i actually really really love this one


J. Reeve Tuesti



  • A GLIMPSE INTO REEVE’S LIVING SPACE AND MIND: #1 of the next question touches on this, but Reeve has a lot of half-filled sketch books and large-format sketch pads, filled with places ( both real and imagined ), buildings, machinery, things he’d like to make, etc. He doesn’t really draw people, nature, or anything abstract; it’s nearly all technical drawings and urban landscapes. But his home workspace is filled with these. His office in Shinra HQ is very neat and clean and high-class, and the rest of his apartment is very neat and clean ( modern luxury style ), but if you walk into his home office it looks like a crazy person lives there.
         Large-format sketches tacked up on the walls, notebooks and sketchbooks lying open all around ( never filled before the next one is started ), his desk covered in loose papers and half-built things ( cats, clocks, whatever; he probably has small things made out of children’s building toys like legos or erector sets, too ). If he needed something specific, he’d find it in a matter of moments because he knows exactly where everything is, more or less, but there would be a lot of shuffling things around, checking in maybe 2 or 3 locations first ( this drawer? that one? oh, there it is ), and making even more or a mess.
  • FAMILY NAMES: His father was from Costa del Sol ( Reeve probably knows some Costan, but it was always Common spoken at home ) and came to the east continent to work at one of the many ( there are many, okay ) chocobo farms out east. There he met Ruby Reeve, whom everyone called “Ruvie,” a nickname of endearment bestowed upon her due to her alliterative given name. Reeve is actually named after his father, with his mother’s maiden name as his middle name, a matronymic. But rather than calling them both by the same first name, Reeve came to be called by his middle name instead. Official Shinra documentation ( his office placard, business cards, company personnel listings and such ) would list him as “J. Reeve Tuesti” and that is also how he signs documents; I’m not sure if legal contracts ( which I’m sure he must be involved in ) would need to display his full name but I might go with “no” just because I like no one knowing it unless he chooses to tell them. :]


  1. Sketching.
  2. Tinkering.
  3. What’s free time? ( This guy has a city to run. )

SEVEN PEOPLE THAT YOUR MUSE LOVES: ( in no particular order )

  1. His mother.
  2. His father.
  3. Cait Sith.
  4. ship partners and other former lovers.
  5. uh
  6. extended relatives and maybe some close friends?
  7. am I at seven yet??


  1. How bad things got, and a lot of things he stood by at Shinra.
  2. Not personally saving his mother. Also, not calling as often as he should have when she was alive.


  1. That it’s all too little, too late.
  2. Losing more loved ones.

TAGGING PEOPLE: I feel like I’m already late to the game on this one but I’m going to tag all the people I tagged in the last one because I am super interested in your headcanons. ❤︎ @directorlazard @ablackwing @argent-noir @jjillekkot @exsiliumductoris @eteriskromling @dcntgiveup @kaosureign @heroicardour @cetraheir @hydraulics-are-sexy​ @tragicxscarlet@kunselxknows
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unfinished taz sketches

hereโ€™s a whole bunch of sketches of taz stuff i never finished!!

these are VERY Not Good, like really really messy sketches, some of these are literally first-pass sketches not even the good before-the-lineart sketch

theres: julia deus ex au stuff, taz galavant au stuff (including taakitz), magic brian is here a couple times, sloan and hurley, some taako + magnus stuff,ย 

this one is Julia and Magnus! itโ€™s meant to be from the julia deus ex au where it turns out julia didnโ€™t actually die in ravenโ€™s roost and she joins the BoB and reunites with magnus. i love Julia i wish she werenโ€™t dead lmfao

rest are under the readmore!

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When Baron says he doesn't want to say something he doesn't mean now I can only think about a situation when he says something that really hurts the reader...i just really enjoy angst apparently lol anyways love your fics! especially the Pete one and the loner series (thanks to that now i have Baron feels)

lol. Yeah Baron is like Pete in the sense that when he gets pissed, he thinks bad things in the heat of the moment but unlike Pete he’s actually better at controlling it. Not by much though lol. He’s bound to do that in Loner at some point. And I’m SO glad I helped get you in to Baron!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

pyrophoricitee  asked:

4 9 17 46

4. Are you in love right now? 


9. What’s your aesthetic?

what’s an aestheric

This really! :0 (was made by a friend! :D) <3

Really, the ocean, baby foxes (kits if i must), winter, a lot of blue and purple w/turquoise, and FLOWERS! :)

17. Favorite game as a child?

HMM…I loved playing Super Mario Bros. when I was little (on NES), then there were muh Sonic games (I had two sides of the family: one Sonic and the other Mario aknsdan)

46. Do you blush?

My face turns red but it’s usually when I’m laughing super duper hard. klnsksd idk if I actually blush. XD

tsaltyshima-kay  asked:


Absolutely! I would love that so much you don’t even know. I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me read your writing.

mochamark  asked:

hello!!thank you for doing that mark request i really liked it:") and while people are requesting for jeffery pics can i request for mark's predebut pics HES SO PRECIOUS XKSKSKAK

Oh, youโ€™re very welcome, I just hope I did a good job LOL people donโ€™t request for jeffrey pics thatโ€™s grossssssย 

mmmโ€ฆ. I actually donโ€™t have many predebut mark pics but of the ones I have I really like them ^^ย 

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Headcanon where MC is a vampire so she has been alive for like 400 years and when she meets her s/o she offers to change them because she could not live without them for the rest of her immortal life. [RFA+V+Saeran] (for saeyoung if you wanna add changing saeran as well because he loves his brother so much and do the same for saeran's turn I don't mind fam)




~ he would be all for it

~ wasn’t really surprised when mc told him

~ there was a stash of blood bags in your closet mc… it wasn’t too hard to figure out

~ the idea of being able to be with you forever excites him

~ mc is it possible to turn a cat

~ no



~ actually cried when you told him the truth about what you are

~ doesn’t really like the idea of feeding off of a human

~ or compelling them to forget

~ like at all

~ but he accepts because its mc

~ ends up using blood bags to feed because feeding off of another person is just.. too weird


~ haha mc stop messing with me

~ oh god you aren’t

~ wait how old are you actually????

~ it takes her awhile to make a decision because this means having to move around every few years


~ at first he’s totally against you turning him

~ he can’t stand the thought of not being able to act anymore

~ mc I won’t age, people will notice

~ kind of at war in his head right now

~ give him a few years mc, just a few more years to act and then he will


~ lol mc I know

~ he has literally been waiting for you to ask him this forever

~ duh, turn me rn

~ just super excited to be a vampire

~ but even more excited to be one with mc

~ he ends up convincing saeran to turn


~ but.. will it give me my eyesight back?

~ either way I still have you, mc

~ he’s not really afraid, just has a shit ton of questions

~ of course mc, who wouldn’t want to spend eternity with you?


~ not really surprised

~ you have some pretty weird habits mc..

~ wasn’t that hard to figure out lol

~ super unsure about letting you turn him

~ saeyoung helps you convince him


ahhh hi I’m sorry some of these are short, I’m painting while I answer asks!

I hope you like it!!!


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if you haven't done this before, how was CC actually created? I know what Anti did, but what's it in detail? (if it's okay with me asking, i love your work!)

I actually HAVE done this before in extensive detail, with drawings right HERE. (his origin post with the bare basics is here)

and bonus, @fangsofsin is the one that helped me make Corroded Crank, but they have their OWN version of Crank with a similar way of how they were created, so if you wanted to check out their lengthy post with more of my drawings and detail, you can click HERE

And, if youre REALLY REALLY desperate for more detail on anything else, Just ask me or look through my Dark Youtubers Lore tag…. or you kno, just wade through the standard Dark youtubers tag and experience all the story and silliness

Thanks for showing an interest in my story!!

Originally posted by aj-squidkid

I'm just writing this bc I felt like doing it so you can decide wether you keep reading or just go to the next post (I'd go to the next one honestly).

This isn’t some kind of text to vent out about sad things (I really hope I don’t have to do that anytime soon), no this is actually a thanking text.
I want to thank @taakemymoney for being with me through thick and thin, when Bruna left you were basically my only friend, to think you still endure me after- what? 3 years??? wow, it’s thanks to you that I currently living one of the best phases in my life, sure things could be better, but still I’m so thankful for all that you’ve done for me… I hope we can continue to be like this forever! I really love u S2.
I want to thank @yumi-doesnot-likeyou who has also been with me through thick and thin, and has endured me for frEACKING 4 (ALMOST 5???) YEARS???? HOW DID YOU DO THAT. I’m so thankful to be able to vent out to you and have so much to thank you for, we might have only seen each other once but you’re definitely one of my closest friends ever, you are also one of the reasons I’m happy at the moment, and I know you’re having a really though time so I want to be there for you just as much as you were for me, please ask me for anything you want or need I’ll be more than glad to help!
I also want to do some honorable mentions that I either don’t know the tumblr or they don’t have a tumblr. Neves I hate you so much bc I care a lot about you and you being such an asshole sometimes really gets to me, but every single time we fought we both grew more as people and I’m really thankful for that. Mari I know I was kind of your first close friend and I would like you to know that I don’t regret being pushy to get to know you! You’ve also helped me overcome Bruna moving away and I’m thankful for that!
Summing it up I’m so thankful to all of you AND I LOVE YALL SO FREACKING MUCH THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY (otherwise boring) LIFE

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Hey so I'm an alter who recently got contact with the rest of my system. My issue is I can't talk. In headspace I sign, but I don't actually know sign language outside. It's really frustrating when I'm out cause I cant communicate without writing stuff down, but ASL is taking a long time to learn & no one I know knows it. Also when I'm out people get upset cause I can't respond and I don't know how to explain that I just can't talk, at all, cause they don't know I'm not the host. Advice?

Hey lovely,

Sorry to hear that, it must be a really difficult situation for you. 

We have one mute alter, she just kind of acts things out or write things down because she doesn’t sign but people know she’s an alter (she’s only 4).

It must be a lot more confusing when people don’t know you’re not the host. I don’t really know what to suggest I’m sorry - I would try and avoid people in your situation, but I wouldn’t advise that as it could obviously be extremely isolating for you.

Does anyone know you’re not the host? If there’s someone who knows about the DID you could maybe concentrate on communicating with them? 

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, if anyone else has suggestions for anon please feel free to add to this! 

1. We really don’t know if Louis cheated on Eleanor with Briana, we have no proofs of that, for all we know Briana and Louis were briefly together after he and Eleanor had already broke up.

2. We really don’t know if Louis cheated on Danielle with Eleanor, all we know is that at the beginning of he year Danielle and Louis split up and a month later we had the first little hints that Louis and Eleanor were interacting again.

So really, what’s the point of accusing Louis of cheating every single time?

Funny story, I slept with my current boyfriend just 2 weeks after I had broken up from a long term relationship with another boy I loved very very much. It happens. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can actually end a relationship and jump into another one, it can fucking happen.

Not to talk about the fact that Louis went through a really really difficult time, with the end of a 4 years long relationship, with Zayn leaving the band, with an unplanned pregnancy he took full responsibility of, with his mother dying. So I think we can give the boy a break, because he went through so so much and we don’t know what the hell happened.

Much as I have always loved Newsies, never in the past fifteen years have I felt any desire to read or write fanfiction, or really create any fandom content. And yet, as of yesterday I have, not one, but two fic ideas and over 3k words written between them and I… have no clue how this happened???

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For the Autistic this or that meme - I'm curious about all of them, actually!

I answered all the ones I didn’t before! Thank you for asking for all of them! I love doing these!

2. Spicy or bland?

bland I hate spicy

5. Lots of clothes or no clothes?

I don’t really like tons of clothes. I like enough where I can wear shorts and like a t-shirt.

6. Bright or dim?

dim I hate bright lights for too long :( it gave me a headache for 8 hours the other day :(

7. Seek or avoid?

avoid (thank you avpd)

8. Touching or no touching?

It really depends on my mood or the person like I always want my gf to touch me but my best friend always has to ask before he hugs me to make sure!

10. Crunchy or smooth/soft/squishy?

if we’re talking about food then it depends. I base food on how it’s originally presented to me! So I only have creamy peanut butter and if there are any hard bits from someone using the same knife for jelly or fluff then I have a meltdown and have anxious/grossed out flapping. 

11. Vocals or instrumentals?


12. Rough or gentle?


13. Barefoot or shoes?


15. Reading or audiobooks?


16. Rain or sun?

Both! I love the rain cuz water is my fav element(water witch) but the sun usually means I can go out and play basketball which means singing and dancing for stimming! (maybe I’ll record that sometime?? Idk??)

17. Lots of food or forget to eat?

It honestly depends on the day sometimes I’ll completly forget to eat all day and then others I’m eating all day!

18. Salty or sweet?

hmmmmm….both! Together! 

19. Body stims or visual stims?

Boday stims~ *happy wiggles*

20. Long hair or short hair?

Short hair! It’s so stimmy! Speaking of which I need to get mine cut soon~

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is