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What's your favourite movie? If you have one haha

I reeeeaaally like ghibli movies! since I was a child, there was nothing that I enjoyed more than watching these masterpieces. every single ghibli movie just holds this kind of “melancholic-innocence”; I adore it so much. 

Here are a few of my absolute favs:

Spirited Away

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Howl’s Moving castle

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Kiki’s Delivery Service

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The Cat Returns

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“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” (x)

suddenly feels like drawing otps kissing at the prom while slowly listening and dancing to the song <3

Do you wanna build a phylogram?
Mark Scherz
Do you wanna build a phylogram?

A scientific parody of Do you wanna build a snowman? from Disney’s Frozen. Lyrics by hyacynthus and myself. Vocals by me. A music video may be forthcoming.

— soooo yeah…
Since I’ve finally been able to get myself a drawing
tablet I started drawing some free! horses again..
This I drew for @sougre, Sousuke (the light one) and
Haruka (dark one). 

Still teaching myself how to shade and highlight properly,
so you won’t see anything of that in this drawing.. FYI



I have been meaning to do this post for an awfully long time, and have had numerous messages asking me about how I revise, so it is about time I got down to it. I think the main reason why I haven’t done this post until now is because I myself have actually also been figuring out exactly how to revise. Last year, I feel that I didn’t really nail a set revision technique, and although I did fine with my prelims, I didn’t feel like I was prepared at all, and vowed to find a revision technique to make me feel satisfied this year.

I’ve found that using different methods for different papers is currently working for me, so I will try to give you an overview of what I am currently doing. I’m not saying that these methods are going to be 100% successful for myself or for anyone else, but if you are interested in what I am doing right now, then read on. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m currently splitting 3 of my 4 papers into a revision technique with 3 stages: 
STAGE 1: collating quotes on post-it notes, collating notes from previous lectures, essays and supervisions; defining topics or ‘themes’ to gather them into. 
STAGE 2: creating a series of colourful mind-maps on these topics, using my quotes on post-it notes to stick on the paper in relevant places/move about the page. On the paper, I will arrange my notes and thoughts into logical trains of thought which flow into a mini ‘argument’ that includes these quotes. I will then do the same kind of mindmaps on past paper questions, creating mini essay plans that include my portable quotes.
STAGE 3: PAST PAPER TIMED ESSAYS. There’s no real explanation needed here, only that I will probably first allow myself to look at my texts/notes during a timed essay, before then removing them from my sight/grasp at the final hurdle.   
I hope these stages make sense to people, and I will try to post pictures on here as I go. As you can see from the top image, I am currently only at Stage 1, but I will move to Stage 2 next week. 

In my Medieval Paper, we have to complete translations, so, additional to the above method, I have written out the passages we need to work on for translation (see the image with my two copies of ‘Sir Gawain’). Here, I have found that translating gradually with the help of both the Middle English version & the translated version has helped. I haven’t looked at the translated version yet, and have instead written out the Middle English in black pen, before going over the text, referring to the Middle English glossary, picking out any words I found difficult individually before writing them in light green alongside the Middle English. I will next go over the translated version I own, and come to a conclusive translation in dark green at the bottom of each page. 

For my fourth and final paper, Practical Criticism, I have found that the use of flashcards is probably the most helpful for all the critical terms that we need to know (see third image). After creating a set of flashcards and learning the terms, I will go through my past notes on different critical/theoretical schools of thought, creating more colourful mindmaps on each set topic. And then again, its PAST PAPER time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

That’s it! I hope it makes sense. I am awful at knowing how to revise, possibly the worst person to ask if I’m honest, as nobody really tells you how to revise at university, which can mean that you waste time flailing around (that’s what I did last year). So now, I’ve just thought of various ways to change-up my revision technique and make it really dynamic. We’ll see if it works in the long-run, but it is working at the minute!  

This term, there are also revision lectures, classes and supervisions on in the English department; I have attended these so far, and I have felt that they have  really helped me to identify what I need to get done in my own revision time, so I will definitely carry on attending. Ultimately, so far this term, I have been keeping myself busy with revision, and I am really starting to feel like I am making progress. I’m actually quite enjoying it, so hopefully this feeling will last. 


“I don’t mind all the Disney live-action remakes, I actually quite enjoyed the Jungle Book and I am hoping for more like that one. But, I think it would be so interesting for them to remake their movies with the genders reversed. I’ve thought about this a lot and how great it would be to see the gender stereotypes challenged and different twists in the plots based around the reversed genders.”

PAUL: John used to say, ‘I’m the leader of this group!’ and we used to say, 'It’s only because you fucking shout louder than anyone else!’ It wasn’t as if we didn’t know how to do that, it was just nobody wanted to shout and be so uptight about it. Nobody cared as much as he did about being the leader. Actually I have always quite enjoyed being second. I realised why it was when I was out riding: whoever is first opens all the gates. If you’re second you just get to walk through. They’ve knocked down all the walls, they’ve taken all the stinging nettles, they take all the shit and whoever’s second, which is damn near to first, waltzes through and has an easy life. You’re still up with number one. Number one still needs you as his companion, so I think my relationship to John is something to do with this attitude.

            John was always very forward-thinking. That was often his greatest asset. If it was like, 'Should we say fifty swear words on this record, or shall we do the song we were meant to do?’ 'No, no, no, let’s do the fifty swear words. That’s a good idea, that’s certainly interesting.’ John would always, in my imagination anyway, push for that. So it was always very good having this prod, this battering-ram partner. It was something to do with our personalities and character, which doesn’t change a lot in life. John would always advise jumping off a cliff. It was one of his symbolic things. He’d say, 'So you come to edge of a cliff, and you don’t know what to do, so jump!’

John was always the jumper, the suicide man, the one off the cliff, he always had to be bigger and bolder and brighter, which was what excited people about John. We like those people, we like high-risk people, that’s how John was and that was the radical difference between us.
—  paul mccartney: many years from now, barry miles
bts reaction to: you playing veronica in heathers and they see the “dead girl walking” scene

request: Can I have a BTS reaction to you playing Veronica in the musical “Heathers” and when they go see the musical they see this > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocAp_F9_hPY
author’s response: thank you again for requesting and i hope you enjoy it! this was actually quite fun!

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jin: was extremely flustered. he didn’t know whether to hide his eyes the whole time or pretend that absolutely nothing was wrong. it wasn’t the scene that bothered him, it was just he felt weird watching you nearly get it on with someone else other than him. later, when he wasn’t as shook and thought about it, he’d find it was actually kinda…pretty…hot?

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suga: found himself getting worked up in the middle of the theater and when he saw you backstage later, he wouldn’t hide it in the least. “you did really good during that one scene, you know,” he’d rasp in your ear, pressing his erection against your thigh. “really good.”

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namjoon: immediately flushed crimson the moment the scene began unfolding before his eyes. you’d told him some things may be happening, but you hadn’t gone into detail so he could be surprised. and surprised he was.

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jimin: couldn’t help but want to hide his face and sink into the ground. he’d brought the members with him to see your show that night and now all of them were staring bemused at him, watching his reaction. he didn’t feel jealous, he knew you were just acting, but he would probably joke and tease about being jealous just so you’d pamper him with affection.

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jungkook: found it pretty hot. he would definitely bring up the situation that night when you were being intimate together and his daddy kink was starting to seep out.
“you made daddy upset tonight when you were on top of that boy,” he’d husk before slapping your ass. “daddy wanted to punish you right there in front of everyone since you seemed to like putting on a show.”

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taehyung: blushed deeply while laughing under his breath. he felt weird, considering he thought it was pretty hot and liked it even though you’d nearly engaged in sexual intercourse with another man on stage. when the show was over, he wouldn’t mention it until later, telling you you did a good job in the scene.

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hoseok: openly shook af. he would mention it to you the moment he saw you backstage. “you didn’t tell me there was basically porn in here, (y/n)!”
even though he seemed a little indignant, he would just want to be extra for your attention and amusement. in all honestly, he didn’t really care much about it because he knew you were his and if your fellow actor didn’t know, he would find out.

What I ate today: grilled salmon, canned black beans (seasoned with garlic powder, oregano, red wine vinegar, salt and black pepper), beetroots and mashed potatoes. I don’t know why people complain that eating healthy is boring… I actually quite enjoy simple healthy meals like these! :)

So I finally hit 700 followers! Thank you so much to everyone that promo’d me! I’ll make a separate post later thanking you all so I don’t tag you in this. 

But as a “yay, thank you, I’m celebrating!” I drew Lust!Riza because I just thoroughly enjoy writing Hellbound, and I truly want to thank everyone that has supported the story and has said such wonderful things about it!

So thank you~! <3

That’s Us: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: That You’ll Be Left With Nothing, Is A Cold Certainty

Word count: 6,369 

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Epilogue

To read on AO3 click here.

Trigger warnings: A whole lot of angst and fighting this chapter. Not very detailed, but we see a bit of Baz’s sacrificial side, which toes the line towards suicidal? So, that might be triggering. Again, I cannot judge this very well, so please beware if you’re easily triggered.



I shouldn’t be here. Why did I ever think this was a good idea? Why did I ever think coming back to Watford wouldn’t tear me apart? I guess I’ve never been the best decision-maker.

I haven’t seen anyone I know yet. Or well, not anyone that I know very well. I saw Niall somewhere in the halls, but he just averted his eyes and pretended I wasn’t there. I guess that has been the reaction of most students I saw. They don’t know what to do with me anymore. What do you do with someone who lost their magic on a school for magic?

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‘My Cup of Tea’ (Sherlock x Reader)

requested by  nekokawaiimewmew <3

prompt; (’my cup of tea’ title)  the reader enjoying a very peculiar brand of tea and as sherlock starts developing feelings for her he starts liking the tea brand too /  Oh man, the title prompt “My Cup of Tea” with Sherlock sounded so cute! Would you mind writing it out? Thanks so much!

words; 957

warnings; none


Tomato mint tea was indeed a very strange and frowned upon flavor that many would not even dare to place in their home. However, this was never the case for you, since you always had at least three packs stored away in your cabinet for whenever you needed a hot drink. It was not common to have it, even rarer to enjoy it, and you were one of those peculiar exceptions that were both.

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The Party

Suho x Reader

Request: “Suho is on tour or doing promotions and she’s there on a business.” + “Daddy Suho” + “Sugar Daddy Suho” inspired by The Weeknd’s “The Party & The Afterparty” 

Word Count: 3771

Genre: Smut

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The club you were in was packed, sweaty bodies creating one pulsing mass that spanned for what seemed like miles on the dance for. The room was dark, the only real light coming from the strobes lights flashing around the room, the smoke machines in full blast this Saturday night. You’d lost your friends to the crowd and had moved to the bar, shooting them all a text to tell them you’d find your own way home. You knew your friends and colleagues, and you knew that they probably had a tongue down their throats in the middle of that floor or up against a wall and they had no intention of going back to their own hotel that night.

You spun around in your chair, glass of whiskey in hand. Your eyes followed the edges of the dance floor and checked the corners of the room for the familiar red of your best friends’ hair. You couldn’t find her there so you shifted your eyes towards the booths, taking a large swig of your drink. Your eyes drifted over the occupants of each booth, eyes squinted as you tried to make out faces in the dim light.

Your eyes met the face of what could be described as nothing less than a god. The man was absolutely beautiful, so beautiful it took your breath. Your started at his lips, pink and luscious, and worked your way up. His nose was perfectly shaped, his cheekbones high and angular. His eyes flashed to you and you froze, eyes dropping slightly to watch his lips stretch into a smirk revealing a row of shockingly white teeth.

You turned around quickly, the ice in your cup threatening to fly out in your haste. You ducked your head, staring into your glass as you held it in your shaking hands. You stared into the glass but what you saw was not ice, but the eyes of the man that had you so shaken up. They had been soft, milky brown but the second they landed on you they had hardened to a deep brown so dark they almost looked black.

Embarrassed, you shook your head and took a sip of your drink. ‘This is why you don’t stare at people’, you chastised yourself. Ten minutes later and you’d almost forgot about the man, almost forgotten the chill that had threatened to trail its cold fingers down your spine. You’d spun back out to face the crowd subconsciously, watching as the bodies pressed together so tightly they were almost one mass, grinding and moving in unison.

A wave of heat passed over you as someone took the seat to your right. You peeked out from the corner of your eye, eyes widening as you watched the man from across call over the bartender. He ignored the weight of your eyes on his face as he called out his order, staring straight ahead until the waiter returned.

You came to your senses after he took the first sip, gulping in a deep breath before you went to turn away again. His hand shot out, cold, damp fingertips wrapping around your wrist, the glass you were holding jerked, contents splashing onto your lap. The whiskey stunk, and your tight black dress chilled and clung to your skin as though it was a second layer. You sighed, tearing your arm free of his grasp and slamming your glass down on the table. “What the fuck,” you growled maliciously. Your eyes slanted, darkening in rage as you stood up, several dollars worth of drink pouring onto the floor. You turned towards him with balled fists, fury barely dimmed by his stunning face and even better body.

He was muscular, pecs showing through the white t-shirt he had on under a thick black cardigan. His thighs were muscled, lithe like that of a dancers. His hair was black and fell across his eyes messily, blanketing them in a shadow that you knew hid a smirk he was desperately fighting his lips to keep at bay.

His mouth opened and your eyes flashed to follow the moments of his lips as he spoke. “Are you done fucking me with your eyes?” he laughed lowly. He reached up with hand that had gripped you so tightly and carded it through his hair, eyes watching you as your breath caught in your throat. You shook your head imperceptibly, fighting an inner war with yourself. Half of you really wanted to deck him in the fucking face, the other half was pissed at yourself because he was fine as fuck goddamn it, and you really wanted in his pants.

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Having played Sacred Stones a few times, and with Heroes being a mobile game I actually quite enjoy, I have but one question: WHEN DO MY LEADING MAN AND WOMAN. JOSHUA AND LUTE, GET ADDED TO HEROES? I want Joshua (despite the saturation of good reds) to have dodge stats or something, and I want Lute (A blue mage that isn’t Robin please?) to have glimmer and essentially a Killing tome. Please.


“You know, 90% of the country believes in ghosts? Less than a third believes in evolution? 35% can correctly identify Homer Simpson and the fictional town which he resides. And less than 1% knows the name Thurgood Marshall. But when you put 12 Americans together in a jury and ask for justice? Something just out of brilliance happens. Often as not, they get it right.”

Films watched in 2015: The Judge (2014), dir. David Dobkin

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I'm so happy! I got a new job I actually enjoy, I get to quit my current awful job, AND I can dye my hair again! And tattoos and piercings are options too. I'm excited for this work. It doesn't make me feel as half dead as my last job. C: