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Give me your jasiper kid head canons

Piper’s first pregnancy was an accident, she and Jason were 22 and just figuring their life, they finally got back together not long ago (actually, the same night the baby was made). Piper always had irregular cycles, so she didn’t thought much about two missing cycles, after all, she and Jason always used protection, but one night she woke up at 4 am in the morning in the worst pain, she was bleeding and she just knew it wasn’t her period. She called Annabeth and Jason crying and they took her to the ER where she found out she had a miscarriage. 

Piper’s second pregnancy was planned. She and Jason were 27 and had been married for a year, Percy’s and Annabeth’s first baby had been born no long ago and Piper was suffering from baby fever. She and Jason talked about it, they took in consideration her first miscarriage, their marriage, how they were doing in life and finally decided they wanted to have the baby. She got pregnant a few months later, Jason and her couldn’t stop being happiness, they even made a party announcement after she ended her first trimester, but at her fourth month, during an ultrasound, the baby heartbeat wasn’t found.   

Piper’s third pregnancy wasn’t planned, actually, Piper and Jason decided they wouldn’t try anymore, the heartache was too much, but after Piper found herself throwing up in the morning a week in a row, she just knew. Telling Jason was nerve-wracking, they were both scared but still wanted to try, they kept it a secret until Piper’s belly was too big to hide. They took precautions, they went to the doctor every week or two weeks, it was a hard and stressful pregnancy, by the last trimester Piper had to be in bed rest since she had unusual bleeding. the baby came 3 weeks too early, they had to do an urgent c-section because the baby was in a very risky position. The surgery was complicated because Piper blood pressure started to go down, but fortunately the baby and she made it, Skyler Grace had to spent two weeks at the hospital, but she was a fighter just like her parents and she made it.

The doctors told Piper she couldn’t have any more pregnancies because the risk was too high and she was gambling with her life. She ended up taking the decision of having an operation so she couldn’t have any more children. 

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Your art literally cheers me up so much. My parents both got into a car accident earlier today and the car flipped and they nearly died and I was so scared. But I looked at some of your art and it has helped calm me down a bit. Luckily, they're okay but you're drawing actually kept my mind off that a bit and I just wanna thank you so much

I read it in the morning and you almost made me cry
I hope your parents all is well and you’re feeling better now!
Sorry I can’t hug you so take these guys and take care of yourself

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Hey. I'm having a bit of a panic attack right now, if you could provide something short about Prince comforting Anx, I would be everlastingly grateful.

*Oh anon I’m so sorry, I really hope it passes quickly*

Prince often thought of Anxiety. He thought of him on purpose, and he thought of him on accident.

He would think about what the other was doing, or where he was. He often would get distracted because he caught sight of something that made him think of his lover.

Even before they were together, Prince realized one day, he thought of Anxiety very often.

Anxiety was counted among the many blessings in Prince’s life.

Even now, when Prince was holding the quivering other in his arms, did Prince feel this way.

He cared for Anxiety, no matter what.

“Today I saw a crow,” Prince whispered, “Did you know they’re actually really intelligent? He reminded me of you,” Prince kept talking about the crow in the park, attempting to distract Anxiety from his mental pain.

“This crow was flying all over the park, back and forth, back and forth, for well over two hours. I couldn’t figure out what it was he was doing.” Anxiety remained with his face buried, but his shivering had subsided, “Finally, I got up to follow him. When he came back across the park, I ran with him to the other side.” Prince chuckled, “He was very intelligent.”

“The crow was cleaning up litter that had been washed up by the river. Piece by tiny piece, the crow was picking it up with his beak, flying across the park to dump it in the trash, and coming back to do it again.”

“When it saw me, it stopped with a lit cigarette butt in it’s mouth,” He laughed, “I’ll have to show you the picture sometime. When I slowly bent down and began picking up some trash, it watched for a little while longer before accepting my help. Together, we cleaned the riverside. All afternoon, we worked and worked and worked. Until finally, it was done.”

“The rocks were clean of bags and cigarettes, and food, and all things that don’t belong. It was so beautiful.”

“Then, the crow flew off into the tree, where I noticed a nest sat alone in forked branches, two young crows peaking out.”

“Why does it remind you of me?” Anxiety whispered.

“Because,” Prince shifted so Anxiety sat properly in his lap, “Most people only see crows as they are and what they’re told of them- “Like the man who sat in Prince’s lap “-I got to see a whole nother side.” Exactly like Anxiety.

“…Thank you, Prince.”

  • Alex: Cn you keep a secret?
  • Lucy: Sure....if you can keep mine.
  • Alex: Deal....on the count of three.
  • Lucy: One
  • Alex: Two
  • Lucy: Three!
  • Alex/Lucy: I slept with Astra/I made out with Alura by accident
  • Lucy: Holy shit! YOU SLEPT WITH ASTRA?!?
  • Alex: YOU MADE OUT WITH ALURA?!?....by accident?????? hw cn you make out with someone by accident??
  • Kara: Guys WTF!! Your in a group chat! What are you two even doing up its like two in the morn......i just scrolled up. Im gonna kill you two.
  • *Lucy and Alex left the group chat*

Isak+Even & Skam S3 inspired Jar #1 [x]

Some of you may remember how I posted about the jar I made in pottery class a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s finished and glazed now. I decided to go for subtlety and only filled in the sketchy lines with a blue glaze. The lid I made had a bit of an accident but I glued it together. And then I decided to make another lid… and then while I was at it, I also went ahead and made a specific Even (and his love for Isak!) themed jar as well. Sooo now there are two jars with lids! Once everything is glazed I’ll probably do a masterpost with all of them together. :)

The Paperwork Mistake That Made My Luxury Car Worthless

My BMW X5 SUV is in the shop for its third leak-related problem this year. While it was there, and by coincidence, the dealership’s used car manager called and offered to buy it because there is demand for that model in the used market. I told him it was already at the dealership and he could take a look at it.

The used car manager called me later to tell me my car only has “salvage value.” It turns out that the last two times I took it to Big O for tire repairs they wrote down my mileage incorrectly. One time they recorded it as 30,000 miles. Another time they said 80,000 miles. The actual mileage is around 50,000.

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So I happened across a braclet a lot like the one Cas gets for Dean in The One with the Fanfic Competition???? By complete accident???? Mine is earthy tones, whereas Dean’s is made with brown and copper colored beads- and bespelled with a protection charm????

Mine is actually made to raise awareness about human trafficking, by survivors, and all the money goes right back into helping more people escape. I think that’s pretty damn cool. 

 But seriously. It’s a bracelet. Like Cas got for Dean. I had to keep from screaming.

I think Heaven took pity on me after such a terrible day.

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Seeing the ask about Yona mom reminded me of this theory I have. - Soo-Wons father Yu-Hun killed Yona's mom, but it was an accident because Yona was actually the target. - One of the the priests (Ik-Soo?) made a prophecy about the return of King Hiryuu (why that was bad idk)so they were banished, and the story book about how the country was created was banned. - Then a girl with red hair is born and "oh crap what if the prophecy is true? Better kill her just in case" Just my personal theory :)

Interesting! I like your theory :D

It would also explain Yu-Hon’s murder. Perhaps, like his son, Yu-Hon was more a man of the people. and the priests warned that his cruel war crimes (against Xing, for example) were not “the will of the heavens” and that Hiryuu didn’t agree so he’s gonna come back, and Yu-hon didn’t like this, so he banished the priesthood from the castle. It would be an interesting revelation.

~게 하다 vs. ~게 되다

~게 하다 vs. ~게 되다

● They look similar but they’re usages are very different.

○ ~게 하다 = to let (somebody do something), to make (someone do something)

□ ~게 되다 = It’s harder to translate but it’s something more natural, like it came to be that way on its own. This makes ~게 하다 sound more ‘man-made’/'artifical’. Actually it makes sense given that the verbs are 하다 = to do and 되다 = to become. “Become” sounds more natural, it came into being without force while “do” is something more forceful, someone’s doing the action.

○ I made him do his homework. = 저는 그가 숙제를 하게 했어요. (I could’ve yelled at him, coaxed him with ice cream etc. etc. But one thing is for certain he didn’t do it because he wanted to)
○ 엄마는 그가 좀 더 잠을 자게 하셨어요. =  Mom let him sleep a little more.
○ I found out by accident. = 저는 우연히 알게 됐어요.
       [>> ~게 되다 shows that no one told me, it could’ve ether been that I found out through some sort of ephinay, realization or I found evidence of it accidentally]
○ She saw my post. = 그녀는 내 포스팅을 보게 됐어.
     + It can translate to “She got to see my post” It’s sort of the same nuance and it helps in understanding the concept of it better. Additionally, many translators will translate it this way if logic allows.

♢ Here’s an example from a song called “우리 이젠 어디로” - G.Soul

왜 여기까지* 오게 된 건지 [I don’t know]
I don’t why we came this far

*adding 까지 (to, until) emphasizes that you’ve reached that place but it wasn’t where you started but it is where you’ll end. As you can see this isn’t that easy to translate so hence I decided to go with “this far”

The use of 오게 되다 in this song shows that it wasn’t his fault or hers. It simply happened naturally on its own so it wasn’t because of some third party either. Remember: 게 되다 NATURAL 게 하다 FORCING, MAN-MADE

 >> Note: You’ll encounter 알게 되다 & 보게 되다 a lot

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How did you lose your virginity, Jacob?

Kinda by accident, actually. At one point I was engaged to someone, and you know how it is. You’re having dinner, you find yourself alone with each other, one thing leads to another and there ya go. I had real mixed feelings about it for a while, because I wasn’t raised to be the kinda person that just does everything before you’re married, but it was a whole lot of fun, so I was real confused for a while. I’ve made my peace about it now.

axel looked uncomfortable. it wasn’t that he didn’t like parties, he just hadn’t been to one since the night of the accident. the smell of alcohol filled his nose and it made him nauseous, so he had made his way outside to the balcony where he could actually get a breath of normal air. he glanced over as he heard someone else come out. “hey…no, no, i’m okay. promise. just…wanted to get some air.” axel mumbled.

Ninja Headcanons

((I chose the headcanoned surnames based on the races I think of them))

Kaihei “Kai” Mori
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Race: Filipino, Japanese
Sexuality: Bi
Favorite band and song: Fall Out Boy - Centuries
Favorite food: salsa
Random fact: his hair is actually black, but he started dying in brown when he was 15, and is constantly worried about his appearance so he carries around a small mirror

Nya Mori
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Race: Filipino, Japanese
Sexuality: hetero
Favorite band and song: Of Monsters and Men - Black Water
Favorite food: bananas
Random fact: she was the last one to speak to her and Kai’s parents, on the phone, and they got into a bad car accident minutes after

Jason “Jay” Walker
Age: 21
Height: 5'5" (I made him shorter than Nya my face right now is so smug)
Race: Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh
Sexuality: pan
Favorite band and song: Passion Pit - It’s Not Ny Fault, I’m Happy
Favorite food: strawberries
Random fact: He is but not severely bipolar, and also has ADHD, both of which he was offered meds for but decided against

Cole Félix
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Race: Portuguese, Filipino
Sexuality: fluid
Favorite band and song: The Fold, Moving Past (I gotcha guys ;)
Favorite food: grilled cheese
Random fact: He really likes dancing now because it’s a hobby instead of being forced, and he is really good at singing and writing songs as well

Zane Julien
Age: Unknown, mind of early 20s
Height: 6'2"
Race: you know the spiel
Sexuality: ace
Favorite band and song: Beethoven (definitely a band yeah) - Moonlight Sonata no. 14 in C sharp minor
Favorite food: anything his friends make for him <3
Random fact: for quite some time, Cyrus deemed Pixal working in Zane to be impossible, so the squad politely considered him broken; eventually they realized they were wrong

Lloyd Garmadon
Age: (mind and body of) 18
Height: 6'0"
Race: German, Japanese
Sexuality: aro and ace
Favorite band and song: Imagine Dragons - Amsterdam
Favorite food: candy, still
Random fact: One time, he had a huge breakdown, and the others gave him blankets and put on his favorite movie, and after he and Kai talked for two hours in his room while Lloyd vented


endless list of plot bunnies:  Aurelia Fausta

I measure my time in lock up in various units. Seven years. Two thousand five hundred and fifty five days. Sixty one thousand three hundred and ten hours and god only knows how many minutes. I’ve had four different cell mates, two were floated on their eighteenth birthdays and one actually requested to be transferred to solitary because apparently rooming with me really is that unbearable. The fourth and last was Octavia Blake, without her I probably wouldn’t have made it to seventeen. Years of age that is. 

We’re very alike, O and I. Both named after the family members of Roman Emperors and both of us imprisoned for something we had absolutely no control over - being born. Octavia was an accident, I was a calculated risk. My dads always wanted a child of their own, but not even on our space station in the fucking stratosphere is it possible for two men to conceive a child together, no matter how much they love one another. Their friend Elena, my real mom I guess, offered to have me so that they could finally start a family of their own. But Elena already had a son, officially making me an illegitimate second child - strictly forbidden on the Ark. I watched my dads and Elena get floated simply because I existed and then I was designated a prisoner number and thrown into this cell.

I only have eleven days left. Two hundred and sixty four hours until I turn eighteen and the council decide whether or not I deserve to be floated for my crimes. I’m still praying for a miracle, some sort of divine intervention that saves my life. Octavia’s brother told me once that my surname means ‘lucky’ - I don’t feel so lucky.

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17 20 30 it's not pda if I turn on anon 34 57 61

17: Ever made out in the bathroom?

You know I’m pretty sure I haven’t. Watch me quietly add that to my bucket list. 

20: Where was the last place you snogged someone?

I think it was my house but it might have been my driveway. 

30: What’s irritating you right now?

This nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something even though I’m not. My ear still kinda hurts. Steve Bannon hasn’t been punched in the face in the last five minutes. 

34: Who/what was your last dream about?

I’ll be honest with you it made very little sense but at one point I was wracked with guilt because I had apparently killed some girl named Shannon and also a pig (the pig had a name too but I forget it) in a car accident or possibly two different car accidents?? And then I found out like two years later that they actually both survived?? There was a LOT more to this dream but I don’t remember it well enough to explain it. 

57: Do you believe in true love?

I’m not sure like on the one hand I don’t know if it’s realistic to think of love as something where there’s “the one” you’re meant to be with but also I think of finding the right person and being in love with them as being true love. So I guess yes. 

61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?

It’s cute when a girl does it. 

The AI Genie

Written by @elleleuthold. I made up the title because it didn’t have one.

I apologize for taking so long to post this, I had a few exams this week that took up my time.

Submit your writing to be featured here!!!

This is a short story I wrote in response to a prompt by @writing-prompt-s which said: “In the post apocalyptic wasteland, “genies” are actually still functioning AI’s that provide their “masters” advanced knowledge. You’ve just unearthed one while scavenging.” (original post here) If you like, you can find more of my work at @elleleuthold. Enjoy!

You touched it by accident. It looked like just another piece of long-forgotten scrap in the rubble, defunct of purpose without an ancient battery and fifteen accessories, but now it’s moving. What had been a sort of elongated cylinder is unfolding itself, expanding and growing one translucent layer of filmy darkness at a time.

“What the hell is it?” Lei asks. She leans in for a closer look, holding up her little cutting torch as if it can ward off an attack.

Not that you can think of a way this could attack, exactly, but you can remember Yan and Nima’s story about the undetonated landmine two wards over, and Chandra’s unfortunate discovery of the laz-blade that looked like a harmless pen, so you’re backing away slowly.

“Lei, come on,” you say, reaching for her.

“I’m only looking,” she protests as as you drag her back behind the crumbling remains of a cinder-block wall. “You don’t have to treat me like a kid, you know, I passed my explo trials same as you.”

You refrain from commenting. Anything you say will only lead to hours of pouting and pointless arguments and irritability and a horribly uncomfortable trip back to the settlement. Jedda Anisa and Ju-laoshi put you in charge and Lei knows it. You’re older, you’ve been out on more missions, and you’re the one they’ll blame if anything happens to her.

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gothsuperman replied to your post: i dont watch riverdale but jughead (silly name) is…

i still dont understand why thats his nickname. doesnt jughead mean like…“idiot”?? i thought jughead was the smart one of the group…..

hes q*eering the social expectation that words have meanings. no actually idk. in the comics i think hes yeah like very Weird and airheaded but fsr the show made him the most rational person possibly by accident

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Do you have any good angst ideas?


don’t imagine an AU where aomine never actually hits kise with the basketball 

don’t imagine kise having a huge crush on aomine but never doing anything about it because he always thought aomine only liked girls with big boobs

don’t imagine the sadness and pain kise feels when he sees aominecchi go home with random women

don’t imagine aomine getting annoyed with kise for being so pointlessly cheerful and bubbly all the time but one day kise gets into an accident and never fully recovers, becoming a shell of his former self and aomine wants nothing more than to see kise’s smile again 

don’t imagine an AU where kise is kicked out from the generation of miracles because all he can do is copy and his skill is no longer something that’s needed 

don’t imagine kise getting stood up by his date and so he has to eat alone at the fancy restaurant 

don’t imagine an AU where kagami never actually comes to japan

don’t imagine kuroko clinging to akashi when he first awakens his bokushi personality, begging for oreshi and the akashi-kun he knows to come back 

don’t imagine kuroko leaning forward and pressing his forehead to akashi’s shoulder crying whilst pounding akashi’s chest repeatedly with his fist after the game against ogiwara 

don’t imagine akashi’s father telling him that he’d have to quit basketball completely if his team ever suffered a single loss and akashi saying “yes, father.”

don’t imagine kuroko being a small-town girl, living in a lonely world, and kagami being a city boy, born and raised in south detroit, and they take the midnight train going anywhere

About Our Cosplay

I know this is a late post but since we just came back to the blog, I just want to make things really clear for a lot of people who may have misunderstood what happened and why we left. 

I never, not once in my life, declared that I was the best Sakura, nor did I say I was the real/realest one. I also never said that I wished I was actually Sakura, because I have never and do not want to be a fictional character. My name is Rose. I am a cosplayer and a crybaby. I like steak and jokes and small dogs. I got into SasuSaku cosplay by accident. I met a man at a food festival and fell for him. 

His name is Kevin. He is a cosplayer and is camera shy. He likes sweets and comics and pranks. He just happened to cosplay as Sasuke, and I had wanted to cosplay Sakura since middle school. As a surprise for our one month anniversary, I secretly made a Sakura cosplay because he told me that his dream had always been to shoot with a Sakura. He was overjoyed and we became not only partners, but cosplay partners too. 

Our love for SasuSaku grew as our love for each other did. We fought a lot and had our differences, and in that way we began to connect to the characters more and more over time. As he faced his inner demons I stood with him and never left his side, even if it hurt me and left my eyes swollen with tears. I saved him from himself many times. He had a hard past and still suffered from it. I filled his loneliness with love and when he would apologize I welcomed him with open arms and long hugs. In turn, he gave me the love I only ever dreamed of. He became understanding and kind - a man of not so many words but who showed his affection through his actions.

We grew together. We fell in love. SasuSaku cosplay was a part of it, but it is not all of who we are. We never claimed to be the best nor the realest. We never claimed to want to be the only. We started this blog to make people laugh and when we did, we got quite the following. Because of this, some cosplayers assume we think we are the best for whatever reason, and target us for “competition” and see us as obstacles in their way of becoming more popular.

When we defended ourselves, we became the bad guys. People told us we were “claiming SasuSaku” and “telling others they weren’t allowed to cosplay them.” None of this is true, but the attacks became so severe we thought it best to leave this blog we built together behind for a while, to let people cool down and to focus on each other.

We are not Sasuke and Sakura. We never will be and have never claimed to be. Any who say otherwise are false. We are Rose and Kevin. We are real people who like to dress up from time to time and make silly GIFs and videos with each other. That’s all it is. That’s all it ever will be. There is no competition. There is no war. We are just us, doing what we love, and loving each other.

Thanks for reading. <3