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OK I Need To Expand On This

So. This gifset I reblogged yesterday. You guys do not understand how much joy so many of the tags on that post have brought to my life. 

PLEASE RECALL that that post includes nothing but content FROM AN ACTUAL STAR WARS MOVIE. Like, all it took to elicit these reactions was to place two clips side by side of fully-clothed people and everybody is losing their minds. I love this SO, SO MUCH. 

Some people were rendered incoherent: 

Some people weren’t even into it but still had to high-five it: 

Some people just opted to keep it concise: 

Many people appeared to be a combination of upset with themselves and yet feeling a total absence of regret: 

I personally love the ones that are basically just like “…cool”:

…while others just had absolutely no chill left to give: 


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Any type of entertainment shouldn't have boundaries honestly. Like murder documentaries, I enjoy them but that doesnt mean I'm a psychopath who agrees with the action if you know what I mean. They're intriguing. Ok I'm done lmao. But nonetheless, I love your simple fics, I don't like reading long ones ( I've read some that I enjoy & I appreciate the effort put in ) but I like the imagination to be left to the reader. Your fics are like synopses & I thank you for that. Keep it up love !

Oh! Thank you so much! That means the world to me. 💜💜💜 Well, I am with you actually. I loveeee reading about serial killers. I am fascinated by how their minds work and it doesn’t make me a psychopath. I also loveeee stories about incest, there’s something so interesting about it, and I’m an only child. Should I be ashamed of these things? Hell fucking no. It’s FICTION. It’s there and only there where a bunch of heavy topics are allowed and valid. I am sad for those who don’t get it and get scared at the sound of these words. How boring.

I’d rather meet someone who reads and fantasizes about these things through entertainment, instead of doing them in real life. And even if they do them, (cheating, incest, etc) that’s their problem. Why should I judge them? We don’t know what they’ve been through. Perhaps it’s not an excuse. But it’s none of my business either.


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ok like 20 seconds into your cover i literally got chills ,, your voice is so soft and amazing and ?? im in love pls post more if u can omg ???? 💘💘

Oh my gosh, this made me blush so much. Thank you, friend. This is so kind of you! I actually hate my voice?! I feel like it’s so annoying. I don’t know. But anyway, I’m glad you liked it. 

And yeah, I don’t know if I’ll be able to be that brave again and post another cover, but I’ll try, okay? I promise. Thank you again for this message. It means a lot since I’m so anxious about posting that cover.



YOI Week 2017

Day 7: Shall We Skate?

ption DFuture / Headcanons/ Theories
↳Practices at St. Petersburg’s rink

How I think it’ll go:
Yakov: Vitya! Stop hugging and flirting with Yuuri!
Viktor: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Yuri! Stop breaking things and shouting because of Viktor and Yuuri!
Yuri: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Mila! Stop teasing Yuri and making him angrier than he already is!
Mila: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Georgi! Stop being overdramatic when talking about how much you love your new gf!
Georgi: *Ignores him and keeps doing so*
Yakov: Yuuri! Stop distracting Viktor during his practice!
Yuuri: Ok *Nods respectfully and does as told*
Yakov: *stunned* What did I do to deserve him? He actually listens to me. Why does Vitya have a better and more respectful student than all the ones I have?
Lilia: And you haven’t even seen his ballet game yet.
Yakov: Alright. Sorry Vitya, I’m keeping him. He’s far too pure for you.

  • someone that isn't my fp: i care about you and i love you so much. i don't ever want to see you hurting yourself, you are so loved and cared for.
  • me: lol ok thanks
  • fp: hey bighead
  • me: GOOD SHIT 😩💯💯💯👏🏼🔥🔥👏🏼👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😩😩💦💦🔥💯💯👏🏼

Luke Arnold [takes a deep breath]: I LO-

Interviewer, the cast, the fandom, the entire world: yes, you love Toby Stephens, we know, you love Toby Stephens so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Toby Stephens, we KNOW, you love Toby Stephens you fucking love Toby Stephens ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE TOBY STEPHENS. WE GET IT.

I love you so so so much but then I hate you so so so much and I come down and I love you so so so much but I feel bad and then I hate you so so so much again and I’m sorry you loved a mess like me and I’ll probably hate you so so so much again and still love you so so so much until it stops hurting and I’ll miss you and I miss you.

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: i lo-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Mickey Milkovich, we know, you love Mickey Milkovich so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Mickey Milkovich, we KNOW , you love Mickey Milkovich you fucking love Mickey Milkovich ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE MICKEY MILKOVICH WE GET IT.

New Year, New Surprises

Summary: You meet a charming stranger named Steve at a New Year’s party and try to make it until midnight.

Request: So, it’s not that I don’t love all the Christmas stuff going around, but are you planning on writing something New Years. Like two people get REALLY DRUNK and end up together then wake up the next morning like “um…. well… happy new years?”

Warnings: swearing, allusion to smut (no actual smut, just lots of sexual tension and kissing)

Word Count: 2696

Author’s Note: Ok! I wanted to mix it up so I made a Steve x reader story! Eeeeep! It’s my first one really, so feedback very much appreciated.

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

As far as you’re concerned this year can kiss your ass, personally, professionally, globally. Truly. Which is why you had RSVPed yes to this New Year’s party weeks ago fully intending to spend the last minutes of 2016 in complete and utter alcohol-induced oblivion.

You’re well on your way to executing that plan, lifting your third Manhattan to your lips and taking a careful sip. Leaning on your elbows on the bar, shoulders hunched, you’ve dryly dismissed every overly cheery advance, every ostentatious proposition and slick offer of another drink.

You’re quite pleasantly buzzed when you roll your head, attempting to iron out the stress that’s settled in your neck and shoulders. Your thoughts are interrupted by a clear, deep voice. “Wow. That ready for next year, huh?”

A bitter laugh ripples through your throat, “You have no idea.”

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The favorite Louis characteristics post you did earlier was so good! Can you do one for Harry?

OK!  I’ve finally cleaned out my inbox and time to focus on this.  :) 

So when I first got this I was SO EXCITED.  Because it’s HARRY!!  and I love him!!  I was like “yo, this is gonna be SO EASY.”  But then as I tried to put it all down I realized…it’s actually NOT.  Because I just want to scream over and over “I Just love him???? so much??? because he’s so lovely???”  there are so many things i just…can’t put into words.  I just find that I connect with him on a visceral level, you know?  There are so many reasons I love him that are deeply personal that I just can’t explain.  He has just burrowed his way deep into my heart, but i”ll do my best to try to find the words to explain it.

I love how kind he is.  One of the first things people say about him is how kind and polite he is.  Even to people that don’t deserve it, people who have talked shit about him or used him or thought of him only as a trophy.  He is endlessly kind.  A friend of mine once told me this story of someone she knows who used to work for Syco who said he is the best person on this planet and I believe it. Do you realize how easy it would be for him to just say fuck it all and be a giant prima donna?  i’m sure he’s constantly surrounded by sycophants there to do his bidding, and yet.  He makes sure to always be polite.   

I love how Brave he is.  But brave in a different way than Louis.  He’s the kid that’s afraid, but does it anyway. From something as small as hating roller coasters yet going on one to do a bit to doing his own stunts in Dunkirk.  That takes a LOT.  Hell, just branching out into acting in general is scary when you’ve never done it before.  AND THEN having your first film be a Christopher Nolan film?  Do you know how terrifying that must have been for him? And yet he did it anyway and showed everyone what he’s made of.   

I love how smart he is.  In interviews you can always see the wheels turning in his head.  He’s very careful to choose just the right words.  He knows how to play the game.  He is my cunning Slytherin son. 

I love how weird he is.  God, he is such a strange being.  We always joke about him being an alien but sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a joke??? He’s just so STRANGE!  So I have a friend who knows Niall.  They’re not like friends or anything, but they have hung out on occasion (my friend is from a town near Mullingar in Ireland) and he’s met all the boys.  OF COURSE I had to ask him about it and he says that they’re all really cool, nice dudes, but that Harry is “really weird.”  I asked him to elaborate but of course he didn’t know how to explain it and just kept saying “I dunno…he’s just really strange.”  COOL.  THANKS, DUDE.  But I just love it??  Which brings me to my next point…

I love how unapologeticly himself he is.  Not only is he weird, but he owns it.  He’s out there layering up his hoodie with designer clothes, hair flying every which way, and he does not give a fuck.  He has grown SO MUCH over the past few years going from that kid crying because he googled “harry shit” to growing his hair long and prancing around stage with it flying in the breeze.  Which also goes hand in hand with…

I love how confident he is.  He knows who he is and he’s proud of that.  As well he should be.

I love how sentimental he is.  I love that he’s this multimillionaire who wears his favorite shoes and pieces of clothing until they fall apart.   I love that he still wears his jacket with a lipstick stain on it.  I love that he keeps his notebooks with him at all times and scratches things like “one and only” into them.  I love that he has worn certain bracelets until they fall right off of him.  Which leads me to…

I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Now, yes, he has closed himself off a LOT publicly over the past few years, but if you look closely it’s still there.  Like the above mentioned sentimentality.  Or his writing- just look at the lyrics of If I Could Fly. He is not afraid to put his heart out there when it comes to music.  And speaking of music…

I love how he wants to create Good Work.  I think he’s a bit of a perfectionist. He’s said multiple times how he doesn’t like the word “Famous”.  He doesn’t want to be known as just a pop star.  He wants to make things that are good and that will last.  You can see it in his writing, you can see it in the fact that he chose a project like Dunkirk to be his first film rather than starring in a romcom. He could have SO EASILY chosen that path, but instead he chose the more difficult one and GOD I admire that so much.

I love how independent he is.  He’s not afraid to do things completely by himself.  Go off and take himself on his own lunch date?  Yup.   As someone who loves Me Dates, I really respect this in a person.  I think it also goes hand in hand with his confidence.

I love how Loyal he is.  Do you know how easy it could have been for this kid to be just like Camila Cabello?  They’ve been pushing him to go solo for years, they’ve been pushing the idea that he hates the band just as long, and yet here he is.  Most likely the last one to release any kind of solo material whatsoever.  Sitting back and keeping quiet and letting the others take the spotlight for themselves.  

I love how Good he is.  with a capital G.   this is one of those times where I have trouble putting it into words.  Because it’s different than his kindness.  There’s just this innate Goodness within him that makes me want to be a better person whenever I see him pop up.  I don’t even know how to explain it.

I love how hard he works.  He’s always trying to better himself.  Do Better.  Be better.  Never settling.  

I love how petty he is.  Now, i Know.  I KNOW it’s not a “good” quality, but there’s something about it that just warms my slytherin heart.  Because it humanizes him, you know?  It makes him a real person and not some God on a pedestal.  He can be such a petulant child sometimes and I know if I knew him in real life I would constantly be rolling my eyes at him as he drives me crazy.  But I still weirdly love it??? 

I love how much of an Old Soul he is.  His playlist from Another Man was my childhood soundtrack.  My dad was a HUGE elvis fan in particular and I see so many similarities between Harry and Elvis and their generosity in particular as well as their love for their mamas.  

I love how caring he is.  I love how when he meets fans who are crying their faces off he holds them tight and asks them if they’re ok.  Wanting to make sure they’re alright.  Wanting to make sure they feel good about themselves.

God…this kid.  THIS KID!!  I just want good things for him.  I want him to smile more this year.  MORE DIMPLES 2K17!!!!  I want him to feel loved and appreciated.  I’ve enjoyed watching him grow so much and can’t wait to see how far he can go.  What a Good and Precious Egg. GIVE HIM ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!! 

“And you could buy up all the stars,
But it wouldn’t change who you are.
You’re still living life in the dark-
It’s just who you are.”

-Buy the Stars, Marina and the Diamonds

THESE KIDDOS…. I get really emotional thinking about how they differ and remain the same as their canon versions at the same time… I JUST LOVE THEM OK.

ALSO, I recently reached past 700 followers…. And in a few days, this dinky lil art blog is gonna be a year old! So…. Thank you guys so, so much for such an INCREDIBLE year!! I’ll be writing more on this on the actual day, but for now please just cry over these characters with me aha….

Also I know I missed some details buuut I like how this turned out in general, so. I don’t think I’ll fix them haha

[GENO, FRESH, AND ERROR BELONG TO @loverofpiggies!]

[MOMMACQ BELONGS TO @alainaprana!]


EDIT EDIT: y’know what I’m gonna ramble about it for a little bit under a read more!

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Ok so I need to talk about the locker room scene. I have many thoughts. Because after you’ve watched any scene 1789303 times you have thoughts.

(And no I didn’t add subtitles because we’ve all memorized these scenes right?)

- first off I’m in love with how shook Isak is when he notices Even. Like of course but still how cute is he?
- Isak looks like he’s holding his breath before he asks “where have you been?”
- that pause Even takes before answering says so much to me. I actually think he was having a small manic episode during the pool scene and the day after (making decisions without a care about the consequences, not being able to sleep…) And part of the reason he left Sunday morning is because he knew he was starting to come down and enter a depressive stage. Hence why he wasn’t at school for a few days. In that pause I think Even is thinking about that. About telling Isak what actually is happening. But then he backs out and tells him about Sonja instead. Which could be an actual lie and a way for him to test the waters to see if Isak is actually wanting to be in a relationship with him. 
- bless this wonderful boy Isak for asking Even if it makes him sad. So pure. So good.
- now we get the gasp Isak makes after they kiss which is just the most beautiful thing. It’s like he has to catch his breath. And then he’s in heaven. 
- and Even smiles at Isak like “OMG this boy is perfection”
- then they hold hands I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise
- the anticipation, nervousness that Even has before he speaks says so much about how much this means to him. How much he’s falling for Isak.
- now we see Isak being nervous about answering Even’s question. The ironic thing about this is Isak is scared of loosing Even by telling him about his Mom, or at least embarrassed about it. He thinks telling Even that he doesn’t have contact with her is a good thing. It won’t push him away. Oh baby how wrong you are. 
- and Even goes through so much in those few seconds. Worried when Isak says his Mom is crazy, relieved a little when he realizes it’s something very different than his mental health issues, and then totally heart broken when Isak says he’s better off without mentally ill people in his life.
- again the nervousness Isak has before asking what Even’s parents would think of him kills me. This show does silence so well.
- the little smile Even has before the school bell rings. Fondness for this boy, almost nostalgic for what he knows he can’t have.
- and then the realization he has to end this conversation quickly. To say something to protect Isak.
- the way Even reaches his hand up into Isak’s hair. One last touch.
- when he says “I think they’d love you.” what he’s really saying is “I know I would have loved you.”
- and that kiss. Ugh. The way Even tilts Isak’s head back and then brushes his cheek. So tender. So loving.
- and lastly Isak is left shook and processing what just happened. He’s in total bliss. And knowing what’s to come makes watching this again so heartbreaking.

Let me know what you think. While we’re in this between season drought we have to support each other. 💛

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;

from what im seeing of the preview for the christmas special so far, marinette and chloe’s english voices havent actually been as bad at singing as i expected (i actually like them no matter how much i dislike the english dub) but adrien,

i am concerned…. will he sing ok too…. we all remember princess fragrance….

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The thought of YoI boys going through French Event Planning™ cracks me up so much

You–!!! I can’t stop laughing now! OK, wait wait, but actually:

  • Imagine if Victor won the gold there. He would look at that crappy laminated cardboard (it was plastic, I know) medal placed around his neck, lift it up to scrutinize it, and have this look of utter disgust.
    • Never has he felt more offended at a competition.
    • He covers it up with that kind of sharp smile he does to hide his discontent.
  • Or if Yuuri won gold, and offers it to Victor to kiss… “I’m sorry, love, but that gold medal… isn’t. I’ll just kiss you instead~!”
  • Yuuri would feel so cheated. This is his first GPF gold and it isn’t even gold!
  • The sheer horror on Victor’s face as his precious Yuuri wobbles on that podium when all three competitors climb up to the 1st place podium for the group picture.
  • No flags for the medalists during the National Anthem of the winner? Yuuri is secretly really disappointed. He’d always wanted to see the hinomaru hanging in the 1st place position at one of these major events.
    • All three of the medalists turn around wildly searching for the flags before realizing there are none.
    • Then they awkwardly stand there.
    • Yuuri fidgets with the bouquet of 5 flowers.
  • No banquet. Victor would cry.
    • Yuuri consoles him with a promise to get wasted and dance back at home. “We can make it special - just the two of us!”
  • The Kiss&Cry chairs being single seats - Victor would just pull Yuuri into his lap.
  • The crappy ice that looks like a storm hit it and left behind puddles. Yurio would swear up a storm.
  • The music mix-up happens to Otabek, and Yurio is off to the side feeling so disillusioned with the intelligence that the event organizers are supposed to have. 
    • He thought championship type events were supposed to be run well. Especially now that he’s a Senior.
  • Chris and Victor decide to speak (and swear under their breaths) in French because they may as well use the language to express their displeasure for how this entire event was run.
  • Victor does the interviews largely in French and drops little hints at how disappointed he is, or how he wishes he could have enjoyed himself more… 
    • “Seeing these medals makes me nostalgic of my childhood. I used to play with hockey pucks this size and weight before I stuck with figure skating. The plastic looks hardy enough too! Perhaps Yuuri and I will have a fun game when we get back to St. Petersburg.”
    • “The French event planners were so considerate. For my last GPF I would have liked to have seen the Russian flag hanging during the National Anthem. By not having a flag, they gave me one more reason to continue competing for a year. Yes, I’ll compete one more year so I can have a wonderful final GPF!”
  • Victor and Yuuri decide it’s not worth it to stay and shop in France. They fly back to St. Petersburg and try to forget this ever happened.
    • “Let’s go, Yuuri. Aeroflot has better management than this event!”

(French Event Planning™ We’re referring to the 2016 GPF in Marseille this year. The plastic medals, the wobbly podiums, the absence of national flags, the sparse Men’s bouquets, the questionable ice quality, the single seats, the multiple music mix-ups, the lack of a banquet… all of this actually happened. Many of us have agreed to just laugh and move on.)

Please, please, please, add on your own headcanons - I want to read them!