i actually really like how this came out yay


Stream 2 results!!

1: Kwality Artwerk …I drew this in like a minute to welcome everybody to the stream. For some reason I saved it. Yay?

2: Sera, as requested by @kirailabs! She’s a young girl from Ria’s village~

3: @maybeapersonmaybe did a trade commission for this one! I really like how it came out actually!

4: I started doodling between sketches. Don’t… don’t ask.

5: Complete! Gokaioh! …While waiting to see if somebody was gonna give me her details, I doodled this. I can’t believe they just let me do it without comment. >.>;;

Please don’t repost, trace, claim you painted it, use for avatars or otherwise steal. Thank you. I finished a big project and opted to celebrate by doing even more painting (yeah, I know it makes no sense), since I’ve been wanting to try a bit of DragonQueen because all that shiny pretty makes me happy. Seriously, I’ve been wanting to try painting Kristin Bauer for forever (okay, so there may already be a couple of total fails on this front). She has such elegant bone structure, really bold features and yet really subtle expressions. A lot of challenges there. Anyway, I kinda like how it came out. Went for somewhat broader and less detail than I often do, and I think it works. I actually just made the pose up as I went using the smudge tool (yay, fingerpainting for the digital artist). 

My life as a transexual, Pt. 3

Continuation of my life story:

So, my life became alot easier, I had places where I could actually be more like myself and my own stuff for when I was alone at home. I also got my first girlfriend around this time who approved of it.

It continued on like that and I opened up more and more until I for the first time actually told someone the whole truth while I was being drunk and having a breakdown since my girlfriend had just left me all of a sudden (yay me).
She took it really good, but I could tell how bad she was feeling for me and she made me come out to everyone about it and actually get help.

So one week after I came out to her about it I had told all who were close to me that I was transsexual. Or well all except my family.
One week after that I came out on social media and all that shit and I was no longer ashamed of who I was. So now everyone exept my parents knew about it.
I could stand up for myself and I was proud, but I was still to insecure to actually start living as a woman.

So, after quite a while I decided to actually tell my mother about all this, she pretended to take it good and that there was nothing wrong about it. So the next day I decided to make myself look pretty, or atleast how I felt more comfortable, to show her what it actually looked like.
She totally fliped and threatened to throw me out and told me to get all that shit of before my father got home. So I realised that I would never be able to be myself at home and my mother made sure to tell me how wrong and disgusting I was every chance she got and the threat to throw me out came daily.

I lived like that for about a year, I was still open about it all, but to actually start living as myself had to wait.
I did however start the evaluation during this time.

Then I meet my second partner, who also were MtF and after she told her mother about my situation with the daily harassment etc. she offered me to live with them instead.
I didn’t know if I were to go for it or not, on one hand I could finally get away from my parents and live as myself, but I would have to move halfway across the country and leave all my friends who had supported me all this time.
I couldn’t decide, but my mother gave me the choice to either breakup with my girlfriend or leave, so I left without a word and started to live as myself.
This did however mean that I would have to quit the evaluation process and start from scratch over there instead.

That’s it for now!

It’s 2am and I felt like doodling something and it turned into a really cool digital painting of Sapphire from Steven Universe and I’m actually really happy with how this came out wow!!!

I’m getting really good at textures in my semi-realism style ;u;

Also yay for more unexpected random fanart!

James Deen: I hate feminism! (Actual quote)

James Deen: rape jokes are hilarious!

Liberal Media: Check out this awesome male feminist pornstar. Sex positivity, yay! Play out your rape fantasies with a guy who looks like he came from a Sears catalog! He’s the bad boy next door!

Stoya: James Deen raped me.

Liberal Media: gee, how did those other liberal media outlets OVER THERE ever think this sicko was a feminist? Let’s all pretend that we weren’t swooning over him last week! That would be really embarrassing!

Liberal Media: We must quickly post press releases denouncing porn’s golden boy written by the exact same violent porn companies that aided, abetted, and promoted this insane sociopathic serial rapist for years, in order to distance the industry from the obvious ramifications of promoting rape.

Liberal media: Sex positivity, yay!

How Was Your Flight?

Day five of Klaroline AU Week, folks: our babies as regular joes.

(This is one is actually drabble length, not stupid and relatively normal! I can’t believe it!)

Klaus rested his head on the cool window of the car taxiing him from JFK to his home in Manhattan.

The flight between London and New York was not an enjoyable one, and he was hankering to curl up in his bed in attempts to get at least five hours sleep before he had to be at the office.

Klaus sighed as the cab crawled through the maze of New York streets. When he’d stepped off the plane, Klaus had switched on his phone and hoping for at least one message asking how his flight was.

But no. He’d received two from his boss’s secretary, which detailed the itinerary of the next morning’s board meeting, four from different colleagues asking him for different favours when he returned to work the next day, and he’d received at least 17 business related emails.

But not one of them asked about his flight.

Klaus loved his job, he really did. There was nothing like the thrill of working the stock market, or handling settlements – knowing you’re the god in control of so many millions of dollars.

But it was a lonely life.

Long hours at the office, business trips all over the world, the stress of the job; none of these factors made it easy to have good friends or girlfriends, because you stood them up too much for them to hang around.

Despite this, he had fervently hoped she would send him a message.

Just because he job didn’t lend to having relationships, didn’t mean he didn’t try. Especially not after he met her.

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