i actually really like this omg

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im really curious about what jk's bedroom looks like now because it used to be soooo crammed with equipment/musical instuments etc but now that he has his own studio he must have more space. Like i wonder if he got rid of his uncomfortable bunk bed and replaced it with something else or if he kept it so he still has an excuse to go sleep on other peoples beds lol

omg same? i wonder if he actually got a separate room like rap line in the bighit building to put all his musical equipment and call “golden studio” 😭😭 and if thats the case he could definitely free up a lot of space in his actual bedroom. even then, i bet it’d still be pretty cramped.. i mean his room is small and he still managed to put a whole ass fridge in there sndhsdjsd and in my head he just sleeps in the other boys’ beds and bedrooms hahaha

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OMG, just had to let you know I laughed SO hard at your Fushimi-minion pic. (It's PERFECT!) Then I proceeded to giggle madly, and then chuckle for many minutes after that. Thanks for the laughs, I REALLY needed them today :D

I’m glad you liked it :D Between that and last weekend’s Shrek!Fushimi I think I’ve reached the limit of CGI character Fushimis–

–Oops my Photoshop slipped

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Omg sadistic murderer!ten,,,,askajdks umm yes like please ;)

I want to try a very grey area character where he murders and tortures for fun and he genuinely doesn’t understand how much it destroys people,,, and like, he just doesn’t understand so he keeps doing it and he gets really defensive when people attack him for it bc humans are just play toys to him they don’t actually have feelings :/

his personality is very similar to one of my oc villains and i think that’s why i can see him this way,,,

New Character Excitement!!!!

Hey guys I just created a new character for my Blood Will Run and I’m super excited because they’re going to be nonbinary and I’ve never had a character like them before and I’m just so excited to get to know them and uuuggghhhh I’m just really excited because they’re actually really freaking awesome omg aaahhh so very excited

🐰 Sweet Dreams Usagi 🐰


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

How to break the news to the LGBT+ fans
  • The correct way: I love the passion from our fans and that they continue to watch our show, but unfortunately it doesn't look like my character and my coworker's character will be in a romantic relationship. I'm really sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear, and I really hope the fans find the representation they clearly deserve
Quick Little Detail I Noticed:

Victor has a shit ton of lamps pointed towards him in bed. Like I get having a lamp on your nightstands but it struck me as a bit odd that they would be shining at really harsh spots if her were to just turn them on willy nilly in the middle of the night. 

Then I had the thought that ‘Omg those lamps are actually in really good positions for reading in bed.’  (Plus they’re adjustable!!!!). Like I can just imagine Victor curled up in bed with Makka (and Yuuri of course) enjoying a good book until a reasonable hour before going to bed. Yuuri is a night goblin and usually stays up later than him but that’s a different story … 

Look at this shit! the lower lamps are pointed towards Victor’s lap and the other two look to be shining over his shoulder. Now I don’t know about you, but if I were to have four fucking lamps hovering next to my head this set up would make sure just about every uncomfortable reading position you can imagine is well lit. 

Then of course I remembered the little fact that in the Bluray version Victor’s apartment is absolutely crawling with books:

I’ll just say I’ve always subscribed to the headcannon that Victor is a well read fellow so I might be a wee bit biased but I definitely think those lamps have aided Vitya in his nightly romps around various literary worlds. 

tl;dr: Vitya’s a late night bookworm y’all. 


so uh
I drew some cat boys

i actually intended to just indulge myself and draw keith with cat ears
but suddenly there is lance???? idk man


October 23 2017

greetings from midterm hell

Jk organic chem today was EXACTLY what I expected it to be so I’m not mad at all, unLIKE PHYSICS WHICH HAD ME SHOOK IN THE TESTING ROOM. I swear these professors are on some next level bullshit because they can write some really curveball tests. Like how did he even think of writing a test in that way, to make INTRO PHYSICS so difficult, im so impressed but sad omg. ive never taken a test like that in my life it was so weird (no calculator physics test so like………youknow..it was difficult). We had an hour and twenty minutes and still I didn’t finish the last part. fmlfmlfmflfm

anyways my last midterm (molecular bio) is tomorrow evening and I am excited because this is actually something that I know how to study for LOL I hope it’s not too bad im dying over here

Rupi Kaur themed spread from last week!! AND MY BOOK CAME IN EEK. Thankful that week is over smh

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I bet Yuuri and Victor are actually really good at making each other laugh, like you don't really see that much in the serious but I feel like Yuuri secretly has a wicked sharp sense of humor, and we know Victor is so extra so he's just such a big goof to make Yuuri smile. And like this one time Victor made Yuuri laugh until he cried over something so silly and Yuuri was clinging to him because he couldnt stand up and then Yuuri said something even -funnier- and then Victor starts laughing <3333

that’s an adorable hc omg adfjdlfjalds


HE DOES. also that is the cutest thing i have ever read