the Homestuck reference)
  • (there’s just a lot of snakes okay)
  • And all the hints about what’s to come in the other acts (aaugh I can’t wait)
  • Basically everything about it?
Today, I fucked up...  by laughing at a "Your Mom" joke

So about a month ago, I taught a JA (Junior Achievement) class at a local elementary school. I’m an education major, so I figured this would be good experience. I taught the same lesson to 5 different 5th grade classes throughout the day, and it was about creating a new product and giving a sales pitch.

Towards the end of the day, I had a class that was rather rowdy, so I made sure to really watch over them and get involved in their projects. I stopped by one group of boys and was intrigued by their drawing. I asked what they were making, and one boy said, “It’s a giant roller coaster!”

Awesome! Creativity! As I was about to give them a compliment on their project, one of the other boys looks at me and says, “Yeah! Giant just like Ryan’s mom!” He pointed at Ryan, and Ryan looked at me with the saddest of eyes, hoping that the boy would be reprimanded. Instead of being an adult, I FUCKING LOST IT. I laughed so hard, right in front of Ryan. Ryan proceeded to bawl his eyes out and start hitting his head off of his desk.

I just walked away and told the actual teacher that he was having some sort of meltdown and stayed away from that group for the rest of their class.

Tl;dr: Laughed at a 5th grade “your mom” joke, made kid cry instead of being an adult, avoided kid rest of the day.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

holy fuck you guys

so, because of the ~evul~ plans of the of the rival band, jem gets stuck at the statue of liberty after the last boat’s left when she has a concert to get to

& the new thing this ep is everyone trying to find out her real name, because there’s a reward out for it, so this guy agrees to ferry her across if he can “have her secret”

so they get across and jem’s like, “you wanna see my other face? you wanna see it?” and he’s like “RIGHT NOW”

and she uses her holographic earrings–

–to PULL OFF HER OWN GODDAMN FACE SCOOBY DOO STYLE, AND REVEAL HIS FACE UNDERNEATH IT. she then proceeds to growl menacingly, in his OWN VOICE, “so, whaddaya gonna do with all that loot?”

his reaction is to start shrieking, “SHE’S ME, SHE’S ME! SHE LOOKS LIKE ME!” in pure unadulterated existential horror and flail so badly he falls backwards into the river

this being an 80s cartoon for small children, she does, of course, throw him a life preserver ring–

–while leaving him with an image that will haunt his nightmares for the rest of his small, bitter life.

she then transforms BACK into jem and walks away without batting an eyelash. stone fucking cold.

There’s only one bathroom...

Author: Emmy

Scenario: The reader, Scott, Stiles, Derek, Isaac, Lydia, Jackson, Allison, Kira, Malia, and Liam all go on a road trip.

Rating: Pg

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216: Music for the Soul

While growing up, I was a very angry kid turned teenager growing up. Being the middle child out of 4 kids, it was often shown that I couldn’t do anything without my siblings hogging the spotlight for something else and being the middle girl out of three daughters, I was always being compared to my sisters: how I didn’t look like them, how come I wasn’t a cheerleader like my older sister, how come I didn’t get straight A’s like my little sister, etc. And more often than not, these comparisons and insults came from my mother and other childhood bullies (my father was working in a town 12 hours away from us so he was rarely out home). Soon enough, all that anger and frustration morphed me into a violent kid, mind you I never raised my fist to my parents and rarely to my siblings except for when they knew they did something stupid, but I got into a lot of verbal and physical fights at school with mainly the boys. I never started the fights, but it was always pinned on me because I was the girl and I was known for anger issues and ‘roughhousing’, and when I got home, it would have taken a miracle to convince my mother that it wasn’t my fault. Did I mention I was the kid in the family that everybody deemed the black sheep? Aside from that, with both parents working constantly and my older sister off gallivanting with her bad news boyfriend and not even sparing us a thought, I became the ‘Mom’ to my younger siblings (my youngest sister and autistic brother); looking after them, cooking, cleaning, making sure our homework was done, etc along with taking care of myself (at the age of 9 no less). Along with this, our external family members were causing more grief, drama. and trouble to our own family unit with their jealousy and greed that they even went as far as to try to turn my siblings and me against our parents. Thankfully it didn’t work.

In short, I became an adult at the age of 9, after I had learned the hard way that no one was there to help me, nobody cared for me because I was “ugly, violent, not good enough, didn’t exist,”, the people that are supposed to love you the most just hurt you the worst, and if I wanted something, I had to go and get it because my parents weren’t going to help me and that all sisters were good for were to be vain, bratty, selfish, sociopaths/drama queens. My father and brother tried so much to be there for me, but the damaged had already been done by the female side of my family that, even to this day, I still doubt them whenever they say that they want to help me.

We moved cross-country from the Texas Panhandle to Victoria BC Canada when I was 13 because my dad’s work, so I immediately jumped from being in the middle of being in 8th grade for middle school to being in 8th grade for high school. I was already dreading the first week of a new school because of the way I talked, acted and dressed; I was automatically labeled as the tough country girl that nobody should mess with. But within that first week, the start of my life turning around for the better had just begun when I took one of my favorite classes (Band by the way) and met one of the locally famous music teachers, Mr. Campbell.

He was the literally personification of cool (which was interesting considering he was in his early 50’s) and immediately knew when he had a new student in class (being that it was on my account being new) and out right offered that if I needed anything, the door to his band room was always open just excuse him if you walked in on him strumming on his guitar or playing some mellow tunes on his saxophone or trumpet. I didn’t realize how soon I would take up on his offer until the next week. I had left my house early (like 6 AM early) because I had another argument with my mother that lead to her even spewing more comparisons and insults the night before and I just wanted to get out of the house to avoid another hissy fit from her, so the place that I saw that had the lights on and the door slightly open was the band room, and Mr. Campbell was there, working on setting out music scores for the classes. Albeit, it took him a bit by surprise that one of his “kids” had showed up at 0630 in the morning, let alone one of his new “kids”, but he invited me in nonetheless and offered up a chair and some hot chocolate because it was December and it was cold as hell outside. I must have had something on my face, because after a little while he had told me that I didn’t have to say anything but he wanted to know if there was something wrong and if everything was alright. After a couple of questions ( ‘Is it something at home?’ 'Was it something your siblings did? Or your parents?’ 'Did they hurt you?’ ), a few quick silent nods here and there, I just teared up and started crying, hard. I hadn’t remembered the last time I cried but I do remember that that was the first time I had cried hard in a long while. And Mr. Campbell didn’t freak out, instead he pulled my gently into hug that turned into one of those hugs that fathers give to their daughters after they had gotten scared and cried. Of course that lead me to crying even more and he just continued to hug me until I stopped. Soon afterwards, I had opened up to him about what happened earlier and slowly dropped tidbits here and there about my attitude and development.

Mr. Campbell right then told me that I couldn’t give up, I made it this far, so why not take it all the way to see it through? “I knew I saw something in you when I first saw you in my class. People who enjoy making and listening to music generally not bad people, just misunderstood. Don’t let what they say get to you cuz in the end, when you’re further down the road in your life, you’re going to look back and wonder why they did it and learn how to be a better person and a better parent then they are now. And even if you think you are all alone, you will always have someone that cares about you. Hell I’m here with you right now, aren’t I?”

This had inadvertently led into one of the best mentoring relationships I ever had and this continued for the rest of my high school years. I would go into the band room on my breaks and free periods to talk/vent to him about anything, avoid going home altogether for a little while etc., and he would impart some pearls of wisdom: 'I had my pen….WHERE DE LIVIN’ F*** DID I–oh here it is’ 'Don’t worry about boys in high school, because at the end of the day, they are BOYS with no sense of romanticism or decency half the time.’ 'Don’t judge a song just because it was in a shitty movie. If you had just drone out the bad acting and shitty plot and just listen to the music, you can actually be surprised on how decent the music sounds. Apply that rule in actual life, and I can guarantee you’ll go far.’ 'Trumpets, why the hell do you sound like a bunch of seagulls being stepped on?!’ 'Life’s gonna get tough, but if you want something bad enough, then you better learn to fight back or it’s not going to be worth it in the end; not for you or for itself.’ 'Treat others like you want to be treated. If you don’t like being called out or being bullied, what makes you think the person does?’ 'Don’t be mad at everything in your life. If you stay mad, you will miss all the good stuff that makes life interesting.’ 'There is a reason why they say “Kill them with kindness”. You don’t see hate fixing anything or make things better do ya?’ 'Who says you can’t be a kid and an adult at the same time. If you’re having fun with what you’re doing, then it shouldn’t matter what others think. Let them worry about themselves, worry about yourself.’

My times in high school with Mr. Campbell were some of the greatest times I will always cherish. I’m proud to say that a majority of my personality now comes from what he has taught me throughout my high school years, and when I joined the military, he was one of the first people I called up. He told me that he was so proud that I was one of his 'kids’, that he knew I was something special, and that after my first deployment I better call him up again to share all of the things I did and saw and I better leave nothing out.

Unfortunately right before my first deployment in '15, I had gotten a phone call from one of my friends (we had Mr. Campbell together), telling me that Mr. Campbell and his wife had gotten to a motorcycle accident (a Semi clipped them and sent them spiraling on the road) and he didn’t make it. I remember being numb for the first couple of months, like it hadn’t hit me yet, and then going on my deployment with an uncertain feeling like I forgot something. It wasn’t until one of my co-workers and buddy had showed me a music joke on Tumblr and I laughed so hard, I started crying. That’s when the rest of my co-workers and my boss realized that I was actually crying and not just from laughing so hard. I work with some really big dudes with matching egos and asshole-ish attitudes but they all had turned into prickly teddy bears and comforted me when I couldn’t stop crying because of the full force of grief that just hit me right then.

Long story short, my life did get better. I have blossomed from an angry violent tomboyish girl who grew up too fast; into a lax, crazy, optimistic, mature, still-somewhat-violent, protective woman with a job I love in the military, a roof over my head and a good income. Family is still a bit sketchy but I’m working on it, but all-in-all, I can’t help but think that it all started with Mr. Campbell inviting me to talk to him at any time and free cup of hot chocolate and a lot of tears. I can’t thank him enough for how much of an influence he has been on me, and I can honestly say that when we do meet up again in the Great Big Blue under God’s Light, I’m going to thank him for everything and help him beat out a jazzy tune on the thunderclouds and rain. Did I mention that I was a percussionist while in his class, so let’s see if we can throw in a few marimba tones here and there…..

Neighbors 2.7/ SH27DC: Day 26

AN: kinda wish I had a plot, lol….actually… Anyway, This got pretty long. Sorry!


Neighbors 2.7

Hinata was in her element being surrounded by seven year old kids. Not because she was pretty short and they accepted her as one of their own. Hinata worked on her sketch for Sasuke when a little boy came over. “Miss Hyuuga!” He held up his painting.

Hinata smiled dearly at the sunset. “Its beautiful! I’m p-pretty jealous…” She motioned her drawing. “Missing something, ne?”

He wrinkled his nose and nodded. “You need some paints!”

Hinata looked at him to her sketch. “Paints…well, what k-kind?”

He hummed and called over a group of friends. They all stood at her little desk humming. Hinata wanted to take pictures of the scene.

“Water!” The shortest boy shouted.

They gasped, cheered and hugged him. “You did it, Koto! You got it!”

Hinata giggled. “Who wants to help me finger paint?”


Hinata came in ‘Seven Deadly Skins’ covered in paint. Her hair was pulled back by one of the little girl’s head bands, so a giant flower was on the side of her head.

“Who left their child in the front?” Temari shouted, almost choking on a laugh.

Everyone came out of their rooms and laughed. Hinata stood there with blue stained cheeks. “W-what? Where’s Sasuke-kun?”

Kankuro wiped his tears, “He went to get everyone lunch. Why…why do you look like an over-grown toddler?”

Hinata looked down at her loose floral dress and black flats. She closed her cardigan at the front. “It w-was paint day at the school.”

“Sunshine,” Hinata jumped at the sound of Gaara’s voice. The red head walked up to them and crossed his arms.


“Don’t let a guy with face tattoos scare you,” he conveniently left off 'that’s my job.’

Hinata’s trembling lip turned into a warming smile. It was the same smile that Sasuke turned away from. It was the same smile that Gaara looked at her in pure disgust. “G-Gaara, you’re not so-”

“What are you doing?” Sasuke came in, holding bags in his arms. He didn’t realized that he saved two people that day. “Get your food.”

Gaara glared at the shorter girl before going to get his plate. Sasuke and Hinata sat in the front. He offered some of his food but she declined. He gave her a corner anyway.

“Why are you covered in paint?”

Hinata smiled brightly and pulled out her painting. “I l-let the kids help me paint a sheet of paper, right?” She giggled at the memory. “And they kinda stamped it on my sketch, you like it?”

Sasuke looked the painting. At first glance, it looked like a sphere then he noticed the “heat waves” that were painted– “Solarized!” Hinata added. “See the blues and stuff? Oh, Sasuke-kun, you s-should have seen the children! They were so excited…”

Sasuke managed to tuned his excited girlfriend out. He simply watched her gush in happiness. Her hands were demonstrating things and strands of navy kept needed to be pushed back behind her ears. When she laughed, a dimple was shown.

“-and they were just humming! Humming. In tune too! So, do you-” he took her chin. Hinata squeaked when he kissed her. She relaxed in his hold until there was whining behind them.

“We were listening too!” Kankuro said.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned to his blushing girlfriend. “My bad,” he said as an afterthought. “I like it. Send my thanks to the vermin.”

Hinata just stuffed food in her mouth and almost choked. “Ne!”

“Swallow,” he rubbed the bridge of his nose. She was a mess.

Hinata cleared her mouth. “You c-can come!”

The shop went quiet. Sasuke turned to his co-workers. “Could you get out of my business?”

“No,” they recited back.

Sasuke frowned and looked at a hopeful Hinata. “I’m not going to an elementary school.”


“Kids don’t take well to people like me.”


“Look at this one!” They picked and poked at his tattoos.

Kurenai smiled and Hinata sighed. “He is like a walking museum,” the teacher voiced. “Considering our field trip was canceled. He is perfect.”

Hinata nodded. “Y-yeah…he is.”

“Hey,” Sasuke hissed at the little girl lifting his shirt in the back.

“It’s a bird!” She squealed and a group of them began to pick and traced.

“I didn’t sign up for-”

“Excuse me,” the little boy, Koto mumbled. “Why you have a sad tree?” He pointed to the dead tree at his side.

“Every tattoo doesn’t have a meaning, alright?”

“But this one does, right?” He pressed.

Hinata watched Sasuke’s irritated face break in a split second. Huh? Kurenai clapped her hands. “Alright guys, Mr. Uchiha has to go now!”

They awed in sadness and bowed to the man giving their thanks. Sasuke scratched the back of his head. “You’re welcome, I guess?”

She shook her head. “Miss Hyuuga is also leaving for the day class.”

They shouted variations of 'No!’ Sasuke watched the kids all but tackle his girlfriend. It was a weird feeling.


Why did you get off early?“ Sasuke asked.

Hinata shrugged. "Can we, um, go to the movies tonight?”

He glanced over and back at the street. “Why’d you ask like that?”

“No reason, I just…think that fresh air will do us some good.”

He huffed. “Fine, but I pick the movie.”

“Huh, it’s c-customary for the girl to pick!”

They stopped at the red light. Sasuke turned to her. “Are you trying to ask me out?”

“W-what!?” Hinata didn’t even think about it like that. “Well…okay, it’s a date.”

Sasuke put both hands on the wheel. “My first date.”

Hinata giggled. “Is it r-really? You’ve never taken someone out?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Why?” She found herself wanting to look into his past.

“I have horrible taste in women. They rather sleep with me.” Sasuke began driving again.

“You…you said 'have.’”

“I realize,” he glanced over. “You’re the most toxic woman I’ve met.”

Hinata gasped and looked out the window. “Likewise,” she mumbled avoiding his ever present smirk.


Hinata was freezing but she’d rather shiver until her skeleton came out than tell Sasuke, he was right. She should have brought a thicker jacket.

Sasuke was stressing his eyes out but he’d rather see nothing but blur than tell Hinata, she was right. He should have moved them closer.

It was a shitty movie, honestly. The atmosphere smelt amazing though. Sasuke bought Hinata nachos and a soda, they argued about her paying him back for all the previews. They were shushed by an older couple. Sasuke, of course, threatened them. Hinata apologized for him.

They got bored halfway through and pinched each other’s hand to see who caved first. Hinata did, of course. “Shhh…” A younger couple shushed them.

Sasuke shifted himself where they couldn’t see over his head. “S-Sasuke…” Hinata scolded. He sat normal.

Hinata started to drift off the sleep and screamed when an explosion went off. Sasuke looked away as if they weren’t together. Sasuke started biting Hinata’s ear. Hinata was trying not to laugh too loud.

Finally the movie was over and they left before the credits even started to roll. Hinata laughed as they walked out. “We…we should never do that again.”


Upon arriving home, Storm purred at Hinata’s legs. “Let me fed you, buddy.” She picked the heavy cat up.

“Most cats don’t like that,” Sasuke was sure Storm still thought he was a kitten.

Hinata carried the cat over her shoulder like a baby. “Storm likes it.”

After eating their “kitten,” they cleaned up together and fell in bed. “S-Sasuke-kun, would you tell me about your childhood?”

He closed his eyes. “Nothing much. I was an infant that grew into a man. Standard.”

Hinata shook her head. “No, I mean…did you have any siblings.”

“A brother, older brother.” He told her. “His name was Itachi.”


He nodded and sat up. Sasuke looked over at her curious eyes. “He passed away when I was sixteen.” He watched opal eyes widened in horror. “Don’t start crying, I’m fine.”

“No, I mean…that’s around the time when my brother, well…cousin, but you know-”

“I understand,” he lifted his shirt and began to explain the dead tree that ran along his rib cage. “-that’s it.”

Hinata fanned her eyes from crying. “Ne,” she started. “You’re so strong, Sasuke-kun!”

He rolled his eyes. “Tell me about your cousin.” And she did. It was the start time she didn’t cry. She actually laughed when Sasuke could relate.

They laid on their backs talking about life and old flames. “Mmhm, he broke my heart into bits too,” she lifted her hands to the ceilings. “So I promised to never, ever, ever let s-someone get that close…”

Sasuke looked over at her. “Does that still stand?”

She mirrored his movement and smiled at him. “…you’re making it k-kinda hard.”

Sasuke nodded and looked back at the ceiling. “I had a neighbor that distracted me from self-ultimatums.”

Hinata gave a goofy grin at him and sighed, “You’re welcome.”


“You can’t pick me up.” Sasuke crossed his arms. “One trip to the gym isn’t going to make you strong.”

“I got it,” she jumped off the bed. “I can, watch me.” Hinata wrapped her arms around his waist and gritted her teeth. Sasuke didn’t even humor by lifting to his toes “S-Sasuke!” She huffed and grabbed a leg and struggled.

“This is ridiculous.”

“Get on my b-back,” she turned around. “I have strong legs.”

“Doubt it.”

Hinata crouched in front of him. “S-Sasuke, come on.”

“You have no upper body strength.”

She stayed there. “Come on, scaredy cat.” Sasuke had a flashback of Naruto from their childhood.

“Turn towards the bed. I want a soft landing.”

She did. Sasuke knew he would regret this. He awkwardly got on her back. She did hold him. Hinata laughed at his horrified face. “Told you!”

It was when she tried to hoist him up, they fell back on the bed. Hinata fell into a fit of giggles. Sasuke wrapped his arms around her. “You idiot.”

“I c-can’t feel my arms,” she confessed. He was really heavy. She stayed on his chest and sighed. “Thank you f-for being silly with me.”

“Hn.” He held her closer. “Don’t tell a soul.” Storm ran in and jumped on her stomach.

a (long ish) letter to Tyler,

this makes me so sad, they don’t deserve this.

I can’t speak much for mamrie bc I don’t watch her videos, but I do watch her collabs and snapchat enough to know how amazing and funny she is. but Tyler, dude.

yesterday i had a panic attack. my teacher already knew that I was already freaking out in class since we were doing this activity (I was fidgeting, running my hands through my hair and pulling it, etc.) so basically I gave her this look that I was about to panic and she let me run out to the bathroom. and on the way there I stopped, I couldn’t breathe. I was already crying and then I started shaking. so after being able to calm myself down a little I actually went in the bathroom to fully relax.

what did I do? I thought about Tyler. I thought about his cackle and how he makes me laugh until my stomach aches. I thought about how happy and cheerful he is. I thought how caring he is to people even if he doesn’t have to be. I thought about how hard he works to make our lives 10x better. I thought about everything in the book. from his book that I preordered last month, to his collabs and to his personality in general.

his video today is just more evidence of his impact. he’s changed so many lives and has given people so much strength to come out or to even supporting lgbtq+ (my family is Christian and i basically told them off about how my favorite people are gay and that I 100% support my friends and that I was offended). those videos, comments or likes aren’t the only lives he’s changed. these journalists, who do a crappy job at finding the truth and don’t bother to use their brain and research, probably won’t see a paycheck that is half the money Tyler Oakley raised for the Trevor Project. a project that took hours to do. a project he could’ve left at an internship.

Tyler, idek you’re going to notice this or not (hopefully you do), I want you to know we all love you and appreciate you even though we might not show it all the time. I want you to know that whatever the ny post or eonline describes is their fake Tyler Oakley. our Tyler Oakley is the real one, the one we know and love, our hero.

whoever these journalists are, can’t do their job right because they’d know how special you both are. they’re simply yelling “I can’t do my job, I can’t google! I won’t even try to acknowledge or show respect!”

speaking for myself, I feel me becoming a better person all because I’ve met you (through videos, maybe one day in person). I’m more proud of my opinions because I grow up around people who don’t share the same views as me, and now I’m more confident. looking at your videos makes me so happy, and sometimes I cry because this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’m even crying rn lol. I’m so lucky to know you, laugh, cry, sing, or even clap to the q&slay song with you. i love you sm tyleroakley , we all do.

(If this made you cry Tyler, payback is a bitch because I bought rlly good mascara and half the tube is gone since I’m always reapplying)

I went to the store today and did a little Christmas shopping and picked up a few more decorations. When I was ready, I took my things up to the register and there was a guy behind the counter. He was probably in his early twenties. So, as soon as the transaction is done the guy asks me if it hurt. Naturally I responded with ‘Did what hurt?’ and he goes, ‘When you fell from Heaven, you angel.’ I laughed so hard that I almost started crying. I know I probably hurt his feelings but I just couldn’t help it. Pick up lines are hilarious to me. Do these actually work on people?

All the Way Home I'll Be Warm

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa & Breif Armin/Annie, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern AU; At a cabin in the mountians the Jaegers own near Christmas

Rating: K+

Words: 4633

Notes: I realized I never really wrote Eren proposing a more traditional way to Mikasa (though still very Eren like haha) so I had this idea in my head for this year’s secret santa but I changed it when I saw some other things my secret santa liked. I still wanted to do this one though ^^ So enjoy this story which is basically 10% Armin being fed up with Eren and 90% sappy, mushy fluff. The title is from “Let it Snow”.


“Do you think it’ll snow again?”

Eren admittedly barely heard her question, but that was what heavy blankets and a warm, crackling fire did to him. “Hmm?” He lifted his head off the back of the couch to look down at Mikasa, whose head was in his lap but the rest of her was cocooned in a thick, wool blanket.

“Go to bed,” she said reached up to swat at his chest.

A tempting notion. Since his parents were already sound asleep upstairs in the cabin, the heat would be on up there meaning his room would be as warm as it was down here. Eren leaned down, his own blanket slipping off his shoulders some as he did, until he could press a kiss to her lips. “I’m fine, I can wait,” he said as he leaned back against the couch again. “Armin should be here soon, and I gotta tease him about his mystery woman anyway.”

Mikasa arched an eyebrow but there was a smile on her face. “In front of his mystery woman?”

“Do you even know how much I had to deal with Armin’s teasing when we were growing up? Oh, it’s payback.”

“That’s because you had a ridiculous crush on your neighbor, but you wouldn’t actually admit it to anyone let alone yourself.”

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