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Fairy Tale Meme:

6 Creatures - [Kelpie]

Down in the valley, close to where he lived, there was a large deep loch, and in the loch, so the country folk said, there dwelt a water kelpie. Now water kelpies, as all the world knows, are cruel and malicious spirits, who love nothing better than to lure mortals to destruction. And this is how they set about it:

They take the form of a beautiful horse, and come out of the water, all saddled and bridled, as if ready to be mounted; then they graze quietly by the side of the road, until some luckless creature is tempted to get on their back. Then they plunge with him into the water,and he is no more seen.


Phil is not on fire
└ 25 OCTOBER 2009 - 29 NOVEMBER 2016

Well Q&As are always popular videos! We all like getting to know people we find interesting on the internet, but it’s always a bit awkward reading out the questions yourself - so I thought why not ask you! Either way I think it’s a series we should continue for the rest of time.
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