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Python being adorkable and affectionate with Ava please. I needs this, there's so little him and jfjsojfjs (dying). Thanks so much!! :D

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You weren’t entirely sure what to think when you felt Python’s arms around your waist, much less when his chin rested on your shoulder and planted plenty of face-warming kisses along your skin.

In fact, you were so shocked you erupted in a fit of giggles and tried desperately to get away from the shower of affection. That only spurred him on, more.

“P-Python! What are you doing in here? This is my tent!!” You gasped between giggles. Python grunted, leaning up to press another kiss to your cheek.

“I’m not allowed to come visit my lady when I miss her?” He mused, “I can’t help it if I’m feeling lonely. You’re always ditching me to work with Lukas or Alm or some other Deliverance loser. What’s a guy gotta do to spend some time with his kickass lady?”

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zebcuson: Pedri walking Odin through how to ask out someone and trying to coach Odin through a date based on how it worked with him and Wrathia. Or just Pedri spending the whole time telling Odin he is doing it wrong.

Haha, I love the idea of romanticist Pedri. (Please Michelle, show us what Pedri’s actual personality is like). This may or may not be a bit cracky.

- Advice

Eyes moving over the variety of soft animal toys up for grab, Odin’s gaze settled upon a maroon coloured fox, beaded lilac eyes staring back at him. With a mental nod to himself, he raised the rifle in his hands and fired.

“You hit it!”

Ava stared in surprise from beside him as the rubber bullet collided with the bulls-eye, sending the wooden block flying backwards. It was with much inward smugness that he pointed toward the fox for the stall vendor to retrieve and hand over.

“H-Here…” Dropping it in her arms as she blinked in surprise, he glanced aside as he attempted to act nonchalantly, even though inwardly he was sweating buckets. His nerves proved needless however, since a moment later Ava grinned up at him, hugging the fox to her chest.

“Um, wow. Thank you…”

Lips twitching upward, he watched as Ava turned around, bright eyes wandering across the fair they were currently attending. Or, perhaps ‘fair’ wasn’t the best word. It was more an annual festival for this small planet, designated to celebrating TITAN’s arrival all those years ago in which he had supposedly ‘rescued’ them from starvation and desolation.

Odin called bullshit.

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Make Up
Choreography by Molly Long