i actually really want to colour this lol

Yan's INSIDE cosplay checklist

Long red shirt- Obtained
Blank pants - Good, but it probably won’t even appear
Skin - The usual, coffee-ish colour
Face - Still there, completed with hipster glasses.
Mask to cover the face - I might be better than photoshop I guess

Okay, jokes aside I was really wanting to do an INSIDE cosplay but…. I don’t think I would look very good, I mean, even with a mask I am ugly af and also my skin tone wouldn’t match
I mean, I’m not even white :/ (not completly white of course lol)
I dunno, I have my doubts that it would actually good, and who the heck would want a random child cosplaying as another child :I
Oh well

galaxsim replied to your photoset “Burning colours of day were still covering up the city - but not for…”

Light leaks!!!! I love them! The writing is also really good too!

simsphony-of-plumbobs replied to your photoset “Burning colours of day were still covering up the city - but not for…”

If you’re bad at writing, who’s actually great at it ? Because I love what you write !!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much guys!! I’m always anxious when I write something that I want to be more “poetry-ish” lol I’m always afraid that it sounds unnatural.


okay I went with Selenite because I really can’t decide but my name is Selena so that decided for me HAHA

Selenite is actually a really interesting stone! (to make up for its lack of colour I suppose 8′) ) Mental clarity, healing, dispelling negativity, all that good stuff, but also it’s known as a sweet angel stone and it’s used for finding and communicating with angels for guidance, which I thought was super neat!! It can remove energy blocks from other crystals and inhance their properties, and clear and charge them! Also good for protection. It’s also associated with the crown chakra (or third eye chakra) but I’m just gonna ignore that because I wanted it on my chest lol

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Favorite colour: any colour the sky makes 

Lipstick of chapstick: chapstick lol although I prefer the chapstick with the tint. lipsticks are too …sticky

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Top three ships: Kawoshin, Promptis I have a lot of other ships but they really can’t count as one of my TOP ships

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ^^

from last night’s stream ´w`;; i thought i could finish colouring and shading it and then i realised.. i really want to play borderlands 2 and finish it

so here’s the lineart for now lol

YEA FIRST TIME I DREW FIONA i can draw girls haha people have actually approached me about that -laughing but really nervously sweating in reality-

Future Rhys and Fiona©Tales from the Borderlands
poor art©me


who did you think of?