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I feel like I need to lose weight to get a girlfriend, all the lesbians and bisexual women I know are into boyishly skinny women and it's just hopeless for me.

There is definitely a certain look that seems very popular out there - ya know, the skinny gal with the undercut and the button-down shirt, probably with a lip piercing and Doc Martens. But I can assure you that there are plenty of lesbian, bi, pan, and queer women who dig girls of all shapes and sizes! 

Honestly, there have been times when skinny chicks have shown interest in me, and I was like, “really? me? Are you - are you sure? Wait, you wanna kiss ME? Wait, you’re actually flirting with ME?” so I get that sometimes it can feel like no one will ever be into a big girl like me. BUT IT DOES HAPPEN. 

You’re going to find someone who is into you for YOU and doesn’t expect you to change your body. I promise!


raggedyanndy (a fat bisexual gal)

We All Need A Good Gal Pal

*WARNING* This post is most likely going to be a bit soppy/sentimental. Obviously I’m gonna try and make it humorous but grab a bucket just in case…

That means you Moon.

So I’m sure many of you are aware that recently I took my first steps outside as Jess, and just over a year ago I also announced to my friends about my secretive (not so much now) hobby. 

As much as their support has been nothing short of fantastic, before all of that there was the original gal pal: Moon.

Now I could go on for decades about how useful she has been, but it’s probably more useful (and certainly more relevant) to let you know why she has been so important and instrumental in this transformation from ragged cave-man lookalike to the would-be-Queen that is Jessica Blaise.

1. Moon Don’t Lie To No Bitch

Moon has always been a good friend, even before she knew about Jess, but one quality I’ve found invaluable is her ability to tell me the truth, no matter what.

Moon do I look good in this?” Fuck no! That dress ain’t gonna work on you, you don’t have the boobs for it.

I think my makeup looks good today!” Yeah and some people think the world is flat, don’t make them right though does it?

Omg these heels are killer!” Yeah they do a good job at killing your fashion sense.

Call it harsh, call it hilarious… I call it honest feedback.

One of the best benefits of having a friend like Moon, and hopefully any gal pal, is that they’re looking out for your best interests. If I don’t look good in something, Moon will be the first person to let me know. She has my best interests at heart, and she wants me to look good just as much as I do.

2. What The Fuck Is Highlighter???

I know this one is probably quite obvious (and not actually that relevant to highlighting) but I feel it should be stated regardless.

Stop me if you guessed this already, but girls are really good at makeup.

And I don’t mean ‘Girls always use makeup of course they’re good at it.’ Nah.

Most girls, Moon included, don’t actually use anywhere near as much makeup as a crossdresser would (especially Moon with her bloody flawless skin… rude). It’s not about their actual skill will the makeup, it’s the knowledge and theory behind it.

What’s the use of concealer? Ask your gal pal.

How does highlighter work? Ask your gal pal.

Why shouldn’t I use dark colours on my lips? Ask your gal pal.

Regardless of how much or little your gal pal uses in terms of makeup, they will have a wealth of knowledge about it and will easily guide you into improving your makeup in no time. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have someone helping you while you’re applying the stuff you know nothing about…

3. Stand Properly! Have You Never Seen A Woman?

I might sound like this font of female imitation knowledge, but most of the tips I throw up on this blog are simply regurgitated information that I learned long ago from Moon. 

One of the most invaluable lessons she ever taught was simply how to stand like a woman.

I’ve said before that looking at women pose is a good way to learn how to take pictures, but this should only be used if all else fails. If you can (and I can’t recommend this enough), get a gal pal so instruct you how to stand.

It’s not uncommon for Moon to start lifting my arm into the right position or telling me to relax my shoulders. This is all stuff I’m aware of, but it’s better when you’ve got someone who can actually see what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

On top of all that, you also get someone who can help take photos. I mean, I’m a big fan of selfies but sometimes you just wanna feel like the god-damn model you were born to be.

Well, that’s my side of things. However just to make this post extra long (sorry…) I thought I should get Moon to weigh in her opinions of having a crossdresser for a friend.

What’s it like having a crossdresser for a friend?

I’ll be honest. It was a little different to start off with, especially since Jess is the first and only crossdresser I’ve ever met. It didn’t take me too long to get used to it though; eventually she was asking for me to join her on ‘dress up nights’ which was essentially a cheap, student excuse to get drunk and look pretty… always fun though!

What’s different about Jess’ makeup than other girls?

Well… nothing really. I guess that’s the point though. She has to apply a bit more of the base makeup (concealer, foundation etc.) but after that it’s quite similar to my own and other girl’s makeup routines.

Do you see Jess differently when she’s dress up?

Again, a bit at first. Not in a bad way of course, but it was just getting my head around a male friend suddenly looking female(ish). I don’t know if it’s gotten easier over time because she’s better at makeup now than 8 years ago or because I’ve just got used to it.Overall I don’t really see her as a different person, just a much prettier person.

What’s your favourite thing to do with Jess?

Dressing up; without a doubt. As much as certain outfits don’t work on Jess (or myself at times) we’re always pushing each other to try different outfits. It’s always a great accomplishment when we try on an outfit we didn’t think would work but does!

Also Jess always has fancy dress outfits, and they’re nothing short of hilarious to try on, regardless of who’s wearing them.

I just wish she wouldn’t get changed in front of me…

What has been your favourite moment with Jess?

Oh god… we’ve been doing this for 8 years now, there are way too many…

If I had to pick one, even though there are definitely more, I would say the time that Jess wanted me to record a video of her spinning in a dress but I started recording while she was still explaining and sorting herself out.

Yeah, that’s the one.

I think I’m making these longer on purpose now…

I hope this has helped any of you who are thinking about telling your friends or looking for some guidance.

Just remember: any good gal pal will have no problem with you crossdressing over than those heels don’t work with that dress Hun.

Message me if you have any questions!

- Jessica Blaise x x

10 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room (almost) Instantly Homier

Whether you’re heading back to college for the fourth or very first time, try these tips to feel at home on campus:

  1. Lamps! Even in the nicest accommodations (like Smith!) the overhead lighting isn’t all that pleasant. A lamp or two (maybe one floor lamp and one bedside) softens the light in the room, and undeniably makes it homier. Pick up some thrift store lamps once you get there, especially if you’re coming from far away, that way you can ditch them at the end of the semester if you can’t store or move them easily (plus thrifted lamps are pretty cheap — I found one of my three lamps on the side of the road, the other two were willed to me).
  2. A rug can make a room feel much warmer, and I much prefer stepping onto a rug when I get out of bed over the cold floor. I’ve also had friends use a rug as a seating area on the floor, lined with throw pillows against the wall (especially good if you’re not a fan of folks sitting on your bed).
  3. Cool it on the high school friends photos. You might see photo collages that take up entire walls on Pinterest and in friends’ rooms, but a few nice photos in frames of family and friends from home can aesthetically and mentally prepare you for new friends and adventures in college.
  4. You can never have too many mugs. The bigger the better — tea, coffee, water, extracurricular beverages (you know, like milk for your cookies), cereal, fruit, yogurt, the mug is one of the most universal dishes.
  5. Extra blankets of different weights will up your cozy factor, and will come in handy when it’s fort building time. You can also fold these up to use as extra pillows for leaning against the wall/on your bed. Especially as you’re adjusting to a new house’s thermostat, a variety of blankets is nice to have as you figure out what makes you comfy.
  6. Fake flowers or plants, or real ones if you’re ambitious, add sweet bursts of color to your very neutral room. I like to keep mine in wine bottles, as it really classes up the place, and is perfect for making a get together with friends or a wine date with a friend/gal pal/boy toy more festive.
  7. Keep the blinds open during the day! If you can, arrange a mirror to reflect the light from the window (my first year my closet door, which had a mirror on the outside, was luckily directly across from a window, and it actually made a substantial difference to the feel of the room).
  8. Have some conversation starters — a favorite album artwork, a poster from a favorite trip/museum visit/concert/movie, a small statue you found in your first year room’s light box (now there’s a story), a map with markers on it (Places you’ve been? Places you want to go? Places people you love are?), a flag from your state/country/political party (I proudly fly the NWP flag and it has made me several friends), something you made or someone made for you (maybe a blanket your grandma crocheted you). Anything that a new friend can ask about and you’ll have more to say than just, “oh I thought it looked nice.” Something with a story is always great, and it’s a great way to find things in common right away. On that note, if you bring books from home, people are going to check them out when they come by your room, so make them count!
  9. A tapestry or something cloth on the wall will really warm up your white-walled room!
  10. Seasonal decor you make yourself, like paper snowflakes with your roommates when you’re ready for snow, or paper flowers for when you desperately want it to be spring — festive and a nice study break!

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Oh my god, for some reason tonight I keep imagining trini and kimberly in different Hayley Kiyoko music videos and it's so beautiful and I'm dying. Imagine trimberly's gravel to tempo: trini= hayley and kim=headphones girl. Girls like girls with trimberly and the boyfriend in the story is that Ty kid that kim punched in the mouth (except it would really be trini punching his teeth out bc she's a fierce and smol gay who loves her amazing gal pal turned gf kim). *cries 4ever*

sleepover were trini imagines sweet gay makeouts with kim and then later on IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS WOWOWOWOWOW lmao every hayley song works for them

  • Doctor: *The Hospital doors burst open as doctors and nurses rush two gurneys carrying very pregnant and in labor Ruby and Yang with their wives beside them.* Prep the delivery room for two!
  • Yang: GAAARRR! FUCK THIS HURTS MORE THEN I THOUGHT IT WOULD! *Yang Screamed in pain, gripping her wife Blake's hand.*
  • Blake: I know baby. I know. Just,NRR, Hang in there. *Blake comforted her wife, holding back the groans of pain as she held Yang's hand.*
  • Weiss: It's okay Ruby. You are doing great. Just-just remember. Deep Breaths Deeeeeep breaths. God, what are the odds that BOTH of you would go into labor at he same time?
  • Ruby: NNNNNNFFUH! Weiiiiiiiiiss. *Ruby panted, squeaking Weiss's hand as her wife wipes the sweat from her forehead.* The next baby you are the one carrying!
  • Doctor: Okay we are almost there. Mrs. Schnee Rose. Mrs Belladonna Xiao Long. If you could wait h- *The doctor began to say before being cut off.*
  • Weiss/Blake: I'M NOT LEAVING MY WIFE'S SIDE! They shouted with threatening glares*
  • Ruby/Yang: THEY ARE COMING TOO! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH/GRAAAAAAAAAH! *The sisters yelled before they turned into screams.*
  • Doctor: Y-yes ma'ams. *The terrified doctor muttered as they entered the delivery room.*
  • ~Four and half hours and broken hands later~
  • Ruby: Oh my god. He is so beautiful. *Ruby smiled as tears of joy streamed down her face as she held Her and Weiss new born son.*
  • Weiss: *Sniffle* Yes Ruby. Yes he is. *Weiss sniffled happily as she leaned down kissing the top of her wife's head as she looked into the ting pair of silver eyes staring up at her.* You did great Ruby. I love you.
  • Ruby: I love you too. *Ruby smiled as she kissed Weiss and their son.*
  • Yang: *Meanwhile, as Yang sobbed her eyes out she couldn't help but smile down at her and Blake's new born daughter.* She is *sniffle* so p-p-purfect, Haha. *Yang laughed as she looked up to her equally as happy with a bandaged hand wife.* Thank you so much Blake. *sniffle.* Thank you.
  • Blake: *Blake wiped her eyes before kissing her wife as her new daughter, giggling when their daughter's cat ears twitch.* I should be thanking you. You gave me so much even when I didn't deserve it. Thank you. I love you. Both of you.
  • Yang: I love you both too... Sorry though about your hand.
  • Blake: She was worth it.
  • Weiss: Speaking of she. *Weiss spoke trying to collect herself.* What are you going to name my little niece?
  • Blake: Hehe, We can ask the same about you two and of nephew. *Blake laughed at her sister in-law when they both looked down at Ruby and Yang.*
  • Yang: *The two sisters looked at each other and both nodded as they looked at their babies.* Actually, gals. I hope you don't mind be me and Ruby already have names picked out.
  • Weiss: You do? *Weiss raised an eyebrow.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby and Yang nodded.* Yeah. Actually it's more like a promise we made to someone really special and important to us.
  • Yang: Someone who, beside our parents, inspired us to be huntresses.
  • Ruby: Someone who taught us never to give up.
  • Yang: Someone who reminded us that we are never fighting alone. That our spirit is indomitable.
  • Ruby: Someone who said the effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.
  • Yang: Who said never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.
  • Ruby: To keep moving forward.
  • Blake: *At the sisters words Weiss and Blake looked at eachother and nodded in agreement.* Alright then.
  • Ruby/Yang: *Both Ruby and Yang smiled at Weiss and Blake thanking them both before looking down at their son and daughter.* Welcome to this beautiful world of fairy tales and fantasy... Monty / Oum.
  • *Rest in Peace Monty. Thank you for all your hard work and for making your dream into a reality that has inspired millions to follow in your foot steps and to follow their own dreams.*

Clara x Jenny - Punk!AU

Their thrill from adventure
Their desire to run
The love in their lyrics
Their wild ideas of fun
All evident in their lust for each other

“Come on my impossible girl!”

“Right behind you, my unlikely gal.“

You remember how I said we got a newish(not technically new, just rehired) guy? I can’t stand him. The gal I used to work with on the trash route at the clinic is special needs, so I’ve grown a bit protective of her. When this guy was hired I thought she’d be fine and I’d no longer have two time sensitive tasks that were absolutely killing me(One needs to be done by 7, the other 7:30). But this mother fucker I swear to fucking God is just hindering her. Not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES I have seen this lazy ass tool sitting down until the very second, sometimes the second later, to go and clock in. This isn’t even counting the times my coworkers have witnessed it. Meanwhile she’s already gotten started on gathering the trash from the first floor. The gal that does the wipe down in the area we used to gather trash together has told me she’s helping them with one section even though she’s technically not supposed to. It’s not her job, but she’s just as protective as I am and this guy is so lazy and slow. Meanwhile this pure soul thinks he’s actually helping her so much that “we finished early today!” when in reality he is NOT pulling his weight. I’m so fucking pissed. I really like cleaning the pharmacy(time sensitive task due by 7 pm, the other is trash by 7:30), but I feel like I’m letting her down by not helping out. I honestly don’t think this guy is going to last anyways. The last time he worked there he was there 2 months before quitting, which wasn’t even the first time. Not sure what will happen if he does, but I hope it’s a fair plan so I’m not scampering around like my head is cut off trying to finish things in an unreasonable amount of time again but she still has some help. In the meantime I’m thinking I might help out like the other coworker for 10 to 20 minutes before heading down to my other time sensitive task… While avoiding the lazy fuck because I swear to goddamn God I want to slice his butt cheeks off so he can NEVER sit on his worthless ass again! -Abby

bill and ace just gals being pals shenanigans

  • they trade pins for their cool jackets ™
  • food contests with homemade food that bill made
  • they probably binge bad sci fi and the x-files and mythbusters and the likes on 2043 netflix
  • because not only did bill introduce her to netflix but they pushed it all the way to 2043 where everything they want could be available
  • the drs were really annoyed because there are better things to do than binge watch RIDCULOUS AND UNREALISTIC THINGS like you could go live the real aliens out there smh
  • cool mixtapes
  • i’m not saying they had an intricate conspiracy to keep the star wars prequels from happening but they had an intricate conspiracy to keep the star wars prequels from happening but they still happened because they got busted and their “pick wherever we want to go” privileges were revoked for a while
  • these two rolling stones stans are the reason  octopus garden happened but it backfired on them because people actually liked that?
  • probably set several tardis rooms of both seven and twelve’s tardis on fire by accident or not so accident right after that mythbusters binge
  • also there’s a pizza that came to life because they just added random things they found to it?
  • sharknado is also their fault they just really liked jaws?

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11, 20 and 21

11) How effective of a spy do you think Feyre will be, really?

I honestly think she will be successful. This is a smart, smart girl you know. I mean anyone that can teach themselves to hunt at 14 years old just by observing others is someone who is hella adaptable. She also knows the ins and outs of the Spring Court very well. I do think there will be a turning point though where she won’t be able to take it any longer (like for example finding wings?) and then she’ll let up the performance

20) Amren: what is she, really? Would you be ok if she got to go home?

Ugh no idea, a dragon? a valg princess? For a while I thought she could be an offspring of the Valg and the Blueblood witches, which I think would be awesome. But she’s already awesome so whatever creature she actually is probably won’t matter. Yes, send that gal home

21) Jurian or the King of Hybern or Ianthe: who needs to die more?

I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember Jurian or the King that well (thank god I’m rereading the series so I know). But Ianthe has been the one to sick in my head the most so I’m going to she her… I’m not a fan

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OKAY do you have any like.......specific lesbian pidge headcanons about how she's Gay and Trans and Loves Girls because I need more of that choice content

You can bet your ten gallon hat I do

  • Pidge Loves Nessie and insists that Nessie is her girlfriend. It was a spring wedding, and Lance wasn’t invited because he doesn’t understand the depths (pfft) of their love.
  • Pidge: (out to lunch) Hi, can I order a LGBT sandwich? Extra lettuce and tomato please :)
  • Pidge loves Bad Puns so when she tries to flirt she’s… oh my god she’s kind of like Lance but almost worse… “I could really use a gal paladin :/ Wanna volunteer? ;)”
    • Can you imagine Lance trying to take Pidge under his wing… This would go really well or really poorly, it depends on how much effort Lance actually puts into it.
  • Constantly refers to everyone as ‘Harold’
    • Shiro: Pidge, do you understand the plan?
    • Pidge: Of course Harold…
  • Pidge voice: Fuck off Mattie, I’m a solid futch.
    • Can you imagine like 13 year old Pidge taking test after test trying to see where she lands on the femme-butch scale lmao
  • Pidge is a Girl Lover but she’s not really ready to Love Girls yet. Meaning, she knows she’s a lesbian, and she does find girls attractive, but she’s not ready to date, y’know?? She needs to emotionally mature a little bit more… She’s a baby.
    • That being said, where Pidge lacks a physical girlfriend, she makes up for with technology. The Castle is her girlfriend, and they’re very happy together.
  • Pidge is a Holt which tells me she most likely will be… an embarrassingly loving girlfriend. She has more ‘I love my gf memes’ saved than pictures of, her gf.
  • Pidge has set all of her social media profile pics to the “I, am a lesbean” meme. She owns it on a shirt.
  • Finding her family takes precedence over getting a girlfriend so Pidge is kind of… reserved? I guess when it comes to other ladies. Technology is ultimately her One True Love at the moment. Like, Pidge is very (rips off jacket to reveal a shirt that says ‘I LOVE GIRLS’) but she’s also still easily distracted by robots… lmao
  • That being said if Team Voltron ever runs into a teenager who spends all her time trying to hack the Galra empire… 
    • (Pidge voice) Life goals or wife girls, amirite??? Also Lance if you try to flirt with her I will taser you. I-I’m not jealous, shut up!!! That’s not even- I don’t even know what a girl is! I just don’t want you to, um, distract her while we’re working together… under the stars… hacking Zarkon’s ugly droids… looking for my family together……. SHUT UP, LANCE. STOP LAUGHING. I hate this quiznaking family so much.

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Angst to fluff of bakugou/ izuku/ denki/ kirishimas insomniac s/o who, no matter what the fuck they do, just don't sleep and if they take meds they kick in to late and are half dead in class so the can't do anything about it. (This is happening to me rn fucking school dude)

((damn dude me n my insomniac ass feels u… im so sleepy my guy))

“[Name], are you fucking kidding me?” Bakugou snapped as your head hit the desk for the umpteenth time today. “If you’re gonna use medicine, it should at least work, right? I mean damn, is it really that bad?”
You rubbed your eyes, trying hopelessly to blink the sleep out of them. “I know, I know. I take it at night when I’m supposed to, but it doesn’t start to work until right about now. Maybe I should see if they do night classes here or something, that might work” you mumbled.
Bakugou folded his arms across his chest. “No. You being half-conscious all the damn time is pissing me off, so we’re gonna do it my way.”
“Oh really? How do you figure?”
“You’re gonna stay in my room tonight, and you’re gonna go the fuck to sleep and that’s that.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? What makes you think you can make me sleep?”
“I don’t fucking know! Let’s watch a shitty movie! Listen to music! Hell, I’ll just hold you all night if I’ve gotta, just get some damn sleep!”
You felt your lips curl into a soft smile. “You? Cuddling with me all night? How could I turn that offer down?”
“Shut up!”

Izuku started with a gentle tap on your shoulder. When that didn’t work, a small shake. And when that failed, he poked your cheek. “[Name], lunch is almost over, you need to wake up.”
“Nnn… Izuku? Why’re you waking me up? I was sleeping so well.”
“Can you really not sleep at night at /all/? Why not take sleeping pills or something?”
“I do, but they don’t work when they need to, so I guess I’m stuck sleeping on a desk.”
“That sounds awful! Do you think it’s an internal thing, or is something wrong with your bed, or…?”
“Nah, I’m just a total insomniac. Not much I can do about it, just gotta deal, you know?”
Izuku looked at you with big eyes and a creased forehead, like he always did when he was worried. “I remember my mom gave me some weird spray or something to help with sleep before we moved into the dorms. I really have no use for it, would you like to borrow it? Or, uh, I think there’s that girl in class B with a sleep Quirk, maybe you could ask her to help? Or—”
You pressed a kiss onto his forehead, grinning when his cheeks turned pink. “I think I’d like to borrow that spray, if you don’t mind, Izuku. Thank you.”
You had to hold back a laugh watching him stumble over his own tongue. “A-anytime, [Name]. I want you to feel better, and that means sleep, right?”
“Hmmm, right. You’re right on that, Izuku.”

“So, that means I can sleep now, right?”
“No, class is still starting.”

“So then I told him that if he really thinks he could just — are you okay? Are you falling asleep again?”
“Wha? Shit, Kaminari, I’m sorry, it’s been real bad lately. Can’t sleep a wink except for when I need to be awake. What were you saying?”
“… [Name], I think this might be a problem. You can’t focus on anything during the day, and at night you’re just sitting at the kitchen table staring off into the distance.”
“Well, there’s not much I can really do about it, if the melatonin won’t work. I’m just gonna be awake, I guess.”
Kaminari quirked an eyebrow, signature half-smirk creeping onto his face. “Hey, I could come sleep with you, if you want, huh? You up for that?”
You had to bite the inside of your cheek to keep from laughing at the fake-smooth expression on your boyfriend’s face. “Ah, all innuendo aside, that sounds great.”
“Yeah! As in, actual sleeping. Like we just lay down and be quiet and just try to sleep, does that sound good?”
Despite your innocent request, Kaminari’s cheeks were softly glowing pink. “Er—I—Yeah! That sounds good! I’ll always be happy to keep you company, of course.”
“Haha, thanks babe.”
“…Plus your mattress is nicer, so…”
“Oh, fuck off.”

Sugar (BVS)

Can you do a lex Luther one shot where he’s in love with you and you’re just as crazy as Harley Quinn?

Note: was really feeling this one, tbh I feel like as insane as they both are, Lex is more likely to actually care for their gal and not use them as much. V v short

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How I came out to my family

So, warning, this is Really Long. Like, 2000 words long, and the writing is not what I would consider my best work, but that’s because the way I came out is messy and complicated, and I don’t want to pretend it’s not. I’m going to add a read more here, too, and hopefully that doesnt mess things up for everybody on mobile? lmk if it does

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Hi I'm the Anon who thinks may be half-fag and like how can I be super duper sure than I actually am??? I mean idc what people would think and I'm not really worried about being bi or not but I wish I could be 100% sure that I'm not just some dumb dumb straight gal,,,, thank uncle max

well, it’s a little hard to say. what should be important to know is that bisexuality isn’t just 50% liking males and 50% liking females. It can be, but not always. I mean i’m hovering around the 50-50 area, but most of the bisexuals i know kinda lean more one way or another. quite a few i know are women with a preference for women, but still find some men attractive and whatnot. could be any which way, y’know?

sorry that’s not a very good answer to your question, but it is an answer so i tried XD

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Actually Von, you are pretty. Hell, you're actually one of the coolest people I've ever met. And no, I'm not saying that to be a total kiss-ass. I'm dead serious.

Mod: In all honesty, I feel like I am a total ass hat and possibly the most obnoxious person here. But that’s just my own self doubt speaking. I don’t know what others really think of me.

To some, I can be the coolest or the sweetest gal.

To others, I’m probably a big jerk and a major egoist. I mean yeah, I have heard this. Not to my face at least. I sometimes believe it. But that’s only cause I don’t actually know what I’m like.

I can say I’m the most nicest person, but can actually be very stuck up. Or maybe I am actually stuck up. I don’t know that.

But I appreciate your honesty nonetheless. Thank you.

Why Ochako Is Actually a Big BadAss

When this past chapter came out, there wasn’t material enough in it for me to really write my thoughts on. To me, it was the class just being adorable and I want to wait til next week to talk about the new Big Three that appeared (also who saw the memes for them? My friend just showed me and I died of laughter.)

Instead, I’ve been rereading the manga (more specifically the sports festival) and the past chapter happened had Ochako’s outburst about the festival and it almost made me upset to see the reactions that were given to it. I remember going through the tag and seeing quite a few people reacting to that outburst as “OMG SHE WAS SOOOO CUTE” or “OMGGGG SO FUNNYTTT”. Of course, I am exaggerating this a lot but the fact there were no more in depth thoughts on it and it kinda made me a bit sad and now that I’m reading that festival stuff again, I just had to put down my thoughts somewhere.

I’ve said this before and I will repeat myself until the day I die: While Ochako’s character is based on her being cute and bubbly and the most adorable gal in the entire universe, she’s so much more than that. She’s more complex than the fandom makes her out to be and I wish more people saw that.

Now, in my Why Ochako is Actually A Complex Character post, I talked about this complexity a bit with how she handles her emotions and more specifically on how she displays this to others. However, I did not talk about how much of a determined individual she is and really how feisty she is (like this girl can be Bakugou fierce ok?).

To start, when the whole Sports Festival came into play, after the stakes of the festival were told to the class, this is precisely how Ochako acted (which definitely caught the rest of the class off guard)

Now, of course I know that it was displayed as an act of comic relief, especially with how expressive she is during all of that but I personally see it as something more about her character that Horikoshi was just trying to mix with the silly cute aspect part of it, especially since we get this scene later one (I stg I have this scene stamped in my memory):

Already in a chapter, Horikoshi showed us that Ochako is a supremely determined individual who has absolutely no chill when it comes to things that would affect not only her goals but the situation with her family.

I mean, in the festival, we got a small glimpse of that with her waiting to use a secret move (which btw, she hasn’t used yet and Im dying for that day)

And here she is being all determined in some other panels (which you can even see her suppressing her emotions once more as she tells Deku congrats for winning first)

And then we get to her fight with Katsuki, which OH BOY really shows how far her determination and feistiness can go. And honestly so much happens in this fight that truly does characterize who Ochako is and how strong she is.

I mean to start, she gives off a Katsuki like sentence to push away the statement he made earlier.

And then it’s so interesting and I see so many people overlook this but look at what she does.

She acknowledges that the fight is bad and the situation surrounding it isn’t completely ideal YET she shoves down those feelings of fear and apprehension and still continues to display herself as this strong woman that isn’t intimidated by Katsuki whatsoever (which kind of ties into her reaction in the newest chapter).

And then of course, here are two pages in that same chapter that really display this fire that she has within herself and how she’s kind of similar to Katsuki in that she isn’t one to back down without really putting up a fight (even if the fight that is something that terrifies her or even makes her a bit uneasy).

What makes all of this incredible too is that Katsuki not acknowledges her by the middle of the fight

But she even crosses his mind when he fights Todoroki when he says this

Yes, my good old gravitational stars, Katsuki even acknowledges the strength and ambition that Ochako has that maybe only Deku might have noticied (even then maybe not too much).

And she doesn’t just show this fierceness in this fight. She shows it not only when she fights 13 with Yuuga but also when she fights with Toga during the training camp (and yes I am referring to the infamous panel of Ochako)

So we get to the little scene from this past chapter where everyone went on the cute train with it.

Now, to me, I saw this scene a bit more than just her being the precious little princess she normally portrays herself out to be. To me, the way I saw it was a girl who clearly was affected by the Sports Festival. As we saw, Ochako took the festival I personally believe much more serious than the rest of the class. For her, this was a real chance for her to show off her skills and how strong of an individual she is. Since they made the Sports Festival to be something of utter importance, she completely put away any fears or apprehension she had and fought to the extreme and even showed up how insane her powers go and just really how determined she can get when it involves her family. So to be told that the festival didn’t matter I’m sure had to have been a slap in the face to her because it would have pretty much told her, “Hey, all the efforts and shit that you put yourself through to really further your goals? Yea doesn’t mean anything at the end.” Yea not a nice way to look at it and not a nice way to interpret your actions during that time period. 

Alright so I kind of went everywhere with this but the point I’m trying to make is that scene from the past chapter wasn’t just an adorable moment that we got of Ochako. Rather, although done in a funny way to mix with her general personality, it is a scene that gives us more of an idea of Ochako and how she took the Sports Festival and just how in general she takes events that impact things that pertain to her goal. Even though we see her as a usually laid back individual with a bubbly personality, she’s so much more than that. This is a girl who doesn’t back away from any challenge presented to her and doesn’t allow things to get in her way of her goals. She has them clear cut in her mind and she chases after them. She even has a fiery side that you can compare with Katsuki as seen from the fight she had with him. In general, she’s so strong and powerful and truly fierce and I just want more people to see that side of her. I guess I just wish people could see her as more than just the cute little cutie pie she is and really see her as a badass cutie pie because damn, that strangle she gave Toga was pretty intense for her character.

TLDR: Ochako is actually a big badass and not a lot of people acknowledge that.

I’ve Got You

PAIRING: reader x bucky barnes 


WARNINGS: mentions of abuse, language but fluff at the end! 

Request from @lachicadelamanzana & Anon: 

(1)Can you make an imagine where the reader is a mutant? She is best friends with Steve and is Bucky’s girlfriend. Then the goverment(after the civil war)wants to kill her because they think she is too dangerous, and Bucky protect her? Love u and thanks

(2)Can you make a bucky imagine where the reader is an HYDRA experiment and his girlfriend? The Team doesn’t trust her, so she leaves. And Bucky finds her days later and confort her saying that if she is not in the team, he neither. Fluff pleaseee🙈🙈🙈

SO from the word count, yes I really got into these two prompts, I don’t know what came over me but I just ran with it! I also watched Suicide Squad the other night AND LOVED IT! Holy smokes like I’m a marvel gal all the way but I really enjoyed that movie! So I may or may not have put a little teeny tiny Suicide Squad reference in this. (whoops) but you get ten points if you can pick it out! Anyway I’m rambling, ENJOY xx


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You never wanted a normal life; the mundaneness of it all bored you. You hated seeing other people stuck in the vicious circle of existence. You wanted to do more with your life, see the world make an actual difference. Not go on a volunteering holiday for two weeks then come back to brag about it to your friends about how life chancing it was then do fuck all with your life. You wanted a real change. And oh how wrong you were. Hydra seamed like a good idea at the time, not fully knowing what you were getting yourself into but at the same time not really giving a damn.

“You are the perfect candidate for our program Miss (Y/L/N). Would you consider joining us?”

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WAIT THERE, I have some reflections and theories to share (2/2)

So I’m back with the longest essay I’ve ever made. If shipping gays would be an acceptable topic to make an essay of in my Spanish class (South American gal, yeah) I think this would have been shown in my school’s news board.

Here comes the ship- *inhales*

In a little less than the half of the book, Jasper insists on knowing who does Call like, but he gets really awkward. Jasper actually asks about all the girls he knows Call is close with, but nothing. That gives a miserable hope that there’s space for his blonde best friend in his heart. At the library as well, since he gave him all those lovey-dovey related books (I sincerely have the headcanon that Jasper knows all the tension between those two and he is just like “for fuck’s sake just kiss already”)

When Call learned to breathe underwater, he was very happy and Aaron noticed this, saying that “he ruled”. That made Tamara protest and say “Hello, we all rule here” since she was there like a third wheel. (I honestly laughed at these two dorks in my fangirling mode but I have to keep stern in this post-)

Even Anastasia noticed all of this, and Call is so oblivious that he answered “Yeah?” Like he didn’t know why on hell was she pointing out that they were pretty close and they cared for each other. He was that confused that he also included Tamara in his answer. Friendzone…
Oh and don’t forget when Aaron was blaming Celia all along when she was just trying to go out with Call, and he kept on it even if Tamara or Call were insisting on her innocence. I could sense a tint of jealousy in his actions, to be honest.

And, when Call thinks that “Maybe Aaron wasn’t actually his friend” that left me confused. He constantly friendzones himself and then he says that. Then what is he? Hm? This gets weirder when they magically take lessons without Tamara (great timing) on seeing souls.
(Taken from the book, chapter eleven:) “He flicked a glance up at Aaron’s eyes and found Aaron looking at him. They both grinned, without being able to help it.”

I really hope these are real hints of something further than friendship and counterweight stuff, because I am honestly disappointed of JKR when they made The Cursed Child (because come on it had all the homo but no, they would rescue each other from the dark and be awkward and all and them bam no homo) and I reaaallyyy don’t want to see that ever again, specially in here. Think about MaLec, aunt Cass. You did this once, why not again? Because it’s pretty sly from them to make them not only best mates, but also counterweights of each other. That can easily camouflage basic romantic quotes as “I can’t live without him” or “We need each other” because that’s what literally happens since both are Makars.

It’s clearly seen that Aaron is deeply in love with Call. Pretty fucking much. Since the moment they met, he was the first one in giving him a cheerful smile. To make it gayer, I just counted the times Aaron clasped his hand on Call’s shoulders. Three, okay? Three fucking times, and those times, even if they are just a few, were tense as hell. (I also have the headcanon that Aaron touching his shoulder calms him down even if he is getting consumed by the Void-) look. Just. Look.

“Aaron put his hand on Call’s shoulder. “Remember,” he said. “If you need to do any chaos magic, don’t try to do it all on your own. I’m your counterweight. I’ll be just outside with the others. Draw on me, on my chaos energy, like you’d draw on air if you were underwater.”
-Chapter 7

In here, the gang was about to see who was the spy in Magisterium, using Call as bait, remember? And Aaron just told him that. Like, practically he told him to cling with his life onto him. I’m swooning on how damn cute this ray of sunshine is. (Tbh they remind me of solangelo a bit too much) He knows Call likes to do things on his own, so he doesn’t doubt in telling him those words. If I was in Call’s place, I’d hug him right away, just saying.

“Be careful,” Aaron told him, clapping Call on the shoulder. His green eyes were reassuring.”
-Chapter 13

Before that creepy fire maze, he does the same thing he did to make him feel good. I’m pretty sure that with his eyes, he was saying the same words he said six chapters before. Want some more? Down below.

“Call felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder, and a moment later he’d been guided out of the room and was back in the corridor.”
-Chapter 14

Call was freaking out because of that accidental soul commanding he did with Jennifer’s soul leftovers. Then Aaron strikes again, gives him a small motivational speech, squeezes his shoulder and lets go. He just can’t take the fact that his crush is stabbing himself with self-hate, huh?

And yes, it really looks like as if Aaron is madly in love with Call who friendzones him, sadly (don’t make me count the times he says Aaron wouldn’t hurt him, since he is his /best friend./ They are countless.) BUT!!
In a pinch, when he made the chaos-ridden obey him, he employed all of the Void magic he could afford, he went dizzy, and reached for Aaron; but he couldn’t do it since the blond’s magic was dim, so it almost consumed him. It’s even said that he felt desperate because of the fact that he was without him. That could make him reflex a little more, I think. It was necessary.

“He was alone in the dark without Aaron. In despair, he let himself fall backward into nothingness.”
-Chapter 13

He practically was giving up since there wasn’t his other half ready to help him and put his feet back to earth.

But what gives me the chills and gives me a furious outrage impulse is the fact that even at the verge of death, in the tensest pinch of their lives now, they still want to protect each other no. matter. what. Just remember those lines where they were all “No, kill me, don’t hurt him” “Just don’t hurt Aaron” “Get away from Call” etcetera etcetera. Those lines through all of the book are also countless, if we also count the “I wouldn’t hurt Call” and “He wouldn’t hurt me!” Lines.

Is when even at all the lost hope, when they already accepted the fact that their powers would be absorbed, is the moment when Call, out of a sudden, grabbed Aaron’s hand. God fucking dammit. I swear I’d cry a river if they had put a confession right there. That would have broken me into pieces and a two-week depression. That would have been too much.

And that sunny optimistic little shit |returns the grip|, and says THIS:

““At least we’re going to die together,” Aaron said. Then, unbelievably, he smiled at Call.”
-Chapter 15

He smiled at him, even if they were about to die. This was practically the most romantic moment between these two (even if at the shoulder moments I was like “take his fucking hand now” this hit me hard), and at the most defining moment of their lives. Aaron is sadly happy that at least, he would die with the person he liked as more as a friend. Oh god. (I personally was frustrated af since in the last minute he approached for not making the first move, well done, Stewart. What’s next? Waiting for a kiss when you’re revived?) this gives me the feeling that Aaron knew that he was being friendzoned (damn obliviousness) and he was showing his affection in small portions, since it would be bad for him (his feelings) and for Call (since he was going through many bad stuff) to go and confess his feelings right away, or just go and peck him on the lips.

And when he apparently dies (I’m not confirming this, for my crashed, mashed and broken shipper heart’s sake and because of the reasons in the early post) Call realizes who had lost. Not only a best friend, but his soulmate. He dreams with him after all that stuff, he was smiling and telling things about the Gallery, as it was said in the books. He realizes that he was taking their bond for granted, that he didn’t think a single time that such a thing would ever happen. Oh well, lessons are everywhere.

I personally think that I could make essays justifying why do I ship certain ship and this is not the exception, since for me, they are so fucking otp. And that’s why I’m trying to squint and find every rational trace of romance implied between them. Rational, okay? I am not using every time he acknowledges Call’s presence. He always cares for him in a friendly way, but see these things and tell me if some of those ways are way much closer than Tamara has ever been with Call. Sure, he is awkward toward girls because he doesn’t know how to deal with them, since he has lived only with his father, and because of the contrast between Tamara’s direct personality and Call’s introverted and distant one. But he tries his best on not to focus so much in these things. I still think that Aaron has a sweet personality filled with gentleness that blend perfectly with Call.

These two dorks are my otp, fight me. I will sink into fanfictions until the next book is out, thanks for reading until here. I will upload some fanarts of this saga because it deserves them.

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kachikathy  asked:

*My MC is a chubby brown skinned gal, Jaehees height, dark curly hair and eyes* I would LOVE to request a HC of the MM boys (+ Saeran) opinions of that. Do they like/hate/accept it? Love her anyways and just dont care about her looks? Or do they actually even LIKE her chubbyness and finds it attractive? I have no clue lol. THX IN ADVANCE <3

tbh the RFA is filled with such sweet people i don’t think any of them would really mind. LOL but here are some headcanons anyway, i hope you enjoy!!

♥ He’d honestly think you’re perfect anyway. He’s just so in love with you, he doesn’t care what you look like.
♥ He loves your curly hair the most, he loves to touch it. It’s so cute!
♥ Lots of body positivity! He pumps you with compliments if you’re ever insecure about your looks.
♥ He still thinks you’re the most beautiful human being, gaah he’s such a sweetie pie.

♥ He’s so intrigued by your appearance. He’s never seen someone so exotic in Korea. He loves your looks.
♥ Since everyone is so pale in Korea, it’s really nice to see someone with such beautiful, tan skin as you.
♥ He offers his skin care tips to you. He cares a lot about your gorgeous complexion.
♥ Sometimes he styles your hair for fun, his hair is so straight so he loves playing with your curly hair.

♥ She likes that you guys are both the same height, it makes hugs a lot easier and less awkward.
♥ Playing with your hair de-stresses her. She loves playing with your hair so much omg
♥ She doesn’t mind your appearance at all, she compliments you on it all the time actually.
♥ She asks you all about your ethnicity and researches the country you came from. She goes out of her way to cook you food from your origins.

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