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“On a night like this, a man might believe anything’s possible.”

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WTF was all that pure pastel pink promo shit weeks ago? I feel like I dreamt it. Now when I look at the album art and listen to the lyrics about different women and sex and I make no correlation to the pure soft vulnerable bare Harry on the cover. WTF is the hard candy lyrics? WTF is going on with 'I am not a womanizer' image. Oh yeah sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. That's what's going on. As a fan of rock music I am so proud of the album. As a fan of Harry, I am disappointed.

Hello, and thank you for your message.

I completely understand. In fact this morning I did a full rant about my thoughts on the matter via Twitter. You can read it here. Like high key, Twitter is where I have no filter and am like “THIS IS WHAT I’M THINKING!!” and Tumblr is where I’m an analytical hoe about things, so let’s analyse!

I listened to the breakfast show last night (as I am currently in LA) and then fell into a mini rage coma because I, too, was like, “What the actual fuck just happened?” Then I woke up to this:

And I was like, “Well this is probably the most damage control we’ve ever gotten or will get.”    

HOWEVER! The dichotomy from Harry rainbow-wearin Styles and this NO HOMO I HAVE HETERO SEX WITH ALL THE WOMEN Hersh makes me…uneasy. That’s the only word I can come up with. Let’s be honest, last week Harry looked about one tattoo and rainbow away from coming out. This might as well have been him at that hockey game:

And then today with this…

There’s just this constant push and pull between what Harry DOES and what he says in interviews. But I get it. I do. Harry Styles is a billion dollar commodity. Do you understand how much revenue he’s brought to Sony in the last month? He sold out a tour for music that no one had even heard in minutes. 

At one point in my vida loca I was offered a publishing deal with a company that everyone has heard of. They wanted to publish it through their non-fiction department and they wanted me to say that I had slept with a don or professor at my university. Which I hadn’t. This was during my final year at university, and whilst I’m sure my life would’ve had a much different trajectory I’m also sure that once people figured out who I am (as many have), I would probably be stripped of my hard-earned Oxbridge degree for lying and shaming my university. Which is why you’ve never read any kind of SCANDAL at Oxbridge. Just the normal undergrad sex and drinking stuff. I rank quite low on the list of outrageous alumni if you look at the last 900 years of students. 

Back to Haz. 

Whilst I never compromised my morals, I also didn’t sign any kind of deal with the devil when I was 16. We have absolutely no idea what the details of his employment are. And he is an employee. Harry is owned by someone. Whether you like it or not, the bottom line doesn’t stop at Harry, it stops at the people who are investing in him and relying on a substantial profit. 

Perhaps the rainbows and pink and very romantic vibes he’s got going on with just about any man in his vicinity thing were all put out there to test the waters. We know that they monitor the fandom, and maybe the analytics didn’t hit their “okay to be gay” criteria. I’m speaking bluntly in terms of business because I can guarantee you that Sony cares about exactly one thing: the money that they are making for themselves. 

Something else to consider when recovering from whiplash because of this complete 180 Harry’s done since last week, is that interview with that horrible woman who said, “Fans are convinced that ‘Sweet Creature’ is about your relationship with Louis Tomlinson. Is it?” After which Harry spent approximately 138 seconds saying “Uhhhhhhhh” before refusing to say “no”. He could’ve said no! He could’ve SHOUTED no, as he did at Grimmy when he said, “Here’s a song about Taylor Swift!” One thing we got from that interview is that Harry does indeed have the word “No” in his vocabulary. “No. This isn’t about Taylor Swift.” vs “Yes. I can understand why fans think this is about Louis because it is but I would lean towards them maybe being wrong.” That isn’t how you say no. And that didn’t go over anyone’s head. 

Honestly, I love this album. “Woman” is actually my favourite song from it at the moment. I can’t really listen to “Two Ghosts” because it sounds too much like “Revelry” by Kings of Leon and that song is forever associated with a very bad time for me so yeah. “Woman” just reminds me of Bennie and the Jets and 27 Dresses.    

I just wish it could’ve been left at, “ It’s much more powerful when not taken simply as what it is.” Because that’s so true. This album is so layered and brilliant and I think I’m mostly mad that they’ve reduced it to such a boring and blatant interpretation. We got the very opposite of what Harry’s been telling us when he all but said that these songs are about actual women that he literally slept with. 

So I guess my question is…what exactly is Jeffry helping with aside from bringing back a narrative that Harry seemed to have tried relentlessly to debunk?

I just can’t reconciliate the Harry that they’re pushing this week with the Harry that reacted this way to being called a womaniser in an interview:

Regardless of what you think or ship, I do think that it’s fair to feel like you’re being asked to accept two completely contrasting versions of Harry Styles right now. 

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(i rlly hope you find some time to relax <3) im just wondering - the dark-haired woman in the park with them is their manager, right? i thought i recognized her from a m&g video but now i'm not sure.

ya. it’s marianne, an actual Icon and the woman i love 

i hope she at least can give dan a large slap for playin w peoples hearts n lives this way 



@mymottoisbeingawkward, l’avant dernier gif est pour toi hahaha.

I think I was eight or nine when I had a fucking mad thing for Marilyn Monroe. When I saw her movies, I’d just never seen anything like her. I fell madly in love with her and she was actually the first woman I ever fell in love with. I used to leave Smarties, the Irish equivalent of M&M’s, under my pillow with a little note saying, “I know you’re dead, but these are very fucking tasty and you should come and have a few. I won’t tell anyone.” I’d get pissed off every night when I’d go up to bed and the fucking Smarties would still be there. I couldn’t figure out why Marilyn didn’t just want to take one of my fucking Smarties.
—  Colin Farrell,Playboy 2009

I’ve been in a few relationships and one thing I’ve learnt is that communication is the key. Talk to them. Talk about everything you’re feeling. Talk about everything that is running through your mind. Talk about what you want to do in the future and what you’ve done in the past. One day you’ll find someone who will listen. They will listen to everything you have to say and they will show you that you’re a better person than you think you are.

My Savior - part 4

Ruby’s knife can kill demons, but it can’t kill her. After surviving being almost killed by the Winchesters, hiding from demons for hundreds of years, and finally having her memories stolen and given a chance at a new life, she’s left with instructions to find the Winchesters. She doesn’t remember them. But oh boy, do they remember her.

Pairing: Sam x Ruby

Word Count: 3270

Warnings: canon divergence (season 11), cavity-inducing fluff, smut, angst (mention of 4.09), mentions of blood

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My Savior masterpost

A few days later they were on the road again. But this time it wasn’t for a case; they were going to visit one of Sam and Dean’s hunting friends for Thanksgiving.

From what she’d been told, Ruby knew that Jody Mills was a cop, a Sheriff, actually. She had two adopted teenage girls, Claire and Alex, and when duty in the hunting life called, she became apparently even more badass than she already was.

The drive to Sioux Falls took about six hours, and when they finally pulled up into the driveway of a little one-story house, it was early evening, the sun was just beginning to dip towards the horizon. Ruby walked with Sam and Dean to the front door, backpack in hand. Before Dean could raise his hand to knock, the door swung open, and they were met with a tall, middle-aged woman with short black hair.

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Do you speak any language other than English?

German and Chinese (I’m half Chinese, a quarter English and a Quarter German).

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I'm not sure what exactly that is but yay! I'm happy for you!!!!

Thank you and let me explain! Welcome To Night Vale is a podcast that takes place in a friendly desert community. I like to describe it as ‘lovecraft meets war of the worlds meets Stephen King’ all told through the eyes and voice of the alluring radio host Cecil Palmer.

It’s a really awesome show, also Cecil and his partner Carlos (so handsome, with perfect hair and teeth like a military cemetery) are very adorable, the community college is run by Sarah Sultan (a smooth, fist sized river rock), Angels Are Not Real, and Satan is a beagle puppy.

All good content.

Tony Denison Facebook Chat

So, now that RL is actually giving me a break I finally had the chance to watch Tony’s facebook chat with Duff before last week’s episode. I really enjoyed listening to Tony. Here are some comments on the chat.

1. OMG, I have to start off with didn’t Tony look delicious! I’d love to have Andy wear that purple plaid shirt on MC–especially with the cuffs turned up the way they were in the chat. Very, very sexy.

2. Save the date! We have an October wedding! What a lovely time to get married. And that leaves us with an eight month engagement which I think is pretty perfect timing. And shock of shocks according to Duff Sharon and Andy will be discussing the size of the wedding–unless of course since this is Duff, he means they are going to do their usual discussion of important things off-screen and then just allude to whatever decision they came up with as if we were actually privy to that conversation.

Tony was so cute saying that Flynn is boastful and will want to invite the whole LAPD while Duff said Sharon will be looking at something a little smaller and more intimate–just family and the dept. Looking for a compromise here as I hope it will be a little more than family and MC dept or it will end up only being about 15 people–then again, since they haven’t really been allowed to have any friends there probably wouldn’t be that many people even if they added friends. Happy the wedding will be in episode 5 so we’ll get several episodes of Mr. And Mrs. Flynn, and Duff did say we’ll see it, but again who knows with him, it could be a 30 second shot and he’d say  we got to see it. Yes, my blood pressure seems to be rising with all this salt…

2. “Not being able to be there for my teammates and for the woman I love as a colleague and as a bodyguard” Oh my freaking GOD, Andy Flynn actually referred to Sharon Raydor as “The woman I love”. Oops, no sorry, that was Tony speaking about his character, but hellfire, it still made me giddy–imagine what would happen if the unimaginable happened and he was actually allowed to utter those words on MC.  So Duff, you were sitting right beside Tony when he said it so a. You know he thinks Andy loves Sharon, maybe that’s why he asked her to marry him…DUH and b. Tony can physically say the word “love” so there is no damn reason on earth WHY you haven’t let Andy…or Sharon…utter the words I LOVE YOU to each other!  And, oh geez, how sweet was the “as a bodyguard”. He wants to be there to protect Sharon and can’t be. I now so want to see a scene where Andy actually gets to be that bodyguard. Not that Sharon wouldn’t be a fighter, as they said, she is no damsel in distress. But Sharon has gotten to the be the badass let‘s let Andy have a shot. Maybe with Stroh? Here’s hoping.

3. Emily Raydor will be back–I’m figuring probably for the wedding. Yay! Duff isn’t sure about meeting Rusty’s baby sister. GOOD. Let’s hope we never do. I absolutely despise Sharon Beck and hope we never have to see her again. That said, Tony looked totally lost when they mentioned Rusty’s baby sister then kind of laughed when he finally got it and said under his breath “Oh yeah“. Bet he was thinking “Holy shit, is Sharon pregnant? Is Duff writing one of those fanfic babyfics?” LOL.

4. Tony actually brought up my head canon! In my head canon when MC is over, Andy and Sharon will open a PI business together and will pull Provenza out of retirement to help out. Tony mentioned it being four years or so down the road when MC is over he and GW will start their own PI business. Interesting concept. New head canon. By then he and Sharon are married of course, Sharon is the Asst. Chief, Andy retires cause he’s sick of being left behind and wants to be back out in the field so he opens a PI business, pulls Provenza out of retirement to help, and he and Provenza get in all kinds of scrapes and sort of get in Sharon’s way at times, while helping her at others. Just a quick thought that came to me.

5. “The camera loves Tony, he looks good in anything.” Oh YES Duff he most certainly does!

6. Tony agrees, he’d like to have Andy save Sharon from an abduction. WRITE THIS MC writers!

7. Andy didn’t get that the boys were behind his annulment because he was just so happy that it was happening. He only realized it after Sharon’s comments to them, but again, the end result was a good one so he doesn’t care.

8. MC is not coming back until September. Can’t believe I have to go the whole summer without Shandy. That sucks.

9. So, Duff says we are going to get to hear Andy and Sharon say I love you! Should I hold my breath? I can’t remember if the question was phrased “to each other” or not, because Sharon always tells Rusty “I love you.”

10. LOL someone asked if Andy could take Rusty out on the terrace and throw him off. I’m surprised Duff didn’t blow a gasket.

11.There will be more Andy/Rusty father son moments. I liked it when Duff commented on Rusty not being so keen on the whole “my mother and Andy are lovers” deal and yet Andy never backed down, thinking “you don’t get to decide this kid.” LOL. So, while Andy was respectful of Rusty and accepted that Sharon was a single mom and that she and Rusty were a package deal he also was NOT going to let Rusty dictate he and Sharon’s relationship.

12. One of Tony’s favorite scenes is the recent one with he, Ricky and Rusty in the condo because he got to delve into Andy’s backstory a little bit. See, it’s not just us. These actors are DYING to know more about their characters!

13. Interesting to hear Tony talking about going to a party in Sharon’s condo building and thinking “I’ve been here before.”

14. A question was asked about any new women being added to the cast and Duff yes, there would be new women added to the cast next season and with the look he gave I’m thinking that means my nightmare comes true and we are going to be stuck with that bitch Winnie Davis as Sharon’s boss. I’m so gonna hate that.  

15. “I know there is a part of Andy that wants to put that guy down.“ Tony’s answer to the question about how Andy feels about Stroh coming after Rusty and Sharon. YES YES YES, PLEASE YES!!!

16. Andy as a father figure for Rusty. “Every time Rusty has had a male come into his life it has gone badly for him, but this time it’s going to be different.” Aww….

17. The rule breaker marrying the rule maker. Cute way of describing Shandy. I love how Tony talked about Andy’s attraction to Sharon first coming professionally then as he got to work with her more thinking “Hey, she’s okay, she’s really okay” That really sounded pretty hot. According to Duff Sharon is Andy’s first real adult relationship and Nicole‘s wedding was the turning point in their relationship.

Guess that’s it. Tomorrow I’ll tackle Shockwave Pt. 1