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A Fool of Mine [2]

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Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,987
Summary: [ Your next few days in town are spent exploring…and being chatted up by the wonderful captain. You take a visit to the tavern one night, and get quite a surprise. ]
A/N: This was honestly one of the most fun things I’ve written in a while, Gaston is just such a fun song hhh 
Part 1 can be found here
Part 3 can be found here

Over the course of the next few days, you’d managed to pick up on the town’s clockwork routine. You slowly became a part of it, going into town each morning, buying some bread or spices for the day, then relaxing in some secluded area and reading.

Today, however, you chose the well where the townsfolk (or rather, women) could be found washing clothes. There was a surprising lack of people there yet, but perhaps it was too early.

Across the village, the man who had attempted to flatter you stood with yet another fresh bouquet of flowers. This was going to be the day. After so long, today was going to be the day Belle would agree to marry him, he knew it.

You turned the page of your borrowed book, eager to continue.

‘The day that man allows true love to appear, those things which are well made will fall into confusion and will overturn everything we believe to be right and true.’

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Can you draw full body smudge?


Ok. so the full body I just so happened to be drawing… is part of his story…ish so I’ll have to explain before showing it. 

So I just recently thought “No - he couldn’t run away around 10 - they would actually find him and bring him back.” so first - he started to attempt to run away at 10, and successfully has been away for five years now (since age 18 o-o)

And actually - I would see Fell!Ink allowing Fell!Error to do whatever the heck to Smudge. Which eventually at a very young age for Smudge - Fell!Error decides that with his flexibility and ability to control ink - he could mold him into a very powerful weapon that could destroy worlds in minutes. 

And so - with Fell!Ink helping cause kicks and giggles - they started to get Smudge to become a weapon of destruction. 

He doesn’t want to hurt others - but if certain words are spoken to him or in a desperate time… he will flip into that ‘weapon’ mindset. Pretty much blank and only focusing on the target ahead. 

(the pink part above his head is a canon blaster. Fell!PJ cannot form gaster blasters but can form this variant.)

And the problem is - he won’t stop until his target is non existent or until they stop moving. 

Once he gets out of that trance - he feels sick and would avoid eating or drinking for weeks or even months to avoid that situation again (no ink - can’t have ammo.)

But yeah - where Main PJ has all defense and no attack - Smudge has all attack and no defense. Well - he has minimal defense with the ease of dodging but he doesn’t generate ink shields like how PJ can. 

Reverse Endangered (Outline)

This got kinda long, and it’s dark in some spots (character death, violence, etc.), but for anyone wondering what happens in the reverse-Endangered storyline, I made up a full (and very rough draft of a) plot in one day. :y The below picks up from chapter ”negative zero-point-five,” because I am the best at naming things.

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Took a random drawing suggestion on omegle for a ‘cute leprechaun lady’, but when I showed him the guy said bearded ladies aren’t cute

So naturally I increased the body hair and I’m keeping her because he’s an idiot, hairy women are adorable

Watch on kichessarjilian.tumblr.com

I put together a sub for the “Guy Talk” segments from the 2015 Fantasy on Ice in Kobe broadcast with Nobu, Yuzu, and Shoma.

Credit for the original translation of the chat goes to Newbiespectator from the Goldenskate forum and yuzuland (thanks for allowing me to use your translation). I edited the script and included some additional translation.

This was challenging to sub since their talk overlapped quite a bit and there was a lot of onscreen text. The onscreen text was helpful at times as well since I can’t always make out what each guy is saying so I tried to leave it unobstructed when I could.

Funny story, I was trying to find out what song Nobu was singing so I used Soundhound on my phone using my headphones and it was actually able to identify the song! I was shocked and impressed. This was challenging, but fun project that actually turned out to be somewhat educational as well. If you see any errors let me know. I actually had this ready about 3-4 days ago but had some issues joining the segments that was really frustrating.


Apparently I have a bunch of new followers. At least that’s what an email has told me. Ever since Tumblr updated ( I loathe this update. LOATHE IT) I’ve been having issues with javascript errors, so for some reason I can’t actually see any of you in my activity feed. But to you invisible new followers I say ‘HELLO!’. If you came here looking for watercolors, random fan art and creatures, you’re in the right place.  THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME!