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Thanks to @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major I wrote a piece that sounds like like how the worst burrito I’ve ever had tasted in b# minor.

Unfortunately musescore wouldn’t allow me to use 9 sharps so here you have my beautiful handwriting.

I saw a thing and I kinda had to Bokuro it

There’s Something Sexy About The Rain Pt. 1

You weren’t sure how you ended up at his door at 1am but here you were. Dripping wet from the storm. You stopped yourself before knocking. But there was no backing out now. Rafael answered the door rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He seemed to be wide awake when he realized it was you and that you were soaked and crying.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come.”

“Jesus Y/N, you’re going to get sick! Come in, sit down and I’ll get you some clothes.”

“Thanks Rafael.” You sat on the couch and watched him walk back into his bedroom finally getting to look at him. He was your brother’s best friend so you had known him for a few years. When you moved to the city he had told you his door was always open. You hadn’t taken him up on that offer until tonight but you had the occasional lunch with him and when your brother was in town you all would hang out. He was your brother’s best friend so you hadn’t ever given him much thought, especially since he was quite a bit older than you. But the way that his sweatpants hung from his hips made you feel a little bit better after the night you’d had.

He came back in with an old Harvard t-shirt and some sweatpants and handed them to you. “The bathroom is in the bedroom, you can change in there. Do you want to talk about what happened?” You started to get up and head that direction. “No I’d actually like to forget it. Thanks Rafael.” When you grabbed the clothes from him your hands touched just barely but enough to make you feel something you hadn’t felt in a long time. You felt your face flush so you headed to the bathroom. The shirt was giant on you because you were so short luckily because the sweatpants had no hope of staying on. You came out and Rafael was getting ready to start making some coffee. “Actually if you have something stronger that would be great.” He jumped at your voice and turned towards you. You thought you saw some emotion flicker on his face but you shook it off. Who would be attracted to you right? Isn’t that what drove you to his apartment in the first place?

You sat on the couch and started to tear up again at that thought. He came over to you and set the wine bottle with two glasses on the coffee table. “Y/N what is it, what happened?” He sat next to you on the couch and gave you a sympathetic look.

“It’s actually really stupid. I was at my apartment with my roommates and some friends. Somebody made a joke about how ‘Y/N’s never gonna find anyone and end up alone because she never does anything but work.’ Then everybody started in on it. It was funny at first but then it escalated and they started picking at the way I dress and the way I look and everything just… I needed to get out but I realized I had nowhere to go. And I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come here”

You started to cry again. You were very self-conscious and you always feared ending up alone. “Y/N, listen to me. You are one of the hardest workers I know. Your job takes a lot of time.” Rafael scooted closer to you. “You are also a beautiful young woman who anyone would be lucky to have.” Did he just say you were beautiful? You looked at some spot on the floor and focused on it. “You’re just being nice Raf.” When you looked back his green eyes were focused on you. Just then the thunder shook the whole building and then everything went dark.




latiburona asked “Michelangelo or Raphael?”

I feel weird making judgement calls since I’ve still only seen the first handful of episodes, and the movie, but Mickey is kind of wonderful I’m going to have to say he’s my favorite overall

(and then I thought, just to be a snarky butt, I could make a dramatic graphic of the renaissance artist’s work, but then I decided to gif this scene instead)

For wyvernjade

Useless Bet

Oh Sehun, the world’s flower boy and your college’s bad boy. You had the biggest crush on him since as long as you could remember but then again so did every other girl. He always hung out with his gang EXO who were all just as good looking as he was. You were even part of the dance club just so you could spend time with him.

“Come on man go and ask her!” Kai said

“Are you crazy?!” Sehun said

“We dare you!” Tao said

“You dare me?” Sehun said “fine I’ll do it! I’ll ask her out”

The guys had figured out that you had a thing for Sehun and decided to have a little fun with it. They made a bet to see whether or not you’d accept Sehun and go out with him. Sehun knew you in a way, you were the quite girl who mostly always kept to herself but you were stunningly beautiful. He had always thought so but never really mentioned it.

You were sitting in class working on one of your projects when you hear the classroom door open. You looked to see Sehun standing there and you quickly divert you attention back to your books.

“Maybe he forgot something” you thought to yourself as Sehun walked up to you. You looked up and saw him sitting face to face with you. You jumped, a little startled by how close his face was to yours.

“Your name is y/n right?” Sehun asked

“Y-yeah” you said shyly as you were sure that your face was probably as red as a tomato.

“I’m Sehun, Oh Sehun” Sehun said

“I-I know who you are” you said

“Well then this will make things easier” Sehun said as you looked at him “will you go out with me?” Sehun asked as you felt your heartbeat increase by the second.

“W-what?” You asked in shock

“Will. You. Go. Out. With. Me?” Sehun asked again only this time slower “it’s a yes or no question, you don’t really need to wrack your brain for it”

You were at a loss for words, you didn’t know what you say. Your hands were all clammy, your cheeks were on fire, your heartbeat was out of control and you couldn’t think straight.

“Wow she’s cute” Sehun thought to himself as he watched you. He snapped his fingers bringing you back to reality “Well?” Sehun asked

“Y-yes, I’ll go out with you” you said

“Great I’ll pick you up Saturday at noon” Sehun said before he got up and left.

You put your hand on your chest as to took breaths and tried to figure out what just happened. Oh Sehun, the Oh Sehun just asked you out?! You wanted to scream out to the whole world but at the same time wanted to keep it only to yourself.

The whole day all you could think about was Sehun and your date. You couldn’t concentrate on anything. It was only Wednesday and you literally never wanted the weekend to come as fast as you did now. The minute you got home you went through your closet looking for what to wear. You didn’t want to waste anytime, you wanted everything to be perfect.

While you were busy thinking about Sehun, Sehun was busy thinking about you. He couldn’t get you out of his head. The way you got all flustered and shy, he found it all really cute. He had always found you beautiful and had secretly always had a thing for you but he never said anything or really did anything about it.

The next day you woke up with butterflies in your stomach. You couldn’t wait to get to college and see Sehun. You kept contemplating on what to wear when you realized that your club has dance practice this morning. You decided to get to the dance room fifteen minutes early since Sehun is always early so that he can warm up. As you approached the dance room you could hear voices one of them being Sehun’s.

“So you asked her huh?” Tao said

“Yeah” Sehun said

“And what did she say?” Kai asked

“She was all flustered and nervous, she looked really stupid. I actually kinda feel bad for her” Sehun said

“I would too considering you’re not even gonna show up for the date” Chen said

“Well I guess I win the bet then” Sehun said

“Man you’re just lucky” Tao said

“Yeah it was a dumb bet to begin with” Baekhyun said

“What was the bet?” Suho asked

“We made a bet that if asked y/n out she’d say yes in an instant cause well she likes him” Kai said

“If she said yes then Sehun and Chen would win, but if she said no then me and Tao would win” Baekhyun said.

Tears rolled down your cheeks as you heard everything that was being said. You couldn’t believe it, yesterday was the happiest day of your life and today was probably the worst.

“Hey y/n why are you standing out here?” Chanyeol asked as he was about to enter the dance room.

Sehun turned his head and saw you standing there. The boys all looked at each other hoping you didn’t hear their conversation.

“You ok? Why are you crying?” Lay asked as he was with Chanyeol

“She’s crying” Sehun thought to himself “I made her cry”

You didn’t say anything all you did you was run away as fast as you could. Sehun didn’t even think as he chased after you. You kept running and running and running, you could hear Sehun calling out your name but that only made you want run even faster. However you were tiring out and Sehun soon caught up to you as he grabbed you by your wrist and stopped you.

“Let me go!” You yelled

“No just listen to me” Sehun said

“No!” You yelled as you looked Sehun “you listen to me!! How could you? If you didn’t like me or thought I was a nuisance all you had to do was tell me or better yet you could have just ignored me!!”

“Y/n look I-” Sehun said before you interrupted him by pulling your hand away.

“I never thought it was possible but I hate you! You’re a jerk and a coward!” You said before running away.

Sehun wanted to chase after but he couldn’t. He hurt you and all because of his stupid bad boy image. Over the next few days all Sehun could think about was you. He hardly ate or slept, he was like a zombie and his friends couldn’t handle seeing him like this anymore.

Although you were hurt you still had to go to college. You went about your daily life almost lifeless. Whenever one of the EXO members would try to talk to you you’d just ignore them. You would catch Sehun staring at you on countless occasions but didn’t give him even an ounce of your attention. Everyday for the past week Sehun would try to talk to you but you’d just give him the cold shoulder and treat him as if he’d never existed.

“Talk to her” Kai said

“I would if she’d listen!” Sehun said

“Look we all need to apologize to her but mostly you” Kai said

“You don’t think I know that!” Sehun said

“Hey isn’t that y/n?” Chen said

“Yeah but who’s that guy she’s with?” Lay asked as Sehun ran over to the window to see who you were taking to.

“That’s Park Yoochun sunbae” Luhan said “I heard he and y/n are family friends”

“They even lived together for a while” Xiumin said as Sehun looked at him “it’s true when y/n came to Korea she lived with him for a while before she got her own place”

Sehun looked back out the window as he saw you laughing with Yoochun. He hated it. He hated that he could have been the one to make you laugh yet he ended up being the one that made you cry. He couldn’t take it anymore as he saw Yoochun hugging you. He charged out of the room and down to where you were.

“How’s your girlfriend oppa?” You asked

“She’s good, she talks and worries about you a lot. You should meet up with her sometime and call her unnie” Yoochun said as you both laughed.

Suddenly you felt someone grab your arm and spin you around. Your face hit a firm chest as you looked up to see Sehun staring right you. He didn’t give you a chance to say anything as he took you by your wrist and dragged you away till you reached the dance room. You kept telling him to let go of you but he simply ignored your crises. He let go of your wrist once you were in the dance room. You turned around to away but he just slammed the door shut.

“What are you doing?!” You asked

“Please just listen to me” Sehun said

“I’ve already heard everything I needed to” you said

“But I haven’t said everything I needed to say” Sehun said

“Do I look like I care?!” You said as you looked straight at him

“Yes, yes you do” Sehun said “I’m sorry y/n I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. It was all a mistake I shouldn’t have done that to you. I really do like you and I should have just been honest about it rather than covering it up and trying to maintain my bad boy image”

“So what do you want me to do huh? Open my arms and say everything is ok? That you can just trample all over my heart again? That-” you said as Sehun interpreted you by crashing his lips into yours.

You tried to push him away but he was too strong for you. His hands cupped your cheeks as his lips molded against yours in a sweet yet passionate kiss. It was as if he wanted his kiss to tell you everything he couldn’t and it was working. Sehun slowly pulled away from the kiss as he rested his forehead against yours.

“Will you go out with me? No wait let me rephrase that, will you be my girlfriend?” Sehun asked as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

“I don’t know Sehun, can I trust you?” You said

Sehun took your hand in his as he laced his fingers with yours and smiled.

“Yes, yes you can” Sehun said

“You’re on probation just so you know” you said

“It’s better than nothing” Sehun said before he pecked your lips.

He opened the door as he didn’t let go of your hand. Once you started walking Sehun decided to ask you what had been eating him.

“Who was the guy you were talking to?” Sehun asked

“Yoochun oppa? He was my first crush, why?” You said as Sehun stopped in his tracks.

“He’s your what?” Sehun said

“My first crush” you said “why? are you jealous?” You asked a huge grin grew on your face.

“Jealous?! Of course I’m jealous! My girlfriend’s first crush comes to meet her what do you expect me to be happy?!” Sehun said as you held back you laugh.

“You know I lived with him for a while too” you said purposely

“That’s another thing I wanted to discuss with you! How can you just live with some?!” Sehun said

“He’s not just some man he’s my oppa” you said

“Don’t call another guy oppa in front of me!” Sehun said

“There’s more by the way” you said

“More? There’s more? What is he your first kiss too?!” Sehun said

“He’s my cousin’s boyfriend, she lives with him that’s why I stayed at his place” you said “and no he wasn’t my first kiss, you were”

Sehun’s frown turned into a huge grin as he pulled you into a long and tight hug. You laughed as he pulled away and kissed you again.

“You owe me a date” you said

“I owe you a lot more than just that” Sehun said before his lips met yours again in a kiss that was surely going to last for a long, long time.