i actually really like winter sports

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Any headcanons for the Face family getting snowed in for a week?

Hello darling~! :) So I wrote this up for you and then it was only when I went to post it that I noticed it said headcanons. T.T I’m sorry doll, I really am, my head just isn’t in the game. I really hope that you like this response anyway hun. D: And this was a cute & fun ask to complete so thanks a bunches for sending it in~!! Feel free to resend this ask if you really don’t like my response okay hun? Also please do forgive me if anything in here is inaccurate, I’m not a big sports person. X’D

America: Oh he would love it! Even though he’s not a fan of the cold, he does love some of the more exciting aspects of winter. Alfred wants to do all the fun activities possible and will just barrel his way through all the white fluff to do it, instead of actually shoveling like a normal person. He’d be grabbing a sled and his brother Matthew (and anyone else who wants to join in!) to go sled down some huge hill. He’d be interested in doing snow related sports too - since there’s so much snow - like snowboarding or skiing for the rush because he loves getting exercise while having a good time! Snowball fights and snowman competitions are also a must, what’s the fun in being snowed in if you’re not gonna take advantage of it right? He honestly rarely gets tired, where does this man get his energy. It takes a team effort of the others to get him to come in and chill out each night but he eventually calms down. Alfred likes hot chocolate to warm him up but always adds an absurd amount of marshmallows and whipped cream to it. He also has a tendency to drink it too fast and burn his tongue. :P

He’d have a good time enjoying the snow once he allows himself to relax and get into it, after all he is pretty used to it. America can be a bit much sometimes, dragging his brother to do all these activities with him but Matthew likes spending time with him despite this. He’s not as much into running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off to do all the fun stuff but he does enjoy hockey! Of course~ He enjoys it year round but this is the kind of weather where he can go outside and play it too. He’s not a fan of snowball fights with America though, because his brother gets way too into and pummels Matthew. Poor baby~ Still, he does find it kind of fun to get back at his brother when he teams up with France … But eventually, he gets tired and goes inside to snuggle up with Kumajirou, sipping on some hot chocolate with marshmallows as well. This is definitely his favorite way to end each night, because it helps him unwind after all the commotion during the day. 

France: Francis is not really into the winter or snow but he can find things he enjoys about it. He used to miss the beauty of the other seasons whenever winter came around but eventually, he came to see the winter as beautiful in its own way. He’d actually quite enjoy ice skating, especially when he gets good at it because he thinks it’s very elegant. Plus, he loves showing off~ He would act as if America’s snowball fights were super lame and immature but the moment he gets hit in the face by a snowball, it’s on! Suddenly, it’s him and Canada versus America and England. He’d take great pleasure every time he hits England and might make a few lower throws on purpose. At the end of the day though he prefers staying inside and relaxing by the fire place with a glass of wine. It’s a good way to spend the week they’re snowed in, just relaxing without a care in the world~

England: While the cold itself doesn’t bother him, Arthur finds snow to be a nuisance. It just piles up everywhere and makes the roads dangerous, then you have to shovel and when it melts it’s a brown color - Yeah he just doesn’t like it. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun if it’s the right circumstance. He enjoys watching the other three mess around in the snow and have fun being silly, because even he can admit it’s nice to relax every once in a while (but he’s still grumpy about being dragged outside). Things get a little out of control once America proposes the snowball fight though, because while Arthur normally isn’t up for such childish activities, the moment he looks at France’s pompous face he gets the urge to pummel him with a snowball. This starts an all out war and he ends up having more fun then he’ll ever admit to the others. Usually though he prefers staying inside, drinking some delicious tea while he embroiders. Occasionally he’ll yell at the others to quiet down but he secretly enjoys that week where they’re all snowed in together. Sort of. :P

-Mod Lily

Questions 2

2015-09-21 21:51:26 

It’s been awhile since I last uploaded a blog again 💦

I thought I would answer some more of the questions that you all have asked me. A lot of the questions you’ve been asking are one’s I’ve already answered, so please make sure you read my blog post from August 4th.

Question Corner #2 (。-`ω-)

This got kind of long, but please bare with me.

Q: Are you sensitive to the cold?
A: I’m really sensitive to the cold.
I never take off me muffler or my scarf in the winder season.
But, I do really like winter sports, like snowboarding.

Q: Why did you go from 181cm to 183 cm?
A: Well actually, I used to have bow-ed legs. At the time that I thought I wanted to work as an actor, I thought bow legs probably weren’t a good thing, so I commuted to the chiropractor.
It took a lot of time, but I’m glad I did it. Somehow, it was only a little bit, but I feel like it helped my confidence.
Even getting rid of one complex really makes you feel different.
Ah, um, in a word, I got taller because I fixed my bow legs!!

Q: If you hadn’t done volleyball, what sport would you have done?
A: track or handball i think!
I like running a lot, and even now I do a lot of running when I self-train, and I started liking handball when I played it in my physical education class.

Q: Can you surf?
A: I’m always saying I want to try surfing, but I can’t do it at all.
I have bad form, so I don’t want to let anyone see!
I’ll do my best not to let anyone see it next year either!!!

Q: Can you do acrobatics, too?
A: This also, I can’t do at all!
I can do it a little… kinda…
Also, people asked me if it was scary, but I gave up thinking that so now it’s not scary at all. It’s just really fun!

Q: What musical artists do you like?
A: I like backnumber, Sakurako Ohara… they’re pretty varied.
Music is important before an audition!!

Q: What songs do you like?
A: Songs like “花束” and “サンキュー”
Oh and 1/3’s “Junou no kanjou”!

Q: What kind of songs do you sing at karaoke?
A: Songs to get everyone pumped up, mainly.
At karaoke, the main goal it to have fun with everyone, so we try to get everyone involved lol

Q: What spots do you recommend to see in Gifu?
A: Don’t get lost!!
I have a lot of recommendations, but you should all go to 王道の高山 and 下呂温泉

Q: Do you have your ears pierced?
A: I don’t.
I wanted to be in a historical play, and I don’t think they had their ears pierced then (?)
Ah, the earring I bought recently was hurting so I haven been putting it in recently lol

Q: What kind of earring did you buy?
A: A reeeeeeeeeeally simple one.
My clothes and my furniture are the same, I really like simple things.
I might also be really bad at keeping up with what’s trendy…

Q: Were stripes created just for you?
A: I’m sorry, I laughed SO HARD when I read this lol.
I think they probably weren’t made just for me!
I wear a lot of stripes, but not THAT many.

Q: Do you like older girls? Or younger?
A: This is hard!
Both!! I think lol
I don’t really like one group more than the other, older women might spoil me, but I might feel cooler dating a younger girl lol

Q: What genre of movie do you like?
A: Action!!

Also… romance!!
Actually I really like shoujo manga lol

Q: What Jurassic World interesting?
A: Very! It was really exciting!!
If they make another I definitely want to go see it!
I saw it in 3D, but I wanted to see it in 4D
Next time I think I’ll see it in 4D.

Actually, there’s still a lot more questions i’ve answered….. but!!

That’s all for today!

It’s really long right now, so you’ll get tired.

Answering everyone’s questions like this is really fun. Somehow, I unintentionally wrote some really long answers.

This was really long, so you might get tired of it, but please stick with me for a bit longer!

It will continue tomorrow!!