i actually made this myself woah



This Monday (19.12) night was my birffday! 

I was finally turning 18! And I went fire-red for it! I LOVED IT!
The big night was just around the corner, so I decided to throw myself a sweet little party (turned ragged later on lol), so I invited some of my favorite people and some of them actually came (it sucks to have celebrities as friends, you can’t get to hang out with them like normal people, so sad. Still love you tho, you all slay).

We rent a top floor high-end lounge and got a lot of alcohol for everybody!

Long story short my favorite people came to share my celebration with me of the fact that I made it.

I’m 18! Woah.
Now I have legal rights over my businesses and I’m excited AF to start working being my own boss!

Thank you to every single one who was at one point or another part of my ride.
Either you were a lesson or a blessing, thank you.
And to all my friends - I’m so lucky I joined this community and found you. I love you.
Here’s to many more years ahead! 


Thank you for coming @carmensanders, @naethemobwife, @hannahreysims, @amour-val, @vibesxsims, @vanessa-anthes, @lindamonroe, @7xsims

Thank you for my makeup @carmensanders

Thank you for my look and for the photos @7xsims

You are all amazing. I had SO much fun! Hope you did to! XO


Stanley: “You even colored me… How did you even color these pages with this kind of thick paper..? It’s a type of oil paint, I can see that much… It almost looks like-”

Stanford: “The paint used is a new kind called Oddpaint, made from the drained liquids of leftover Weirdmageddon creatures.. Blood, to be specific.. Their bones can be crushed to make a glitter effect. It’s actually quite an impressive art medium, and very expensive..”

“So to save money I make it myself.. You’d be surprised at all of the different blood colors these creatures possess… It’s remarkable…”