i actually really loved this moment and thought it was beautiful


If I could change one thing about season 11, I wish that Cas had a moment with God…

All the way through season 4 he was so loyal to God, and actually did what God asked which was to love humanity unconditionally. Even in season 6 all of his actions were done because he was trying to do what was best and what God would have wanted. I think there could have been a really beautiful scene between them and would have really developed Cas’ character. 

Anyway just a little thought I wanted to share. I hope other people agree :) 

I fell in love with you momentously: in fleeting side-way glances met with stunned silence and blushing cheeks. In the same way I would react to the turning point in a book’s plot line: with my hands all over my cheeks every time something unexpected happens.

I fell in love with you with me on the tips of my toes: cautiously, but with great passion and a gentle curiosity brewing on the surface. With me in the comfort of my soft heartbeat, like the rain slowly tapping on my window - resembling white noise without the actual absence of sound.

I fell in love with you in streaking highlights: like a fireworks show in the middle of July, but also like a drizzle in the middle of spring. Like in both the hazy and vivid photographs that I slip in between my floral poem notebook. Like in all the beautiful things that I haven’t really noticed before.

I fell in love with you the way I both know and don’t know the ending to a classic story. The way I go to sleep with me leaving the light on. The way I sigh and hide my smiles behind my long black hair. The way I could perceive you in all the five, six, seven senses.
—  e. // Confessions 

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omg, I never thought JJ would be the first to make me cry!

Awww anon ! Don’t be sad *hugs you* I’ll try to cheer you up so hang on tight with how it begins haha :’) 

I think it was actually interesting to see this side of JJ ! He looked very ambitious and confident, but even he can feel pressure ! He’s only human too :) People expect a lot from him, and he doesn’t want to disappoint them. But look at how his fiancée cheered for him even though he was at his lowest. The crowd cheered him up, and I thought that was very beautiful ? I’ll be honest though, I first thought “woah the audience is really crying Tears™” lmao :’) Despite his low score, they kept on cheering for him to show their love and support. JJ’s relationship with his audience and fiancée looked very special in its own way, it still is but holds a meaning. This moment was beautiful and interesting :) 

Finale Thoughts:

Some pros, some cons, but mostly I just felt like it really needed more. Really, an hour-long episode is what should’ve happened. Honestly, this is the first time in this series where I’ve ever been on the fence instead of just completely loving it.

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Commission for @arcasangels based on their wonderful fic Carpe Diems and Chrysantemums. Please go read it because it’s super beautiful!

Flowers meanings and why I used them (warning because it contains spoilers if you haven’t read the fic yet):

Rose of Sharon - Consumed by love: I thought it was really fitting since Lance has the Hanahaki disease in this fic. I mean?? You could say he’s literally being consumed by love.

Alstroemeria - Devotion: This guy loves Keith so much I just needed to use this flower. It felt really fitting too.

Pink carnation - “I will never forget you”: I chose this one because of the decision he makes. He’s determined to let the disease kill him if that means he won’t forget Keith and can treasure his lasts moments around him. I swear to god th IS GUY.

Daisy - “I share your sentiments”: This one has nothing to do with Lance’s feelings, actually, and that’s why I decided to draw it outside the green circle. This one is Keith’s response, but it’s out of his field of view and even though it’s not out of reach he can’t catch it because he doesn’t know it’s there. Yeah, I know, I’m horrible.

Many don’t really understand the quote “You are your own worst enemy” so, let me explain. It means when your alone with your thoughts keeping you up at night, are they good? Probably not. When a situation you made up and actually believe and think it will become real so you worry yourself, does it actually happen? Not often. You embarrassed yourself, so you constantly think of that moment and how stupid you thought you looked, did the other person actually care? No, they probably forgot already. Maybe you look in the mirror and think that you are beautiful and need to be improved. Well, don’t think that. Somewhere out there, there’s a boy that thinks you’re the most beautiful girl out there.
“You are your own worst enemy” is often applied to everyday life whether you think of it or not. It means that you let yourself think of the worst and yet, it hasn’t even come. You think of possible situations that drop your self esteem immensely. Most of the time it doesn’t even happen, so why be worried? Its going to be fine.
—  Love yourself

Let’s talk about Yuri on Ice for a moment.

I really didn’t expect to enjoy it very much. I thought it was just gonna be about ice skating and sports, which are not my cups of tea. I know next to nothing about figure skating, and even less before I started watching it.

It became apparent right off the bat that I was in for something far better with a thicker plot. I still didn’t realize I was going to love it as much as I do.

Yes, there’s plenty of figure skating, but it’s beautiful on so many levels.

At first glance, there’s the smooth animation which captures all the movement of skating in real life so well. The way in which it was presented made it just about as captivating as watching actual skaters. (Side note: Victor has gorgeous eyes too, so the artwork and colors are also a plus).

Watching the show, the character development is fantastic as well.

We start off with a very shy, anxious, insecure Yuri Katsuki. We watch as Victor manages to ease Yuri out of his shell and grow more confident and assertive. That in itself is perhaps the most beautiful part of the series. Seeing characters (and real people, of course) blossom into stronger people and becoming comfortable with themselves is so heartwarming. The relationship between Yuri and Victor is so healthy and pure.

I could go on and on about all the different emotions it made me feel, but overall, the feelings it gave me were quite pleasant. I can’t wait for season 2. See you next level.


I liked this week’s episode - the light-heartedness of it all, with Morales’ father, the anticipation, and all the sweet looks. And Sharon was especially beautiful tonight - that pretty hair, the white shirt and that red jacket? Come ON.

But I swear to God … James Duff … just - what the fuck? Would it fucking KILL him to actually SHOW US an intimate fucking conversation? I actually fell for it. I thought “This is it. We’re really gonna get to see this momentous, personal, emotional thing.” And the vibes Sharon was putting off lead me to believe it was gonna be intense, but then, NOPE.

AND I’m pissed off about being salty, because there really was so much to love, yet … I’m disappointed.

Is it me? Do I suck?

Artsy INTJ – Yeah, it happens sometimes

For people who don’t know them, or have never listened to them carefully, INTJs are all about science. But that’s simply not true.

For how weird it might sound, I love art. Not only finding a personal meaning in it, I love drawing and beauty in itself.

Also, I’ve found out that artistic skills might actually be useful in an INTJ’s life – and we all know how important usefulness is.

Let’s proceed with order.

First, the obvious one. Drawing has developed my Se. The activity of drawing requires lots of focus on reality – of which INTJs usually lack or struggle with. It really keeps me grounded in reality and helps me live in the moment. It has thought me the value of observation and the importance of details, and now I can brag about Sherlock-like observation skills.

Second, it clicks with Fi. There are some paintings I’ve instantly felt a connection with, others that I love because they hide a profound meaning, but they have all helped me getting to know myself better and communicating with my Fi – which is sometimes kind of hard.

For example, have you ever seen Rob Gonsalves paintings? They really are awesome.

Third, Te. Art has little to do with logic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rationalise it. That what I do all the time – rationalise things. That’s what I’m doing right now with this post. Te makes you look for the usefulness of art and for a way to apply your skills to real life. That’s what got me interested in clothing and fashion. Using artistic abilities to dress well has helped me being more influential in social environments and ultimately achieving my goals faster. All because I’ve learned how to match clothes. Yes, society is that crazy.

Ultimately, art is also a great opportunity to get creative and expressing my Ni. Ni sometimes speaks in visions, images and metaphors that might be hard to express with words. That’s why art comes in handy.

Guess Who Saw Beauty and the Beast??


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I loved it! Never mind the critics, I enjoyed it and that’s all that matters to me.

Under the cut I’ll write some of the things I liked, what I think could have been done better, and what I LOOOOVED, so SPOILERS BELOW:

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Turnover, “Like Slow Disappearing”

I was afraid but you were glowing like the most relieving light. 
You were my revealing light.
I closed my eyes and suddenly we were 
You stayed with me after the moment passed. 
I felt you buried deep under my chest, like my lungs when I’m breathing in and I was not myself when I opened up my eyes again.

People kept saying shoegaze. I like shoegaze. I bought the album. It’s really cool. But maybe not what I consider shoegaze. Certainly indie-rock though. This is my favourite track. It’s actually really beautiful, the music that is. I love the shimmery nature the of the production (reverb?). I guess this song, for me is the closest thing to the shoegaze I listen to, on this album. I Would Hate You if I Could gets pretty close as well. Both of those songs are great, but I much prefer this one, Like Slow Disappearing. I like the chorus. It’s nice.

The photos in the booklet are kind of nice too. However the actual cover I dislike. There’s something about the cover picture that unnerves me. Perhaps it’s the huge fucking spider. Regardless, I switched the booklet around so that the back page picture is the cover. It’s a nicer picture.

It’s all nice.

Joseph Morgan x Reader ~ Surprise

Joseph Morgan x Reader ~ Surprise

“Darling! I’m home!”, you hear your boyfriend from the front door of your apartment. As fast as you can you jump off the couch and run towards Joseph. “I thought you wouldn’t be home till next week”, you exclaim really happy as he wraps right arm around you. “I would say… Surprise!”, the actor places a kiss on your head like every time when he comes home.
“Look, another surprise for you”, that’s the moment when you notice the big bouquet of your favorite flowers in his right hand. Gasping you put a hand over your mouth, “Actually you are the best surprise of the day!” Chuckling Joseph picks you up bridal style like a gentleman, “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my beautiful girlfriend.”
The actor puts you on the couch softly, but he seems to hide something. “What about an engagement ring and the fact that I would love to marry you?”, his words are making no sense in your head. Joseph searches through the pockets of his jacket to pull out a little velvet box.
“What? Really?”, you can’t believe what he’s doing right now. The actor kneels in front of you with the box in his hand. “(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), please make me the happiest man alive. You make my life perfect with your silly jokes and sweet smile”, Joseph opens the box to show you the ring.
Without a word you jump into his arms so you two fall on the ground. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, you add to your hug almost crying. That’s the best surprise of your life.

Hope you liked it :)


I had the best experience riding today! Normally, I don’t do trail rides because I like to really ride, not follow the horse in front of mine. But, it would be rare for me to ever turn down time with horses and one of my favorite people.

Today was a great learning experience. Maybe metaphorical even. I got to ride this beauty, Destiny. As you can see, we were riding drag. Destiny had her own ideas about where we should go and at what pace. I found myself giving her total control of our experience allowing me to rest and actually feel with all my senses.

I don’t have a coat…who needs one in Arizona??? One of the guys at the barn noticed and gave me his right off his back. Throughout the whole experience start to finish, I felt totally protected and cared for in every way. It was such a healing experience for me. I am so grateful for this moment in time. 💚

So, the thought came to me… if I was this protected and cared for in just going riding, why wouldn’t I continue to always get what I need exactly when I need it? It was a great reminder to relax; I don’t need to worry. I will get the guidance I need, and I am getting better at hearing and following that!

I loved looking at you when you’re not paying attention because at those moments, you’re just being you. That’s when you’re on your most beautiful without even trying. To me, that’s better than any picture you or anyone else could ever take. And from that view, I feel like I’m the happiest person and can actually say “Damn, I am really lucky.”


Now onto my next mini series, brother!bts, I also got a request for older brother!bts so I’m just going to combine those and maybe switch it up later in the series but to start us off as he always does, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka the sweetest lil pup plz love him

  • Okay but can we just take a moment to appreciate this thought
  • Jin would be s u c h an amazing older brother
  • We can already see how lovely he is with the boys I mean we’ve seen him cook for them he feeds them he comforts them I just I love the way Jin treats the boys
  • He would be like a lowkey mother type of brother
  • He wouldn’t go overboard or anything but he’d definitely be more likely to fix your hair if it’s messy or like offer to cook you meals if you were hungry
  • He’d be the brother your friends all have crushes on bc have you ever seen Jin that man is beautiful and on top of his gorgeous lil face he’s actually a really nice smart human being like ho w?!?!?!!
  • He would constantly be making you laugh like oh did you have a bad day?? DONT WORRY I SHALL DANCE CUE THE MUSIC
  • You two would have lil dorky dance moves that were like inside jokes for you two for whenever you wanted to cheer the other up it’d be like no Jin get up we’re doing the sprinkler
  • Plus you would n e v e r have to worry about anyone picking a fight with you bc although Jin is a lovely sweet soul who would never hurt a fly, he’s not about the let his lil sibling get picked on
  • He just kinda stands in front of you and stands as tall as he can bc shoulders and is just like “you got a problem with my lil sibling you got a problem with me but you’re gonna have to go through me first”
  • Honestly though this is such an aesthetic like sign me the hell up
  • Jin would be so so sweet and caring and just always make sure you’re okay and is just like a lowkey best friend you can tell anything to

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This is my first request and I'm really excited! Can I request for Kise with the line from the vocaloid song Eine Kleine: "Is it all right if I call your name once more?" It can be angst or fluff, up to you! ^_^

Is it alright if I call your name once more?

So before I actually checked out this song, the lyric reminded me of the Bungou Stray Dogs ED song “Namae wo Yobu yo” and it made me sad. And then I listened to the Vocaloid song, and I got even sadder :(

An AU in which soulmates met and loved and died, together, over and over again, through countless many lives, under countless different names, but always the same eyes, the same scent, the same voice. Always meant to be together - no matter what.

Warning: implied character death

Oh, you thought. So this is how it begins.

You knew it was him the moment you laid eyes on him - those beautiful golden eyes, that blonde hair, the voice that sent chills down your back when you heard him speak. A part of you felt like you knew him, that you remembered him: and that was enough for you to summon your bravery and talk to him and ask him his name.

He knew it was you when you spoke to him, too. He recognised your voice, like a melody well-memorised, a song he loved from long ago. “Kise Ryouta,” he introduced himself with a genuine smile, not the well-practiced smile that all trained assassins like himself were meant to have.

Kise?” You repeated. “Like the colour yellow?”

Kise grinned. “Yep. Not like an ugly canary yellow, though. More like…”

“Sunflowers,” you found yourself saying.

He blinked. “You like flowers, then?”

You shrugged, bashfully. “I’m a florist. Flowers are my thing. My shop’s just around the corner, you might have seen it? The store with the wind chimes at the door.”

And at that moment, Kise froze, his mind flashing back to a conversation he had had with his boss, literally seconds before you had approached him: an assignment, someone he was supposed to eliminate, a witness to the organisation’s activities.

Scattered sunflower petals over a rain-slicked pavement, the yellow flowers flattened and greyed, a broken chime next to your body as you breathe your last breath, while he escapes, runs away—

Oh, Kise thought. So that’s how it ends.

But…the boss could wait.

Any chance to spend more time with you would be worth everything - even just to hear your voice, be near you, fall in love with you.

Kise smiled radiantly at you, and you found your heart fluttering at his strange captivating beauty. “Any chance I could see some of those sunflowers?”

You grinned back. “Sure thing, Kise.”

dagger of the mind review, or basically me fangirling over Spock’s beauty

but no, really, can i talk about how gorgeous Spock is? i just saw ‘dagger of the mind’ the other night and when i wasn’t worried about poor Jim i was yelling ”he’s so pretty!” every time Spock walked by. also YES for that moment when the one female doctor is trying to suggest that her and Jim hooked up at the science lab Christmas party and Jim is like “no. nope. didn’t do that.” 

and Spock is getting pissed off and Jim gets off the transporter pad and is all like “i seriously am not into this woman spock, in fact i thought we went back to your cabin after the christmas party” and spock is like “of course, captain.” ok so that last bit didn’t happen, but this episode does go to show that jim is not a womanizer and it actually makes a good point about consent, and that being brainwashed to love someone is not love, just like Spock getting hit by the spores and making out with someone isn’t love. what really is love is after Jim has got back on board and suffered all this trauma and Spock is giving him looks of concern the whole time Jim manages to muster up a little smile for spock and says to head to warp one and Spock is just 

great episode, great episode, *rips a piece off Kirk’s gold tunic and wipes eyes*, theres so much hurt!kirk and protective!spock. also we see the first vulcan mindmeld and that was so amazing that spock does something so intimate (and with a mentally disturbed human which is really dangerous) because he has to save kirk. 

also i noticed all over again jim’s incredible long eyelashes. look at that little hazel eyed baby. 

“....Because if this is my last moment with you  Bonnie Bennett. I need you to hear me. I ADMIRE you, I believe in you, and I love you...the same way Elena love you.” Damon Salvatore

Oooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyy.….so I really, really, REALLY thought Damon Salvatore was trying to bring Bonnie Bennet back form her crazy Huntress mode(which I enjoyed Way more than I should) and was trying to make her remember herself…


We finally found out how Damon has truly perceived Bonnie in all the time he’s known her. He’s admired and believed in her for far longer than their friendship. He even said he loved her………..

But then…But then….he compared his love of Bonnie– to how Elena loves Bonnie….

And then the spell was brokenand I was literally like, “What the actual fuck?”

Why would he even say that to Bonnie? Did Damon literally forget about all that bullshit he said to Bonnie IN BONNIE’S MINDSCAPE? Because let’s face it—


  I am REALLY starting to think that Bonnie has never gotten the “I’m not doing this for Elena” speech and she literally doesn’t know that everything that Damon has done for her–was actually for her. I’m really starting to believe that she thinks that Damon chose to let her live– only for Elena. But ever since the Huntress started taking over –I don’t think she’s okay with it. I think what Bonnie needs to hear is exactly how Damon loves her….and NOT HOW ELENA LOVES HER!

And this is where shit gets hazyI don’t think Damon knows how to correctly articulate to Bonnie how exactly he loves her– and how  his love for her is different from his love for Elena.He has no problem making grand speeches about the nature of their friendship, or telling her to stay strong …. But he cannot express verbally TO Bonnie his exact feelings for her.

  And he may have written it to her in his letter–but I think it’s clear from Bonnie’s mindscape she’s never gonna read that gotdamn letter

And I don’t think he’s truly gonna be able to bring Bonnie back from being the Huntress unless he tells her how he loves her…and ONLY how he loves her.

5.05 Dreamcatcher – First Thoughts

FINALLY a good episode! Some solid Swan Queen interactions and some actually interesting plot developments! Color me thrilled after four duds in a row.

My absolute favorite thing was Emma getting a glimpse of Regina’s past and her sincerely remorseful reaction. That was so beautiful and genuine… I don’t understand how they can write such heartfelt and poignant moments for these two and still think that CS and OQ are good stories.

And I love the way Regina deals with Emma. She’s supportive but doesn’t coddle her. She’s firm but treats her like a valid human.

Henry is such a little nerd. I was dying when he was playing with the sword and then his little date… So cute! I felt so bad for him when she (well, Emma) rejected him.

I really like Merlin. I don’t know why yet, there’s just something about him that I like. Maybe it’s just the actor lol but he’s cool.

Merida is fucking crazy. I can’t really reconcile her with the character from the movie. She’s a bit too brash, I’m not sure I like her character much. We’ll see.

Regina hates Hook so much lmfao. It makes me so happy.

And that scene at the end… God those two just kill it when they’re on screen together. You just can’t deny it, no matter what you ship. They are god damn electric. I loved “don’t Ms Swan me” lmfao I have used that exact line in fan fic before that is such a SWEN thing! And can we talk about how Regina made her crack? Emma is all stoic and aloof with everyone, careful and meticulous and manipulative, but Regina made her crack and spill a secret. I find that very interesting.

Oh and I was actually surprised by what they saw in the dreamcatcher, with Emma taking Violet’s heart. Tsk tsk Emma!

So yeah, overall actually really enjoyed the episode. It’s always better when Emma and Regina dominate the screen and the beards take a backseat so we actually get some story and dynamic interactions!

It doesn’t make sense to call ourselves ugly, because we don’t really see ourselves. We don’t watch ourselves sleeping in bed, curled upend our chests rising and falling with our own rhythm. We don’t see ourselves reading a book, eyes fluttering and glowing. You don’t see yourself looking at someone with love and care inside your heart. There’s no mirror in the way when you’re laughing and smiling and the happiness is just leaking out of you.You would realise how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments you truly are yourself.