i actually really love her!

Honestly I’m so sick of people hating Vorona. Why, she’s not a bad character (I will say they didn’t focus on her character much in the anime but the light novel goes into more detail) The worst thing is people seem to hate her just because she hangs out with Shizuo and they get mad and think she’s getting in the way of shizaya. That really annoys me because people don’t even take the time to actually try to understand Vorona as a character and just assume the worst about her. The fandom makes her out to be a slut that just wants to take Shizuo from Izaya (which is so stupid I mean Shizuo x Vorona is more likely than shizaya but that’s just my opinion) The main point here is that people need to stop making Vorona out to be a slut that no one likes because she’s NOT like that at all she’s so much different and misrepresented in so many ways…its so sad, I really love her and it really upsets me that people hate on her because of her personality that isn’t even her real personality…


@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


Guy just jumps out the fukin window.


the calendar // panic! at the disco


When you trying to get that tip VS. when you ready to clock tf out so you can finish watching your K-Dramas.

first drawing of 2k17 in process c:

listen, i’m pissed that they are giving another OC the canary arc and even giving her the canary cry they easily could have given laurel in the first place. the writers absolutely disrespected her character every step of the way.

that being said, don’t send hate to the actress that plays tina. or to those that like her character, anyone continuing to watch the show has every right to love any character they want to love. the writers are responsible for the treatment of laurel not the actress that took a job shes probably really excited about. please don’t send her any hate, she doesn’t deserve that. she’s a real human being with real feelings and she’s NOT the character she plays. 


*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)

So Target boy had another date last night!

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Gif Meme :: Anonymous asked: Penny Dreadful + Favorite Platonic Relationship
↳ Vanessa Ives & Victor Frankenstein

“You are a beautiful monster. And there are those who could love you… and shall. Life awaits you.”