i actually noticed this a long time ago


Tem. XVII; the situation out west.


(Hm, it’s been a while since I looked at my follower count…)





You GUYS! I haven’t been that active on tumblr recently, so I totally didn’t notice when it first passed 1000 - I’m late! All the same, thanks so much! I’m actually really excited about this!

Okay, now prepare for a rant. I’ve been saving one for 1k, although my wordy ass wants to give a speech every time I hit a milestone. :)

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Every time something you post comes up on my dash i cannot help feeling like the little pheonix is judging me XD


OH! THE PITCH! Holy crap I somehow just noticed that I gave him some super phoenix wright hair. That’s actually my weird doodle of pitch black from rise of the guardians that I did YEARS ago and it’s now been my icon for so long that I just…can’t bring myself to change it.

I often feels it’s judging me too, so I get ya

People think that hyperfocusing with ADHD is something like “Oh, they can focus hard when they try.” and people use it as a basis to claim that ADHD is ‘fake’, but they’re getting the definition wrong. 

Today I spent 4 hours straight on something productive- an assignment for my Sustainability class- I was trying to develop a mathematical formula to be able to easily determine what type of dog food was cheaper in the long run. I am really bad at math usually, but today I managed to accidentally invent floor functions before I even knew they existed. The problem is, that time I was working on it, I had another class to attend. I did actually notice and managed make it to class, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my formula, so I ended up doing algebra the entire time, and entirely ignored the lecture on Socrates, even though I usually find that class interesting and avoid math at all costs. 

A few months ago I folded over 1000 origami raptors out of sticky notes. About half of them I did in three days, then the rest followed more slowly over the next month and a half. I brought stickies with me everywhere, I folded them in Walmart, at a doctor’s appointment, during meals, and in the dark before I went to sleep.  Folding that much caused some major wrist strain, but I just couldn’t make myself stop thinking about raptors. 

Hyperfocus isn’t lazy kids just doing what they want to do- it’s a compulsion we can’t resist, even if it’s something we dislike, like math, or something we like, but is harmful to us in excess, like origami. 

((*spits out drink* Whaaaaat?? Okay, this may not seem like a big deal to some of you guys, but knowing myself, I probably would’ve made a big deal at 25 if I had noticed the follower count then.

I opened this ask blog from the idea of Senpai with a Sanity meter long before it was mentioned through video. If I were to put an estimated time, I made this ask blog…. one year and 1-3ish months ago approximately. It was around December of 2015 that I entered a hiatus that ended up lasting for an entire year, making reason why this ask blog actually has little despite its old age. I personally didn’t think I would’ve ever returned to this blog when I entered that hiatus, and when I did come back from a sudden spark of interest, (before the mention of the Senpai Sanity Meter in one of YanDev’s Videos as well as the video itself,) I was never sure if the ask blog would actually be able to grow since if it’s long hiatus before. At least until now. I’m so glad that I was able to keep this ask blog running despite the fact I ended up caught up in other things.

You guys are just amazing and I’m hoping that this ask blog will be able to continue growing like it has been able to. Next week I have two answers already planned on paper (one is very. Very long. Mainly from bants.) and I’m hoping to slide in some extra content in between like I have been just from being a fan of Yandere Simulator.

The Ask Box is open and probably will forever be open until it hits a high number of asks that I must close it so I can catch up with the flow of asks I’m receiving. Honestly, as weird as it sounds, I’m looking forward to the day I would have to close the ask box; It just means that everyone has an interest in Snapai and that my little guy is getting an image in the Yansim community.

To my followers and to even those that don’t follow me and just enjoy my content despite the fact, thank you for everything!

And to those that have sent me asks and have been planning to send me asks, thank you for giving this blog the ability to give out content! If it wasn’t or hasn’t been for you, this blog would have seized to exist. Either that, or I would have to make fake anons, and that’s no fun.

The biggest thanks to YandereDev for creating Yandere Simulator in the first place; If it wasn’t for him, this ask blog would have never existed, and neither would have this fandom. Thank you YanDev ^^

Thank you all! I know this is an overly long post for just 34 followers but, as I mentioned before, I would have had the same reaction probably for twenty five XD Plus there were a few minor update things mentioned in between so it wasn’t just a big giant thank you.

One last thing! If you see anything in the replies or in your ask box from @xxdragon-and-friendsxx , that is actually me! I want to make this ask blog my main account, but I’m not sure how to do that, so until then, this is how I’m resolving that ^^’ Until next time, dearies~🖤

-Snapai Admin; Call me Tyler if you want. Them/They pronouns preferred but idgaf I’m still fanbinarying I can’t even akdjif–))

So, I bought an ice cream maker

A very long time ago, actually, but I only recently had the time and freezer space to use it. Behold my creation!

Pistachio cake with rose lavender ice cream! You will notice that the ice cream is purple-brown (because I absolutely fail at getting purple out of mixing dye apparently) but it was very tasty all the same. Light and floral, perfect for elderly-inner-child, cat ladies like me. :)

in pics from like 4-5 years ago my hair is clearly much thicker than it is now (but i also know from what color my hair was when i started noticing and going ‘hmm.. seems kinda.. weirdly not that thick right there’) 

buuut in pics from like 2-3 years ago it doesnt look thaaaaaaaaat much thinner i just took a long time to kind of realize how much it had thinned? idk. i hope i am right that it isnt thinning so quickly now. it seems like i still shed plenty though :/ 

my 2 most unfavorite consequences to my hair are the hairline and the back where i cant actually see it 

i think it would still be possible to style my hair in a way that covers my scalp but not being able to see the back doesnt help 

i want to grow out my hair again but when it gets long enough to weigh itself down i think it becomes even more apparent how thin it is and also it takes a bit more effort than it used to not to have scalp showing through when i put my hair up 

i guess at least it isn’t limp?? still got some body and volume bc my hair just likes to be shape-y but u can see right through it esp if there’s any light from above or most side angles…. :/ lol 

also i cant tell if its one of those things where like. maybe… it doesnt look as startling and obvious to others as it does to me? i hope so!!!!!!! 

i wonder if having my roots darkened would help camouflage a little

honestly? i am tired of always wearing hats lol but it always feels more tempting to focus on changing things about your appearance over changing how you feel about it and how you feel about what you think other people think

Interesting thing I’ve noticed about the legendary beasts in PSMD, only Entei and Raikou seem to be the rude, pissy assholes with anger management issues, and Suicune actually seems mostly reasonable. My guess is that Suicune gave up on them a long time ago and just kinda sticks around them out of obligation.

Raiko, shut up with your “It’s all your fault” bullshit, you were there too and I didn’t see you do anything productive, you oh-so-mighty legendary. YOU WERE THE ONE WITH TYPE ADVANTAGE OVER YVELTAL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

And while I’m at it, Entei, need I remind you who beat the shit out of you earlier? Know your place, overrated feline.

Posted this a long time ago on my blog, but figured it was worth a repost here. This is the preliminary cover that Orbit considered for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, compared against the final cover that most English-language versions had. I like the final better – less cluttered, actually centered, and Nahadoth is more “hidden,” the better to creep the hell out of people when they finally notice him there. But I do wish readers had been able to see the “Yeine” that they picked. Oh, well. 

The sadness came again, but Dina noticed it was less heartbreaking than the time before or the time before that or the time before that. She actually managed a small smile before she answered. 

“Yes, I was married. His…his name was Michael. He, uh, he got sick and he died…a couple seasons ago.”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I…”

“It’s okay. We, uh, were only married a short time. Not as long as you and Skip, but I loved him very much. We wanted to have a family as well, but…well…”

Dina could feel the lump in her throat and the tears trying to force themselves past her resolve.

“I wanted to tell you I understand what you are going through, Brandi, and if you need to talk, even if it’s 3:30 in the morning, you can call me, okay? Anytime, really.”

“Yes. thank you so much, Dina.”


Some long time ago, I was a vibrant young girl; filled with a certain light that seemed as though the sun itself produced. Everyday was fresh and new, and I was always eager to see how it progressed. However, as time went by, what I started to notice was that that light began to fade away. Somewhere along the line, everyday became more of an ordeal rather than a gift. My life had fallen into a perpetual routine; wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, sleep, and repeat. Within this process I managed somehow to completely isolate myself from anyone around me, including my family and closest friends. At the time they might not have noticed, since I’d always been quite reserved. However, I started to enjoy the moments when I was alone over those spent in company. What I did not realise was that I was very unhappy with my life. I could not place what was wrong exactly, as I had no reason to be displeased with my situation; I had loving friends and family, and a roof over my head. Nonetheless, something just seemed off. So I spent my time alone, having only my thoughts to keep me company.

After years of living more in my mind than my physical self, what I found was the epitome to all my problems; instead of wanting my life to end, I wanted it to begin.

—  something I’ve been meaning to say for a while now.

I’ve noticed for a long time that when Dan Wootten would publish an article on the Sun, the actual website would say it was posted 6,7,8 hours ago or whatever. But yet it had just been published. So my guess is that he pre-posts them when he finishes writing them and then hits publish when it’s go time. I think that’s likely the case with this one.


Congratulations on 11 million subscribers everyone ! :D

Dang 11 million came really fast didn’t it? Jack just hit 10 million not that long ago! The growth on his channel is absolutely insane holy crap! I usually make special posts for these milestones and this one is no exception but I actually have a point I want to make with this post too besides celebrating the milestone. 

As you notice two words in all these pictures stand out, the words “Thank you.” I make a point to say you’re welcome to Jack as often as I can whenever he says that. We thank him all the time for making us smile on bad days or making such positive impacts on our lives. But not a lot of people really ever say you’re welcome to him whenever he says thank you. I’ve said thank you to Sean enough for everything he’s given me this whole time I’ve been watching his videos. I know I’ve become a better person because Sean helped me find my positive spark again because I see that exact same spark in him every single day. He’s given me more then anyone has ever given me and I appreciate all of that and that he’s become a part of life. :) I consider him a friend despite the fact I don’t actually know Sean and have only ever really talked to him once. Also yes I did just say Sean instead of Jack because I just like to remind everyone that he’s a real person on the other side of the screen. He has flaws, doubts, fears, insecurities and most importantly feelings. He’s not some perfect being or celebrity/popular youtuber that deserves to be placed on a pedestal or held in such a high regard because he’s impacted our lives in a positive way. At the end of the day he’s literally just a nerdy guy playing and recording himself shouting at video games in his room. He’s a human being just like we all are. But we’ve helped and impacted this nerdy guy just as much as he’s helped and impacted us and I think he should hear a you’re welcome from someone for everything this community has done for him. 

When I was re-watching some of these vlogs to take the screenshots for this post I watch them now knowing he genuinely means every single ounce of appreciation and thankfulness that he shows in his videos to his viewers. I’m sorry I’m talking about this again but meeting him at Pax East really did show me and prove to me how genuine of a person he truly is. Not even meeting him actually! Just waiting in that line and seeing him in person alone proved that to me. From his body language and the expressions on his face I could see that he genuinely cared, loved and appreciated every single individual person that I saw that went up to meet him. I truly feel like I know now that this community means the world to him and that he cares about all of us no matter how big this community will become. :)

Honestly guys thinking back on meeting Sean now I truly have never felt more like myself around another person and that’s seriously is saying a lot! I’m not saying that to make him sound greater then he is or to over exaggerate because I do have people in my life I can be myself around. But that’s just how I seriously felt around him in person I felt like I could be my true genuine self around him and that’s how I felt just meeting him and talking to him for a tiny bit. That kind of scares me and makes me a little sad that I felt like that around him because like I said already I don’t actually know Sean and he doesn’t really know me at all either at the end of the day. I may never get to really know him or get another chance to really talk to him again or ever truly know what I myself individually mean to him. I don’t even know if he knows my real name or not. But at the same time I still consider him a friend that has given me so much and helped me find the courage to keep going forward at times when I felt hopeless and I also know at the end of the day that I’m not meaningless to him. I know he appreciates me for being here everyday and showing him that he has meant something to me and that I support him. None of you guys are meaningless to him either! Whether you meet him or not he appreciates you all so much for just being here to support him and that in itself is meaningful enough. Sometimes you may see yourself as just one person in a sea of 11 million now but you mean so much more then you even realize you do! You all mean so much just by existing and being here! We’re all lucky to just be a part of this youtube adventure that Sean is on and it’s not ending anytime soon. This milestone isn’t just for Sean it’s for all of us as a community too. :) 

The last I want to do to end this post is to say one thing to a certain green haired dork. ;D @therealjacksepticeye

You’re welcome Sean for everything this community has ever done for you. Congratulations on 11 million subscribers. :)

BTS WINGS #6 Assumption

This is going to get personal people so read if you want or not. The thing that got to me about this whole video was the fact that J-Hope looked to be in a psychiatric ward. I myself have been in one before a long time ago. I’ve noticed a few things in the video that stood out to me that I actually can relate to.

#1 When the clock landed at a certain time in the video pills started coming into the room. When I was in the psychiatric ward myself there was always a certain time where everyone had to take their pills for the certain disorder that they had. The ladies working their would come around and have our pills ready in little cups and they wouldn’t leave until they made sure we took our pills.

#2 When J-Hope took a pill everything started going crazy and changing. He himself looked scared and on the brink of loosing his sanity. He seemed to not even know where he was. Well let me tell you something when I used to take my pills back in the psychiatric ward that’s exactly what would happen to a lot of people if not most people. The pills that they used to give us used to sometimes trigger our disorders even more. I’ve experienced it before and I remember everything clearly. There were times when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it and my disorders would be put into overdrive. Sometimes people actually would faint due to this. Hence, the fact that J-Hope fainted in the short film after witnessing this. I never fainted,but I used to hurry up and try to go to sleep after taking my pills because I never liked that experience ever.

#3 Being in a psychiatric ward is the worst thing ever because a lot of people lead you to believe that you aren’t like everyone else and that you are crazy. There were so many moments that I felt that way,but there was a certain thing that made me felt like I was just the same like everyone else and it made me feel happy. My mother used to bring me books when I was in there. The books always made me feel normal because I knew everybody read and I mostly always felt happy reading them. Other people were like me in there. There was always something that made them feel happy. For example, a friend that I had made there was always happy just by people letting her chew different types of gum. She said that she loved chewing gum because it made her feel like she wasn’t here at all and like she was living a normal life. Now J-Hope doesn’t seem to be smiling at all throughout the video,but when he pulls out the chocolate and eats it. He seems to be happy because he finally smiles. Maybe the chocolate bar (just like my books and the gum) makes him feel like he’s just like everyone else even if he has a disorder and it is his source of happiness while being in there.

These are all the things that I noticed and that I could actually relate to. By the way I know all of this short films are being tied up with Demian,but for some odd reason the way this short film was made (and some parts of Jimin’s) I can actually relate to it and I thought it was interesting. So like I just wanted to let you guys know about this. It isn’t really a theory,but I feel like it can maybe help you figure stuff out?? I don’t know. Thank you for reading it!

Did someone actually notice the new Sword System on the left corner? I did and it really looks great.                                                                                Maybe you remember Tabata saying, that it’s going to be changed into the System Tetsuya Nomura planned long ago, where you are able to switch weapons in real time. Above you can see a Niflheim Soldier…and if you haven’t noticed yet, this emo looking dude is our beloved Princess showing some bad ass combats ( magic involved).

2016 here we are, waiting for you to get us excited for new FFXV DOPE!!!


the weekend.

friday happy hour turned very late night with one of my most fun girlfriends. when i woke up saturday morning i checked the weather and within an hour was headed to the coast with riley in tow for a solo day/night at the beach. i spent the afternoon and much of sunday on the beach – reading, listening to music, napping, swimming, and even meeting some nice folks. saturday evening was for a long walk with riley, sitting on the porch watching a summer thunderstorm, and getting lots of sleep. 

last week was tough and so this bit of “me time” in one of my happiest places was a good spontaneous call. aside from work craziness, i rolled an ankle about ten days ago and after a couple tentative runs, decided to play it safe and actually rest. it doesn’t feel that bad and i think it’ll be fine soon, but i rarely have any aches/pains on runs and the fact that i was noticing it at all made me nervous. this hiatus has been frustrating and is a strong reminder of how much i rely on running to relieve stress and keep my head in the right place. hopefully i’ll be set shortly, but in the meantime, this weekend was good for the soul.