i actually really like the song and im just

 I was thinking and the thought “what if Voltron was a musical” crossed my mind. So….

  • The musical starts with Shiro, Matt, and Mr. Holt getting taken by the Galra and it’s all like really threatoning harmonies but then it switches to Lance, Pidge, and Hunk at the Garrison failing their simulation and it becomes like way more upbeat. 
  • The whole rescuing Shiro bit is a song where Lance is way too eager, Pidge is being all science nerd-y, Hunk is afraid™, and Keith is introduced as a bad boy rebel who sings a couple lines as he fights and it sounds like?? fuckin gorgeous?? and Lance is in the background with his mouth wide open.
  • They literally cut the song so Lance and Keith have their first introduction as the argument like in the show (but it has these notes every line like when people are talking in a musical but there’s still background music). 
  • Allura has a song where she’s training the paladins and they’re all shit until they start improving. At the end, they form Voltron. (kind of like make a man out of you) 
  • Lance’s solo starts all upbeat and fun like most would expect but then he starts singing about his homesickness and insecurities and it ends with him kneeling on the ground and reaching out with his arm 
  • Hunk’s solo is just?? great?? He narrates the teams’ actions in song and is skeptic about all the situations like in the show. He also sings about his anxiety a bit. 
  • Pidge sings about her family and how she’s on a mission to find them. It also has flashbacks to her home life, revealing that she’s a girl. It ends with her realizes she has a family within Voltron and stays with the team. 
  • Keith’s solo is about his past and how he lived alone for so long. The song is basically about Keith discovering himself. 
  • Shiro’s solo seems very formal as he leads the team but it turns into a “WHAT AM I DOING WHAT AM I DOING I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING IM JUST WINGING THIS HELP” 
  • There’s also a song about his Galra imprisonment
  • Coran’s solo is just?? fuckin weird man
  • Lance and Keith have a rival song kind of like “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked but it ends with them actually confessing they admire eachother but they’ll never tell (Happens like right after the bonding moment after Lance get’s out of the pod)
  • Everybody is their correct ethnicity, it’s done really well, and they give an even amount of time to each character with equal development 

just…imagine a voltron musical

the old brand new feeling (frank castle)

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(aaaa i love frank so much he is literally my all time fave sooo….expect lots of unprompted frank, honestly :’o let’s get to it!)

(warnings: mentions of knives, mentions of violence, but no completed acts, attempted (but failed) mugging, mentions of food, mentions of homelessness, cute frank castle moments)

i feel like taking chances/ i feel a lot like seventeen/ you take me right back to when we were kids/ never thought i’d feel like this

(brand new- ben rector)

Frank Castle hasn’t been on a real date since the last time Hell’s Kitchen had a drive-in movie theatre. That was approximately a decade ago, if his math is right, but Christ only knows he isn’t great with numbers. Or dates. His general perception of time has begun to edge out of sync with reality, in all honesty.

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As promised, here it is:

My Top Favorite Put It Down Moments:

(I really had to cut this down, there are so so many)

  • Tweek’s first song that is literally just screaming at the audience. BIG mood.
  • PC Principal returning in his 3rd season. I loooove this man.
  • Craig: “Hes not gonna listen to me, he never does when hes emotional”
  • Craigs overall just being the calmest, most supportive boyfriend. He’s doing amazing honestly.
  • I love that Tweek is the only woke bitch in South Park.
  • Stan getting his first lines in FOREVER, Kenny dying for the first time in FOREVER, and this was a kid episode! So sick of the adults!
  • Tweek casually as hell letting himself into Craigs bedroom, turning on the light, calmy and quietly walking to the bed, then SCREAMING
  • Craig just being seemingly used to this.
  • Both of them just letting themselves into each others houses HELLA CASUALLY throughout the whole episode.
  • Heidi emailing every guy with a dick and a deathwish. Amazing phrasing.
  • The whole amusement park scene. Tweek: “THE FERRIS WHEEL.”
  • Tweek and Craig having REAL RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS. Like this is an argument I’ve had in every relationship I’ve ever been in. And they handle it so well. Im blown away.
  • IM SORRY THAT IM ACTUALLY IN CONTROL IF MY EMOTION, YA BABY, he screams, defeating his point.
  • Craig getting pissed he let some emotions accidentally slip out
  • Craigs little smile during heidis speech. He gets it
  • CRAIG. SINGING. Ive dreamt about this moment. I really have.
  • They. are. so. fucking. in. love.

never forget the moment on v live 5 minute delay when up10tion finished their portion and jinhoo was like “and next is seventeen” and then up10tion started screaming “boOM BOOM !!!” and doing the nipple move and then seventeen started walking in and also started screaming “BOOM BOOM !!!!!” and up10tion got up and bowed and left the room while still yelling and for that one moment 23 dudes were in the same room just screaming “boom boom” at each other and aggressively doing the nipple move

also one direction love each other??? like can u imagine hhow excited they get when they call each other and tell each other about new collaborations they’re workin on, or the song they just finished that they think is gonna be really sick, and how when they meet up and catch up they hug each other rly tight and fond rly hard like… im actually cryin blood…. they r so pure,,,,.,,., all the time

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omg wait bambam pulled the jealous face over yugyeom and jungkook? I NEED TO SEE THIS 😂

so i assume you’re talking about this reblog and my tags.

get ready anon, i know you’ve just asked a question that i could answer simply with a link to what i was talking about (which is here, (x) ), but sadly i don’t have that much self control and this whole interaction is something i think about a lot.

okay so this whole ordeal starts when yugbam walk on stage with the rest of the 97liners and yugyeom goes to greet jungkook. bambam is not having that. 

as you can see above ^ bambam is trying to stop whatever interaction that yugyeom and jungkook are having. no in front of his eyes is he gonna watch some punk snatch up his man right in front him. you bet his ass he’s gonna shove his way through and get in between whatever they think they’re doing. 

here we have bambam ready to fight jungkook’s ass right there on the stage, all while jungkook and yugyeom stare lovingly into each others eyes. 

bambam then tries to tell yugyeom that if he so much as glances jungcock’s way again he’s gonna bite his dick off. jungkook doesn’t give two shits about yugbam and continues to side-eye yugyeom while bambam’s back is turned. 

bambam tries to stake his claim with a totally not possessive and very casual arm around the shoulder, which apparently jungkook decides to ignore because he looks seconds away from pushing bambam off the stage a declaring his undying love for his mushroom haired twin.

the plot thickens when bambam thinks his threats of bodily harm have worked but yugyeom hadn’t even been listening because he was lost in jungkook’s eyes the entire time.

and the whole thing ends with bambam telling yugyeom they’re getting a divorce the second this song is over and he can go ahead and marry jungle book and join behind the scenes for all he cares. 

this is all 100% fact i promise i didn’t make any of this up. im really sorry to whoever asked this question, i know this isn’t probably what u wanted but like i said, no self control. 

on a lonely night,

was a blinding light.

a hundred leaders would be borne of you.

it’s been a while since i last drew kagepro, i miss my daughter aND NOW SHE FINALLY GETS A BOOK I AM SO HAPPY

plus jin coming up with a new song while writing her pov can’t just be a coincidence, maybe she’ll get an actual song now??? with a pv?!??

ok so i have a hungarian friend and we watched hungary’s entry to eurovision together and essentially what’s going on is that the lead singer is romani (which is kind of a big deal for modern-day hungary and europe in general actually). he actually sang in both romani and hungarian and. my hungarian friend literally started crying at the rap part because it was so full of raw emotion and really really heavy lyric-wise like she couldn’t even really translate it because it was just so much. and she said it was almost definitely alluding to the persecution that romani people face. what im saying is that this song is more than just really catchy its also a huge statement and tl;dr joci pápai from hungary deserves to win eurovision 2017


Im a little late for this one.. Oh well enjoy!! x

Member: Jeno

Genre: Fluff i guess

Word Count: 678 just an extended drabble kind of thing

Summary: Just playing with Jeno’s new hair :) 

“I’m pretty sure it’s your turn to chose.” “But I don’t mind what we do.”
This was the struggle that both you and Jeno had to put up with just to see each other. Having neither of you as very head strong as well as quite indecisive almost always made it hard to do even simple tasks like choosing what to do for the day.

“You know what Jeno, just come over. I don’t even want to do anything, I just want to see you to be honest.
By now you were just about dying to see Jeno and you weren’t about to let your inability to decide on things get in the way of that.

The last thing Jeno had said to you was ‘don’t freak out’ of course you hadn’t any idea of what this could possibly mean. Unless Jeno brings a spider to your doorstep there will be no freaking out.

You were wrong.
You don’t believe you’d ever been more wrong in your life.
And you were most definitely freaking out.

Jeno had turned up to your house just as usual and you had opened the door for him. However what wasn’t usual was the boy that stood in front of you.
It was Jeno, you were sure of it. Only his hair, his hair was white!

"y/n? Your gawking.” He interrupted your thoughts with a slight smirk.
“YOUR HAIR?!” Seemed the only suitable response at this point.
“You don’t like it?” Jeno’s smirk seemed to fade.

Jeno was wrong, he was very wrong indeed. You loved his new hair. Only you just couldn’t seem to form words at this point.
You pulled him inside, shut the door and steered him by the shoulders into the lounge room and gave him the biggest hug.
“Jeno, I love your new hair.” You whispered into his shirt.

Jeno had been over for around an hour now and you had been dying to play with his hair. He was currently on the floor playing some video game leaning against the couch you were sitting on. You, however, were formulating an ingenious plan to play with his hair.

You almost had it. You almost had a plan. You’d decided that every so often you’d move just a little bit closer to Jeno. This would result in you eventually sitting directly behind him, which in this situation would be ideal.

Your plan almost worked. You had managed to get behind him, however when you put your arms around his shoulders and leaned down to whisper in his ear he jumped.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” He yelled but you were too busy wetting yourself to respond.
“I just wanted to ask if I could play with your hair.” You said through breaks of your laughter.
“You don’t have to ask baby,” Jeno replied before turning around and continuing on with his game.

You’d discovered that playing with Jeno’s hair was your new hobby.
At this point, you weren’t sure there was anything better.

“By the way, I’m really glad you got rid of those green highlights.”
“I thought you liked them?” “Don’t get me wrong, I did.” “'did’ is past tense.” He replied rather nonchalantly as if he didn’t actually care at all.
“Yeah like I did like them, it’s just..THEY WERE FADING. Like they used to be green highlights but they just kind of turned brown.”

“IM DONE!” You announced in a sing song voice. “What, done with what?” “My masterpiece, here stand up.” Jeno stood up and you took his hand and started leading him to your bathroom.

“Ok and close your eyes now.” You said as you pulled open the bathroom door. “AND OPEN.” But you weren’t greeted with the response you’d expect. Instead, all the gratitude you received from all your hard work was “What the hell have you done?” “It’s a mohawk!” You replied enthusiastically. “Ew babe take it out.” He whined. “NO BABE YOU LOOK HOT!” He laughed then looked you dead in the eyes and says “I’m serious, take it out.”

YOOUU LIIIKKEE? i like jeno :) 

okay but paradise is actually such a bop, like every nct song is but i just really love paradise n i feel like it’s not appreciated enough, like damn my boy mark sang followed by the legend lee donghyuck with that beaut lil vocal riff

Why I love the songs

ON MY WAY - I have to be honest I love the chorus where Corbyn’s voice becomes more clearer and suddenly there’s a bass drop and Zach is singing about the shooting galaxy and I’m crying. The instrumental part is pretty peng as well. I love how there is an echoing after every lyric. Corbyn’s voice is so sweet and pretty and cute. Jonah in the beginning really pulls me into the song like it draws my attention straight away. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS SONG BUT IT MAKES ME FEEL THINGS - IT MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY. I ALSO LOWKEY LIKE HOW THERE’S A SLIGHT PAUSE AFTER EVERY LINE.

JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE - This is one of my original favourites! I ADORE the beginning where Jack starts off because he sounds amazing and the actual message v cute, and then Jonah sings and his voice is like quiet and calm but at the same time powerful. I love Corbyn’s part where I don’t even know how to describe it but his voice kind of shakes/vibrates when he sings ‘you keep me guessing’ and I cry.

TELL ME - I’m living for Jack’s voice during first few lines of the song. Their harmonies are so good during the chorus. This song just makes me want to go outside scream the lyrics and kiss a stranger (not something I should be doing) - just because its so good, its hard to find words to describe the pure talent which created this song.

MADE FOR - IM SERIOUS FIRST TIME I LISTENED TO THIS SONG I WAS LIKE 'MEH’, BUT THEN I PROPERLY LISTEND TO IT AND FELL IN LOVE. I’m probably going to say this for every song, but I’m so in love with the background music. Daniel’s chorus is also one of the many reasons I cry whilst listening to the song. Also although this doesn’t really relate to the actual music, bUT I love when they’re singing the song and they act out the lyrics - iT MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH!! Jack’s solo part is also killing me. JONAH’S SMALL PART TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG HAS ME WEEPING - LIKE FULL ON WEEPING, HE SOUNDS SO GENTLE AND SWEET AND JUST ADORABLE!

PERFECT - I love how the song begins straight away like there’s no instrumental introduction. I also love how majority of the song is them harmonizing with each other, rather than singing separately. ALSO ZACh’s voice sounds incredible and it sounds like more deeper than it normally does and I LIVE FOR IT!

I DEPEND ON YOU - Jack’s vocals are killing it through out the whole song. I also love the part where Daniel and Zach take in turns to sing a line - it feels as if they’re almost talking to each other. this is such an underappreciated song but lIKE WHY IT PHYSICALLY KILLS ME AND BRINGS ME BACK TO LIFE EVERYTIME I LISTEN TO IT. It’s just so sweet and encouraging and a mood lifting song!

WE THE PARTY - I love this because its just such a nice, happy and up-beat song!! Also when I first heard it I thought Daniel sang 'can you see a sweeter party’ so I went out that day and sang that line all day until I came home and realised that he actually sang 'can you see us we the party’. Jonah’s part I don’t even know how to describe it but its FREAKING AMAZING I love his voice so much. this is just such a casual song that I would like put on whilst washing the dishes, bUT AT THE SAME TIME IF I WAS HYPED UP I WOULD MAKE A FREAKING DANCE ROUTINE TO THIS.

RUNNER - I fell like this is a very special song that they would sing to someone who’s insecure - I just feel like the song fits the situation. and once again Jonah’s solo part has me dying like how can he sing so low but then also sing songs like this and sound pure and angelic??? there’s also a lyric saying 'something different’ and that makes me giggle. This is kinda a slow song but I AINT COMPLAINING.

WHY DONT WE JUST - I love how the song transitions into the chorus because of how casual it is but yet still sounds amazing. Also love how Jonah sings majority of the chorus!! - he adds a sense of gentleness to the song (I swear I say this for every song like). Every time I hear this song I’m reminded of that mashup where they sing the song an Jonah is just there laying about in the bean bag chair thing and it makes me feel all cuddly and cute for some reason.

ALL MY LOVE - once again I love the instrumental parts!! I love the way Daniel starts of the song, and I love the chorus and the way Zach sings it, it just sounds incredible. I really like the pre chorus hype up where Jack/Corbyn sing about 'taming’ and stuff and idk why but it sounds incredible.

NEVER KNOW - ONCE AGAIN JACK’S VOCALS HAVE ME QUAKING!! I also love Zach’s part because like his voice fits the song and the actual instrumental music and his voice just give me goose bumps!! I also really like the meaning behind the song, although this is just the meaning I have self interpreted but it just gives off the message that opportunities don’t come unless you make them, and I find that this is a really helpful message to hear sometimes (personally).

AIR OF THE NIGHT - I REALLY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SMOOTH STEP SO I CAN PROPERLY DANCE TO THIS SONG! I’m in love with the build up to the chorus, because it really hypes you up and the chorus itself just makes you want to get up and dance. aS Always Jonah’s voice is killing me.

THESE GIRLS - THIS IS MY CURRENT BOP!!! I love how this song is based around their fans! I ALSO LOVE HOW JONAH FINALLY HAS LOTS OF SOLO PARTS BECAUSE HIS LOW VOICE FITS THIS MUSIC AND HE SOUNDS AMAZING. Also @ the boys where am I?? 'the emotionally unstable, socially awkward girl’?? Also the 0.25 seconds of cormeme has me SCREAMING - I love how its included, and also the small dance he does throughout the song and his glasses look dorky but sweet!!

SOMETHING DIFFERENT -HIGHKEY WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS SONG!! props to Logan because his music video is hella fire! Daniels beginning part has me crying because his voice sounds amazing!!!! Jonah literally actually makes tears come to my eyes because he sounds so sweet and pure - I will never get over how amazing he looked in the video and how his voice practically tears me to pieces!! Corbyn’s chorus also has me crying kinda sad because Corbyn doesn’t exactly get that many lines, but he still slayed the few lines that he got and still sounded amazing. Zach’s vocals have me dying all day every day, like I don’t understand how he is so talented and how his voice sounds so amazing.

NOBODY GOTTA KNOW -like in the beginning when Zach is singing by himself he SOUNDS SO FREAKING GOOD LIKE HOW, THERE’S NO AUTOTUNE, NO BACKGROUND MUSIC, ITS JUST HIS PURE VOCALS AND THE’RE SO GOOD!!!! Jonah as always has me dying! Their harmonies are so good!!! Corbyn in those glasses is my aesthetic, and I cant leave without saying that Jack’s vocals are still extremely amazing. Also the video concept is really pretty and cute.

TAKING YOU - Daniel sounds amazing in this song. And Jonah’s voice sounds so smooth and beautiful. Also really like how the idea for 'limelights’ came about from a lyric in this song!!

FREE - can I just say that their vocals are amazing not only in this song but in everything that they sing!! Also love Jonah’s solo part where he just sings 'we could be free’ because it just sounds incredibly amazing. and I feel like Daniel has a voice crack everytime he sings but that just makes the song a thousand times better!

YOU AND ME AT CHRISTMAS - Jonah beginning the song actually makes me cry because his voice is low and it sounds amazing and beautiful and I just cant. Zach'spre chorusing has me dead because he sounds amazing and I font even know how to describe his voice but it makes me want to cry because its incredible. Also ngl but I love the ending where they realist they all have the same girlfriend, and  Jonah’s face is just confused and all and Corbyns 'but the cookies’ statement has me crying.

OKAY, so I was listening to their songs the other day and I just thought that it’d be cute to just write down why I love each song. EXCUSE the extremely bad and unorganised writing - I will apologise. But yeah if any of you want to do this too it would be cute, so yeah do it if you want :)))

The Bidders and Karaoke: headcannon

Ah, here I am shit posting once more. Great. But I couldn’t get this out of my head. 

Tagging the squad: @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @catchthespade @maidofstars


Songs: We all know he’s gonna sing some extra ass shit, I’m talking Celine Dion, Cher, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. And yes, he does the vocal riffs and nails them. Asshole

Performance: Its like he’s trying to seduce the crowd. Definitely some suggestive eyebrow action, and some hip swiveling happening (Shakira, Shakira indeed.) The Bidders and Mc are definitely uncomf. 

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Six Albums I’ve Been Listening To Lately

alrighty this tag is actually kinda hard since I rarely listen to all the music on an album but here are some I recommend in no particular order

Summer Nights by Caleb Belkin: low fi music good for studying and background music

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk: ok Im really into Daft Punk like i would kill to see them live, why wasn’t I born in 1990, overall just nice jammin songs my dude

Harbor by Tomppabeats: this guy, his songs are so good, makes you feel nostalgic, also lowfi music and is basically an essential 

You Never Walk Alone by BTS: of course my babies needed to be included on here, maybe its just me but I can listen to A Supplementary Story on loop for hours

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition by Chicago Symphony Orchestra: I saw this shit in Boston Symphony Hall and it had to be one of the best moments of my time in band, just the grandeur was amazing and being with my favorite ppl and dressed all fancy it was a good time. Each movement is supposed to represent a painting and I like the imagery it creates in your head, its originally written for piano but I find the orchestra rendition to be my preference 

Run by AWOLNATION: ok another band I’m super into I just love it so much and apparently a new album is coming out soon???? Alternative music you can headbang to I guess (but thats coming from someone who headbangs to classical music so)

thank you @thedandelionfieldsx for the tag!!! I love sharing what music I listen to 

i tag @gnarlynacho @vmony @mini-myg and anyone else!!! pls i need music recommendations!!! 

Some Songs I have been listening to: 

Jazz Crusaders Beattape by luv.ly: more lowfi but this one holds a special place in my heart 

Ode to the Bouncer by Studio Killers: basically this song is my inner EDM and party girl lol

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telll us about your s/o. do it

Tell us abt ur s/o!!!! :DDS

OH GOD sjdhfksdfdf//////// ill just. try keep it brieF

so we knew each other through a mutual friend irl not v long ago but i think i really like him??/ we’re casual, not dating or anything like that, but its nice and im actually comfortable……..which is….rare

its midnight texts and afternoon calls, “good morning”s and “how was your day”s, all that biz. hessss a musician, a rlly talented one at that, made a song about me once and i just hjdfksf

a super supportive person. #2 cheerleader (after vel, bless vel), best quote: “hows your drawing?” “*sends a wip with handwritten ‘nowhere near done yet’” “id still buy that”

one time we were hving a call and i was Very Sleepy so i told him that i wanted to sleep? and he jst started browsing for bedtime stories and read to me. after the story i was already half asleep and he told me “just go to sleep” and started messing around w his guitar and lmao i actually…did…fall asleep….. after like 10 mins he put down his guitar and jst. slept too. said he didnt want to end the call since theres a ringtone? thing? when calls end, didnt want that to wake me up. so we….. took a nap, together, via call…………..and thats just wow. ive never been comf enough w anyone via call EVER please let alone take a nAp

oh no wait best quote is…. post argument…. abt a petty thing and we jst made up and. “(me) we can be bad at this together?” “100% be bad at this together”

anyways htis is getitng too long im sorr. jst wanted to share the fact that i found someone who makes me feel comfortable when i havnet been in so long and thats just a blessing thank sfor asking???

edit: i forgot to mention that he lovs memes + likes shrek unironically. please. and also our 3am crash courses about dolphin reproduction. on a school day. with no context

Harry Styles: The rant

I feel like I need to talk about harry for a second so sorry for the tiny (not so tiny) rant

I just saw he’s performance im the graham’s show and it was great, he’s voice was great, the band was great but what really made me wanna die was how proud he was and the fact that at the end he just can’t believe that he has actually done it and that people actually like he’s song and know the words i just..

He’s an amazing guy and he’s so humble and he fucking deserves the world and I’m so proud and I love him and I’m so happy!!

To sum it up:

I fucking love Harry Styles and I wanna squish his cheeks and listen to him sing like he could literally sing me happy birthday and I would burst into tears and most likely die and I know none of you are going to read this but I’m really glad his fans are amazing and loving and love this grown ass man so much.
That is all,

All the love. Me.

Prom is fun until you actually get there. Idk like I just feel really pretty for once in my life and this slow song of my DREAMS comes on and im alone at the table watching everyone else slow dance and

I really just want to go home.

Harry Styles - Harry Styles album first reactions

Meet Me In The Hallway:this is some the Doors meets the 13 reasons why soundtrack shit !!! I’m very into this ahhh what a good opening track!!!

Sign of the Times: I don’t need to say anything :)

Carolina: THIS INTRO IS SO FUNKY OMG ??? THE BEAT IS SO GOOD IM LIVING !! “She’s a good girl” daaang….. la la la la la la la la

Two Ghosts: isn’t this the h*ylor song??? anyway it’s starting … ok this is definitely about her…… this is sad :( but pretty

Sweet Creature: we’ve already heard it but I still love it it’s sappy and sweet


Kiwi: 🥝🥝🥝OMG MY ROCKER BOY!!! “DRIVING ME CRAZY BUT IM INTO IT IM KINDA INTO IT” ME- ABOUT THIS SONG ! “I’m having your baby it’s none of your business” ?????? WOW I CANT BELIEVE HARRY STYLES IS A ROCK LEGEND… WAIT.. “hard candy dripping on me till my feet are wet” TF… “it’s like I paid for this” harRY ??? WHOM

Ever Since New York: omg I know we’ve heard him do it on SNL but I love the official version !!! it sounds more intimate and the drum in the back is rly nice :’) dang can’t believe Harry wrote a song about when he met me in NY on March 11, 2012…….

Woman: “should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?” WHAT IS THE INTRO WHOS SPEAKING…. OK THIS SOUNDS KINDA FREAKY I LIKE IT … more la la la la la la

From the Dining Table: this is so sad omg WHO ISNT CALLING HIM BACK??? I GOTTA TALK TO THEM “even my phone misses your calls by the way” 😩😩😩 WHO DID THIS TO HIM ??? ALSO OMG HIS FALSETTO IM YELLING


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What do you think of Jimin's sex playlist????? I'm? Not exactly shook, but I'm certainly surprised by the boldness of it.. I wanna know your opinion!

I love his playlist so much tbh. it’s a lot of amazing songs that go well into one playlist. Tbh, this playlist actually shocked me lowkey. It was surprising to see a bunch of songs with a sexy feeling that are about sex in one playlist. and like jimin…. my boy…. not really suspecting it from him… jimin was definitely bold for putting this playlist out tbh. 

and not to connect it to jikook but im gonna connect it to jikook lol. the title of his playlist is “joah? joah!” which translates to “like it? like it!” and that just reminds me of this moment… and now im just imaging jimin thinking of jungkook while choosing these songs 👀