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Emma: You’re something else. I can’t imagine how much effort it must take to create something that can break the whole concept of time. I… I’m actually supposed to be dead now, just think about it.

Emit: Don’t put much emphasis on it, Emma. There’s no such thing as destiny, everything can be prevented.

Emma: Anyway… I’m now thinking about it and feeling like I’m one in a million. In a billion. No one has ever been saved from death by the eccentric time traveler.

Emit: You never know. Your perspective offers you a view on only one timeline, but there’s an endless amount of them. And you can change them. Tweak them without anyone to notice if you’re careful enough.

Emma: My head is now in a better place, but I still feel like it’s gonna explode. Also, thank you again for giving me your hoodie? Ha… we only know each other for less than a day and I’ve already stolen a half of your wardrobe.

Emit: Oh, no sweat. There’s enough clothes for every time and season in my luggage.

Well, I played just about the best game I could but I am already in 2nd so I know I didn’t win… Soooo. Hoping for top 5. I say “just about” because I actually got a prism heart (!!!) but I choked on Cyalume Change and only got 700 (…).

The highest scoring coord for this song is probably Laala’s team SCR (color and type bonus) which I do not have because I didn’t put in the effort (read: money) to collect items in Time1. Financial responsibility cost me the Grandprix goddammit!! Oh well. (… I’ll… I’ll be making up for this in Time3..)

Even though Nagoya Prism Stone has two machines they are only using one for the Grandprix. So this is going to take a while…

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I was wondering if you had any advice for someone wanting to learn Korean?

My advice is to just dive in! Taking that first step to actually commit to learning something like another language—and I mean really commit to putting the time and effort in over months and years, not just saying “Hey, I think I’m going to do this.”—can be a leap for some people. Once you do that, you need to start by learning the sounds and writing system of Korean. I recommend this video as (one of) the best for learning Hangul because her pronunciation is very clear and she doesn’t use romanization, which is an awful crutch to lean upon. Just listen, repeat, and try to write the Hangul. Rinse and repeat until you feel okay using them!

After that, you’ll need some source for basic grammar and vocab, and you’re on your way!

Happy studying~

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This is so random but what if someone shifts into a fish😂 like they'd be out in public at the park or mall and the next thing you know they're gasping for air and flailing around and everyone around them tries to help by moving them into a fountain or a cup of water

after laughing at this, i realised this was actually a very good point and i have come up with a very, long and scientific an answer.

you are honestly not ready for this and because this is super extra im putting it under the tag but i put a lot of effort into this so pls read it lol…

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I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly

My new meds make my skin throw a fit. It’s not terribly bad, just a few things here and there, but it’s bumming me out because I’ve never really had too many run-ins with acne.

My four-year-old sister, however, is under the impression that it’s just “3D freckles”, and that they look very, very pretty. She wants all of my freckles to “pop out”, especially the ones across my nose; they’re her favourite.

And it puts me in this weird position where I can’t say, “No, this is acne, and it’s bad,” because I don’t want to teach her that it’s a bad to have unclear skin, you know? I tried to tell her that my skin was sick because of the new medicine, but she was having none of it. She didn’t think they were any different than all of my literal, actual freckles, despite my efforts to delicately tell her otherwise.

Kids are weird.

The more I think about interactions I have with children, the more I realise that children will consistently compliment “flaws” until they’ve been taught not to.

Like, a kid at the library, whose sister has vitiligo, saw my scars once and suggested that his sister and I should be cats for Halloween, since I have “tabby skin” and she has “calico skin”. “I can be a black cat,” he immediately added. “It’s not AS cool, but they’re the spookiest.”

When I started losing weight, my little brother immediately demanded that I gain it back, because I wasn’t as comfortable to cuddle with anymore.

And my other little sister always wants to wear her paint-stained clothes to school so that “everyone can tell [she’s] an artist”.

I don’t know. I guess talking to little kids just reminds me that all of this superficial shit we worry about really is 100% made up.

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Complete this conservation: "Wait.. you gave him a mixtape? Dude, you’re a dinosaur.”

“Wait.. you gave him a mixtape? Dude, you’re a dinosaur!” Dean grimaces as Claire’s laughter titters through the phone. Every time he thinks he and her might be on the same level, she says or does something to make the age difference between them 100 times more evident.

“Where did you even find cassettes?” Claire asks incredulously. “Did someone leave a Delorean around or something?”

“Shut up.” Dean grumbles, no heat in his voice. He wedges the phone between his shoulder and his ear as he attempts to remove the Impala’s serpentine belt. “Amazon sells ‘em. They’re not antiques.

“Close enough,” Claire snorts. “I bet you had to hold the tape recorder up to the radio too.” Dean’s frown deepens because, yes, that is exactly what he did. He huffs into the phone as he slips the belt over the alternator and tightens the bolt. 

“Enough about me,” Dean sighs. “How’s school?”

“Doesn’t start for four months. Don’t change the subject,” she says. “I think it’s sweet actually.”

“Sweet?” Dean’s hand freezes mid-turn of the screwdriver. 

“Yeah, it’s really sweet for you to make Castiel a mixtape and put all that effort,” she says. “Romantic, too.” Dean feels his ears heat at the word. 

“It’s… It’s not… We’re…”

“Riiight,” Claire drawls out sarcastically. “You should totally make him another one and play it while holding a boombox over your head.”


“Like in ‘Say Anything.’“

“Claire, it’s not-”

“’Cause, y’know… you’re in loooove with him.” Dean can’t stop the shy smile from crossing his face.

“Goodbye, Claire,” he mumbles.

“… and he loves you, too!” Claire shouts as Dean hits the end call button. 


I had to draw the replies I got for this post, ‘cause they were just too good


A friend told me she was going to LA, but not to see comedy or go hiking or anything particularly fun. She’s helping a friend move.

Which led to us joking about how LA is the city of moving, and how she hopes LA lives up to all the moving hype. So then I opened up Photoshop and made a bunch of quick, shitty fake promotional images for Los Angeles as a city where people are always moving.

Making hyper-specific goofs for one person feels great, because when you send something like this, I’m sure part of them is thinking, “No way he actually put effort into this throwaway joke.”

But that very process has led to some of my favorite goofs! I rewrote a Duolingo email because I overheard two friends talking about how they woke up to that guilt-trippy email from Duolingo. I made that joke thinking about how I wanted those two specific people to laugh and not much else, and I think that one tweet has been passed around on the internet enough to where it’s been seen over a million times now.

I think my point is, making something is more fun if you think of it as a gift more than a piece of work.


POC Potter Week: Saturday
AU Day - Medieval

Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy
Luna Lovegood
Cedric Diggory


Click https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByxhNbuNLcaIaW01Q0IydE9aU3M/view?usp=sharing for the whole thing!

Well, that happened.

This started out as a simple idea: I wanted to portray a possible season 3 scenario where a battle (with Toffee?) just took place, Marco is on Mewni with Star and lately he’s been realizing why his heart always jumps out of his chest when he sees Star. Realizing this was one thing - actually confessing is a whole ‘nother deal … (yes, he already broke up with Jackie)

This is a purely fanmade storyboard by me. I put a lot of effort, time and dedication into this though, so I would love, love, love if you guys share this so maybe, just maybe, @arythusa, @hug-bees or any other member of the Star vs the Forces of Evil crew could see this. It would mean the world to me.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this piece of shameless Starco fluff!

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I have this theory that Seungri became really interested in business because he accepted that he'll never have success as an artist like the other members. Now I see him drifting farther and farther away from Big Bang and focusing more on his business ventures rather than his role in the group and as an artist. What do you think? I used to think it was unimaginable for Seungri to leave Big Bang but now I think he has the financial security to do so.

I’m going with yes and no because of the many factors. This is gonna get lengthy so I’m gonna put it under a read more.

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i actually put effort into this oh lord 

I hadnt seen a cage skirt code, i own one irl and i love it, SO!  i wanted to try and make one for my lil mayor!! and for all of you baes too 
if tumblr happens to mess up my image size, here’s a fuller sized image of it ! I hope you guys like it!! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡