i actually made a pjo and hoo

Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:

every time i see the “quit telling everyone im dead” meme all i can think of is that one part in tbl when percy crashes his own funeral

annabeth: percys dead

percy: quit telling everyone im dead!

annabeth: sometimes i can still here his voi- HOLY FUCK YOURE ALIVE YOU ASSHOLE

an outsider’s perspective on pjo

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okay i’m not in pjo fandom. i havent read any of the books, and before joining tumblr i knew NOTHING about it other than there was a movie once. sooo idk what this is really, i guess i thought an outsider’s impressions would amuse you.

- a bunch of teenage demigods who… hang out and piss their parents off
- the consequences are disastrous
- because their parents are greek gods and therefore assholes
- everyone should just listen to annabeth
- percy’s a little shit who doesn’t know what he’s doing but gets it done anyway
- percy is poseidon’s son, annabeth is the daughter of athena, and like idek any of the others but i know their names are piper nico bianca hazel grover jason magnus (who is… annabeth’s brother?)
- percy annabeth and hazel remain to be the only three i can name by sight
- percabeth
- his memories of annabeth were too strong to be completely erased
- there’s a… prophecy?? or something? there’s always a prophecy
- but no one dies ever
- except where’s grover
- why are they all wearing orange shirts, seriously is that a collective favorite color or something
- boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been
- but srsly just listen to annabeth
- dark!percy aus are apparently a thing that are not entirely out of line with his character in canon which is a discussion i followed with interest
- nico’s gay but everyone hates the way this was revealed. also i think he has a sister.
- percy on the other hand goes out of his way to spell out how no-homo he is
- hazel teams up with annabeth at… some point. idk. there was fanart. it looked epic and apocalyptic.
- in the new book there’s a character who wears a hijab, and some other dude, and it’s also about norse gods, and also annabeth is there
- what movie
- “what i dont understand is why, over the course of several books, it’s proven that despite being an utter goofball percy actually comes through and saves the day, and everyone continually acts all surprised.”
- pjo fandom is stuck in some otherly-dimension groundhog day where they will be buying new pjo books for the rest of their life.
- did that underwater kiss actually happen or is it a natural byproduct of a fandom where the lead is the son of the god of the sea
- just… listen to annabeth
- percy no

i am dying because this is the most accurate summary of these books and this fandom and just “boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been” I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING holy shit. bravo. bravo.

“why do people think percy is so dumb?”

because of Annabeth and her narrow perception of intelligence as being just “book smarts”. one of her biggest flaws as a character wasn’t just her pride, it was also her own ignorance to different forms of intelligence and her tendency to get pissed off when people didn’t understand her complex explanations/the science or engineering skills that she had already honed

most kids reading the original series would relate to annabeth. after all, they were readers too! they could understand the perception of “im smart because i read and they’re dumb because they don’t”, so when annabeth calls percy “seaweed brain”, affectionately or not, and pseudo calls him stupid throughout the series, it has specific implications of percy’s intelligence that the reader ends up mirroring, regardless of the lack of truth.

i’m not going to go into why percy was smart because posts like that exist but in general, he’s analytical, he’s crafty, and he has a way with words (siren blood lmao). however, in the demigod files she was like “idk if he’s dumb or not” and everytime percy doesn’t understand that maybe a girl might like him (because hey he hasn’t been bullied every day of his school life by guys and girls alike or anything) he was teased, eye-rolled at, or outright called stupid.

like i love annabeth but just because you’re not good at science/math/school/memorizing/etc. doesn’t mean your dumb?? i find it a little strange that rick would have made the daughter of the goddess of wisdom so focused on book smarts rather than actual honest wisdom

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Annabeth and piper in formal wear, give the world what it needs

I’m so sorry this took so longgggg! I was planning on actually doing two: this one, and one with them in fancy shmancy dresses, but… well… there’s a reason I’m only showing you one. 

Heyyyyyy Tumblr made them fuzzy >:(

Reyna hates the rain. She would much rather stay in her apartment, read a good book with a cup of hot cocoa and just forget the world. But Thalia tends to forget her umbrella. Reyna hates the rain but she goes out anyway, umbrella in hand with a certain roommate in mind.

college au

oh man! I actually made a decent comic page… *cries*

done in medibang and some photoshop.  
All characters belong to Rick Riordan

there are three types of pjo fans

one: rips so much of the plot and storyline out of it that it might as well be a human au. demigods? circumstance? lmao nope these kids are high schoolers i guess. sorta harmless, lowkey chaotic evil.

two: actually treats it as a cute, quirky series made for the age range it’s aimed at. they know it’s a fun story with mature plot themes and they just want everyone to have a good time. the most pure.

three: compares everything to the original greek myths, basically homer’s lost twin brother. “let’s make the heroes suffer,” mentality. can’t phase ‘em because they’re already over the top w/ everything.

After the War

Annabeth Chase - Builds Something Permanent

“I hate it when people let me down, when things are temporary. I think that’s why I want to be an architect.“

“To build something permanent,” I said. “A monument to last a thousand years.”   

  • Percy: *runs up to Nico breathlessly* NICO, QUICK.
  • Nico: *mildly worried* What?
  • Jason: *breaths heavily from his spot beside Percy* Baby boy names. NOW!
  • Nico: *raises eyebrow* Alright, who's pregnant and why didn't anyone tell me there was going to be an ultrasound?
  • Nico: Okay... Um... Elijah... Marco... Erm, Daniel, Will-
  • Percy: WILL?
  • Jason: HMMMMMM
  • Percy: All the names in the world and you pick WILL?
  • Nico: *sputters* It's a pretty common name-
  • Percy: Is it?
  • Jason: Can this be just a coincidence?
  • Percy: Or is it part of-
  • Percy: No, young grasshopper, this is not a mere coincidence.
  • Jason: This is part of something bigger-
  • Percy: More important-
  • Jason: Something that will change your entire life!
  • Nico: *facepalms*
  • Nico: ...
  • Percy: ...
  • Jason: ...
  • Nico: ...
  • Nico: Alright who put you up to this-

Headcanon that Percy Jackson is asexual or demisexual.

Think about it.

He has never actually described a girl as hot or drop dead gorgeous. (Correct me if I’m wrong…) He’s always seen Annabeth/Rachel/Calypso (all potential love interests,) as beautiful, pretty, generally nice to look at, and never as hot, drop dead gorgeous, etc. I mean… a e s t h e t i c a t t r a c t i o n.

And he’s generally oblivious to other people’s feelings for him until it smacks him in the face (which happens to me, an asexual, a lot actually.)

But it could be argued that he finds Annabeth attractive, especially towards the end of the original series and the heroes of olympus. After they’ve made a strong emotional connection.

D E M I S E X U A L. I tell you.

I will fight for ace Percy.

PJO Ship Aesthetics: Kayla Knowles/Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano 

Slow and steady stroke
Stubborn, beautiful
Careful as I go
In this wild and wicked world
I go

Percy Jackson Appearance Headcanons

So I got a few requests for more Percy headcanons so I figured why not give a super extensive list of how I imagine him.

  • He was definitely the type of kid that transitions from cute-but-sorta-awkward-malnourished-looking-scrawny-duckling to holy-shit-when-did-this-happen-you-have-the-looks-of-a-roman-god
  • He actually has hella good bone structure. High cheekbones, straight nose, nice jaw line, very angular. He gets that from Sally but where Sally had a softness to her bone structure, he gets Poseidon regal sharpness.
  • His features are very roguish as well (Something that gets worse and worse as he grows.) There has also always been something distinctly untrustworthy about him at first glance - part of it is from his crooked trouble maker smile and the slight mischievous glint to his eye, the other part is from the brooding stare and snarky tone of voice he has the other 80 percent of the time. 
  • A few kids when he first came to camp thought he might have been a son of hermes for these very reasons.
  • He has an awful case of resting bitch face - to the very point that he looks unapproachable and highly intimidating. He inherits Poseidon’s natural brood and sharpness which mixes with Sally’s hella fine bone structure to give a perfect blended look of unsociable, uncommunicative, detachment. It’s not as bad when he’s young but as he gets older and all of his features sharpen and mature, does the intimidation factor grow.
  • His hair is so so nice. It’s as black as night and extremely thick. It’s parted messily on his left and is tousled and disheveled in that windswept way that makes you just want to run your hands through it.
  • He has a natural creamy tan tone to his skin as if he’s always just got back from the beach or spends most of his days out in the sun.
  • He literally looks the part of the stereotypical bad boy - ripped up clothing, tousled black hair, wicked smirk, brooding resting face, haughty facial features, scars, hot - not to imply I think he acts or is characterized that way, not at all, but as far as looks go he embodies that stereotype.
  • His eyebrows are amazing - arched in just the right way and very defined. It’s hard to tell if you’re not up close but there is a thin scar running along the edge of his right eyebrow. The skin there split when Gabe had punched him a bit too hard when he was younger and never healed properly.
  • Speaking of Gabe, there are more assortments of permanent reminders that Percy got from him. There are glossy polka dot scars that litter his forearms - a result of a burning cigarette being pressed into the flesh. Then there is a scar on his right shoulder blade where Gabe had ‘accidentally’ knocked him into the stone counters and the corner dug into his back.
  • His body type is lean and tall. He’s not bulky or bulging with muscles but is  defined and toned in that perfect lithe swimmer body way.
  • He walks very lightly on his feet - this comes from many things, originating from sneaking past Gabe around the apartment so he wouldn’t be noticed. Then from the assortment of boarding schools when he was outside of his dorm passed curfew. Then from sneaking around camp(whether it be for quests or with Annabeth if you get what I mean) Then finally from sneaking passed monsters.
  • He stays at a pretty average height for most of pjo, always seeming to be an inch or two below Annabeth until the Battle of the Labyrinth and he is exactly parallel to her. In the Last Olympian he finally gains a good few inches on her but SoN and MoA are the beginning of all the major growth spurts (did you see the way he inhaled all that food in hoo, that boy is totally growing.) He actually ends up being pretty tall (6′2′’)
  • I wanted to talk about his smiles but I already made a post about that so here are my head canons on that for anyone who’s interested (X)
  • He had braces right after the end of the sea of monsters right up until the beginning of the battle of the labyrinth. (They were blue of course.)
  • His accent isn’t too strong but isn’t subtle either. Being born and raised in New York will definitely alter your way of speech and his accent becomes stronger when he’s really angry or excited.
  • His posture definitely isn’t perfect - he slouches in what appears to be a “I don’t care” type of way which adds to the appeal of the “trouble-maker” appearance and makes him seem a bit shorter than he really is. This posture originates from him trying not to grab the attentions of other.
  • Percy’s definitely a late bloomer. He’s always been on the awkward/cute side of things, but it’s not until fourteen that things really start to pick up and he is pretty decent looking. Nearing seventeen he is solidly into the ‘hot’ category but at nineteen is when things really really come together. Some of his features that had been awkward in his youth are now some of his best. His face has matured, the angles of his cheeks and jaw are sharper, his shoulders have gotten broader, and he’s reaching that final height.

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I never had a homstuck phase, but I did have an Undertale and Percy Jackson phase (both of which the actual stories are AMAZING but the fandoms r really cringey) and I still regret every decision made. I can't even look back at my posts due to how cringey they were.

// I never had a PJO phase but I did read the books and I LOVE THEM! (I can’t wait to finally read the Heroes of Olympus books tho) but I never felt like,,, strongly attached to it fandom wise… But undertale?? HOO boy that was like… My Homestuck phase part 2

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ooh, how about nonbinary leo valdez please if you still do pjo!! also @ that shitty transphobic anon: eat dirt, dunkass

i dont think ive Actually drawn leo since the trans pjo zine … i made their hair a bit bigger here~ because drawing big hair is fun - and what better guinea pig than leo valdez? (thank you so much for the request! <3 and the support)

that’s literally true as well like i made this blog to dump inspiration for writing and it was never intended to actually be seen by anyone but then i saw a post about boo on my dash and i was like “wow let’s check out pjo again it seems like everyone else hates hoo too now”

Hunger Games/Percy Jackson AU

During math today when I should’ve been paying attention I came up with a list of some headcanons inspired by the lovely @lililibird for her Hunger Games AU

~Reyna lives with her father, her younger sister Hylla and their pet cat Scipio. Her mom died when they were young and they lived with their father who had a hard time dealing with their mother’s death. Reyna and her best friend Grover go hunting almost everyday, as it’s one of their main sources of food. 

~Hylla gets reaped for the games and Reyna volunteers for her. On the train, Reyna meets the Capitol woman, Aphrodite, as well as the male tribute Jason and her mentor Dionysus.

~While in the games, Jason joins the Careers which consist of Drew Tanaka, Clarisse La Rue, and Octavian. Reyna teams up with a boy from District 11 named Nico. He dies and Reyna is determined to win this, for Nico. Eventually, Jason finds Reyna and they team up, Jason severely injured. They win the games together by using nightlock to coerce the gamemakers into letting them both win.

~Next year in the quarter quell, Reyna and Jason (both reaped once more) create alliances with an older lady named Hazel and a dashing young lad named Percy from District 4, an older man named Leo and an older woman named Calypso from District 3, and Thalia from District 7. Hazel and Calypso both die in the games, while the rebels break Reyna, Percy, and Leo; however, failing to retrieve Jason and Thalia.

~They’re taken to District 13, where they are taken care of. 

~Some of the soldiers later manage to break out Thalia, Jason, and a girl named Annabeth from the Capitol. However, Jason is half-mad from the tortures done to him.

~Reyna spends her time making propos with the camera woman Piper, and her assistants Castor and Pollux. Life isn’t totally horrible in District 13 though: Percy and Annabeth get married.

~Reyna claims she wants to fight, so she requests to join a team. She does, though it’s more for the TV than actual fighting. The team consists of Piper, Castor and Pollux, Grover, a set of twins named Travis and Connor, their leader and second-in-command Frank and Gwen, and Percy, and later, Jason.

~They still shoot the propos, but they still have to fight for their lives. The Capitol is ridden with pods which kill Frank, and indirectly the Stoll brothers. They go down to the sewers, and mutts go after them, killing Gwen, Castor, and Percy.

~Soon, Reyna and Jason both travel near the President’s manor, where he kills Capitol children. Rebel medics come in, Hylla among them. But more bombs go off, which kill Hylla, and injure Reyna. The rebels take the Capitol.

~After healing and the death of both presidents, Reyna returns to the ruins of District 12, joined by Jason and Dionysus, where she rebuilds her life.