i actually shipped people here and i usually don't ship people in movies

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hey so... I really respect you... but I'm straight? so like how can i as a straight girl NOT victimize the lgbtq+ community? i don't want to piss yall off and you seem informed on the matter

oh whoa big question uhh

any of my other fellow Gays can add on to this if they want but for me its like………. 3 main things: Don’t Fetishize, Don’t Minimize, and perhaps most importantly to me, Don’t Avoid

Don’t Fetishize: i’m a gay woman (ish), not a gay man, so i can’t speak to all sides of the issue and idk what your media consumption habits are, but fetishization of the lgbt community is a huge problem in movies, tv shows, and fandom. yeah, even (and especially) so called ‘gay allies’ in fandom spaces are hell bent on twisting gay love, especially mlm love, into something to jack off to and its nasty. heres some things to avoid and/or call out as they happen:

  1. phrases like “hot gay sex” in a post written by a straight person
  2. honestly any detailed descriptions/fantasies of gay sex written or described by straight people because it’s always through this lense of ‘oh em gee guys wldnt this be so Hot!!’ like no. shut up and let gay people exist for themselves u nastees
  3. straight people talking a LOT about their usually mlm ships wth this kind of detailed yet detached air, like theyre entitled to every second of a gay relationship yet dont quite see the participants as human
  4. all of this goes double if one or both of the people in the ship is a poc, because thats a Big Red Alert for intersectional bigotry right there

Don’t Minimize: this one’s sort of for more of irl interactions and its something ive encountered a lot, especially from more liberal people (of which there are a lot here in nyc). something that liberal straight people tend to want to do a lot is minimize the struggles of lgbt people. this allows them to turn a blind eye to acts of homophobia and ignore a lot of the pain that their lgbt friends and relatives go through, because theyve convinced themselves it’s not a big issue. ways to avoid this:

  1. don’t respond to descriptions of homophobia (irl or online!) with exasperated phrases like “UGH come on! it’s 2017 people we should be past this!” because any gay person on earth would be happy to tell you that no, we’re really not 
  2. expressions of sympathy or support are welcomed, as long as they arent patronizing or dismissive. dont just pull a face and say ‘oh that sucks’ and leave it at that when you hear about homophobia in action. investigate, learn, research, critique. look deeper.
  3. but don’t expect any gay person you know to perform intellectual labor for you and tell you everything about the community without you finding anything out for yourself. google is real and it’s right there in your hand
  4. work to understand that homophobia is global and it is societal and the win for marriage equality did not change the quality of life or the mental health of many gay people in the country and especially the world. this is a huge issue, and it affects us every day

(sidenote writing all of this out for u could be considered unprompted intellectual labor so if you have a million followup questions maybe try…..googling it)

Don’t Avoid: ok so after reading all of that, you might be feeling a little…exhausted of it. maybe youre thinking “all of this is so complicated, theres so many ways to fuck it up, maybe i shouldn’t even try”. maybe youre tempted to retreat from this, to avoid gay media and gay discourse in order to avoid messing up or “pissing us off”. don’t do that. as much as i like to make jokes about straighties and shit, even i can recognize that we do actually kind of need your guys’ support on the social and political spheres. and for yall to do that effectively, you need to be informed.

  1. seek out gay media. seek out gay characters. learn to love them and care for them as people. dont avoid them because they might make you, deep down, a little uncomfortable
  2. seek out gay PEOPLE. lgbt focused blogs, lgbt icons and influencers, lgbt celebrities, lgbt friends. dont be afraid to interact with us or talk to us. the only way to improve and to grow is to try
  3. monitor yourself, monitor your actions. do you use gay as an insult? no? do you laugh with people who do, without criticism? do you avoid speaking up for gay people around you out of fear of being seen as ‘other’ or worse, gay yourself? these are a few of the questions you should be asking yourself, every day

honestly im really touched that you reached out to me about this. i know i wrote a lot, but honestly, theres million more things to be said. i really do encourage my lgbt mutuals and followers to add on to this IF they want with their own suggestions, and i encourage you and any other straight people to read them! 

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Hi Senpai!! I need help with something. I really want to buy kpop albums but I don't know where I should buy them from! I know most people use kpoptown but you don't like that site right, may I ask why? :)) and also, what other sites do you recommend then? THANKS <3

hey anonymous c:

ahh yes, I have in fact purchased from various different websites and I’m more than happy to share my experience with you. personally, I don’t like kpoptown because everytime I’ve purchased something from them, I’ve always been dissatisfied. kpoptown sell their merchandise at a low price, basically tricking people into thinking that its a cheap (many peple seem to fall for this trick). but what they are really doing is adding the rest of the money to your shipping, therefore, you don’t actually save money like you think you do. this is a very common selling technique. other reasons for not liking the website, is because they take forever to ship my package, sometimes it takes 4-5 weeks for it to get to my house, and I have often experienced the album being scratched and bad shape. but not bad enough for me to get a new one apparently.

here is a list of good websites to perchance kpop merchandise from! I’ve used these for a long time, and I’d say they’re very reliable. I’ll give you an explanation to why I like them as well, and then you can figure out which website would apply to you the best :)

  • Soompi: very fast shipping. usually takes 1 week, sometimes ½ weeks. but that’s the fastest I’ve ever had an album shipped to me. they’re also very reliable, and answer to any question I have within one day. the site is currently lacking a bit in the album section, but I think they’ll start stocking up on more soon. nevertheless, its a good website! they also offer free shipping on orders over $38. so if you’re planning on purchasing 2-3 albums, then I highly recommend using this website. bonus: they also have great deals on signed albums, so look out for those every once in awhile! this website closed down :(
  • Yesasia: this site basically stock everything. movies, dramas, manga, anime, books, posters, albums +++ they have it all. you can get chinese, japanese, taiwanese, korean & american versions of the merchandise. if you want to purchase albums, I’d suggest that you look into the taiwanese versions first because they (in most cases) come with a dvd, so if you’re willing to spend a few more dollas, you can get an album plus the music video and probably some behind the scenes footage. it’s a really good deal. they offer free shipping on orders over $39, and as for how long it takes for the package to arrive, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks. bonus: they also sell signed albums, so look out for those!
  • Mwave: I haven’t used this site for long, but so far I’m really liking it. I find that they have really cheap prices, and cheap/free shipping. if I were to complain about something, it would be that sometimes it takes awhile for them to ship out the merchandise, especially if it’s signed. but overall, its a really great website that is worth looking into. they offer free shipping on orders over $25, and the arrival time of the package depends, usually around 1-3 weeks. bonus: they also have great deals on signed albums, and offer meet & greet sessions online, where you get to ask that specific group a question.
  • Ebay: If you’re looking to only purchasing one album, and you want it to arrive as fast as possible, I’d highly recommend ebay. I’ve never had trouble purchasing anything kpop related from ebay, but if you have trouble with it, you can always contact the ebay protection service and they’ll back you up if necessary. I’ve mostly purchased from silvercoldmetal, grapemusiccd, kpopbest-com, catchopcd-com, johnnysville_2014 & the_king_of_carrot_flowers because they usually have the best offers.

yes, the albums on these websites are 2-3 dollars more expensive than on kpoptown. but the shipping is much cheaper (and sometimes free), so you do end up saving money on these websites!

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yoooo if BETH JOHANSSEN had a tumblr, what would be her username? what kind of stuff would she post? would she post personal pictures? or make it anonymous? and when she becomes a mom, would she talk about it? what if mark find her blog? would he make fun of her and secretly love it and be her constant anon asking cute things or telling she is the cutest and that watney is the coolest and that her husband is a dork?


I’m not sure about her username because I’m horrible at names and usernames and all kind of naming things. But maybe, if she doesn’t mind the attention for being an astronaut, she would use the same username for everything. Like ‘astronautjohanssen’ for her tumblr, instagram, twitter, everything like the actual astronauts does. Now, If she wants it to be anonymous, maybe she would use something related to something she likes, maybe the title or her favorite character for some movie, maybe something beatle-related since that’s her favorite band, or would she choose one of those super hipster usernames like ‘coffelover[insert here anything]’? IDK.

Once out of that, I think she would reblog more than post. She would tag everything because she like order and because she reblogs lots of useful things for her like coding tips and news about NASA, science, video games, movies, books, everything. She would also have a tag for her favorite beatle, coffe, cat person and cats.

And once she starts liking Chris, she would maybe made a post about “I like someone” and her followers, because she is super nice blogger and everyone adores her for that, would be all over her like “omg omg omg tell us more!” “is he cute?” “how do you met?” and then she would feel shy about it and say something like “lmao no I have a crush on an astronaut!” and everyone would be like “lol you so funny, [insert username]!”. And she would reblog Chris’ articles and quotes from his works, pictures when there are pictures and fanarts, and just everything Chris-related because her followers thinks she is just a normal girl with a crush on the handsome astronaut, bye.

But then, she gets elected into the ARES III crew and she has to tell her followers she is not gonna be around for basically a year, and she finally says that she is, in fact, an astronaut and that she is going on that famous Mars program. Of course, there would be the ones who believe it immediately, then those ones who are gonna call her names for not believe in it. But then she starts actually posting pictures and entries about her training and her crew, and then it happens.

Of course, someone will remember she has a crush on Beck. She met him at training and that’s how she got a crush on him, and when she starts uploading pics of her and crew, and NASA and everything before the flight, she starts getting asks about her and Beck, and she is like “what? noooooo” but tumblr doesn’t forget at all. So, soon there are people shipping them and some users does their famous rants about not shipping real persons, no matter they are famous or not.

There are tags of them like ‘otp: i like someone’ and ‘otp: space lovebirds’, the usual stuff. Then, imagine once they get back.

First, she has even more followers and lots of things to answer. She tries her best to answer everything and to avoid personal questions about her, Mark, the crew and her relationship with Beck. She knows at some point people is going to know they are together and she isn’t scared of that or worried, in fact, she is the first one to tell everyone she is with Dr. Beck by posting a picture of them on his car with the caption ‘Time to meet the parents #pleasebenicetomemrandmrsbeck’ and imagine the shippers, lmao.

So yes, she post about him and them, and even about the crew in general. Like she reblogs fanarts and cute things she finds of the time they were on their way to rescue Mark. She shows Watney some of the fanarts and edits and everything. And he puts on the personal mission of finding her blog and when he finally does, he mocks her for her constant fangirling on nerdy things and her now husband (kinda Neil Gaiman fangirling over his wife on tumblr). Yet, Mark would be the first one sending her nice things when she talks abot her work or how much she misses her husband because he started working on an actual hospital and got the night guard. Also, he will fight all her rude anons.

Her tag for Chris would be ‘dr. dorky boyfriend’ and then, happily, she would change it to ‘dr. dorky husband’ :)

Then, we she gets pregnant, she would actually put it out there. She would be like one of those super cute mom blogger who reblogs useful things and answer question about pregnancy and motherhood, even when she isn’t exactly an expert and she is just learning. But, when the baby is born, she wouldn’t publish picture of him/her until the baby is older or something. But she would love to publish pics of Chris’ holding their baby, feeding him/her, being a dork to her/him, playing with him/her, sleeping with him/her, all those cute things. And it will be tagged as ‘dr. dorky daddy’ because of reasons.

Also, she would be a really famous and nice blogger. Everyone would love to talk to an actual super awesome astronaut who is an actual genius, and a nerd, and a sweet person.