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We Need To Talk- Jonah Marais

Important authors note below

Warning long imagine ahead!

Jonah Marais

“Look, I’m not saying you’re repulsive, I’m just saying I can’t seem to look at you without thinking of punching you in the face and kick your ass.” The tone of your voice was laced with such hatred to your now ex. A coffee table between your bodies. You just caught your boyfriend in bed with your so-called-friend.

“Babe, let me explain.” He looked at you with worry written on his face.

“Okay, fine, explain to me why I just walked in on you fucking my friend!” you raised your voice, not caring if your neighbors heard you two fight.

“You spend more time with that precious band of yours than you do with me!” he shouted back.

“I’m their publicist! It’s my job!” You shouted back, last time you two fought it was because of your careers high attention demands. You were a very well known publicist to many people. But your most recent client is a new boy band. They were literally the same age as you. You were such a young publicist, but it wasn’t strange you had been doing this since basically birth. Your parents being the biggest publicists agency out there in L.A.

“It’s always your job! You never make time for me!” He shouted.

“So you go and fuck my friend!? How does that make sense?!” You were beyond pissed. Within the short few months of getting to know the boys, you grew extremely close to them. You do admit you spend more time with them than any other client you have. You have an actual connection with them. They are in your age group. 16-19.

“You cannot stand there and blame me for this! You and I both know you cheated first! I saw you and Jonah kissing! At your 19th birthday party! On the roof. I saw you! He kissed you and you kissed him back!” He had tears falling down his face.

“I didn’t kiss him back. he kissed me! I told him I had a boyfriend.” You sighed. You can’t blame the end of your relationship all on him. You had to take some responsibility.

“Just admit it! You love him more than me!” His face red with anger.

“Fine! Yes! I fell in love with Jonah!” You had never said you loved anyone other than your parents. Whenever Aaron said he loved you, you would say ‘me too.’ or 'ditto’ or sometimes even 'right back atcha’ You two had only been together for a few months.

You were both panting. He never actually thought you did have such strong feelings for the band member. He never wanted for it to be true. But here you were, telling him you did love the Why Don’t We band member.

“Did you ever even love me?” He whispered. You looked to the ground. Not wanting to deny nor confirm.

“I have to go. I have a meeting with Logan and the boys.” You said, wanting to leave this emotionally hard situation.

“Answer me!” He shouted at you, spit flying towards you and landing on the glass table.

“No! I never loved you!” You raised your voice, answering immediately. You grabbed your maverick back pack, cell phone and keys. Walking towards the door.

“When you come back, you will pack your stuff up and leave. I will take your name off the lease tomorrow. And you will never hear from me or see me. Because you’re dead to me.” He gritted, turning towards to the bedroom.

As you walked to the elevator you pulled your phone out and sent Jonah a quick message.

Me: We need to talk.

Jonah: Okay whats wrong?

read at 8:10 PM

Jonah: Y/N, you have me worried.

Jonah: Y/N whats wrong?

Jonah: Y/N answer me

Jonah: Please?

read at 8:28 PM

Me: I’m on my way to your place

Me: Everything is okay. I promise.

Jonah: OK

Jonah: Drive safely

read at 8:32 PM

When you arrived at the house you walked to the door, the door opening and out comes Jonah. he pulled you into a tight embrace. He sighed as you pulled apart.

“What happened?” He asked, looking into your eyes that he had fallen head over heels for.

“I caught Aaron fucking Dacy in our bed.” You stated, not being phased by it. Jonahs worried expression turned imminently to anger in less than 2.5 seconds.

“It’s okay though because I did something today I have never done before!” You smiled up at him. His expression switching over to confusion.

“What?” He asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“I finally admitted my true feelings about someone.”

“Who? What feelings?” He asked, not wanting to be disappointed but also wanting to be a good friend and hearing you out.

“For you.” You paused, his eyes whipping from your feet to your eyes.

“I love you, Jonah. I finally admitted it to myself tonight. Aaron asked me if I loved you and I said I had fa-” Your ranted was interrupted by Jonah’s lips crashing into yours. Instantly shutting you up. You leaned into the kiss more. Your hand going to the nape of his neck as his went to your waist, pulling you closer to his body. He tilted his head a little to the right, deepening the kiss. At first, it was sweet and passionate now all you felt was lust. Jonah pulled away before anything else could happen outside in the middle of the driveway.

“I love you too, Y/N. I’m in love with you too.” He panted, trying to control his breathing, you both were. Panting like crazy, that kiss took your breath away.

“Good.” You smiled up at Jonah, his smile visible from the moon.

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, his arms still wrapped around your waist, your hands still in his hair.

“Yes, of course!” You exclaimed, giggling at his smile.

“By the way, I need a place to stay for a while, can I crash here for a couple of days?” You asked, earning a laugh from Jonah.

“Only if you are a little OCD like Jack and Daniel.” He laughed, making you giggle as well. “No, I’m just joking. Of course, you can crash here for a bit.”

Hello, my beautiful people!

It’s Karen here! I just finished reading an authors note from one of my favorite WDW imagines book. I feel like I should just post this to let you all know.

I’m here for you.

If you need me, I’m here.

You can DM me and maybe I’ll give you my number. Because Wattpad had a terrible system for me for some reason. I don’t get notifications for private messages, just emails.

But if you need me for anything I’ll be there.

I have a small story time for you.

Since I just randomly said “I’m here for you”

I was diagnosed as a high-risk depressed teenager with a high risk of anxiety and moderate PTSD. In the past four years, I have lost at least 6 people that had some sort of hold on who I am.

I lost a very kind hearted friend my freshman year of high school to a heart condition.

I lost my grandfather my sophomore year in high school to cancer.

I lost my grandmother my junior year to a virus and old age.

I lost a friend that always seemed to be laughing and cracking jokes in my junior year to a bad accident.

I lost another friend who seemed to be smiling almost always, in my senior year to a drug over dosage.

Lastly, I lost one of my best friends who always made it his mission to make me smile a little over a month ago to himself.

My freshmen and sophomore year in high school I was sexually assaulted. By someone I thought was my friend and my best friends, brother. During the same time, without the either one knowing of the other. I almost killed myself on many different occasions. I have so many self-harm scars from then. I couldn’t see myself living past 17 years old.

When my 18th birthday came around, I was emotionally and mentally healthier. I didn’t see the guys who assaulted me, on a daily basis. One moved away because of school and the other stayed home and went to work. I rarely ever saw him.  

It took a lot of hard work and time to make it but I eventually graduated. I got into a four-year university. I had been on a good streak of not hurting myself. I was genuinely happy.

32 days after my high school graduation, I lost one of the most important people in my life.

One of my best friends, Austin. He lost himself. And so did our class. We all took the news pretty hard. I barely slept. Barely ate. I cried all the time. I met up with his parents and we all just laughed and smiled at memories. We even cried. He left us broken. But we are all leaning on each other. Like our lives depend on it. Because for me, it does. He helped through so much!

And now, he’s gone.

50 days later and I still hurt about it. I haven’t hurt myself in any way shape or form. In times f need I feel his hand on my back or my shoulder or my arm. And I see his piercing blue eyes. And I just break all over again. But then I come back to reality and I think:






He would try to realize the reason behind why this is happening. And to live life to the fullest, just like he was going to.

I made a promise to him. I would be better in college. I would try and be a better daughter, sister, friend, stranger, author. He made it his mission to not have anyone feel excluded. I am making it my mission to not just think of myself but think of others. If I start something, I’m going through with it. Start thinking happy thought instead of sad suicidal ones.

I admit, every once in a while some suicide thought run through my mind but then I hear his voice in my head.

“You’re better than that”

So now,  I’m telling you that if you need anyone to talk to, I’m here. Talk to me. And I will help you to the best of my ability.

This is the first Authors note in here besides the welcome note in the beginning.

If you read this, thank you.

If you didn’t well, you wouldn’t know.

P.S. I am writing this at like 3 in the morning. Why? I couldn’t sleep. I keep feeling Austin here with me. I honestly feel like I’m going crazy, just a little bit.

P.S. PT.2: I seem to be doing a lot of Jonah imagines. Oops. If you want you could DM me some requests. I don’t mind

-Karen Oriz


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What social media account do the ut,uf,us,sf mains have on the surface?

The mods don’t really use a lot of types of social media. We can’t even think of double digits of sites. Instead, I’m gonna describe how I think their Tumblr main/only blog looks. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Think of any meme or joke you can. It’s there. On his blog. Occasionally, when he’s on late night, there’ll be a random sad/worrying post that’s buried under more memes.

UT Papyrus

A lot of photos he’s taken and positivity. As well as he will share his thoughts at any time no matter how small. It took him a few months to realize what tagging’s for.

UT Toriel

She has a blog full of tips, life hacks that actually work, recipes, and positivity. She also will reblog anything her friends post just to get them some more notes.

UT Undyne

She rarely updates it, but when she does it’s filled with literally anything she feels others would want/need to see and images of her and Alphys.

UF Sans

His blog’s basically an aesthetic blog of all things dark and depressing, with the occasional vent rant. If you were to go back far enough into it, however, you’d find it started as him weighing the pros and cons of his life and of ending it.

UF Papyrus

His blog can basically be summarized with those “Ow the Edge” and “Now That’s What I Call Edgy” jokes. He thinks it’s cool and intimidating.

UF Toriel

She doesn’t go online often, so her blog’s pretty bearen.

UF Undyne

A lot of dark humor and occasionally she just kinda posts a random number. Sometimes the number has no meaning, other times it’s the LV of some monster she knows.

US Sans

Similar to him, his blog is a lot of positivity and kindness and sunshine. Basically, if it makes one feel good it’s there. He also will go to those who need help to feel better and send them messages of kindness.

US Papyrus

Similar to UT Sans’, and it also has some drug stuff and honey aesthetic to it as well.

US Asgore

He doesn’t use the internet, so he doesn’t have one.

US Alphys

She basically has a selfie each day. Pass that, it’s unpredictable.

SF Sans

He shares a lot of images, jokes, videos, etc that he finds pleasing. He also sometimes shares some personal things on occasion.

SF Papyrus

He doesn’t censor his blog at all. Sees some nice porn? Onto the blog. Needs to get some things off his chest? To the blog. Has a more… violent period? Blood and dust all over the blog. You basically can tell his exact mood by going onto his blog.

SF Asgore

He goes on on occasion to complain about life, and then disappears for months on end.

SF Alphys

Her’s is just ominous. Lot’s of unfinished thoughts, the occasional number with no meaning, a “horror story” on occasion. A lot of people have been treating it like some sort of horror story as a whole, similar to a written version of Marble Hornets. Honestly, it’s only spotty like that because she’ll forget what she was saying.

if the rfa (+v&unknown) had vine (and it wasn't dying rip vine)

disclaimer: lol i’ve never posted anything like this before, but last night i was going through my old vine and the ideas just kept coming, so yea….


  • literally the prime source for the funniest fckn vines
  • SO many pranks , elaborate as well as simple
  • those vines that are fucking hilarious by complete accident and someone just happened to be recording, except he stages them like 95% of the time (so many ‘FAKE’ comments, he personally responds to all of them)
  • weird random ass video clips he’s found on the internet
  • and sometimes edits of said video clips, e.g. adding sound effects and music
  • bonus; liberally uses hashtags but they never have anything to do with the vine…or really make any sense tbh


  • thirst traps……so many thirst traps (Seven sometimes edits them and it’s just…. so funny)
  • lots of singing , covers or originals
  • weekly shout outs to specific fans on vine (tagging them nd everything, every zen fan’s dream rlly)
  • occasionally will post some fav moment (of himself….) from his muscials/dvds
  • bonus; when he first got vine he used the hashtags #ZEN #sexy #hot etc…..until his fans found his vine, now he never uses them


  • literally just videos of Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth meowing
  • Elizabeth sleeping
  • Elizabeth just existing tbh..
  • bonus; it takes him ages to realize you can stop recording and continue later on so all of his vines are just continuous, consecutive 6 seconds until someone points it out to him
  • bonusx2; literally doesn’t understand the concept of hashtags so he never uses them, so the only people who see his vines are the rfa


  • like over half her page is revines of those deep, thought provoking vines
  • little videos of her coffee of the day, usually only if she’s done something special to it
  • occasionally it’s just her staring into the camera like she’s on the office with Jumin ranting about cat projects or some other nonsense in the background
  • bonus; uses a max of 3 hashtags, and they always pertain to what the vine is of (e.g. #coffee #coffeeoftheday)


  • lots of revines of cool moments in LOLOL
  • he tries to post his own LOLOL moments, but they don’t get the attention he thinks they deserve
  • also revines cute stuff , like of animals, kids, etc.
  • honestly his page is mostly revines, but in addition to his occasional LOLOL post, he will post just random vines of him and whatever he happens to be doing
  • it’s cute
  • bonus; uses SO many hashtags on his LOLOL posts to get them seen my more people. only uses one on vines of himself, but he always uses it…it’s #cute


  • Mostly scenery stuff
  • it’s always so breathtaking tho , like where is he??? can i go????
  • his vines get a lot of attention but he doesn’t post often
  • rarely he will post something if he’s out with someone in the RFA, but they get deleted pretty quickly (he saves them for himself tho)
  • bonus; only used one hashtag on his early vines but somehow easily got a massive following, so he doesn’t bother anymore


  • 99% revines
  • this boy does not care to post anything original
  • when he does tho it’s usually something super obscure and really only has meaning to him
  • revines consist of those sort of spooky, cinematic vines, and lots of music (mostly stuff no one has ever heard of, or can only vaguely recall)
  • bonus; on his rare original posts, he uses weirdly specific hashtags that are apparently used by an equally specific sect of vine (gets a decent amount of traffic actually..)
Daily Tip 10: Accountability

I rarely do meeting if any. That’s actually the secret to my productivity and focus.

However, I had a friend yesterday who needed to ask me about something and he happens to be someone who was instrumental to the early stages of my stuff. So I said yes.

And we met up at a mall and he treated me to food (even though it’s usually the other way around when I force/make people come to me).

So some of the stuff we talked about, related to today’s post is accountability.

Funny enough the other day, another person was asking me if I wanted to join this accountablity 100 days program.

Those things annoy me. I’m the least person who needs accountability and it just pisses me off when I have to surround myself with others who need that extra pushing. It rubs off on you.

If something matters to you, so much to the point, that it pains you not to see it done, then you will do it. So when you need accountablity, that’s a sign that what you’re doing is not actually aligned with your passion/feelings/ or real goals.

Anyways, the point of this post. Instead of seeking motivation or accountability elsewhere, let it come from within. Let what you want to do, have to do, be so painful/exciting to the point that you just do it. That it just fires you up or hurts you so much when you dont’ get it that. Accountability should not come from others.

Your thoughts? Love to hear.

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

Also, some things I will be aiming for this year:

1. Be more productive with less effort. So better management and systems.

2. Have more routine and structure. It’s hard for me to follow a routine or structure because there are times where I really want to try something new (like a new strategy or method and I start falling off the regular /planned routine). But routines are good if you want to be more efficient. Routines also help with point 1. The more times you do the same thing, the more prodictable your days are, the better you can plan ahead.

3. Remove even more meetings/distractions. I’m not kidding. The reason most people don’t get things done is cause of this and frankly, it has been starting to happen to me the last few days. I started chatting more.

4. Maybe start working out. Not for the sake of being healthy cause I am still young and I don’t really run into health problems at the moment, but working hard to get that adrenaline rush when you are too tired to think/work. So work out to be more efficient. Kinda like coffee..

5. Be more true to self. At heart, I am actually a narcissist. I don’t care about a lot of things or people. And there are times, where I worry about others,but I think everyone has their own lives. Everyone can deal with things themselves. And it’s best that I just focus on my own and do as much as I can, cause the bigger picture is if you truly want to be there for others, you have to be able to help yourself first. You need to have the resources, time, maturity.. to really effectively be there for others (whether it’s financial needs they need from you, or guidance of some sort where you can instantly make a referral for them as your network/prowess grows).

#half thoughts #rants #half real feeilngs/words

Colombian and jewish

All right, I live in Colombia, a big, beautiful and fucked-up country in South-America… yeah I get what you’re thinking: coffee, if I’m lucky or drugs, if I’m not. But my country is so much more than that, I sort of have a love-hate relationship with it, but that’s a rant for another time. The thing is I am a jewish woman in Colombia, and I want to share my experience as there aren’t many people who can say the same. 

There aren’t big jewish communities in Colombia, here the population is about 43 million and we’re less than 3000 in total, most of us are older than 60… and we’re spread through out the four biggest cities, so it’s fair to say that most people here haven’t ever met a jewish person and probably never will. I grew up in the second largest city called Medellin, due to a lot of violence in the 90’s the community here is the smallest one with less than 200 people, again most of them older than 60. During preschool and elementary I went to what you could call a sort of jewish school… I mean that in the sense that the school is jewish but only about 10% of the students are actually jewish, most of the staff aren’t jewish either. My class, we were lucky, out of the 16 people in my course four of us were jewish. We learned mostly english and math (even though here in Colombia our native language is spanish), we also had some hebrew classes (together with the non jewish students), some religion classes (we obviously split up), and something called Jewish culture, which was mostly to explain to the goy students what this was all about…

This school was supposed to be a safe space for jewish people, yet I remember when I was in third grade a goy senior took a Mezuzah, opened it and drew a swastika in the parchment, this wasn’t done out of ignorance, he was in a jewish school were the holocaust was studied deeply. They tried to expel him but his family sued the school and eventually he came back and graduated, I remember him clearly, we rode on the same school bus. Back then things were tense between the jewish students and the goyim, I wasn’t old enough to realize it, but I do remember having older students insult me, calling me a dirty jew or asking me for money, and there were swastikas everywhere… this was supposed to be our safe space and we couldn’t even expel the toxic people in our school. 

I switched schools in 7th grade due to bullying problems, so there I went from a small jewish school to a big secular (*ahem* catholic *ahem*) school were I was the first and only jewish person to ever study there. I didn’t really had many problems aside from a few do you speak jewish? or a couple disgusting antisemitic jokes or a are you a terrorist? because 7th graders in Colombia are not only islamophobic as hell but also pretty ignorant. My math teacher, whom I didn’t like, once tried to physicly force me to go to the monthly mass, this was in 10th grade, everyone knew I was jewish and she’d been my teacher for three years, she yelled at me for not wanting to go, she said I just wanted to slack off somewhere, even though I had written permission not to go not only from my parents but from the directives of the school (that was one of the conditions when switching schools). It wasn’t until one of my other teachers, the religion teacher actually, spoke to her that she let me go… 

In 9th grade we had this teacher, he was just horrible and disgusting, he was our history teacher, even though he made up a lot of what he taught us… he was an antisemitic ignorant piece of crap, I remember he once said during class that jewish people were buried standing up and that we had our cemetery in some obscure place in town, I tried to correct him but he didn’t listen to me, he said I was lying and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. That year we were all turning 15, and most of my friends (all catholic) had their confirmations coming up the next weekend (they did it all together in a school ceremony, you know the usual secular stuff, just like their monthly masses, the father that was always at school and the chapel). So this teacher came and interrupted another teachers class, he gave a speech about how important the ceremony was if one wanted to go to heaven or something, I don’t remember as I wasn’t really paying attention and then he took out a big bag full of sweets and pointedly gave everyone but me candy… he did a Four for You Glen Coco on me, I couldn’t believe it, the other teacher couldn’t believe it and my friends couldn’t believe it either. 

So this post is really long as it is, I’m leaving a lot of stuff out of it, I guess for some other time. I wanted to write this because even though I keep my eye out and try to participate in the jewish community here at tumblr, I’ve come to realize that we rarely leave the American Jewish Experience in our discussions and that’s kind of worrying given that what and I guess a lot of the jewish people here experience is very different. I know most of the stuff in this post isn’t that bad, but this are just three incidents that happened directly to me during my school years and that I wrote about hoping that we could open a conversation about how’s like being a jew outside of the US.

As always, any comments, messages, asks about your personal experiences or whatever you want to talk about are welcome…  

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YOUR YOUTUBER AU IS A++++. (would you mind doing one of port mafia?)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much ahh :’) that means a lot~ This is so much longer oh god than the Armed Detective Agency YouTuber AU, so I hope you don’t mind. I also apologise for any mistakes or OOC-ness. 

Super long post. Oh boy.

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long HS rant that i’ve done before, i just need to vent

really happy that dear sweet nepeta is back, but low-key salty that her miraculous revival still happened before jade and karkat even get to meet [minus mind control in the other timeline because that didn’t friggin’ count as a proper reunion].

i mean, i suppose it makes sense, nepeta fans have been waiting slightly longer for her revival than i have been waiting for the jade/karkat reunion. so it’s fair that she’d be revived first. but that’s not the point this post isn’t about nepeta.

i guess i just didn’t think it was going to be this hard to just have two people have a conversation and be in the same room and both be conscious??? like, it’s become such a huge ordeal.

first it was like ‘wait we have to wait THREE YEARS???’ ok no it’s fine huss is going through these quickly i can wait. and then people started meeting in dream bubbles and i thought they were going to get a conversation there, NOPE! jade wasn’t even IN those games, at ALL, we don’t even have a talksprite for her. we just got her dutton bubble goggles in a chest and karkat’s password about her and that was it. TEASING.

then the day finally came where everyone was arriving in the new session and then jade immediately got mind controlled. while it gave us a bit of an insight into her darker thoughts, it still wasn’t really her, the condesce’s influence was obvious. then the gigapause happened.

so one year later, everything goes to hell and the timeline dooms. fast forward through ALL of that and here we are, everyone is meeting again!! aaaaand jade has to be unconscious because condy. so everyone has a lovely reunion and shows off all their rad character development. pages and pages and pages of it. lots of heart-to-hearts and tears and group dialogue. no jade.

then we get a bit of jade and jane and callie and it’s really nice, and while we get a glimpse of what happened with jade during those 3 years on the meteor, it’s only the bare minimum and it’s mostly to show what happened with john, and then goes into a full story about john. necessary, but again, we get very little character development for jade.

so then jane and callie are back and everyone is swooning over them and appreciating them and this is much needed [ESPECIALLY for jane]. more great group dialogue, PILES of it.

then we get this:

it’s really starting to feel like we’re getting close to the final flash vids. and jade is off doing something mysterious with alt. callie. so… is that it? is jade just going to do some cool space power stuff in the flash vids and be a powerhouse and nothing more than that?? maybe a group hug with the other beta kids at the end?? are we seriously not going to get ANY other character development for jade even though it is SEVERELY needed? hell, callie has had more irl interactions than her and she wasn’t even introduced until halfway through the story.

and the reason i’m focusing on her meeting karkat is because that is going to be the most likely conversation to have actual development for jade. because their conversations yielded the MOST character development for her that we’ve gotten in the story so far. many of her convos with other characters seemed to rarely focus on her, she was the helpful cheery friend talking them through their issues. or their personalities completely overshadowed anything she had to say [dave is a prime example of this].

but with karkat we actually got to see many different sides to jade. karkat’s personality complimented hers and whether they were fighting, apologising, having a feelings jam, motivating each other, or cooperating on frog breeding duties, no matter what it was, jade actually stood out for once. she didn’t get overshadowed and we didn’t just see the “polite” side of her. we got the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sad. and THAT. IS. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. 

and that is what i want to see again. not just cheery jade being polite and not just god tier jade “existing” as a powerhouse. [don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see her kick ass. but we know, we KNOW that she’s strong. i want to see her personality not her power. i want to see her talk about her feelings, not just mention that she was depressed off-hand and then never speak about it again]. 

and i feel like this CONSTANTLY delayed convo with karkat is going to be that. because they confided in each other, and karkat gets her, he showed that very clearly with their convo about jadesprite that he understands her personality because they are alike in a lot of ways. and i want to see that again, i want to see jade actually talk about herself and her feelings and for someone sympathetic to be there to help her through it. and while i think a convo with john will be very important too, i think karkat will just understand more than he will and should probably happen before she talks to john so she can sort out her feelings about it.

i guess i feel like that is the only valid reason at this point to be purposefully delaying this, because it’s going to be important. but if we DON’T get this conversation, if we DON’T get this character development for jade then.. then what the hell is the point? what have i been waiting for this whole time? for my favorite character to get the shaft as far as development goes? to just be there to be powerful and cute and asleep in the background while everyone else has heart-felt reunions with their friends?

i trust that hussie is going somewhere with this [and i’m sure if we were reading these all in one go it wouldn’t feel SO dragged out]. but we’ve been waiting a long time, jade harley fans have been waiting a VERY long time. jadekats have been hanging on by a thread because of the hints hussie keeps dropping, keeping us on the hook for something that may not even happen.

and it’s getting to breaking point. if they don’t get a convo before the final battle flash vids then, who knows, they may NEVER get one. jade may only be here at this point to do some cool space stuff with alt. callie and nothing else. we don’t know what the endgame update structure is going to be. but if we have to wait for an unknown number of months while these videos get made, with the possibility of them never getting a conversation.. i.. i don’t know how i’m going to cope tbh. 

The last woman on earth

Society didn’t collapse so much as just… cease to exist a little over a year ago. At least, a big part of it did: People; all of them as far as Clarke can tell so far. 

From her roommate’s empty bedroom to the deserted streets and buildings all across the city: From one moment to the next, there was not a single person in sight, not one sign of life apart from herself. After being startled by her own shadow a few times and seriously starting to wonder if she was going mad or if she had simply imbibed more than just alcohol the night before, Clarke headed back home, certain that she had solved the puzzle and there was just one possible explanation: She was dreaming.

But when she woke up a few hours later, Clarke was still alone, and has been ever since.

Life got a little weird after that.

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