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baumanelise: Who’s getting excited for @clexacon in Las Vegas?! I’ll be there March 4th and 5th to meet some of you rad humans. Get your tickets now cause they’re selling like hot cakes….I don’t actually know what a hot cake is, but does anyone really? And in case you were wondering, yes, I did film this in my shower, cause I’m fancy like that. #clexacon

Hey guys!  I’m getting so excited to come to Las Vegas for Clexa Con.  I’m going to be there Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th.  It’s going to be a great time.  I’m really excited to come.  I hope to see you guys there!”


HEY IT’S A (really late) VALENTINE’S DAY SEQUEL TO THIS! You should really look at that to understand what’s going on, but as a quick backstory to this, Adrien found out the scarf he thought his dad gave him was from Marinette, it upset him too much so he gave it back to her.

And then I hated that it was just angst so I made this to make up for it? What started as a one page thing turned into a too-many-pages thing. Hence being like… 2 weeks later for V-day. Oh well! Enjoy!

Also, as for what Marinette actually got Adrien…


baumanelise: Who’s getting excited for @clexacon in Las Vegas?! I’ll be there March 4th and 5th to meet some of you rad humans. Get your tickets now cause they’re selling like hot cakes….I don’t actually know what a hot cake is, but does anyone really? And in case you were wondering, yes, I did film this in my shower, cause I’m fancy like that. #clexacon

Tell me: what movies are you rooting for at the Oscars?

NGL, the only two movies I really liked were Fences and Hidden Figures

I read the stageplay for Fences when I was in college, and didn’t care for it terribly then, but seeing it acted out, I actually really liked it. Also, Viola Davis is a goddamn force of nature who can’t be stopped.

And Hidden Figures was just delightful. I’m a total nerd for NASA, and I love seeing the stories of how it all came together.

La La Land (AKA Hollywood Hand Job) was terribly over-rated and lacking in the wonderful pizazz of the 50s musicals that it’s supposed to be an homage to. Basically, if a ‘50s-style movie musical lacks A. Gene Kelly, B. Debbie Reynolds, C. Donald O’Connor doing backflips off of walls, and D. Cyd Cherisse’s legs, it’s going to suck.

Moonlight was absolutely beautiful, very important from an SJW representation standpoint, but incredibly fucking boring.

Manchester by The Sea was two hours of nothing but misery, Denzel in Fences was way better than Casey Affleck, and it breaks my heart to see Michelle Williams reduced to the Crying Wife.

And why the honest fuck would I ever subject myself to Hacksaw Ridge, or literally anything that Mel Gibson has gone within ten feet of?

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okay this probably really weird but ive never seen hannibal or even know what its about for aome reason i think its about cannibalism??? idk ive only seen pics of some dude covered in blood???? anywho is it canon tht the dude with curls and hannibal r in love? like ive seen weird neck grips super gay lines and apparently they fell off a cliff while embracing each other?? is this Canon or just a classic case of queerbaiting?

Hannigram is 100% real and canon

(actual line from the show) 

And later Gillian Anderson says to Will Graham “could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes, but do you ache for him” (what’s the point of asking that question if the answer is not gonna be yes in the end?)

It just happens that today we are in a 3 day con with the showrunner and the actor above (Hugh Dancy) and they keep reaffirming Hannibal and Will are in love, and yes they survived. 

The realtionship in the show is not something “only the audience will pick it up” even characters from the show acknowledge the relationship, they see they have a complicated and full of profound love relationship, even if they don’t approve of it.

Even a reporter straight out calls Hannibal and Will “murder husbands”.

Hugh Dancy just revealed us in this con that Will never thought Hannibal could love him back, because he thought him incapable of love but still Hannibal spends all S3 saying Will Graham makes him feel love.

(after seeing Will for a long time)

Hannibal is even jealous of the people in Will’s lives, and when Will maries a woman he even gets 10x more bitchy and even reminds Will they had a daughter together (and later calls him family)

The cast is also amazing and celebrates the ship and supports it. The showrunner Bryan Fuller has bought an anthology of Hannigram works, is right now at the con saying how are Will and Hannibal in bed (they switch), he lived tweeted with the fandom and everytime there is a hannigram moment he said it.

Some antis say Bryan Fuller queerbaits but he explained many times he didn’t make them kiss at the end because it didn’t felt right for the characterization of that moment, you can’t throw a tropey movie kiss after Will Graham spent 3 seasons being in denial, the mood had to be right. Season is supposed to explore that new relationship they are going to have, where they are finally honest with each other about their feelings. But seriously Will’s action in the last season say it all…it doesn’t need a kiss.

Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen gave us a many headcanons for the upcoming season, so they are not “no homo” ing all like other actors :))) they even say they are in love (how canon is that?!)

This show is no Sherock or Supernatural and Bryasn Fuller is the anti-thesis to Moffat, so please check it out, if you only want a kiss to be proven canon then wait for S4 but everything they do during the 3 seasons show Will and Hannibal’s feelings for each other


Star Vs. The Forces of Evil has a lot of really stupid love triangles (says the ace-spec. person) and shit for some reason and I’m never going to get into any of that, but THIS EPISODE!
Like, everything was so sweet, Star hooked everyone up with tickets to Love Sentence because she wanted to include Jackie in their friend things, but with Jackie and Star hitting it off Marco starts feeling left out.
But another thing to that, I think Marco was actually genuinely afraid Star would steal Jackie away from him somehow. He was afraid that being next to Star, he would seem “less cool” and Jackie would ditch him. And there was this.

Yeah, that’s pretty clear.
But after they noticed, they all made up and everything was nice again, then there was this nice scene where Star and Marco were getting excited about one of their songs and had to remember Jackie was there, but Star didn’t mind and they all had fun!

LIKE, OKAY, THIS EPISODE MADE ME REALLY LIKE AND REALLY THINK THEY’RE GOING POLY WITH THIS! Or at the very least jealousy is being put aside and the love triangle was going to die and they would all be happy for each other and with each other, but this episode got me really hyped for the first one.

Aaaaaaaaand then…!

Firstly, I’m glad she’s trying her best to be happy for Marco and Jackie and she really is trying to move on.
Secondly: POOR STAR!

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Okay, what do the paladins drink, boozahol-wise? What's each paladin's poison of choice? Also, do they just get tipsy/drunk/dead drunk? What kind of drunk is each paladin? and how do they handle the morning afters?


Shiro - Probably doesn’t care that much?  Won’t get, like, actually shitty beer (look, he’s a grown ass adult, he’s not drinking Pabst) but isn’t usually a drinker outside of social drinking.  He’s there to have a good time.  After a couple of drinks he can usually be goaded into drinking stuff that’s Really A Fucking Bad Idea.  Like, anything mixed with Red Bull.  Starts the night thinking he’ll get tipsy then stop at midnight, and 90 percent of the time follows through on that, but the times he doesn’t are legendary.  Also a SUPER affectionate/clingy drunk.

Lance - Lance is here for the party, he’s here to get wasted, he’s already hitting on everyone.  But Lance is also a PANSY when it comes to his drinks in terms of the burn.  So he has a ton of mixed drinks where he can’t taste shit, but jokes on the world cause those things are normally pretty fucking alcoholic.  They will fuck you up.  Spends the night draped on everyone who will let him.  For most of the night this is Hunk but clingy!Shiro will literally snuggle into his shoulder and drunk!Lance thinks that’s THE BEST so he’ll hang out with him instead.

Hunk - Hunk has TASTE, okay.  He’s not here for anything cheap and he has Opinions on beer.  Actually a big fan of cider, though, of all stripes.  Likes brewery stuff or trying lots of aged stuff and wines.  Do not let him into the wine he will start planning meals around it, remember their lack of resources and then mope.  Very chill drunk.   Rarely gets behind tipsy, really doesn’t like the feeling.  Mostly he’s the kind to sit in a corner and talk with someone as long as he can.  He just wants to make friends : (   Also kind of the designated baby sitter friend, it’s a Curse.  

Pidge - drinks exclusively hard liquor.  Rum is alright, whiskey is better, brandy is good, ect.  Really, really overestimates how much she can drink.  Starts off the night thinking she’s Marian from Indiana Jones but really she’s Pidge, and Pidge is 5′ not much and 100 pounds total and doesn’t have as much experience as she wishes she does.  A babbler when drunk, and runs a mile a minute.  Because unintelligible as the night goes on and is normally among the first to crash.

Keith - Genuinely the best at holding is drink.  Everyone likes to think it’s because he’s Galra.  Let them think this, it’s better for everyone.  Super awkward at parties, but likes friend drinking stuff.  Enjoys drinking games for shows/movies, not so much with friends.  Does not want to play Never Have I Never because no matter what the answer is he’s gunna get teased : /  Lay off, Lance.  Is NOT more touchy when he’s drunk.  The Snow White kind of drunk where he’ll hang out with the pets all night if he gets the opportunity.  Embarrassed by his friends. So much.  Tolerates drunk Shiro like a full grown cat with a puppy.  AKA lots of staring into the camera with a murderous look on his face while Shiro draped over him and nuzzles into his hair (’are you sure you don’t want to borrow my Shampoo?  Is it rough because you’re Galra, do you think?’)

Allura and Coran - This shit is water to them and they have no idea with the fuck is up with these losers tbh

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Silver Glitter

This is a good one. I really like this one and how it turned out. It’s actually one of the better aesthetics of the batch. It’s surprisingly difficult to come up with captions for a dozen aesthetics. This will be a lot more difficult than I expected. I’ll just repeat what I said before: week of aesthetics; away on vacation; no new edits, just aesthetics

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I just saw a post that said this "Isn’t it funny that heroine + villain shipping was non-existent in Star Wars fandom from 1977-2015, " .... and they really seemed to mean it?? Are they lost? Do they know where they are?

I’ve seen it too! That’s what @rhodanum and I were talking about the other day—these sweeping generalizations that seem based on total ignorance of the actual history of the actual fandom. It’s like everything that came before is just background noise for TFA, not earlier parts of the same ongoing series and pop culture phenomena in their own right.

It’s also wilfully disingenuous by using ‘heroine,’ frankly. Antagonistic ships are wildly popular regardless of gender, with hero/villain a classic one. Not just any heroic character/any villainous character, but heroic protagonist/villainous antagonist. Since there literally were no female protagonists in the movies until 2015, it artificially excludes the cases that would be mostly directly analogous anyway.

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what if all of the paladins ( and allura) take turns piloting black while shiro is gone? like, depending on the mission type they each take turns being the leader, while still making mostly group decisions? idk i just want everyone as black paladin.

i actually really really love this idea. for missions like the balmera, hunk would take charge. with the olkari, it’d be pidge. there are actually multiple times lance has owned it, so yeah, he’d take black quite a few times. so would allura. i’m sure even keith would get a few chances.

oooh and like!! since allura is connected to all the lions, she’ll fill in for whoever is in black at the time!! this is such a good concept thank you so much anon!!!

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So my thought is that the "epic" adventure CS is going on is marriage. Not an adventure as in realm hopping and fighting evil. And we probably won't see anything on this marriage adventure. So Adam technically didn't lie but misled. Total ratings bait. Watch the 10 eps before they totally mess it up b/c those 2 write the finales. It's not going to be anything like CS deserves, that's depressing.

If that’s what Adam meant than that is one deception I can get behind. That would actually be really adorable if he likened their wedding/marriage to an adventure full of passion and romance. That’s actually extremely sweet.

All I want is a happy ending. That is literally it. No fucked up twists. No implications that things didn’t end up alright for them with sad future children. Just a fairy tale fucking ending for a fairy tale show and a satisfying conclusion to 6 years worth of this story.

I just want them to understand that not everything has to be shocking or edgy or full of twists and turns. I have literally never seen anyone who watches this show say that is why they watch it and I wish more showrunners would realize that.


baumanelise Who’s getting excited for @clexacon in Las Vegas?! I’ll be there March 4th and 5th to meet some of you rad humans. Get your tickets now cause they’re selling like hot cakes….I don’t actually know what a hot cake is, but does anyone really? And in case you were wondering, yes, I did film this in my shower, cause I’m fancy like that. #clexacon

After reading the tags on my Efi post I want to explain the reason I didn’t mention racism at all is because I haven’t been able to find any person or source directly arguing FOR “Efi is evil,” just a lot of people arguing AGAINST it.*

* (Please note I do not venture onto sites like Reddit or Overwatch forums so if there were arguments against her there I don’t know about them.  My reference in this case is Tumblr only and tbh I think that’s true for many people reading this post.)

The immediate IDEA that “Efi is evil!” is rooted in racism, yes

But here, I can’t say the ARGUMENT “Efi is evil!” was rooted in racism because THERE WAS NO ARGUMENT TO BEGIN WITH.  NO ONE was ACTUALLY arguing she was evil.

So I think what really happened is SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS completely misread a simple post showing visual similarities between the “eye” in Sombra’s backstory and the paint around Efi’s eye.  Instead of interpreting the images as potentially cool story elements, those individuals interpreted it as an attack on Efi’s character by the OP.  

Perhaps they made this reach because Sombra is presented as a shady character in the Overwatch universe and the “the eye” was speculated to have nefarious associations (because it showed up as a negative thing in Sombra’s backstory). Showing parallels between an 11 year old and a potentially dangerous organization was entirely misread (either accidentally or intentionally) as calling the 11 year old herself dangerous, and thus “evil.” 

And Efi is also black, which made it even easier for individuals to justify the “OP must be racist” response on tumblr dot com.  Again, I’ve not seen ANYONE make the case that Efi is evil, I’ve ONLY seen people argue against it.

A lot of responses with no source suggests the responses ARE the source.

The likely truth is NO ONE genuinely thought Efi was evil, or at least they didn’t when her design was first revealed.   Everyone was rushing to put out a fire where there was no real fire, just people blowing smoke.

Thus, most of the “Efi is evil” discourse is the direct result of specific individuals actively stirring shit and creating drama where there was originally none, so that’s why I did not mention racism in my post.  

“From the curb it doesn’t really look like much, but once you get inside its got a real ass on it” is actually a good description of watching Sunny.

Just from promos it looks like a show just about a bunch of bad/offensive people, but once you really watch you realize there’s a lot more to it.

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How about a Sag + Leo relationship?

“Ohmygod, don’t do that,” Sag said, holding onto Leo’s hand for dear life. 

“Do what?” Leo asked innocently, blinking as if he hadn’t just kind-of-not-really threatened Sag. 

“You know what I mean,” She hissed in reply, “Just don’t do it.” 

“Like this?” A twinkle was in his eye, and he immediately crouched onto one leg, “Sagittarius, I LOVE YOU, and I would want to MARRY YOU FOREVER, but-” 

“LEO!” She yelped, turning red in the face immediately, “You’re making a scene!” 

“Oh honey,” He said, exaggeratedly, “Don’t be like that or else people will think you don’t want to be with me.”

“You’re testing me so bad I’m actually thinking about it.” 

He mock frowned, “But honey, I want to MARRY YOU, and I LOVE YOU.” 

“I swear-” 

“Come on, give a kiss to seal the deal.” 

“Oh shut up.” 

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You cool with me gushing about Kageyama to you? Because my god have you seen his face? Of course you have. It's in full grump mode 90% of the time, sure. But when he smiles he looks so god damn cute. Okay, smile may be a strong word, but still. He pulls some of the cutest expressions in the whole series. And I think his grumpiness is what makes him so cute? Like his (almost) smiles are so rare that when they happen it's like BAM! Cute! Someone save Hinata.

I’m 100% always cool about this sort of gush. Kageyama’s entire modus operandi is to be the biggest grump all of the time so that when he smiles, it levels entire city blocks with the magnitude of how great his face is. 

I like his grumpiness because it really doesn’t seem to be actual grumpiness most of the time, it’s just that he’s not the type of person to go out of his way to engage people, or be bothered with how that makes him appear (I actually don’t think he grasps that it makes him appear so unapproachable, tbh). He’s actually surprisingly ungrumpy a lot of the time throughout the series – but his grumpy moments are so spectacularly grumpy that they stand out as a defining character trait, lol. And he smiles a lot more than people realize, too, I think!! They are almost smiles, a lot of the time, but he has a ton of genuine ones that are done just… because he’s in a good volleyball mood. 

Whatever is going on with his face, though, Hinata can’t be saved. It’s too late for him.

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Hey hey, can I ask how you feel about He Tian bottoming? Because you only write him as a top what I totaly understand but I just have this thing for He Tian giving up his "power position" (do you know what I mean? English is not my native language) and giving himself to Mo and ohwwoiohfih sorry if this is too personal and something you don't want to answer >_< please ignore it then

Hi! Hahaha, not too personal at all! 

I was actually going to write a NSFW scene for TianShan Week with He Tian bottoming, but I ended up writing very little smut at the end of it hahaha! I actually really like the idea. It gets rid of the stigma surrounding male-male sex and yaoi/BL tropes, and is far more reflective of real life gay couples, for whom most don’t really have a set ‘position’? 

Like, of course there is preference, and just general physical ease, but for most it’s just how someone wants to have sex on any given day? You don’t sign up to a relationship and tick a box on whether you bottom or top.

I’m thinking about a scene in Dawn Rising actually… Just how careful Guan Shan would be and how they’d snap at each other while they prepared themselves, because He Tian would never have let anyone get quite that close before. Like, there’s a severe amount of trust involved in sexual acts of any kind (or am I being a romantic?) so I think it would mean a lot for him to do something like that – and like you said ‘give himself’ to Guan Shan. 

In ancient Greek and Roman contexts, it very much is about a power play. If you are the submissive (the one being penetrated), then this is unmanly and you are the subject of social ridicule (unless you are a boy and undergoing ‘teaching’, but once you reach manhood it would be socially frowned upon for you to be sexually penetrated from then on). I think the same idea has still clung with us today through the emergence of Christianity – that to be the bottom is to be unmanly, and to be handing over power. 

While I understand the ‘power’ part, only on account of giving someone trust, the ‘unmanly’ or feminised part of male gay sex is pure sexism – and ‘lo and behold, that has certainly stayed with us.