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You should add onto your andreil asl/pse. Like more in depth about when around the foxes or something.. it's actually a really cool idea.

Your wish is my command…
(I guess this is kind of a continuation of this post)

  • since the two of them are both the eptiome of Extra™ they would have multiple conversations at once
  • kevin could be going on about games or plays
  • andrew would just start signing to neil out of boredom
  • neil would respond to andrew and answer kevin without even thinking
  • dan and matt are just in shock when they see andreil arguing rapidly in asl
  • nicky tries in vain to learn a few signs so he knows what they’re talking about
  • he thinks he’s done it but then is completely lost when he sees them having a conversation
  • renee actually does pick up a little bit of asl
  • but she never eavesdrops on their conversations
  • the angel
  • wymack notices but doesn’t even make a comment bc nothing phases him anymore
  • sometimes neil or andrew will randomly switch from signing to english 
  • andrew signing something to neil and neil answering in english while his hands are full
  • thus leaving the rest of the foxes thoroughly confused
  • andrew, signing: I hate you
  • neil, in english: Yeah, yeah, I know. Six feet under and all that. What flavour of ice cream do you want me to pick up?
  • the foxes: ????????

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Life of a bookworm : I have 49 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf. 25+ are not yet released books (Some have fall release dates). I put 11 on hold at my library . My reading goal for 2017 was 100 books and I've already read 55 books so far this year. Goodreads won't give me recommendations lately (I don't know why) ,so I'm trying unsuccessfully to beef up my TBR list. Do you have any recommendations for me? Also, have you heard of "The Mermaid's Daughter" by Ann Claycomb?

dont look at me, my tbr on GR is in the thousands. fortunately im so broke that my actual i-own-this TBR is like 8 books rn i think.

Wow, you’re pretty fast! I’ve been too sick in the past couple months to get anything done really, I think I haven’t even hit 30.

It doesn’t really make sense to give recommendations to somebody when you don’t know their taste imo. Taste is really subjective. 

No, I have not!

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu

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Thank you for your opinion on Shiro about how he does not "give Lance much attention" I do agree that Shiro isnt perfect and theres alot that happened in S2 that no one really had time to focus on the other. I guess the fans are just upset that Lance didnt get alot if screentime but theres still alot to see and Lance will get his arc considering the direction his story is taking. Lance is just too popular which makes their side of the fandom louder and thats why posts like that pop up often. :/

( ill actually tag this later but rn im on mobile so: #discourse )

thank you!! yeah lance is my fav too, and its not like i dont get where certain concerns come from. but some people are looking for a someone to blame instead of being patient, and in addition to bashing the creation team, people have seemed to settle on shiro as the source of all of lances problems and insecurities. which is frankly insulting, and often screams of bias for keith (read: klance, lmao) which they blame shiro for in their own dang rants too.

as if it was shiro and not keith who has several highlighted moments with lance about his insecurities. the scene with the face mask about blue, the “cool junk like that” line immediately followed but the “maybe i dont have a thing” scene, the scene where keith gets to go to the blade base instead of lance (and shiro DOES have a point about red’s temperature tolerance, like he may be a bit biased for keith but his decisions arent based on that bias, but on logical arguments).

and as if it was keith not shiro that had the only highlighted moment in the entire series with lance about explicitly helping to clear up a bit of his insecurities (albeit probably unknowingly). aka the “that’s why we bring out sharpshooter” line.

the only reason people arent blaming keith more instead of shiro (which ppl…shouldnt be doing either…lances insecurities are his own and have no doubt been building up his whole life before keith came into the picture) despite there being more canon moments of them putting each other down and/or keith acting as a foil to highlight lance’s own insecurities is because of their OWN bias, and shipping goggles tbh.

and to top it all off, those rants against shiro are usually not-so-subtly laced with ableism which is….Gross™.

tl;dr: people needa chill tf out. be patient. stop bashing characters for unfounded complaints. and please think before u speak tbh cause i know most of you dont INTEND to come off as ableist but boy howdy do i see that shit @ shiro A LOT lmao

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hey im really sorry if this comes off as ignorant whatsoever im just trying to figure myself out. how did you realize you were trans without wanting to get a sex reassignment surgery? idk if im trans or enby because i dont really want to get any surgery or anything but sometimes i really wish i was a boy. just without the parts. i thought itd be a good idea to ask someone who actually is trans for some advice. thanks and have a nice day

i mean im the same way i wanna be male but i dont want to necessarily get bottom surgery [even if i did have the money] cause itd be too foreign to me [ive never even see a dick irl] so its like. surgery doesnt make u trans. what u feel in ya brain makes u trans. i only realized i was trans cause i cut my hair really short after having it long for so long n realized i wanna look like and be a guy

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i feel like such a bad person since when Angelica was never satisfied,and Eliza got with Alexander i'm like- "At least Eliza is happy-" But when Angelica finally is happy,i keep feeling sad for Eliza My headcanon is that Angelica and Eliza are the same level of smartness and beauty,but Eliza is more naive and gentle,while you got Angelica just roasting people without breaking a sweat. hhh- I love Hamliza,but i dont hate your AU I actually find it really creative to see what could've been :0

hamliza is like my favourite thing in hamilton, i just did some fanart foR ANGST AND NOW PPL ARE INVESTED IN IT

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what does Gabriel have in plan for the BoS?

eh well, in game i had him do so many NCR quests he got to the point where he formed the alliance between NCR and the BoS.
ive thought about it actually and honestly i dont think he really has a strong opinion on the BoS! im not sure if he’d encounter any other BoS traveling in CA cause im not really sure what the lore is like, i dont think he would, but even if he did…i dont think hed like them… but wouldnt really be against them per say. he uses technology to get what he wants when he knows how, and wants to help people in most circumstances, so hes really against the isolationist mindset the BoS has. with veronica he had her choose what she wanted to do, and said theres nothing she couldve done to change the elders mind. he does want to tell veronica she should join the Followers because he knows them, but since she was on the fence about it he didnt want to influence her just by his opinion of the Followers and the BoS, and thinks its up to her to decide if their family and worth staying with, since shes the one whos lived with them all her life. he also figures something like the BoS would fall before they changed their core beliefs like she wants, but i guess he ends up being wrong with fo4’s version of BoS though, lol.

unrelated, but man like. i love Ramos. He’s one of the few random NPCs i just loved for no reason.

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Since you were talking about how people handle Shiro & Lance's relationship and often demonize it-- Given the number of fanfics that go the 'shiro bullies lance and makes him feel awful' route, what do you think are the Right ways to portray their relationship that manage to display the fact that they struggle to see eye-to-eye at time without making Shiro seem like an overt asshole?

the thing is, there is really no strictly Right or Wrong way to go about that. i personally am not against people making shiro more, yknow, human. he can have flaws. he can get stressed and snap at people. HOWEVER that being said there are definitely some big DON'Ts imo. these can be specifically shiro & lance interaction tips, or general writing tips tbh:

- dont have it be his default treatment of lance. thats just not how shiro is canonically. to anyone. like, period. it even took slav quite a while under very stressful situations to have shiro actually snap at him, abd thats cause those two just dont mix well. do not overly-skew characters’ base personality traits just so you can have an angsty fic.

- if youre gonna have them argue or snap at each other when thats usually not how they interact whatsoever, have it be a for a reason. build up to it as smoothly as you can. its okay to have conflict, but always ask: why?

- dont just leave it at that. people dont just fight and forget. im not saying make them hold a grudge (shiro probs wouldnt and lance is kinda petty but not THAT kinda petty), but show the aftermath. show how it affects them both. show how it is MUTUALLY RESOLVED at some point (even if you drag it out for suspense reasons). show how they go through an effort to either compromise, or help the other see they are being genuine. and probably most importantly: show how they BOTH learn throughout this experience.

- conflict and arguements dont have to be inherently or permanently toxic/bad. its okay to have them happen, but keep in mind how these characters react to each other in canon and how you can use the conflict to push the plot forward and/or let the characters grow.

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Your art about Kellog is so cool! I got past the part where we face that guy just yesterday, I liked the conversation and the build up to it. Honestly, Kellog is one of my favorite villains of that game, devious and yet sympathetic. I really like your stuff about him possessing Valentine, I wish we'd seen more of that in game. Tell us, what do you think of Kellog?

aah thanks! im not sure how i feel about kellogg actually. i feel like i dont have a positive or negative feeling towards him. hes ok in my book. kelloggs a loyal and powerful guy, but gives his loyalties to the wrong people i feel, haha. guess that comes with being a mercenary i guess. idk, he makes a pretty good villain.

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why do u think Cauliflower Spoon is shit? I'm just curious bc I dont know much abt him

I actually really liked him when I was younger. I watched Friends and Big Daddy and of course suite life (although I was more of a zach girl oops) but now I’ve seen what he’s grown to be and he’s racist, and he has a history of abuse.


You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. You and her.


actual married couple???

Hey-o everybody ❤️ 💙

I was looking at my past art recently, and for some reason it just really got me down. I feel like half of my art is really on the low-quality end, and it’s been making me really insecure about all of my art.

I sorta did a redraw of a cotton candy garnet piece I made a year ago… except more like, melancholy - to match my mood I guess. This is my way of showing myself that I’m not all bad, and I am improving. But idk, it’s still hard to be happy with any of my drawings anymore :/

all reblogs/likes/commentary is very much appreciated  💖



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