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You called it right on BS3. It was already in the can when desperatedan 'warned' us he was gonna to do it. But I just dont get it. What was the point of making louis do that or the print interview kind of blaming harry and saying we ruined their friendship and all the same simon shit? We're kjoking its like 2013 again but it actually really is, down to the fan wars and bullying stoked by 1dhq. But why do that again now theyre solo? I just dont get it.

I dont get it either anon. Do any of us get it? Its pretty much impossible to understand, because we’re hit by blizzards of spin and lies and apparently counterintuitive tactics and we only get to see glimpses of clues whizzing by as to what’s really going on. That feels even truer since the hiatus and their solo stuff. I’m reassessing my view of things all the time as I see what may be another flash of a possible clue but Im aware that its just as likely we’re being manipulated with these glimpses too, so… One thing that is clear to me is that a vast amount of money and potential earning power is at stake and large corporations will literally stop at nothing to secure that. The people who built and ran 1D have been manipulating the emotions and beliefs of 1D fandom from pretty much the point they realised how wealthy the band could make them, and how powerful the fanbase is.  That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s really how it works. 

So I’m afraid don’t have any brilliant insights, just sticking together pieces that really dont seem to fit, to make a whole that’s not coherent. One thing though that struck me yesterday and made me begin to possibly re-evaluate a few things, was the realisation that each one of the guys solo is displaying the exact PR image/character given to them in the band, as broadcast to us helpfully over the years by Dan Wooton. Harry and Louis especially, in their solo campaigns, have confirmed the exact ‘revealed exclusively by DW’ 1D images we railed at for years as OTT and unbelievable. I find that… interesting. 

That said, it works. I realised reading around today that as far as I could see, while Larries dont believe that DW article yesterday ‘quoting’ Louis on Larry and Harry breaking the band, almost everyone else does (thus blaming Harry) or blames Louis for ‘saying it’. It really is incredibly easy to get an idea fixed in this fandom if you haven’t already seen the holes. I took in the ‘Harry forced the hiatus on the others’  myself, until that particular article made me wonder. Thats because it seems to me that ‘Louis’ sort-of-confirmation that Harry broke the band must have been explicitly put out there with Sony endorsement.  

For me Dan’s involvement is the smoking gun. Other people can print it and you can question where its coming from, but Dan is a Sony HQ PR/Syco PR press release. DWs role really is notable because he’s not just some Rita Skeeter narcissistic monster, he’s Sony-Syco’s monster. The ‘scoops’ he got for years about all the boys, are now being 'shown to be true’ by the guys solo careers & lives. That’s been “proved” to the fandom and GP because “they’re all independent now” and “making their own choices”.  I suspect when he’s fed the odd bit of dud info about the guys, (possibly with his full knowledge and collusion), it’s always to fulfil the longer term aims of Syco HQ-Sony and he knows they’ll give him something juicy to make up for momentary embarrassment. Dan needs the trust and goodwill of Sony-Syco. They feed him 'scandals’, smears, PR narratives they want out there without being questioned; he gets the glory of endless 'scoops’ which built his career. To me there’s no way Dan would write anything damaging about Harry that Sony HQ don’t want out there for their own purpose. 

Syco-Sony’s1D publicity tactics admittedly always went with the ‘bad publicity is always good publicity’ mantra Cowell loves, but even so Im now wondering what Sony are trying to do to Harry’s image and how free of old ties he actually is.  Then there’s yesterdays DW exclusive that Simon is 'determined’ to get 1D reformed as a Stones type supergroup, even as they up the Harry v/s Louis drama and ‘Harry is the one stopping a reunion’.  Yesterday I saw a reminder that Kelly Clarkson was trapped in a Syco contract for 15 years. And another that 1D are still on Syco’s website as their act. 

Do they want the’ engagement’ of fan wars between Harrys core fanbase and the others, especially Louis’? And the clumsy attack by Sony/Syco through Dan (who clearly has a personal vendetta too) on Larries in the knowledge it could have seriously damaged Louis launch?  Why do that when they could have left Larry to wither and die? Especially since Louis’ filmed 'denial’ was so underwhelming, and unconvincing to anyone not already convinced. Obviously. 

Basically, the reasoning behind what’s happening is far too complex to work out from the outside because there are too many pieces missing. So after all that, the simple answer is 🤷‍♂️. Shit this was long. You wish you hadn’t asked now don’t you?

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On your villainous comic where flug and the rest were sent to the beach with the rest, even I find it kind of surprising that flug finally got a break, but what I imagine is that black hat didn't just send them to have fun and relax but I think that black hat sent them away because of something like a threat back at his house (like a superhero threat or something) and he really sent them so to be safe. It was just a random thought sorry for taking up your time and have a good day love your art


what if i told you, i was actually planning on continuing that comic (with more paperhat implications maybe??)


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My dude, I am laughing way too hard at your angry minor drawing, I decided to go to the comment section and it was a gold mine.

CRINGES. since youre mentioning it though i think its really funny how this one angry minor continues to comment on the post and they say “shes an adult she shouldnt continue the drama with kids” and ive not even been partaking in the drama…… i only responded ironically to the posts they @ me in. not even in a mean way. its almost like these people dont have any awareness to whats actually going on in the world…….

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I just realized you're younger than me and I don't know how to handle this information and how better you are at things. But on an unrelated note, you're from/live in Australia right? If so, how many of those Tumblr posts on how fucked up Australia is are actually true? I don't know why but you seemed like a good person to ask about this.

aw MAN if it makes u feel better i started when i was 12 and haven’t stopped since and i still can’t be bothered making my own full model or uv mapping shit correctly so it’s ok i’m still far less superior than u think hEHEH…. cries

anyway yes i am very australian (actually not really australian i dont have the accent or at least i don’t think i do despite being born n raised here hehe)

but i can definitely say that yes the posts r very true trust me summer is a disaster because it’s so hot u can legit fry an egg on the ground and sometimes i want to take off my skin bc im just melting and not to mention there r BUGS EVERYWHERE im pretty sure i have 50 living in my room right now and im pretty sure they’ve all crawled into my mouth istg 

when i was in school we had this fat ass spider (called him george) chilling in our classroom ceiling corner for like ages until he just disappeared and that was frightening for a long while 

also bin chickens are a thing that have surfaced everywehre now that im in uni they’re a mess and they scare me animals are crazy one time i was out camping and some wallabies were trying to eat at my tent and my tent-mate kicked the tent and it fell and it was so tragic but we were so lazy so we just slept anyway and then that same camp i got like a leech in my sock i dont know how that happened but it was weird (why did i even go to the camp it was like 200$ and im not an outdoors kinda guy it was a weird phase of my highschool life)

australia’s pretty great we have golden gaytime and timtams and that’s all that matters honestly

honestly i used to care way more about actually making posts and shit or whatever and now that i dont really its made this blog much better in my opinion and honestly no one should care that much about running a blog aside from not being a shitty person. its not like you’re getting paid for it so wild out

one of my first gaming memories (and one of my first memories in general actually) is when I was about ten or eleven years old…. my older brother was big into gaming and I had watched him play ffvii & viii before and I really wanted to try it for myself. so I asked him to help me play ffix……. we booted it up and got through the intro and then to the part where it gives you an option to name Zidane something of your choice. my brother was like ‘no dont change his name that’s stupid and lame and I don’t want it on my PlayStation or memory card’ and I was like ‘ummmm okay…..’ but I really wanted to change his name to the name of the boy at school I had a huge crush on because I was a creep of a child. so when my brother left the room to go do something else, I quickly input that boy’s name like the disobedient little shit I am. he came back a few minutes later, watched me for awhile…… but then Zidane spoke and the truth that I had named him “José” (in all caps) was revealed. he scoffed, left the room, and said he wasn’t going to help me play the game anymore and I was on my own 😂 😂 but luckily we had those old game guide book things that told you in detail what to do and where to go, so I beat it without his help anyways, but I just remembered that and it made me laugh aksjajiaid

i dont know why but i guess as an alcoholic, it really hurts my heart to see people with severe eating disorders using food/lack of food as a crutch… it’s similar but it must be so hard when you actually have to consume the things you’re “addicted” to on a daily basis, several times per day.  i was watching  a show called “freaky eaters” and i couldn’t make it like more than a minute or two into each episode without tearing up. 

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I thought you were going to make actual new posts everyday but you're just reblogging your old ones instead. :(

sorry i just dont really like korean/korea/life right now

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Hi!! This is a little odd of a question I think, but do you think it's weird for someone to want to dress and be goth but not be super into everything that comes with the subculture? Dont get me wrong, I really really love the music and the movies but Im also actually terrified of the supernatural, am a very 'preppy' person, and really love the color pink!! And Im afraid that if someday I ever try to fully immerse myself in the gothic style like I want to, I wont be taken seriously. :(

I dont think that’s weird at all! Goth is not a Cookie cutter subculture :D There is so much diversity - as Long as you love the Music and like the aesthetic - you’re goth in my view. Do you know Adora Batbrat? She’s so Pink and adorable! And still not any less goth then the darkest crypt creature that shits actual bats haha

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hhh ive been best friends with this boy for 2 years and we met on here and he lives relatively close to me, and weve met twice in real life. and like we kinda have a thing where we aren't dating or together, but we always call each other 'boyfriend' and always talk about how we love each other. and i dont know, i kinda wanna really date him, but i dont know how to go about asking him since we dont live close enough that we can actually go on dates and stuff..

Hmm okay so maybe call him or arrange to meet irl another time, and talk to him! Just mention how you do everything a couple does and so why not make it official? If he says he loves you then he probably wants the same things as you do so give it a shot 😊
I hope this helps 💓

me: yeah idk i dont really care for romance-centric movies, they tend to be boring and unrelatable

The Shape of Water (2017) by Guillermo del Toro: has sexey fishman, who looks like a cross between abe sapien and thane from mass effect. also protagonist is mute lady who teaches fishman asl and they fall in love and escape from a tropey research facility? doug jones plays fishman ?


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Casual Sidon in a tank top 😍👌🏻

I made this with my own two hands and I still can’t believe how ridiculous and annoyingly pretty I designed this man.

I really tried to do “casual” again but then the eyeliner happened and I couldnt stop myself. Nothing is casual about sidon anyways so I’ll give myself a B - and a pat on the back for effort.

also, rose wasn’t in the trailer at all, and they’ve been a) making a big deal about how she’s a big new role, and b) saying that her storyline and finn’s will be connected in the film.

which leads me to hope that the lack of rose- and the vagueness of finn’s appearance in the trailer- means that his/their storyline is integral to the plot and would give away too much.

everyone knows that rey was going to train with luke. it was safe for them to show us that. but finn’s storyline? it was left very much an open book at the end of tfa. they aren’t showing us much of him because to do so would be showing us too much before the film comes out. the same goes for kylo, poe, and leia. this trailer really didn’t give us much to work with besides some insight into luke and rey and their relationship with each other. and even that was vague.

so i’m cautiously optimistic about this trailer. it leaves a lot for us to think about and wonder, and doesn’t necessarily mean finn’s role in the story won’t be significant simply because he (like most of the characters in the trailer) didn’t get more than one short scene.