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Thing is, I feel like this episode could have been one big instance of foreshadowing, if that makes sense. I don't doubt we could see an actual bloodstone gem at some point, quite likely by the end of the season. But who could she be? Peridot's former superior, perhaps (unless that was an agate)? Idk, Ronaldo's bossiness as "bloodstone" could imply a more superior-ranked gem we could be seeing soonish, we'll just have to wait and see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was thinking the same thing!

Bloodstone is a subtype of Jasper, and we recently met some new Jaspers from the Zoo, sooo .. it’s really not that unlikely.

I feel like EVERYTHING in this episode, aside from the main message, was super foreshadowing.

Like the stuff I mentioned before, and the “I Can’t Believe My Step-Dad’s My Sword” thing? Some SERIOUS foreshadowing going on.

ocean gem

Are we not gonna talk about Victor and Chris’s relationship though?

Like, Victor actually speaks of him really fondly and offers to take his pictures (and pose with him) and completely doesn’t mind him skinny dipping because he’s used to his antics. Not to mention that he’s cool with Chris coming to his room and having coffee.

Idk, I just find it pretty sweet how they’re competition but are also quite fond of each other and enjoy hanging out together.

No but seriously what if Dan and Phil actually do get a house this year. Like, what if we’re right about this concept? Will we get cute moving vlogs? How domestic would they actually be considering them getting a house would cement a lot of speculations? Would they end up getting a dog too? What would they name the dog? Would they finally only have one room? Idk I think about this quite a bit.

From what I can tell, this is what y’all want isn’t it? ;]

(I take all requests)

parallels in the ones who walk away from omelas

after actually reading the story i am here to analyze the parallels we see so far. im gonna assume you guys have seen the summaries because they are EVERYWHERE but basically the story centers around a utopian town called Omelas, who’s perfection relies on a singular miserable child. every citizen of Omelas knows this and must make the choice whether to stay knowing the cost of their happiness, or to leave and face whatever is out there. 

in the description of the summer festival, it says the horses were adorned with “streamers of silver, gold, and green.” the concept photos must be from before they knew the truth, while they were happy at the festival.

in the teaser we see someone running out of a door (that kinda looks like a bus door to me), through the snow, and into the warm light of Omelas. “I incline to think that people from towns up and down the coast have been coming in to Omelas…on very fast little trains and double-decked trams.” i think the snow symbolizes the cold world outside the utopia of Omelas. 

the rest of the similarities all happen in the last paragraph, when the narrator is describing the people who know the truth and choose to leave. 

the first one is jungkook standing outside Omelas at nighttime, and all of them running between the buildings. “Night falls: the traveller must pass down village streets, between the houses with yellow-lit windows” and “…they walk ahead into the darkness”

next is jimin walking through the field, “They keep walking across the farmlands of Omelas.”

and lastly, all of them going out together. this is where the story and the video start to differ. in the story, it emphasizes that every traveller who leaves Omelas leaves alone. “Each alone, they go west or north, towards the mountains.” or “Each one goes alone, youth or girl man or woman.” clearly, this is not the case. 

they are all walking together, determination in their eyes. “But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.”

jieun is tired of your shit

My present to @gleamingandwholeanddeadly for the @hannigramholidayexchange I’m participating in! I hope they enjoy this ^^

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! May your sins be sinful and your rude, eaten. =w=

Honestly the best part about The OA for me is that Buck Vu hasn’t started testosterone so he still doesn’t quite pass vocally???
Since I have a similar situation to the one Buck does: I pass physically pretty well but I open my mouth and everyone either thinks I’m twelve or that I’m a girl
So it’s just nice that the trans representation isn’t a man who’s been on T for like 12 years cause I’m actually seeing myself represented on television
Idk it’s a very specific good feeling but it is a good feeling I wanted to share
I love Buck Vu a lot ok and I love how Ian Alexander plays him
@Ian: you’re doing great work, please keep going

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Could you do a 50's diner AU with Seungcheol please? Like he's in a biker gang and you're very girly?

alright so my hands were a bit too free considering I don’t know too much about the era and I’ve got no clue what “very girly” actually entails (and I might’ve gone wrong with the biker gang part too) so while I think this might actually be a passable 50′s diner AU in some way (idk if it actually is oops), I can only hope it’s not completely different from what you wanted in the other aspects?

otherwise I’m quite happy with this and it was a lot of fun to write, and heY if there was something you were expecting but I didn’t manage to get in or didn’t write well enough, hmu and I’ll be more than glad to write a part 2 with those things included better! ♥

+ this is 5.5k words and I don’t want to completely flood everyone’s dashboards so this will be under a cut - if there’s a problem, send us a message and I’ll help ^^

You twirled your pen in your hand, your elbows resting atop the counter and your head leaning on your other hand. It was a quiet day at the diner, with only a handful of customers seated, so you weren’t all that thrilled to be working. It was nearing 4pm, so you still had a few hours left before you’d get to go home.

When the bell above the door chimed, you straightened your back and grabbed your notebook, getting your professionalism back to the top only to have it almost crumble when you saw who it was that had just cime in.

It was the gang of 6 young men, all of whom had bikes and dressed accordingly. Your nose scrunched a little in distaste - perhaps it was a bit too obvious that they weren’t exactly your favorite customers - but waited behind the counter nevertheless while they found a booth for themselves. A few of the guys were still going through the menu, so you didn’t have to approach them just yet, no matter how much one of them was, as per usual, staring at you while running his fingers through his greasy hair.

Frowning, you pouted a little to yourself before walking up to the group of guys and clicked your pen on the notebook so that it was ready to use. “So, what can I get you?”

You felt like squirming at the way that one guy let his eyes go up and down your legs shamelessly, and you shifted on your feet uncomfortably. He grinned.

“Five cheeseburger meals, one salad and six milkshakes, two of each flavor, and your number, sweetheart,” he said cockily, raising his eyebrows in what he probably thought was a suggestive way but only came off as jerkish. You clicked your tongue and resisted the urge to roll your eyes while scribbling down their order, which luckily wasn’t all that complex. It never was.

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Rajigaze Jan 6

(Anger Mail)

(Why are they all last months themes ffs)

Ruki (reading mail): “The other members have spoken quite a bit about the behaviour of staff at [stores/restaurants etc] –” Oh really! “Ruki-san, Aoi-san, if an employee pissed you off, what would you do? I’m curious about your reaction! It’s cold so please take care!”

Aoi: Actually, a while ago – like, really not too long ago, maybe a week ago, before Christmas (*bc they recorded this in December) I went to…”some”…store in Shibuya called “something” and “something”

(Ruki gigglin)

(idk why he can’t just say the name of the store smh)

Aoi: I was in a hurry to buy some underwear…I had stuff to do in the evening so I was hurrying, but I was like “k whatever” and went into the store. But I’d never bought them from there before, so I didn’t know how the sizes worked or anything. 

Ruki: Yes yes yes

Aoi: And the person who explained it to me was great! But then when I went to the cash and was like “yes I’d like this please,” the cashier was like, “are you sure you picked up the right size?” and I’m like, “yep!” and then they asked me again, “are you sure?” like sounding half pissed…like, I just said yes…


Aoi: Like tf is up with u…and it was almost like they were tryna fight me about it, like they thought I was wrong…I’m like, “i just told u it’s the right size tf!!”

(Ruki bursts out laughing) 

Aoi: I usually do that. I’ll pick a fight with them. 

Ruki: You know, my image of that “something” and “something” store is like…Japanese people who live overseas. 

Aoi: ……………………..what

Ruki: You know what I mean

Aoi: No (laughs) 

Ruki: Like, you know how some Japanese people have spent a long time living overseas? …Idk they kinda piss me off

(Aoi bursts out laughing) 

Ruki: You know, like, their native country is obviously Japan, but they say stuff like, “I’m American now~”

(*how tf is that even related Ruki)

Aoi: I guess like…..in a bad case they would be rude/insensitive??

Ruki: Right? And in really bad cases they’ll start talking to you in informal speech!

Aoi: Yeahhhhh

Ruki: I’ve had an experience like that too once…it wasn’t at a store but…it was with a taxi driver! 

Aoi: Ahhh, you get all kinds of people [with taxi drivers]

Ruki: So he starts by being like “I’m not from around here…” So I’m thinking he’s gonna use GPS

Aoi: Right

Ruki: Like that’s fine but…he was that kind that speaks informally to you. So we were at…you know Laforet in Harajuku? There’s that intersection

Aoi: Yes yes

Ruki: We stopped there and I got in a huge fight with the driver. He was like, “I don’t have any change!” (*in informal speech which is like v rude to say)

(Aoi laughin)

Ruki: I was so mad, I couldn’t allow it. 

Aoi: I wonder why? Maybe you were supposed to have been more careful, like “I’m sorry, I only have a big bill, is it okay?”

Ruki: Oh, also! Another one! At like fast food places, like gyudon places…You know if you go super late at night it’s usually foreigners working there?

Aoi: Idk I don’t really go but okay (laughs)

Ruki: Well they do, and there’ll be like, Indian people or something, and they’re trying their best with their broken Japanese…if they spoke to you informally what would you think? 

Aoi: Oh, I’m fine with that! If it’s a foreigner. 

Ruki: At a gyudon place! If they were like, “u wanna spoon?” (*informal)

Aoi: (laughing) That’s cute!!!!

Ruki: Idk, they said something like that to me and I was kinda put off by it, but for some reason, if they do that at an Indian restaurant I’m fine!!! WHY!! When they do it at a gyudon place I get pissed, but if it’s at an Indian curry place I don’t care!?

(Aoi laughin)

Ruki: HUHUHU…I guess I feel like it’s their territory [at an Indian place]

It’s Easier Not to Fall in Love in the First Place

@waywardtimemachinejellyfish requested: I know you probably have a lot of requests right now, so feel no pressure to get this one done! Can you do an imagine where the reader is newts good friend, and has a crush on him, but sits back and watches him get close to Tina? And the reader feels insecure and thinks he likes Tina, when Newt actually likes the reader?

A/N: wowza guess who’s bakc after like two weeks. i was on a decently long car trip and got in the mood to write and this request stuck out to me. maybe it’s because im actually quite a jealous person so i just relate a lot to the reader?? idk. also,,, does this remind anyone else of ‘ballet shoeos’ (the movie version not the book) when mr. simpson gets advice from thea on how to ask sylvia out???? i haven’t seen that movie in a while but that was like my childhood. requests are temporarily closed but feedback and messages are always welcome

Warnings: none (i don’t think)

You hurried down the street excitedly, imagining Newt’s expression when he heard the news. He knew you had wanted this promotion for months and you were sure he would be thrilled for you. Also probably a little glad because it meant you would stop talking about it constantly. You barely noticed the cold as you broke into a run as you saw the apartment in the distance.

You were breathless by the time you arrived at the door and you took a moment to slow down and breathe. Once your heart had calmed down and your face returned to a more normal color, you tried the the door.

You spent most evenings talking to your best friend and knew he didn’t bother to lock the door until you left. The living room was empty and you looked around in confusion for Newt. You spotted his case on the sofa and knew he had to be home. He wouldn’t have left without his creatures.

You were about to call out to him when you heard voices coming from his room. You crept towards the closed door and the voices became distinguishable.

“Don’t be stupid, Newt!” A female laughed. Tina. “You’re so likeable!”

“I’m not su-” Newt began to retort but he was cut off.

“You are! What’s not to like?”

You couldn’t hear the conversation anymore. A dull ache had appeared somewhere in your chest and you felt your knees weakening. You hadn’t been foolish enough to think that Newt liked you, but you had been foolish enough to like him. Scratch that. Love him. And know it sounded like he and Tina were a thing. You felt tears prick your eyes and carefully you fled from the room and out of the apartment building in the direction of home.


“Are you feeling okay, sweetie?” Queenie asked in concern taking in your pale complexion and the bags under your eyes.

“I’m fine,” you brushed her off. “Just haven’t gotten that much sleep recently.” You tried hard to keep your mind off of Newt, aware that the woman next to you would know if he so much as flashed across your mind. She looked imploringly at you for a better answer but gave up when she knew she wasn’t going to get one.

A cheerful ring announced the opening of the front door and was closely followed by Tina calling, “QUEENIE!”

“I’m being summoned,” Queenie giggled, hopping up and give you a last squeeze on the arm before crossing the living room. Tina poked her head in followed by, you felt your heart miss a beat, Newt. He was flushed from the winter night and his hair had gotten swept up in the wind.

“Y/N!” Tina greeted happily. “If I’d known you were coming…”

“Don’t worry about it!” You put on a smiling facade. “Queenie convinced me to come only an hour ago.”

“I was just on a walk with Newt. It would have been lovely to have you with us.” She replied forlornly.

“I’m sure you still had a wonderful time?” You beckoned her to join you on the couch. Newt followed her into the room and sat in the chair next to the couch. “Tell me about it before I go help Queenie prepare some dinner.”

You tried to focus on the story, but all you could see in your head was the mental image of Newt and Tina laughing and holding hands as they strolled through the darkening park. You imagined Newt pressing himself to Tina for warmth, used to his frequent complains about being cold.

You had never been a terribly jealous person. You remembered when you were at school and all your roommates would complain about some girl or guy that had stolen the ‘future love of their life.’ You had laughed along with them, helping them come up with plots to break up the couple, none of which were ever actually put into action. You had never really felt that. Of course, you’d had crushes. Quite a lot of them, in fact. But you had never really gotten mad when someone else was dating them. You knew realistically that you didn’t have much chance with them so you weren’t that worried about them dating someone else.

It was different with Newt. You had grown close to him. Even though you had told yourself countless times that he didn’t like you, there were those times when you’d catch him staring at you and smiling. And you would blush and look away and, no matter what you did, you couldn’t stop the flicker of hope that lit up inside you. You had someone let yourself believe that there was a chance. How could you have been so stupid?

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Newt’s voice forced you out of your thoughts and you shot up quickly.

“I’m sorry, what?” You apologized, shaking your head to clear it. “I’m just tired.” You responded to the concerned looks on your friends’ faces.

“Queenie was calling you from the kitchen,” Newt explained, still studying you intently.

“I’d better go then.” You stood up hurriedly before you allowed yourself to get lost in those breathtaking eyes of his.


“We have to put it up!” Tina’s excited voice drifted in from the kitchen. You looked up from the book you had been reading curiously. You were over at the Goldsteins as they decorated for Christmas; although, you had to admit that you weren’t doing that much helping.

“Are you sure?” Queenie asked uncertainly. “I don’t want it to cause anyone uncomfortable feelings.”

“You can have Jacob over,” Tina bribed, her voice getting higher as it did when she was trying to talk Queenie into something.

“…Okay,” Queenie gave in.

You put the book down and pulled yourself off the sofa. The kitchen was the only room that had gotten decorated so far. Tinsel and lights were strung up all over the small space making it seem even cozier than it already was. You looked for the decoration that the sisters had been discussing.

You found the incriminating plant in the hands of Tina. The mistletoe was clutched in her hands, probably to make sure her sister wouldn’t grab it. You felt your heart drop into your stomach. That had been happening quite often since the conversation between Newt and Tina that oyu had overheard a fortnight ago.

“Where do you think we should put it?” Tina asked holding her the mistletoe up to the top of the doorframe and eyeing it scrutinizingly.

“It looks great there, Tina,” you encouraged. “It’ll be the quite the attraction.” Your throat closed up as you said that. Queenie gave you a queer look and you realized that your emotions must have been pretty glaringly obvious to her. “I’m gonna go back to my book,” you finished lamely desperate to avoid the conversation you were sure Queenie was about to start.

You turned around and shrieked as you nearly ran straight into Newt. You pulled back just in time to keep from actually hitting him. You grabbed onto the doorframe to right yourself.

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized shakily. “I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s my fault,” Newt interjected. “I shouldn’t have snuck up on you. I was wondering if we could talk, though?” His tone was pleading. “Alone, maybe?”

“Say no more!” Queenie trilled, grabbing Tina by the arm and dragging her out of the room.

Newt waited until he was sure they couldn’t hear before beginning.

“These last two weeks, you’ve been a little off.” His tone was light like he was worried about setting you off.

“Just tired,” you answered. It wasn’t even a total lie. You were exhausted. That just wasn’t the only problem.

“There’s something else though,” Newt said insightfully. “Can you tell me what has been bothering you?”

“It’s nothing, really!” You promised, looking around for something to use as a distraction.

“If I tell you what’s been bothering me, will you tell me?” He asked. You were so shocked that something had been troubling him that you didn’t even think when you nodded. “Good.” He nodded encouragingly. “I’ll go first.”

You waited for him to begin but, even though his mouth was open, nothing was coming out of it. You remained that way for a few minutes before he took a deep breath and actually began. “What’s been bothering me is that… I’ve found someone who I like quite a lot.” The sinking feeling had returned. “And I-”

You couldn’t hear him go on and on about his crush on Tina. You had to interrupt. “Tina? How wonderful! I’m almost positive she shares your feelings! Shall I go get her then?”

“Not Tina, Y/N,” Newt sighed. Those words were enough to keep you from leaving.

“Not Tina?” You repeated quietly. “But then who? Maybe…” You cycled through the names of his female friends in your head.

“Oh for god’s sake! It’s you, Y/N! I’m so madly in love with you and I haven’t been brave enough to tell you.” You stood frozen at his words, shock expressed clearly across your face.

You pulled yourself out of your frozen state as you saw the crestfallen look on Newt’s face.

You couldn’t help it. You threw yourself at him. Your hands found his hair, winding themselves into it. Your lips pressed firmly against the soft warmth of his own. He took it in stride. Wrapping his arms around your waist and smashing your body into him. The desperation and tension of the last two weeks coming out in the fierce, intense, passionate moment.

You pulled away breathing heavily, adoring eyes fixed on the beautiful panting creature that was Newt Scamander. “I thought you like Tina.”

“Why’d you think that? She said I was being too obvious.”

“You were spending so much time together..” You trailed off, not wanting to sound creepy.

“She was helping me figure out how to admit my feelings.” Newt blushed at this. You felt your heart flutter in pure happiness. You closed the distance between you again, this kiss softer and more intimate. Newt was the one to pull away this time and you moaned in complaint, trying to move back towards him.

He laughed at your neediness. “I told you what’s been bothering me these past few weeks; it’s your turn.”

“Well, prepare yourself because it’s quite a story.”

I had this Au idea based off undertale and adventure time characters, then I made a crappy sketch. Anyways.

Yuuri - Fire. Despite his ferocious, burning element, he’s actually quite mild and shy. He reflects the kinder aspects of fire, such as warmth and brightness. He loves to read, but he often forgets that if he touches the paper it’ll catch fire.

Victor - Water. Like water itself, Victor can change himself to fit anything he pleases. He’s as graceful as ocean waves as opposed to Yuuri’s nervous and clumsy flickering. But also like water, he can be relentless and fickle.

Other characters I haven’t really thought out yet
Yurio - Ice probably
Otabek - Earth
Phichit - Wind
Chris - idk rainbows?
JJ - precious metals or something

Andrew Shaw ready to make difference
Out of all the players the Montreal Canadiens could have as their You Can Play ambassador for diversity, equality and inclusion, they have Andrew Shaw.

ok actually after reading this i’m significantly less bitter about the whole thing

like on the inside i want to be like “that sounds fake” but idk… i also don’t want to be bitter about everything…..


This thing has been stuck in my head for a few days now and I’ve really been fighting with it! If you don’t know who this is, let me tell you, this is Mohn, he is a minor character in Pokemon Sun and Moon who is there as a NPC to run an optional little side-game-esque thing called Pokemon Pelago which I guess is sort of like Neko Atsume for the Pokemon in your box? Idk, I actually haven’t used it much yet, but here’s the thing, this “Mohn” has a whole lot more to him than just being some guy who runs a Poke-Play-Park on some deserted island (because it is made quite clear in the game over and over that there are no other humans here) (One might also wonder why this guy has decided to live on a desert island, but more on that later). It is revealed through the game that he is in fact the father of two of the games major characters: Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life), and Gladion (super adorable bundle of angst who needs to accept the fact that I am in fact his friend not just a random acquaintance) and the husband of their mother, the main antagonists, President of the Aether Foundation: Lusamine (scary hyper controlling manipulative lady if you call Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) ugly one more time I’m pulling out my Reaper edgelord shotguns). FURTHERMORE, he was the one who originally confirmed the existence of the Ultra Wormholes and the Ultra Beasts which Lusamine spends the entire game neurotically trying to get a hold of the entire game.

But here’s the kicker: according to Gladion in the post game, after discovering the Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Bests, his father, Mohn, disappeared into an ultra wormhole. This is apparently what caused Lusamine’s hysterics: abusing her children, and potentially destroying the world in order to open the wormholes, find the ultra beasts and get her husband back! Of course she later seems to have gone completely insane and only cared about the Ultra Beasts themselves. But this is the point…Lusamine went insane and did all those terrible things (including hurting and calling ugly Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) because her husband got lost in an Ultra Wormhole…ONLY HE DIDN’T GET @#$%ING LOST IN AN ULTRA WORMHOLE BECAUSE HE’S SITTING ON A TROPICAL BEACH AS WE SPEAK PROBABLY MUNCHING ON A SPICY MALASADA OR SOMETHING!!!

So, is this the answer? Professor Mohn is just an asshole who abandoned his darling family, including Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) to chill the bachelor life on a deserted island?…Or is there something more to this? Why a desert island, for one? Why even stay nearby? If Mohn was going to fly the coup on his family, couldn’t just go to Kanto or something (like Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) does eventually causing me to cry into my fluffy signature one of a kind Alola’s first champion pillow every night)? So why does he decide to live the castaway life surrounded by the Box Pokemon of another trainer and one volleyball named Wilson (not cannon but cannon to me)? Also, add to the fact that from all accounts, Mohn was a guy who really seemed to love his family and just talking to him in Pokemon Pelago, he seems like a really great person! Well…my idea is this…what if Mohn is actually also someone else? Like…he is apparently a wormhole/space and time expert right? Well…what drove him to study these wormholes in the first place if they had only been legends before his research? Why are you the only person who he allows to learn of his existence? What makes you so special to him? Well, strap in my friends because this was all just the build up.

So here’s my theory with Mohn. He is hiding on the island because he knows that leaving he island could potentially cause a split in space and time: why? Because, there is another version of him alive, living in Alola at the time of the games. What if Mohn was actually a kid growing up on Alola at the time of Sun and Moon. Now, what happens is that later, after the wormholes have become more common, this kid, grown up and ready to take on the world, accidentally falls into one of these wormholes and ends up something like, 30-40 years in the past. Well, his first instinct of course is: oh my goodness, I need to get home…now! But unlike the future where he is from, where everyone knows about the wormholes and how they work, only a few people here even believe they exist. Mohn didn’t really pay attention much to that stuff, he didn’t really care, but now he does care: like, a lot. So what does Mohn do? He begins doing everything he can to uncover the secrets of the ultra wormholes, but to do that, he needs funding, and to get funding, he needs someplace that can fund experiments and stuff. Where does he find that? Aether foundation: boom. He becomes a scientist for Aether, but hold up, something unexpected happens, Mohn falls in love. He falls in love with someone who probably knows he really really really shouldn’t be falling in love with: like, it could cause major trouble (btw, by this point, since he had to make up a new identity in the past, he has created the alias of Mohn (probably also the most ridiculous alias you could make since you live in a Poh-keh-mohn world and you change your name to Mohn, but Mohn isn’t actually the smartest tool in the shed)). Still, when your heart says yes, the brain’s power to say no becomes vetoed, especially if the object of your affection loves you back and so: boom, Mohn gets married to Lusamine, President of the Aether foundation. Around this point, Mohn is thinking, “well I don’t know, I’m really happy here. Sure this isn’t where I though my life was going but I’m probably happier than I ever could have dreamed in my entire life,” but then Mohn realizes something. After his wife gives birth to their two kids, Gladion and Lillie, its only a matter of time before he, Mohn (or the kid who will become Mohn) is born. Furthermore, he knows, growing up as himself, that the kid who is him will likely come into contact with both of these kids and through them, Mohn himself, and suddenly, Mohn, who isn’t the same clueless kid who fell into a wormhole who knew nothing about the space time continuum, realizes that if he sticks around, he’s going to cause some major tears in the fabric of spacetime. So, he is faced with a choice: stay with his family and risk all of time and space getting ripped to pieces, or leave them despite the fact that he knows what will happen to them if he goes…ultimately, Mohn decides to leave (the universe where he stays doesn’t exist for us to be playing Sun and Moon in because it got destroyed). He fakes a disappearance into an Ultra Wormhole, leaves behind all his work, and runs away to a nearby deserted island where he can watch it all takes place. On that desert island he will wait until his kid self has fallen into the wormhole, and it is safe again to re-enter the wold and try to explain to his family what happened.

So, here’s the final question then…who is Mohn?…Well…to me, there is only one possible solution: Mohn is Hau. Now now now, I know, there are a bunch of potential problems with that theory: for one, they don’t look that much alike, but Mohn is something like 30-40 years older than Hau, and he can dye his hair, wear color changing contacts, and as far as skintone, maybe that’s more Hau’s natural color when he stays indoors hiding from the world all day instead of running around getting a tan under the hot Alolan sun. Or maybe Lusamine made him use whatever anti-aging stuff she uses on herself (it can’t be just clothes come on) and it had…well…side effect or something. The thing is, Hau actually makes sense! He’d be about the right age, his childhood directly intersects with Lillie’s (darling of darlings light of my life), which is why he would know it would be too dangerous to stay around his own family, and actually…Hau and Lusamine kind of share some…kind of awkward to watch…moments. Like, when they first meet, Hau kind of hits on Lusamine, telling her how impressive it is that she’s done all this stuff at such a young age, before he gets extremely awkward when he learns she’s 40+, and then Lusamine responds back by suggesting they go out to find him a new outfit…like, she legitimately kind of asks him out…which is weird. Like, Game Freak did not need to put that in the game, and they also didn’t need to make Mohn the guy running Pokemon Pelago. They also make an effort to make Hau really surprised when Gladion says that he (Gladion) knows Lusamine is behind Lillie’s (darling of darlings light of my life) kidnapping. Like, he makes a big deal of refusing to believe it because Lusamine is “such a nice lady.” I’m sorry, Game Freak, but you’ve two too many potentially shippy interactions between a 40+ year old lady and an 11 year old boy for me not to crane my head a little bit, but here’s the thing, what if Hau and Lusamine were the same age? Doesn’t it kind of imply that as two people with such compatible personalities (Hau gives out compliments in droves and Lusamine loves getting complimented) that since, even with the age gap, they seem strangely drawn to one another, that if they were the same age, they would literally and physically be all over each other?! Plus if anyone was going to accidentally fall into a wormhole and end up 30-40 years in the past, it would be our Malasada loving adorable doofus of a best friend. Finally, let me make one more point. Of all the trainers on Alola, Mohn, for some reason, chooses you, the protagonist, to be allowed onto the desert island where he is hiding out. It’s almost as if he knew you were going to be in Alola, he knew who you were, and he knew he could trust you, but that’s the thing: of all the people in the game, you, the protagonist, are probably the single person who Hau trusts the most because you are his best friend. So, who does he allow on his island, you, because he knows you can help him and he trusts you not to blow his cover. And finally, Hau is the only main character who could possibly be Mohn because, every other main character is either too old or is one of Mohn’s children, and I’m not going to say Gladion is his own father because that would be creepy as all heck, and no way am I going down that road. Besides, perhaps Hau being similar to Gladion’s long lost estranged father would be a further reason why Gladion is annoyed by Hau so much. Also, the main character cannot possibly be Mohn BECAUSE THE MAIN CHARACTER IS SOULMATES WITH LILLIE (darling of darlings light of my life). So yeah, maybe not cannon, but this is a theory that personally, works for me, and it means I don’t have to go kill Mohn for abandoning Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) to a life of trial and abuse.

tl;dr: Mohn is actually Hau who fell through a wormhole and is hiding in Pokemon Pellago in order to not cause a rip in the space time continuum. It sounds ridiculous, but if you care, read the whole thing.

Art Trade with @kaindycandy ! :D

Kaindy just requested me to draw Sabo from One Piece (i assume that he’s Kaindy’s fav character xD)

this is probably quite challenging cuz i tried to draw his eye to match what he’s depicted in the anime with my style, i hope it’s okay xD (look at dem kinclong /plak)

and yeah i actually enjoyed drawing him and i’m looking forward to see Kaindy’s post on their part (since their part is already done xD)hope you like it!

The Malfoys and Snape
  • Lucius, Narcissa and Severus were all on a first name basis which is actually very rare for any of these three sorry souls
  • Lucius was Prefect the year Snape came to school and immediately took a liking to him because “Merlin Narcissa! Have you seen the jinxes that kid can perform? That’s quite impressive for a first year!”
  • Severus was invited to sit with the cool kids (i.e lucius, narcissa, and basically all of the uglies that turned into death eaters after graduating bc they had nothing better to do)
  • Lucius was really only in school with Sev for a couple of years but made it pretty clear that he was fond and the kid had a lot of potential to be a great Slytherin and a fantastic wizard, and being good at potions himself, he and Severus bonded over that as well
  • Both of them really suck at Quidditch, but that’s okay because they’re both smart enough to at least plot out strategies and sneer at the teams because they aren’t using good tactics and their ideas are so much better
  • Narcissa got on well with Severus too, after Lucius left school, she kept a good eye on him, but not close enough seeing as how Sirius and James were relentlessly harrassing the greasy-haired little guy
  • Severus was at their wedding, and he stood guard in front of a closet door while Lucius and Narcissa fucked privately where nobody could bother them during the reception.
  • Snape was OBVIOUSLY the first choice for Draco’s godfather if their was even a choice in the wizarding world but whatever
  • They always invited Snape to Christmas dinner, New Year’s, and for Easter as well, since he didn’t have much family and Lucius and Narcissa were always good company.
  • And he always received an invitation to Draco’s birthday parties, but he could never make it since he was teaching, but he always made sure to send a card or a gift
  • Draco grew up with Snape visiting the house on holidays, and he was always eager to ask him all about the school, what Slytherin house was like, what was really in the Black Lake, all that sorts of stuff
  • As Draco’s 11th birthday came closer and closer, it wouldn’t surprise anybody to learn that Severus and Lucius were already giving him pre-potions lessons, so that way Draco had even more of an advantage to be top of his class
  • It was no shock when Draco was sorted into Slytherin, but Snape couldn’t feel a sort of sense of pride, Draco was the closest thing he had to his own child, so of course he favored him over any other student.
“We’ll Be Waiting”  ~  George x reader

“Hey best blog in the world!👋🏼 i was wondering if you could do an imagine with George where they are a couple and the twins wanted to pull a little prank on her so when she kissed him, George acted like if he was Fred and the reader begins to panick and cry but he finally tells her it was a prank and its actually him. Idk if you understand what i mean its quite complicated…😂 but thanks in advance!!!💕” ~Anon

Aww! Thank you! You are so sweet!! I loved the request!! It was so fun to write! I’m so sorry it took my forever! I’ve had so many requests to do, and I’ve been so busy with other things that I just had to slow myself down. I’m also sorry that it’s a bit shorter than my usual imagines, but I hope you enjoy!😘💕😊


Y/n walked down the sunlit corridors. She was heading to the library to find some information for her History essay. As she turned the corner, she heard the familiar voice of her boyfriend.

“Hey, you!” George flirted. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace. “Where’ve you been?”

She hugged him back with a smile. “Outside.” she replied. “I was trying to work on this essay, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.”

“Come on.  I’ll help you.”

George took her hand and led her to the Gryffindor common room. For once, it was empty. Y/n was surprised. They took a seat beside each other on the sofa, and y/n got out her essay.

“So,” he began. “What’s your topic?”

“The Hogwarts’ founders.”

He chuckled. “That’s an easy one. Just write about how they formed together to make a school, and then split because Slytherin had a different view of how things should have been run.”

She sighed with a smile. “I was already going to do that.”

“Don’t forget to add how he put a basilisk in the school, causing mortal danger to everyone.”

Y/n rolled her eyes with a giggle. “Alright.” She took out her quill and ink and began writing. By the time she finished her third sentence, George was growing antsy.

“Y/n!” he whined.

She set her quill and parchment on the table. “What?”

“I’m bored…”

“Are you now?”

He nodded childishly. “Mhm.”

She knew what he meant by that. She scooted closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Then what do you want to do?”

He shrugged as he pulled her closer. “I don’t know…” he said, sounding as if he really did know.

Y/n didn’t reply. She didn’t need to. Slowly, she leaned closer to him, pressing her lips to his. It wasn’t long until they were full on snogging.

The portrait hole opened, but the two didn’t notice. The boy gasped. “Fred? What are you doing with my girlfriend?”

Y/n pushed George away. Or, who she though was George. She looked at him as her eyes swelled with tears. “What?”


Y/n bawled as she sat on the sofa. Her hands covered her face. “I’m sorry, George! I thought Fred was you!”

The twins couldn’t keep a straight face. They both started to cry with laughter.

Y/n lifted her head. “What’s so funny?” she sniffled.

“We got you!” announced the standing redhead.

“Come here.” The other sitting beside her held her tightly. “It was only a little prank. I didn’t intend for you to cry.”

She sobbed into his shoulder. “You two are so mean.”

He rubbed her back gently. “I’m sorry.”

Fred continued to laugh lightly as he walked to the empty chair beside them. “I can’t believe you fell for it!”

“I‘ll never do it again.”

Y/n wiped her tears with her sleep as she raised up.

“And, I can promise you, if Fred EVER pulls a stunt like that, I might have to kill him.”

She giggled slightly as Fred pretended to scoff.

George placed his chin on her shoulder, still embracing her. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” she responded. “But, don’t think I won’t be getting you two back.”

“We’ll be waiting!”