i actually really dont like this

i think after i go to school to learn animation and whatnot, i think i might take out a loan to take a fashion design course?

my Accepting Aunt is calling me frankie! im gonna be misgendered the entire time im here but idk i feel like knowing ive got one person acknowledging my actual gender it won’t be as bad

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So if Olivia doesn't know that Lance is bi and she is not biphobic then how will she react when Lance tells her that he is bi? But at the same time I don't think that Lance will tell her because I feel like he is "will be his muted self", "He hasn’t been himself since the moment he laid eyes on Olivia. He’s been a muted version of himself. Who likes different things." YOU SAID THAT!!!!! So, I guess, the actual question is now, will Lance tell Olivia that he is bi?

i mean, his sexuality doesn’t help or hurt their relationship so it really doesn’t matter haha. I know its like, a big part of who he is but i dont think that makes it like, this dirty little secret that he’s keeping from her haha. Telling her he’s in love with keith is different than telling her he’s bi, ya know? Im sure he he said “oh i dated this guy in college” she’d be like “oh… lol okay then, you like guys too”. especially because shes generally a nice and accepting person.  I dont think itll be like, a turning point in the story. telling her he’s in love with keith, though? thats a different thing entirely…lol :p im sorry if this doesnt make any sense or came out wrong hgfudinsodiw despite what many may think, im really not that good with words hahahahaaaa. sigh 

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That's really offensive. dickids crew members are so hard working and they deserve all of the love they are getting

i dont wanna like
burst ur bubble or fight u or anything, anon, but
how is it… that agunu… who obviously cannot rap… has more followers on instagram than olnl or khundi panda or legitgoons or jvcki wai or kanabathe, etc, etc who are ACTUALLY very very positively received by the members of the khh community that have listened to their music..
and im not blaming u, anon, for maybe not knowing artists like khundi panda or olnl. i understand that u gotta put in effort to find quality lowkey artists like them. there are tons of soundcloud rappers that are probably really good but i have no idea that even exist.
you can keep supporting them if u want like i really dont care its just that i find it kinda sad that the worse dickids crew members have all this attention when there are so many talented artists out there that don’t have the benefit of being “part of young b’s crew” to become famous

and like i’ve said multiple times before i hope those worse dickids members rly do improve so i can stand back and be like wow yes he really does deserve all this attention

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1. Plain white socks or cute patterned/colored socks?

I dont really care much tbh!!! give me socks and l will more than likely wear them

2.You have to give up one of your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), which would you give up?

Defiantly smell. I dont notice scents as much as I know a lot of other people do and the other senses are far more useful

3. If you were a dog, what breed do you think you’d be?

I would probably something like a pug only because pugs are known to not really do all that much….

4. If you were in a group, what position (singer, rapper, dancer) would you want to be (regardless of experience level)? Now which do you think you’d actually be assigned as?

I would want to be a singer. I have always loved singing and I used to be pretty good but I stopped so now I kind of suck. I think I would be a dancer only because I already have a lot of training 

5. If colors could describe feelings, what color are you right now?

grey? I feel like grey=kind of sad and stressed oh and tense

6. You have to start off every conversation with a pick up line, which do you use?

Roses are red, I have lots of class, therefore I am eating your ass!

7. If you could give your ultimate bias a birthday present, what would you give them?

I would bake a cake and write them a letter explaining everything they have done for me. (once I baked a cake for jongdaes birthday and took it to school)

8. If you could learn to do anything instantly (speak a language, play an instrument, etc.) what would you pick?

cheer people up

9.  You can travel through time, do you go to the past, future, or do you stay in present times? Why?

I think the past is very valuable to becoming who you are and I think the journey is the most important thing in life so I would stay in the present as hard as it may be

10. What would you do if you woke up one morning and had swapped bodies with your ultimate bias?

I would see if I could touch my toes

11. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?💗💗💗

I like my boobs…. and my eyes!!!

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I used to love english, but reading for me is so difficult asdfgth. Like i read something but i cant even tell what I'm reading, and idk how to tell my teacher i have adhd and i dont think she can help me. it's so frustrating cause i have no idea how to fix this so can anyone tell me how to become a better reader or something, i will love you forever

aaaah i’m sorry D: that sucks so bad. :( 

i don’t really have any good reading tips b/c i was always a really good reader.  but … have you been tested for dyslexia, anon? it’s often comorbid with adhd. and it’s not just mixing up letters and having spelling trouble. it can make sentences and paragraphs incomprehensible and make it way harder to read. 

might be worth looking into if you haven’t? :C

if anyone has any reading skill tips please rb and add ;;

i know its expensive but .. mac lightful c moisturizer saved my life……… my skin feels nice and soft and… i dont feel the need to really even wear makeup i went from .. waking up looking like depressed shit to waking up looking .. actually good….. 

god one of my teachers is literally me as a teacher. he just swears openly and in this really intense and hilarious way . he’s just kinda bouncy and funny but has this intense like…….. idk i dont wanna say pretentiousness, but like. he’s got a similar Aura of poetry that i feel a lot . he’s just hilarious and im so excited to work with him this semester on my writing. my first writing asignment I’m going to be doing a piece on redwood being left for dead by his crew in the desert, and his understanding that he might actually die out here in the fucking mojave. im excited. my second is going to involve, i think, beau, and itll be a case of me having to do a lot of research in order to accurately capture the bayou. the third one idk yet but i wanna make it a flash fiction about a humorous situation with a really funny woman narrator

Couldn’t sleep last night.

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Casual Sidon in a tank top 😍👌🏻

I made this with my own two hands and I still can’t believe how ridiculous and annoyingly pretty I designed this man.

I really tried to do “casual” again but then the eyeliner happened and I couldnt stop myself. Nothing is casual about sidon anyways so I’ll give myself a B - and a pat on the back for effort.

I finally got around to draw another amazing scene from one of @crispykrimi ‘s fics !

I definitely didn’t cry reading this

Cabeswater’s magician and dreamer