i actually met robert downey jr

Tom Hiddleston gets jealous of how much time you’ve been spending with Robert Downey Jr...

You and Tom were getting ready for the after party for the premiere of Avengers Age of Ultron. You personally loved Avengers but without Loki in the second movie you weren’t as keen. But you still enjoyed it because one of your heroes, Robert Downey Jr plays Iron Man and you think that he plays the character so well. As it goes Robert was the one who told Tom to bring you along. You were getting excited now, you’d been to a few premiere after parties before but you’d never actually met Robert because he wasn’t able to make it to the ones you had attended.

“The cars here.” Tom shouted up the stairs to you. “I’m coming you hurried down the stairs trying to stay balanced in your stilettos and draping red dress. Tom bit his lip when he saw you, “You look hot, my lady in red.” he said to you while grabbing your hand to walk to the car. 

You stepped out of the car and walked into the glass building where the party was being held, hand in hand with Tom. This was the most popular party you’d been to. There were people everywhere. You’d been kissed on the cheek more times in the last 20 minutes than you had in your life. “Y/N, I’m gonna go see if I can find the Chris’. The bar’s over there.” Tom kissed you before leaving. You strolled over to the bar smiling at all the familiar and unfamiliar faces on the way. “The fruitiest cocktail you have please?” you asked the bartender. “Sure thing.” he replied before going off to create your beverage. You went into your clutch to get some money out, but before you could a hand was placed over yours. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. you looked up to see Robert Downey Jr cheekily smile at you. “Oh my god, Hi… are you sure you wanna pay?” a smile beckoned onto your face. You couldn’t believe it was Robert Downey Jr. “Of course, no problem. You’re Y/N right, Tom’s partner.” he said while handing money to the bartender. “I am indeed, thank you for telling Tom to invite me.” you responded. “Well, I want to meet the woman who is making our Tommy happy.” he said just before holding his arms out to hug you. You giggled in his ear. “What you giggling at?” Robert laughed. “Oh, it sounds stupid but I am such a huge fan and I’m trying really hard to control myself.“ You shook your head in embarrassment.

Above the bar was a balcony where Tom was stood watching you and Robert giggling and talking to each other. Tom had never been the jealous type but this was getting to him. He swiftly made his way to where you were stood. “Evening Robert, you alright?” Tom tried to sound genuine but a part of him hated Robert right now. “I’m fine Tom thanks, you’ve got yourself a stunning woman here Tom.” Robert said to Tom not having a second thought of how this looked to him. “Yeah, I know I got lucky. Can I talk to you a minute Y/N actually?” Tom said to you with no emotion on his face. “Can’t you tell me here? I’m talking to Robert.” you say to Tom but then realising maybe you should just go see what he wants. “Okay lets go, see you around Rob thanks for the drinks.” Robert nods at you as you follow Tom out of the building.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” you ask Tom while sipping your cocktail. “God knows why I am jealous but I am, okay? Seeing you laughing and chatting with someone like Robert makes me shiver with jealousy.” Your face drops in realisation. “You’ve been with him since the beginning of the party and we’ve been here for 4 hours. Not once did you come to see me or look for me.” Tom turns away holding his head in his hand. You pull his shoulder around before he gets far. “Listen to me, that is Tony Stark and Iron Man to me. Any person on this planet would be lucky to get to see him in real life never mind have a conversation with him. I am a fan of his work. How lucky am I to have a boyfriend who works with some of the greatest film stars on the planet. That was my chance to do something which may be on many peoples bucket lists. I’m sorry it upset you or angered you but it was just a conversation; as a matter of fact the conversation was mainly about you. Do you want to know the second thing he said to me after offering to pay for my drink?” Tom turned to face you with a sorry look on his face.” What did he say?” “ "I want to meet the woman who is making our Tommy happy. Does that sound like someone who you need to be jealous of your partner talking to?” You sigh and turn to walk back into the building.

“Y/N WAIT! I’m sorry. It’s just hard for me. I’m so in love with you, I’m terrified to lose you.” He said before seeing you turn to smile at him. You walk back to him. “How do you think I feel seeing you in movies with beautiful actresses such as Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson. It scares me but I trust you.” Your smile gets bigger as does Tom’s. “Come here!” Tom holds out his arms for you as you walk into them and hug him tightly followed by many passionate kisses.


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Valentine Day Series

Gif not mine

Word Count: 3.2k

Warning: One curse word, who really cares? & a little Fluff

A/N: Who should be next in the series ? Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr.?

Sebastian Stan

February 14th, was more then just Valentine’s Day to you and Sebastian it was actually the day you guys first met. Romantic isn’t it? Now if only the story was as romantic as the day, you were preparing for a baby shower for one of your old cast members and good friends Blake Lively who couldn’t hold back her excitement for the baby shower. “(Y/N) it’s going to be like a gossip girl reunion at my baby shower. I’m so happy all my dearest friends could be here , cause it’s a lot for me right now.” She says while you help her over to the mother throne, a personal touch Ryan told you. “Oh there’s someone who’s coming who I want you to meet (Y/N) I think you’ll love him.” Blake said smiling so brightly. You nodded , helping the caterers position and rest everything for the flow of guest that were going to be flooding through the doors any second and boy did they. It was about 50 body’s that walked in which isn’t a lot but it felt like a lot to you due to your social anxiety “Shit.” You mumbled under your breath when realizing you forgot to take your pills this morning , you began to tense up and make a run for the door before anyone could recognize you. Once you were in the clear you let your body slide down the wall , breathing deeply , trying to relax . “Mind if I sit with you?” You hear a voice say but you don’t bother look up, you just nod “You look like you went through hell.” The guy said , once again not looking up you just nodded to his statement “You got a name ? Or should I call you anxious?” He said hint at a joke which succeeded in making you laugh “(Y/N), and you are?” You said for the first time looking up and before he answers your stupid question you already know who this man is, Sebastian Stan, only your biggest crush. “Sebastian, but my friends call me Seb and my fans call me Sexy Seabass.” He says winking at you , causing you to laugh a bit more. Sebastian was know for his jokes and carefree nature “So why are you here hyperventilating all by yourself?” He ask looking at you with serious intent “I was at the baby shower but then all these people started crowding in one after the other and I couldn’t handle it, I have really bad anxiety if I don’t take my pill.” You said playing with you hands, Sebastian then took your hands in his and said"Only one way to temporarily cure anxiety, a homemade way. Alcohol.“ He says looking in your eyes pulling you up and back to the party. After about 5 glasses of wine for you and a couple of beers for him, you began to feel better. The two of you were sitting their like idiots , smiling , talking and laughing with each other sitting close together so you could hear what the other person was saying"So you two are getting along better than I expected.” Blake says holding her belly as she waddles to you both who look like children who were guilty of something but nonetheless Sebastian wraps his arm around you and said"Your were right Blake (Y/N) is a keeper, now if only I could get her to be my last minute Valentine.“ You look at him and respond “Then it settled Valentine.” You both smile at each other little did you both know that those words would lead to many more Valentine Days to come, a true romance by fate they say when they talked about you and Sebastian, and they aren’t wrong.