i actually really like this set

I know we all complain about marlene and what she’s done to the show, but let’s be real for a second. she’s spent 7 years of her life dedicated to this show, imagine all the nights of hard work, long days on set, business meetings, interviews she’s had to do. whether she like the direction of the show or not, it was her baby. she really cared about it, you can’t dispute that. so seeing her little cameo at the end really made me smile because she deserved that moment of actually being in the world she helped create over the years, even if it was just for a few seconds. you can’t really begrudge her that.

Why do they continue to set him up his beyond me. That interview was embarrassing and D was completely uncomfortable saying every word spoken.

Team incompetent. That interview is only going to hurt him. Please stop putting him in situations where he is forced to blatantly lie.

I actually just feel like crying for him at this moment. Is really no end to what you are willing to do to sell your brand? Pathetic excuses for humans.

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1,2,3,4? :)

Ahh thank you so much for the ask, Anon! I had a lot of fun typing the responses out and I hope you enjoy them!

1. What’s your favorite monster?

This one is a tie between the Leshen and the Slyzard. The Leshen just stands out as very interesting in design and I especially like the variety it can have in the small details like its antlers and moss in that regard. I also have a lot of fun fighting it and has a unique skill set from vanishing, sending out thorns, and summoning wolves. Just an overall ominous creature that I get really excited to fight when I randomly encounter it in the woods. The Slyzard only showed up once and was limited to Blood and Wine, yet it was an amazing creature that was as close to a dragon as the monsters could get without it actually having to be a dragon.

2. What’s your least favorite monster?
I despise fighting Kikimores! I have nothing against the design of them and they have interesting effects they use such as increasing toxicity levels, but it is a frickin’ pain to take on a group of them on Death March! I like using a lot of potions in combat, but it’s very limited when facing these guys and I almost always encountered then in tight, dark tunnels which only increased the difficulty. Best way I found around it is using Northern Wind bombs to freeze them, but it can still be quite the endeavor. 

3.Did any monster ever keep you up at night?
This is a difficult one to answer. There wasn’t any monster in particular that scared me so much to keep me up, but I have stayed up thinking about a few after finishing a session with them in it. The Crones and Caretaker are the ones that immediately come to mind. Just the circumstances and story surrounding them make them unique and makes me wonder how they came to be and what they’ve influenced or manipulated during the time of their existence. The Caretaker even seems tragic to me in a way as it bound by duty and has ties to the mess surrounding Olgierd’s mansion.

 4. Did you kill the Cat School Witcher or let him live?
I let him live. My thinking was that there were so few Witchers left and that I didn’t want to be the cause of one less roaming around even if the common folk won’t appreciate it. It was wrong of him to kill all those villagers, but I can’t say they were excusable either with their actions. They forced the Witcher to risk his life for so little coin and tied to kill him underhandedly. It was a betrayal against someone doing good work that few others could do, though the Witcher’s reaction was wrongfully to the extreme. 

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Hello! I think your art is really nice, it's just really pleasing to look at overall! ;v; I was wondering about what program you use and your brush settings? :o

ah gosh, thanks !! a majority of the time im using paint tool sai, if not firealpace/medibang. i actually have a LOT of brushes because i like to change things up here and there, but heres the few that i use most often ! v v v 

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Do you have any headcannons for Ukraine?

oh god i wish!!!! i really should, but what I have for her is so little. At least with Gil I can rely on the comic for a leading line to show me where to go, but when it comes to Ukraine its just………[Large Breasts Joke].


that being said: I think she probably likes horseback riding and going fast in general, generally prefers large animals to small ones, and a sturdy pair of boots. It’s a shame i put the plants where I did in that pic, bc i actually spent a lot of time rendering her steel toed boot LMAO.
I think she’s probably a little existentially exhausted? And that she’d probably have a darker sense of humor—Like, i’m not entirely about that ‘cry-baby-with-a-big-heart’ thing that the anime posed. ALSO engineering, what do u wanna bet that she’s a mech-e

None of this is set in stone really, it’s just kinda the feelings i get? subject to change if and when i explore her character more

// Anyone here read books by Tamora Pierce because honestly she was all I read as a kid and her books were AMAZING and actually really help with writing in a medieval fantasy setting during RPing now?

(and for those who haven’t heard of her, she’s a fantasy author who writes about magic and girls becoming knights and ALWAYS has female leads in her stories and they were the most wonderful things to read as a kid and I’m like 25 now and still go back to them when I want to read something easy and comforting.)

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Didi walked into the saloon, trying to look older than he actually was, and likely fooling no one. He wasn't trying anything that would get him in trouble, really! But too many places had already shoo'd him away before he could explain that. He walked up to the bar. "Hey, 'scuse me? Can I ask you something? Um, are there any decently priced inns around here...?"

K401-N set down the glass he was cleaning and leaned over the counter.

“Sure kiddo, there’s one down the main road of town that charges a dollar a night.” K401-N swept his eyes up and down the child. “You look parched. Care for a water or root beer?”

For the last few days, some asshole has been setting off fireworks every night. It’s not even July yet. Sometimes they’re doing it in the morning/middle of the day.

Not only is it disruptive and freaks out my dog, but it’s actually illegal to do so here in a residential area EXCEPT SOMETIMES ON CERTAIN HOLIDAYS, so this is just really unsettling. Augh.

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Oscar really is in trouble isn't he? RWBY likes setting up dominoes in advance and Ozpin being arrogant hasn't actually been called out to the audience directly. Yes we have had Salem via Cinder calling it as she sees it. But as that information source is a villain- the audience is discounting it I believe. And a dead character has difficulty in proving arrogance. A body jacker however, I think fits the very definition of arrogance. Salem's actions make more sense with a body jacker I believe

yeah, Salem talks about Ozpin with a lot of familiarity, she’s known him personally for a long time, and his response to her in the first episode makes more sense with that, that he eventually subsumes the body he’s moved into, than “well according to the memories i have from 17 consciousnesses ago, you used to believe such and such” - there’s familiarity beyond memory there

Ozpin’s morally gray as hell (and getting moreso all the time), he’s not some unambiguous Big Good, he’s basically the Closest Thing We’ve Got when it comes to opposing Salem but he still uses and manipulates people and shit like forcing a person’s soul into another with only minor qualms that clearly aren’t a deal breaker

Ozpin’s got a lot to answer for, so him fading into Oscar’s subconscious (especially as a. we only know he will from his word, and he’s a proven manipulator, b. we don’t know what convinced Oscar to leave when he was dead set against it the previous time we saw him and c. Ozpin can peruse any part of Oscar’s mind he chooses but Oscar can only access what Ozpin deigns to show him) seems unlikely. i mean just that we’ve seen his manipulations ultimately cost Pyrrha her life, his lack of action was the root of a lot of things that might’ve been prevented, including costing Penny and who knows how many others their lives, the loss of the school (and potentially a relic) and Yang her arm (and as a result, Yang was left alone following it)

he may be the part of the reason Raven ditched (as with her knowledge her once being part of his Lollypop Guild seems likely - increased likelihood more if she is magical as theorised), he most likely was the one who sent Summer on the mission that got her killed (he definitely had Summer in his little gang, given Qrow’s knowledge of her powers, his interest in having Ruby at Beacon and Hazel saying ‘we’ve dealt with her kind before’ implies Salem’s Lot absolutely had a role in her death) - really you could draw a timeline of events and a lot of shit traces back to Ozpin (and on the other end, the result is ‘Yang suffers as collateral’ usually - and given how often Yang’s paralleled with villains, ‘getting screwed over by Ozpin’s actions’ might as well count as one for Salem)

if Ozpin fades away, he doesn’t get to face punishment or calling out for what he did. plus, whatever happened with Salem that has driven her to these actions will be directed at someone who technically no longer exists except via a proxy (which would be alright if it were some unambiguous big good being targeted by a distant big bad that simply doesn’t know her enemy has been technically long dead for centuries/millennia, but they clearly know each other personally)

Oscar getting subsumed and Ozpin taking over adds more moral greyness to Ozpin - and then there’s Qrow’s ‘it’s good to see you Oz’ when he hands over the cane, like, okay, confirmation for Oscar that he’s not actually going insane, sure. and yes, confirmation for Qrow that his boss isn’t dead for good, fine. but that’s a really weird way of saying that, like, “see” is the operative term, as if Oscar and Ozpin are now interchangeable. if it was ‘hear from you again’, because Oscar’s technically passing on a message, that’d be less weird

on top of that, Oscar’s character design might hint at that - the scarf he has in one of his pockets is multicoloured, very similarly to the fourth incarnation of the Doctor, from Doctor Who, who famously can regenerate into a new actor, and while it’s a new face and a somewhat modified personality, he’s still more or less the same guy. so that being what’s happening, Ozpin ‘regenerating’ into Oscar, same guy, different face and quirks, seems very likely

Trending 27th part 3

What is the best thing that has happened to you the past year because of Wander over Yonder?

I don’t think there’s really a single event that happened to me. Mostly, the show just inspired me to be a better person. 

I’ve started setting up a charity fundraiser doodad thing that you might have read about, and I have never done anything that ambitious before. I still don’t know if that’s going to actually happen, but even considering the possibility of doing something like that because I chose to and not because someone made me do it is a pretty big step forward for me.

I hope that someday I can inspire people the way that Craig and the rest of the WOY crew have inspired me with this show.


whom else here gay and unstable


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

Things I really loved about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in earnest


1. Yondu’s “I’m Mary Poppins y'all!” after Peter says he’s cool. Because yes, it’s a hilarious line, but it’s also such a DAD thing. Like, who can’t say that their dad wouldn’t be so proud to be considered cool by their son and it’s so unexpectedly sweet because of it.

2. The fact that Baby Groot cries like an actual baby once. Because it’s like it’s stabbing you in the heart, but it’s so effective because you really forget that he really is a baby with all the things he can do until then, and that brings you right back.

3. The symmetry in Yondu’s redemption. Yondu is damned because he brings Ego’s children to Ego and his planet to be sacrificed, and he’s redeemed by sacrificing himself to save Ego’s child (who really is HIS child) and bring him away from Ego’s planet.

4. Drax’s interaction with Mantis, especially him holding her while he drowns in Ego’s planet. Because Drax is like this big murderous comic relief character, but his screen time with Mantis was this lovely way to remind the audience that Drax has this soft side and this tragic past without shoving it in your face. Drax might laugh at your pain, but he’d also try to save you even as he was drowning, and it’s a perfect way to frame his character.

5. Ego’s “For the first time, I am truly not ALONE!” and his alieness in general. Because don’t get me wrong, Ego is absolutely a non redeemable wonky bonkers genocidal jerk off, but he’s got this great alien quality to him that I feel this series really needed. It’s not in how he looks, but his motives and how he acts. Ego is a millennia old being; a god in a world of mortals. His view point of the world and his actions are so very true to that idea that we almost can’t relate because no one can imagine what it must be like to be that old or that powerful. But when he yells that one line out, we really get it. Ego, for all his power, is just like us; he just doesn’t want to be alone. Coupled with his god like alien superiority, his ego - get it? ;) - he sees the expansion as the way to answer that feeling. If everything is him, after all, then he can’t be alone, see? What makes him a great villain is that he actually had the real answer all along - love, family - but he chose to destroy it because he felt it was beneath him; because of his subconscious disgust at his own desire to be “just like the rest of them.”

6. Nebula’s “You wanted to win and I just wanted a sister!” And how it turns the tables on how we view her relationship with Gamora. Because Nebula is clearly set up to be the ‘bad sister’ to Gamora’s ‘good sister’ and that one line really throws that on its head and shows that neither one of them are good or bad. I also love how it’s Gamora that ends up apologizing to Nebula, after everything, and Gamora who finally returns Nebula’s offer of sisterhood after all of those years.

7. “You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my Walkman!” Like, this line right here; the essence of Peter Quill in 10 words. Perfection.

8. The batteries as they relate to the parallel of Yondu’s and Rocket. Because them as a parallel is basically smashed over our heads, but I liked the subtle batteries parallel in that Rocket steals batteries he doesn’t need and Yondu steals Peter, who is used as a battery by Ego. It’s just a little thing but I found it really neat.

9. Rocket’s “I can only afford to lose one friend today,” line and how although it’s clearly framed to be about Peter, it’s also possibly about Yondu. Because no matter what, Rocket is losing a friend and it’s a great line to add to his character development from a guy who started trying to push his friends away to a guy who can’t lose them.

10. The contrast between how Peter reacts to the death of Ego and Yondu. He holds both as they die but he’s just silent and unaffected by Ego and he’s distraught and trying desperately to save Yondu, trying to pull off the suit to give to Yondu and save him instead. Can you say tears?

11. Don’t even talk to me about the Ravager funeral.

12. That the movie really was truly about family. Drax and his family and Mantis, Gamora and Nebula, Rocket and the Guardians, everyone parenting Groot and Peter realizing that the dad he’d wanted all along was actually the one he’d had. Often these superhero movies pull the “we’re family” card and it doesn’t feel earned, but man it does in this one. This movie is like Marvel’s “The Fast and The Furious IN SPACE” and it’s just great.


He asked me, “Hey, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when everyone turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?


Commission for the lovely @star-set​ ! Then in addition to for being so nice with me I decided to turn the artwork into a little gif. I hope you’ll like it :)

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

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oh sorry one more thing so in fourth year Mrs. Weasley knits Harry a Weasley sweater but this time with a DRAGON on it, plus he gets a little dragon model of the Horntail and I just have this headcanon that like most kids with horses and dinos Harry blooms into the "dragon obsessed stage" at 14 but JK just didn't feel like mentioning it. (charlie understands, ron is lowkey mortified since his dragon phase was age 8)

I endorse this headcanon 200%! And while we’re at it, I actually often wonder what happened to that tiny Horntail. Like, where did it go.

“Harry set his tiny model of the Hungarian Horntail on the table next to his bed, where it yawned, curled up and closed its eyes. Really, Harry thought, as he pulled the hangings on his four-poster closed, Hagrid had a point… they were all right, really, dragons…”  

Was it somewhat alive? Did it need to eat? Something tells me that the answer to both of these questions is no and that it was probably an ordinary still model with temporary charms (which will wear off eventually) on it, but I still love this idea of Harry keeping it as a pet and feeding it frogs and mice.


GRIMM | 6.12

I thought I lost you once already tonight. Be careful.

Bts reaction to their crush saying “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you”

Wow that’s a long ass title

Seokjin: You two were best friends who had a hell load of tension going on. You were over at Jin’s place to just hang out. He always thought that his feelings were one sited so he never even considered confessing to you. All of the sudden you asked him about his sex life, being afraid that the answer would hurt you since you have a crush on him too. Being confused he’d answer honestly: “Lately there’s not much going on. I’d feel uncomfortable doing it with someone who isn’t you.” he confessed by mistake. He’d feel really embarrassed as he realizes what happened. You said: “I didn’t thought you feel like this. Well, if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you”. Jin would be soooo happy saying: “I’d really be honored to take your virginity. I like you, y/n.” He’d approach you slightly giving you a soft kiss which leads to a heavy make out session. Being the gentleman he is, he wouldn’t let it come too far without dating you. 

Jin on the inside:

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Namjoon: You two were chilling alone at a house party together. Because you already drank a bit Namjoon felt confident enough to start asking private questions. Technically it wasn’t your idea to tell him you’re just the most honest person after only one shot of tequila. Without him having to ask you just went for it and said: “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you” Namjoom had his facial expression under control only a dirty smile covered his face. “I knew that! You like me and I like you..” He’d immediately start acting all cocky and flirty with you which leaded to making out in a spare room. He was grinding on you making you horny and kissing your neck until he left hickeys. But Namjoon wouldn’t want you to regret anything the next morning so he delayed your first time to when you’d be sober. “You don’t want to be drunk on your first time, just call me when you want. Or should I call you?” 

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Yoongi: Yoongi and you were these kind of best friends who spend all of their time together. Once the two of you were taking a nap over at his place. Having a light sleep Yoongi cuddled with you. He always acted like you were his girlfriend. You thought he was still awake and told him “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you”. Yoongi would wake up totally confused and look at you. He’d hug you tight from the back and kiss your neck saying: “Y/n, is it that obvious that I have a crush on you?” Still being sleepy he’d unhook your bra under the shirt of him that you wore. Rolling you over he kissed you multiple times. Astonishing your now fully naked body he kissed you again. “It won’t hurt, I promise”

Yoongi when he wakes up confused:

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Hoseok: You and Hobi were at a club going crazy and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. That was the moment you fell for him, his cheerful and happy personality and -we’re not gonna ignore this- of course his handsome looks. When a sexy R’n’B song played you decided to dance seductively. Hobi was left with surprise as he joined you and the tension started to grow until he kissed you in the middle of the dancefloor. Hobi started to giggle like a little kid deciding to go home with you. As you made out on his bed you said. “If I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you.” He’d smile really brightly feeling honored to take your virginity as he slowly unclothed you.

Hoseok seeing you dance:

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Taehyung: You guys were friends but had secretly feelings for each other. You were totally in love with him but your lack of experience made you self-conscious. One day Tae was bragging about fucking this girl just to make you jealous. Your reaction to it had him SHOOK. You just said “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you” as a response. Tae would need several moment to realize what just happened but once he did he’d confess.”I’m sorry for being such an cocky asshole but that was my way to make you jealous. I actually have a crush on you and it’ll make me really happy to fuck yo- I mean take your virginity.” You just laughed and kissed him. He’d pick you up like a bride and carried you to his bed.

Tae being shook because of your response:

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Jimin: All the other member knew about you being Jimin’s crush and tried to set you up. They invited you over to a house party. Everything went fine, you talked with Jimin the whole time, until Jungkook suddenly shouted:”LET’S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE”.. Namjoon called your name and you chose truth. “Who out of all the people here would you have sex with?”. You answered honestly with “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you, Jimin” looking at him. He was blushing and smiling happy. Next Hobi dared Jimin to spend 30 minutes with you in his room. Arriving there he confessed to you. “I’m so sorry it had to happen like this. The other’s tried really hard.” he said. “Well it worked and by the way we have still 20 minutes left.” you smiled sheepishly. Being confident he kissed you slowing unclothing your body.

Jimin when you said you still have 20 minutes:

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Jungkook: Kookie asked you out on a date after crushing over you for a long time. You were out walking around the city after having a drink. He was leading you to his favorite spot on a hill where you could see the stars and the whole city shining. You were sitting on a blanket his arm around you. You talked about so many different things until he asked you if you’ve ever been in a serious relationship. You answered with yes but admitted being a virgin. He was surprised because you seemed quite mature.“But actually if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you” you said. Jungkook would turn into JungSHOOK before acting really cocky. “I mean if you’re up to it..” You’d kiss. First slow but then it turned into a real make out session. He slid his hand up your skirt grabbing your ass. “We probably have to do this an other time unless you want to lose your virginity in a place were people could easily see us.”

Jungkook being cocky:

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So this took quite a long time hope u enjoyed it!