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Ninten in the skydive pallet?

HAHA I am finally finishing these up!! I actually really love how this one turned out (Please don’t hate me for taking so long, I’m very sorry and love and appreciate you for being so patient with me!!)

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I don't understand something. Why do you seem to make Anxiety out to be not-terrible? I just don't get it. If he's supposed to be a metaphor for actual anxiety, how could the other sides of you treat him like a friend? How could he be shipped with your fanciful side? Actual anxiety is nothing but pain, and for me, the other facets of my brain would want nothing to do with her. I'm not hating on the way you portray things, I'm just confused on how it all plays out in the metaphor.

That’s actually a REALLY good question! A question I’ll be definitely making a future video about! I can’t very well explain the shipping portion of it all haha, but to put it basically here, anxiety is a natural evolutionary trait that is innately in us to keep us alert! It’s just, in some of us, it’s more heightened and can inhibit us from time to time. In my first video where I introduced Anxiety, I brought up tools for how to shut him down, but I think it’s important to understand that stuff like that is a natural part of ourselves and we shouldn’t ignore that it’s there.

Like he said in today’s video, he’s not always the bad guy, and our anxiety is actually not trying to be bad at all. Now, moreover, my character, Anxiety, is slowly starting to represent more than just anxiety (one of the reasons names will come into play for all of them). He could be stress/negative thoughts/etc., that we deal with. It should be good that we can acknowledge they’re a part of us, and know how to deal with them, but not try to suppress them! Hope this helps ya a bit!


I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D

good and sensible mp100 fans that didn’t trust Reigen until well after the first fight with Claw: I love that Reigen is such a complex character that subverts your expectations throughout the story without actually changing as a character, he really grows on you as you find out more about him!

me who has been in disgustingly in love with his phony, shady ass since Day One when we were still probably supposed to hate him: [sweats] haha yeah…..

Voltron Model AU

My blog kinda messed up and deleted a lot of my posts so I’m gonna post this again but altogether cuz I’m to fucking lazy

Model AU

• Pidge and her brother Matt are those siblings models but there only doing it to pay for the expensive school they both go too.
• Hunk is one of those plus size models and everyone loves his personality cuz he’s so nice and humble, he has a foodie blog that he takes a lot of pride in.
• Keith is one of those chill angry looking guys that model for sports wear and stuff. He’s known for not being sporty at all, and he’s said multiple times he has no idea how he ended up where he is.
• Shiro is also a sports model but he dose some of those tux modeling every once in a while, he has the most followers. The media has no dirt on him and people think he amazing but really he just never leaves his house cuz he’s always too stressed.
• Lance is one only those people who got Instagram famous and was offered to come out in runways and magazines for publicity and he rocked it and got a permanent hire, he’s mostly for like Forever 21 Men and hipster shit like that. He love sports and has been after Keith’s shoots for a while.
• They all randomly met at some weird charity ball or some runway thing
• Lance and Hunk hit it off (friendship wise) quickly and soon started up a cooking YouTube channel together. With Shick and Lances very culture based foods that people are always impressed by.
• Lance actually really likes Keith’s shoots and dreamed of having his job so when he met him and he was kinda a dick he was really disappointed
• He and Hunk quickly befriended Shiro tho and it forced them to hang out cuz Shiro was already really good friends with Keith
• Pidge met them when she asked Keith if she could get him a drink
• (not in a flirty way but cuz she wasn’t of age and really wanted one)
• (Keith didn’t really know better and gave her one)
• (they both got in huge trouble)
• (but it’s okay cuz Lance got them out of it)
• Matt came over after it all and they all just formed a circle and talked together.
• Someone took pictures of them all hanging out and it kinda became lowkey news
• People started shipping Lance and Keith and Keith was surprisingly into it
• He would joke on Twitter and stuff about asking him out and Lance posted pictures of him giving flowers and stuff like that as a joke.
• But it was lowkey not a joke they just didn’t know cuz they both thought they were kidding
• Pigde and Matt did a shoot with Lance and Allura (a up and coming model who they met that day) for a Old Navy thing
• They all hit it off and invited them to a BBQ hosted by Hunk and yeah it was fun
• They all kinda got drunk tho so Allura took Pidge home so they wouldn’t deal with there bull
• They accidentally uploaded a video of them acting stupid and it got a lot of publicity
• And the reason it was a big deal was because Shiro was throwing Matt into a pool but Klance was making out in the background
• Also while throwing Matt into the pool Shiro yelled “I’m gonna marry her!(Allura)”
• he was really drunk cuz he was stressing out a lot.
• Shiro is still confused because “who even took that video?”
• There all a happy dorky family and everyone loves them

Model AU Part 2
• Shiro finds out it was Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay, who took the video and feels BETRAYED
• He thought she was a very nice person how could she do this??
• He managed to block the video from Allura, now he just needs to find a way to hid the trending tag from her…
• Matt swears he’s never drinking again (he dose very soon)
• Keith thinks that he and Lance are an item now, but Lance is a blackout drunk and doesn’t remember anything
• “Haha sorry if I made you uncomfortable or anything, i really lose myself with these kind of things”
• “We. Had. A. Moment. How? Can? You? Not? Remember?”
• “Sorry? Are you okay?”
• He was not okay
• He didn’t want to just show Lance the video tho cuz that seems kinda insensitive and lame
• (He’s not evil or mean or anything in this AU he’s actually really nice and stuff but Keith hates him because…)
• He asks Lance on a date after doing a shoot for swimsuit modeling (Lotor was doing the swimsuit thing not Lance)
• (Lance was just at the studio to see a job offer)
• Lotor just saw him and wall like “hey Lance right? Really loved your ‘generic pose’ shoot, blah blah blah, we should grab a drink?
• Lance says yes cuz DAMN THIS guy is hella
• Shiro is unlucky too cuz Allura decided she would accept a film job overseas
• Hunk Pidge and Matt feel bad for them and take them out for drinks
• They get drunk again. (Including Pidge, there was no supervision)(she’s 16 in this AU so it’s not that bad)
• Cue drunk phone calls to Allura and Lance (they had a night out together cuz they really wanted a see a movie that no one else was interested in)
• Lance and Allura open up there voicemails at the same time and WHAT IS GOING ON??!
• The next day Keith and Shiro hear THERE voicemails and it’s just Lance and Allura really worried
• Keith and Shiro regret everything and try to drown themselves in the pool (Matt and Hunk stopped them)
• "Guys this is a community pool, my neighbors will be mad plz stop” (-Hunk)

I really hate how much conflicting information there is around healthy eating/weight loss. Like eat low carb, carbs keep you from losing weight!! Wait no! Don’t cut carbs! That’ll crash your metabolism! Hey, fats keep you satiated and they’re good! Eat them!! NO ACTUALLY!! High fat diets change the way your body stores insulin or somethin, its bad!!!! Don’t! Eat! Fats! Here, these are zero calorie foods! Lol zero calorie foods don’t exist actually! Eat your fucking body weight in grams of protein dude!!! Nah haha I’m just yankin ur chains, you only need THIS much protein hahaha bro, I totally got you on that one didn’t I!? Try intermittent fasting!! No wait don’t! You’re gonna go into starvation mode! S T A R V A T I O N M O D E isn’t real though, idiot! Cardio is great for you! Except not THAT much cardio, chill dude! That’ll cause an injury! But also you should sprint for 25 hours a day every day! No, strengthening is better on second thought. It increases your metabolism a ton and it’s good for you dude! No wait wait wait. Do a combo! Fuck you! Just fucking!! Die! Nothing makes sense bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway yeah, literally according to the internet, you are a l w a y s doing something wrong so tbh, just fuck it. Eat your fucking croissant. Jenny over here just ate a croissant and she’s alive and breathing so just. Go for it. Nothing is real. Fuck you. Ily.


Zen literally made my heart skip a beat. This fictional character in a freakin’ dating sim game literally made me blush and smile and cover my face with my hands in embarrassment because this line caught me off guard. This flirt. I love him.

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RFA discovering MC is actually in middle school (so no romance writing at all for you friendo)

Oh boy lemme tell ya I’m only a freshman but my goodness did I hate middle school and i was such a weird kid all through my preteens oml

-You’re so adorable!!!!!
-But.. a little twelve year old is being kept in Rika’s apartment…?
-Fucking V
-He’s going to blame V of course
-Lots of angry texts to him
-Yoosung is determined to be your new older brother because aw
-He’ll help you with school because he’s actually a genius
-And he’ll play video games with you
-He is sort of a hypocrite
-“___, have you done homework yet? No playing around until you do your homework.”
-“Have you done your homework, Yoosung?
-”…Never mind, you can play.“

-To whom it may concern please disregard everything I’ve said to you signed Hyun Ryu
-How could he be saying so much suggestive shit to a twelve year old???
-He cannot forgive himself
-He’s such a wolf and he’s so ashamed
-You can expect 999+ apologies from this poor boy
-He tells Seven to call your parents since he would be able to find their number
-12/10 protective older brother
-You think he’s protective of MC in game, you haven’t seen how protective he is over a smol middle schooler
-Your support means the world to him
-You’re like a little cheerleader for him and he finds it so adorable
-He still calls you cute all the time but he doesn’t mean it in a flirty way obviously
-Will demand the apartment’s address even before the whole bomb situation because hello there is a child all alone in an abandoned apartment

-Why are we not helping this child escape Rika’s apartment? Why are we not calling authorities?
-Mama Jaehee is so worried about this child
-I mean they are being held in an apartment with a hacker on the loose while also having to deal with the RFA
-Jaehee calls their parents and tells them all that’s happening
-Your parents are like “wtf you kidnapped my child??”
-So she has to explain again that it was a hacker and your child is very gullible
-But, she treats making sure you’re alright as top priority until she can figure things out with your angry parents
-They almost called the cops on her, poor Jaehee
-She does think of you as a younger sister/brother when you start being so kind to her
-You became friends very quickly

-A child shouldn’t be put in charge of a party
-That’s ridiculous
-Oh yeah also is this legal?
-Jumin is the one to think about all the technical things before worrying about anything else
-But really, is this legal?
-He didn’t really want anything to do with you at first
-But you were so mature? And reasonable? We was really surprised and impressed that a twelve year old kid had this level of maturity??
-So he definitely liked you
-You also like Elizabeth which is +1,000 Jumin points
-He checks in the messenger often just to make sure you’re doing well

-You two get along instantly because you share the same sense of humor
-But at first
-He almost had a heart attack when he checked the cameras and the mysterious new member was a middle school kid
-He definitely contacts your parents and begs them not to call the cops
-He actually goes to Rika’s apartment on day one to babysit you
-I mean how could he just let a kid stay all alone?
-You guys bond so quickly over the few days you’re there
-Some how he successfully convinced your parents not to press charges
-He does lecture you over stranger danger when he shows up because why did you listen to the stranger telling you to go break into an apartment??

-Oh no
-He feels so guilty
-It’s his fault a child was brought into this mess
-He is constantly apologizing to everyone in the chatroom, especially Yoosung who keeps yelling at him
-He promises that he will fix everything right away and get you home as soon as possible
-Suddenly, he visits the messenger at least twice a day
-He has to make sure you are safe and taken care of
-Did I mention he apologizes a lot?
-Because he apologizes a lot
-Your parents don’t press charges because of how genuine and honest V was when he explained what happened to you
-He is also like a mom big brother to you
-You even become friends and it’s really adorable to everyone in the RFA
-Anyone who doesn’t know you both would think he’s your dad which is pretty great

-Oh would you look at that
-This is the child I manipulated into being held in an apartment for 11 days before attempting to force them into a religious cult that I at the time was under the influence of
-I’m sorry
-He avoids you because he feels guilty when he’s around you and he hates that sinking feeling in his chest
-It takes months and months before he can hold an actual conversation with you
-But it turns out he actually thinks you’re a good kid?
-You’re not annoying and loud like Saeyoung so that’s a plus
-He’s very “ew get away from me child” towards you at first
-But you grow on him
-Slowly he gets comfortable around you and he treats you normally
-He actually becomes a protective brother??? Who would’ve thought????

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Do you do like headcanons or bullet writing stuff? If so, can I request a "Being Thor's daughter and dating Peter would include" it even that as a fic! Because I think Thor's daughter would be cute and fun 😋


Being Thor’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include….

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Beginning Thoughts of the Fall Anime Season 2017 . . .

Welp, fall is here, and as usual, it is time for me to do my annual first impressions of the season’s anime titles.  My gods if you thought the amount of shows I checked out last season was a lot, this season’s amount is insane.  This season, so far, I have checked out 22 shows thus far and plan for at least 7 more to pick up.  Insane, right?  So how do they stack up so far?   Let’s see.  Also, please keep in mind, that these are solely based off of the first one or two episodes, and are purely my opinion, so if my opinion is different than yours, then I’d love to here it.   Also, I will try to remain as spoiler free as possible.  

Netojuu no Susume:  Studio Signal.MD

Originally posted by thenichibro

Dropped.  Alright, so I feel like I have to mention this.   I’m a serious gamer.  More specifically, I love me some MMOs.  How much you ask?   Well, so much so that I actually met my husband on World of Warcraft.  Insane right?  I mean my god you do not want to see our /played time on that game.  So, needless to say, I am a bit critical on gaming anime because of this, because I know what it’s like.   This anime was just… . cringey.  I found myself sighing every chance I got and by the 20 minute mark, completely turning it off.  Everything about the first episode was just  … bad.  There’s really just no redeeming qualities… well, one line said by the Guild Master which was something along the lines of “you have no idea what her irl gender is.”  I laughed.  It’s accurate.  85% of female toons you see on wow are actually guys. Anyways, moving on.   

Evil or Live:  Haoliners Animation

Dropped.  Mmmm  I had such high hopes.  After reading the summary, I will admit, I was hyped for this show.  On Paper, this show sounds wonderful.  I thought it was going to be some horror psychological thriller that at the end of it left you questioning the very meaning of the world around you or something.  Instead, what happened?   I …don’t even know.  The series starts off with massive amounts of Live Action, which, while being completely unexpected, I didn’t mind so much; the series became an instant drop for me when the MC and Co were clearly showing a break from reality and needed actual mental help, was beaten instead.   It wasn’t “horror” or “edgy” it was just poor writing.  Needless to say, I have dropped it.

Just Because!: Studio Pine Jam

Originally posted by thenichibro

Dropped.  For no other reason that fuck it’s boring.  I fell asleep watching it not once, but twice.  It was that boring.  This series proves that even the prettiest of shows can bore you to death.  

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji:  Studio Seven

Porn.  With Plot.  Alright, so this is an actual hentai series.  Not like Soft-Core either like Hajimete no Gal was last season.  This is an actual hentai series, and if you could believe it, it’s actually more plot focused and semi-interesting than 95% of hentai out there.… Well, as interesting as a hentai series about a female teacher and a student banging and “engaged” can be.  Don’t get me wrong here, it’s totally trash, but hey, each episode is only four minutes, so I’m going to keep watching this trash just a bit longer to see where it goes.  

Sengoku Night Blood:  Typhoon Graphics

Mmmm Still waiting for the day with they make a good anime based off of an Otome Game.  Alright, so here’s the story.  Girl gets sent back into another world and gains a harem.  A vampire harem.  That’s it.  I’ve saved you the trouble of checking this series out.  You’re welcome.  

Urahara:  Studios Emt^2 and Shirogumi

Originally posted by ufotable

Dropped.  Instant Drop.  Jesus Christ that animation is fucking trash.  You have two studios working on this series, and the animation still looks that garbagey?!?!  How?!?!?!  I can’t even with this… Ugh, nope, moving on.  

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara:  Creators in Pack

Yet another series that will probably be dropped halfway through.  Honestly, there’s just nothing that really happens in this series, and I know it’s really hard for anything to happen in a four minute long series, but literally nothing happens.   Wife comes home.  Husband makes her drink.  Wife gets tipsy.  Thank you husband.  I mean the main reason why I’m going to be sticking it out just a bit longer is to keep getting cocktail recipes haha.   

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii:  Sliver Link Studios

Will probably be dropped.  Is it just me or is this series like Silver Link’s answer to A-1′s EroManga Sensei?  Honestly, this show is meh at best so far.  The art is nothing too great, and the story screams EroManga, and since I wasn’t a fan, I really don’t see myself watching more than three episodes.  

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-Bitch na Ken:  Studio Diomedea

I started watching it with hopes of it doing two things.  One, fill the hole in my heart that was left when Hajimete no Gal ended; and two, explain what the hell a Sho-Bitch is.  In all honestly though, this show is probably going to be dropped.  While the art is generic, the characters are bland and too common; I also the comedy too forced at time and repeatable.  Yes, we understand main waifu really just wants to figure out what Haruka likes, and obviously misinterprets everything, but does that really have to be the joke every single time?

Inuyashiki:  Studio MAPPA

Ah, the latest from Studio MAPPA.  I have one question:  MAPPA, what the fuck?  Let me clarify.  The opening few minutes of the first episode made me feel.  Fuck, I almost started crying.  It was depressing and yet the story was just relatable and beautiful all at the same time.  I was feeling feels I didn’t want to feel.  It really kept true to the Drama tag, which I love.  I’m a sucker for some hardcore drama filled series.  Then… .it got weird.  Some weird like mecha space alien thing weird.  So, again, MAPPA, what the fuck?  Don’t get me wrong here.  I will be continuing to watch this solely because despite the series taking that weird turn, in no way did that make the actual tone any less enjoyable.  Plus, the art style is so unique to the show, I’m curious as to where it can go from here.  

Mahoutsukai no Yome:  Wit Studio

Alright, I’m a fan.  This has to be a contender for Anime of the Season, and we aren’t even three episodes into it yet.  It’s wonderful, and not only one of my favorites from this season so far, but my favorite thing Wit Studio has ever done, (and yes, that just brought me a ton of hate from SnK fans haha).   I can see and agree with the hype this series has had.   Honestly, check it out.  It’s good  and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  

Blend S:  A-1 Pictures

I found my Moe-Blob for the season, and I’m so happy.  I actually really like this series so far.  It was adorable, and literally just what I want in my seasonal moe-blob.  It’s nothing too driven plot wise, and definitely won’t be anime of the season or anything like that; it’s literally just Cute Girls waitressing in this cute cafe.  Regardless, I’m definitely going to continue to watch it for a bit longer at least.  

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou:  Studio White Fox

Keep your eye on this one this season.  It’s probably going to be the Dark Horse of this season.  In all honestly, I became instantly hooked watching the first episode.  The tone at the start was so eerie and grim that I found myself getting literal goosebumps.   Maybe it’s the high I’m on after the Made in Abyss ending, or just wanting to find something to fill the void that series has left me with, but I’m getting serious MiA vibes.  I’m hoping this series is even half as good as MiA was.  Also, I’m a major fan already of how unique the art is for this show.  

Ousama Game The Animation:  Studio Seven

I’m biased.  Period.  I will be watching this show no matter how terrible it could ever get solely because my favorite Seiyuu is the lead.  Mamoru is a God, and I will watch it religiously every week.  That being said, I can tell you that this show is edgy as fuck, and with it being one of two survival game anime out right now this season, this one is definitely the weaker, edgier of the two.  It is a pretty cool concept though, and I’m already a fan of the survival game concept, that I don’t mind watching this one until the end.  I would also like to warn that this one is definitely gory so if you don’t like that than this isn’t for you.    

Konohana Kitan:  Studio Lerche

CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  I REPEAT, CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  Having read the summary for the series prior,and seeing both the Seinen and Shoujo Ai tag on it and that it would be done by Lerche, it became an instant check out at least, and I’m glad I did.  This series is the calming pallet cleanser.  It’s the show where you can turn off your mind and just watch the cuteness.  Plus, did I mention cute little fox girls?  What more do you need?   

Black Clover:  Studio Pierrot

Alright, I’m split in two for this.  Part of me wants me to look at this show for what it is:  a stereotypical shounen series, with decent animation, predictable plot and bad voice acting, if you saw the first episode you’d know what I’m talking about.   This show screams Naruto, Fairy Tail and Bleach rip off; and hell, since I hate Naruto, never got into Bleach, and am still VERY pissed at Fairy Tail, combining the three into one really just makes me both cringe and glare at the screen.   Evil Glare.  A glare that if I could, would totally shoot lasers out and everything.  I mean hell, it’s even done by the same studio as Naruto.  Regardless, the tons and tons of shounen I’ve seen makes me just feel like this is repeating it all.   That’s one part of me.  The other part of me enjoys this show, solely for the fact that my husband LOVES the Black Clover manga, so watching it with him makes me at least want to give it a chance.   I do however doubt it will be as big as people hype it up to be, and if it does get big it will be nowhere near as good quality wise as a lot of other shounens, and will take a lot for me to become a fan.  

Juuni Taisen:  Graphinica

Without a doubt, my favorite from this season.  I’m hooked.  This series has it all:  unique character designs, well executed art, and a killer story line, (pun intended).  Mmmmm this story is wonderful.  It hooks you from the start, which is to be expected since the original source is written by the same original writer for the Monogatari Series.  There’s plot twists and betrayals and just epicness.  It also has one of the best openings and closings of the season.  Side Note:  THE PSYCHOTIC LITTLE USAGI BOY IS BEST BOY AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE, AND IF HE DOESN’T WIN I WILL RIOT.  

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru:  Washio Sumi no Shou:  Studio Gokumi

When I first saw that Yuki Yuno was getting another season, I was fucking thrilled.  Yuki Yuno was a magical girl series that I fell in love with not only because of the Madoka Magica vibes it had, but because of the beautiful art and animation and vibrant colors it used.  It’s visually stunning.  So, how is the prequel turning out?  Still just as stunning.  In all honestly, I’m going to love this series provided it stays true to the themes and tones of the first season, and if the opening episodes are anything to say about the rest of the series, then I know it will.  Plus, who isn’t up for Magical Girls this season?

Osomatsu-san 2nd Season:  Studio Pierrot

Originally posted by ninjago904

I actually genuinely missed this show.  My gods this show is a gift.  This has to be one of the underapprieciated comedy gems to come out in the recent years, and it fills me with joy knowing that it still shines just like the first season did.  I enjoy watching the episodic skits of everyone’s favorite sextuplets.  Seriously, why have you not started this show?  

Shokugeki no Soma:  J.C.Staff

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I’VE WAITED TO SEE MY SON KUGA ANIMATED?!!??!  TOO LONG.  This is hands down the best season of Food Wars yet, and we are barely a couple episodes into it.   I love the pacing of this season, and having being a manga reader, I can confirm for you that it’s completely accurate with the manga thus far.  J.C Staff is clearly showing that they still care about Food Wars and aren’t rushing with the season.  Also, thank the gods for the 24 episode season.  THAT’S MORE EPISODES OF MY PRECIOUS KUGA.  

3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season:  Studio Shaft

Originally posted by just-to-express-not-impress

I cried.  I fucking cried.  Hard.  My god I missed this series.  Everything about the first episode was fantastic.  The music and animation were spot on, but of course nothing out of the ordinary for the phenomenal Studio Shaft, but what did I love most you ask?  Character Development.  MY FUCKING GOD.  Compare Rei to the start of Season one, and you’d never think it’s the same person.  I can’t stress that enough.  If this first episode is a sign on how amazing the rest of this season is going to be then I’m beyond fucking happy.  This is the series I’ve been waiting for since the start of the year.  

Gintama.  Porori-hen:  Bandai Namco Pictures

Has there ever been like a bad season of Gintama?   Like Ever?  All this season has proved to me is: one, life is boring and dull without Gintama.  Two, Gintama is the king of comedy series.  Three, Gintama is without a doubt one of the greatest series of all time.   This season is hilarious and easily makes me burst out laughing from start to finish.  Thank you Gintama, I’ve truly missed you.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G.

Originally posted by anime-trash-for-life

How is the second half of the season you ask?  *Insert Pouting Face Here*  Fuck you, Chi-chan.  Worst Girl 2017.  THERE I SAID IT.  YEAH, I SAID IT.  WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?  #BRINGBACKBESTGIRL2017  Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Tartara has a partner now, but like seriously why her? -.-  Why couldn’t Mako just be his partner forever and they could live happily ever after?  


So, yeah, those are my thoughts so far on the Fall Anime 2017 season.   Let me know yours, and if there is anything I’m not watching, and should be, then please tell me!  I love recommendations, and I already know of a few that I need to pick up… .

'squip squad' goes to chilles

-legit everyone but jenna likes chilles.
-jenna claims she doesn’t like it because she saw a cockroach on the wall once.
-everyone said it was “bs” until rich brooke went into the bathroom and saw one.
-brooke joined the “i hate chilles” group after that.
-rich really likes the triple dipper. he loves to get the eggrolls, wings, & sliders.
-jeremy and michael really like shirley temples.
-once chloe ordered a molten lava cake and it exploded on her somehow.
-chloe also joined the “i hate chilles” group because it ruined her favorite blouse.
-jake really likes the nachos.
-the squad always plays on the little digital tablet things and they always pmay trivia or life on teams of two.
-rich once drank 17 raspberry lemonades and he got “drunk”. he fell 7 times.
-cristine actually got a job at chilles. everytime someone walks in she says “welcome to chilles.”
-the squad gets v gay at chilles

haha this is actually based off me and my group of friends going to chilles yesterday. i drank a bunch of soda at home though and fell. and 12 pm me is the best me.

Just a game pt 5

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her thoughts and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…After the incident in the library archives, the reader lives in constant fear of the clown returning for another game. However, it’s been a week and there had been no sign of him, only the toll of lost children had risen. For an unknown reason, her friends have been able to persuade her to stay in Derry for a longer period for the summer vacation is in full. At least, she wants to think that’s the reason. There was no way it could be because she secretly wanted him to come back to steal a hot kiss again…

Warning: a little smutty!!

Hey everyone we are here with the fifth instalment of the story and honestly I just wanna say thank again because there are so many people who are enjoying the story and saying nice things. It really warms my heart ya know? So thank you very much! If you want to be tagged in the story then please let me know! (But please note that I’m on mobile only so don’t bother with the ask box cuz I can’t reply haha I accidentally deleted someone’s ask and I felt bad)

If you don’t like this content then please just scroll away because it’s not worth hating (not actually had any hate which is a blessing). I am keeping out of the main It movie tags.

Sitting in a bar sipping on an alcoholic drink wasn’t what you wanted to be doing and yet there you were. Of course, you weren’t alone. Your best friend was sat beside you with her second drink of the night. It was only the two of you but you had no idea why, however, you had a feeling you were about to find out. (Bf/n) gulped down the burning liquid and coughed slightly before she spoke.

“Alright, give it to me straight. What’s been going on with you? You’re…different and not in a good way. You’re jumpy and you avoid being alone as much as possible which is why I’m staying with you in the motel. Why?” She asked softly. You shifted in your seat and avoided her gaze.

“You’d not believe me. You already forgot.”

The woman in front of you sighed and her brow furrowed.

“You’re on about that clown guy again, aren’t you?”

You glared a little.

“I’m not making him up. He is a real creature who is tormenting me. Has been since day one. He’s responsible for the child disappearances and the weird events every twenty-seven years.” You said firmly. She pats your hand a little rougher than comfortingly.

“(Y/n), it’s a legend, nothing more. Maybe you need more sleep, perhaps go see a doctor and get some professional help.” She suggested. Your cheeks feel hot as rage slowly begins to bubble in your belly.

“Are you saying I’m going mad?” You nearly growled and she flinched.

“Come on, (y/n), you know it’s not like that-”

“-Yes it is! You all think I’m going mad but it’s real! Hell, he gave me my phone back, you know that! I didn’t go to the sewers and search for it, he had it!” You cut her off angrily. She held her hands up in defence.

“Alright, alright I’m sorry! So maybe he is real then why can’t any of us remember him?”

The question caught you off guard for a moment. You exhaled and sipped your drink, smacking your lips together as your thought of an answer. But you had nothing.

“I don’t know…maybe he made you all forget, I mean, he can transform into whoever and whatever he wants including the fear of his prey. Surely he could make you all forget. But why though, that’s what I don’t know.”

Secretly, you had an accurate assumption that it had to do with his little game he played to torment you and in order to do so he had made your friends forget so he could keep you all to himself until he decided he was bored with you. The thought made you shudder because it could be any day for all you knew.

“Hey, what does he look like?” Your best friend asked, pulling you from your thoughts. You blink a few times and then your eyes flicker to her face. And then you begin to describe him. You mention everything you’d noticed from his height to his features and clothing. You even mentioned the less human aspects such as unnatural eye colours that would change and his sharp teeth. She listened to your every word, nodding her head but not saying anything.

“And he can appear and disappear whenever he wants.” You finished. You’d finished your first drink by this point and she her second. You waited for a response but there was none, she turned to the barman and asked for two more drinks. She thought you were mad, you thought bitterly. She took a swig of her drink.

“When did you see him last?” She questioned.

“Last Tuesday in the library, why?”

“There’s been a crazy amount of kids missing between after that Tuesday and now.”

Your eyes widened. She was right. You bit your lip gently, a nervous habit of yours. Your eyes darted around the bar. You knew it was all a game. He was doing it for a reason.

“It’s a game, a game in which he taunts me. He’s expecting something…I don’t know what though.”

And then it hit you. A coldness encased you as the thought came to you like a winter breeze. He wanted you to go to him because he knew you wanted him. He knew you craved his touch, even if it was fucked up. (Bf/n) noticed you had tensed all over and goosebumps had prickled all over your skin.


Your eyes met hers.

“It’s nothing. I’m just thinking.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”

You shook your head and grabbed your drink. As you pressed it to your lips, you spoke.

“I think I’ll leave at the end of the week. Friday at the earliest.”

Your friend made a noise at the back of her throat.

“That was sudden, but if it’ll ease you…”

“I don’t know what it’ll do, all I know is I need to do this. I need to stay away from this town.” You muttered and finished the rest of your drink in one swig, wincing at the violent burn down your throat to your belly. It didn’t help though. You didn’t stay at the bar for much longer, only five minutes after declaring your plan you were leaving the bar and headed back to your motel. You weren’t going to play this game for much longer.


Sleep was difficult to achieve, maybe because of the alcohol or maybe because your mind was racing but when you eventually drifted into the world of dreams you had never felt so at peace ever since you had set foot back in Derry. You were in a field of beautiful wild flowers, each a unique shade and shape. The field stretched out as far as the horizon in every direction except for what you assumed was south. A beautiful wooden house that had smoke slowly drifting out of its chimney contrasted against the sea of flowers. You were drawn to it for some reason, maybe it was because the flowers seemed brighter over there, and so your feet wandered towards it, every step bringing it closer and closer. It was taller than you had first anticipated but it wasn’t intimidating. From inside, a beautiful velvety voice called out to you.

“Come in, I wanna show you something.” It was a man who spoke. You thought nothing of it as you climbed the stairs of the front porch and your hand touched the door handle. It was unlocked, turning easily and opening inwards. Inside were two rooms either side of the entranceway and directly ahead. It was well furnished, even with a gleaming piano. You heard your name being called again, so you followed it until you came to the staircase. Whoever it was, they were on the second floor. Your feet pattered against each step and you came to a long corridor that had a room at one end and another room at the other. One of the doors was open and it appeared to be a bedroom of sorts, it was also the source of the voice. You stumbled blindly to it and entered the room where a tall man stood with his back to you. Your head tilted slightly as you shifted from one foot to another.


Your voice had his attention and he turned to you. You gasped, eyes widening in surprise. You noticed his big eyes first, they were a deep green-hazel and cast in the shadow of his brow. He had a cute button nose and full, pink lips perfectly sculpted for his face. He had a strong set of cheekbones to frame the face and his hair was a messy dark brown. His clothes consisted of a black vest top thag hugged his torso and some dark blue jeans. He smiled.

“There you are, I was wondering where you’d gotten to.” He said softly. You were confused. You had no idea who this handsome stranger was and yet there was something about him that was incredibly familiar. You stepped towards him, and he opened his arms for you. When you were close enough, he pulled you against his body and his lips met yours. They were soft and gentle, but as the two of you continued your affectionate kiss, it deepened and you were parting your lips for him. Before you knew it, he was straddling you on the large bed in the room, his arms framing your head as he held himself up by his elbows. Your arms were wrapped around his strong shoulders and your thighs parted for him to be closer still. Your hands gripped onto his skin as his lips left yours to trail down your jaw and a small whine bubbled in your throat. Your eyes were closed as his nose brushed along your jaw after your lips for he was making his way across your neck. Your hips were grinding against his at this point, a tingle in your groin becoming harder to ignore. However, your body tensed all over and a small cry of pain rasped from you as you felt a sharp set of teeth sink into your neck, right upon your jugular vein. Your eyes flew open so you could grasp the man’s face but oh how you wish you hadn’t. Shorter, dark brown hair had been replaced with blood orange and you cried out as you felt a tear in your neck. A moment later, the head of the one person you didn’t want to see lifted up for you and you choked. Pennywise’s smile was obscured by blood smeared all over his face. Your blood. You could feel it gushing from your neck at the rate of your beating heart and he giggled. You weakly attempted to push him away from you.


“So beautiful covered in red, moan for me.” he growled. His hand, now gloved, slid down to your quivering body to dance along your thighs. In this dreamworld, your thighs were already bare to him and he took advantage, his hand sliding to your panty covered cunt. You stifled a moan as your body jolted slightly.


“Don’t be so silly, you know deep down that you crave nothing more. Stop lying to yourself and take. It.” He whispered into your ear. Your eyelids fluttered shut as his fingers brushed against your sensitive clit, the sensation of the fabric of the glove creating a unique feel. His lips were upon the open wound on your neck and he began to suck gently as his fingers teased you.

Your body was so sensitive, so much so that when you finally moaned, you were awake, the dream a hazy memory in the back of your head. Your hand flew to your neck but there was no wound, only a ghost of a sensation. But your cunt was tingling, begging to be relieved and you couldn’t help yourself from spreading your thighs as wide as possible and using your dominant hand to swirl circles over your engorged clit over and over, your fingers dipping into your hole to gather it’s wetness to smear over the small bud more easily. You almost forgot that your friend was only across the room from you fast asleep, pleasure was the only thing you cared about. It took two minutes for the overwhelming shockwaves of your orgasm to hit you until your back was arching from the bed and your free hand covered your mouth to conceal your cries. The one thing in your head now was a name. Pennywise. There was no shame in your pleasure in that moment; you wanted more.


Allllllright that was shorter than my usual stuff but hey there was a little naughtiness there. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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Someone in 2016: people aren’t angry that ghostbusters are women! they’re angry because reboots are bad!

Someone in 2017: people aren’t angry that the doctor is a woman! they’re angry because it’s a political statement! 

Me: *literally can’t get away from the excessive amounts of comments with sexist slurs/jokes, disappointment that the women aren’t sexualized, belittling remarks towards the actresses, and yelling about how “feminazis ruin everything”*


Room(soul)mates - Part 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Language, I think that’s it,,,,

Summary: Bucky doesn’t really believe in soulmates. But when Steve tricks him into becoming your roommate, it sends things down a path he never thought he’d go down.

!!!!!!!!!: I have written side ships in here, and if you don’t like them please ignore and move on. I’m not here to deal with hate, I’m here to do what I enjoy. <3

A/N: Second part! I’ve already written 11 parts already, and I’m not actually sure how long this is gonna go for lol (like probably hella chapers yikes!)….. I’m actually really enjoying this, and it’s gotten more recognition than I thought, so I wanted to say thanks to all of you haha…. Art credit: @elithien (Literally the Brooklyn Boys look like a modern James Dean aesthetic come alive I adore) Feedback <3

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 

When you finally heave the last of Bucky’s crap into your apartment, you fall onto the plush rug in the lounge room, wishing it would swallow you whole.

“That rug looks like it’s swallowing you whole.”

You side-eye Bucky, who’s perched on the arm of the couch. “I wish it would.”

“Come on now, I’m not that awful.”

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Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander

Thoughts on Ep. 307

So this was an episode that happened. It’s kind of tough to get excited about an episode that’s sole purpose is basically to set up the next one. There were definitely some parts that I really liked *cough Claire cough* and some things that I side-eyed so hard. *cough Jamie cough*

I get that the point of this episode is to show just how much more work they need to do if they’re going to be able to rebuild their life together. And it *is* making me excited for next week to see shit actually go down. But based off of how underwhelmed I was with last week, I feel like I really need to lower my expectations for next week, haha.

This week’s episode served its purpose, though, sooo…

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moonlightmountain  asked:

I'm SCREAMING haha why don't you like Taylor Swift? Not hating, just genuinely curious about your reasons.

i dont really not like her… i dont really like her… i actually just have no energy to put into feeling anything about her lol