i actually rly like how this one came out

Things I noticed when rereading The Dream Thieves

- every time Ronan does anything a Little Gay Declan gets noticeably more high strung like he just can’t deal

- they mention laumoneir like twice which isn’t that important but it just made me realize that Greenmantle and laumoneir have this rivalry going and it’s really intense and henry’s mom rly has no business being there like um ma'am

- the gray man at one point lowkey seduced two random people into giving him beer by wearing a v-neck…okay buddy

- also he’s blond? And not like…gray? (Idk what I expected he’s not seventy but this came as a surprise)

- Ronan is super white

- so when Ronan sent gansey that…picture but then we found out it was actually kavinsky texting him whose dick was it? Like seriously how far did kavinsky go with this I kind of need to know

- before they left D.C. Mrs Gansey gave gansey a little mint plant and Adam a GODDAMN RUBBER TREE, someone draw them walking out the door with gansey holding the tiny pot and Adam lugging a giant motherfucking tree behind him

- where did that rubber tree gO?

- kavinsky is kind of just like a little kid who desperately needs attention and that’s honestly really sad, he didn’t know how else to get close to Ronan, I would say someone get him some help except…you know…he’s dead

- “the gray man gently threw Ronan across the kitchen table” is such a beautiful sentence that’s all

- I legitimately forgot the scene where Ronan talked to Niall in his dream and I didn’t know where the will came from

- it’s weird how gansey is the one who says “he needs to come to terms with his sexuality” he’s always been so proper and shit throughout the book and it feels weird to see him speaking like a teenager but ya know

- I put this in my drafts and forgot about it so now that I just finished rereading trk too there’s a lot of references to tdt in there that I didn’t pick up the first time because I read them so far apart so yeah

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I didn't even think I would like TRR when it came out, but now it's actually one of my favorite books, and I don't even know how that happened??

ME TOO??? like omg…??? i had my reservations abt it but it’s such a fun book w a lot of jokes & feels rly lighthearted atm…. i can’t believe TRR is my favorite book waow

Badboy!Luke (Part 3)

She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them - Shakespeare, Othello – Act 1, Scene 3

Summary: Badboy!Luke is angry at himself for the unrequested fascination psychology student y/n sparks in him. He is not the type who falls in love, of that he is sure. And y/n wouldn’t want to ever date someone with a noticeable criminal record, so any attraction they might feel for each other is pointless. Is it though?

Links to previous parts 1(x) and 2 (x)

(credit for the punk edit to http://bitchinedits.tumblr.com)

A/N: This part is way longer than I intended it to be because it includes the story of Luke and why he joined the gang. But I needed this for the next part, which is also the last one, so this leads all to the finale of this series!

Warning: contains smut and a lot of violence (I watched some good movies on this whole gang topic and was inspired to be dramatic lol)

P.S. Please forgive me Calum is so evil here, I know he’s a cute cupcake but I figured in some photos he rly looks like he could kill (at least more than Michael and Ashton) so I decided he’s the evil one, soz Cal!

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