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This is gonna sound weird, but humor me... Are you a straight girl?

Hi Anon!

Sorry for the delay, been away from computer.

I will humor you, though, I gotta say, answering this question feels like I am walking into something judgmental lol, unless you are doing a scientific poll lol. But, I hate ignoring an ask unless it’s offensive, and I love my Tumblr friends, so, whatevs. I am indeed, female, though I think I aged out of the term “girl” a few decades ago lol. And yes, so far, I would identify as straight. 

So, I hope that ….humors you? Lol.

@idontwannabe i’m too tired to actually respond to this, so thanks to @felicidysmoak for responding for me 

( ( the fact that there are multiple Destiny wikis is always funny to me because of how some pages are more fleshed out on the other than the other, so I always have to go to multiple sources for things, and that they sometimes contradict each other

I was reading about the Iron Lords on Destinypedia, and I got really confused for a moment because the Lord Timur page says

“[Timur] became incapable of focusing, and making wild assumptions, including believing that Lord Felwinter was an Exo.”

…which confused me because I was pretty sure Felwinter was actually an Exo - like, I was going on that the whole time here. Timur refers to him as one in the Lord Timur grimoire card, but suddenly I was questioning if I’d just totally missed something-

I double-checked, and as Felwinter is also referred to as being an Exo in the Felwinter Peak card (”the risen Exo”) I safely conclude that Felwinter was an Exo and that whoever is writing Destinypedia should chill a little and not scare me like that.

Chuck Shurley || In charge of supplies 

Bio for the Ad Finem group verse

Age: 39
Rank/Station: The guy with the clipboard

Chuck had seen all of it happen, he’d seen the fight and he’d seen the outcome but there’d been nothing he could do to change it, nothing but to trust in the Winchesters to fix it, no matter how long it took, he believed in Dean. He’d holed up in his home in the beginning, had watched through visions only, but when he found out about the camp, he knew he had to go and find it. Chuck wouldn’t survive on his own and that’s when he set out to find Dean in camp Chitaqua. 

There were only few people when he joined, but Chuck quickly found a task for himself. Something to do to earn his keep that didn’t involve fighting or shooting Croats. Chuck keeps track of their supplies, he’s the one to make sure they don’t end up running out of food before the next supply run and he’d the one the other residents come to when they need something to be picked up on raids. 

(Note: Chuck isn’t God. Chuck is a prophet of the Lord and a writer. He is also God’s vessel, all Prophets are and that’s another reason why there’s always only one prophet alive at a time. –They’re very special people.– He doesn’t know that he is, though, so he won’t ever mention it. He still has visions, but they’re less frequent now and while he knows Heaven’s Gates have been closed, he really hopes he still has that Archangel on his shoulder.)

Special Skills:

  • visions (even if less regular now)
  • good with numbers & literate
  • (an archangel on his shoulder?)


  • No triggers per se (I don’t want spiders or animal abuse on my dash, but I don’t think anybody does?)
  • My rules can be found here. The gist is: Don’t be a dick and don’t assume you know what I or my character think. 
  • Don’t try take Chuck’s books, he’s very protective of them.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Fairy Tale Meme:

6 Creatures - [Kelpie]

Down in the valley, close to where he lived, there was a large deep loch, and in the loch, so the country folk said, there dwelt a water kelpie. Now water kelpies, as all the world knows, are cruel and malicious spirits, who love nothing better than to lure mortals to destruction. And this is how they set about it:

They take the form of a beautiful horse, and come out of the water, all saddled and bridled, as if ready to be mounted; then they graze quietly by the side of the road, until some luckless creature is tempted to get on their back. Then they plunge with him into the water,and he is no more seen.


me as a parent.