i actually made this one by accident

highlights of the bloopers video:

- the contrast between phil’s amazingphil voice vs actual phil lester voice aka deeper

- the amount of times they groomed each other and made wishes on each other’s eyelashes

- the fact dan thought he was getting a phonecall but it just being a phone timer

- seeing the copacetic moment once again aka one of my fav ever gaming channel moments

- the diet coke accident at the end bc phil goes into dad mode immediately

- the gradual transformation of dan’s hair

- the usual domesticity just fullscreen and uncensored

- the warmth i feel in my chest after watching it

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anon said:  Jamilton? For the ask thing. Thanks! & @daremeidareyou said: Jamilton

  • Who said “I love you” first: Thomas says it first on accident. It was basically a slip of the tonuge. He had known he loved Alex for a while but would never admit that. It was basically giving Alex ammunition to fuck with him. But Alex made him coffee one morning and it was actually terrible (it was bitter and exactly how Thomas thought Alex took his coffee) but Thomas had just woken up even though Alex had apparently been up for hours. So he just accepted the coffee with a quick peck on the lips and it felt so easy and domestic it only seemed natural to follow it up with an ‘I love you’.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Thomas has a picure of Alex as his backgroud. The picture is of Alex somehow managing to balance on a horse and writing on his laptop. Thomas is constantly amazing by Alex’s ability to literally never take a break. Even while on vacation. Alex doesn’t have a picture of Thomas as his background but that’s only to annoy Thomas. Also because he loves the pic of his and the squad that is his background.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: They both do. Alex leaves morning notes for when he rushed out the house early. His notes consist of ‘Have a good day, dickhead.’ and ‘Remember not to be an asshole.’. Thomas leaves notes for Alex at night. Sometimes Alex gets home late from work and Thomas isn’t always in the mood to wait up for him. So he takes a shower and leaves a note in the mirror before he goes to bed like ‘Make sure that you’ve eaten today.’ and ‘Take a shower before you climb in bed next to me, you little gremlin fuck.’
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Thomas is a rich trust fund baby that blows his money on the most unneccessary things. He buys Alex really random things like a typewriter and a quill with authentic parchment. Then he buys them matching rings that say ‘To Infinity’ & ‘And Beyond’ which is almost too cheesy for Alex but he also loves it.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Alex does. They aren’t dating yet and have yet to even admit their feelings for each other but one day they’re debating. Not arguing, which is weird, but just talking out an issue they disagree on. Maybe it’s because they’re both too tired to fight or neither can rationalize a reason to argue that day but they are getting along. They have an entire conversation and it’s intellectually stimulating without raising either man’s blood pressure. Then on their way out Thomas kinda stumbles into Alex and Alex nearly topples over but they somehow manage to stay upright. They do end up almost tangled together and their faces are very close to together so Alex just closes the distance and Thomas starts kissing back and they don’t stop till they pass what’s considered acceptable in public.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Alex kisses Thomas awake. Thomas hates it and loves it. He really can’t get enough of waking up with Alex in his arms, kissing him awake, being surrounded by him but he does not appreciate being woken before the sun comes up and having to feel the warmth of Alex’s body leave his arms.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Thomas does when he wants to distract Alex. Like sometimes Alex is sulking on the couch and Thomas doesn’t like seeing him sad so he starts to tickle him until he starts laughing out loud. Or during a thunder storm when Alex is not scared but upset and Thomas just goes in to tickle him. Alex comes to expect the tickling when he’s feeling down and can almost be cheered up at the thought of it.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Alex doesn’t ask, he just joins Thomas in the shower. This is on the weekends when neither have to go to work and they can actually spend time together outside of a professional setting. Thomas doesn’t mind. He prefers not to waste the water and Alex contends that they’re saving water taking a shower together but Thomas insist they spend more time in it together than they do apart.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Thomas has to drag Alex to lunch in the middle of a work day. Thomas knows that Alex will not eat unless reminded and even when remided he will forgo eating in order to work.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Neither is shy but both are nervous. Thomas and Alex don’t know why they’re even on a date or where they are going. They had a one-night stand which led to a conversation which led Thomas to asking Alex out on a date. Thomas took Alex to a fancy french restaraunt. It starts off awkward until Alex brings up an upcoming vote in congress and neither can give up a good debate and they spend most of the dinner discussing various things they disagree on and finding things they do agree on.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Alex kills all the spiders because Thomas is unabashidly afraid of them. Thomas yells for his ex-military, silver star holding boyfriend to come kill the spider and Alex is fine with killing them but it is annoying to have to get up from his desk to kill them,
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Alex is a rowdy drunk and hangs off Thomas just ranting about how much he loves Thomas and even though he talks a lot of shit about Thomas, he’s like the best boyfriend ever?? And how lucky he is to have Thomas??? Thomas records this.

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Winter Interrupted (Part 1/?) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Requested by @torilovelytop but the actual request was kinda long, so I won’t post it here.

Becoming an Avenger had happened almost by accident; it definitely wasn’t the plan to make you into one of Earth’s mightiest heroes when Nick Fury had pulled you from the ranks of Hydra to work for him. Your former bosses had made into one of Earth’s mightiest assassins, so your skill set was already pretty solid, to say the least.  It was so solid, in fact, that there was only one person he trusted enough to take you under their wing, and only one person who would even be willing; Natasha Romanoff.

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Your art literally cheers me up so much. My parents both got into a car accident earlier today and the car flipped and they nearly died and I was so scared. But I looked at some of your art and it has helped calm me down a bit. Luckily, they're okay but you're drawing actually kept my mind off that a bit and I just wanna thank you so much

I read it in the morning and you almost made me cry
I hope your parents all is well and you’re feeling better now!
Sorry I can’t hug you so take these guys and take care of yourself

i’ve first made Lulu…months back. but i felt like actually building her up a lil more. The next generation of my squid might be made later on?…hmm.. ahem! anyways.


Age: 29

Relationship Status: Single

Lulu is a young Doctor in one of the hospitals of inkopolis. She knows her way around the medical field but if you have an appiontment with her…good luck and hope you don’t need your needles/vaccination done. she’s clumsy lady and just might accidently poke you in the wrong spot. If you’re just a young squid, she makes sure to be EXTRA careful. She’ll do some silly things to distract baby squids so they won’t cry during their shots.

She wishes to be a surgeon, buuut her peers know that she’s a butterfingers… Either way, she enjoys her job and gets to see new faces often. ….even if they’re not in the best shape, she’s there for a reason, to make sure everyone leaves on a good note.

The leg that’s currently missing is due to messing around on the subway tracks when she was a teen hanging out with her…friend. (never mess around near tracks! ever!) 

Even though walking felt different for her, she never gave up and kept on practing. Now she’s a natural! (sort of.. trips here and there but she’s okay. Get’s back up and practices more!)

(well, that’s all i can say about Lulu. Hope you all like her company! )

Creepypasta #1188: Moonshine For The Devil

Length: Super long

It goes without saying that barista isn’t a glamorous position. I wear the hat and apron on a weekly basis, but it’s a step up from where I was months ago. Late night gas station work isn’t safe, even if the money was better. I was dealing with the morning crowd, my regulars. The old, blue-hair that wanted decaff with sugar. That one person always wearing obnoxious, overpriced headphones, always gets cold brew. My usual. We’re located by a highway. I see regulars and fresh faces day in, day out.

A normal routine, until a few weeks ago. I was greeted with someone that seemed familiar, but that I knew wasn’t a regular. I know my regulars. Average height, chubby, white woman with brown hair. Her glasses were crooked, and scratched to hell. Not once in our entire transaction did she look up at me.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

She was poking about on her phone, not even glancing up. “Yeah, hi. Uh, triple, venti, soy, no foam latte.”

I punched the order into my POS, as always. “Triple, venti, soy, no foam latte,” I repeated back to her. Sucks to be the barista to make that drink. “Order name?”

Still tapping at her phone, she hummed to herself. “Hmm… Danica.”

“Okay, Danica. We’ll call your drink when it’s ready!”

“Thanks.” She paid in cash, and stuffed a dollar in the tip jar.

Her order was ready in no time, and she was still on her phone when she got it. She probably sat at her table, off in the corner, for a half hour, before heading out the door. That was her routine. For four days, that was how we did things. Sure, sometimes I wasn’t on register, but I knew her order.

Who knows how long we’d have done that song and dance, without one of my coworkers being a jerk about it. See, Danica’s order was kind of a pain to make, and it seemed like she was going to become a regular in our shop. One of my more catty coworkers didn’t like making anything more complicated than a pumpkin spice latte. She’d also just loved to give people full fat milk if they ordered skim and she wasn’t in a good mood.

Danica came again the next day, eyes still locked on her phone. “Triple, venti, soy, no foam latte.”

“Triple, venti, soy, no foam latte! Anything else?”

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The Secret Garden

Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1,175

Warnings: Smut! Cursing! 

A/N: This is my first time writing smut and stuff like that so I don’t know. I am waiting until someone tells me this is not good so I would try something else! I was at a wedding and I was bored so I wrote this! Not beta’d so ya! Enjoy!? This is the place by the way…my picture!

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hi, can you please update bad boy derek tag? pretty please :3


Chemistry by DarkAlpha67 (1/1 | 2,492 | PG13)

Following the music, Derek stops outside the door of the dance studio, his eyes lands on a bare tattooed back. Derek watches as his pale, mole dotted, lean form twists and turns to the beat of Pony, which seriously, that song has gotten a reputation for thanks to Channing Tatum.

You’re Worth It by holdin_out_4a_hero (1/1 | 3,053 | G)

“NO WAY! Her sons coming here?”

Danny sighed dreamily. “Yeah, the Stiles Stilinksi. The young model that made it big on accident with his moms camera. The L.A. heartthrob that has actually never dated anyone, and no one knows what he does over summer, and yet he still manages to keep the hearts of young Americans easily.”

“So why’s he coming here?” Scott asked, remembering that the entire Stilinski family was loaded with money, given the success of every single one of them, and yet Stiles would be coming to the middle of nowhere, for a random school that offered nothing.

“Who knows? His parents are from here, but they’re not coming here with him. I have no idea, but honestly? I’m not complaining.”

Crimson Poison by SterekOTP1 (8/? | 52,502 | NC17)

“A man chooses his own poison. I’ve chosen you. And it’s the sweetest bloody thing.”

Post apocalyptic war between Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters, Stiles is a 500 year old Vampire and Derek is a Alpha Werewolf. Natural born enemies with a hint of magic turn things a bit deadly. Wink Wink;)

Player character backgrounds

Nice reference for role-playing, so many options.

“I got it on good authority you’re some kind of troublemaker. Or at least you were in your old life.”
> “For some I was. I fought for a rebellion.”
- “We lost. I am exiled from my own homeland.”
- “We won the war, but the new government, the one we bled for, ended up being much worse.”
- “I’ve had my fill of war and bloodshed.”
> “You might say that. I was a spy for a time.”
- “I was caught, but I managed to escape and some old friends got me passage out.”
- “I double-crossed my employer, and my employer is as powerful as they come.”
- “They gave me a job I couldn’t bring myself to carry out. That’s not something they were agreeable to.”
> “That’s why they put me in jail.”
- “I served my time. I didn’t want to be reminded of that place another minute.”
- “I got loose. Far as I know they’re still looking for me.”
- “I was released. Was supposed to report back every few days or they’d haul me in again. That’s just another kind of jail.”    

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what are the weirdest things that have happened to you here in tumblr dot hell

i have a fuckn list omg

  1. that one time some random anon went around telling my mutuals that i had died in a car accident and made a few of my friends cry, all while i was asleep
  2. that one time so many of you started submitting my name to akinator that i actually turned out as a result for a few weeks but i’m probably not there anymore 
  3. that one time someone made a literal hate blog for me, saying i was a bad influence bc i was promoting pedophilia bc i was 18yo dating a 26yo (i wasn’t)
  4. that one time someone made a callout post for me because i was appropriating mexican culture when i’m mexican
  5. that one time i got nominated for the prettiest on some fandom “awards” (never asked anyone to do it and never asked ppl to vote) and got so much hate for winning that i had to turn off anons for a month and still got hate afterwards
  6. that one time some anon claimed to be stalking me, saying they could see me through my windows and shit
  7. that one time some random anon started submitting my selfies to porn blogs lmaooooo
  8. that one time someone accused me of not being mexican and lying about it for attention and so many people believed them that i had to post a long ass snap story showing i live in monterrey, and still got hate for it
  9. that one time someone made a fake blog pretending to be me ??? they didn’t do anything “problematic” with the blog but it was still very very weird 
  10. that one time some anons kept messaging my irl friends asking for my nudes, private information, etc, and sent them hate when they refused lol
Dear Journal,

Hey! Teddy here! So my dads had the brilliant idea to have a barbecue with the Potters. The thing is, James Sirius will be there and everytime he’s around, I get all blushy and nervous. He’s so cute and I just always want to touch him in some way. When we’re sitting together, our knees are touching and my heart beats faster. I haven’t really talked about my sexuality with my dads… I feel like i’m hiding things from them.. I feel like i’m lying.. But I will tell them tommorow, i’m ready. I was looking at my reflexion trying to figure what hair colour I should wear today. James Sirius really likes when they are light brown, so I decided to wear them that way. Being a metamorphmagus was awesome! I added a few freckles on my cheeks and My dadda came in, telling me that the Potters were here.

“They’re here!” He said, standing in the doorframe.

“Okay, I’m coming.”

“Are you okay love?” He asked, wearing his iconic jumper.

“Yeah.. I just.. I’m okay. I’ll talk to you about it tommorow.” I said, smiling.

“Okay. If I were you I would hurry before James eats all the chips.” He winked, walking away.

I walked outside and felt the warm sun hit my skin. The adults were around the table, talking about Quidditch. Pads was flipping burgers on the barbecue wearing his “it’s barbecue time.” T-shirt. I looked around for James Sirius and saw him sitting on the swing in the far corner of the backyard. I walked to him and sat on the other swing.

“Hey Jamie.” I said, pushing myself slightly ao the swing could move a bit.

“Hey Ted. Did you see your dads shirt? It’s actually the funniest thing ever!” He laughed.

“Yeah.. He doesn’t look so badass with it on!” I laughed too.

We talked until the burgers were done. While we were eating, I felt James’ hand touch mine on the table. It wasn’t an accident. He made sure no one could see us before doing it. My tummy was filled with butterflies. I sent him a look and he was smiling down at his empty plate. He knew. We often touched eachother like that. It was only as good friends though… I think.

After eating, we all got inside and I took James Sirius to my bedroom. When we came in, he looked at the books on my shelf, brushing the tip of his finger on the spine of the books.

“Do you want to go on my balcony and watch the stars?” I asked him, smiling.

“Sure!” He smiled back.

We sat close to eachother surrounded by pillows. It was a bit cold outside since the sun had came down so we shared a blanket. I was pointing stars to him and I didn’t realize that he was looking at me.

“This star is actually named after this greek god which is… Are you even listening?” I asked, giggling.

“Yeah.. I huh..” He said, looking right into my eyes.

And that’s when it happened. He kissed me. He softly layed his hands on my cheeks and moved his lips slowly against mine. His lips were soft. I tangled my fingers into his black hair and he stood over me. I was sitting with my back against the wall and he was sitting on my lap, his legs on each side. He deepend the kiss and I pulled away to catch my breath. He looked into my eyes again and smiled.

“You’re blushing..” He whispered, his lips dangerously close to mine.

“Oh am I? I just kissed the cutest boy ever I have the right to blush a bit..” I chuckled.

“No I just kissed the cutest boy ever!” He laughed, kissing me again.

I layed my hands on his waist which made him giggle through the kiss.

“Oh now the tip of your hair is turning pink..” He giggled.

“Stop teasing me! I’m just really happy that’s all.” I smiled.

“I’m happy too. I’ve been waiting for the right moment for so long..” He said.

“Well i’m glad you did it now.. It’s pretty romantic.” I smiled.

He cuddled into my arms and I covered him with the fluffy blanket.

“Do you think we should tell our parents?” He asked, frowning.

“Whenever you’re ready.. I was going to talk to them about me liking both girls and boys tommorow but.. If you’re not ready I could wait.” I said, stroking his cheek.

“No.. I don’t want you to wait for me. Talk to them but just ask them to keep it to themselves please? I’ll try to talk to mine as soon as I can..” He said, looking at the stars.

“Okay.. I’m glad you kissed me.” I smiled.

“I’m glad I did too.” He smiled back.

June 5th 2014

ivy-raven  asked:

So, a prompt! First, do you write for IronPanther and StarkQuill pairings? If yes, I might be back with more prompts for them, but I'd really like Stuckony where HYDRA sent the WS to kill Tony before launching Project Insight, so he can't somehow stop it at the last minute, as heroes are wont to do. He's sent UC in SI, because that's the only way to get close, but Tony, exhausted, trips and twists his ankle in front of him and dozens of witnesses, so he can't kill him yet. (1/2)

He’s forced to pick him up and take him to the med bay, being the security guard and visualy strongest. But he’s desperatly touch starved, and really like touching/carrying Tony, and he smelled so good and was really nice to him, so he decides Tony must absolutely never die and tells him everything, declaring himself his new bodyguard. Steve/Tony is established, and both are aware of Bucky’s feelings for Tony (before and after regaining memories) so they invite him into their relationship. 2/3

And Bucky is super confused, like, punk, we’re already in a relationship?? Keep up? And picks Tony up and takes his two fellas on a date! - ok, that was super long and detailed, sorry about that! I can just imagine it and it’s so cute! You don’t have to include all the elements, I realize it’s a lot, I just really need touch-starved Bucky imprining on Tony and the ‘we’re already dating, punk’ scene! Thanks so much! (3/3)

Haha, this is adorable! How sweet. :) I do not write StarkQuill. In fact I’ve never even seen Guardians of the Galaxy! I should get on that, haha. I can write IronPanther though. I hope this lives up to your expectations! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

The Asset had barely even touched his gun when the Mark tripped and went down in a flail of limbs and loose papers. He had to fight a sigh. Some might think the clumsy marks would be easier to kill, because it could be made to look like an accident, but actually it was much harder—they were more likely to accidentally dodge attempts on their lives.

The Mark sat up, looking shocked. “Ow.”

“Sir?” one of the secretaries called, standing from her desk. “Mr. Stark, are you okay?”

“I think so?” The Mark pressed his palms to his eyes, letting out a sigh that betrayed deep exhaustion. “Yeah.” He took her hands when she offered them to him and pulled himself up, letting out a little noise of pain as he finally stood. “Ow!”

The secretary began patting him down, concerned. “What? What’s wrong?”

The Mark batted her hands away. “I’m fine, Ms. Carmichael. Just a twisted ankle.”

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Are there any five where Derek is a bad influence on stiles?

More of a list of bad boy!Derek. - Anastasia

Originally posted by fuck-feelings-brah

The Black Knight, Sourface Derboo And The Nerd. by LeatherAndRed

(1/1 I 1,744 I Not Rated)

“Are you just gonna stay in there?” Stiles jolted, knocking his head against the metal shelf. Who the fuck— “who’s out there?” He demanded, rubbing the back of his head which lead for his elbow to bump against the wall beside him.
or where Stiles is alone in the locker room, locked in Greenberg locker with only a rotten cheese sandwich and a smelly sock. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Serious by AlexTheShipper

(1/1 I 2,153 I General)

Derek asks Stiles out on valentines day, but Stiles mistakes it for a prank. Leaving Derek confused, and Stiles hurt, can their friends fix it?

I Shouldn’t have Come by JustPlainAmy

(2/2 I 2,283 I Explicit)

prompt: Bad boy!Derek tempting Stiles

A Better Reality by misterreckless

(3/? I 2,941 I Teen)

Derek’s bad boy persona is starting to take it’s toll on his mother. Will sending him to his father’s house for the summer whip him into shape, or is he going to continue being the same disobedient teenager?

You’re Worth It by holdin_out_4a_hero

(1/1 I 3,053 I Not Rated)

“NO WAY! Her sons coming here?”

Danny sighed dreamily. “Yeah, the Stiles Stilinksi. The young model that made it big on accident with his moms camera. The L.A. heartthrob that has actually never dated anyone, and no one knows what he does over summer, and yet he still manages to keep the hearts of young Americans easily.”

“So why’s he coming here?” Scott asked, remembering that the entire Stilinski family was loaded with money, given the success of every single one of them, and yet Stiles would be coming to the middle of nowhere, for a random school that offered nothing.

“Who knows? His parents are from here, but they’re not coming here with him. I have no idea, but honestly? I’m not complaining.”

they don’t understand you (but i’ll try) by colferstilinski

(1/1 I 4,113 I Teen)

“Stiles,” Derek growls, and it sounds almost like his sex-voice that Stiles flails and blurts out.

“Dude, I have a vagina!”

Derek falls off the couch this time.

Don’t Judge a Derek By His Cover by captaintinymite (augopher)

(1/1 I 4,510 I Mature)

Stiles doesn’t care about the rumors surrounding Beacon Hills High School’s resident bad boy, Derek Hale. In fact, he thinks the rumors are total crap. Of course, being secretly in love with someone has a way of clouding one’s judgment.

However, he knew for a fact that Derek liked books. So when the two paired up for a final English project, he was excited (but also a little terrified).

But you know what they say…never judge a book by its cover. The same goes for people.

Mr. Stilinski by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I 6,461 I Explicit)

But he’s never really forgotten Wade or those guys from college, definitely not Brayden, the motorcycle-driving musician who devastated him senior year. He hasn’t forgotten the way a fuck-it-all attitude draws him in like a moth to a flame, speaks to his own rebellious nature that has always manifested as abrasive sarcasm and clever manipulation of rules and half-truths. And even though he’s never really forgotten, he’d thought he’d gotten over the bad boy thing, had grown out of it.

But then, in his last class on the first day at his new job teaching English at the high school he graduated from fifteen years ago, Derek Hale walks into his classroom and Stiles feels like he’s out in the parking lot back in 1995, nearly tripping over his own feet with stunned attraction, immediate and shockingly powerful. His lust is tinged with the familiar but long forgotten thrill needing to get closer to that mysterious cool, compounded infinitely now because this dangerous-looking bad boy is his student.

The Athlete & The Criminal by damnfancyscotch

(2/2 I 12,122 I Explicit)

“What’re you doing here, Stilinski? Did you only score half the winning points at the last lacrosse game instead of all of them?”

Stiles snorts and says, “I thought you were locked up, Hale.”

Derek huffs a laugh and drawls, “Not quite yet.”

Finstock’s Wilderness Camp for Boys by rainsoakedshoes

(1/1 I 12,179 I Teen)

“What happens if I don’t go?”

“You get charged with breaking and entering, and you will probably serve time in a juvenile facility,” the sheriff said matter of factly. “That’s if you’re lucky enough to be tried as a minor.”

“You’d send your own son to jail?” Stiles asked in disbelief.

“You broke into someone’s home, Stiles!” The sheriff took a breath to compose himself and ran a hand across his face. “And this isn’t the first time. I can’t keep bailing you out of trouble. I don’t have any favours left to call in. Either you agree to go to the camp and clean up your act, or you risk getting tried as an adult.”

Wont You Be Mine? by Ifellinlove

(12/? I 24,038 I General)

Stiles is the new kid at Beacon Hills High. Derek is the school bad boy. What Derek wants, he gets.

He wants Stiles.

You are my undoing by Samcgrath

(11/? I 47,392 I Explicit)

Derek Hale is the bad boy of Beacon Hills everyone wants their kids to stay away from so obviously Stiles Stilinski talks back to him. Derek remembers Stiles from years ago, before the fire, and now the kid gets under his skin. Derek’s already dealing with a lifetime of angst, and he knows giving in to his feelings means certain pain. Especially when Stiles gets sick.

Under the Surface by 1jet2unknown

(20/? I 99,633 I Explicit)

Stiles had been warned several times by his father to never go near a werewolf. But the 12 year old kid just couldn’t resist its curiosity and even though the wounded wolf he found near the woods should have been terrifying, he brought him home, trying to help him heal. Little did he know that this encounter would bring out a side of him he never knew and would have to hide forever, even with the world around him changing over the years and werewolf turning from mystic legends to open members of the community.
When Stiles enters College and his life gets more and more entangled with Derek Hale, it gets harder and harder for him to hide his true self from the world…


Bloomers & Boots for Bunny

you know you’ve done something right after you’ve tested the bloomers when the EAH/MH dolls are sitting, and they dont split at the buttocks to reveal their buttcrack!!! Finally these bloomers are working!! Always the most frustrating thing to test and give allowance to the buttock and hips area because they are widest and most problematic part.

And and and because i’ve been painting tabletop miniatures recently, i just realised i could bring what i’ve learnt there over to painting doll shoes, and i couldn’t be happier with the result! Bunny Blanc’s boots are ornate and beautiful, i had so much fun painting the hourglass. i would love to see these in life-scale though, but at the same time i’d wonder what it’d be like to smash the hourglass heel by accident… ouch! D:

ok going to tackle bunny’s shirt again… i actually made one last week but again, the hip area is problematic becos the bloomers made it wider and thicker……. so i have to redo everything from scratch. meh. 

I’ve been thinking about Diana, Diana in the movie and Diana in the comics.

It struck me, one thing that distinguish Diana from her counterpart is, I think movie!Diana is the only (?) version of her who lived a whole century in the human world.

There is no template for this version of Wonder Woman.

Among the current stable of DC Cinematic heroes, I don’t think we have anyone apart from Diana’s long friendship with Napi (yes, I’m taking that as canon) who could understand her perspective.

It actually makes me think of Forever, a short-lived TV show in FOX exploring an immortal’s life through one human lifetime. It was this TV show that made me realize that while an immortal’s life is long, humans too are capable of living a long life barring any illness or accidents.

And I can imagine Etta Candy’s life living as far as the early 1990s (think Titanic) and Diana being there for Etta, and the day Etta died I’d like to think that she passed sleeping with a smile on her face because Diana found all the old records that were Etta’s favorites.

They made a day out of it and when Diana realized that Etta crossed to death, Diana would have lifted her head.

I would also like to think while there are moments of sadness through Diana’s 100 years, there was also joy.

She helped people when she can when it’s right to do– I’m thinking she established a Prime Directive for herself through the years, especially when she realized that she can’t always help or save people.

I just really love thinking of Diana in the years between post-World War I and present day.

Exchange Student -2- Jungkook

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Exchange Student - Jungkook

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.269

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS.

“What? No, I.”

“You don’t like what you see?”

“I’m not sure if I have to feel offended by this.” you were bright red by now you knew this for sure. This was really embarrassing and the second he put his hands on the buttons of his jeans, you literally ran away. What in the world was happening here? You had a feeling that he was sent here because of a girl because the way he was acting towards you, well it showed he knew exactly what he was doing. One thing was certain you had to ignore it because that was one of the conditions, You could not date an exchange student but if he was going to be like that, it was going to be hard.

You put dinner on the table and put Dylan in his chair, which was slightly higher than the other ones, you had to call Jungkook but was dreading this but as a host, you had to include him in everything. “Jungkook, dinner is ready.”

“I thought I smelled something delicious.” You smiled because the guy who was flirting had disappeared and in front of you was a guy full of aegyo, it was a completely different side and confusing as hell. “I made kimchi fried rice,” you told him shyly because it was probably not as good as it was in Korea but his eyes lit up when you mentioned kimchi. “Really, now I really need to taste it.” He took a seat next to Dylan who was still studying him. “What is your name?” Jungkook asked in English but you could tell he felt a bit unsure about it but Dylan smiled happily at him. “Dylan and I am four.” he showed the number on his hand and Jungkook chuckled. “Daebak, four years already.” You couldn’t help but smile at him for being so sweet with Dylan, who was definitely curious about the strange guy but he was just studying him. “Do you want something to drink with dinner?” you asked him in English and you appreciated it that he was listening intensely.

“I love some cola,” he said again in English. He was really trying and as you turned back around to take it, you heard him typing on his phone. “Jungkook, we, uh, we don’t use our phones during dinner.” you hated this part but it was a rule that your mother made, as you stopped talking, your mother didn’t like that and made the rule. “Ah really? Why?”

“Well uh, we like to discuss our day during dinner and you can’t do that whilst chatting with someone else.”

“I can though.”

“No you can’t and that’s okay but we just don’t want a phone at the dinner table.” You saw his expression change from nice to annoyed but he did put away the phone. “Okay, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, really.”

“Is there a penalty for when you do use it.” you looked at the blue jar, which was on the countertop. “You have to pay five dollars, this doesn’t only counts for using your phone at the table, it’s also for swearing.” He looked at the jar and his mouth twitched in amusement. “Seems like you swear a lot.” He wasn’t wrong though because you did swear a lot and it was mostly your money but he didn’t need to know that. “It’s not only my money.” you tried to lie but you forgot one important factor.

“Yes, it is,” Dylan said in a bright voice as if he was proud that he outed you. “Yah Dylan.” Jungkook chuckled at this and ruffled Dylan’s hair. “Is there also a penalty for lying?” he said this in Korean and you had to listen carefully to understand it and the second he saw your face, he put a hand in front of his mouth. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh it’s okay really, I can understand you, I just have to listen, when you speak in Korean.” you smiled at him as you put his plate in front of him. You also grabbed a can with cola and put it next to his plate. Dylan had also fried rice only not spicy because you really didn’t want him to get an upset stomach. You sat down and even without looking up, you could feel him stare at you, it wasn’t really uncomfortable but it was just a bit intense because you were a fan of him, which reminded you suddenly of something, your room was covered in posters and since yesterday you had added some BTS posters, these you stole from Sophie. “Ah shit.” you jumped up and Dylan started to clap in his hands even Jungkook looked up surprised with a smirk plastered on his face. “Let’s pretend you didn’t hear that.”

“Ah that I can’t do.” he chuckled and high fived Dylan as you got up and pulled out your wallet. “Whatever.” you put the five dollars in the jar and sat back down and put the food in your mouth. “So why did you curse?” he spoke slowly in Korean and you just shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.” he cocked his head slightly as he studied you but you waved him away. “Just eat Jungkook.” he nodded and slowly put the food into his mouth and at a certain point, you stopped eating to see him eat because well somehow he was hot during dinner as well. “So when is your mother coming home?”

“I don’t really know, she can come home tonight or tomorrow morning.” you collected the plates and started to do the dishes, of course, you could use the dishwasher but this was better and it calmed your heart down. “I have to make a call, is that okay?” he was still sitting at the table and he patiently waited for you to answer. “Of course, after dinner, you’re free to use your phone.” you turned your back to him and finished the dishes, you even dried them, which your mother would usually do but as she wasn’t home, it was best if you did them. Jungkook left the table and the room and you lifted Dylan out of his chair. “Let’s take a bath.” you carried him upstairs and put him in the bathroom. You filled the tub and put him in. “I like him, is he your boyfriend?” you looked up surprised because first of all where did he learn that? And did it look like that.” you were already thinking about him way too much and the thought of him as a boyfriend.

“He is not my boyfriend, he just lives here for six months,” you explained but Dylan shook his head. “No he really looks like your boyfriend.” you chuckled and started to rinse the shampoo out of his hair. “Stop being ridiculous, how can someone like him be my boyfriend.” you weren’t believing your ears since when were you asking a four-year-old about this kind of stuff. You shook your head and lifted him out of the bath and as you helped him into his pajamas a small knock came from outside the door. “Come in.” you weren’t surprised to see Jungkook hesitantly waiting. “It’s okay, he is almost done.” you were just rubbing lotion on his skin as Jungkook sat down on the ground, whilst watching you. “Is he your only brother?” You nodded as you started on brushing his teeth. “He is a lot younger though.”

“I know, he is my half brother actually.”

“Really, did your mother remarry or?” You shook your head., not sure if you should tell him but then again, he will probably hear it at school. “She didn’t remarry, it just happened by accident.”

“Ah I understand.” he smiled at you, he was probably trying to be reassuring but it just made your heart flutter. You were just being a fangirl and it had to stop, you just discovered them yesterday, how in world did you end up feeling all hot and bothered in just one damn day. “He is cute though.”

“That he is.” you almost added that he was also cute but you could keep it in just in time and as you carried the half sleeping Dylan to his room Jungkook kept following. “So who did you call earlier?” you didn’t want to be nosy but you just had to know everything. It was a disease, at least your friends told you that, you just found it funny. “Ah, I called Namjoon hyung.”

“Namjoon?” he looked up surprised at your tone. “Wait you don’t know who Namjoon is?” you felt stupid but you really didn’t know. “I’m sorry.”

“I thought you said you were a fan?”

“I am but you really have to give me a break. I just discovered you guys yesterday.” you felt embarrassed because Namjoon must be a member of BTS but again how could you know that. “It’s rap monster, our leader.” that rung a bell. “Is he the one with short green hair in the Fire mv?” he nodded and you felt a bit better for at least knowing that. “Is he the leader?”

“Yeah, he is really great.”

“Oh I believe that but I didn’t think he was the leader.”


“The guy who jumped over the fence, what’s his name again. Uhm Suga, right?” he nodded and waited for you to continue, “I thought he was the leader, I don’t know he just looks like a leader.” you shrugged but when Jungkook started to chuckle you knew you were really far off and he probably thought it was ridiculous. “Yoongi Hyung is definitely not a leader. If he was then all we would do is sleep and sit in the studio.”

“Is he that lazy?”

“No Yoongi Hyung works really hard but he loves to do absolutely nothing in his free time.” It was fun to hear him talk about his members. You could tell he looked up to them and it made you curious to their off screen chemistry. You already knew what your homework was going to be tonight and that was searching BTS on youtube. You tucked in Dylan and grabbed a book. “Do you want me to read you a bedtime story?” he nodded sleepily but he never went to sleep before the entire story was finished. This was the old story book of your grandmother and your mother read to you when you were little and now you were doing the same. You didn’t expect Jungkook to stay in the room but he did and as you were reading Dylan suddenly pointed at him, which made you look up from the story and there was Jungkook leaning against the wall whilst he had fallen asleep. He was really cute as his mouth was slightly open but you were happy he felt comfortable enough to just fall asleep. You quickly finished the story and as Dylan closed his eyes after you hugged him, you had to wake Jungkook up.

“Jungkook?” you shook him gently and as he mumbled some incoherent words in Korean, you tried again. It was really too cute and your heart was melting fast for him but you knew there was no way you could actually fall for him, not while he was in this house but after seeing so many sides to him, it was going to be a hard couple of months. You were startled when his phone suddenly went off and when it said Jin Hyung you knew it was one of his members and without shame you picked up. You did this in Korean because you didn’t want to scare him.  “This is Jungkook’s phone but you’re speaking with Y/N.”

“Oh, why are you picking up?”

“He fell asleep in my little brother’s room.”

“Oh, you have to wake him up.”

“I’m trying but he doesn’t want to wake up.”

“Alright put the phone against his ear.” Jin didn’t even sound confused when you told him it wasn’t Jungkook and the way he immediately assessed the situation even through a phone, it made you want to be friends with all of them.

“YAH KOOKIE, WAKE UP!” he literally yelled through the phone, giving you a mere heart attack but it was effective because Jungkook jumped up completely awake, to say he was confused for a few seconds was an understatement but when he spotted you, a shy smile appeared on his face. “I thought I heard Jin Hyung.” you nodded and showed him his phone. “He called and I picked up because you were asleep.” he really didn’t like it as he narrowed his eyes and literally took the phone from your hand.

“Don’t touch my phone.” he sounded pissed and that surprised you a bit and it made you curious because this meant he had something on his phone, he didn’t want anyone to know about. “I’m sorry.” you held up your hands just in case. “It’s fine.” he looked over your head and saw your little brother fast asleep. “I will go to my room,” he spoke in clear English, which probably meant he was angry because for the majority of the day he had spoken Korean. “Whatever.” you walked to your own room and started up your computer because you really had to know more about these guys and as you were scrolling through MV’s and other things on Youtube, you were surprised to see a shy Jungkook because this Jungkook wasn’t shy at all. This Jungkook was rude, sweet and sexy and that was just something you discovered in one day. It did confirm your suspicions about the fact that he had been sent here because of something he had done in Korea, there was no other way. You leaned back and thought about this day when your door suddenly opened, this startled you and at that point, it was too late to sit up straight and with a loud thud you ended on the floor. “Shit!” was all that came out of your mouth and as you turned your head towards the door, you saw a surprised Jungkook, the surprise made way for amusement as he started to chuckle. “Are you okay?” he asked through his laughter and you just let your head fall back again. He reached out his hand and when you grabbed his hand he pulled you up. He just used too much strength which made you bump against his body. You could feel his muscles as you grabbed onto him to steady yourself and your mouth suddenly turned dry.

“I’m fine.” you took a few steps back but you knew he had noticed your attraction to him and when you locked eyes, you could tell he didn’t mind it at all. “What were you doing?”

“I was.” You stopped talking when you saw him looking around in your room. He smiled when he saw posters of his group but his eyes fell on your computer screen and as you had been searching them, this was going to be embarrassing. “What is this?” he pushed you aside as you tried to hide it and sat down. He pressed play and of course, it was a video just made to show how sexy they were. He didn’t say a thing whilst he was looking at the video and you had to admit that it only made you more nervous. When the video was over he smiled and got up, he just walked out of the room in complete silence. You were wondering why he was like that, he could’ve said something right but he just left. You did click away youtube and as you let yourself fall on your bed you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed again, which was getting annoying by now as you had been like this, from the moment you spotted him at the airport, you had to snap out of it and when you heard the front door open, you were thanking the lords for sending your mother home. You jumped off the bed and ran downstairs. “Thank god.”

“Did you miss me that much?” she teased as he gave you a hug. “No, well, of course, I missed you but I can finally relax now.”


“Jungkook is here and to say he is exactly my type is an understatement.”

“He is?”

“Yes mom, I don’t think I can do this for six months.” she started to laugh as she made her way around in the kitchen “It’s too late now sweetheart.” she touched your arm when you heard Jungkook clear his throat. You mother’s attention went immediately to the handsome guy in the door opening and when you saw her smile, you knew that she was already planning your wedding. Jungkook came in and bowed, whilst introducing himself. To your surprise, your mother did exactly the same and she didn’t even hesitate when she changed into Korean. “I’m so sorry for not picking you up.”

“Ah that’s okay, Y/n told me you had to work.” he smiled politely at her and you could see that he really did respect your mother, which was a good thing. “How was your flight?”

“It was really long, I was happy to be on the ground again.”

“I understand and did my daughter showed you around?:” You felt slightly offended as if you couldn’t be a good host. “She did, she even cooked dinner.” he smiled at you but whenever he looked at you, his eyes got darker and you knew he was planning something and you’d better prepare.

“She did? Was it good?” she actually sounded worried as if you couldn’t cook and Jungkook quickly saw what she was doing and he chuckled. “It’s was good, don’t worry she didn’t poison me.” That was it, you were so done with this. “Mom, I put a folder with contracts on the table, you have to call his manager to take care of stuff. If you’ll excuse me.” you bowed mockingly and walked out, you even slammed your door shut. You didn’t wait and quickly took a shower because a shower always calmed you down. The second you came out you felt better, you put on some shorts and a sweater, you walked out of the bathroom, not thinking and as you looked on your phone you collided with Jungkook. “I’m sorry.” you opened your eyes but closed them again when you saw abs. This was not happening, how could this happen in just one day?  You heard him chuckle and you immediately wondered why fans said he was afraid of girls.

“Why don’t you open your eyes?”

“I uh, don’t want to.”

“You know you want to.”

“No really, it’s… “ You completely lost your train of thoughts when he grabbed your hand and put it on his abs. “Open your eyes.” you shook violently your head and as you stretched out your hand to push him away he thought you wanted to feel more and he actually moved your hand up to his chest and it really felt like your hand was on fire and that’s when you broke and opened your eyes, you locked eyes with his eyes and as he smirked you couldn’t help but move your eyes to his lips but he apparently had reached his goal and as he walked back, he stopped by his room and opened the door, you couldn’t look away, you just couldn’t and before he disappeared through the door he chuckled mischievously.

“wasn’t this better than youtube?” and with that, he closed the door.

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I'm touch sensitive and I headcanon Bakugou as one as well. Do you think he will accidently punch people when they touch him ike I tend to do when it's to much for me?

(i tried to look up more info about touch sensitivity so as to not accidentally misrepresent it, but i wasn’t sure if what i was getting was the correct info or not, so i want to apologize in advance just in case!! if i’m wrong about anything, please feel free to correct me!!!)

oh, i actually headcanon that Bakugou’s touch sensitive too!! i even made a post about it a while back. Bakugou often avoids touching people and keeps to himself a LOT. he always looks really annoyed or pissed whenever All Might puts a hand on his shoulder.

i imagine that a lot of his touch sensitivity might’ve stemmed from the sludge monster incident (where his ENTIRE BODY was taken over by the sludge villain.) considering how much that sensation messed with Izuku, and Bakugou was under control for much longer… yeah.

tho i think a lot of his touch sensitivity is just a natural part of his personality, but i definitely think that incident had lasting effects on Bakugou.

tho Bakugou does seem to be more lax with people he likes or is comfortable around.

for example, Bakugou doesn’t seem to mind at all that Kaminari is resting his arm against his back. and well, he had to grab Kirishima’s hand to get out of that situation, but if it were any other person, Bakugou definitely wouldn’t have reached out to grab his hand. the narrative even makes a point of making this clear; if it were any of the other kids, Bakugou wouldn’t have acted.

i can totally imagine him trying to punch someone away if they touch him and he’s not on good terms or familiar with them. i can easily imagine Bakugou trying to punch All Might in the above panels if the situation weren’t so dire. 

thankfully, the other characters seem to respect his boundaries and don’t really push him. plus, Kirishima’s quirk basically turns him into hard rock. if he accidentally touches Bakugou on a day where he just can’t handle it and attacks, Kirishima won’t be badly hurt or injured. 

(also, like i mentioned, Bakugou never really reaches out to touch people, and often keeps to himself. i think that some of this behavior might be because of his quirk , since it is very dangerous and is activated via his hands. i wouldn’t be surprised if he accidentally hurt someone with his quirk when he was little and still learning how to control it)

(this image isn’t mine!! credit to whoever owns it, i couldn’t find the original xx)

Patching Things Up

Summary: Fighting with Peter is never fun, but when you take it a bit too far things get a little dicey. You end up having to try to fix your relationship (and a pretty beat up Peter) and find yourself discovering a little more about him than you expected

Warnings: Blood is mentioned but it’s nothing too bad :)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: Angst + Fluff

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: WOAH my other writing thing got a bunch of notes for no reason omg I hope to keep posting and eventfully make a masterlist?? but yeah enjoy!


Peter was your close friend and you’d do absolutely anything for him, but man did he piss you off sometimes. You both were generally very easygoing and sweet people, but sometimes your opinions and viewpoints clashed dramatically. You argued about things ranging from what toppings to order on your pizza to who was the worst at math. Almost every argument you had was over silly stuff and you two made up instantly when you were finished. There was one exception though.

Spiderman. When you first found out about Peter’s secret you were stoked. It was an accident, of course. Ned let it slip one day when the two of you were talking and, against his wishes, you confronted Peter about it.

“I can’t believe you never told me!” you gushed excitedly. “There’s so many things I want to ask. Can you talk to actual spiders? Do webs come out of your butt? Spiders use poison to make their food mushy so they can eat it, is that what you do? I’ve never noticed.”

“How did you… Ned, are you serious?” Peter asked, his voice strained. “Y/N you weren’t supposed to find out. You have to swear not to tell anyone.”

“Your secret’s safe with me,” you said with a wink. “It’s not like anyone would believe me anyway, but I’ll keep it to myself.”

“What, you don’t think Peter Parker can take on massive villains with crazy weapons and stuff?” he asked, looking mildly offended.

“Honestly? Not really,” you admitted. “No offense Pete, you’re just not that threatening or tough.” His eyes flashed and you knew this was going to be the beginning of something.

“Well that sucks because I don’t see you risking your life every single night fighting bad guys ten times your size,” he said angrily. “I get beat up really badly all the time but you should see the other guy. I like to think I’m somewhat good at what I do.” You stared at him for a second, your mind processing what he just said.

“Peter you have to stop,” you said suddenly. He paused, clearly taken aback.

“Y-you want me to stop? Stop being Spiderman?”

“Yes,” you hesitated. “It’s so dangerous, what would I do if something bad happened to you? God, I can’t believe this. What if you’d gotten killed? Please, you have to stop.” He took a step away from you, looking hurt.

“Y/N I have to do this,” he said. “If I don’t then so many more people are in danger. Don’t you get it? I can save people! I’ve already saved people. Isn’t that more important than whether or not I get some bruises once in a while? It’s so selfish of you to even say that!” His voice raised as he went, his emotions running wild. For as long as you’d known Peter he had never raised his voice like that at you. You could feel your heart pumping faster as you glared at him.

“If you keep being Spiderman we can’t be friends.” As soon as you said it you regretted it. The look on his face was like a punch to the gut. You hadn’t been friends for very long but you were still extremely close and you knew life without Peter would totally suck. It wasn’t an empty threat though. His safety was really important to you and you hated the idea of him setting off every night to go get knocked around.

“I won’t,” he said in a low voice. You blinked, feeling tears prick the corners of your eyes.

“Then I guess we’re not friends anymore.”

“I guess not.” He didn’t look away, his gaze defiant and strong. You suddenly understood where Spiderman’s bravery came from. You readjusted the backpack on your shoulder and turned away, walking away from him.

It has been a few weeks since the fight had gone down and neither of you had spoken since. You were ashamed of your behavior but were too stubborn to go back on your word. It wasn’t really fair of you to ask him to give it up entirely but he had to understand the gravity of the situation. You checked the news obsessively every night to see if there was any information about Spiderman. You followed update accounts on twitter and even downloaded news apps with live coverage just in case. Every time Peter missed a day at school you were filled with anxiety and fear that he wouldn’t ever come back. You used Ned as a resource to find out how Peter was doing. Ned, caught in the middle, would always desperately ask you to talk to him again. He claimed that Peter had gotten really closed off and irritable and was ignoring just about everyone. It hurt you, but you were determined to prove a point.

One night when you were about to hop in the shower after a particularly long day your phone started going off like crazy. All kinds of notifications were popping up about a huge scale accident by Coney Island that involved one of the Avenger’s planes. Spiderman had been seen there, and from the looks of it he must have gotten pretty badly injured. Panic seized your body as you thought of Peter lying helplessly in the wreckage. You tried to shake it off. He was probably fine, this was his decision anyway. You decided to ignore it for the time being and just shower.

You were in the middle of drying yourself off when you heard the doorbell ring. You froze, your imagination spewing out worst case scenarios. You were home alone and there was a very slim chance it was your parents. What if it was a murderer? It would totally suck to be killed naked. The doorbell rang again a second and third time though and at that point your curiosity got the best of you. Your pulled your towel tightly around you and went to check the front door. You looked through the peep hole and saw a familiar face.

Peter. You swung the door open and almost passed out at the sight before you. He looked as if he had been in a gang fight or something. His entire face was cut and scratched with dark purple spots around his eyes. His lip was bleeding as well as a spot on his cheek. He was wearing a hoodie but he hadn’t bothered to put different pants over the suit, and you could see it had been ripped a few times.

“Holy shit!” you exclaimed. “Peter, what happened? Never mind, tell me later. My god, sit down.” Your mind was reeling as you desperately tried to think of how to fix his wounds. Peter cleared his throat, disrupting your thoughts.

“Not to be creepy but can you put on clothes first? I’m hurt but I’m not dying and it’s kinda awkward…” His voice came out raspy but still carried the joking tone. Heat rushed to your face and you nodded, running back to your bathroom to quickly get your pajamas on. When you came back Peter was laying on the couch, his eyes closed. You sat down next to him gingerly and he looked up at you.

“Y/N… I’m sorry,” he said, his voice cracking. He sounded exhausted and defeated. “Y-you were right. Putting myself in harm’s way is stupid and I can’t always handle things on my own. I can’t do anything on my own, actually. I need you to talk to me again, I’m slowly going insane. I missed you so much and it was so much worse than any pain I’ve ever gone through in my whole life.” You swallowed hard, holding back tears. He looked so incredibly vulnerable and it broke your heart that what you had done upset him so much.

“Peter, listen…” you started but he cut you off.

“I-If you want I’ll even give up on Spiderman.” You paused for a second. He was really willing to give up such an important part of his life just to get you to talk to him again. You realized that being a hero was just who he was, and his selflessness made you feel really proud.

“I don’t want you to,” you said gently. “We need someone like you out there protecting us. I’m sorry I made you feel bad, I guess I’m not as good of a person as you are. I’m still gonna be upset when you get hurt like this but if it’s what you want to do then I shouldn’t be the one to stop you.” He grinned and his smile even reached his tired eyes. You missed seeing that smile and it lifted your spirits.

“I can deal with you being grumpy sometimes, it’s better than nothing. I had to listen to Ned talk about computer programming for like an hour yesterday and nobody came to my rescue. Maybe that can be your superpower?”

“Maybe,” you chuckled. “Now, do you want ice or something? You look terrible. Not that you don’t always look terrible, Parker.” He laughed, cringing at the pain shooting up his side. You looked at him nervously, unsure of how to help him.

“Ice sounds great actually,” he said. You nodded and rushed to the freezer to find an ice pack. You wrapped it in a thin towel so that it wouldn’t be super cold and brought it back to him. His face was drained of all color and there were beads of sweat all across his forehead.

“Pete, I think you might have a concussion,” you said as you eyed the bump on his head. “Your pupils are all dilated and you’re turning black and blue.”

“I’m fine,” he declared as he sat up, the look in his eyes showing he immediately regretted his decision. “Actually do you… I need to go throw up.” You helped him up and guided him to the bathroom. He insisted that he was good on his own and you waited anxiously outside the door, listening to him coughing and retching. You were a wreck. Your nursing skills were slim to none and you were basically useless in this situation. You did, however, have a driver’s license and you decided that you needed to take Peter to the hospital.

“Ok, I’m fine now,” he said as he emerged. He looked ghostly pale and generally ragged.

“Yeah, no,” you said. “I’m taking you to a doctor. I’ll call your aunt and let her know what’s going on, let’s go.”

“Y/N I don’t need a doctor,” he argued. “I feel great! I just want to stay here… Can I crash with you? Will your parents be mad?” You considered it for a moment. Your parents wouldn’t care, they’d known Peter for a while and trusted you enough to have him over. The thought of not having his head checked out made you a little nervous but when you looked at his pleading face you couldn’t say no.

“Fine, but you have to stay close to me in case something happens. I’ll find you a garbage can or something if you feel like you’re going to be sick again. Do you want a change of clothes? I have some of your shirts that you’ve left here.”

“That would be fantastic,” he said weakly. “I’m really sorry, this is all my fault.” He apologized about seven times in a row as you went to grab him a t-shirt.

“Peter, you know I love it when I’m right but if you could please shut up for like a minute that would be great.” You handed him the shirt and he just stared up at you. You raised your eyebrows and he smiled awkwardly.

“I’m wearing the suit under this and I don’t have other pants,” he told you. You rolled your eyes and he laughed despite the pain.

“You have boxers right? I’m not in middle school, I can handle it. Besides, it can’t be any more embarrassing than the skin-tight suit.”

“What’s wrong with the suit?” he asked defensively. You shook your head, not ready to start another argument with him. He carefully pulled off the hoodie and you gasped. There was blood all over the front of the suit that had been hidden from your sight by the sweatshirt.

“I’m good!” he exclaimed, trying to remind you. He pushed the button on the front of his suit and it fell down in a heap on the floor. You got a good look at his chest which was a lot more muscular than you would have thought. There was a big gash going down from his rib cage to his lower stomach that thankfully seemed to have stopped bleeding.

“Hey,” he said. “My eyes are up here.” You felt your face flush and he giggled.

“Oh shut up,” you laughed. “Since when do you have abs? I thought you were a nerd?”

“W-what? Oh uh I guess I just got fit from… fighting crime and stuff,” he stammered. He yanked the shirt over his head, all the carefulness from earlier abandoned. The two of you usually didn’t flirt or feel any weird tension, but suddenly the air felt stifling. He gazed over at you, clearly feeling the awkward mood settling as well.

“Hey, you know maybe I should go and…” you started to say, trailing off as Peter stepped closer to you cautiously. Your heart was beating so loud you were sure that he could hear it too. He looked as nervous as you felt, but the distance between you was closing rapidly. Soon enough he was right in front of you, his eyes fixed on your mouth. You knew what was going on, you just wouldn’t have ever guessed Peter would initiate it like this. His lips dangerously close to yours, he paused.

“Is this ok?” he murmured. You nodded slowly and he went for it. There was the faint taste of copper from the blood on his bottom lip, but that didn’t bother you. You pulled away first, your mind racing. What did this mean for you? Were you friends still or something else?

“Peter, I-” you said softly, but he beat you to it.

“I-I don’t know why I did that,” he said. “I just… I was thinking about what would happen if we weren’t friends and it messed me up inside, you know? After the first day of you ignoring me I knew that I liked you, like a lot. I don’t know if you feel the same way, I shouldn’t have made it weird…”

“I do feel the same way,” you said, surprising even yourself. “Let’s not fight like that again. You’re way too important to me.” You pulled his arm gently and the two of you sat down on the couch together. You were quiet for a moment before you looked over at him.

“Does this mean I’m dating a superhero?” you whispered.

“If you’re cool with it, yeah.”

“Once you feel better will take me on a date and show me how the web thing works?” He rested his head on your shoulder and thought for a moment.

“I think I might feel better tomorrow evening, maybe around 7?”

“You know where to find me, Spiderman.”

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the Grenfell tower fire? Do you think it was an accident or that the fire was started on purpose? I've seen videos of the victims saying that they think it was on purpose and their points actually made sense so I personally believe that it wasn't an accident.

I think it was accident in the sense that the fire itself started accidentally. However, the tower block had no sprinklers, one staircase, and flammable cladding. It isn’t a tragedy or an accident. It’s corporate manslaughter perpetrated against the poor.