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Arthur x Reader: Alone Together

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

You groaned as you sat up.  “Ugh, I’m never staying up until four again,” You grumbled as you rubbed your eyes tiredly.

Then you realized you weren’t in your room.  “What the hell?”  You stood up in the middle of a endless green field.  A castle towered in the distance.  You held your hand up to block the sun as you studied your surroundings.  It was the only visible civilization, and you decided that it was the best option.  As you walked, you were filled with a sense of déjà vu.  Eventually, you made it through the front gates.   Red banners hung from the high stone walls, a golden dragon sewn on the front.  Then it hit you.

“No way.”   You stopped and studied the kingdom.  It was the exact same as the show!  As you were lost in your staring, a horse thundered by, with a knight sitting atop it.  “Was that…Lancelot?”  You asked yourself.  “If he’s alive, then that means…”  You trailed off and ran towards the castle.  You ran down the steps and threw open that familiar wooden door.  “I need to speak to Merlin!”  You almost shrieked.  Gaius looked at you, and his eyes widened in shock.  He nodded dumbly.

“Merlin?”  He called over his shoulder, his gaze never leaving you.  “Someone’s here to talk to you.”  You heard footsteps, and Emrys himself turned the corner, freezing when he saw you.

“Y/N?” He said at last, which creeped you out.

“Wait, how do you know my name?” You shook your head.  “Actually, never mind.  I have to tell you something important.  Arthur’s life is in danger!”  He blinked at you.

“I think you should sit down.  You’re not thinking straight.”

“You have to believe me!  It’s Morgana; she’s going to open the Callieach.  It will tear Camelot apart if it isn’t stopped!” “How do you know this?”

“I’ve watched you stop it.”  They stared at you.

“Then why are you warning us?”

You hesitated.  “…Because Lancelot died to stop it.”  Merlin and Gaius stiffened.  “And unless you believe me, it’ll happen again.”  Merlin and Gaius looked at each other for a long moment.  Then Merlin sighed. 

“I’ll get Arthur.  Follow me.”  He motioned, and you complied.  He knocked on the doors of the throne room, and after no reply entered anyways.  Arthur was pacing at the window.

“Arthur?”  Arthur sighed in annoyance.

“What is it now, Mer—”  He turned around and froze at the sight of you.  “Y-Y/N?”  He said cautiously.  You raised an eyebrow.  Why did they all know your name?  You were so caught up in your musings that you didn’t notice Arthur until he was right in front of you.  You looked up to find him staring at you intently.  He slowly reached a hand out to your face.    “Is it really you?”  You said nothing.  “I thought you were dead!”  He pulled you into his arms before you could do anything.  Merlin seemed to notice your discomfort, and tapped Arthur’s shoulder.  Arthur reluctantly let go and turned to Merlin.

“Arthur, I don’t think she remembers.”  Arthur looked at you in disbelief.  He pointed to himself. 

“Do you know who I am?”  He asked cautiously.  You nodded.

“You’re Arthur.”  He sighed in relief and gave Merlin an ‘I told you so’ look.  “But how do you all know my name?  I’ve never been here.”  The colour drained from Arthur’s face and he turned to Merlin, who shrugged helplessly.  The room was silent, until Merlin cleared his throat. 

“Anyways…Y/N came saying she had information.” He motioned to you.

“Oh.  Oh yeah!  Uh…Morgana is planning to open something called a Callieach.  And unless we stop it, Camelot will fall and Lancelot will die.”  Arthur’s eyed bulged out of his head.  He turned to Merlin again. 

“How does she—?”

“I have no idea.”  Arthur thought, before turning to you.

“Alright, Y/N.  What do you propose we do?” You grinned to yourself. The fan theories would never come in useful, they said.  Well you were about to prove them wrong.  You grabbed a piece of parchment and quill from the table and laid them out.  You began to write as you tried to ignore Arthur’s burning gaze on you. “Well first of all…”

So.  The fan theories didn’t work.  You had followed the plan step for step, but after Arthur tackled you out of the way of a falling rock, you were all huddled behind debris, trying to figure out what to do next.  “This is all my fault.” You cursed yourself.  Arthur looked down at you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t say that.  If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been prepared for this at all.  Thanks to you, we have a chance.”  You scoffed.

“A chance?  Look around.”  He sighed and pulled you closer.

“Don’t blame yourself.”

“Arthur, come on.  What part of this am I not to blame for?” He sighed again.  He opened his mouth to say something, but was stopped by a rumbling noise above you.  You both looked up as rocks fell towards you.  Arthur slung his arm around your waist and flung you out of the way.  Rocks hit the exact spot you had been sitting. 

“Are you alright?” He asked from where he was crouched above you.  You nodded breathlessly.  You saw him relax.  “Good.”  He looked around, before helping you up and running to another hiding spot.  You both tried to catch your breath, as you heard a pair of footsteps.  You looked over the edge of your hiding spot as Lancelot walked towards the rift.

History was repeating itself.  You ran towards Lancelot and grabbed his shoulder.  His head snapped to look at you.  “Don’t!”  You snapped.  “If you go in there you’ll die!”  Arthur came up behind you and locked his arms around you, pulling you away from the rift. You glanced towards it and froze.

You could see your room, exactly as you’d left it the night before.  “I know how to stop it,” You breathed.  Arthur’s grip on you loosened and you turned to look at him. He stared at you as if he knew exactly what your plan was.

“No.” He said firmly.  “Absolutely not.”  …Apparently he did know exactly what your plan was.

“I can see my home on the other side.” You argued.  “I’ll be fine!”

“Your home is with us!” He shouted and you blinked in surprise.  “…With me.”  You sighed.  He wasn’t making this easy.  You looked up, gently grabbed his face, and pulled him in for a kiss.  He quickly melted into the kiss, and you took your chance. 

“I’m sorry,” Your voice cracked as you mumbled against his lips.  Before he could do anything, you shoved him over, and raced towards the rift.

You ran through without a second look, ignoring the shouts for you to stop.  You collided with your wall as you stopped yourself.  You turned around to see Arthur racing towards you.  The rift closed before he could even get close.

And then you were both alone.

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Almost Filming

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a/n; I realized I didn’t have any Matt imagines so here you go

Word Count: 749

Pairing Matthew Espinosa X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Matthew!” I shrieked like something had happened to me, I giggled quietly into the camera as I heard him running upstairs. “Y/N, babe are you okay?!” Matt started asking before he even fully entered the room, he froze when he saw the video camera I was holding and the second one I had set up that was recording everything.

“I hate you.” He groaned, I pouted, “You don’t hate me.” I told him as I sat down to actually get my video started, “Come here, you’re doing a video with me.” I demanded patting the spot next to me. “Bossy.” He mumbled sitting next to me, I turned my head and looked at him, “But you like it.” I winked making him laugh, “Y/N!” He scolded still chuckling.

“Okay, stop it we’re actually going to film what we need to film, a Q&A.” I told him, he nodded putting a serious look on his face. I laughed before saying my introduction, “I’m here with my lovely boyfriend Matthew to do a Q and A.” I introduced him, he made a face at the camera before grabbing my phone to read questions that were sent in. He stood up and ran over to be right in front of the camera, “I know her phone password, hashtag relationship goals.” He whispered loudly to the camera before sitting back down.

I rolled my eyes but laughed at his crazy antics. “Can you read this to Y/N?” He read aloud, “I don’t know that doesn’t sound like a very reassuring question.” He joked as it loaded whatever they wanted him to read. “Ooh fan fiction.” He said wiggling his eyebrows at me, “Matthew, just read it already.” I said seriously. He rolled his eyes at me and started reading, “Y/N bit her lip holding back a-” I tackled him, “Why would you read something that was clearly dirty?” I asked as I was practically sitting on him, he smirked looking me up and down.

I sighed getting off of him, “I’ll read the questions from now on.” I said to the camera before finding another question. Matt kept kissing my cheek, I turned to look at him making him peck my lips, “May I help you?” I asked laughing at him. “I’m trying to make you smile.” He said giving me a puppy face. 

“Babe, we need to film.” I told him letting out a small laugh, he nodded and slid over so he was right next to me. He wrapped an arm around my waist well I read the next question. “Where did you two meet?” I read aloud, I smiled at the memory. “Well I went to surprise my brother Cameron a couple years ago at magcon and I walked in and there he was with a bunch of dry oatmeal in his mouth.” I explained glancing over at him. 

He smiled at me, “Yeah and I made a fool of myself trying to talk to her with all of the oatmeal in my mouth.” He added on, I laughed at the vivid memory. “Next question!” I shouted making him jump, “Damn it Y/N.” He placed a hand on his chest. “I’m sorry.” I laughed at him. “Okay this is for me only, sorry Matt.” I said to the pouting boy. He let out a huff and crossed his arms over his chest. 

I payed no attention to his arm that was draped behind my back as I answered this question. I wiggled a little as Matt started running his fingers down my side. He laughed at my reaction. “Matthew Lee Espinosa.” I warned once he did it again. “Yes princess.” He replied innocently. I started laughing loudly as he tickled my sides. I dropped my phone and tried to move his hands back. “Matt, babe, stop! Please!” I shrieked out through my laughs. 

He stopped after I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. I moved my head to the side letting out a groan. “What?” He asked looking down at me, I had gotten forced into laying down with him hovering over me, tickling me. “I don’t know how long the camera has been off.” I said starting to laugh at my forgetfulness. “Baby.” He whined dropping himself down next to me. 

“Sorry.” I replied. He smiled at me, “What?” I mumbled a blush covering my cheeks. “I love you.” He said before kissing me, “I love you too.” I said once we had pulled apart.

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Fluffy headcanons ft all of their biggest fears?



boy has anxiety so I’m gonna run with that tbh

+Tony and Jeff always make sure he has taken his Anxiety medication

+Tony and Jeff do the things Clay literally can’t do because of his anxiety such as making doctors appointments, dentist appointments etc

+When Clay breaks an ankle or something Jeff and Tony always makes sure that at least one of them can take him to the hospital

+when Clay has an anxiety attack Jeff/Tony make sure to talk him through it and help him regulate his breathing

+When Clay is drained from socialising Tony and Jeff make sure to provide hugs, food and films


I’m gonna go for bugs/spiders here because i think it would be hilarious tbh

+Jeff’s girl like shrieks when he sees a bug/spider literally sound like he’s being murdered

+First time Tony heard it he actually thought Jeff was being murdered and ran in with a baseball bat

+What he found was this baseball playing jock standing on a stool pointing in fear at a tiny spider in the other corner of the room

+Tony teased him about it for weeks afterwards

+The second time Jeff sounded his girl shriek it was a moth a pretty big moth but still a moth

+This time it was Clay who found him and he quickly took care of the moth finding this fear of Jeff’s to be adorable

+It stopped being cute after the 87th time it happened

+Even so Tony/Clay always makes sure to deal with the bug/spider

+Thye also give Jeff a good cuddle after the spider/bug experience


ok this was giving me some trouble until I remembered my Movie headcannons and then i realized THE DARK

+Clay and Jeff had no idea that Tony was afraid of the dark at first

+Then they started noticing how Tony always has he door open a crack at night letting some light from the hallway in

+How he grips there hands a little tighter when they walk home at night

+How he snuggles a little closer after watching a scary movie at night

+Jeff and Clay agree not to bring it up and instead slowly change their behavior so Tony is less afraid

+They don’t watch scary movies at night and make sure to watch them closer to daylight hours

+Make sure not to stay out too long

+Hug Tony close at night so he feels safer

+And just all round make sure the dark isn’t too scary or they aren’t out and about during it

So there are my fluffy fear headcannons i hope you like them anon my dear :)


Reader x Kol (Smut)

Requested By Anon

“Hello Darling.” The voice behind you had you turning quickly to see who’d spoken.

“Kol… how did you get in here?” You asked nervously as he advanced on you.

“Through the door, through the window… who knows with me.” He smirked and you had to swallow and look away as you blushed.


“You shouldn’t be in here.” was the first thing it occurred for you to say.

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He Makes You Jealous

This is my first imagine so I hope you like it, I will make many more soon! Please request, babes. This is in the readers pov btw.



There is absolutely no reason for me to be jealous of Pansy Parkinson right now. Nope, no reason. I’m definitely not jealous of the fact that she has her arms all over Draco in the Slytherin common room and is giving peppering kisses all over his perfect stupid face. And I’m definitely not angry because the night before Draco and I have shared a small kiss. Of course we did nor said nothing after the kiss but, I thought the kiss was enough for us to start dating, kind of, sort of, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Of course the perfect Slytherin prince wasn’t going to date me. He’s probably given lots of girls kisses, better girls.

Pansy smiled as she pecked Draco’s lips once more. Draco rolled his eyes, “Pansy,” he whined. “Stop it.”

My heart shattered, I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran out of the common room where I had seen them before Draco could witness the trail of tears starting to roll down my cheek.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” I muttered as I turned the halls and into the bathroom. “Why am I so goddamn stupid?!” I asked myself. I found myself walking into the prefect bathroom. Unlike many people, I am very fond of Myrtle. She can be a handful, but she is my friend, she’ll listen to me. I know she will.

I went into the bathroom and whispered, “Myrtle? Are you busy?” I knew she can never be busy when it comes to me. Every since first year, I’ve been friends with Myrtle. It’s 7th year now and I think saying goodbye to Myrtle is going to be one of the hardest things.

“Never,” I heard a voice mumble, “Life as a ghost is quite boring actually.”

I smiled, “Myrtle!” I walked over to the big fountain and sat on the rim of it. My expression suddenly changed. “Oh, Myrtle,” I sighed, “I have so much to tell you. It’s Malfoy I’m afraid…”

Myrtle shrieked dramatically. “Malfoy! I knew that boy was no good. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. What has he done?”

I looked down and my knees. I was fighting back tears. I’m not going to cry over a stupid boy, not over a stupid boy, not again.

“He…” I started, “He and Pansy…. They were… very touchy, and she kissed him! And I ran here. I thought after yesterday we were officially a thing. I thought he liked me!” I cried out.

Myrtle rolled her eyes. “Malfoy? Like anyone but himself? What a thought.” Myrtle notice a very slumped looking y/n. Her eyes softened as she floating down to her friend’s side. “How can I help, darling? How do I make my only friend feel better?” She tried to wrap an arm around y/n but her hand just went through her.

You shook your head. “I have no idea, Myrt,” she whispered.

After a few moments in silent, just listening to the soft sounds in the halls, Myrtle beamed. She floated in the air and shrieked from happiness, as if she had discovered the cure for lifetime boredom.

“Myrt, what are you doing? Can’t you see I’m down? You can’t possibly be happy while I’m sad.”

Myrtle giggled furiously, in an almost wicked way. “No, you don’t understand!” she smiled down at a confused y/n. “I’ve got a plan! It’s perfect! With this plan Draco will be undeniably jealous, and you ought to feel better!”

Your eyes widened, “Merlin’s beard! Tell me, tell me!” You stood up from your spot in the fountain and being to follow your friend around as she paced around the air.

“Okay, so, I understand Blaise and Draco are in a kind of dispute lately?” Myrtle asked.

I nodded, “Yes, they haven’t been the best of friends lately.” I confirmed.

Myrtle smiled, “Great because we need him.” She floated down to your eye level. “Y/n, don’t you see? Use Blaise to make Draco jealous. What’s worse than seeing the girl you thought you had wrapped around your finger with you best friend, well now current enemy!” I looked at her in shock. “And what makes it more perfect, I’ve heard rumors that Blaise might even be fancying you!”

“Blaise?” I repeated. “Fancies me? Must be a mistake.” I shook my head. “I don’t know Myrtle, are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure you git, now go look for him!”

+ + + + + +

To say I was nervous was an underestimate, I was petrified. After a while of looking, I found Blaise outside by the lake, he was just standing there. Looking out at something.

Now or never, I thought. “Blaise!” I waved.

Blaise turned around with a serious expression which quickly turned into a big smile.

I jogged over to him while waving at him. “Hey, what are you doing? We haven’t talked in a while…” I started.

He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, well, things with me and Draco haven’t been good. I needed some time to think, to myself.” He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. “But it doesn’t matter now. Um, did you need something?” he asked.

“Yes!” I immediately confirmed. The faster, the easier. “I was actually wondering… If a Slytherin boy like yourself would, like to go to Hogsmeade with me, on a date.” I looked at Blaise for a response. I don’t take rejection well so I pleaded he’ll say yes to me.

Blaise looked surprised. His smile grew bigger and bigger until it was a full on grin. “Yeah, yeah, that would be awesome! Um, tomorrow, yeah? I’ll meet you in common room?” he quickly planned.

I giggled, “Sounds good.” I felt terrible doing this to Blaise but Draco needed to learn his lesson. “See you later, Blaise.” I waved and started walking back into the school.

Watch out, Draco, y/n has tricks up her sleeve.

Nico and Will make good babysitters.

(I love imagining these guys with kids, especially babies, so, here you go.)

Nico was still, and would probably always be, an incredibly light sleeper. Years of training and battle wouldn’t disappear easily, despite the years of peace Nico had been enjoying as he built his life in New Rome. So, when the first whimper reached his ears, slightly distorted by the baby monitor, he was instantly awake. He held his breath, waiting to see if he had to get up. He groaned when the whimpers continued. Knowing it would quickly turn into full on crying if he didn’t hurry, he sat up, rubbing his face with his hands. Beside him, the lump under the covers moved, and then an arm was snaking its way around his waist.

“Again, already?” Will asked, peeking out from under the blanket at him. Nico nodded and chuckled when Will groaned, rolling onto his back. Nico snickered and bent over to search for his pajama pants on the floor. “I’ll get her, Nico, just give me a minute,” Will muttered, knuckling his eyes hard.

Nico stood and pulled his pants. “I’m already up, I’ll get her. You just take the next two and we’ll call it even.” Nico leaned over and pecked Will on the lips before standing. Stretching his arms over his head, he walked down the hall to the smaller bedroom. Inside, the baby was still only whimpering, her little limbs waving and kicking. Nico approached the crib soundlessly, a small smile forming on his face with every step he took.

Once the baby realized he was there, she froze and turned her head to look at him. They stared at each other for a moment, until the baby suddenly grinned and giggled. She lifted her arms up, reaching for him. Nico felt his heart melt at the sight and he leaned over to pick her up. He grabbed the blanket she had kicked off of herself and tossed it over his shoulder as he straightened. In his arms, she got quiet again, leaning her head on his shoulder contentedly.

Nico quickly ran through his mental list, checking her diaper, checking her temperature, checking the room temperature, and trying to give her a bottle. At the end, Nico could only figure she wanted to be held. Already, she was falling asleep on his shoulder. So, he sat down in the recliner, laid the blanket loosely over her, and started rocking and singing an Italian lullaby. By the time Will came out to look for him, almost fifteen minutes later, the baby was asleep again and Nico was just sitting with her, enjoying the quiet.

Will smiled and, making a split second decision, ran back to the bedroom to get his phone. He sneaked back down the hall and up to the recliner, his camera pulled up and at the ready. He popped out in front of Nico and had snapped a picture before Nico even realized what was happening. Nico huffed and frowned up at him. Will giggled and, ignoring Nico’s glare, quickly sent the picture to a friend. “Jason is gonna love this!” he said. He set his phone on the coffee table and knelt down next to the recliner. He put his hand on Nico’s knee and looked up at him.

“Seriously” Nico grumbled, trying, and failing, to keep glaring at Will. But he could never stay mad at Will for long, which is why just a minute later they were both smiling and laughing together.

“Want to put her back to bed, so we can go back to bed?” Will asked, standing. He held out a hand to help Nico up. The baby didn’t stir as Nico carried her back to her bed and then laid her down, tucking the blanket around her. They took a moment to stare down at her before Will took Nico’s hand and gently pulled him away from the crib. Nico carefully stroked the baby’s cheek one more time before he let Will pull him away.

“Maybe she’ll stay asleep for longer than two hours this time around,” Will mumbled and climbed back into bed. Nico shrugged and slipped out of his pants. Will was holding the blanket up for him and Nico slid into the empty spot beside him. Nico settled on his back and Will scooted close to him, laying on his side, and laid the blanket over him.

Just then, Nico’s phone went off. Grinning mischievously, Will leaned over Nico and snatched his phone up off the nightstand. Nico watched as Will unlocked the screen and opened the text message. Will read it to himself, his lips moving silently, and then he burst into giggles again. Nico sighed and snatched the phone from his hand so he could read it himself. His face was red as a tomato when he finished and set the phone down. He threw his arm over his eyes to hide, waiting for Will’s laughter to die down.

Finally, Will couldn’t laugh anymore and settled for chuckling and clutching his sides. Seeing Nico laying there, blushing, Will wiped the tears from his eyes and leaned over him. “Aw, Nico, baby, it’s not that bad,” he said soothingly. He tried to tug Nico’s arm down but Nico resisted. “After all these years you still blush when someone calls you cute.”

Nico stuck his tongue out at him without moving his arm. “You still  blush when I call you ‘Freckles’ or 'Sunshine’, so why can’t I blush over 'cute’?”

“Never said you couldn’t, babe. I actually love it when you blush. It reminds me of how flushed your face gets when I do that thing you really like, right before you start to scre-” Will’s words were cut off as Nico suddenly threw himself at Will, rolling them over on the bed until he had Will pinned under him. Will’s laughter and Nico’s curses filled the room for several minutes as they wrestled.

Suddenly, they both heard a shriek come from the living room. They instantly froze, hoping that would be it. But when the silence was pierced by another shriek, Will groaned and dropped his head onto the pillow. Nico smirked down at him. “It’s your turn, Sunshine boy,” he said smugly and will groaned again.


bootybvns submitted: 

  I live out in the sticks of Illinois; in a village of 600, ten miles away from a town of 8,000. For fun, friends and I drive out to the country and visit old abandoned houses and whatnot. One night, a group of us carpooled and went on a tour of supposedly haunted sites.

Our first stop was a former home known as Blood House. It’s said that back in the late seventies, a man took his family of two daughters and his wife down to their basement and murdered them all with a shotgun before turning the weapon on himself. It’s an old farm house with a barn close to it. We went inside and started poking around. At the time, my greatest fear was the floor collapsing and us all plunging toward the basement. There were barn swallows nesting in all the corners, so that startled us a few times. It was a pretty interesting and pleasant trip until this boy started spouting extremely inappropriate and disrespectful things about the father and daughters (rape, incest, etc.). At one point, he even said “If there are any ghosts here, they can suck my dick.” We all just told him to shut up and blew him off. It was more annoying than foreboding at that point.

We made a stop and an old cemetery after that, where the same boy kept up his idiotic behavior. Lots of similar, disrespectful comments were made about ghosts, if there were any out. Then our group went to Blind Willie’s place. Or at least we attempted to.

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Fitting In

A/N: I’ve been meaning to write some avatar literally forever, so here’s some season 3 Zuko-joins-the-gaang timeline stuff. Also I want everyone to know that my phone autocorrected Zuko to “zoop” every fucking time I typed it. Zoop isn’t even a word what the fuck.

Zuko jumped to his feet when he heard a sudden shriek. Someone must have followed him, found him and the avatar and their friends. He rushed around the corner, positioning himself to firebend the attacker.

He was floored when he saw Sokka on his back swatting furiously at his sister and the avatar as their hands poked and prodded at him. He was giggling and shrieking when they dug into a bad spot.

“Hey Zuko!” Aang grinned up at him, scribbling a finger over Sokka’s foot.

“Uh.” Zuko blinked. “Sorry. I thought, I thought someone was actually being attacked.” He laughed awkwardly.

“I AM being attacked!” Sokka argued amidst his laughter. Katara shut him up with a few choice pokes under his arms.

The two finally climbed off of Sokka and attempted to help him up, but he just curled into a ball to pout.

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headlesskitty replied to your post: I really wanna stop taking my paxil but my…


The thing is for me is that it actually works but like… it makes me so restless and weird??? And when I miss a dose for like 1 day everything explodes and I basically need to be kept Away from People

I just want something that will help but also not make me feel like a slug and make me have to sleep 12+ hours a day thx

The Sorting Hat

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 2231

Summary: The time has come- which houses are the Reader and Dean in?

Part 6 in Magic Series (Harry Potter AU). Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

Part 6! :) What do you all think? Is one part a week killing you? Well, I hope you all love this part!

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just a blurb for @calgasms‘ and @felicityash‘s pregnancy/daddy!5sos blurb night!

“So, is everything going well at home?” I propped my phone up onto my my shoulder, while pushing the grocery cart. This was the first time I would leave Ashton home alone with Piper, our daughter. When I told him my plan, he turned into a nervous wreck. It had only been fifteen minutes, and I thought he was handling it well. Ashton had called me ten minutes in, giving updates.

“Yeah, I gave her some of that mushy carrot stuff, and she actually ate it, instead of throwing it up like she usually do-”

I heard high pitched shrieks in the background, followed by the sound of the phone being dropped to the ground. Shit.

“Ash?” I asked, reaching for the pack of diapers on a high shelf, tip toeing and grabbing the Huggies package. More shrieks. 

I sighed, and ended the call. This shopping trip had to end early then. I speed walked to the cash register, and quickly paid for the diapers and spaghetti noodles in my cart, hurrying out of the Walmart. 

I raced home, dumping the supplies down on the floor as soon as I walked inside our house. I didn’t hear any noise, so I looked in the kitchen, where I guessed they would be. They weren’t there. Next was the living room. Not a sign of life there but a wilting plant I stopped watering after I gave birth. The bedroom, still nothing. Lastly the bathroom.

I poked my head through the door and giggled.

Ashton had set Piper on the sink counter, where she was laughing and clapping her hands together adorably. There was orange stuff all over her hands, probably the baby food. My husband was turned the other way, wiping something off of his face. 

Ashton turned around, dropping the towel onto the counter and noticed me standing in the doorway. 

“Why are you here sweetheart?” He asked, taking our daughter in his arms. “You dropped the phone in the middle of our phone call, what happened?” I questioned, taking Piper from him and cradling her to my chest. 

“Well, she dropped the bowl of baby food, and then got it all everywhere, including my… face,” Ashton scratched the back of his neck, blushing. I burst into laughter, and Piper giggled even more. 

“Hey! Don’t laugh! It’s my first time taking care of her while you were away!” Ashton turned pink, and my laughs grew even louder.

Until Piper decided that I was her next victim. 

She slapped her little baby hands onto my cheeks, covering me in the orange goo. 

“Piper!” I screamed, letting Ashton hold her, and I reached for a towel to wipe my face off. Ashton and Piper laughed at me now. 

“I hate you both,” I grumbled, throwing the soiled towel in the trash. 

“Say, ‘we love you too, mummy’,” Ashton told Piper, and I slapped his bicep. 

Misunderstanding (Nate Maloley Imagine)

plot: Nate gets jealous when he sees you sees you getting a little too close to Sammy.

Ever since I’ve met him this had become normal for me. It was getting high with Nate. When I first met him I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it and he didn’t force me to do it. He even asked me if I was comfortable with him smoking in our apartment once we had moved in. That’s what made me love him even more. I tried weed for the first time when I had the worst day of my life or I thought I did because it was just a typical problem that I thought was the biggest someone could have.

“Y/N, what are you thinking about?” Nate stared at me with a look of confusion. I just realized that I was smiling like a creep.

“Nothing.” I giggled which he joined in doing. We were outside on the balcony and we were high along with the guys. Swazz, Johnson, Gilinsky, Sam and Derek were also over. We had originally planned to watch a movie but ended up doing this. I was wearing my normal home clothes; Nate’s t-shirt and shorts.

“Yeah, Y/N you zone out a lot. What were you thinking about? My abs?” He winked which made me laugh.

“You wish I was.” I winked back. Right after I felt Nate put his arm around me and he pulled me closed to him. I looked up at him and he was glaring at Sammy but he didn’t notice at all. I always found it so cute when Nate got jealous but I also found it hot. I have him a kiss on the cheek just to calm him and it did work. He looked at me and smiled, showing off his dimples. I just leaned into his chest. I always wanted it to be like this between Nate and I.

“I’m gonna go get something to eat.” said Sammy. I don’t know why but I got a sudden urge to make Nate jealous. I liked it when we had sex afterwards, it was the best.

“I’ll come with you.” I said while getting up from my chair. I walked towards him and we both went towards the kitchen, which was downstairs.

“I love bagels.” Sammy laughs. I joined in because that was so random.

“Me too.” Once we finally reached it. He went straight to the fridge and took out the bag of bagels and started eating them from the bag. I grinned at him and went to reach for the cookies on the highest shelf but failed. Even when I was above average height the highest shelf was still too high for me. I tried again but failed.

“I’ll get that for you.” I shrieked in surprise since Sammy was right behind me but thankfully his front wasn’t touching my back.

“O-oh okay.” I didn’t move at all seeing as if I moved my body would be touching with his. He quickly got it for me and stayed where he was.

“Here.” He said while keeping the box in front of me. I took it and turned around, ready to go back but my eyes widened when I realized how close he actually was.

“Y/N.” I heard but it wasn’t Sammy it was Nate. I quickly pushed him away and went to Nate after putting the cookies on the counter. He didn’t look pissed, I was really confused how that was possible since he usually always showed it when he got jealous.

“Y-yes?” I stuttered.

“Go to our room.” He simply said. I nodded and rushed to our room but before I heard “Sammy, you think you can back upstairs by yourself?”

I sighed in relief. At least they didn’t fight since nothing was on between Sammy and I. I heard Nate’s footsteps and I got up from our bed. Once the door opened and saw his face. I wanted to smirk but didn’t. He was actually jealous, really jealous but he didn’t want to show it downstairs. I wonder why?

“What the hell was that?” He wasn’t screaming but I knew he was also angry.

“Nothing Nate. He was just getting the box of cookies for me.” I walked towards him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“It didn’t look like it.” He was avoiding eye contact. That proves that he is definitely jealous.

“Aw baby, are you jealous?” I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled.

“Hell yeah, I am. You’re mine and I don’t like it when a guys even looks at you let alone gets close to you like Sammy did.” He said angrily.

“It-” he didn’t even let me finish and smashed his lips into mine. The kiss was rough and needy. It felt as if I hadn’t kissed him since months. I needed him. His hands roamed from my back to my butt and he squeezed it making me moan and he started walking me backwards and pushed me onto the bed after breaking the kiss.

“You’re gonna get punished.” Now it was his turn to smirk.

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Early Morning Blues

AN: Look guys, I wrote something!

This is a sort of sequel to my oneshot ‘A Series of Mostly Unfortunate Events’, but you don’t really need to have read that to get this. However, if you DO feel like reading it then go on ahead. *Nudges everyone* Hint hint HINT.

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If any of you skipped all of that, I really don’t blame you.




“You what?!?”

Lucy Heartfilia stared at the boy standing in her doorway, a look of pure shock on her face.

“Can I use your netflix account?” Natsu Dragneel repeated. “Ice prick changed the password on ours, and he won’t tell me what it is until I confess my supposed undying love for Elfman.” The pink haired boy shuddered. “I’d rather die then do that.”

Lucy nodded absent-mindedly; she wouldn’t really want to confess her undying love to Elfman either. For starters Mira would be all over her about being nice to her baby brother, then she would have Lisanna’s constant teasing to deal with, never mind the fact that confessing your undying love for someone probably wouldn’t be considered very manly, so she would also be forced to listen to the ‘object of her affections’ bawling his eyes out. Not to mention the fact that Elfman already had a girlfriend. The overall event would almost certainly be a disaster.

Wait, what the hell was she even thinking about?

Natsu interrupted her rather wayward train of thoughts by rudely waving a hand in front of her face. “Lucyyyyy, are you still in there?”

She swatted his hand away, before reaching up to rub the sleep out of her eyes. It was six o'clock on a rare Saturday morning when she didn’t have to be in work until later, and right now she was supposed to be in her nice, warm, comfortable bed catching up on some well deserved rest. That is, she would be if she hadn’t been woken up by her annoying neighbour and definitely-not-massive-crush with his weird requests.

“Pleaseeee Luce,” he whined, and despite herself Lucy couldn’t help but blush slightly at the use of her nickname. He had only started calling her ‘Luce’ recently, and although he probably just did it to annoy her, and although she pretended to hate it, every time she heard him say it she got a kind of warm and tingly feeling in her stomach, sort of like-


Bad Lucy.

“Lucyyyyyyyy, you’re spacing out again.” Natsu’s voice once again snapped her out of her daze, and she was quickly reminded of the current situation. She was standing in her doorway in her dressing gown and pink bunny slippers, her hair was a mess, she hadn’t brushed her teeth or put on any makeup, and Natsu Dragneel was attempting to steal her Netflix account. Holy crap, she had to get out of this before she embarrassed herself any further.

“No,” she said harshly. “No, you can’t use my Netflix account. It is six-effing-o'clock in the morning, go bother someone else.” And with that, she slammed the door in his face, before leaning against it and dramatically wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

Phew. Potential embarrassment crises averted.

Unfortunately though, she was now far to wide awake to even have a hope of getting any more sleep before her alarm went off. Ah well, she thought (surprisingly calmly), she could sleep in some other day. Right now it was time for a nice relaxing bath.


When Lucy returned into the main room of her apartment a few minutes later, equipped with everything she would need for her bath, she hadn’t expected to find her pink haired neighbour lounging on her sofa, watching her TV and eating food from her kitchen.

Natsu looked up from his position on the couch, and smirked slightly when he caught her eye.“You left the door unlocked,” he said lightly, answering her unspoken question.

Lucy simply stared at him, absolutely dumbfounded.

Had he just broken into her apartment to watch Netflix?!

She took a deep breath, and then another one.

In through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Inner peace Lucy, inner peace.

When she had finally calmed herself down enough that she was able to move without literally kicking Natsu out of her flat, she opened her mouth and attempted to ask him to leave in a calm and civilised manor.

“I am going to go and have a bath now,” she said slowly, doing her very best to not fly off the hook and throw something at him, “and when I get out you better be gone from here, or else.”

“Or else what?” he said, munching on a handful of her pringles.

“Or else I’ll tell Erza that you broke into my apartment while I was in the bath.”

He froze, and as she watched all the colour drained from his skin. “You wouldn’t.” His voice can out as barely a whisper, and he sounded absolutely terrified. “She would murder me on the spot.”

Lucy smiled sweetly at him. “That’s your problem.” And before he could say anything else she spun around on her heel and stalked off to her bathroom, muttering to herself about pink haired bastards as she went.


Lucy closed the bathroom door behind her and sighed. Despite the fact that she may or may not be head over heals in love with him, her and Natsu had never really gotten along well. However, ever since that… incident a few weeks ago she seemed to be running into him quite a lot. In fact, it was almost like he was going out of his way to see her, just so he could annoy her even more. It was really starting to get quite irritating.

Lucy sighed again, shaking her head slightly and beginning to undress herself. This was supposed to be a relaxing bath, which definitely wouldn’t work if she spent the entire time pondering her most recent dilemma, who she hoped had left her apartment by now.

She was standing in her pyjama top and underwear when she realised that she hadn’t turned the bath tap on yet. As she was leaning over to do so, she noticed something inside the tub out of the corner of her eye. She froze, turned her head sharply to look at it, and screamed.

The spider was absolutely huge, with long hairy legs, and at least the size if her fist. Lucy scrambled backwards until her back was against the opposite wall and stared at the monsterous animal.

If there was one thing Luy really hated, it was spiders. She was absolutely petrified of them. It was pathetic, she knew, spiders hadn’t ever done anything to her, but they where just so creepy and disgusting and ew. And they showed up at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places,

Like this giant one right now, sitting in her bath at six in the morning.

Which, despite all her shrieking and scrambling about the place, still hadn’t moved.

Lucy let out the breath she didn’t even realise she had been holding, and slowly took a few steps towards her bathtub, keeping her eyes on the spider the entire time.

It didn’t even twitch.

Maybe it was dead.

She grabbed her hairbrush from where she had discarded it on the floor earlier, and cautiously reached out to poke the spider, in an attempt to discover whether or not the beast was still alive.

Not that a dead spider was any better.

In her minds eye the creature suddenly moved, jumping at her and racing up her arm. Lucy shuddered involuntary. She was being silly. It was just a spider.

Just a spider.

A massive, hairy spider with thick, long, black legs and potentially bloodsucking or poisonous fangs.

The tip of her hairbrush was about ten inches away. Lucy closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again.

Nine inches.

In through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Eight inches.



The spider’s leg twitched.

Time seemed to slow down as Lucy’s hairbrush slipped from her grasp and clattered to the ground, landing right next to the spider. The aforementioned animal immediately started moving away from the object, running across the bottom of the bathtub at an unfathomable speed. Lucy screamed again, louder this time, and quickly scrambled to her feet and raced out of the bathroom.

It was official, the sun wasn’t even up and already this day couldn’t get any worse.

Lucy made it out of the bathroom alive, and hurriedly slammed the door behind her. She leaned against it for a moment with her eyes closed, trying to get her breath back.

When she opend them again, she came face to face with Natsu.

Actually, scratch that. Things just got a whole lot worse.

“What are you still doing here?!” she practically shrieked. “I thought I told you to get out!!” She stopped and panted, still out of breath from the events of a few moments ago.

“Well,” he said defensively, folding his arms across his chest, “I was about to leave when I heard you screaming.” He paused. “Are you alright?” he added softly.

Lucy could feel the blood rushing to her face, and a small part of her found itself wondering how she always seemed to end up embarrassing herself in front of Natsu Dragneel.

The rest of her was to busy panicking about what to do next to bother coming up with an answer.

“Yeah I’m uh, f-fine, thanks,” she stammered. “I um, just stubbed my toe on the base of the sink. I’m okay, so you can leave now.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Yeah right. What really happened?”

Lucy found herself glancing around her sitting room in an attempt to distract herself from the intense look that Natsu was giving her. Her eyes feel on the TV, which was still turned on (‘just about to leave’? ha! as if!), and an idea slowly formed in her head.

“Actually Natsu,” she said, managing to regain some of her lost composure. “I have a small favour to ask of you.”

His look of concern turned to one of suspicion. “Okay…” he said apprehensivly.

“There is a um, rather large spider in my bathtub right now and I’d like you to remove it.”

“All of that was because of a spider?” Lucy blushed even more at how amused he sounded.

“It was a really big one!” She snapped, crossing her arms across her chest.

He snorted. “Whatever. What’s in it for me?”

That was the question she had been waiting for. “If you get rid of it I’ll let you use my Netflix account.”

Natsu’s eyes lit up when he heard her offer, and he grinned at her. “Great!” he said enthusiastically. “I’m all fired up! Now show me where this spider is so I can kick its ass!”

Lucy smiled back at him, before turning around and opening the door behind her, leading him into the bathroom. The spider was sitting in the opposite side of the bath to where it had first been discovered, apparently unaware of the disturbance it had caused. Natsu froze when he saw it, the look of enthusiasm quickly disappearing from his face.

“Holy crap,” he whispered. “That thing is ginormous.”

Lucy couldn’t help but smirk at that. “I told you so.”

“Not that I’m scared of it or anything,” he added quickly.

Lucy was to busy staring at the monster to notice the way his voice shook slightly. However, when he made no move do go and pick the spider up, she began to grow slightly suspicious.

“Natsu,” she said, “are you-”

“Do you have something I can kill it with?” he said suddenly.

“Kill it!?” Lucy was almost surprised at how horrified she sounded. “Can’t you just lift it outside?”

“Do you want me to get rid of it for you or not,” he snapped, sounding irritated.

Lucy sighed and nodded, and he stalked out of the room, returning a few moments later with an a one-thousand-and-something page hardback copy of The Lord of the Rings. He crouched down beside the bath, and carefully lifted the book, positioning it so that it was directly over the spider.

“If you get any spider guts on that book then you have to replace it,” Lucy warned. The book in question had been a birthday present from Levy, and although Lucy was yet to read it she still treasured it as one of her closest possessions.

“Yeah, yeah,” Natsu murmured, “whatever you say Luce.” And, without waiting for her to reply, he smashed the book down on top of the spider.

The creature moved at the last second, barely managing to dodge Natsu’s blow. It scampered on to the book and froze there, as if hoping that it wouldn’t be noticed. As Lucy watched him, Natsu cautiously lifted the book out of the bath, doing his best not to disturb the animal on top of it. He held the book up at eye level for a moment, as if he was examining the beast, before quickly spinning it over and slamming it to the ground. He stood there for a moment and tried to catch his breath, eyeing the book wearily and stamping on it a few times for good measure.

Lucy leaned over from her position on the far side of the bathroom, where she had been watching the events unfold from a safe distance. “Is it dead?” she asked hopefully.

“I’m not sure,” Natsu replied, his gaze not moving from the book on the ground. “I think so.”

Natsu’s foot nudged the book and the spider shot out from underneath it. It appeared to be missing a couple of its legs, but even so it was still moving very quickly. Natsu attempted to stamp on it a few times, but it managed to dodge being crushed by his shoe. It made it to the bathtub and disappeared into the shadows underneath.

“Where’s it gone?” Lucy asked slightly hysterically, glancing over her shoulder as she spoke to check that it hadn’t magically materialized on the wall behind her.

“I think it went under the bath,” Natsu replied, getting down on his hands and knees to check. “It’s too dark though, I can’t see anything.”

Lucy felt something on her foot, and she had a horrible feeling that she knew what it was. She looked down and, sure enough, the spider was crawling up her bare ankle. She shrieked and waved her leg around, and Natsu looked up from the floor to find the spider hurtling through the air towards him. He scrambled to his feet and leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding falling into the bath, and the spider flew past him, landing on the wall, where it quickly scurried up out of their reach.

Lucy and Natsu glanced at each other, and both simultaneously dashed out of the room, slamming the door behind them.

“How about,” Natsu gasped, when they had both recovered enough air to talk again, “you forget about the spider from hell for now, and you can come and have your bath at my place. We’ll send Stripper in there later, and not let him out until he tells me the Netflix password.”

Lucy had to laugh at that. “That sounds like a brilliant idea. Come on, lets go.” She grabbed his wrist and began to drag him out of her flat.

She was halfway to the front door when Natsu spoke up again.


“Yeah?” She glanced back at him and he smirked slightly.

“You might want to put some clothes on first.”

Lucy froze, and slowly looked down at her partially clothed body. The t-shirt she wore to bed was barely decent, just about covering her ass and the top of her thighs. A look of horror covered her face as she realised that she had been practically naked for most of her encounter with Natsu, having been mostly undressed when she first noticed the spider. Thank god she still had her underwear on.

Her face turned an unfortunate colour of scarlet and she dashed out of the room, leaving a hysterical Natsu in her wake.

Let’s Play A Little Game

Let’s Play A Little Game
Word Count: 4,193
Summary: You and Luke have some silent fun while your parents are asleep in the next room over.
Smut?:        YES            NO

“AreWeOutOfTheWoodsYetAreWeOutOfTheWoodsYetAreWeOutOfTheWoodsYetAreWeOutOfTheWoods!!!!!!” you whisper shout one Saturday night. It’s around 11:30 and you got home about half an hour ago from going to dinner and the movies with your best friends. You had been talking with your parents about your day before they decided to go to bed resulting in your going up to your room and jamming out. You had been texting your boyfriend, Luke, all day, and you were both really set on seeing each other this weekend, but didn’t think either of you had the time. Both of your lives were pretty busy, Luke’s crazier than yours at the moment, and schedules were not aligning at all this weekend. Suddenly, your phone lit up like a christmas tree [AN: i made myself cry oops #TFIOS], and the Fifty Shades of Grey version of “Crazy in Love” started playing; your cheeky boyfriend thought it would be “fucking hot as fuck, babe” if that was his ringtone when he called you. It took a little bit of convincing on his part because, hello, that’s kind of risqué for you, the 17 year old, to have a song clearly about sex as your 19 year old, internationally famous boyfriend’s ringtone. You didn’t really mind what people said about you guys because you and Luke loved each other and were very happy together, but you also didn’t really need Luke to get convicted for a felony since you were technically a minor. Eventually you gave in;  the stupid boy knows your weaknesses—neck kisses, disney movie marathons, and chocolate covered strawberries—too well.
“Baby,” he greeted you sweetly…too sweetly.
“Hi,” you giggled back, questioningly at his tone of voice, knowing that he was plotting something.
“I really wanna see you,”
“I really wanna see you, too, but we’ve been over our schedules for this weekend a thousand times and we just don’t have any common free times…” your pout can practically be heard through the phone.
“What if I told you that there’s a secret, hidden free time?” you knew he was smirking.
“I would tell you that I’d love you forever, but—“ you were interrupted by knocking on your window. You let out a tiny shriek from being startled and your eyes were wide as you whipped your head around to face your window. You immediately let out a sigh of relief when you saw that the scary monster staring into your bedroom was actually just your big bear of a boyfriend. He waggled his eyebrows at you suggestively and smirked at you. His eyes traveled up and down your body as you were walking towards him to let him in before he bit his lip and shook his head slowly. You were slightly confused by his actions until you looked down at what you were wearing.
Once you got up to your room after being out all night in a summery dress and wedges, you decided to take off both, leaving you in your red, lace bra and thong set. You were going to put on your pajamas, but it was hot in your room so you decided to wait until the air kicked on again. Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned red, not that Luke had never seen you in your bra and underwear—or even less, for that matter—but you weren’t necessarily planning on doing that when you guys hung out. You weren’t against it per se, but you were perfectly content cuddling on one of your beds, watching movies or talking, and maybe making out a little bit.
You stood at the window and carefully slid up the heavy glass, being as silent as possible. Once it was up enough for Luke’s tall frame to get through, he crawled in and helped you shut the mesh screen of the window, letting the night’s breeze sweep into your room.
“Baby,” he said it just like how he had when you talked to him moments ago on the phone, but with a big smile.
“Hi,” you giggled back again, chewing on your bottom lip.
“So, I guess you have to love me forever now, right?” he said jokingly, in a hushed tone, pulling you towards him by placing his big hands on your hips.
“I mean, I would’ve anyways, so…” you replied at the same volume and wrapped your arms around his neck. You stood there, next to your window, staring into one another’s eyes. Both of you wanted to absorb all that the moment had to offer. The lingering smell of rain in the air from earlier in the day seeping into your room, the sound of leaves rustling in the trees and the rare car speeding past, the way your eyes sparkled and his hair shone in the moonlight; serene moments like these were often few and far between with both of your crazy schedules, and it was amazing to just be, together. It was always in the back of your mind that Luke would be leaving again soon for tour and you had to make the most of the time you were in the same country before he’d be off, but you had a life, too, and refused to stop doing the things you wanted to do just to spend time with Luke. It was the end of your junior year of high school and you already had a great job, plus your future to think about (hello, college!!!). Luke was the bonus to all you already had been blessed with.
Subconsciously, you started smiling as you had been thinking about how lucky you were and how amazing Luke made you feel, making Luke smile back at you. “C’mere, babe,” he whispered as he leaned in closer to you, resting his forehead on yours. He rubbed his nose against yours only making both of your smiles even bigger.
“Oh, just kiss me, Lucas!” you whisper shouted giggling. He closed the small gap, capturing your lips in a heart melting kiss. He had a way of kissing you that made you feel loved, protected, and lusted after all in one, and it was one of your favorite pastimes. The kiss was slow and sensual, passionate and loving, innocent, but sexy. The beating of your heart picked up speed when he bit your bottom lip, seductively sucking it in-between his soft and enticing lips, eliciting a low moan from you. He pulled away from the kiss slowly, dropping his forehead back down to rest on yours, trailing his right hand up from your hip to your neck. His fingers ghosted across the soft skin of your tummy and over your left breast over your bra cup, pausing there to make little loops on the skin right above the top of your bra. You bit your lip and groaned at his lovely teasing, making Luke chuckle before his hand continued its journey up your neck, his hand securing at the nape of your neck with his thumb rubbing lightly on your cheek. You rested the weight of your head onto his hand and he removed his face from yours to kiss the opposite side of your neck. He started by placing chaste pecks around your well-known sweet spot before lightly biting the skin causing you to inhale a deep breath, moaning Luke’s name on the exhale.
“Yeah, baby?”
“Why do you keep doing this to meeeeeeee?” you whined as your eyes closed and your knees grew weak, prompting Luke to wrap his free arm securely around your waist.
“What am I doing to you, sweetie?” you could feel his smile on your neck which quickly disappeared when his tongue traced a thin stripe up to your ear lobe, pulling it into his mouth to attack, forcefully sucking on it, increasing your breathing rate even more.
“You know I really hate you sometimes, Hemmings,” your hands moved to grip his hair, an anchor as you began to melt even further into his lethal touches. Suddenly, his hips bucked into yours and your jaw dropped, “I’m sure you do, sweetheart…” he almost growled out and snickered. He sounded dark, almost evil, but you knew your innocent whining was turning him on more than he would like to admit, and he was trying to ward it away so he could continue teasing you.
He moved his lanky legs so that his left one was in-between yours. You immediately started rocking your underwear clad core against his thigh, slowly at first but picking up speed as soon as Luke’s lips made their way to the sweet spot on your collar bone. He lightly bit on the spot three times and on the third pulled up your skin with his teeth, then swirled his tongue around it. Next, he kitten licked the abused spot a few times. He pulled away, much to your dismay, to admire your current state. Your breaths were shallow and fast and your eye brows were knit together. You bit down on your bottom lip harshly as you were getting closer to your high from riding Luke’s thigh. Quiet moans and whimpers were constantly leaving your lips, “Lukey,” you muttered under your breath.
“Is my baby girl gonna cum right on my thigh? Huh?” he pecked your nose, always showing you how much he really loved you. You shook your head “yes.”
“Yeah? Are you gonna cum for me in those pretty little panties of yours?”
“Yes, Luke. Oh, god,” you were losing control way faster than you thought you would.
The hand that wasn’t wrapped around your waist to keep you standing moved up to caress your face and hair. He pushed the hair that had fallen into your eyes out of the way and kissed your forehead.
Up until this point, you had been doing the majority of the work in getting yourself off, but Luke decided he wanted to help you out some. He went back to your sweet spot, this time sucking–very roughly–and he bounced his leg once, “OH, God!” you tried to be quiet for the sake of your parents in the next room, but it was getting harder.
“Oh, you like that don’t you?” you felt him smirking against you, “Ugh, you’re so naughty…I love it.”
“Please, Luke,” you whispered as your hands dug themselves even further into his hair.
“Well,” he paused his attack and pecked the spot, “Since you asked so nicely, Princess.” He kissed your lips hard and began bouncing his leg against your core. He had to hold your head up in order to continue kissing you when your neck went limp and your head dipped back.
“Right there, babe. Oh my god, please don’t stop.” you mumbled the words against his lips.
After a few more minutes of torture, you suggested you two continued on your bed. Luke pulled away to look into your eyes, “If we move to the bed, this may escalate a bit pretty quickly, babes…” You let out a small laugh because you felt like Luke always went beyond the call of consent by “warning” you before you guys had sex.
“I’m okay with that,” you gazed into his ocean blue eyes, as well, “But we have to remember that my parents are like 200 feet and a room away…”
“I guess you’ll just have to try to keep those amazing moans of yours inside that pretty mouth, then.” he quipped back and slapped your ass playfully, leaving his hand to rest on your ass.
“Oh, please,” you rebutted, “I can last way longer than you with out moaning!”
“No way,”
“Yes way! Who still lives with her parents? Me! Who has a boyfriend that’s away for long periods of time so she has no one to help her with her needs and no where to go to relieve herself of said needs? Me!” you listed off
“Yeah, okay, and who has to share a very cramped sleeping area on a tourbus with three dudes? Me!”
“Yes, because they would care if they heard you moaning my name while you were jerking off!” you scoffed with a little attitude. Luke paused the argument and just stared at you, cocking his head to the side like a little puppy would. “What?” you sassed.
“When you get yourself off, you moan my name?” his demeanor changed and now he seemed shy, but proud.
“Oh,” you realized what you had said now. You and Luke were very open with each other, but you had never really talked about masturbating to the thought of each other before, or masturbating at all, really, “I mean, yeah…” your cheeks were burning and you looked towards your feet.
“No, no, no, don’t be embarrassed, baby girl!” He hooked his fingers under your chin, forcing you to keep eye contact again, “That’s, like, the hottest thing I’ve ever heard! I mean, I figured that you fingered yourself or rubbed your clit or something like that when I wasn’t around, or maybe even when I was, and I know when I…ya know…,” he made a hand gesture, not helping with your already rosy cheeks and causing you to chuckle, “I think of you, but I don’t know I guess I just didn’t expect you to think of me…”
“Of course I do, who else would I think of? You know you’re my first everything so it’s not like I’m thinking of an ex or something…” you giggled at the ridiculous thought.
“I know, but I don’t know.” It was his turn to look down with rosy cheeks now.
“Well, I do! I’m about to tell you something that I’ve never said out loud before, are you ready?” Luke nodded his head, “Okay, so before I met you, erm, well you know like got with you, I guess…anyways before that I could never get off.” Luke looked flabbergasted, “Like, I rubbed my clit and stuff, I even used a vibrator, and it felt super good, but then after a little while it just kinda stopped feeling good, or I would get tired or distracted or something, and well since we happened, I’ve been able to get myself off, but only when I think about you and that it’s your fingers or tongue or dick or whatever making me feel good…soooo…there’s literally no way that I would be thinking about anyone besides you…” you trailed off slowly regaining eye contact and waiting for his response.
“I’m so in love with you that it worries me, honestly.” Luke replied after a moment of thought, making you giggle before replying, “I’m very, very in love with you, too.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him behind you to your bed. You lied on your back in the center of the bed and Luke climbed on top of you, kissing up your neck while his hands drew patterns right above your panties.
“Sooooooo, I’m gonna make you moan first.” He brought back the conversation from before.
“You literally will not.” You sassed back smacking his shoulder lightly, before reaching down to pull his shirt off.
“Fine, let’s play a little game then, hmm?” Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, and he continued his assault on your neck, his work sure to leave a hickey that you’ll have to cover up in the morning.
“What are you talking about?” As skeptical as you sounded, Luke’s “games” were usually something you absolutely adored. His lips moved up your neck to the shell of your ear.
“If I moan first, I have to do anything you want, for as long as you want.” As he whispered, his voice was gravely and his lips brushed against your ear with every word, “If you moan first, you’re completely, 100% mine and have to do whatever I say.” Your breathing was getting heavy again from his words. “Does that sound good, princess?”
“Absolutely, baby.”
“Perfect. Okay, on three, no more noises, got it?”
“Got it, one…” you started.
“Two…” his turn.
“Three.” you said in unison.
You stared at each other for a few seconds, unsure of who was going to take initiative when suddenly, an animalistic shine took over Luke’s eyes making yours grow wide. His jaw clenched and his eyes ran up and down your top half before slamming his hands on either side of your head, startling you, and kissing you with a passion you had never experienced before. His teeth pulled on your bottom lip roughly, making you suppress a moan in order not to lose the challenge in just seconds. He released your bottom lip before licking it. You opened your mouth just wide enough for his tongue to get through, circling your own aggressively. Your hands flew to his hair, pulling roughly on the ends previously lying on his neck, and your raised your legs to wrap around his hips. If you wanted to win this game, which you definitely did, you were going to have to kick it up a notch. You bucked your hips up into his, but didn’t come down. You kept your hips pressed against his sweat–pants—clad ones, slowly circling your hips on his bulge without decreasing the pressure. His dropped his head to your chest, his breaths getting deeper. You could see in his face how hard he was trying not to make some kind of noise. Usually, he’d be growling out your name with ever circle of your hips right now, but this boy was nothing if not stubborn. He started kissing and sucking on your chest, leaving teeth marks in his wake.
You knew you had to step it up if you wanted to win because normally when Luke starting sucking on your chest the way he was now, he’d start moving his kisses down your body until he was right at your core, eating you out like it was the last time he’d ever get the chance. You needed to flip your boy over, but that would take some serious work. You pulled your hips back to the bed taking a few deep breaths before quickly securing your legs around Luke’s hips and bucking your hips, hard, into his and grinding up and down his throbbing dick after the initial contact. You had already almost won, his mouth hung open and stomach muscles contracting. You ran your fingers from the back of his neck to where his hair meets his forehead and back while your lips attached to the sweet spot behind his ear. You repeated the hip thrust again, but this time as your lower half made contact with his, you bit his skin and pulled on his hair. He was so close to breaking down, his arms had given out and his body was flushed against yours. Now was your chance to flip him. You tugged his head off your chest by his hair, seeming like you were going in to kiss his neck, then propped your left leg up so your knee was facing the ceiling causing his legs to twist a bit. You put your left hand on his right shoulder and pushed, smiling both at your success of flipping your super huge boyfriend off of yourself and the incredulous look he was currently giving you. Before he could flip you both over again, you straddled his hips and began grinding, which made you realize he still had his pants on. You lifted your hips high enough to reach between your bodies and pull down his sweat pants, letting him kick them off his ankles. You lowered yourself down again and began to rub back and forth at a moan-worthy pace. His left hand was resting behind his head, and his right was squeezing your left hip. You decided to put on a theatrical performance to help him moan. As your pace increased, you bit your lip and squinted your eyes, tipping your head back. Your hands slid up your body to undo your bra. You threw it to the floor and started playing with your nipples. You squeezed and rolled them between your fingers, before gently flicking them.
He was clenching his jaw, but still not giving in. You leaned forward and grabbed the hand that was on your hip and put it right in front of your mouth. You looked him in the eyes as you took his pointer and middle finger into your mouth. You pornographically swirled your tongue around his fingers before pulling them all the way out of your mouth. You pecked the tips then sucked not going passed his first knuckle, still maintaining eye contact besides when you exaggeratedly tipped your head back, acting like sucking on his fingers was giving you pleasure.
He was biting his lip so hard right now, you thought he’d break skin. Alright. Finale time. You pulled his fingers out of your mouth and leaned all the way down to kiss his lips while starting to grind your hips down into his again. You slipped your hand between your bodies and reached into his boxers to grab his dick. You decided it would be easier to take his underwear off, so you did. As you were pulling out all the stops in the kissing department, you started your hand job. Now most people would’ve gone straight for the blow job, but those people are not as good at hand jobs as you are. You lifted your face away from his and scooted back a tad onto his thighs to get a better angle. Your hands moved furiously up and down his shaft causing him to throw his head back into the pillow. Your right hand stayed in his shaft, while your left moved to fondle his balls. You switched off between tugging them and squeezing them, increasing pressure every few repetitions. Using your right hand, you moved your focus to his tip. Putting the tips of your nails on his tip, you very slowly and very lightly spread your fingers out across the top of his dick, like a firework. This was a trick Luke absolutely went crazy for and was normally kept a birthday/holiday deal, but you really wanted to win this game.
Luke’s abs were so prominent, now, from trying to hold in his moans. You knew he was gonna come soon which meant he would moan, too. You racked your brains for anything else you could do. Suddenly, you figured it out. You’d have to silently dirty talk. You removed your left hand from his balls and slapped his thigh, making him pick his head up quickly, as your nails dug in. You bit you lip and looked him in the eyes, making sure you had his full attention.
“Come for me.” you mouthed the order. He closed his eye and shook his head so you slapped his thigh again, a little harder this time. “Moan for me, Luke. Come on, baby. I know you want to. I know this is so good for you. Do it. Come all over me. Moan my name.” There was a dominating look in your eyes that Luke had never seen before, and he’d never been more turned on in his entire life. He tried to look anywhere but you so he wouldn’t moan. You slapped his thigh for the third time, the hardest yet, and raked your nails down to his knee. He stared you in the eyes now, breathing the hardest he had all night.
“Moan.” You mouthed the singular word.
“Ahhhhrrrrggg oh fucking hell, y/n.” He moaned all his thoughts out at once, mixing every swear he knew with your name as he came undone beneath you.
“That’s my good boy.” You whispered as he came down from his high, “I told you I would win.” You drew patterns on his chest and let him get his breathing under control again.
“How the fuck are you so good at this shit, you are 17 years old.” He looked at you with wide eyes.
“You have no idea how much smut I’ve read, babe. I know every trick in the book.”
“Looks like I’ve got myself a naughty little girl, eh?”
“Oh, honey…just you wait…” you leaned forward to capture his lips in a sweet kiss.
“Alright, well you won, fair and square, so what can I do for you now?” he asked as you both pulled away.
“Well, the thing is, I wanna be able to scream your name while you’re making me come undone…”
“Yeah, baby girl?”
“Yeah, so how about we continue this later?” you asked looking up into his eyes.
“Like, when later?” Shit, no common times…
“Like, I’ll move my plans for tomorrow night that were supposed to be after you have to go into the studio to when you’re in the studio so we can be together tomorrow night?” 
 “Perfect. And remember, baby girl,” He started whispering as his fingers ran up and down your arms, “I’m all yours. I will do anything you want, for as long as you want me to, and I will make you feel so damn good.”

MAGCon Preference #1

Mornings Part 2 i will continue to use MAGCon until they give themselves a new name. 

Nash: You woke up to the sound of a camera shutter. You opened your eyes to see Nash taking several pictures on his phone. “What the hell are you doing?” you asked. “I’m snapchatting.” “You’re obsessed with that app.” “What? No I’m not.” “It’s not even eight in the morning yet.” “You’re talking to me about obsessions? You’re always on Twitter and Tumblr.” “That’s not true, you seriously need an intervention.” You quickly grabbed his phone from his hands and ran down the stairs. “Y/N, give me back my phone!” you heard him shout. “You’re gonna have to catch me first!” By now you were both running around the house like little children. After a while you both grew tired and collapsed on the couch. “Can I have my phone back, please?” he said while panting heavily. You started laughing and handed him his phone. He immediately proceeded to go on snapchat. “Come take a picture with me, babe.”

Jack J: “Jack, are you asleep?” you whispered in his ear. He let out a groan and turned to face you “No, I’m practicing for my funeral.” “Don’t be fucking rude!” He started laughing and said “Well, what else would I be doing.” “I’ll tell you what you should be doing, keeping me company and not being so lazy.” “It’s not my fault you wake up early.” “I don’t wake up early, you sleep late.” “Come help me make breakfast.” “Sure, but that’s basically a recipe for disaster.” And it a recipe for disaster it was. The kitchen was a mess, there was flour and eggs everywhere and the two of you ended up sitting on the kitchen floor laughing while feeding eachother pancakes.

Jack G: You ran back to your bedroom to tell Jack breakfast was ready, but he was nowhere to be found. “Jack?” “I’m in the bathroom.” You walked down the hall to the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Can I come in?” “Do you really have to ask?” You peeped your head through the door and said “I just wanted to tell you that breakfast is ready.” Right when you were about to close the door you heard him say “Don’t leave, come sing in the shower with me.” You couldn’t help but laugh at what he said. You walked in the bathroom and sat on the sink. “Y/N, that’s not what I meant. You actually have to get in the shower.”

Carter: You were awoken from your slumber by a loud shriek which caused you to jolt up in surprise and fall off the bed. “Jesus fucking Christ, Carter!” He stood there laughing as you recomposed yourself. You made your way to the kitchen while he was still laughing in the bedroom. “Asshole.” you mumbled to yourself. As you were making yourself a bowl of cereal you felt a pair of arms sneak around your waist. “I’m sorry.” he said and made a puppy dog face. You decided that you were going to give him the silent treatment. You grabbed your bowl and walked over to the table completely ignoring him, leaving him perplexed. He walked over and sat across from you. There was a silence in the room until he finally spoke “You know I love you, right.” “Yeah, I know. I love you too.” you said and let out a small giggle.

Taylor: You woke up with a massive headache and not a single memory of the night before. “Last time I go out drinking with Taylor.” you said to yourself as you walked to the kitchen to get some water to drink with the Advil you took out of the cabinet. “I should probably take some water upstairs for Tay.” you thought to yourself. As soon as that thought ran through your mind you heard gaging. You ran upstairs to find Taylor with his head in the toilet. “You okay, babe?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” he says getting up and rinsing his face. You hand him the glass of water and and Advil. “Do you have any idea what happened yesterday? Because I don’t fucking remember anything.” he says. You both started laughing uncontrollably, when you finally caught your breath you answered “I am completely clueless, but I gotta admit that party was crazy, though.”

Help Me - Austin Carlile Imagine

Hi lovelies :) Can I pretty please request an Austin Carlile imagine where Y/N has an abusive stalker ex and he helps protect her from him by taking her on tour, but he follows them and like drama then cute fluffy and smutty goodness :) please and thank you :))) and like she ends up with them at the end all happy and things :)

Hi! I’m the new writer, Megan. I tried to write this as fast as I could because I knew that if I didn’t, I would’ve procrastinated the whole day away. Do enjoy! :)



“You all packed up, (Y/N)?” Austin, my best friend asked me.

“Yep, sure, just one more thing…” I trailed off, heading to the bathroom to grab my tooth brush.

My house was practically empty, it kind of made me feel empty, to be honest. I looked around the bathroom and there was only one thing left. A picture. Of me and him.

I’m going on tour with Austin and his band, Of Mice & Men. And I know what you’re thinking! No I’m not having sex with any of them and I’m not a frickin’ merch girl either. I’m simply going to be with Austin to get away from my stalker ex who seems to keep appearing everywhere I go.

Too deep in thought to realise I was staring intently at the photo and that Austin had his hand on my shoulder in attempt to comfort me, I turned round swiftly and muttered a “let’s go”.


The band and I had been on the road for around 3 days now and we were just stopping at a gas station. I decided it was best I to go and stretch my legs seeing as I hadn’t been off the god damn cage in two whole days. Austin, Alan and Aaron were perfectly content with sitting playing GTA 5 and Tino came outside with me to get some water from the station.

“So, how are things? We don’t talk enough.” Tino said to me.

“Um, things are good. I’m guessing you know why I’m here and stuff and yeah, we should talk more!” I smiled at him, picking up bottled water and sweets to hide in my bunk.

“Well, just tell me if you need anything. You’re a sweet girl, Austin really likes you,” he winked.

I thought about it for a while. In which way does Austin “really” like me? Does he want to rip-my-pants-off like me? Does he love-me-in-a-sister-brother-way like me? Does he need-to-confess-his-undying-love-for-me like me? I guess I was analysing the situation a little too much. I was used to doing that, though. My ex made me do that 24/7 and now it’s just a habit, to constantly worry.

Tino and I were heading back to the bus when we heard some commotion from two cars behind us.

“Watch where you’re fucking going, you freak!” Shrieked a woman in a white Porsche.

“No fucking bother. Actually, it’s my pleasure, prude bitch.” The man replied, cunningly.

I would’ve guessed the voice anywhere. It was him, my ex. Chris. He’d managed to locate me. How? Did he know I was with Austin? Was he here visiting some neglected cousins? Shit, I bet I left my location settings on when I was on Twitter.

“Oh, hey, (Y/N),” his chilling voice made the hairs of my neck and arms stand straight.

“Um, who are you?” asked Tino, confidently as he obviously hadn’t a clue who this stranger was.

“I’m Chris, (Y/N)’s ex. She’s probably told you all about me. I’m the best she’s ever had,” he said, pretending to brush dust off the shoulder of his leather jacket.

“I very much doubt that,” emerged a deep voice from behind us. Austin.

“Now, man, I suggest you back the fuck off before you hurt yourself,” Austin said, making me a little scared.

“Ohhh. Big Austin I’m in a band Carlile. I beat kids up for fun Carlile. What, you think you’d hurt me? Please, don’t waste your time trying and just let (Y/N) go.”

I could actually feel the fury that was seeping through Austin’s veins. He looked as if he wanted to wear Chris’ organs.

All I really caught from the whole scene was some foul language and fists flying, feet kicking and hands grabbing. Typical male fight. Austin bet Chris up so badly that he had to be taken to A&E.


It took a while for us to get home that night, or well to a bus, but none the less, home. I was in the bathroom, dabbing Austin’s face with anti-septic as the ambulance took no sympathy for him and let him go. He was sitting on the ledge of the bath and I was hovering above him, attending to the cuts on his lip and cheeks.

“You know, (Y/N), you’re really special. Like, really, really special and you didn’t ever deserve to put up with Chris. I’m so sorry I didn’t realise what a psycho he was at first. I guess I’m just rambling now but, I just wanna say, and don’t get crazy, that I like you.” Austin said in the whole one breath.

“Oh my god, you do? Like, in ‘that way’?” I smiled widely.

“Yes, in 'that way’,” he smiled and pulled me into his lap.

Something was pushing us together, inches away from each other’s faces. I gave him a kiss on those perfect lips and I knew for a fact that he was what I had been waiting for.

We stared into each other’s eyes for a while, working out everything without words to approve. He nodded slightly and we went back to kissing.

He tried to lift me up but I refused, so he took my hand and led me to his double sized bunk. It was pretty awesome.

We sat there in the pale lighting, just kissing, silently breathing in one another’s scent and all we could hear was snoring from the bunks across the hall. Aaron.

“He’s forever snoring,” laughed Austin slightly, breaking the tension.

“Shut up and kiss me,” I said.

He did so and moved his warm hands down my t-shirt to the hem of my jeans, unbuttoning them with his skilled hands. I lifted his shirt off and he kicked his trousers off, leaving him in just boxers.

The air was starting to get hot and clammy, so he took off my shirt and left me in my pants and bra.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, (Y/N),” Austin said as he observed my body. I couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious because, well, I’m not exactly the most comfortable with my body. But he reassured me.

I kissed down his neckline, chest, torso, all the way to his boxers as I took them off with my teeth. He seemed pretty happy with himself after I’d done that. I began to slowly touch him, pleasure and satisfaction mixed with relief in his expression.

He put me underneath him and took of my pants and bra, then aligned himself up to me.

“Austin, I just wanna say, that before this. Well, oh god, I pick perfect timing don’t I? Well, um…”

“Just spit it out,” Austin said, worriedly.

“Well, I just want you to know that I’ve never consented to having sex with anyone. I’ve only ever had sex with Chris, unwillingly, so, I’m not sure how I’ll be,” I said, very worried about his reply.

“Oh, (Y/N), I’m so sorry. If I do anything that you don’t want me to, then I’ll stop immediately, okay?”

“Okay, that’s fine.” I said smiling.

He slowly entered me, making sure he wasn’t hurting me. To be honest, it hurt a little to stretch around him and in the position we had to lay in due to the size of the bunk, but it was more intense than painful.

We began to pick up the pace and everything felt a little easier. My boobs were bouncing and Austin was rubbing my clit whilst pounding into me. He was getting pleasure from the moans from my throat and he expression on my face, knowing he was doing a fantastic job. The pressure he had on my clit made me go insane and it was so hard to suppress the moaning.

“Oh, God, Austin!” I said, perhaps louder than I should have.

“Fuck, (Y/N), you’re so good. Can I turn you around?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure, go for it.”

He detached from me and I sat ontop of him, giggling like a little school girl. I cheekily started to wank him off whilst he was trying to move and he winked at me.

I started to ride him and he buckled his hips up, raising me above the bed. Moans and grabs were flying around the room and I knew I was coming to climax. Our movements became sloppy and Austin’s one last thrust into me made me scream so loud I could have woken the street up.

“Well, that was fucking amazing!” Austin cheered, 10 minutes later.

“I agree.”

hoodlum pt. II || hanbin
  • and here is the second part! lol I’m feeling iffy about the ending so I’ll write up a third part if you guys want i’m so bad at endings gahhh
  • pt. I right here!!
  • pt. III here!

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           It’s odd, really, because in your eighteen years of life, you had never heard your mother scream as loud as she did right there when she opened the door. And when you broke away from Hanbin and stared at her, you could’ve sworn she was about to faint. Her face was pale, her hand was over her heart, and had her eyes gone any wider, they might’ve actually fallen out.

           “Get away from my daughter!” she shrieked at Hanbin before grabbing your arm and yanking you behind her. “You come anywhere near this house or my daughter ever again and I swear I will call the police!”

           Hanbin scratched the back of his head and didn’t seem to be affected in the slightest by what was happening, and it occurred to you that this must’ve been the umpteenth time he was yelled at and talked down upon by someone in a higher class like that. In fact, you could clearly remember that on some nights, a hood would just be strolling through the streets and people would put in the effort to step outside their doors and yell at the poor kid, saying how “trash like that shouldn’t walk down these streets”.

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anonymous asked:

Did you do anything to Dean and Cas on April fools?

It was Gabe’s idea, and it was glorious. I woke up that morning when I heard Dean shriek - like, actually full on shriek.It turned out he’d discovered that he had actual blue balls.

Deano’s reaction was priceless. Castiel, on the other hand… He just walked into the room later that day with this mildly confused look, all like, “My genitals have turned blue,” and then started asking if this was normal for human genitals because it certainly wasn’t for bees. (Do bees even have junk?) 

Anyway, I was like, “Yeah, totally, kid. It happens when you haven’t done the do for a while. All you gotta do to fix it is, y’know, a little sexy chimichanga.” 

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Now that I think about it, that’s probably what gave me away. I mean, I can’t say anything for sure, but the death threats started rolling in pretty soon after that.

#11 He likes you but one of the boys is being overprotective


sorry for updating late the last time. I am just sooo caught up in school and have so much to do. Sorry if I update late again. And thank you SOOO MUCH for liking my last preference that much. You made me really happy.

Louis: You are standing at the buffet and have no clue what to do. You are at a party in your neighbourhood and are standing alone because there is nobody really in age here. Suddenly you hear some girls squeal and some people cheer. You wonder what happened and go to take a look. There, just three metres in front of you is standing Louis Tomlinson. “What is he doing here?” you ask a woman next to you. “He came here.” “No, really? I thought it’s an apparition and he beamed here. I mean why is he here.” At first the woman looks shocked at you because of your sass but finally answers your question. “He came with the Horan kid. What’s his name? Niall.” What? Niall is here? Why? you think and turn around to flee into the opposite of where you think Niall might be but end up bumping into him. “Y/N? Hi” he says. “Hi” you mumble. “How are you?” he asks just above a whisper. “I’m fine and you?” “Fine.” There is a little awkward silence till it gets interrupted by Louis. “Mate, where were you? I thought I’d get lost in this crowd” he says. His gaze falls on you and his lips form a little o. “Hi” he says. “Hi” you respond. “I’m Louis.” You just nod making him chuckle a bit. “So, your name is a secret?” Now it’s Niall’s turn to be questioned out by the crowd and take photos with them. He is led to the living-room by a lady leaving you and Louis alone. “I don’t like sharing my name with strangers.” “But everyone is a stranger at the beginning. You have to give strangers a chance in order of getting friends. You don’t mind becoming my friend, do you?” “I don’t know. I’ve got enough friends.” “Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make new friends.” “What’s the need? I’ll go home thinking I have a new friend, you’ll go out of here sleepover at Niall’s and will be gone by tomorrow or so and forget that I even exist, like all of those girls at your meet and greets and that’s it then with ‘our friendship’. I don’t know what sounds more ridiculous? Friendship or our?” Louis looks at you for a while trying to figure out what you are thinking and why you said what you just said. “If you think like that then there is no use in anything. Nothing really lasts and how can you expect it to be like that. I think that’s the problem. People don’t live for the moment, they live for the future or live in the past. But that’s the wrong way to do so.” You look at him in awe for a while,and think about what he said. You know that you are a very pessimistic person but what he said even makes you think about it. “I’m Y/N” you say and look at him. A smile conjures up his face and the two of you start chatting. It doesn’t take you long to be comfortable around him and laugh with him about his stupid jokes. Then Niall appears and has a weird look on his face. “Hi lad” he says to Louis. “Hi. Niall this is Y/N, Y/N this is Niall” Louis introduces the two of you unaware of the fact that you two have a past. “Yeah, we know each other” you admit. “Yeah, makes sense. After all, you grew up in the same neighbourhood.” “Yeah, excuse me for a while.” You rush to the restroom avoiding Niall for a moment. “Mate?” Louis looks at Niall. “Yes?” “I don’t know what you’re doing and to be honest I don’t even want to know. But just stay away from Y/N” Niall says with a frown on his face. Louis straightens himself up and looks confused. “What? Why?” he asks demanding. “We have a past an…” “Wouw, mate wait. A past? What kind of past?” “We were dating and I…did shit” Niall explains looking on the ground. “I don’t know what happened back then but it also doesn’t matter. I just…” “No, mate. It does matter” Niall interrupts Louis. “Y/N is a nice girl and I’m trying to make up to her but you starting to like her could end up in you hurting her. And I don’t want to let that kind of shit happen again.” “I wouldn’t do that. She really is…” “It’s enough that one guy from One Direction did shit. She doesn’t need anyone else of us do the same shit to her.” Louis is speechless and just avoids Niall’s gaze. When you come back you decide to no longer ignore Niall and sort everything out. That’s why you ask him if you can talk to him to which he agrees happily and leave a sad Louis behind not even suspecting in what shape he is.

Harry: Louis watches you in detail while you are playing and goofing around with Harry. “Give it back, Y/N” Harry shouts. You have his phone in your hand and have already tweetet some stuff that was really embarrassing and put some photos of him on twitter. Right now you are reading his messages which he wrote his ex girlfriend. “So sweeeeet” you coo. “I’m gonna write her. ‘Dear H/ExG/N, I miss you soooo much and the memories of the nights we spent together just won’t leave me alone’. SEND.” “Y/N!” Harry yells in disbelief and grabs you by your waist. Both of you fight for his phone and end up lying on the ground till he finally manages to snatch it from you. “You did not do this, did you?” he screeches,while scrolling through his phone. “No, it was a joke” you explain making him sigh in relief. “You almost gave me a heart attack. I’m going to kill you, Y/N.” You try to escape but his grip around your waist is too strong. He starts tickling you and you desperately try to get away from him but fail. “Louiiiis” you manage to say between your laughter. Louis immediately tackles Harry to the ground as if he has been waiting to do this the whole time and you run away fast, thinking that Harry will follow you. “What the fuck mate?* Harry exclaims holding his hurting shoulder. Louis shrugs and doesn’t look apologetic at all. “She is my friend. She asked for help so I helped her.” Louis stands up and goes to the kitchen, Harry follows him and thinks about how to ask what he is thinking about the last whole week. “Mate?” “Yes?” Louis says but doesn’t turn around. “What do you think Y/N would say if I asked her out? I mean I…” “NO!” Louis yells. “You can’t ask Y/N out.” Harry becomes quiet and looks at him confused. “Why?” he asks then. “Because Y/N is my friend and I don’t want anyone of you to date her.” “Why so? Do you like her? Do you have a crush on her?” “No! Y/N is like my sister and sisters are tabu for bandmates.” “Like a sister, Louis but she isn’t one. There is a difference” Harry tries to convince him. “No, it’s not. Don’t do this, okay. I am not giving you my permission, Harry. So, just don’t.” For a while the two mates just look at each other and when Harry finally opens his mouth to say something you interrupt him. “Is everything okay?” you ask appearing in the doorframe. You are a little bit concerned because you know that Louis and Harry are best friends and have heard Louis raising his voice a little. “Yeah, everything’s good” Louis reassures you fast. “Oh, good.” “You want to go somewhere? Just the two of us? Like in old times. I know this restaurant. It has a great lasagna.” Your eyes light up and you say “That would be awesome.” “Great. Then change into a simple dress and we’re leaving as soon as possible.” You turn around, rushing to your room and not noticing the death glares Harry is giving Louis. Louis on the other hand, just decides to ignore them and leaves to get ready too so that he can take you as far away from Harry as possible in this very moment.

Liam: You are on your way back from the choir in the church and are so caught up that you don’t even pay any attention to your surrounding. “Hey Y/N!” a familiar voice calls. When you turn around you see that the familiar voice belongs to a very familiar face and smile instantly. “Harry?” you shriek and jump into his arms when he holds them open for a hug. “How are you?” you ask after you take a step back so you can look him in the face. “I’m great. How have you been? Tell me about yourself.” “There is actually not much to say about me. I heard a lot about you from Anne and Gemma but I have the feeling that there is still a lot to tell.” You notice just now that someone is standing next to Harry. It’s his bandmate Liam. “Hi” you say when both of you make eyecontact. “Hey” he greets you back and gives you a warm smile. “Y/N this is my mate Liam. Liam this is Y/N. I know her since my childhood.” “You never said you have a childhood friend” Liam says. “We’re not really friends. We just know each other since we were children and always in the same class and so. But never really that close” you explain. “What if you come and join us on a coffee? Do you have time?” Harry asks. “Now?” “Yeah.” “Yeah, I think that can be done.”The three of you walk to a cafe and while you and Harry have intended on catching up you instead end up talking to Liam the whole time. “So, you sing in a choir?” Liam asks. “In the church” you confirm. “I sometimes sang in the church too. Sing something.” “What? No!” you almost yell. “Oh, come on. I’m sure you’re good.” “I…aaam but…we’re in a cafe. Not here. No way I’m doing this.” “But one day you have to sing for me” Liam says in a pleading tone and with puppy eyes. “Well, we’ll see. I’ll be back in a minute.” You stand up to go to the restroom and that’s when Harry finally sees his chance. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asks with a little anger in his voice. “What do you mean?” Liam asks confused. “You flirting with Y/N.” Liam opens his mouths to deny it but realizes that he really was flirting with you and closes it again. “Why do you care?” he asks after a while. “Because she is Y/N. She is so innocent and all of that purity ring stuff. She is sooo…pure” Harry explains. “What? Do you think I will…what? Stain her?” Liam asks shocked. Harry sighs and closes his eyes, trying to calm down and think of how he should explain it. “I’m just asking you for this one favour. You can have anyone, why Y/N? Please, just choose someone else. That’s the only thing I’m asking you for.” Harry ends just in time before you join them again. Harry gives you a warm smile and occupies you by asking you many questions. His plan works and you barely pay any attention to Liam who is looking quiet in his empty cup and is lost in thoughts.

Niall: Zayn has a little party at his place and you are also invited being the little sister of his best childhood friend. Zayn and your brother are still good friends but their friendship is still different than from the one Zayn has with his bandmates. They are brother-mates while your brother and Zayn are just good friends with a past whom you belong to and decided to stay in contact. Zayn is from since he knows your brother also a huge part of your life. He is like the second elder brother who is being really protectiv and having three sisters by his own it was always obvious for him to protect you as if you are one of his biological sisters. “Enjoying the party?” Niall asks joining you on the couch. “Nah, it’s really cool that I’m invited to a party of Zayn’s although it’s not one of the typical shit. It’s really underage for me with Zayn and Y/B/N being here although I’m eighteen but the biggest problem is that I only know Zayn who is being a good host by taking care of his other guests and Y/B/N who is soo wasted that he is doing a table dance. It wouldn’t surprise me if he starts grinding on a boy thinking it’s a girl.” You finish your little speech and just realizing that you sounded really pathetic. But Niall just bursts out into laughter and even more when you look at him confused. “Sorry, it’s just that you are really funny and don’t even know that” he explains. “You know me” he then says. “Barely and I don’t want to bore you with my existence.” “You’re not. You’re fun to be with.” “Tell that to my friends. They don’t appreciate me enough.” “What do you mean?” “Oh, just the typical stuff” you say shrugging and then tell him some stories. At the end, you and Niall are laughing so hard that you can barely tell him your stories. “Niall, how much have you drunk?” you ask him when you see him getting another drink. “I’m okay, I’m irish, I can drink anything. You know, you’re totally the craic” he mumbles. “And you’re totally wasted.” “You are so beautiful” Niall slurs and you chuckle. “Hey guys. What are you doing?” Zayn asks. “Hey, my lil’ craic!” Niall shouts. “I’m watching Niall being drunk. I think he is hitting on me.” You whisper the last part meaning it as a joke but Zayn knows how dead serious Niall means it and looks at him in disbelief. “The party is awesome, good stuff to drink and beautiful girls. Or just one.” You turn to Zayn and ask him “Is he always that drunk?” “Yeah, and then he starts talking shit and doesn’t even remember it” Zayn lies. “That’s not true. I’m fully aware of what I am saying and Y/N…” Zayn’s eyes widen and he opens his mouth to keep Niall from talking but right then there is a loud noise of someone falling to the ground and glass breaking. You look over and see your brother lying on the ground. “Great! What an idiot” you sigh and get up to help your brother. “I’m fine, I’m fine” Y/B/N slurs, making attempts to sit straight. “Zayn, I think we should go.” “Yeah, you need help?” “No, it’s okay. Thanks. Bye Zayn. Byee Niaaall” you coo making Niall stand up. “Don’t go yet. The party just started” he whines. You shake your head smiling and lead Y/B/N to your car. “Bye, Y/N. Byeeee!” Niall yells after you before passing out himself. The next morning, he wakes up with a bad hangover and Zayn awaiting him. “Morning, mate” Niall greets him. “Morning. Aspirin and water is on the nightstand.” “Thanks, I’m dying.” “Look, Niall. I wanted to talk to you when you are sober and get what I say. It’s about Y/N. She…” Niall’s face light up and he smiles. “Do you know if she has a boyfriend?” he asks interrupting Zayn. “She hasn’t and that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Don’t ask her out.” Suddenly, Niall forgets his hangover and looks at Zayn. “Why?” “Because she is Y/N, sister of Y/B/N, practically my sister.” “But I really like her” Niall explains. “Don’t ask her out, Niall. I’m really protective over her and I don’t have to add anything more to this. I hope you get this and respect it. By the way, breakfast’s ready.” Zayn goes out, leaving a startled Niall behind.

Zayn: “Payno!” you shout hugging Liam. “Payno yourself” he says smiling and ruffles your hair. “Hey!” you slap his hand playfully away and fix your hair. “Hi guys” you greet the others and give all of them a hug too, not noticing that Zayn holds on to your for a bit longer and tighter but Liam does. “You guys okay? You aren’t immensely jetlagged or so?” you ask. “Just a bit but we are used to it” Liam responds. It is your parents 25th anniversary and all of the boys are invited too. You help them carry their luggage into a guest bedroom and go with them downstairs again. The boys sing a song for your parents making your mother cry and everyone else cheer when they are finished. The boys share out at the party but Zayn joins you next to the buffet. “Your voice is awesome” you compliment him on his voice. “Better than Liam’s” he asks although knowing that you are the biggest fan of Liam’s voice. “Pleaseee, nobody can top the Payne’s.” “So, you can sing too?” “I do sing sometimes but don’t take it as serious as you guys and I wouldn’t say I could sing but I am blessed with other hidden talents” you say with a smirk, clearly visible that you are just joking. “Like what?” “Anything.” “Okay. Lets make a bet. I throw that grapes and you try to catch them with your mouth. The one who catches the most grapes, wins” Zayn suggests.“Okay, I throw first.” You grab some grapes, take a step back and start throwing them. Zayn bends his knees, goes to the left or right or back and manages to catch eighteen out of twenty grapes. You realize that he is a tough competetion but still try your best. You miss three out of ten and declare Zayn as the winner but he insists on playing the game till the end to see how much more you won’t catch. You miss five out of sixteen and the seventeenth grape hurts you in the eye. “Ouch” you whine and hold your eye. “Y/N, are you okay?” Zayn asks and makes an attempt to take a look at your eye. “Yeah, I my be just blind with one eye now.” You notice that Zayn gets a little pale and laugh. “It was a joke. It’s fine, see?” “Great” he says leaving his hand on your cheek. “Everything okay?” Liam asks putting an arm around your shoulder and Zayn removes his hand. “Yeah, your bandmate just tried to poke my eye out.” Liam chuckles but it sounds forced. “Your mother is looking for you. She said it’s important.” You groan and say “I’ll be right back.” “What are you doing?” Liam hisses when you leave. “What do you mean?” Zayn asks confused. “You are flirting with her. Why are you flirting with her?” “I wasn’t really flirting” zayn tries to defend himself but realizes that it’s not the truth. “Okay, maybe a little.” “A little? That wasn’t looking like a little.” “Well, sorry, I guess. No, wait. I’m not sorry.” “Don’t do that” Liam whispers. “I like her. Why shouldn’t I?” “Because she is Y/N Payne. She is family” Liam whisper yells. “She is your cousin not your sister” zayn argues. “She is still a Payne. Y/N was there for me in really hard times and encouraged me. I owe her a lot and I don’t want her to get hurt.” “You know I wouldn’t do that.” “No, I don’t and neither do you. "You want to keep her from dating?” Zayn asks in disbelief. “I can’t do that but I can keep you from dating her. I don’t want to lose her. So, pleeease.” Zayn wants to say something but doesn’t when he sees you coming back. “Mum wasn’t looking for me” you say pouting to Liam. “Sorry, my fault” Liam apologizes and puts an arm around your shoulder, leading you away from Zayn.