i actually really like winter sports

spaghettisaurus-rex  asked:

What is the story of the time you got stuck on a ski lift?

well, it’s not really like, a story. back when i lived with my dad, until i was 10 or so, we used to go skiing every (almost every??? many???? idk, i’m bad at time intervals) winter vacation. my dad’s family unit (brother-sister-stepmom-dad) was very athletic. my brother and sister were always doing Sport Things.

i was not always doing Sport Things. i couldn’t catch a Sport Ball if you put superglue on my hands.

Exasperated Coaches & Me, A Retrospective Of Actual Events:

  • soccer camp, 1999: “ok team!!! time to run a lap to warm up!!” [girls takes soccer ball to middle of field. sits on it. puts chin in hands.] “mollyhall, we’re running a lap now.” [girl looks up at him, very Unimpressed By Sports.] “look, u get like, 15 minutes of running from me, tops. i can run it now or i can run it during the game but you have to choose one.”
  • after school basketball, 2004: [after a penalty, girl bounces basketball at referee as hard as she can, just to see if she can bounce it over his head. everyone starts yelling. girl, genuinely confused:] “why is everyone so mad????”
  • girls crew, 2006: [girl writes a song about how eating elk bladder would be preferably to rowing girls crew, plays it on bus on the way to regattas.]
  • girls JV soccer, 2007: “can you please tell number 7 to stop cracking jokes on the field? it’s making our players laugh, and we don’t think she’s taking this game seriously.” [girl blinks slowly. she is absolutely, in no way, shape, or form, taking this game seriously.]
  • after school fitness, 2009: [girl grapevines for a mile]


the point is: i am not athletic. one of the ways that this manifested in skiing was that it was hard for me to ski smoothly, because my naturally pigeon-toed feet meant that i was constantly “doing the pizza” which would bring me to a stop. which, i mean, that’s fine, except it meant that my skiing process was a lot like stop-and-go traffic.

  • if all the drivers were 200 years old, and absolutely FURIOUS that they were sitting in traffic and not in boca playing shuffleboard with their neighbors, gladys and darryl. 
  • why is my imaginary son always named lil barry??? i don’t know.

it made me very slow, which in turn made me very boring for my brother and sister to want to hang out with, unless they were tricking me into going on black diamonds just to laugh at me scooting down the whole thing on my butt, complaining loudly.

anyway, i ended up riding the ski lift alone a lot. one time–i’m going to guess that i was around 8?? but that’s honestly a shot in the dark–the ski lift got to the top of the mountain, where you’re supposed to stand up and ski away, and the safety bar wouldn’t rise. it was stuck. and i mean, i was a loud kid (<– no one is surprised to learn this), but i was also VERY SHY AND STUBBORN about making a fuss when there was a problem?

  • this continuing issue has led to a lot of weird moments with my landlords.
  • “mollyhall what do you MEAN the bathtub hasn’t been draining right for a yEAR. a WHOLE YEAR??? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING.”
  • “well, my plan A was just to keep having to take three-minute-or-less showers for the rest of my life, and then eventually die.”

i just get so deeply annoyed that i can’t solve it on my own that i decide to live with the problem, or die on a ski lift.

so for those of you who don’t ski, the ski lift drops you off and then immediately heads back down the mountain. they don’t, at any point, stop moving. you just jump off and go on your merry way.

i could not. i was stuck in a seated prison.

“um,” i said. my brother and sister hopped off the lift in front of me. my turn was fast approaching, and the bar still wouldn’t lift. “ummmmmm.”

i shook the bar. the bar did not budge. i said “please.” the bar was like “fuck you.” i tried to sort of slip under the bar, but i was outsmarted by engineering, which had specifically designed these lifts to prevent people from slipping out under the bar and plummeting to their deaths.

as the ski lift sped past the part where you’re supposed to jump off and began turning around, i felt very sure that i was going to be trapped on that ski lift forever. people would tell the tale for years to come of Poor Brave Mollyhall, Who Died Of Old Age, Having Been Trapped On A Ski Lift For 84 Years.

  • then, as now, i had a flair for the dramatic.

luckily for me, at the top of every ski hill there’s a little hut with a bored employee in it getting paid to make sure that nobody atop the mountain is having any kind of emergency. he squawked like a turkey who’s just realized that it’s the day before thanksgiving, and ground the ski lift to a halt.


  • i would have loved to get off the lift.
  • me and this bored employee both wanted, very urgently, for me to get off of the lift.

i pushed at the bar. the teenager pulled at the bar. my sister and brother were already gone. people had begun to notice that the lift was stopped, and that a puffball in ski clothes was sitting alone on a lift halfway turned back on the mountain, blocked by a poor employee who looked like he was on the brink of a panic attack.

“okay, this is okay,” he said. “this is fine. we’re all going to be fine.”

he did not sound convinced. 

i started to cry. “i’m going to die on this ski lift.”

“no!” he said. “no, you’re probably not!”


  • A WORD OF ADVICE: never introduce the concept of “probably” into someone’s confrontation of their own mortality.

i honestly don’t quite remember how it happened, but they ended up calling down the mountain to explain the situation, and had to send me down the mountain in the lift, alone, loudly wailing. 

i like to imagine what skiiers below must have thought of that tiny, screaming puffball, a lone small puffball going the wrong way in a sea of slightly taller puffballs. i like to imagine them going back to their hotel rooms to tell their spouses/lovers/family, “dude, some puffball TRULY fucked up on the mountain today.”

by the time i made it down the mountain, where a kindly technician came out and helped lift the bar and set me free, my brother and sister were convinced that i had died on the way down. my sister bought me a hot chocolate. my brother fed me french fries.

everyone agreed not to tell our parents.


Translation of the interview with Andi Wellinger in Willingen

(requested by @skijumping-stuff)

Dirk Thiele: Dear viewers of Avia tv, we say hello from the Sauerland in the spa hotel where team Germany is hosted since years and when Andreas Wellinger stayed in Willingen, he didn’t sleep somewhere else as well, right?

Andreas Wellinger: Yes, I always stay here. For the 5th time, just one time I had to intermit.

DT: So last night you got renamed?

AW: Yeah, more or less. They made little pun, made Willingen to Wellinger.

DT: They made Wellinger to Willinger.

AW: Yeah, whatever. Anyway I’m kind of native now.

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Get to know EXO.

Well I am mainly making this for @fledglingandtreadingwater. But for anyone who needs this I hope this is helpful information =D

We would put this under a read more but then ya’ll won’t read it so… sorry not sorry.

I am going to do this in order of age.

1. Xiumin:

- Real name: Kim Minseok

- Member of EXO-M

- Age: 26 years old

- Birthday: March 26th

- Born in Namyangju

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 5′8″ or 173cm

- Position: Previously a rapper in the group but now is more known as a vocalist.

- Power in EXO: Ice

- Personality: This boy… oh where to start. Well first things first, this boy has a baby face but abs of steel. Legit did not see that coming when I first found out but wooooo. Anyways, Minseok is the oldest of the members in EXO and is honestly the  hugest cutie pie I have ever seen. He is a very sweet guy and is also very mature. Mind you he has his moments like anyone in this world and can be silly but he is more mature than silly. HE LOVES COFFEE. He is the type of guy to get up early every morning just to make sure he has his coffee. He also loves bread, any kind of bread. You name it and he most likely loves it. He also loves rides, becomes a little kid whenever he is around a roller coaster or any kind of ride someone might normally be afraid of. WARNING HIS AGEYO IS KILLER.

Hannah’s Notes:

-Very health conscious. He was was considered heavy when he was younger so he has worked hard to tone his body.

-Only member with Monolids.

2. Luhan:

- Real name: Lu Han

- Former member of EXO-M (Left 2014)

- Age: 26

- Birthday: April 20th

- Born in Beijing

- Nationality: Chinese

- Height: 5′10″ or 177cm

- Position: Main vocal.

- Power in EXO: Telepathy

- Personality: 

Hannah’s Notes:

-Luhan is very blunt and will speak his mind when he feels he needs too.

-He does not like being misgendered.

-He can be arrogant, but is very sweet with fans.

3. Suho:

- Real name: Kim Junmyeon

- Member of EXO-K

- Age: 25

- Birthday: May 22nd

- Born in Seoul

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 5′8″ or 173cm

- Position: Leader of EXO, Vocalist

- Power in EXO: Water

- Personality: Huge dork. That is all you need to know. This guy is the biggest Star Wars fan you will probably meet. Other than me of course, come at me Junmyeon… and me come at me Heather! Anyways, he also really loves Pokemon so you know….. dork. Lmaoo. Regardless of being a dork he is a very mature guy when he needs to be. He is known as the funniest in EXO because he is the funniest. Do not question it or I will hunt you down to protect my baby. He has a huge kind heart and will do anything and everything for EXO, even if that includes making an acceptance speech by himself and receiving the award. He loves EXO with all his heart which leads me to fully believe that he will love anything in his life with all his heart. He will put a 110% into anything he does because he is filled with passion. He has taken up acting so there is that too. Something else you have to know about Junmyeon is that he is super rich. Hehehe.

Hannah’s Notes: 

-Savage af!!

4. Kris:

- Real name: Wu Yifan

- Former member of EXO-M (Left 2014)

- Age: 25

- Birthday: November 6th

- Born in Guangzhou

- Nationality: Chinese 

- Height: 6′2″ or 189cm

- Position: Former leader of EXO-M, Former rapper

- Power in EXO: Flying

- Personality:

Hannah’s Notes:

-Huge dork. 

-Very loyal to those close to him.

-Will disregard his own health and needs for his work and others.

5. Baekhyun:

- Real name: Byun Baekhyun

- Member of EXO-K

- Age: 24

- Birthday: May 6th

- Born in Bucheon

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 5′9″ or 175cm

- Position: Main vocalist

- Power in EXO: Light

- Personality:Part of the beagle line in EXO. Really playful and talkative guy with an amazing voice. This guy is the main vocalist for a reason trust me. Baekhyun also is very good at Hapkido even though he hasn’t done it for many years, despite his looks Baekhyun is quite athletic. He just doesn’t show off his athleticism often, like at all 

Hannah’s Notes:

6. Lay:

- Real name: Zhang Yixing

- Member of EXO-M

- Age: 24

- Birthday: October 7th

- Born in Changsha

- Nationality: Chinese

- Height: 5′10″ or 177cm

- Position: Vocalist, Dancer

- Power in EXO: Healing

- Personality: A MAGICAL UNICORN WHO FOUND IT IN HIS HEART TO LIVE AMONG US HUMANS AND BLESS US WITH HIS PRESENCE. That is all you need to know……… But on a more serious note. This is one of the kindest guys ever, all of EXO is nice but when you see Yixing you just know that he is that much nicer. Everything about him seems so genuine and sweet. He is a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected. He has incredible manners and will literally bow to a camera across the room 5 times before he walks out of the room, he treats everyone with the utmost respect and loves with all he has. He often seems confused, and when I say often I mean quite often seems confused.

Hannah’s Notes: 

7. D.O.:

- Real name: Do Kyungsoo

- Member of EXO-K

- Age: 23

- Birthday: January 12th

- Born in Goyang

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 5′8″ or 173cm

- Position: Main vocalist

- Power in EXO: Strength

- Personality: 

Hannah’s Notes:

-He is very quiet and keeps to himself, though if you can get to know him he can be playful.

-He has astigmatism, so whenever you think he’s glaring it’s more likely that he just can’t see.

-He can cook and sew.

8. Tao:

- Real name: Huang Zitao

- Former member of EXO-M (Left 2015)

- Age: 23

- Birthday: May 2nd

- Born in Qingdao

- Nationality: Chinese

- Height: 6′0″ or 183cm

- Position: Former rapper of EXO-M

- Power in EXO: Time control

- Personality:

Hannah’s Notes:

-Cutie pie with a heart of gold.

-This boy trusts and loves pretty much everyone unless you’ve done something to lose it.

-He can be sort of a diva/brat.

9. Chen:

- Real name: Kim Jongdae

- Member of EXO-M

- Age: 23

- Birthday: September 21st

- Born in Daejeon

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 5′8″ or 173cm

- Position: Main vocalist

- Power in EXO: Lightning

- Personality: Prankster. Prankster if I have ever seen one man. I love this guy and his voice is magical and never fails to give me chills. Chen really likes to whine but most don’t see it as an annoying whine, it’s more of the sound of his voice that makes it sound like he is whining but he does whine. He always seems to be happy and he doesn’t get scared easily. Instead he will walk through a haunted house and hand out heating pads for your hands to the people inside playing the ghosts during the winter. He is a really sweet guy and is actually very good at water sports.

Hannah’s Notes:

10. Chanyeol:

- Real name: Park Chanyeol

- Member of EXO-K

- Age: 23

- Birthday: November 27th

- Born in Seoul

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 6′1″ or 185cm

- Position: Rapper

- Power in EXO: Fire

- Personality: Giant elf. JK take it away Hannah.

Hannah’s Notes:

-Love of my life. Wait… what do you mean that’s not relevant? Of course it is.

-We all know the hyper, loud, and obnoxious Chanyeol that we see on interviews and variety shows. However, Chanyeol recently revealed in an interview, (something I have suspected about him for a while) that this is sort of a show he puts on for people that he doesn’t know well. When you get to know him he tends to be more quiet and relaxed with you. Though i’m sure he still is the happy virus we all know and love.

-He loves animals.

-Enjoys cooking and cleaning.

-Collects anime figurines.

-He is very clingy when watching TV or spending time with loved one. (Revealed by his mother.)

11. Kai:

- Real name: Kim Jongin

- Member of EXO-K

- Age: 22

- Birthday: January 14th

- Born in Suncheon

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 6′0″ or 183cm

- Position: Used to be known as a rapper but as made his way into more of a vocalist position. Dancer.

- Power in EXO: Teleportation

- Personality: This guy is like a little kid. He is always laughing and honestly his laugh is a blessing to us all. He is also known as the member with the darkest skin if you were curious. He is an amazing dancer, it’s mind blowing sometimes when he dances. He used to take ballet classes and honestly he is soooooo amazing. He loves dogs, he is a huge dog man and loves any and all dogs, especially his dogs. He also really loves his niece and he is the cutest guy whenever he talks about her, you can honestly tell how much he loves her and it is so adorable. This guy also loves chicken, he is a chicken maniac and he eats chicken A LOT!

Hannah’s Notes:

-Is a bit of a brat.

12. Sehun: 

- Real name: Oh Sehun

- Member of EXO-K

- Age: 22

- Birthday: April 12th

- Born in Seoul

- Nationality: Korean

- Height: 5′11″ or 180cm

- Position: Rapper but has started to dabble in vocals.

- Power in EXO: Wind

- Personality: Sassy maknae is sassy.

Hannah’s Notes:

-This kid is precious okay. He may be a brat and arrogant af, but he loves his fans so much. He’s always tying to get their approval and trying to make sure they are happy and healthy.

-Also loves his cute dog Vivi.

Questions 2

2015-09-21 21:51:26 

It’s been awhile since I last uploaded a blog again 💦

I thought I would answer some more of the questions that you all have asked me. A lot of the questions you’ve been asking are one’s I’ve already answered, so please make sure you read my blog post from August 4th.

Question Corner #2 (。-`ω-)

This got kind of long, but please bare with me.

Q: Are you sensitive to the cold?
A: I’m really sensitive to the cold.
I never take off me muffler or my scarf in the winder season.
But, I do really like winter sports, like snowboarding.

Q: Why did you go from 181cm to 183 cm?
A: Well actually, I used to have bow-ed legs. At the time that I thought I wanted to work as an actor, I thought bow legs probably weren’t a good thing, so I commuted to the chiropractor.
It took a lot of time, but I’m glad I did it. Somehow, it was only a little bit, but I feel like it helped my confidence.
Even getting rid of one complex really makes you feel different.
Ah, um, in a word, I got taller because I fixed my bow legs!!

Q: If you hadn’t done volleyball, what sport would you have done?
A: track or handball i think!
I like running a lot, and even now I do a lot of running when I self-train, and I started liking handball when I played it in my physical education class.

Q: Can you surf?
A: I’m always saying I want to try surfing, but I can’t do it at all.
I have bad form, so I don’t want to let anyone see!
I’ll do my best not to let anyone see it next year either!!!

Q: Can you do acrobatics, too?
A: This also, I can’t do at all!
I can do it a little… kinda…
Also, people asked me if it was scary, but I gave up thinking that so now it’s not scary at all. It’s just really fun!

Q: What musical artists do you like?
A: I like backnumber, Sakurako Ohara… they’re pretty varied.
Music is important before an audition!!

Q: What songs do you like?
A: Songs like “花束” and “サンキュー”
Oh and 1/3’s “Junou no kanjou”!

Q: What kind of songs do you sing at karaoke?
A: Songs to get everyone pumped up, mainly.
At karaoke, the main goal it to have fun with everyone, so we try to get everyone involved lol

Q: What spots do you recommend to see in Gifu?
A: Don’t get lost!!
I have a lot of recommendations, but you should all go to 王道の高山 and 下呂温泉

Q: Do you have your ears pierced?
A: I don’t.
I wanted to be in a historical play, and I don’t think they had their ears pierced then (?)
Ah, the earring I bought recently was hurting so I haven been putting it in recently lol

Q: What kind of earring did you buy?
A: A reeeeeeeeeeally simple one.
My clothes and my furniture are the same, I really like simple things.
I might also be really bad at keeping up with what’s trendy…

Q: Were stripes created just for you?
A: I’m sorry, I laughed SO HARD when I read this lol.
I think they probably weren’t made just for me!
I wear a lot of stripes, but not THAT many.

Q: Do you like older girls? Or younger?
A: This is hard!
Both!! I think lol
I don’t really like one group more than the other, older women might spoil me, but I might feel cooler dating a younger girl lol

Q: What genre of movie do you like?
A: Action!!

Also… romance!!
Actually I really like shoujo manga lol

Q: What Jurassic World interesting?
A: Very! It was really exciting!!
If they make another I definitely want to go see it!
I saw it in 3D, but I wanted to see it in 4D
Next time I think I’ll see it in 4D.

Actually, there’s still a lot more questions i’ve answered….. but!!

That’s all for today!

It’s really long right now, so you’ll get tired.

Answering everyone’s questions like this is really fun. Somehow, I unintentionally wrote some really long answers.

This was really long, so you might get tired of it, but please stick with me for a bit longer!

It will continue tomorrow!!



This is our first Graphic Design Project, we had to create a new logo for a French company that sells stuff for winter sports, we weren’t supposed to bring it on a computer but I just wanted to see how it would work in context…

This here is the whole process for creating a logo, first we analyze the brand we’re working with, then we draw our first ideas, then we select one idea and we work with it to finally choose one proposition and argue on the why we chose to do this and all…

I really liked it actually and I think it turned out pretty good, my teacher was actually impressed (I think….)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering if you could give me some advice. This years been a bit tough, I've lost all motivation to exercise and eat healthy. Do you have any tips on trying to find that motivation again to exercise regularly?

  • Find a reason why you want to get healthier.  Not cosmetic.  A real reason.  Is it to get healthier?  To live longer to spend more time with friends and family?  Is it to be able to get fitter, so you’ll be better able to do more things like sports?  Find a reason within you.  It can’t be “I want to fit into smaller clothes.”  NO.  Cosmetic reasons will fail, because in the end we all grow old and beauty fades.  People who love you will love you for you, not because you’re beautiful.  At least those are the people you want in your life anyway.  It might take a little searching, but get to the bottom of the real reason why you want to get healthier.  Use this as your main motivation.
  • Then, find a support.  We all know you can’t do it alone (well, you can, but a support system keeps you accountable, and it’s really nice to have to talk about your progress/emotions/successes).  Talk to a friend, or family member.  If you can’t talk about it with someone like that, try someplace like a gym, a club, etc.  JOIN THE FITBLR COMMUNITY.  I’ve never seen people so damn supportive and caring towards one another than I have seen in the fitblr community.  I see so much positive on my dash, people supporting one another.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.  Make a blog, post about it.  Your followers (and followers who become friends!) will support you and cheer you on.  It’s an accountability thing, but also it’s a great support system.
  • Then, find healthy foods you actually LIKE.  I hate carrots plain.  Yuck.  But pair them with hummus and we’re smooth sailing.  Salads?  Gross!  But add toppings and find a salad dressing vinaigrette that you really love.  Not into salads?  Soups are fantastic, especially in the winter.  You can eat healthy and love what you’re eating.  You just need to explore!  Finding new recipes and foods are a great motivation. (Tumblr is a great resource for this, by the way.)
  • Along the same lines, try different exercises and sports!  Try cardio and weight training.  There are SO MANY things you can do: running, spinning, kickboxing, biking, soccer, skiing, and the list goes on!  Trying new workouts is a great way to get motivated and keep you from losing interest. 
  • And then…. keep going.  Continue to find new motivation as you go along.  Set goals for yourself.  If you pick up a new sport, get some goals to improve.  Set goals for your nutrition too, for example, I am going to eat more fiber.  Goals are good motivation too.  If you get a tumblr, follow some awesome motivating blogs and seeing their posts will motivate you too. (It’s why I love fancy pictures of healthy food and working out, kind of romanticizing it in a way - it’s motivating for me because “hey!  I wanna eat healthy too!”)  And the biggest thing is to keep going.  You might not see results immediately; results take time.  Keeping that motivation up and not giving up is important.  You have to fall in love with the process, and then the results will come.  
  • I wish you the best of luck in your fitness adventure, and we’re all here for you <33
Rule 47

Previous part can be found here.

Thanks to yourenotascoolasyouthink who read this and made sure most of it makes sense - I think.

Part Nineteen


“So then I told Angela and Max that we could swing around on Monday and…”

Grace nods, but doesn’t hear much else. She could blame it on the storm, but there are a dozen other, more accurate reasons she knows are true. 

Grace blames it on the storm

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Some things I've learned most recently:
  • It is possible to safely drive 250 miles with a Christmas tree bungee’d to your roof.
  • Even after four hours in a car, punk rock holds up quite nicely.
  • Fresh sap might possibly have the second most heady scent on earth, after sex.
  • Snow actually has a scent too, if you surround yourself with enough of it. Think clean laundry, fountain seltzer, and freshly washed hair.
  • Snowboarding is the reason we do squats like it’s our job, even if it’s the last reason we would think of, if asked.
  • A crackling fire is almost as zen as an ocean view. Almost.
  • There are probably three dozen kinds of pancakes that you’ve never heard of, I can guarantee it.
  • Rum spiked horchata is a thing. A really good thing.
  • Winter sports can serve as a reasonably satisfying substitute for summer sports, once you get past the bundled up and still not able to feel your fingers or your toes part.
  • It’s okay to leave your business for three days without the need to micromanage every little thing via text message.
  • Comfort zones were made to be bulldozed and leveled, then torched with the fire of a life lived fearlessly.
  • You can sleep when you’re dead.
  • Mondays come too soon.
Another Robin Hood Commentary... (ep.1.4)

Richard: Nearly hit the tree…

Gordon: Good horsemanship, Richard!

Richard: It was a bit jittery that day, actually…

Foz: [we had some problems…] so actually Jonas is never in the same place as Richard.

Dominic: That little half smile there…

Richard: That’s because he’s realised that Jonas is not in the same place!

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midnightmoonlightmusic  asked:

Could you do a highschool au where Gwiboon is the head cheerleader, Minho is the captain of the sports teams, and Jonghyun is the lead singer of the school band (which is actually pretty popular). Jonghyun and Minho both like Gwiboon who isn't sure exactly which of the two she wants to date, even though she does like both of them. Maybe something light, fluffy, and humourous about how Gwiboon has to deal with both of the flirty, lovesick boys on a weekly basis?^^ Thanks! ^.^

here have 2k of fic that didn’t even manage to get past friendship stage, haha. basically it’s an ot3 friendship at this point. but i hope it’s enjoyable! :D 

Although Jonghyun and Minho have been friends ever since kindergarten, they’ve never had a crush on the same girl. It’s sort of a wonder, really, and they’ve often joked about what different types they have, and how they’re lucky that it’ll create no rivalry between best friends. Minho is usually drawn to the girls on the same track team as he is, while Jonghyun is into the whole writing romantic poetry together sort of thing.

That all changes though. There’s a new girl in school, one early Monday morning, and they’ve both heard excited whispers about her already before they’ve seen her. They’re lounging outside the chemistry class during their free period, when they first catch sight of the newcomer.

She’s got chocolate brown curls, collected atop her head in a high ponytail, just a hint of makeup accentuating her features, and what she’s wearing… well, it’d be strange by anyone else’s standards but she manages to pull it off perfectly. She’s laughing at something Taeyeon has said, her eyes crinkling up at the corners, and both Minho and Jonghyun get stuck staring at the scene.

Until suddenly Jonghyun breaks the silence. “Dibs!”

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